Biden Bribery Scandal Just Got 4X Bigger and 100X Worse

For the past two weeks, the steady drumbeat of limited media coverage has told us that the Biden crime family took a $10 million bribe from Ukraine when Joe Biden was Obama’s vice president. That in itself would be the biggest political scandal in all of American history.

However, new documents that have been turned over to the House Oversight Committee in the past few days show that the scandal is worse. Much worse.

Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) says the paper trail now provably shows that the Biden family took at least $40 million from foreign sources.

I really whiffed on this one last week. There are two schools of thought right now as to how the GOP should handle the Biden bribery crimes: Impeach him right now or impeach him later for maximum political impact in the 2024 election.


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is of the opinion that Biden should be impeached later. Drag the process out, because that will cause maximum damage to the Democrat Party in the presidential election.

I agreed with McCarthy’s position last week. See my thoughts on it HERE. The Ukraine bribes happened more than 8 years ago when Biden was Obama’s vice president. The evidence isn’t going anywhere, and they have him dead to rights. Why not use impeachment to maximum political advantage, since election meddling is such a specialty of the other side?

My wonderful editor shares the opinion of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), who believes that Joe Biden should be impeached immediately, without hesitation.

We’re not like the mainstream media here, so we’re not afraid to apologize and correct the record when we get something wrong. We’re the adult side of the political aisle, and we’re persuadable based on real-world evidence.

That’s why, based on this new evidence that Comer has revealed, I can state the following unequivocally:

I really sh*t the bed with that opinion last week. Sorry about that.

My editor—bless her—got it right and I got it wrong. Joe Biden needs to be impeached right now. Feel free to relentlessly mock me for being an idiot in the comments section below.

The evidence against Joe Biden is so damning at this point that he needs to be removed from office immediately. Here are some words I never thought I’d type: We would be better off with Kamala Harris in the White House.

The evidence now points to Joe and Hunter Biden collecting more than $40 million in bribe money from foreign countries—not the $10 million that’s been reported so far. These transactions involve between 30 and 40 banks, not the 12 to 15 banks that have been uncovered thus far.

And Joe and Jill Biden apparently have 30 to 40 shell companies they own between the two of them, rather than the 20 that have been reported, which were used to launder the funds before they were passed out to at least nine members of the Biden crime family.

Do you know anyone who is a public-school teacher like Jill Biden? How many shell companies do they own? How many shell companies do you own?

We haven’t even gotten to the worst part of this yet. When someone pays a politician a bribe, they always expect a favor or multiple favors in return. That’s where this story suddenly starts to get terrifying.

Comer says Joe Biden made “six specific policy decisions” on behalf of the nations that bribed him. These policy decisions cannot be explained with any reasonable answer, other than Joe Biden is compromised and owned by those foreign governments.

Comer notes that four of the six policy decisions “were made while Joe Biden was president early on — [where] we cannot come to any other conclusion as to why these decisions were made, other than the fact that this president is compromised.”

And there it is. It’s not like Joe Biden was trading favors years ago when he was Obama’s vice president (although he was). Joe Biden is selling American foreign policy right now. That’s why he must be impeached immediately and removed from office. This scumbag and his scumbag family need to be thrown in jail.

Comer does not say which policy decisions were on behalf of the foreign governments that have bribed Joe Biden, so we can only speculate. It’s not like Biden has a small number of bad policy decisions to choose from. It could be just about anything. That doesn’t matter any longer. Joe Biden is owned by his foreign bribery benefactors, and that means he needs to go away immediately.

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82 thoughts on “Biden Bribery Scandal Just Got 4X Bigger and 100X Worse”

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        1. Anne, this is not the place to tell your story. We aren’t interested, go tell the dumbokrats!

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      3. I agree ???????
        The current corrupt administration needs to be legally removed and charged with all their criminal acts before they can do anymore horrific damage!
        USA has endured too much already,this all needs to be stopped now before we have no USA and No longer FREE!!
        Like Trump or not…
        That man had our country going in the best direction than it had in many years even with all the bogus b.s.the Democrats tried and still trying to bring against him even before he stepped into the Oval Office.Trump should be reinstated immediately !
        Biden, Hillary Clinton,Obama All have gotten away with so much worse than what they’re trying to crucify Trump with!
        I pray to God Good Wins over the Evil we are experiencing before it’s too late,in Jesus’name Amen ????????

      1. Televise on national TV and even abroad. Let others countries know what we do [here in the US] to people guilty of TREASON.. Maybe that would be a good deterrent for illegals crossing the border.

      1. sterling point of orderly procedure. Since a sitting Pres. can not be indicted, impeach the sob, through the handcuffs on his ass on his way down the steps of the WH, try him and his entire family and then after finding them all guilty of treason, which they obviously are, hand them in public, because that is the law and they have thwarted the law for over 50 years!!!!!!!

      1. I agree with all comments put Biden and the vice president in prison where they belong instead of indicating President in the whole Biden crime family and his partner I. Cri b e harris

    1. Dear Countrymen and women!
      Hasn’t the political parties both showed No Ethics and No Morals. They are for their own agendas and not for citizens of the USA, they bend there knee to assist illegal immigrants, while Americans are being killed and murdered by such immigrants.
      Obama started it and BIDEN is just continuing his agenda.
      Biden was impeached but they have done nothing to stop this traitor to the American people and they won’t!
      It’s all talk and that is politics in American, GOD HELP us for this nation will that was built on liberty, no it’s taken a long time to become a place the world would call home , it’s not perfect but which nation is. Impeached Biden each week until they get the point.
      Freedom for American and those that immigrant to this nation legally

  1. IMPEACH Him NOW…AND Harris
    If not he only has more time to do more damage and getting paid to do it….she has done nothing as the border czar and gets 6 figures .for doing nothing

      1. Agreed. They all should be hung in public so the whole country can see what happens to POS the cause treason to our country.

    1. Can’t we try Kamala for fraud. She has been ripping off the Citizens of the USA for over 2 years.

    2. I agree 100% try them for treason and execute them. The penalty for treason is execution. Then get other democrats and Obama and the Clinton’s for treason. Drain the swamp.

  2. Impeach the fake and illegal president Biden. Impeach the fake and illegal vice president Harris.
    End this nightmare of a movie now. It is time. Most of us know that Donald J Trump is our legal President. We are awake.

    1. Why wasn’t all this information about Biden made Public when he was Campaigning for the Presidency? Indeed he needs to be IMPEACHED NOW, actually three years ago and Harris with him. What a DISCRACE this COUNTRY has become!!!

      1. It was. Rush and Hannity told us years ago. Trump followers new It years ago. Media is in on it. Bongino had it pegged as well. Go back and listen to old shows if they haven’t been censored. The next thing that will come out is the overwhelming evidence that the 2020 election was indeed stolen and how the legal system who heard the cases helped cover it up.

    2. You tell the truth! I agree because it’s wS obvious it was massive voter fraud! From the get go! The overnight fake Boyer scam count. When trump was comfortably ahead! Many States confirmed voter fraud. But. The fake news media , Democrats, Hollywood , etc. covered for the scam. To try and make everyone believe it was legitimate? Oops! It didn’t work for me either! ????

  3. Even If PEDO JOE Was The Only One
    To VOTE For I Wouldn’t Waist My
    Vote On Him, He & His Family And
    Administration & Political Party Are
    A WAIST.

  4. The criminals in D.C. aka Joe Biden Regime ( Administration) need to be Impeach for High Treason, Sedition, Corruption/ False Information/ Conspiracy/ Bribery/ Brainwashing, For Abuse of Law & Order on Innocent American Citizens, No Leadership, but Chaos. For being Anti- American violations of Oath of Office, Abuse or Power, Fraud,

    1. You nailed it Gunny, thank you.
      And I hope ALL of “America” sees the Gunny’s post and know in your heart that he is telling the Truth!!!!!!
      Semper Fi!!

    2. Amen Gunny! But you left off—–ALL SHOULD BE EXECUTED BY FIRING SQUAD! From Day 1 Biden WHOLE ADMINISTRATION COMMITTED HUMAN TRAFFICKING! Which is TREASONOUS, and charge is DEATH SENTENCE! it under those ARTICLES before the 1st amendment is written. Even OBAMA should be EXECUTED! Both Obama and Biden “AIDING” the enemy with our MILITARY EQUIPMENT!

      1. Exactly! Besides other crimes he commits every day! Unfortunately. This buffoon doesn’t know where he’s at or what he’s doing! So his defense will be the dementia excuse. To me the blame lies on all his constituents and supporters! The whole Demonrat Party , Deep State , Military Industrial Complex , UN , WEF , WHO , Hollywood , Internet communications, Big Business , Banking , all invaded government offices weaponized against real Americans! Besides the main characters Barack Obama , war criminal George Soros and now his son. Anthony Fauci , Bill Gates , Clause Shwab and many others! Who all need to be tortured and executed in my opinion. Not only for treason? Mass genocide of millions around the world! Using the man made fake Plandemic! Planted and forced upon us all! By Billdo Gates! Another loser felon son of a Nazi! To enforce their evil agenda on us all! Which is world depopulation . Especially! Spraying us all like cockroaches. With their Chem trailing phony garbage.trying to kill us all by any means possible? I’d say it like it is and tell more. But. You get the picture? I believe most of us do. Who they try to stifle by force. In any which way they can. Besides destroy reputations and make people disappear etc.. ??????… ????

    3. Gunny, You hit the nail on the head. Very well said and yes Biden and Harris need to be impeached. Don’t forget that they furnished and aided the enemy with arms to use against our own country.

    4. Hey Gunny, you are correct. There are about 10 people that need to be taken to the back 40 and left hanging from several tall trees and than left for the buzzards.

  5. Impeachment would undermine his ability to peddle his alleged influence to the many dictators that democrats love, so it’s important to act immediately. Unfortunately, many politicians won’t vote to impeach because they’re guilty of the same thing that crime boss Joe is guilty of, just on a smaller scale. When you consider that Obama is on pace to become a billionaire, how can you believe the government is anything but corrupt.

    1. The longer it gone, the more we will see WHO ELSE is involved! Remember what Hillary Clinton said in 2008? IF SHE GONE DOWN, SHE TAKES OTHER WITH HER! Said it again in 2015! So you can believe there MORE POLITICIANS IN THIS! This was the reason why during Clinton last year in office DEMOCRAT PASSED ” IMMUNITY ACT”! To keep themselves from being CHARGE FOR THEIR CRIME!

  6. Impeach the crook and have the gallows ready to go.. Have impeachment process ready to go to remove incompetent and supremely stupid Kamala Harris. Then Speaker McCarthy can select Ted Cruz to finish out the current term.

    1. Mccarthy can make himself PRESIDENT! He third in line! Can pick Cruz to be VICE PRESIDENT! But you should know HARKEEM JEFFRIES will throw a fight! But he too need to be removed from House floor! He the dumb fool that change what really happened on January 6th. He claim that there was RIOT, attack on 150 police officers, burning of police car, 5 police officers killed. But guess what? ALL THAT HAPPENED WHEN ANTIFA AND BLM ATTACK THE CAPITAL ON MEMORIAL WEEKEND IN 2019! Nobody was arrested by FBI OR CHARGE BY DOJ! WHY?

  7. Impeach him today

    Remove all records of him and Kamala Harris from from every record of holding these positions as it was all in fraud

    Try them for treason and make them pay this money back towards the National debt

  8. I don’t know if we can wait the Democrats have already done more damage to our country than even Trump can fix. When we always talk about having trouble with SS and he brings in 6 million illegals that he wants to give SS to what do you think will happen. He has and is try to Bankrupt our country. He is doing everything he can to do it. They also want to know where we are spending our money at its the reason for Biden bucks. This needs to stop before it starts. Yes impeach him today and stop everything he is doing.

  9. Violating the oath of office and the Constitution should be enough to punish politicians but Biden’s track record is treasonous therefore punishable by death. Don’t stop there though; go after Comey, Wray, Pelosi, Shiff, Obama and Schumer.

  10. Biden should be impeached now and hung later , to many bribery scheme that he is involved with his son hunter biden and his wife Jill and his family that received all that money 10 billion dollars
    Each and every biden family should be exposed

  11. Impeach Biden? He certainly deserves it, but, that’s as far as it will go for the simple reason that there isn’t sufficient support in the senate. Democrats have clearly shown that they are quite willing to vote in lock step…and most assuredly not anything the GOP has initiated, most especially an impeachment trial. So we are left with what amounts to just a symbolic gesture. I suspect also the other targets for impeachments such as Director Wray, Mayorkas, et al, ditto. To bad really, Biden et al, richly deserve to be tossed out on their butts.

  12. I say impeach before it gets any worse but look who controls the Senate?? They got Trump twice and do you really think there enough Democrats that have the “baxxx” to go against this corrupt administration and media??? Really doubt it but something needs to start happening, bring down the DOJ and FBI !

  13. Biden should be impeached, and then prosecuted and punished for the crimes he has committed. That lying, thieving, criminal , Joe Biden and his crime family need to be punished for their atrocious crimes in the exact same manner that any other every day American citizen would be punished. The two tiered system of Justice must be done away with! I is time that Republicans ,Democrats , elites, and the common American citizens are all held to the same level of accountability when it comes to crimes , and should be punished the same.

  14. I say impeach Biden now and put him and his whole administration in front of a firing squad, but the government as a whole are a bunch of crooks and nothing is going to come of this , so why should we the people vote on this. You’re going to do what you want to do anyhow. Government is no longer trustworthy and haven’t been for many years.

  15. This entire administration needs to be Impeached. The sooner the better. This administration has destroyed our country.

  16. I think they both need to be impeached and removed , also the DOJ and FBI need overhauled, Biden and son need to be tried for treason, and at the very least thrown in prison. If this were one of us regular working people we would already be in prison.

  17. Impeach him and his VP also. Please do it Soon, he is toxic, and should be dealt with accordingly.

  18. Impeach Biden and Harris both we don’t need either one they are destroying this country and want to make it a third world country where they can tell you what to do I think they call it dictatorship. This is suppose to be a free country to me it is not with them two running it. We need to make America great again no inflation, low gas prices and more. Get rid of them both and put someone in that will make America great again and put us on top.

  19. Impeach now, Biden and Harris, as they are imposters in a job that was stolen from its rightful owner. Then prosecute them. Of course, no one will go to Jail….that’s harsh. Years ago they would have been hung, but Republicans always seem to go soft, turn the other cheek and these Democrat crooks continue to flourish as they know there’s no punishment for them. If we can’t send them to jail, or hang them, take away their pensions…they did not earn them and were gotten thru fraud. Then freeze all their accounts until a just penalty is decided. It’s all about money and power. Take away both!

  20. I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV but it seems he has broken several federal laws
    Surely there is one person that can bring felony charges against him
    No, I don’t know who that would be. Maybe we are just screwed
    Most of us just want to live our lives as drama free as possible but I can see we made a huge mistake not protesting 2020 stolen election in mass

  21. I have been saying this for years, now, A FIRIING SQUAD BY COURT ORDER AT NOON!
    This includes the laughing hyena, & sick ass Joe BIDEN!

  22. I have written letters to “The Moron in Chief”, but of course it was torn up! I wish he could be impeached ASAP, but do we really want “Cacklepuss”! Too bad we can’t just jump over her and have Kevin McCarthy, who is 3rd in line! We need everything straightened out soon, because everyone is suffering under “The Moron in Chief”!!!!!

  23. It’s time to really and finally clean out this dirty swamp which is intent on ruining our beautiful country as quickly as they can by setting us to fail while the monetarily prosper yet again and smugly getting away with it. Go for their jugular. Get them all gone and may God be your hand of Justice.


  25. Look up corruption in the dictionary and you will see a portrait of the Biden Family except for the grandchild they don’t acknowledge! I hope when the child gets older the child will disown the whole Biden Family, just like the family’s who lost there loved one in Afghanistan. You can stop looking at you watch Joe, the bodies already went by and you didn’t salute. I hope that haunts you the rest of your life Mr. loser President!

  26. The sooner the better. This man has done absolutely nothing for the benefit of the American People. The only people getting any benefits from this administration is Biden and all his cronies. Even though, waiting until right before the election, like a couple months, then hit him hard and heavy. It’ll give Comer and Jordan more time to gather up more evidence. I’m sure there’s enough now, but they may come across some smoking gun evidence that’s irrefutable and may put Old Man Joey Boy in some nice stainless steel bracelets. His son, also..

  27. Impeach Biden now And take Harrison with him. I am A shame how our Government is. We need a Christian president and vice president

  28. He’s a liar, just like the local police departments just like in Massachusetts. If it’s one of them all they do is lie and threaten and he’s the same way. Maybe he doesn’t threaten but he steals he’s a thief just like the rest of the politicians and the local police.

  29. We’ve waited too long already! Impeach!!! How much proof do you need? Ridiculous. He is selling out the country to China. STOP THIS MADNESS PRONTO!

  30. Do it NOW why wait for more of his and his family to disrupt more of the U S and world He is the most dangerous human being aside of China. He’s got to go!

  31. Biden is a crook as we all know his son is definitely a crook and he’s been quite more than once once just like the local police of Massachusetts can beat up senior citizens threaten him and say they got to see him hang and that’s a total threat, and I just don’t understand why all these politicians in place officials can get away with stuff like that because I’ll be Massachusetts is gone backwards as far as I’m concerned And actually put senior citizens in the hospital Monday night or even get it but they want to call Damas

  32. So the poison spewed by democrats “Jan 6 was an insurrection” So what has the Biden crime family set into motion? The Trump fiascos have been perpetrated as distractions to cover the behinds of actions by 1. Biden’s 2.Clintons and a corrupt FBI and justice dept including any number
    Of Democratic Party members,who have been financed by the Soros Cartel.There is a nice collection of varying objects [ street lights,trees,etc ] along Pennsylvania Ave.from which a mass hanging should take place.
    Jan 6 was far from an insurrection. It appears that day by day that situation stands to occur due to the actions of a seriously and dangerously corrupt government.So where are we going ?
    What does it say for the sorry citizens of a country to begin with who would elect anyone who is mentally defective,both a President and a seriously mentally defective Senator,not to mention others.How many people realize that the reining lunatic and associates are moving to about to send every dime you have in to an international electronic banking system,bend over
    Folks you are about to be had by demented Joe again.

  33. Impeach take all there wealth put them in a nursing home @4500.00 per month when they can’t pay boot them out on the streets in ny see how long they last

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