Biden’s Illegal Alien Crime Wave Floods America: American Kids Hit Hardest

There is a rising tide of bloodshed and mayhem happening in America right now that the media refuses to talk about. The Biden-Harris regime has ended the wildly successful “Remain in Mexico” program that the Trump administration used to reduce illegal immigration to historically low numbers. Joe Biden has signed an executive order to throw the southern border wide open – and now Americans are already paying the price with their lives and dignity. You need to know about the ensuing crime wave that’s happening, so that you can protect your own family and especially your children.

“Remain in Mexico” was a deal the Trump administration reached with the Mexican government. Instead of holding illegal aliens at taxpayer expense, every illegal who was caught by the US Border Patrol was immediately sent back to “Remain in Mexico.” The reason this was necessary was because the vast majority of illegals are trained by Soros-funded NGOs to claim asylum as “refugees” as soon as they reach the southern border. The Obama administration policy was to let all of these people in, trusting that they would show up for an asylum hearing in order to lawfully stay in the US (and of course, they never show up for those hearings).

Under “Remain in Mexico,” illegals had to wait in Mexico until they could appear telephonically for a court hearing. When forced to show up for court hearings, less than one percent of all these illegals are actually able to prove that they are “refugees” who were fleeing for their lives. (The approval numbers ranged between 0.25% and 0.45% for the entirety of the “Remain in Mexico” program.)

This drastically reduced illegal immigration numbers. Migrants travel all the way up to the US border, then get sent back to Mexico, and have a near-zero chance of being able to trick a judge into believing they’re actually a refugee. The “migrant caravans” completely stopped for more than two years because of this deal.

But now, the Biden regime has canceled “Remain in Mexico” and is set to release 25,000 illegal aliens from that program directly into the US, all at once. Migrant caravans have resumed. And the Border Patrol is back to playing “catch and release” with all illegals.


How’s that working out for Americans?

Last week, Rigoberto Velasquz-Flores was arrested for raping a Wake County, North Carolina woman. His bail was set at $100, but don’t worry. He’s wearing an ankle monitor!

The Sheriff’s Office in Asheville, NC is looking for a suspect from Mexico named Ruben Zarate. He’s wanted for allegedly raping a child. At least half a dozen additional illegal aliens were arrested for child rape in North Carolina last week, due in large part to the many “sanctuary” counties in that state.

Cops in Marshall County, AL have arrested Mateo Reynosa for the brutal rape of a child under the age of 12.

A man named Sam Vigil has filed a lawsuit against the city of Albuquerque, NM, its mayor and its police department. Sam’s wife, Jacqueline, was shot to death in their driveway by Luis Talamantes-Romero. He’s an illegal alien with a long criminal record, but he was never deported, and Mrs. Vigil is now dead because Albuquerque is a sanctuary city.

38-year-old Bryant Jon Lutgens was found dead in a snowbank in the town of Inver Grove Heights, MN last week. An illegal alien named Gabriel Alfonso Sanchez Cruz was arrested with a pistol and Lutgens’ wallet in his possession.

Julian Rivera was arrested in Castle Rock, CO on charges of shooting a man to death in a hotel. Rivera was supposed to be deported years ago due to his criminal history, but Colorado is a sanctuary state. His face tattoos probably tell an interesting story to other gang members.

Marco Hernandez-Maldonado was arrested near Boise, ID last week for producing and distributing child pornography. Hernandez-Maldonado argued with detectives that they obviously had the wrong guy because he is “not tech-savvy.”

Luis Sarabia escaped from jail in Salinas, CA last week, where he was awaiting trial for murder.

The list just goes on… and on… and on. All of these crimes against Americans were committed since Joe Biden was sworn in. This list just barely scratches the surface of the crime spree against Americans that is under way. And it’s not going to get better from this point, now that Biden is “enriching” American cities with thousands of new illegal aliens every single day. It’s about to get much, much worse.

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164 thoughts on “Biden’s Illegal Alien Crime Wave Floods America: American Kids Hit Hardest”

  1. What can we say except that Biden is not concerned about American citizens,his concern is illegals and as many as possible so they can vote Democrat,Dems only concern is power and money,so Biden needs to be replaced by a Real American president who concerns himself with our country and American citizens,this crime spree is Biden’s fault!!

        1. Harsher punishment, jail or deportation, will reduce, if not stop, these criminals. Add reversing “Sanctuary Cities” policy to those crime-stopping measures.
          Impeach Biden soon before he completely destroy our beloved USA!

          1. If Biden were to be impeached, guess who becomes President!!!!
            We need to replace the whole bunch.

      1. Don’t forget to shoot Biden/Harris, Pelosi/Shumer and all the rest of the traitors that all themselves Americans or Citizens of the United States of America.

      2. I have been suggesting that the U.S. Armed Forces expropriate a strip of land about 200 yards wide (a buffer) along the U.S. Mexican border to be used for training purposes. It could be used to test weapons and train personnel on live targets with live fire. It would be a win-win… Biden doesn’t want to continue with the wall that has already been paid for, so this alternative would suffice and actually prove to be even more effective.

        1. Especially when the Mexican troops cross the boarder and threaten US citizens. Az has that problem with smugglers miles past the boarder. Numerous times our Boarder Patrol has been shot at from across the line.
          Instead of the NG guarding Pelosi in DC they should be moved to the Mexico / US boarder. They could back up the Boarder Patrol; they need to have a lot of help.
          I think the Boarder Patrol should be considered an army. Specifically guarding the US boarder, south and north. They should receive the same benefits as all of the military agencys’.

        1. Agree. This is complete insanity. We had a brief respite thanks to Trump and now we’re right back to the same old crap. THIS IS NOT RIGHT OR FAIR TO AMERICANS. My heart breaks.

      3. Tit for tat!
        Biden is only a Evil Samaritan, Depopulated American Excused Away of Murder, Raping etc. For Money, And VOTES FOR EASY, FRAUD ELECTION BY DOMINICAN VOTING COUNTERS!

        ??O:-) ??????

      4. When you do, be SURE they are deceased so they cannot testify against you and take all you own and put YOU in prison. Also, ensure you drag the illegal into your home so you can justify the shooting as self-defense. Otherwise the commiecrats will jail YOU.
        Biden has violated his oath of office multiple times. He needs to be arrested and prosecuted.

    1. Most Democrat run cities have been in a CRIME WAVE for decades and Democrats just consider that ‘normal’ while good people are robbed, hurt, murdered…

      1. DON’T FORGET the politicians have armed security that we don’t…. except those of us who love our 2nd amendment rights, and try our best to protect our neighborhoods.

        1. If Biden and the Dumbocrats have their way there will no longer be a Second Amendment ( only on the Parchment the Constitution was written on ) between making owning certain guns and now pushing through legislation to allow gum manufacturers to be sued ( because you know it’s not the criminal that shoots or kills someone, it’s the gun itself) what’s next Knives, bricks, iron Pipes ? When will the madness end?

          1. As s soon as we start impeaching these criminals that parade around as our representatives in government!!!

      2. All it takes for these “caring” Democrats and RINOS to take action is for them to be victims of the same crimes, or worse, that ordinary citizens get. See how fast Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Omar (“Some people did something”), Tlaib, Pressley, Hollywood, Fake Media, Tech oligarchs and the rest of the swamp, stop “caravans” of sex traffickers, DACA, fake asylum seekers, cartel drugs, and the rest of the scumbags.

        1. Pelosi Mafiosi (her father was in the mafia which is how she got started) is linked to the Mexican drug cartels so it is in her best interest to keep the border open!

    2. Pat,
      The “real” America President WAS REELECTED, but thanks to “pre-programmed” (and “reprogrammed”) in the middle of the “election”….”voting machines” rampant voter fraud, and CHEATING, terrified, (or BRIBED) “judges” that openly refused to LOOK at the mountains of evidence OF VOTER FRAUD and CHEATING, and going against “deep state” communists, we ended up with a “pair” of communist controlled “puppets”, now “in charge” of the destruction of this constitutional republic, so they could “convert” it into a communist-controlled , third-world, banana republic CESSPOOL, and the citizens in to “royal subjects”, to be used, abused,TAXED to death or if we refuse to kowtow to the communist ‘agenda”, “transported” to a “fema reeducation camp” for “reprogramming” As is being discussed NOW) still refuse, and you will be “eliminated”. DOUBTS? Type fema camps and guillotines into your search engine (if you dare) for a “preview”

        1. Remember Patriots, who is behind all of Creepy, China-Puppet Joe’s actions?

          And now, drum rolls please……..Barack, who else. It can’t be Trump…!!!!

      1. I am with you on this. Our country has been stolen And The Elites Marxist leftist socialist Demoncrats are turning our Republic into a Communist country
        We need to fight back
        Yes use their own tactics against them
        We need to get ahead of them. Fight against them with words

      2. Pressure was brought to bear on the judges. They get them into a situation with a child, are told to do perverse things at gunpoint while they are filmed, then they have a hold on the judge(s).

    3. Americas Sovereignty is threatened. It is to the point that patriotic Americans will have to protect our borders, since this government is doing nothing to protect its citizens safety against illegals.

      1. AMEN! Citizens need to go to the borders and link arms so no one can pass. There are enough of us so that we could take turns and replace each other every few hours. Make sure it is filmed and given to Fox media. That should SHAME the stinking commiecrats.

    4. I believe it was Edward R. Marrow who something to the effect “That when Americans become Sheep, they will be led by Wolves.”
      Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    5. President Trump put American FIRST.
      Fraud Biden puts Americans LAST!!!!
      Both Fraud Biden and Fraud Harris need to be impeached and tried for treason.

  2. Don’t forget to thank Joe and all Democrats for putting US citizens at risk of more Covid and violence from illegal aliens. Not to mention the jobs our citizens and taxpayers lose to illegals. Not saying we should let no immigrants in, but we should decide what applicants are acceptable. I have many relatives who came to this country legally. The only reason Democrats want illegals is political. What is best for the country does not matter. What is politically best for Democrats is their only consideration.

    1. I want you to know, and please please look for yourself everywhere – there is not one Doctor, scientist, virologist, infectious disease doctor in our world today that has seen ONE SAMPLE of Covid 19 – every single test taken and ever taken is and never had been just Covid – 19! There is NO sample of this anywhere in the world! Doctors have been asking gthe CDC for a sample to know what they are looking for…nope!! The CDC lied along with the media and Biden paying for these cronies to put so much fear and hate into our world!!

    2. If those illegals trying to get into the US of A are voting Republicans, do you think the Demonrats will allow them to come in?
      I’m not holding my breath for the time to come when they invite these “illegals” into their mansions and palaces. Tear down those walls around their properties. That would be fun!

    3. Time to have recalls of every democRat that doesn’t stand up against this madness. The only alternative is a Civil War or a Revolution!!!

    1. If i understand the Law correctly that aliens need sponsors sooo i guess the dem commies are there sponsors

  3. Joe Biden should be impeached, and then prosecuted for murder. All sanctuary cities with democratic leaders should also be prosecuted for murder, as should Governors of sanctuary states.

    1. It’s apparent we have a tyrannical government and our elected representatives need to use OUR CONSTITUTION, to return our Nation to that which, OUR FOUNDING FATHERS wrote the Constitution to Protect and Preserve

    2. Obama is telling Biden and Harris what to say and do. Remember Clinton was supposed to be his 3rd term. They all get their Marching orders from the Nazi War Criminal George Soros!

  4. There has to be some legal way to get this baboon and his sidekick out of the White House. We can’t wait four years because he will have done far too much damage to this country by then. He has already done so much damage in only one month that it will take a lot to recover just from that. There has to be some legal way, like the recall of Newsome in California, to do this. Impeachment won’t work because the Democrats control both houses of Congress. We won’t have a country left if we let this bumbling duo stay there for four years.

    1. I agree with you except for one thing; we may not have to wait 4 years. Sleepy Gropin Quid-Pro-Quo Commie Joe is in a HUGE hurry to do as much damage as possible because the midterms are upcoming and more people, Democrats included, will vote out a few Democrats to be replaced with true conservative Republicans and the Democrats know this. They fear President Trump and what he can still do and his influence.

      1. The only problem is that voters no longer make any difference! You could have 100% voting for the Republicans and if there is voter fraud it won’t matter. ONE PARTY RULE IS HERE.

    2. I’m certainly with you. Biden has fell off the cliff into being totally Deranged. He’s a Dangerous person for our country and people. How about Impeachment? Is that possible? This is why I will never surrender my gun’s.

      1. I agree 100% I wonder how long it will take them to get around to come get my guns? Like you, I don’t plan on giving mine up!

    3. Dr., I totally agree. I am praying that some group of true Americans are even now searching for that solution to this problem. Born in 1938, I remember well what this country has been to so many. We must act now, before there is no turning back.

      1. I see the above 3-4 posts, but I wonder if it’s just wishful thinking on our part? Unless the state legislatures and governors of 5-6 swing states fix the several mechanisms for the massive fraud that enabled the electoral theft of last Nov. and some runoffs, the GOP will never again be in power. The same applies if we who vote GOP don’t purge the party of ALL the RINO pussies who stood by and did nothing. I only wish these cowards would have a niece, daughter or grandchild brutalized by a criminal beaner, the way the cases listed in the article happened. Then they might get a clue!

  5. Any company or contractor hiring a illegal should have thier license taken away period… and now with the minimum wage increase it will destroy a lot of small businesses on top of Democrats shutdown what a waste. TRUMP!!

    1. American Citizens that see and know illegals are working on the job need to call border patrol and if they don’t remove them, call your senator, if that don’t work it is left up to us and enforcement of the law.

    2. I am so disgusted to read these criminals in government at all levels that openly break the law for personal gain of power and money. It has gone on so long too many of us just ignore it or are afraid to speak against it for fear of reprisal. We should expect our government officials to live by the law and instead we have the unconstitutional “sanctuary cities” that that local, state and federal officials use to secure votes and power. Even if you would be so heartless as to ignore the criminal activity of so many illegal foriegn nationals you would still be left with the simple fact that it is the duty of elected officials to enforce the law and the Constitution. We the people watch and wait for elected officials, police, Attorneys General, the DOJ, DHS, FBI AND CIA to do their jobs yet do little to make sure that they do. Amending the Constitution to put term limits on Senators and Congressmen are long term preventative for such miscarriages of justice. Short term and very effective are things like recalling, or impeachment. How is it that the Mayors, City Council and Governors of our besieged cities are still in office? Because we the people fail to vote them out, recall or impeach them and/or prosecute them for dereliction of duty, destruction of property, murder, rape and failure to protect the citizens. Illegal, undocumented foriegn nationals are criminals who have violated the laws and Constitution of our country. Those elected officials that allow this to continue are guilty of dereliction of duty. Courts that put them back on the street with small or no bail fail to protect we the people. A President that recinds laws and procedures that protect WE THE PEOPLE from foreign nationals who illegally enter the USA are guilty of dereliction of duty at a minimum. For a President with decades of federal service, WE THE PEOPLE have every right to expect him to know that he is failing in his duty to preserve, protect and defend. With that expectation WE THE PEOPLE can only believe that his actions were done with malice and forethought and he should be treated as any other citizen who has committed treason.

        1. The Left already took control of the voting booth, my friend, you dream! Until the toss up states’ lawmakers and governors deal with the Dominion Data machines and elimination of all sane voter registration and verification laws, the GOP will NEVER win again.

    3. Before I got hurt ( on the job ) all employers were required by law to make copies of Social Security cards and proof of citizenship ( or green cards ) beforebl being able to hire anyone. What happened, the Dumbocrats changed laws so their donors could hire cheap labor, thus destroying the American Worker. ( since the illegals work for less it kept wages down, for all, )even the $15.00 a hour will be gotten around by companies making all workers part time ( again like Obama did with Obamacare mandates ) and not paying them full time wages, or automate where possible!

      1. Obama is using a fake Social Security number; he STOLE it from a man who died in 1890. That is fraud and a felony ergo Obummer is a criminal and has never been president. He wasn’t even eligible to run.
        In addition, his maternal grandmother and grandfather were rabid Communists and his maternal grandmother worked guess where – in the Social Security office in Hawaii !!!

  6. Face it Bidet has given “Diplomatic Immunity” to all illegals in the country and to illegals on their way in from prosecution for any crimes they commit. That is a great reward and incentive for everyone throughout the world to simply walk past customs without having needing to have a passport. However the Military and sky high fences will remain in DC to keep elected officials safe from the citizens.

  7. I was a contractor in California for over 30 years and saw Democrats providing lessons and teaching Illegals how to vote. They gave them a drivers license and with a utility bill they could vote… In order to work they would purchase a dead man’s Social Security number. It’s a crime and all for one thing… keep the Democrats in power.

  8. And they want to disarm us so we can’t protect ourselves. There crazy. Nice try you Idots. The true Americans are armed to the max.

  9. As a retired Disabled Veteran on a fixed income, I find myself appalled this administration. They can’t take care of us properly, but want to take care of a bunch of ILLEGALS who have broken our laws with no care or concern. I live off less then poverty level, whats going to happen to myself and those like me when wages hit $15 an hour with no or low increase for cola? The hole is getting deeper, and my ladder is not growing.

    1. Well folks the only justice I can believe out of this mess is that the dunb asses that voted them in will have to suffer along with us that did not.!!!

      1. CCP Joe is singing “We’ve Only Just Begun”, while signing the country away.
        John Leyden, I agree that misery loves company. Elections have consequences!

    1. Yeah, but senile Joe has changed it to “undocumented immigrants” or “future citizens”. You can be cancelled or prosecuted for calling them illegals or opposing amnesty, deportation, citizenship, free education, healthcare, food stamps or welfare.
      Tear down that wall, Mr. Biden, for China’s sake. You and Hunter owe China a lot.

  10. What I am waiting and hoping for is a military coup against the Biden crime syndicate (i.e. the “Administration”) and its collaborators (i.e. the Congress-dems and repubs) that have taken a stand against this country (hence the barbed wire barricade). Are there any military leaders left that remember their oath? If I recall that oath wasn’t to a president or government but to the Constitution. Are there any real men left in America or are they all politicians?!

  11. Hate is a terrible burden for anyone, There is no such designation in the laws of this USA as illegal alien, the term is “undocumented person”. There is no crime until a court decides that there is one and assuming anyone arrested is a criminal is about as biased as it gets. The basis of this good economy can be followed right back to those undocumented persons who add about 1% to the economy yearly, and cost nothing because they are here, just adding to the economy.
    Trump violate the immigration laws of this USA while President, why have laws if they are not to be followed.

    1. If hate is a terrible burden, then why do all of you socialists HATE Trump and all of us conservatives. Why letting ILLEGALS into our country and allowing them to rob, maim, rape, or murder LEGAL citizens / immigrants is that considered the non-hateful way to do things. If you truly believe that all ILLEGALS are good people, then why don’t they apply for legal immigration like many good immigrants do? An UNDOCUMENTED PERSON is only a socialists way of saying ILLEGAL. It is the b.s. way of saying it being POLITICALLY CORRECT. Another b.s. term.

    2. Robert6391, you must be one of them. This is what I know. They come here and pay little to no taxes and bring their kids with them. It costs the taxpayers $16,238.00 per student per year to attend the public school system. Then they are given free lunches and food to take home on weekends. We pay for that also. We had 452 illegal kids in our school system in the county I live in. If you are an American you could figure out how much that costs those of us who don’t want them here. I have paid property taxes for 56 years and income taxes for 66 years beginning at age 11 and I don’t mind paying those taxes for American kids but I detest paying them for illegal aliens because they have broken our laws just by being here. Go back to wherever you came from and take the rest with you.

    3. Robert6391, how many UNDOCUMENTED PERSONS can I bring to your house? Maybe you wouldn’t mind feeding, clothing, educating, housing, medical care, and fines when they get into trouble, Just saying. and ask your friends that hold your same views, maybe having them here won’t be so bad if they can live with you and your friends. Hope you have a lot of friends, cause there sure is a lot of them.

    4. What complete lies. I want to see YOU put in a 10 hour workday, a 3-hour commute, then take your disabled friend who lives in pain 24/7 to the ER where you both will sit and wait for TWENTY HOURS. That is just waiting to be seen and does NOT include treatment time. Do this not once, not twice, not yearly, not for a decade but for 30 YEARS. Then you will know the truth!
      Illegals receive more than equal treatment; they receive PREFERENTIAL treatment, even over our own disabled! The U.S. govt reimburses ERs, hospitals, and “free” clinics for each illegal they treat (courtesy of the commie liberals who voted for this) which directly affects length of stay, quality of care, meds received (or NOT), and any follow-up such as physical therapy and/or transfer to a convalescent facility (or NOT if you are not illegal!). And all the while ABLE-BODIED illegals are tying up precious time, doctors, and resources in the ER for hours for nothing more than a cold because they get it all for FREE. They would rather STEAL from the disabled and the taxpayers, who are forced to pay for those able-bodied thieves. If the democrats want to whine and snivel over someone, try crying for those who are receiving less than equal care! It is us – yet we have to pay not only our own bills but those of the stealing illegals as well. This is not only discriminatory but enforced financial slavery. How arrogant they are to demand preferential treatment over everyone else and take cuts ahead of those who have worked and waited for years to become responsible citizens. Illegals are NOT persons of good character; quite the opposite. And neither are the Dems who use our govt as a club to steal and take from hardworking taxpayers and even our disabled.

  12. It should be evident by now that the socio-marxist (democrats) are indeed attempting to divide americans and destroy democracy, These criminals (democrats) need to be reigned in and its time now every good american to stand up against the communist (democratic) left and their minions in the press and the “elite” oligarchs like Soros and Stein ! Every one should boyctt facebook ,twitter,left leaning newspapers,ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN and any other news outlet which spew their lies and racist B.L.M. rhetoric! These and many other lies they forment and spread through our schools and other public discourse need to be eliminated before they are allowed to poison the minds of our unsuspecting citizenry

  13. How many signatures on a petition do you need to call for a referendum ? maybe we should start a grass roots vote of no confidence? Show congress and the senate who is really in charge …. THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES!!!! Make it very clear that even a child can understand…. We the people put you in power and we can remove you.. Screaming and kicking if need be. You “woke” people need to wake up and see the writing on the wall.
    America is hurting ….. DO YOUR JOB!!!

    1. I like the idea of a petition, Would you check into that and let us know here what you find out? I will defiantly sign it. If I can be of any help , please let me know.

  14. I did not vote for Biden, I was and still am concerned about the open Border policy and other policies this administration harbor. I live in southeastern AZ and I am seeing some of the results of open The Open Border Policy and it is getting more dangerous every day. Thank God that I’m retired as there are very few jobs available here, the Democrats are giving our Country away, and all they seem to care about is the Illegals voting them back into office, or staying in office. They are blind to what is happening, they are wearing blinders and really DO NOT CARE about the American people that are being hurt, murdered, raped, and put into poverty.

  15. I am 78 years old and have seen a lot of presidents come and go. I thought that Obama beat Carter as the worst president. Now Obama has a savior. Creepy joe. The man is in his dotage and should have stayed in his basement.

    We had the best pro American president in President Trump. I could cure the hiring of illegals. Require “e” verify. For every illegal on the payroll the CEO, the CFO and HR head gets six months in federal prison.

    We need a merit based immigration system. However, any company that fires an American to hire a cheaper green card holder gets one year in federal prison. Welfare should by law be limited to US citizens only.

    1. This is how I think immigration should work. When everyone here has a job that wants a job and no one is getting welfare and a business needs an employee our immigration people should call the country next in line and ask for one person that is qualified to do whatever the business needs. The person comes here on a trial and if he works out OK but if he does not work our he goes back. Simple.

    2. Joe from Georgia, you have some good ideas but how would they be enforced? With the defund the police, and all the liberal judges, what chance does it have to ever be progressive. I wish there were a simple solution to this not so simple problem but honestly I don’t see anything helping except the good ole boys taking matters into their own hands. I am a 73 year old female veteran and I would be willing today, cane and all to do my part. Not a good idea to send a pissed off woman out there but it’s the best I have to offer.

  16. I too live in southeastern Arizona and can assure you things are getting worse.
    For years though, illegals have been allowed to cross the border and use our services here for free.
    One hospital in particular on the border here is on the verge of bankruptcy because of it.
    US citizens have to be transported to Tucson which is 2 hours away because the hospital is overwhelmed with them.
    They are so brazen, that they not only expect medical treatment, they drag along their whole families and expect to be fed while they are here getting free services.
    Meantime, citizens ,especially the elderly and poor , are left to fend for themselves.
    I am fortunate since I am a combat wounded, Marine Vietnam veteran , 100% disabled so I have access to the VA system.Despite its warts, is still better than the rest.
    I fear things will get much worse before it is better.
    I used to be able to see the blimp here where I live, but Joebama has instructed them to stop using it.
    Very sad and scary times ahead.

  17. Biden and his DemoRat/Leftist/communist/socialist/Marxist/homosexual/Mozlem/illegal-alien/BLM & Antifa supporting buddies are Satanic to their core. They prove it every day. Nothing that nit-wit (and his cronies) do surprise me.
    May the wrath of God fall squarely upon his head and the heads of those that are in cahoots with him.

  18. All politicians who denied their oaths of office to serve the citizens of the US, support and defend the constitution are culpable as co-conspirators. We must start charging them as such or they will continue to erode our society. When illegals gain sanctuary, it is our tax dollars that are given to them. Our Medicaid and welfare programs that support them. They also insist on diminishing our rights to firearms to (to protect ourselves)and free speech (to shed light on their sedition). Until Americans stand up to these Anti American socialists, our country will degrade.

    1. Thomas Sanders, Who is going to hold these people responsible ? who’s going to charge them? Believe me, I’d like nothing more than to see every single one of them brought up on charges and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But there is no one to charge them much less prosecute them.

  19. What’s really screwed up about this is Biden was “installed” by the corrupt Government of the USA.
    He was NOT dully elected by the American People.
    The President was elected by three people, the Attorney Generals i Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia that illegally changed voting rules to skew the election results.

  20. Maybe when they come across the border they need to be given an invitation and the address of Biden,Harris,and Pelosi homes let it happen to them or some of their loved ones.and then see if they are still ok with letting them in so easy.


  21. It would be best if people stop dam complain! Texas should stop them from coming in! Biden is NOT THE PRESIDENT! AND HARRIS IS ILLEGAL TO BE VICE PRESIDENT! SO WHO RUNNING THE COUNTRY??? I’m not Texas governor but I would send my NATIONAL GUARD TO THE BORDER TO TURN THEM AWAY! This is an INVADED OF OUR COUNTRY! DEMOCRAT had ALREADY impeached themselves! The 14 AMENDMENT was VIOLENCE by them ALL! SO THEY ARE NO longer our Congress House! Texas governor should demand a doctor run test on BIDEN IN FRONT OF THE SENATE ! NOT BEHIND CLOSE DOORS OR EARPIECE IN HIS EARS! We need to see his health chart!

    1. Wyatt Earp, Oh my goodness, how I agree with you. But, come down to earth for just a minute, first of all Texas can’t stop them when the president is letting them in, yes I know, I know , he’s not the real president but for now he holds all the cards and HE thinks he’s president and for now we have no choice but to go along with the game. Second, The National guards can not stop them either, it was ordered by the president to let them in, period. And as for Biden having a test in front of the senate, they are Biden cronies too. Biden was seen by a White House Dr. and the Dr. stated that Biden was unfit to be president. Ok now what. Who is going to kick him out? Who’s going to say, I am sorry Mr. Biden but you can play president anymore? Medical records are some of the most protected documents there are, there is no way we will ever see his medical chart. And last but not least, keep in mind that if something happens to Biden, Harris will take his place and trust and believe she will be far worse, especially when Hilary Clinton or Michell Obama becomes the new VP. Be careful what you wish for. They ALL got to go at the same time.

  22. The water system in the USA can NOT sustain these wet backs, Nor can the food chain. Both will be depleted, an all out chaos, will rein with home invasions etc. just for food. R.I.P.

  23. Call to arms, any redblooded American soldier, sailor, marine, air force, coast guard, that swore the same oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic. It is time to take our country back from the communist China or Russia or Democrats that violate thier oath of office. All we need is a military court to investigate and arrest any and all violators, try them then execute them or thier sentences. TO HELL WITH IMPEACHMENT. RISE UP TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK. You will be suprized of just how many other Americans that will support you.

    1. Don Phillip Johnson, How I wish it were that easy. I agree with you since it seems there is no other way, But I’ve seen people say this before and somehow no one ever got it started. Maybe with any luck you will be the one to get this thing organized. I hope so. I am a 73 year old female veteran and I would be willing to do my part. Ill bring my cane but I’ll be there. I’ll be praying that you find away to get something going. Good luck and God speed.

  24. Hello from England – I am a 75 years young grandmother. Please spare me the time to read what I have to say. I back President Trump all the way. The true patriots of America back him all the way too. — The fakes in the White House have NO AUTHORITY to dictate or sign Executive Orders about anything! No one can take those positions by being voted for on ballots from people WHO DON’T EXIST! From Dominion Machines that FLIP VOTES, which they admit to in their manuals! IGNORE THEM! — Step back, take a deep breath, think ‘solution’, then forge ahead, starting with the WALL and the PIPE LINE. The materials (or a lot of it) is all stacked up on the ground. Yes, you have lost your paying jobs, but are you going to stop building them? Are you all going to sit in front of your TVs OR are you going to finish them by volunteering your time and giving yourselves a pat on the back with PRIDE at your achievement. Ask the suppliers to donate the rest of the materials to finish both jobs. The people who work(ed) in the gas, electricity, coal etc. volunteer too. Find solutions to your individual problems. Surely your unemployment payments must continue if you are ‘VOLUNTEERING’. — Oil industry, keep pumping to keep America moving! — Your Armed Forces swear an oath to the Constitution, not to the lizards running around the White House creating mayhem! Maybe your Armed Forces could help you? — The point I am trying to make is, when a neighbor needed a barn built, people came from miles around volunteering to help build it for him. Just magnify that thought and you will be surprised what you can achieve and be able to say with PRIDE to your grandchildren,
    “I DID THAT”.

    1. Elizabeth Samways, thank you for your suggestions, it’s even more special coming from across the pond. The problem is you’re right Biden was made president through cheating and fraud but no matter how he got there, he’s the president, a fake one but non the less the president, and with the democrat’s holding the house and the senate there is no one to tell him and his outlaw cronies that they are not the real deal. The military can’t help unless they are called up to help and no one is going to do that because everyone that can call them up is one of Biden’s coherent. OR our citizens can take up arms and take matters in to their own hands. Now, that could mean many things from Demonstrations to out and out civil war and there are many who believe the latter to be the best. Right now it’s any bodies guess what will happen but this one thing is for sure, The American people will not sit back much longer and allow this regime do any more harm to our beloved country. Just wait and watch and thank you for your post.

  25. Here’s an idea…
    To anyone who supports open borders and illegal immigration…you know who you are…
    Head on down to OUR southern border and adopt a “family”.
    YOU are now responsible for food, clothing, shelter, education (including language) and healthcare.
    So…nancy, joe, bernie, cameltoe and the rest of you liberal nutjobs get to steppin.
    Oh, and by the way, you have to walk, ride a bike, skip or whatever it takes to get there without using fossil fuels. Green new deal, right!

  26. Yes, but you don’t understand. We don’t have enough native born violent criminals, we don’t have enough ignorant and disease ridden people, so we have to import more. What is it that makes you all so dense?

    1. I have an idea. If we need more people in this country let’s make our own. Close the border completely and stop abortion. Something like 62 million babies have been killed by Planned Parenthood. God would be pleased.

  27. Send all the damn illegals to the neighborhoods of the people who voted for babbling Biden! They knew he would did this! Let them take care of the illegals!

  28. Biden & Obama are the worse Presidents ever!! Both keep trying to destroy America anyway they can! Need to be IMPEACHED!! Obama was never a US citizen just like Harris, Biden is to far gone mentally to run anything. Who voted for him, that are actually alive or not fake votes??? What is wrong with his wife to let him be President knowing is is mentally off! As a Doctor she ought to be sued for malpractice or is she as sick as he is & hoping he can pardon her for her crimes!

  29. How about instead of shutting Gitmo down, we expand the hell out of it and throw all the illegals in there!!! Maybe even supply them with a raft that has a hole in it.

    1. Good idea. They would fit right into Cuba. They wouldn’t have to worry about learning English and we would never have to try to understand Spanish. I like the raft idea also.

  30. Democratic party misleading information about this but I don’t think anyone are honest anymore the democrats loved violence’s themselves without Lord Jesus Christ and it will be believe God protection words are active in our hearts for I saw the red letters in air around me. John 1:14! Trust him not fears mindset of what we have seen. Chief Marilyn??

  31. Our military is running the country behind the scenes due to the ending of the Corporation of the United States of America about 18 months ago. President Trump issued two EO’s regarding foreign interference in a Presidential election and any and all activity with allowing enemies of the state to interfere in the functioning of our government, military and otherwise. Antifa/BLM were designated terrorists. The Insurrection Act was, in fact, enacted. Therefore anyone who is armed and dangerous can be shot at and arrested, to face a military tribunal.This includes those who collude from the mainstream media, Hollywood, corporations, military-industrial complex and social media sites. They are all traitors who deserve arrest, trial and either incarceration or execution for sedition and treason. Biden, et al, are not legitimately elected officials and they too participated in the coup against a sitting President and our nation. They also spent decades stealing from and lying to an unsuspecting public. What we see daily is a farce-and a play, if you will- with either CGI (“deep fakes”) or paid actors masquerading as the political figures who are supposedly running our country, at a studio which isn’t the White House. However, this game is becoming very dangerous and the white hats will have to act soon. Too many are now dying or being threatened outside of the law, which is being ignored so they can further their sick agenda, which includes the biggest lie- COVID and the so called vaccine-to corral everyone into submission- just like sheep. This must end. People have to awaken from their long sleep and pay attention to what is really being said and done. It’s now obvious the Dems and RINO’s are controlled by those who have paid them millions to destroy their own country from within.

  32. I have an idea, fence off all sanctuary cities. Don’t allow anything in or out. It’s known as the Kilkenny cats solution.

  33. Vigilantes are going to make a big comeback. We will be returning to old west system of justice. This will result in more than a few errors as nobody waits for conclusive evidence. However Biden’s administration has forced this on Americans. The democrats have their two tiered injustice working just fine.

    1. Marlene, I’ve been waiting for this to happen, and if it’s going to happen then it needs to happen soon, we just don’t have a lot of time left. We need to defend our country while there is still something to defend. In as much as I hate to admit it, it seems there is no other way. I’d love to see the criminals pay for what they are doing not just their supporter. The ones at the top should be the first to experience the wrath of their deeds, maybe if they were brought to justice first, we could save on ammo as the others will walk the right road from there.

  34. it”s like the democrats dont want to open there eye”s and see what”s happening to our country or simply dont care, st”s going to gt worst before it gets better.

  35. Biden can be impeached for China and Ukraine. Harris ,pelousy,omar,waters,aoc,schumer,Schiff, can all be removed from office for aiding&abetting the rioters and inciting violence against John Q. Public.
    Time to take back our country.

    1. The sad truth they probably won’t report it, I don’t watch the network national news anymore, Did they even report about Rush, the unfortunate loss of our king of conservative talk radio, does anyone know? As far as the above article, again, the sad truth is, we’re in for hell, to put it bluntly, but just know their judgement day will come for all the wrong they are doing. GOD, bless our great country put us back in good hands as soon as possible.

  36. Joe Biden and the rest of his bunch are low life sorry sonof bitches and need to be locked up for the rest of there lives and then burn in Hell

  37. My only hope is that some of these ILLEGAL ALIENS will rape and kill Pelosi, AOC, Omar, Schumer,Shiff, Biden, Harris, and the list goes on. There are to many to name all of them. They all sold out the American people who pay their damn wages. They are the first ones that need to see hell, when they are looking into the eyes of their murderer. Send the ILLEGAL ALIENS to the capital and the white house. They are the ones who wanted them here, let them reap what they sow.

  38. I am with Duane. Get truckers with 16 wheelers to pick up the ILLEGALS…. per Biden they are not ‘aliens’, with kids and all and make a convoy to D C and let them loose there…. let them feed them in the Corporate Headquarters of America Inc!!! Elizabeth from England has a great idea …. we will volunteer to finish wall, guard the borders and work in the pipeline …. we are PATRIOTS and we won’t give up … we want America back …. we will not be pushed around by the FAKE GOVERNMENT…, we demand our Constitution back…. no more EOs from the fake president…. we need advice …. can’t we bypass all these fools and get our own President Trump back….. hello some hot shot lawyer …. show us some legal ways….

    1. Mea, I also agree, we don’t need legal advice to do some of this. One , we can take all the 18 wheelers to the boarders that care to go and take the illegals to Washington. I suggest taking at least a few and dropping them off at Pelosi, and some of the others homes and put the bug in their ears that they can have all the food they want if they can get past security. Then take some to the sanctuary cities, drop them off and have law enforcement at every entry to the city and not let anyone out or into the city while there is a more permanent wall being built. Oh yes and while this is going on make sure the governors don’t interfere by letting them know if they try to stop this, their houses will be next. Utilize out veterans that would love to be a part of this. Make sure the fake president or his VP or Pelosi have any way of giving any orders. Keep them separated from everyone else. It won’t be easy but it can be done.

      1. And… volunteers can still work the pipe lines, secure the boarders, and build the wall. Just keep the illegals flowing to DC until Biden, Harris and Pelosi are ready to throw in the towel, Let the Supreme court know this will go on until there is a full investigation into the fraudulent election and that Trump is allowed to take his rightful place a president again. Then prosecute the swamp. Have them all imprisoned or executed. We have some very smart Conservative attorneys that could get the job done. I am ready to get this thing off the ground. Any ideas?, anyone know any truckers.?

    1. Yes! I spoke with a naturalized citizen who was working at a Recall Newsom (CA) booth. She said once she was in legally and was learning, she was told to vote Democrat. She knows better now but this is what they do to unknowing new citizens.

  39. Of course crime has increase. Bidet has said The darlings can no longer be deported when they commit crimes. They have in effect been given “Diplomatic Immunity” from prosecution. Bidet has proclaimed to heck with law abiding American citizens.

  40. Our personal security and freedom as American citizens went down the tubes the moment Biden became president along with the team of traitors that support him. Those who are here to do us harm of any kind need to be sent back to where they came from – no questions asked – just sent. Due process is key to entry. The sign on my door reads :” If legal knock, if not leave – my weapon is loaded”.

  41. In my opinion Joe Biden is a complete moron! For almost five years now the world has been subjected to The Democrat, Communist, Socialist, Nazi, ANTIFA loving Terrorist Party whining and crying that President Trump was not their President. All the while they called him and his supporters foul names and accused him and his supporters of numerous false crimes. Joe Biden bragged about extorting the nation of Ukraine demanding that they fire the Prosecutor who was investigating Burisma Group over corruption. The investigation would have involved Joe Biden’s son Hunter and could have tied Joe Biden to the corruption. That is just one of the documented crimes Joe Biden has committed. You can find others with very little research. In my opinion Joe Biden is not honest and he will never be my President! I believe he needs to be investigated and prosecuted because he is now eligible to be impeached.
    The main claim to fame for our present V.P. is that she slept her way into politics in California and aspired to legalizing prostitution. She is incapable of telling the truth and I believe she lied her way into the V.P. position. Kamaliar Harris can not help herself, in my opinion she just lies.
    Now the Democrats are changing the terminology once again. Now we hear the phrase Undocumented Citizens. We all know there is no such thing as undocumented citizens, illegal aliens, wetbacks, invading armies or any other appropriate expletives, they are UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRAT VOTERS.
    Joe Biden and Kamaliar Harris should REMEMBER, you are never too important to be hanged for TREASON!

  42. Robert6391, how many UNDOCUMENTED PERSONS can I bring to your house? Maybe you wouldn’t mind feeding, clothing, educating, housing, medical care, and fines when they get into trouble, Just saying. and ask your friends that hold your same views, maybe having them here won’t be so bad if they can live with you and your friends. Hope you have a lot of friends, cause there sure is a lot of them.

  43. Remember the Berlin Wall? People that tried to sneak across the border got shot. That minimized the number of people that tried to cross. Do it the right way or stay where you are. There are too many illegals here that have avoided trying to become citizens for many years as there is the benefit of working and not paying taxes, welfare etc……

  44. I think all illegal immigrants should be sent to the White house basement with JOE FRAUDEN ILLEGALMET PRESIDENT let JOE FRAUDEN get a taste of who THESE illegal immigrants act put Piglosey, Chucku shoehorn, cumalot hairass, hell the whole democratic party in the basement of the white house loo

  45. All I can say is I hope like hell that all you scumbags that voted for this shit are the ones that get robbed,raped an murderd cause that’s what you deserve !!!

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