All BLM Supporters Are Hypocrites

The protest at the nation’s Capitol turned ugly. Of course it did. Democrats in power have deployed tyranny to close businesses and destroy jobs. They changed all of the election rules last minute in order to steal the presidency, the House and now the Senate.

President Trump’s team used every legal avenue to challenge the fraudulent elections. The courts refused to even hear the arguments. They dismissed every lawsuit on procedural grounds.  Supporters of the president felt like no one was listening to their grievances. How can we be anything but angry?

Despite Trump’s video message to protesters to go home peacefully, the left-stream, mainstream media called the event an insurrection. They said a Trump-led paramilitary group staged a coup at the Capitol. They are saying it was extremely violent but also ineffective attempt to overthrow the government. They say the entire thing is Trump’s fault, and he should be impeached, arrested and removed via the 25th Amendment. Also, all Republicans should be removed from office. Starting with Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley

Their very statements are rife with contradiction, and this has to be the single most egregious display of hypocrisy in human history. Since May, BLM riots have ravaged our cities. They are still ongoing in Portland. The left-stream media tells us that these are peaceful protests and not riots, despite billions of dollars in property damage, dozens killed and thousands injured. They tell us that the peaceful protestors are justified in their violence (and don’t even balk at that contradiction). Rioting and looting are fine because people are angry. Also, all of the violence is caused by secret Trump supporters. Also, all of the violence only came from the police. Also, there was no violence.

Our lying lame-stream media have the audacity to try and say that the protest at Capitol Hill was a military coup. They have the gall to say that violence is bad and that protests should always be peaceful. On top of all of that, they have the lunacy to try and say that this all happened because of white supremacy, and if it had been a BLM group, the “protestors” would have been slaughtered wholesale.


Let’s compare the Capitol Hill moment with BLM. Capitol Hill saw hundreds, maybe a few thousand dollars in damage, some windows and furniture were damaged. By the way can we talk about how the building that houses Congress only had regular glass windows and not bulletproof glass like the White House and Pentagon? Weird almost like they wanted this to escalate. Anyways, the protesters actually demonstrated incredible restraint, for Pete’s sake once inside they walked inside the velvet ropes as if on a tour of the building.

Meanwhile, BLM rioters smashed every window and skull they could find. They burned down businesses, including black-owned ones, and they threw Molotov cocktails at every government building in every major city in the country. The police station inside CHAZ was taken over and permanently destroyed.

You tell me which of these groups is seditious? Which is violent and out of control? Which has killed dozens, if not hundreds of people? Not to mention the riots helped spread the virus!

This has to be the left straw. If you even click on a mainstream article, they get ad revenue, and you are supporting these lies and these corporations that continue to spread biased information against President Trump, Republicans and Trump supporters. If you entertain the thought of voting for a Democrat, you are endorsing the deadly hypocrisy that is actively trying to destroy our country.

Ultimately nothing was fixed by these protests. The media is still spewing lies. No Democrat is interested in restoring 74 million people’s faith in the election. And Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s calls to remove the President through the 25th Amendment or impeachment is pouring gasoline on a powder keg that is already near exploding. It’s no long shot to think something like this will happen again if the people in power keep refusing to hear our grievances.

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119 thoughts on “All BLM Supporters Are Hypocrites”

    1. The Democratic party, BLM,ANTIFA, MEDIA TWITTER,FACEBOOK, etc. Are all hypocritical, propagandists, censorship,INSURRECTIONEST,Who are against our country, our Constitution!!

      1. Something must be done to to eliminate these things! They are the ones who want to overtake this country! They are the ones who want to rule! They are the one’s who want to eliminate you! They are in bed w/ china!

        1. So true we have two sets of rules and Dems seem to be running the show they don’t take responsibility for their actions. When something happens it is everybody else’s fault, not theirs. If their side does it then it is ok it is for equality and fairness if the other side does the same thing they are racist, terrorists, etc. But somehow the Dems beloved Antifa got into the demonstration and turned it violent just like they did when the infiltrated the BLM and all their protests/riots became violent because one would believe that the BLM would want to destroy African-American owned business if they were truly for Black lives matter but then maybe it was all just to cause damage and hurt people. which is what Antifa always seems to do

        2. Absolutely. I have a bad feeling that good ole Biden is gonna sell us out to China for the money he and his family owes them . I have never seen so many people turn a blind eye on the election and the real riots going on .

      2. Sounds like democrats are trying to follow Hitler to have complete control over anyone that speaks up against them.Is this how they are going to behave with other countries too? War will be inevitable then.What a bunch of losers they are.

          1. This not going to be Communism, I came from there, but
            « Tyranny, Eugenic approach to people they don’t want and Technocrate/AI overruling of every aspect of your life and body, period!!!!!!!

        1. Let’s not give up! We still have a chance to keep President Trump as God’s on our side. The FBI was seen dropping off Antifa members before the Trump supporters got to the White House! It wasn’t Trump supporters that caused the trouble in the White House. It was set up by the Democrats! Watch Flashpoint on You Tube for last Tuesday.

      3. Yes, I see your point. If it was a military coup not body at this point will be alive.! It is a shame that all the fake news is calling terrorist and insurrection! When all those riots happen last year oh they were called pisfull protesting. In the mean time not Dem leader or Biden left the basement to denounce the killing and burning of the cities. Stand up for your rights & freedom of speech!

        1. They were the instigators on Wed. Look at the video of the first window being broken,
          two people were behind the guy yelling NO ANTIFA, NO ANTIFA.
          The Democrats planned this to carry out their plans to discredit the President and
          all Conservatives.

      4. If FRAUD is a crime – Why have the perpetrators not been arrested. First being biden who openly admitted they had organized the biggest voter fraud in history BEFORE the Election! Then the people who committed the fraud in the counting houses, then the supervisors who ordered the fraud. Check all of their bank accounts and follow the money. Then arrest the money suppliers, take away all their assets, etc. etc. Arrest the people who bought the crooked machines. They knew what those machines could do, they only had to read the manuals!
        NOW let’s sort out the voting system: The Electoral Lists are out of date! Everyone relist showing a utility bill with your name and address on it. When it is time to vote, you should be sent “A RIGHT TO VOTE CARD” with your name, address and a number. Take the card to the Polling Station. Then, and ONLY THEN, are you given your ONE ballot with the number from the “RIGHT TO VOTE CARD NUMBER” written on it. Make your vote and you place it in the SECURITY SEALED METAL BOX. All ballots should be hand counted with watchers. – No chance of printing thousands of fraudulent ballots. NO ballots counted that don’t come in to Polling Stations in the SECURITY SEALED METAL BOXES.


      5. Why was the woman ‘leader’ of BLM there, after the fraudulent results of the election, demanding that Nancy Pelosi ‘pay her as ‘agreed” for BLM’s ‘services’ in getting Biden elected??? Really? WHAT was ‘that’ all about????

        1. Yes what’s that all about? The democratic party has lied from day one starting 4 years ago when President Donald Trump was elected.

      6. Very, very VERY well said. The Socialist / Communist movement is powered by very rich people who – for reasons unknown to me as it was our great government they got rich on (if we ignore the money coming to them from outside the country). And then you get this AH who owns Facebook – yes, he was smart and got it going but now has become a puppet for the others and does his best to shut down the U S. About 25 years ago – about age 55 – I was quoted as saying, “I have been blessed to live in the United States in the greatest times it has ever seen!” About 5 or 6 years later I added, “or ever will see!” Yup, that went out ot friends and then in print in places. God bless America and give us strength to save it the best we can!

      7. Doesn’t matter as we’re expected to accept their words without question… I’m beyond angry… I pray l live long enough to visit the rotunda, open Pelosi’s casket and piss in her dead face…

    2. As Julius Caeser queried ; Et Tu Brute? when suffering the Death of 1000 Cuts as he received ” The Most Unkindest Cut of All” , the final wound. President Trump must be suffering from PTSD after over 4 years of unceasing torment at the whims of pelosi , schumer, nadler , feinstein…….constant vitriol and rejection. The unspoken scandal is how this inquisition has been tolerated and supported. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to pretend they don’t see. And the evil and hatred have been palpable. All Ad Hominem.

      1. The anti-Trump leftists are the Front of the Socialist / Communist movement. Ball voices of the Conservative right.

        A terrifying beginning of the Communist take over of our media and our country-

        1. Better words were never spoken…… You are right on the reason for all this shit!!!!! Add in George Soros who wants to be the dictator of the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I wonder if Soros now owns the media????????? Let’s do what his home country (Hungary) did……throw him out of this country and tell him to NEVER TO COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          We have billionaires here that could do it!!!!!!! WE KNOW that Pelosi/Schumer are NOT THE ONES TO DO IT……they are in the back pocket of someone….hhhmm SOROS???????

          1. Soros has funded abortion on demand, sodomite sex, pedophilia and other abominable activities all over the world. He is persona non grata in most of the former soviet states including Russia. Why has he not been kicked out of the USA or rubbed out.

          2. Betsy, you are partly correct about Soros. He has publicly stated that he wants to be god (and I use the lower case g intentionally). He does not want to only control America but he wants to rule the world. Look up and read his interviews.
            The rich are not going to do anything about it because they are all wanting to be in the power structure that controls everything. If anything is to be done it will take many more like the ones who moved on the Capital Building on the 6th. Remember that it was the citizens that took on the British rule and won our freedom, not the rich.
            In the words of Thomas Jefferson, the tree of liberty needs to be watered by the blood of patriots (paraphrased). If we are to defeat this tyranny, and that is what it will be, we need to be willing to face prison or even death. But it will be WE THE PEOPLE who have to do it.

        1. Hmmm—exactly what the Arch-angel Lucifer said to God, just before he was ‘banned’ from Heaven.

    3. One question how many blm protesters were shot by police? This question keeps coming back to me as I watch over and over the video of that young woman being shot in the throat and I wonder where all the cries for justice for this young woman are? Maybe if all these protesters had stopped off and looted a target or maybe a walmart then things would have been alright in the eyes of the media and those of the democrats.

      1. Dennis Did you happen to see on NATIONAL TV, when the crowd was in DC at the White House, NANCY POLISI AND CRYIN’ CHUCK SHUMMER BEGGING PEOPLE TO QUIT BEING SO PEACEFUL, WE NEED A RIOT THERE AND NOW?????? I am truly sure we were not the only ones that saw it. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. What is the difference between the DEMONSTRATIONS IN MINN and the RIOTS IN OUR WHITE HOUSE? Was it that no looting, No Fire, What is the difference???

      2. No–they were protesting for Donald Trump and therefore–condemned!! Now, if they were dressed like AntiFa and looted the local Wal Mart–‘that’ would have been OK!!

      3. I saw some disturbing video of a man who apparently
        shot that woman, that he shot down the hall not in her direction and that she is a CIA operator! We should investigate that!

    4. Amen! There are two set of standards: one for the vile, disgusting, traitorous, and devious democrats, and then one for true Americans, true Americans!

    5. There’s more on that news. The thing about news is that a lot of them don’t know what is the truth. For example the news about Ashli, how come they write info BLM liar witnessed than real witnesses who had seen the actual events. People were watching live videos at that time. What they see is the truth not what is now written in the news. Media really sucks because they speculate and are biased. The whole world knows Biden and his angels steal the 2020 presidential election. People that are not stupid, they know the left plot the breach in the capitol. Trump supporters went there to witnessed the truth not to attack and they saw who are the real liar. now they want to rushed the President to get out of his office by impeaching him for another lie, because this crooked gov officials are already busted. People just want to know the truth about the election fraud that’s why they traveled. The pictures of the rally on Jan 6 speaks a thousand times that Trump won the election. They are the living evidence, not the media reports. They are now taking away the first amendments because they think they can hide their crimes. Leaders that want to control people are the guilty ones. Media thinks all people are stupid, they are wrong. People are not animals that they can just locked them up. And don’t forget someone up there who has all the superpower in the universe are watching them keenly.

      1. You are right! ! I have boycott ABC CBS and NBC news. The news media is the problem the American people need to put them out of business. We need to protest them and show the reporters if they don’t want to tell the truth then they don’t need to be on the news.

    6. Agreed. All this is supported by a very Liberal news media. Look out people your world has just changed

    7. When they fully investigate this don’t you think that 1. people were very angry, 2. they were there to peacefully protest and 3. they were hijacked by BLM and ANTIFA. I think that the BLM and ANTIFA came with the ropes and other stuff to storm the Capitol and once they started and got in the rest followed. I’m not saying that it was wrong. I’m just saying that they got a push from another group and followed suit, but they didn’t start fires, or try to kill or pillage things they just wanted to be heard MAJOR DIFFERENCE. Going into the building was clearly wrong but what do you expect we’ve been trample and spit upon for years now the opportunity was there, they saw it and took it. No guns, no bombs, and no intention of hurting anyone or anything. It’s so sad that woman got killed and that officer got killed and that there wasn’t more security to keep people out. What’s up with that as well they knew for weeks that there would be a massive crowd so where does the blame go. I’m not so sure we should put it on just the people who rushed the Capitol. Think about it, wouldn’t you have had lots more police covering this many people. It was a set up from the very beginning.

      1. Do you really think it’s convenient to investigate and show the truth… don’t expect an investigation… not from the retarded left…

    8. Tsk Tsk shame on you DENNIS,,,,, following the words of that Leftie Loony “Reverend” you should have included “AWOMAN” as a salutation as well….. But both of those terms are esentially gender Biased…. So next time please use the following to agree with any statement….. “AOBJECTS OF NO Specific Gender”……
      Oh to be in America now that the “Lunatics” have taken over the Asylum…

  1. The people in power don’t care about the American public. They got the power they wanted by fraudulent means, right before our very eyes. The people that are in power now are most likely not going to look into the problems with the election, because that would expose the treasonous parties for all to know. You can expect to NEVER have a fair or free election anytime in the future.

    1. Of course they will look into it. But as in everything else that doesn’t fit the narrative, facts will be overlooked. The illusion that something is being done will tamper down the fire. The Durham report must be reported in its entirety. Will that happen? Who knows.
      There was more than ample evidence of conspiracy and sedition. But we’ll never see it. Dark times for America.


    3. I believe that is very true Lee, we are now stuck with Democrats for the fore-see-able future, the only way we can get rid of them is to first cut off their money. They are being sponsored by big money aka Soros and other super funds. They would be the ones buying Governors, and other low morel politicians and the people needed to change rules and add more last minute voting ballets. If they can’t be bribed, threaten them and their family, BLM and Anifa are their soldiers. These people have now gotten what they want, the power and control over the country and the American people, we will never be able to rote them out by voting, we will now be ruled by the globalist.
      I hate to say it, but the only way we can restore our government and the Constitution is through civil war, they know it, that’s why they want our guns. The Democrats must be removed, their big money shut off, their MSM silenced that is the only way, until then you may never see a fair election, in fact elections may become only between Democrats as all the Republicans will been switched to their side or have been voted out.

    4. America will NEVER even have another election……Do you think the Democrats will ever give up their dictatorship now that they are in control???

    5. Amen! This is a sad day! Say GOODBYE TO OUR DEMOCRACY!! America will NEVER BE THE LAND OF THE FREE EVER AGAIN!!! A SAD SAD START to 2021!!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. The democrats and left have sold their souls to the devil. We are fighting s spiritual battle but know this that God will prevail and win the war.

  3. All this is so true. The Media & the Black people with Obama that started all this. Covid-19 was started by Obama. It’s OK for the Blacks to do the Violence, But not for the White people to do it. The White people want Justice too. The Division that was Started by Obama, won’t never stop. Pedo Biden won’t stop it either.

    1. This all goes back to eight years of Obama. George was a criminal on drugs RESISTED ARREST. The media seem to love not reporting that. What happen at the Capitol was not as serious as BLM and the thug antifa rioters that destroyed cities. I have had it with most politicians. President trump tried to clean the swamp. Biden is not my president

  4. Give me a starting point. At eighty-one years of age and a VietNam veteran, I have seen many years of tranquil existence in our country. We have (paid for, sold out) elected scum in our Congress and Senate who will not lift a finger to do their jobs until they have the approval of their OWNERS. Names like Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Graham, McConnell, Romney, Lee, Sanders, Warren, and those ineffective, lazy, holding their hands out to collect the pieces of silver because each is JUDAS in every way. This curse will remain on each named and unnamed individual responsible for the insurrection. May each of you have a prominent place in HELL to forever burn.

      1. Amen
        Nasty Nancy leave this sacred word alone as well as all words. Your insane and will rot in hell evil witch

    1. This all goes back to eight years of Obama. George was a criminal on drugs RESISTED ARREST. The media seem to love not reporting that. What happen at the Capitol was not as serious as BLM and the thug antifa rioters that destroyed cities. I have had it with most politicians. President trump tried to clean the swamp. Biden is not my president

    2. Politics has a problem with corruption. No hiding that fact. But probably 20 years ago I began to notice just how blatant they have become. There’s no effort on their part to even try to hid it. AND WE ACCEPT IT.
      This was once the wealthiest country in the world. But little by little the corrupt “representatives” frittered away our wealth in the process of maintaining their power. You can kill an elephant with a .22 if you can put enough rounds into it. Our “elephant” is dying.
      Once we ran out of assets, they began creating deficits. The DNC is corrupt to the core. God help America.

    3. Jesus said sell your cloak and buy a sword. Do not give up your guns or arms for any reason. A simple situation is coming and before the 21st you’re going to see a lot more God is sending a message.

    4. US Army 1969-1981 Vietnam 1970-1971 Kantum attached to ccc. I am 70 and disabled but will defend the constitution as long as I have breath in my body.

  5. We will have to put our trust in our God and savior. The evil persons in this world will recieve what coming to them when their judgement day comes. As our nation turns away from Gods laws we will suffer more. We will all need to Pray more for our nation. Our hope is to change this at our next election God willing. Right now our incoming president is a sinner so pray for a change in him if he has any christian values left.

    1. Sadly enough, we will not be able to change anything with the next election as the democrats will be sure of it! After all, they git away with stealing not one, but two elections. They will NEVER five up their power until God takes it from them!!!! Praying for our country!!!

    2. This is so wrong what is happening in our country, it has to turn around for the good. Biden is a joke, the people that voted for him, don’t have a clue.

    3. Watch carefully, by April, TRUMP WILL BE OUR PRESIDENT ! ???????????
      The fat lady hasn’t sang yet !!!

  6. “I encourage everyone who is a Trump supporter and a supporter of free speach to cancel your Twitter and Facebook accounts and hit them where it hurts. It’s like quitting smoking, it hurts for a while but we need to let them know that they can’t shut down our free speach. Try Parler and Rumble.”

    1. Apple is already trying to force Parler to censor Trump & us ! There is a very strong evil entity fighting humanity right now! The force behind Trump has been in existence since JFK !
      As a matter of fact JFK jr IS alive & with that force, The Alliance ! Add your prayers to strengthen this so that the Light prevails !
      Trump & this Alliance has accomplished more than any President has !! Continue to show we are still with him for Truth & Peace !!
      Watch in coming days as Trump plays his last cards to overcome this evil that has been working 1,000,s of years to destroy humanity !!
      What we are witnessing is like watching a sci-fi movie ! Only, we are watching in real time!
      You movie buffs may rightly say now, May the Force Be With Us !!!!

    2. I agree whole heatedly! We need to stop using Facebook and Twitter and stop watching mainstream media. There are other sources out there.

    3. Well said Rosemary. I have not been on any social media since I can’t remember when and don’t feel as if I have missed anything. But it needs to go a step farther. We need to stand against the MSM. We need all patriots to stand against the MSM at all times. There are sources to find out what is happening besides the liberal liars. To check in from time to time to find out what the current lies are is fine but generally unnecessary if you are paying attention. We need to shut off their revenue and shame them at every possible time. Boycott is a big word that only works if massive numbers take part, but if one person takes part then one more it adds up. I am a massive sports fan my whole life and I have not watched a pro sports game in the last year. It has been difficult at times, but someone said what good has it done, and my response was I don’t know, but it is the principle of the thing. In looking at the ratings for all of the pro programming I see that there have been many like me and if more joined maybe we can at some point get back our passion. The point is it takes you and me and individuals to begin. It is the only way.

  7. They know they are hypocrites, they know there is a double standard, but it doesn’t matter to them for they have their agenda and that is to do everything in their power to stop President Trump from running again in 2024. They stop him what is to stop Don Jr from running and do they really believe his fathers faithful supporters will not back him and we all know who would be running the show anyway!

  8. Busload of 250 ANTIFA & BLM rioters WERE DOCUMENTED infiltrating the demonstrations & then they were the ones busting into the Capitol, assisted by Capitol police !
    Trump demonstrators following them in merely asked to be heard by Congress , this was documented by iPhone recordings several times.
    There is & has been continual censoring of Trump & his supporters (unlawfully) all along! The extreme bias in censoring & lies in MSM is overwhelming & explesit of Communist countries! Left politicians constantly push Socialism & Communist idealoliogies to overthrow our Government without restraint!
    There is proof that Trump received 80% votes & the very fact that our own Supreme Court system REFUSED TO LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE is Proof that the whole system is rigged & that it is imperative that Trump MUST enact the Insurrection Act & or Military Tribunals now ! This the Same thing that happened in Venezuela & other 3rd world countries, ironically it is the Same voting machines used in those countries to bring them down !!! It is Communist/Globalist money used to overthrow many countries political systems to bring in the NWO & depopulate the planet ! This is pure dark & evil entities & humanity is literally fighting for our existence !!
    We Must All take a stand against this or we Will be destroyed !!!
    Make No mistake, God Is Behind Trump & he Will prevail !!

    1. Those dressed in black, wearing helmets or hoodies and carrying backpacks were Antifa. The timing of their arrival just after congress convened to debate arizona tells me the y were waiting for a call from the Democrats.

      Sadly, their plan worked, again. This is why offers from DOJ to assist with crowd control was repeatedly declined.

      Doesn’t take a genius to see what they did.

  9. This is America ! It’s Worth fighting for ! The un-American politician’s that are trying to disrobe this countries values , there not to help America but to destroy it . Other countries have divided their countries it’s time for America to do so . 50/50 democrates from Republicans ! And you’ll see just who prosperous . I guarantee it will be Republicans

  10. The fact being that BLM protests did not in any way try to do away with a political process based on total lies and proven to be lies by all the investigations done by both State and Federal Law enforcement with members of both political parties involved.
    If we have a complaint about a wrong doing you take it to law enforcement better known to the majority as the POLICE not to a court, Trump did not want to do that because he knew that the Police would not find any thing he was saying. Courts do not investigate crimes they only rule on them once the investigations have been investigated, not just ruling on what is said by anyone unless it backs up actual facts in evidence. If you have a complaint against a person, or organization who do you file the complaint with, the police or the court and after you file the complaint a full investigation is done by an authorized agancy, before the courts get involved.

  11. I remember reading 1984 by Orwell, and Brave New World in high school. Of course that was when the schools had real teachers and not communist indoctrinators in the schools. We learned real history and not this “new” version that has been scrubbed of all the things that that were in the past that the liars and indoctrinators don’t like.
    We have now become what used rob sci-fi fantasy. We as a people need to take back our nation out of the hands of the CCP and their puppets. We need to remove ALL communists from our government and our country. This will take a civil war unlike the last one. It will truly be as described in the book of Revelation.
    We have to fight for our rights and beliefs soon. Be prepared!

    1. Looks like we are about to witness TEOTWAWKI – The End Of The World As We Know it – sabotaged by DemonRat saboteurs.

  12. We all know that when the left claims that Donald Trump’s and his supporters are doing something wrong it is in all actuality the Democrats and the crazy left that are actually doing it. Like Biden calling Ted Cruz and Hawley” NAZIS” . THEY ARE THE NAZIS

    1. The main concern people should be worried about is who the puppet master that will be controlling Biden the saddest part is I am a white hard-working American I grew up poor as poor can be, instead of being like all the lazy people sitting on the couch whining about something from hundreds of years ago I had to get up off the couch and go and get a job I have to pay my own bills my own healthcare everything on my own with the government taking 46% of my pay after all deductions. while they sit at home and are eating steak driving nice cars wearing expensive clothes whining that they are being discriminated upon. The actual truth is that there is just as many poor white people as there are black poor people but and Same for a shit ton of rich black people with people and nobody understands Zaidi is that if you grow up having money it is always bread money money breeds money Welfare breeds welfare worthless breeds worthless and that’s how society works my family was poor but we worked so well now we work to get ahead others grew up poor but worthless wanting assistants to take care of them and they called it discrimination
      They want to talk about Trump in bad manner now because he incited a riot. it was not a riot the biggest race war of the history is going on now because of a president to serve two terms and is now going to be somewhat in control again. It was his people that have caused billions of dollars worth of damage they’ve killed hundreds of people they were ripping people out of cars looting buildings and bring them down after they left locking cops in the stations in attempting to burn them down all of this is good and they’ve been getting away with it for the entire year a couple of hard-working Americans that are upset going to the White House eventually after being forcefully pushed by median other contributors to react do very little damage in an innocent lady that served our country get shot in the throat for it. And in these wack jobs eyes we are the worst people in history not them that have torn apart an entire country just To get into a position of power and we are going to let them get away with it I feel bad for Americans to come I feel bad for my paycheck because I see them taking even more I feel bad for my retirement that I choose to save 20% of what I make to save for my future but because of a couple whack job liberals it might all disappear. And the last thing I will have to say is that if these liberal wack jobs had left President Trump alone I think he could’ve been the best president of all times in my eyes he already is the best president of all times have you left him be and let him do his things he could’ve done and accomplished so many more things he’s the only person that cared for America even after this stupid new relief package they just sent out 70% went overseas where these people were getting even more than what we were getting but we’re dumb Americans and we were just happy with 600 bucks and thinking they were doing it to help us Trump wanted Americans to have more but the idiots that are colluding with all the other dark dark dark individuals now show that they have the power to do anything they want. dark times to come for Americans.

  13. There is something very sinister going on. The US has been turned upside down.
    2 standards for everything. The dems call out for riots and violence in the name of social justice but when the antifa along with some Trump supporters go into the capitol building it is sedition and insurrection. In some cases the people were actually let in by the police. You have to ask why would they do that. NOONE believes for a second that biden won. A guy that can’t get 15 people to a rally got 80m to vote, I call BULLSHIT. Also, the reps are FOOLS and COWARDS. We need a new party. One that ACTUALLY represents the PEOPLE and not themselves and special interest. Looks like they are pushing for a civil war. The fact that social media can suppress the POTUS proves we have a CLEAR and PRESENT threat to NATIONAL SECURITY.
    I think we are to to far apart on ALL issues. Maybe a better alternative would be to just admit that now and have some of the states succeed from the union. This way people can choose where they want to go and live so we don’t self destruct.


  15. This “communist government” must be removed before it destroys our nation! I am a 23 + year veteran and I will not stand by and see the fall of our beloved nation. It will be soon that the cry of to arms to arms is heard again, but his time its not the British but the Communist that we will be fighting. the medial is communist controlled, they have proved this by removal of Pres. trump, Flinn and others denied access to twitter and other “violation of our 1st ammd. close them down too. May GOD help us get our Nation back!

  16. As a Vietnam Era Veteran, all l can say about the Democratic Administration, Senate, Congress, and their dishonesty and dishonest hateful cronies is “KTA, Let God sort them out!”

  17. Has anyone noticed that there have been other BLM riots going on as we speak. The mainstream media is so focused on the protests at the Capitol and not mentioning that BLM has burned more businesses. KAMALA HARRIS better have lots of money to keep bailing them out of jail.

  18. There are major battles going on in the Heavenlies right now…this is Spiritual Warfare, not only what we see in the “natural”. That is why strong intercessory prayer is so very crucial at this time. This gives additional power to that struggle. Do not be dismayed by what you see in the “natural”. This is necessary in order to keep revealing all the the things still hidden. Don’t let this things frighten, or discourage you. Things will have to get worse before they can get better, so DON’T GIVE UP THE FIGHT! DON’T STOP PRAYING! STAY STRONG; OUR GOD WILL PREVAIL! And yes, our God is Sovereign, but He asks & expects us to work WITH HIM!

    1. you are so right about that. God is still on the throne and in control. Remember God’s time is not our time a thousand years is but a minute to God and he is never late even though we become impatient. We definitely need his help right now so we should all get on our knees and pray for his protection and his strength to do what we must do. Unfortunately we may have to fight for our freedom and that means death and destruction for many. If we don’t fight for our rights and freedom we will be doomed, but we all must work together. There is power and safety in numbers. This affects every American and citizen in our country. There are many that turn a deaf ear and put their heads in the sand. They need to be red pilled to see the truth. No more denying what is happening because it means the end of life as we know it. It’s time America to take a stand and be counted!

    1. It is definitely not over until we the people say it is. They can mass an army around Biden, pelosi, and Harris on the 20th. Is that army going to be there every day in the future? One by one there will be payback as true American Patriots pick the time and place for justice. Patriots may die as they did in the revolution but freedom will prevail.

  19. President elect Joe and VP Harris can be proud to be the first to be President and VP of the
    UN-UNITED STATES! They can tell everyone how they have devided the people and how they started the next civil war. How they opened the borders and brought in more drug lords, how they released the criminals from jail, how they drove the value of a dollar down to 3 cents. I guess we should all be proud of them.

  20. Fake news media milks a supposed “rush on our Capitol Bldg.’ Makes sure video of killing of a woman who was a US Air Force Veteran by what appears to be absolutely reckless. We lose a USCP Officer who suffered a stroke; I’m sure other head injuries play a part of an unnecessary death. THREE other’s have been mentioned have died as a result of ??? Not a single word of who, how, where and by whom?

    My point is: five live’s were lost. Injuries upwards of sixty. Damage to the supposed most secure building, next to ” We the People’s House” was not an led by anyone who went to a DC for having a legal right and peacefully have their voices heard.

    For the past five + years how is it that one, Donald J. Trump could put in place a campaign which has brought to the surface and expose the depth of corruption of in what’s come to be known as the “DC SWAMP.” Impossible? NO!

    After what we’ve seen, every single day in and out, President #45 has been spot on. We’ve seen it all. All of the false, fake snews orchestrated to manipulate a DemonRat left
    take-down of the most successful leader in American history.

    As for most media, nothing short of evil lying commie propaganda. Fake news camera’s & lame stream media ” Bad Mouthing Liar’s.” Election’s have corrupt right in front of our eyes. Court filings aren’t given the respect deserved as our Constitution demands.

    Where’s the Justice? Where’s the supposed “rule of law?”

    Don’ blame a ransacking of the halls of Congress on #45. Look for the know thugs of every evil uprising by Soro’s Klan money and other’s who’ve brought demonRat DC SWAMPISM against us since day one and determined to follow through until they end our Democracy.

    230 must be taken away and every one of em’s brought to justice for all of their RICO Gandland criminality. All of the evidence was just being set to present in a joint session. But, what a coincidence…….. and all it took to make the look like a Trump invasion was and extreme wardrobe makeover. So last summer’s DC takeover and evil doings, was a pre-planned scheme of anifa, blm and other known thugs melting and after peaceful speeches were heard lawful abiding citizen’s, evil demonRat paid players took to our Capitol and brought an abrupt end factual proof of Biden’s DNC ; and in his eerie own word’s “this is the most corrupt planned election in America’s history. While fake news fails to report all who died and but blame as usual everything is #45’s fault. WRONG!

    In moi humble opinion; more like the second one in a row.

    Still NOTHING will be done. All of the freaking out brought to America by the unhinged left, who are completely afraid of being exposed, as has been done by President Trump best look out.

    Weak spineless RINO’S will be voted out of office. From the 50 statehouse’s right on up to the DC SWAMP’s halls of Congress.

  21. President Trump has put his family, business and anything else he has in jeopardy fighting for the freedom and rights of the American people. If you lying, lowlife, satanic worshiping pieces of garbage think this is over, think again! Just because the good, honest people in this country has set back in silence, watching, doesn`t mean we are weak. BLM has said that when they are finished with the cities, they are coming to the rural areas. Bad mistake! I will only run as far as my house, and then I will put a bullet right between your eyes. The problem is that corrupt Government has gotten to the point where they are not afraid of the people anymore. They hire inside terrorist groups to bully the people, in hopes of instilling fear to gain control of every aspect of their lives. This Government is For the People, By the People and the Will of the People. Pelosi, Schiff, McConnell, Warren, Romney and others like you will not hold offices in this Great Country while you pad you pockets with ill gotten gain from the tax payers. Government has no rights, only the people do. And what little authority you do have, is because We the People allow you to have it. You have abused it and proven that you are too stupid and unable to handle it. This is not just me, but millions of law abiding citizens, we have been pushed too far, we are coming after you and bringing you down. I am calling on Law Enforcement and Military to uphold and protect the rights of the people and our Constitution as you have sworn to do. I encourage other Americans to do the same. I am also calling on the American people to delete any accounts with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media that has blocked the truth and upheld BLM, Antifa, and other such groups. I am calling for a boycott on all big Government controlled and owned businesses that support left wing propaganda, Walmart, Target, Amazon and any other big box stores. We don`t need them, they need us. They are the ones who cut your supplies short to create a supply and demand to drive prices up. Spend the extra dollar to support your local Mom and Pop store, local businesses that work hard to earn to your support. These are the people that make America strong. By turning your back on them and running to Big Box Stores because, ” oh, I saved 50 cents”, you are no better than the ones trying to destroy this country. I know, they make it so easy for you. The easier it is, the more they control you. Take America back by removing your tails from between your legs and taking a stand against an evil, wicked, corrupt system that could care less if you died tomorrow or not. Oh, and speaking of dying, it has been clinically proven for months now by a team of the most renowned Respiratory Doctors from around the world, that Ivermectin will totally destroy the covid19 virus in a few days, 100% proven that you will not get sick or spread the virus. But your wonderful, honest Government will not allow doctors to prescribe this cheep and readily available drug ( 2 pills a day for 5 day ) that will completely wipe the virus out. Price: 38 to 60 dollars for the prescription. Vaccines: Billions of dollars in their pockets, and if it don`t work, but causes problems to your health or death, guess what, they can`t be sued over a vaccine. Trump is still fighting for you, don`t wimp out on this man. Have a day!!

  22. Thanks for the comments everyone A vet ww2 and Korea voted every election starting with president Truman except during the Korean conflict while serving at sea. For all accomplishments as President, I rate him number 1. He stood up to more garbage than one need to and yet continued on the job. My parents migrated to America and entered through Ellis Island. They lived the dream, through hard work and the ability to be free to fulfill their dream and it worked for them. The same dream that President Trump wants for all of us.


  24. President Trump, who may turn out to be our last legal President with dems in charge, has fought for our country and people from day one and we need to stand strong with him. They stole this election along with countless others no doubt. The “allie’s” who quickly ran leaving him to stand practically alone are just as bad as all the rest. Even Mike Pence who l thought he could always count on. He does not deserve these selfish betrayals and they will not be forgotten by millions! Now, stealing the election wasn’t. enough for this mob of evil, they want to humiliate him in every way possible. They must be thoroughly investigated and the light put on their nefarious actions!

    1. The majority of us believe in President Trump which is great but actions speak louder than words. We have to do everything we can to support this man. The simple truth is there will never be any justice again in this great country unless we stand together as a nation and people. Trump has taken so much abuse from everyone. The man is amazing. He could of stayed peacefully in his Trump tower and looked the other way but stepped into danger and sacrifice because he cares deeply for the people of this country and the American way. It’s sad to say that even the Supreme Court is corrupt and justice will not be served there for Trump or us. We need to keep getting the word out by shouting it every chance we get to open the eyes of people that stand blatantly back and do nothing. We need to get those creeps that create this chaos in the peaceful rallies and hurt and endanger the lives of innocent people and make them accountable and bring them to swift justice, we need to literally kick out those in office that think we are working for them instead of them working for us that want to destroy democracy and instill a communist nation which the leftists are trying to do to our United States, we need to rally around the only man that has given a damn about us for the past 2 decades whose agenda is for us as a nation and not about himself, we need to fight for our constitution that has been established so that every citizen has the right for freedom, and the pursuit of Happiness to reach the American dream, we need to fight the evil that has plagued our country and our people, our laws, and has killed the innocent. We all need to stand together more than ever and May God in his mercy help us All!!!!

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