All the News Not Being Reported about “the Thing” We’re Not Allowed to Talk About

It’s the Streisand Effect all over again. The more you try to censor and suppress information – especially in a country where we still have the ability to talk to each other on the internet – the more attention is drawn to that censored subject.

We are NOT supposed to talk about “the thing” that happened back in November. That was all a Big Lie from Donald Trump and QAnon conspiracy theorists. It never happened. Joe Biden is totally 100% legit and to say otherwise is now a fire-able offense.

It may soon be a jail-worthy offense. But that doesn’t change the fact that even more Americans now believe their own lying eyes.

“The thing,” of course, is that absolute joke of a 2020 election. The national media has clamped down in full “never happened” mode and is ignoring the growing consensus among Americans that “the thing” was a fraud. There’s actually a lot of news related to “the thing” that we continue discovering, despite the media gaslighting us 24/7 and hoping we’ll all just move on.

For example, the New Hampshire state House Election Law Committee just voted unanimously (20 to 0) to approve a full forensic audit of the machine votes that occurred in Antrim County and primarily in the city of Windham. There were some close races in that county in November, so a recount of the votes was done. When the recount results were completed, every single winning candidate had exactly 300 more votes than they had in the initial count. Every candidate.

That’s too bizarre a coincidence for any rational, thinking adult to look at it and think, “Yep. Sounds legit!” Something clearly went wrong there.

To his credit, the New Hampshire Secretary of State has agreed to have the vote machines audited by a professional, independent, third-party team to determine what happened. Secretary of State Bill Gardner hasn’t shredded any ballots or dumped the machines in the lake or carried out any other evidence-destroying shenanigans like we’ve seen in so many other states.


Meanwhile, protesters gathered at City Hall in Green Bay, WI on March 12th, as the narrative continues to unravel there. Green Bay’s city clerk recused herself from the 2020 election, because she was so concerned with the city mayor’s election shenanigans with left-wing activists. It turns out – and this is brand-new information we’re just finding out in March 2021 – left-wing activists were granted access to sequestered absentee ballots both before and after the November 3rd election. Which just so happens to be total violation of Wisconsin’s state laws, in addition to the fact that city mayors aren’t supposed to be overseeing elections instead of city clerks.

And then there’s the ongoing effort to kick Republicans out of Congress for refusing to bend the knee and kiss the ring. Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) apparently doesn’t have any problems to solve in her congressional district. She’s released a 1,900-page report detailing the reasons why Republicans who objected to the January 6 vote certification must be permanently removed from Congress. 1,900 pages! That’s longer than the COVID pork bill, so you know she’s been really busy.

Her biggest targets are Arizona’s Republican House Members: Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs and Debbie Lesko. Even though Donald Trump was found completely innocent in the Impeachment 2.0 trial, Lofgren claims that the Arizona GOP members are guilty of the same crime and should be removed from the House. She claims that the Arizona Republicans “betrayed their oath of office” by helping Donald Trump to incite the violent insurrection coup of treason and buffalo horns on January 6th. And again: She’s making these claims right now, in March, after Donald Trump was found “not guilty” of inciting an insurrection.

Doesn’t matter to the left. Anyone who doubts the media’s fairytales about “the thing” is a “threat to democracy” and will be removed.

If we’re supposed to accept Joe Biden as the “totes legit” winner of the “the thing,” why are we still finding new evidence of wrongdoing four months later? Why are people still rising up and protesting as new information comes to light? And here’s the same question many of us have been asking for months: If this was a legit contest, why do they want to criminalize and censor any discussion of it?

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53 thoughts on “All the News Not Being Reported about “the Thing” We’re Not Allowed to Talk About”

  1. It’s all over the nation. The *&^% vote was rigged. The democrats control of the government, media, business, judges, courts, etc., assured the coup would succeed. It did. End of story.

    1. They didn’t at the time of the election, the Rinos had the Senate. Pres Trump tried to lead them but as usual it was easier to roll over and play dead. These GOP leaders are a disgrace the Dems just laugh at these weak losers. Peelosi snarfs at them they loadem and run. They couldn’t run fast enough to certify this scam with McConnell screaming we must get Trump! Bush, Romneys, Bidens vote for Biden? What a team of losers, Repub voters sold out by their own party. GOP may not survive in it’s current form or at all!!

      1. Over time people involved in wrongoing and crime always begin to talk. The thing is too big to let slip by and the bad actors will begin to talk about what they did. Don’t ever forget what was done and pounce on it when the tide turns. Along the way, get rid of useless rinos.

      2. Well said!!! Trump was the last republican I voted for!! I’m
        voting against every republican who did,not support Trump!

        1. Same here !!!!!!!
          God Bless Trump and protect him from his enemies, all the crooks, thugs and criminals!!

      3. The commies’ goal is to make sure no Republican will ever get to win anything anymore, (a one party system , basically!!)
        The scary part is that the Republicans don’t even take it seriously… no opposition, not even trying to put any pressure on those crooks to make any compromises… all they do is ask for more donations
        supposedly to “ fight” for us and win more sits in the House …
        more like “ fighting for a lost cause” … the 2022 election was already pre planned, the “ chosen”
        candidate has already won !!!!… whoever that would be, none of our business!!!!

    2. We’re not suppose to talk about it! bull! excuse my language but, f_ _ _ them!! Freedom of speech is our right!!

      1. We can only hope our “ freedom of speech right”will still remain in place …

        It’s up to us to make sure it does !!!!

    3. They will now condition us to be more dependent of the Government and fall into socialism and communism. Yes, we lose our Liberty.

  2. There was election fraud for sure. If the states come forward and redo the election we will soon find out. These communist’s wanted their power back so they could steal our freedoms and our money. They are doing that but we CAN NOT LET THEM HAVE OUR GUNS!!!!!!!!!!! Soon there will be no food and there will be people coming to shop at your house. A revolution is about to begin so don’t get caught with your thumb up your a-s. And the riots and burning are going on again right now and this government will do nothing to help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The “sky is falling regime” will implode and they know it. Built like a house of cards it will fail. And, they know it. All the scurrying to tear down and destroy the country is their way to ensure safety for elites. If you think all the tech you have and use daily is your friend, better think again. It is the very think decimating your existence. If huddled masses crowded into eggcrate quarters with no incentive to be productive is appealing; move to a communist country. Pay close attention to how elderly are barely existing in poor communist nations. Medicare for all. Right. Who will pay their co-pays? Lyndon B. Johnson flipped the money switch and nobody has the guts to turn it off. But, that is exactly what will happen when the dollar is valued at zero. I have a pretty good imagination. So, I will retain my rights under the second amendment.

    2. Agree with Linda !!!

      Unfortunately, the gun confiscation is part of their plan too !!!!
      They could not have full control and power without confiscating the guns !!!
      They are trying desperately to find a “ trick” to make it doesn’t sound as bad as it will be … hopefully people would be able to use their brain this time , at least !!!

  3. The math does not lie. There is no way Biden out performed Trump or Obama as we’ve been told to believe. This was by far, to date, the biggest crime in American History!

  4. What do you expect from a bunch of liars and baby killers and faggot lovers who are in power right now I’m just amazed that you keep putting them back in office. Yeah I said you!! Cause I don’t vote for the lowlifes.

    1. Watch Mike Liddell the My pillow guy on how the election was stolen. Then tell me with a straight face that it wasn’t stolen.
      Also PN MI WI GA all had trucks deliver boxes of ballots between Three and Four AM that’s when biden ( small caps) had hundreds of thousands of votes all for him. IT WAS STOLEN!

  5. All of the stuff you put out online is absolutely just a whole bunch of bull shit and you are just as bad as the whole democratic party is. Who absolutely wants a socialized country. Which is absolutely very dam stupid. Because, if The United States comes a socialized country. Well, will absolutely not have anything lift. Because the government will take over everything. Plus they will absolutely shut down the media, so the information will get out. So why in the hell don’t you get some balls and start telling the truth.

    1. The whole dam media wants to shut down Newsmax. Well, when they broadcast something. They always tell the truth. Because, they always have very good evidence of what is going on and they, by showing pictures. So, I absolutely know that everyone should stop watching all of these false accusations and start watching NewsMax.

  6. Everyone needs to rise up and Demand another Election.A fair election run by the people of the United States. Not by the Government and especially not the Democrats who are destroying America.Socialist go to hell.

    1. I’ve said since the election that we need a REVOTE, preferably nationwide. GettingTrump back in by a landslide is likely. Revote all of it downballot to include Senators, Representatives, Governors, likely taking majority in both House and Senate. And no run-off evdn needed in GA.
      Recounting FRAUD votes is worthless. REVOTE, with ID, ADDRESS verification, and NO MAIL IN ballots.

      Then we escort Biden and buddies out, arrest and prosecute all those behind the fraud. I believe TREASON can be charged, too. DO IT. STOP being doormats. And find out which Dems arranged and funded the 1/6 riot and prosecute them, including the big bankrollers, whether it be a billionnaire like Soros or a past president like Obama or the Clintons, or a long term Speaker of the House like Pelosi. If they’re guilty, indict and incarcerate.

      And President Trump can get rid of all the fraud moves a fraudulent president Biden did. Get the pipelines and wall going again, and stop all the destructive things Biden has done.

      1. Absolutely good words . please how can we do this with all the corruption going on . also jeepers they are in control now and barricaded themselves in the white house . they know they did wrong .i think they are afraid of us we the people .
        Lord be with us

    2. I agree 1000%; but to what end. At this time, The radical democrats will repeat their evil deeds, and the courts will not hear us; not even “The Supremes.”

  7. When are any of you going to wake up? Nothing will change after the 2020 election because the dem-wits now have the power they wanted. The election was rigged by them and there is now nothing We the People can do about it. wake up people and get prepared!

  8. NewsMax needs to follow and report all Election Fraud studies. Report it daily. We need to stay the course and divulge the Truth. We must save our Country.

  9. It is a shame Trump never got his day in court. We now definitely know they are guilty as hell because they refuse to see the truth, it cheats us all and I no longer wish to vote anymore because I know they will just install who ever they want and my vote doesn’t matter. I have thought for years that the Democrats were cheating, now I know for sure that they have been guilty of it all along, Count me out on all future elections, I know there will never be a fair election ever again

    1. My wife and I feel the same way that you do. Even if we did vote again. the Socialist Democrats will become even more sophisticated then before and the Courts will not listen to our evidence.

    1. 10000% agree with everything was posted on all of these comments!!!!
      It’s refreshing to see that there are still a lot of good America loving patriots among us !!!!
      We are sick and tired of all the lies, the marxist media, the Big tech censorship, the corrupt, traitorous politicians ( left and the RINOs on the right )
      We live in scary times, America is being pushed towards communism !!!!!!!

      Are there any of our “ representatives “ ( so called Republicans) ready to lead us, ready to DEMAND that all this craziness to STOP ???
      It looks like there is only a handful of them, like Jim Jordan, Nunez, Rand Paul, Scalise, Josh Hawley and few more, that are trying hard to stop the madness .

      All we hear is that “ we don’t have majority “, so we must get together, fight and hopefully will win next time ….
      Pitiful, disgusting, shameful!!
      Everyone knew the left was “well funded “ by Soros,
      big tech, China , Hollywood etc and were planning to use the pandemic to steal and cheat the election!!!!
      What did the Republicans do ???
      Trump was the only one pushing and trying to at least make everyone aware, but people like Romney, McConnell, Collins, Murkovski, the “Lincoln project”
      traitors were busy trying to get rid of Trump .
      Now, they are desperately trying to convince us that they will “fight for us “ next time …
      too late, there will be NO next time , because the communists already got in control of all our government and they won’t let go !!!!
      A lot of us are so disgusted that we don’t even see the reason to go vote anymore… vote again , like we did in Nov so you could find out that at 3 am everything was “ reversed”???
      No, thank you !!!
      This is how the voting system works in N Korea, China, Venezuela… the “ beloved leader” gets elected with 99.9% votes !!!!!
      Hurray, hurray. !!!

      Thank you to all the traitors to turn America into China
      Thank you President XI
      Now , Pelosi could put a bill to the vote in Congress to make the “ sniffer” president for life … or whomever comes next as their chosen president .
      We, the peasants will have no choice but to shut up and work for them .

      1. No, Dragon, we have to fight for a cofrect election, preferably a revote on 2020 for Pres, Senators, Representatives, Governors. Prefer ALL STATES REVOTE, ad I believe the fraud was widespread in amts from a little to massive. Word the lawsuits differently so SCOTUS hears the fraud cases.
        3 SC Justices, Thomas, Gorsach, Alito wanted to hear the cases. They needed 4 to go ahead to take the cases. Justice Thomas was so upset they didn’t, BEFORE and AFTER the election, he wrote an ELEVEN page dissent chastising that the cases were not heard. They wanted it worded differently, then do it and get the cotton pickin’ thing reversed!

  10. Pelosi built a wall around D.C. to keep the People out. It would be great one day to find Patriots have taken a double wall around the sewer called D.C. and we keep the Communists in there, starving them into submission.

    1. Will, speaking of starving, we have to make sure those despicable ones are fed the same food they are giving to the 2500 Ntl Guard there at Capitol. Plenty of MOLDY FOOD, UNDERCOOKED CHICKEN. Guardsmen/women have lost weight, are vomiting a lot, even been hospitalized and very ill. Pelosi and the rest should receive the same. And no gourmet ice cream for Pelosi.

      1. Sure, Vic !!!

        That would be really fair !!!!
        But who is going to make that change ?
        See, all we have left is just few websites here and there where we can just express our disappointment and frustration, but other than that we can not do anything else .
        We are getting censored like in China or USSR, we are being forced to accept the lockdown, kids not
        going back to school, businesses are getting destroyed, the government is forcing their marxist
        agenda on us, our Constitution is about to become
        a piece of toilet paper and our country will become like the new Venezuela pretty soon …
        But we’re still hoping something, somehow, some day will change back to what America used to be ..

  11. If the Demorats are not stopped from destroying our Constitution and our country 2022will be too late even if the Repuglicans manage to take back the House and the Senate. If letting the illeagles in our country is not stopped even winning the White House in 2024 will be very difficult to repair the damage that China Joe has done.

    1. Republicans will never ever be allowed to win any sit anywhere anymore, let not be naive!!!
      The democrats/ marxists are being very organized, well funded, and with the new “ election law” they just voted in , all the future elections will go the same way it did in Nov ( lots of illegals, soon to become American citizens, lots of deceased people, kids 15-16 yrs old, senior citizens on their death bed, etc)

      Our “ representatives “, the Republicans, will be very
      busy making sure Trump will stay away, and also
      joining the marxists on voting for “ gun registration “,
      the so called “ stimulus package “out of which only 10% is related to Covid, etc … all because, you see,
      we must “ go along to get along” … that’s Cheney’s
      and Romney’s, and even Bush’s idiotic philosophy
      and this is exactly why the democrats/ marxists always won and implemented lots of their marxist agenda .
      Painful to say it, but it looks like we lost our country forever…

  12. The scum in the WH have to go. They are doing everything in their power to DESTROY AMERICA . How long can we stand by and watch ? It’s as if we have two year olds running things. They cancel Disney, Dr. Seuss , etc. , etc. Yet it’s just fine to play FILTHY rap “music” on the radio, and with one click one can watch beheadings , sex , how to build a bomb , and anything else you can think of !

  13. I’m a believer in Christ! As one I listen to the profits. And they say Trump won by a landslide, the election was stolen, the whole illegitimate administration committed an open take over of an actual sitting President. Not to mention the whole thing is a violation of the constitution. Church listen to the profits, pray for God’s mercy on the ones that perpetrated this crime. And seek God face pray with out ceasing. And Pray the the Man He put in office for such a time as this. (Trump)!

    1. Well, lots of us believe in God !!!
      But if we’re hoping God will make things right again, just like that, over night, that’s a little stretch….

      Our so called “ representatives “, must get their brain together, stop joining the marxists in voting against our rights , start Demanding a serious investigation into what happened at the Capitol ( where Trump’s supporters got infiltrated by Antifa and BLM , as everything was preplanned by Pelosi) , Demand to have the 2 yrs old Durham report of the 2016 election released ( which was pushed under the rug to hide the democrats’ collusion with Russia) , Demand an investigation into Biden’s abuse of power and corruption ( Ukraine issues) ….
      But that will never happen, of course !!!
      For some of the Republicans is more important to make sure not to lose their lifetime position, who cares about us ????
      God Bless Trump and have him protected by the vicious marxists!!!!!

  14. We the people when joining forces can move heaven and earth to right a wrong. Look back to the Boston tea party. To hell with the shyster lawyers that will try every shady trick in the book trying to stop we the people when joined forces to right a wrong. We the people have just about lit the fuse to the powder keg you lying politicians and news media people are seting on and find a hole to clime in because your next permanant residence will have bars. Enough is enough

  15. The DEMOCRAT’S say there was “NO FRAUD” in the election, on NOVEMBER 3, 2020, than they should put their money where their mouth is. Every CITY AND TOWN should do there own “VETTING” of the voter roles. Do not let the CITY OR TOWN WORKERS DO IT, not because they would be biased, but because if they did what needs to be done, they would never be able to do their regular jobs. What has to be done is: 1) MATCH REGISTERED VOTERS TO THE ACTUAL PEOPLE WHO VOTED. 2) REMOVE VOTERS WHO ARE DECEASED. 3) MAKE SURE THAT THE REGISTERED VOTERS ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS. 4) USE THE SOCIAL SECURITY DEATH INDEX, TO VERIFY THAT THE REGISTERED VOTER IS SILL ALIVE. This could be done with “VOLUNTEERS”. The overall “VETTING” cannot be done by each individual STATE, because it is to much of an undertaking. If each CITY AND TOWN do it than they could report their findings to the STATE, so the STATE could update their records, as to how many actual LEGAL REGISTERED VOTERS THERE ARE.

  16. All truth will be released soon and Trump will take his rightfull place back in office, and I don’t mean 2024!!!!!

  17. I pray all of you are correct! In my opinion, Zoe Lofgren should be kicked out! Along with Piglosi, Schumer, shiff, Waters, Nadler and all their cohotrts, including the “ big mouth squad” who do nothing but cause trouble! Come on Republicans get a spine, grow a pair and do something other than talk! Now is the time to take action!

  18. I believe there are people behind the scenes (tons of people) working to get our country back. Congressman and others that are working and some are suing the government. We may not hear of this on the news but have patience I believe that with our prayers and support something is going to happen in the next few months. It may be war that’s why the White House is fenced with guards.

  19. All those corrupt demoncrackhead cheating commie pig losers need to take a dirt nap! The sooner the better! Yeah! I said it!

  20. The Soros-FBI election tampering has stolen the Presidency from President Trump, and we are not going to sit idly by and watch that Alzheimer’s victim and that hood rat knob polisher try to destroy our Country! we are coming whether you like it or not! You mother fuckers are going to pay!

  21. This election was definitely stolen and some 75 million legitimate American voters know the truth and it is a shame that our judicial system turned a BLIND EYE to the TRUTH. Joe’s attempt to give $1400 incentive checks to illegal aliens which means criminals because they have violated our laws (which all countries have similar laws–firing squad in Mexico) to the tune of $56 billion when he could reward law biding Americans with this money, pay off student loans, offer more educational grants, job training … instead of allowing unskilled labor to compete for the 20 million jobs lost to Covid-19. Leave it to the Democratic party and some republicans to desatroy America!!! The good Lord, Jesus Christ, will be coming soon so defend yourself–pass the bullets and the Bible!

  22. The election was rigged and stolen that is quite obvious. We Americans that believe in working for a living have got to figure out how to beat the Socialist seeking lying news media controlled by the left, filthy rich, movie stars, singers, athletes who are all brainwashed and all believe the left is honest. And then we have the people that ONLY watch and believe the rigged news media. HOW on EARTH do we stop them and reveal their lies and dishonest tactics. We all know that the election was rigged. God help Americans that believe in him.

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