A List of Attacks on the US Capitol That Were Far Worse Than January 6

Nancy Pelosi’s partisan “January 6 Commission” is under way, and the 9-person panel of Representatives has already started crying. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) both blubbered like babies when talking about the horrors of that day. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who was not in the Capitol building that day and who never actually encountered any protesters, told a reporter about her fears of getting raped by someone in a MAGA hat. And of course the lies keep piling up. One of the most easily debunked lies from this commission is that January 6th was the “worst attack on the Capitol since the War of 1812.”

Was it really? Was Grandma walking into the Capitol with her knitting needles to take selfies the worst thing that’s happened to Congress since 1812? Not by a long shot. Since Congress is full of liars and dummies, here’s a list of attacks on the building they work in, which were worse than January 6th.

The Democrats’ Slavery Attacks on the US Capitol

Democrats just love keeping black people as their slaves. Always have. Always will. They positively love having slaves around to do their laundry, pick their cotton, and do all the menial labor that Democrats don’t want to do.

In the 1850s, there were more than 70 violent altercations on the floor of Congress when Republicans and Abolitionists politely suggested that perhaps Democrats should not keep black people as slaves. (They also spoke out against Democrats keeping the Irish as slaves, but nobody wants to talk about that in 2021.)

When Republican Sen. Charles Sumner gave a speech in 1856 and suggested that Democrats shouldn’t rape their slaves so much, Democrat Rep. Preston Brooks brutally clubbed Sumner with his cane. Sumner’s head was completely covered in blood when he collapsed into unconsciousness.

In 1858, a Democrat Representative was enraged by a Republican delivering an anti-slavery speech on the House floor. The Democrat grabbed the anti-slavery Republican by the throat and tried to choke him to death. This resulted in a 30-person brawl on the House floor, in which nearly every Member involved sustained minor injuries.

In 1860, Democrat Representatives got so mad at a Republican congressman delivering an anti-slavery speech that they drew their guns on the House floor to shut him up.

Just as a reminder, the January 6th protesters carried exactly zero guns into the Capitol building, and there were zero Members of Congress who were clubbed, punched, kicked, held up at gunpoint or otherwise bothered.


Harvard Professor Bombs the Capitol

In 1915, a Harvard professor named Erich Muenter was enraged by the US government sending financial assistance to Great Britain in the run-up to World War I. Muenter was an immigrant from Germany and therefore, more loyal to his home country than to the nation that made him a professor at Harvard. So, Muenter bombed the Capitol. He planted a package of dynamite in the Senate Reception room, but it detonated overnight. It didn’t injure anyone but caused a bit of damage. (The plucky immigrant then traveled to New York where he shot and injured financier J.P. Morgan.)

As a reminder, there were zero explosives detonated in the Capitol building on January 6th, other than the flashbang grenades that Capitol Police launched at unarmed women and children outside.

Puerto Rican Communists Stage a Real Insurrection

If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could pause for a moment from fantasizing about MAGA rape and take a look at the walls of the building she works in, she might notice the bullet holes that were put there by people from her homeland of Puerto Rico! During the 1950s, Puerto Rican communists waged a years-long insurrection against the US government. If you missed my previous article about the attempted assassination of Harry Truman in 1950 by Puerto Rican communists, and the gunfight that stopped the attempt, you can read about it HERE.

Anyway, on March 1, 1954, four Puerto Rican communists from that same group walked into the US Capitol building. The three men and one woman were not wearing buffalo horns or carrying Qanon flags. Instead, they unfurled a Puerto Rican flag – and then pulled out their guns.

Rep. Alvin Bentley (R-MI) was shot in the chest. Rep. Ben Jensen (R-IA) was shot in the back. Rep. Clifford Davis (D-TN) sustained a through-and-through injury to the leg. Rep. George Fallon (D-MD) was shot in his hip. And Rep. Kenneth Roberts (D-AL) was “kneecapped” by a bullet.

Rep. James Van Zandt (R-PA), who was a 56-year-old World War I veteran at the time, personally tackled and captured one of the gunmen. Apparently, Congress was made of hardier people back then. Van Zandt didn’t just curl up on the floor and cry like Adam Kinzinger. He charged in and got ‘er done! The communist-loving media, however, hasn’t changed a bit since the 1950s. The Boston Daily Globe headline about the communist insurrection that resulted in five elected Members of Congress getting shot read, “Aftermath of Weird Drama in Washington.”

Unlike the January 6 protesters, the four Puerto Rican shooters were charged with insurrection and attempted murder. They were all given 40- to 50-year prison sentences for their crimes.

But then Jimmy Carter pardoned them all in 1977. The governments of Mexico and Cuba pinned medals on the four insurrectionists for shooting Members of Congress inside the US Capitol, and for attempting to topple the American government through violent action.

The bullet holes in the chamber are still there, but you can’t see them these days because Nancy Pelosi still won’t let visitors in the building because of the “worst attack on the Capitol since the War of 1812.”

Obama’s Political Mentors Bomb the Capitol

Barack Obama’s spiritual and political mentors in the Weather Underground bombed the Capitol building in 1971, causing $300,000 in damage. Another group calling itself the Armed Resistance Unit (another predecessor of Antifa) bombed the Senate wing of the Capitol in 1983, causing $250,000 in damage. You’d think Joe Biden would remember that second bombing, since he was a member of the Senate when it happened.

So, what do you think, dear readers? Was January 6th really the worst attack at the US Capitol since the War of 1812? Or are the Democrats just full of it and milking a peaceful protest to seize more power for themselves?

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43 thoughts on “A List of Attacks on the US Capitol That Were Far Worse Than January 6”

    1. I remember it well. I’m 91yys and I was shocked when it happened. I never forget it, and when I tell it,no one believers it.

      1. @Lillian -I r emember the Friends of Obama Weather Underground bombings, and you’re right, no one believes us because parents have abdicated their responsibilities and the Left won’t teach these historical truths (it exposes their dishonesty), and along with their co-conspirators, the Left has all but erased and rewritten history to hide their complicity and create division (Marxism 101). Schools have become Hitler styled indoctrination camps. You’re old enough to know about the Brown Shirts and the indoctrination of those children to hate Jews, and now the Left is teaching our children to hate others solely based on the color of one’s skin or if they have Christian faith; it’s ironic that so many of these Leftists, claim to be Christian leaders – they’re not.

    2. Lol great response CurlyQ! I’m not so sure how many electrical impulses old Peelosi has left in her brain anymore.

  1. And Puerto Rico would like to become a state? Every war we have fought since the Civil War we have lost more than we have won…in one way or another.

  2. This just shows how hypocritical and irrational the haters of Trump are. They couldn’t take him down in 2016 but they have kept trying. If they can’t frame him for Jan 6th, they try to get him with frivolous charges in NY. Any other wealthy person would just pay a fine with what they are trying to charge him with, yet they don’t even have a paper crime to fine. The TDS in DC and the media is more contagious than COVID. If you haven’t figured it out, they want to create disruption in everything so they can ride in, impose their authoritarian regime and make you obey them.

    1. The end result ====COMMUNISM
      Intelligent people can see right through these attempts; however, TRUTH will PRIVAIL, even it takes more time.
      $$ and big government let those who like FREE, not FREEDOM, relax and not work, let others make decisions, then complain about the results !!

    2. You got that right! And now here in Georgia our TDS-riddled district attorney Fanni Willis (I think that’s the moron’s last name) has gotten permission to convene a grand jury against President Trump (he may be a FORMER president, but since it was only due to cheating, Trump should be President so I still refer to him by his deserved title!)…. and it was for something so stupid I genuinely cannot remember what it is. These people are truly sick. They must have brain-eating amoebas to “think” like they do. These idiots will believe ANYTHING! THEY are truly the seditious ones who are un-American traitors.

  3. The only “insurrection” committed on January 6th. was staged and acted upon with the blessing of the democrats!! They bused in BLM and Antifa supporters to riot and cause damage trying to put the blame on President Trump and his supporters!! Again, they are rewriting history!!!


  4. What a lesson of insurrection: sad that any of this happened and the democrat-socialist party with the crows and vultures in Congress and Senate leaders to global mandate: try to erase history good or bad bringing a big lie upon this nation: concerning men and women who stand up for America and our constitution: but condone the antifa-protesters and blm thru the summer loitering, rioting, destroying property even in D.C.: plus avoiding answer why the police officers and military personnel were on hold . Why a fast trigger police officer that shot ashli Babbitt is not held responsible: just like the officer that caused Floyd to die? As the blm and antifa protesters were let go and bailout promoted by vp.harris: why were not the men and women who were at dc done the same? Why because Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Cheney, and many others who don’t care for America and our families: decided to target the maga movement so they can as a 3rd time prosecute our President Donald J Trump: because he doesn’t play their game: true insurrection against this nation is the stealing from our nation and her peoples voice called the vote.

    1. YES Blanca Holland, The VOTE… The most sacred action we take as an American. That is the corrupt insurrection. It is people like you and others alike that will rise to save this GOD given country. And do watch M. Lindell Aug 10-12 on frank speech dot com. for more updates on dominion interference and pure communist corruption. GOD Speed.

    2. WELL SAID! So much so that I may have to “borrow” bits and pieces of what you wrote and paraphrase them so as not to plageurize your words!

  5. If this is how democrates want it , then they better remember the demonstration at the Capitol when Republicans were accosted during the supreme Court hearings ! Of Brett kavanaugh .they charged in on these elected officials . And this wasn’t the first time , google it .

  6. If our students were being taught our truthful history in schools l expect they would see things quite differently. Our education system is as bad as the political arena and a big chunk of our judicial system. The msm is complicent in all fields and equally guilty of undermining what is best for America and Americans! Pro-Americans outnumber the above and have the power to change the destructive direction out country has been put on!

  7. As Abraham Lincoln stated:

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

    writer and philosopher George Santayana, and in its original form it read, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    1. And the “Duke” said; ” Life is hard, it’s even harder when your stupid” Life must be hell for the dems

  8. Don’t forget the seize of the Capital during the Kavannagh hearings, crazy women busting into elevators with Senators, screaming during the hearing and acting like typical idiots

  9. The communist democrat cult party is getting lamer everyday. With aoc smoking pot in her office bathroom and having sex with her aid, she wonders why the capital police was looking at her sternly when she finally opened her office door!

  10. Apparently our Republicans don’t have the balls like they had back then they need to grow a set of balls and stand up to the Democrats and them no good liberals and FIGHT for our democracy and freedom never give up together we will win freedom is on our side.God Bless The United States of America

  11. Please America wake up and fight for this country don’t back down we fought hard I’d lost a lot of lives for our freedom don’t give up now think of the people who died for us so what we can have I don’t care what color you are

  12. I watched the part when that so called grown man that proclaims he is a republican crying and sobbing like a little girl..pathetic..time for REAL AMERICANS to stand tall..kick these commies out of government. Better yet pay for a 1way trip to North Korea or Cuba

  13. There is no doubt that this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. The people leading the charge into the Capital were members of ANTIFA, BLM and FBI informants. The “co-Conspirators” captured in the capital, who were FBI plants,members of ANTIFA and/or BLM were not and will not be prosecuted. Pelosi knows that Trump will lead to her demise in the 2022 Mid-Term election when Republicans will attain the majority in both the House and US Senate. Pelosi and her corrupt Dem supporters, are responsible for the Trump supporters entering the Capital on January 6, 2021. Non violent Trump supporters entered the building just see the interior of the USA Capital. None them had any weapons and were peacefully protesting the corrupt & Fraudulent 2020 election. Trump supporters listened to Trumps words to “Peacefully and Patriotically” proceed to the USA Capital and let their “voices be heard”. The forced entry into the Capital was led by the FBI, ANTIFA & BLM and assisted by the weeping Capital Police, all of which was orchestrated by Pelosi and her closest and corrupt DEM members of the House. Interestingly, the only person killed in the Capital on 1/6/2021 was Ashley Babbitt, who was unarmed and murdered by Capital Police Lt. Michael Byrd, who will not be arrested and face murder charges.
    The truth about that day and previous fraudulent attempts to impeach, then and now, President Trump may never be told the USA citizenry. Pelosi is a power hungry corrupt career politician who believes she is, like Hillary Clinton, above the law. It’s important to remember the insane rants of Pelosi to stop Trumps re-Election by any and all means possible. Consequently Pelosi led ANTFA, BLM, Corrupt Dems, RINO’S, corrupt Mainstream Media, FBI and the DOJ to participate in the greatest fraud perpetrated in USA election history. #StopTheSteal.
    Your article was a wonderful read, walking us through the invasions, assaults and planted explosions in the USA Capital Building throughout USA history. One point you neglected to point out was Barack Obama’s affiliations with Marxist supporters like Frank Marshall Davis, Louis Farrakhan, Saul Alinsky and Jeremiah Wright just to name a few. You did however point out Obama’s affiliation with the Weathermen and his close friendship with Bill Ayers, one of leaders of the Weathermen, who were responsible for the bombing of the USA State Department and other principal buildings throughout the USA. Oddly enough, Barack Obama announced his intention to run for POTUS, from the home of Bill Ayers. How Obama was elected POTUS with his socialist/Marxist upbringing, philosophy and agenda to change the USA and its Constitutional Republic will always be a mystery to me. Anyway, congratulations on a most interesting and informative article exposing the truth about real insurrections throughout history, of the USA Capital.

  14. It is hard to believe the democrats CAN do what they are doing. It certainly isn’t the will of the people; it is a small group of aristocratic power seekers who want to contribute to their wealth while pushing patriotic Americans aside. Keep in mind the salary for congressmen is $174,000. Most of them are millionaires once they are elected. If they are really hungry for an indictment, gather those responsible for the “summer of love” looting and rioting that was considered by the “low life” media as “almost all peaceful.”

  15. Wanted to forward, but no “reply” or “forward” at end. Very good article. Am 87 & never heard about the 1800’s assaults on capitol.

  16. It is apparent that throughout our history, the Democratic Party has always been for power instead of maintaining the democracy and freedom we as Americans have taken for granted. Now, more than ever, the Democrats have increased their push for absolute control. History is repeating itself when we make a comparison of what the Democrats did during Trumps administration, and what the Nazi Party did to the Weimer administration during the 1930’s. Check out history as it was taught in our schools before the cancel culture rewrites history. To paraphrase the late FDR, ” the only thing we have to fear is our own government”

  17. ALL the Left Wing Liars (DEMOCRATS) should be sent to FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON, STARTING with Pelosi, Nadler, and Dog Pile Schiff. AOC should be LOCKED UP in a CRAZY FARM somewhere (anywhere but CONGRESS!). One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  18. I had a great speach all planned out and then I read everyone elses reply. There’s not much more that I can say. Oh! Trump Train 2024. God Loves All 2069.

  19. What about the Marxist blm trying to get into the WH when Trump was in office? Dan Bongino talked about it last night on his podcast.

  20. I think what continues to surprise me most is that there are people who still support a type of gov’t that uses violence and lies to push forward its agenda. Not that other gov’t forms don’t occasionally, or in the case of democrats, continuously. But communism has it written into its doctrine and practice and people tell us to trust it.

    Then I didn’t realize that democrats had committed so many violent altercations in the 1850s leading up to the Civil War. Or that they also hated the Irish so much (a former British bigotry).

    Lastly, as one looks at the historical volatility of Puerto Rico and the current level of corruption that prevents their territorial gov’t from repairing past hurricane damage, it is difficult to assent to their requests for Statehood. We don’t need another Oregon or California. Until a territory has citizens that will stamp out such corruption and can demonstrate a path to civil/peaceful resolution then I don’t see statehood in their future. Maybe their path is national independence. They can’t even accede to a universal language (e.g. English) to show uniformity with the rest of the Nation

  21. How can these members of congress and the capitol police that are weeping like scared little rabbits and the victim of a rape fantasy go home to face their families after crying like babies in front of the world. Their families should immediately hire some private security because they can’t count on dear old dad to protect the family because he will be hiding under the bed. Lies, childhood behavior and countless investigations are all the democrats have in their playbook to cover up their incompetence and lack of any good policies.

  22. The democrats are communists trying to take over America! They are homeland terrorist that are keeping many Americans locked up in their homes with threats of covid that they are spreading by bussing and flying covid illegals all over America (Especially Republican cities, towns and state) so that their covid counts will go up!! They are spreading this pandemic so they can order you to stay home locked up and only receive what they decide to give you! It’s communism/socialism/globalism/marxism all in one!! WAKE UP TO THESE TERRORIST/COMMUNIST, AMERICA!!

  23. our very exsistence as a free nation ‘is being put to the test as the last nation to stand up and fight for the freedom for which many patriots have given their lives to protect those freedoms.if we want to keep those freedoms we have to fight for them.like our founding fathers who pledged their fortunes and lives to the cause of freedom.so if you love freedom be prepaired to fight for what you believe in .any thing worth fighting for is worth dying for.

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