Black Activists Urge Home Depot Boycott Because They Don’t Oppose Georgia Voting Law

Home Depot has become the target of a new boycott effort by Black faith leaders in Georgia because they would not oppose the state’s new voting reform law.

According to a Tuesday New York Times article, Pastor Jamal H. Bryant, who called anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan “one of the greatest leaders of our people,” called a boycott of the Home Depot a “necessary evil.”

Why did Bryant call the boycott necessary? Home Depot was unwilling to meet with clergy over concerns regarding Georgia’s new voting restrictions.

Bishop Reginald Jackson, who oversees Georgia’s African Methodist Episcopal churches, added in a Reuters news release, “If you as corporate leaders do not believe and lack the courage to speak out against this legislation, we will not spend our money to purchase your products.”

Unlike Delta, Coca-Cola and other “woke” Georgia companies that have embraced the left’s view of the state’s new law as alleged voter suppression, Home Depot has continued business as usual.

A Home Depot spokesperson told NBC News the company “decided that the most appropriate approach for us to take is to continue to underscore our statement that all elections should be accessible, fair and secure and support broad voter participation, and to continue to work to ensure our associates in Georgia and across the country have the information and resources to vote.”

Georgia Gov. Brain Kemp (R) responded to the faith leader boycott movement following a press conference.

“They did not ask to be in this political fight,” Kemp said of Home Depot. “It’s unfair to them, to their families, to their livelihoods to get targeted. This is a great company.”

The case is a powerful example of a company becoming a target of the left simply for not joining the left’s radical views. Home Depot makes products for building homes and home improvement. They are not a political organization.

Georgia’s progressive faith leaders somehow see Home Depot as racist for not opposing safer elections. Never mind that Home Depot helped with voter registration or had 1,800 employees serve at polling locations in the last election.

Unless you bow to the left’s demands, you become the next target.

There’s a powerful lesson for all Americans in the story of Home Depot. The left will never be satisfied with any response except full allegiance. There is no freedom of speech or room to feel free to “agree to disagree.” The attitude is “do what I tell you or else.”

That is not democracy. That is dictatorship.

In other words, socialism.

Georgia’s progressive faith leaders may not see it, but their very moves are the same ones other nations use to abuse Christians and shut down churches. Socialism removes private property and free speech, placing the government in the position of God.

Every conservative needs to take a shopping trip to Home Depot today—or at least visit online. Let them know through your support that you oppose the discrimination against them. The voices of America’s conservatives is still powerful enough to overcome the noise of the progressives seeking to destroy the values of our nation.

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160 thoughts on “Black Activists Urge Home Depot Boycott Because They Don’t Oppose Georgia Voting Law”

  1. LOL! I doubt Home Depot is concerned about a group of idiots who only build death and destruction.

    1. I applaud Home Depot for remaining politically neutral,as they should. They are a provider of home improvement goods,and they do it well. I will continue to support them.

      1. I also agree with Home Depot and say you are so right. Do not bow down to ugliness and to the law of Communism

        1. I commend Home Depot. I will make sure to make my purchases there vs other home supply stores. We all need to stand up to these people who are out to destroy this country with their toxic beliefs and behaviors.


          1. I agree, BLM is a terrorist group and No one needs to bow down to these activist. All lives matter!!! We are boycotting the companies who are giving up and bowing down to these terrorist. Any company who makes whites ask for forgiveness for being how God made them should be ashamed and closed down for being wimps and not standing their ground!!!

      2. They may be politically neutral but certainly not culturally neutral. While I do agree that they should not allow themselves to be bullied into stupid opposition over a supposed voter’s rights law that is not a voter’s rights law, I certainly don’t sympathize with any loss of business from a boycott. The reason is their support of gay activism.

        1. Leave it to one ignorant homophobic human being to try to rationalize two entirely different matters…

      3. Me too! I respect Home Depot for standing their ground and being an American business that I would proudly support!

        1. What a disappointment! And they call themselves Pastor and leader of the church. Bunch of socialis people. Jesus daid, ” the house that is divided shall not stand.”

    2. I agree, sounds like Home Depot is my new hardware store. There isn’t one near me, but there is one near my son so every time I visit I’m going.
      NO company should EVER get into politics, PERIOD! It isn’t their job!
      Besides the “black” community makes up approximately 15% of the population and DUMBYRATS don’t spend money, conservatives do MOST of the spending!
      I am SICK and TIRED of a “select” few deciding what the rest of us should or should NOT do.
      It was 11% of atheist’s that got GOD and prayer out of OUR schools and government buildings while the 86% of the rest of us, BLACKS included, stood by and did NOTHING!
      How much longer are the 86% of Americans, Blacks included, going to stand by and watch OUR country go down the drain?????

      1. I agree with your comments. Companies should remember that there are two sides of the equation. I for one resent the woke crowd dictating our political views. What I see happening has precipitated more division than ever before.

        1. The idiots don’t understand mixing business with politics is disaster waiting to happen you will make friends or enemies.

      2. Thank you for your level headed comments. From what I think is true, most Blacks don’t
        remodel and fix up their homes. Instead, they trash them so Home Depot isn’t where they spend their money. Gerri

      3. “How long will Americans stand by and watch OUR country go down the drain?” My guess is until the actions of the 11% bite the 88% in the ass hard enough to make them stand up against the 11%. It hasn’t happened yet, but it will. It’s just a matter of time.

        1. No white acceptance of Black controlled businesses or befriending any Democrat or Black Democrat. The woke black cities don’t want us so not something I’ll miss like where blacks are, there is a breakdown of civility, and an acceptance of criminal tolerance.

          1. The major urban areas in the U.S. have high concentrations of minorities. Many of these cities are, and historically have been, controlled by Democrats. Without the support of minority voters, these Democrat politicians would never have been elected. Of course these politicians are going to tell their minority constituents what they want to hear. They will promise lots of “free stuff” and call anyone who is critical of them or their constituents “racist”.

            Ironically, the majority of cities that suffered last summer’s riots, looting, arson and attacks on police occurred in these Democrat controlled cities. Ironically, those who complained the loudest of “systemic racism” in these cities were those who elected and re-elected the Democrats that created and maintained those “systems” (including the educational system, the law enforcement system, the judicial system and the public housing system) that the complainers claim are “racist”.

      4. I’m filling out my Home Depot charge account application right now! No more Lowe’s or any coward Black butt kissing corporation like Coke or Amazon for me! You know what they say, “Give em an inch and they’ll take a mile”! They can hide in their cities and use extortion tactics as Al Sharpton always has used to make himself money but most Blacks just want to be seen! Well I’m now a racist after BLM and I boycott CBS, ESPN, Coke Products and Coke vendors, Amazon, and all Dem States and Businesses and Pro-SPORTS RACISTS ALL!

      5. Well stated. I for one, will patronize the Home Depots in my area — New Mexico and Texas. I no longer buy Coke products, use facebook or twitter, or amazon. I despise being forced to bow down to someone else’s opinion. Unfortunately, these supposed men of God, the Black faith leaders, have chosen to espouse the teachings of man rather than that of our Beloved Creator. What would Jesus do? He would love and lovingly show the path. We MUST forgive those who have wronged us and, yes, Blacks were wronged; in not forgiving, we become bitter and that bitterness turns to hate. To hold that rage and hatred close to our hearts and whisper sweet nothings to it and then to pass it on to our children so that they live in that never ending rage that has blown up into what the blm has chosen to do…to instill fear and hatred and division amongst a society that can get along. Sirs, teach your congregations to forgive and to love so that their children and their children and their children’s children unto perpetuity can live in Christ’s love and goodness. I am of Mexican descent, we saw our father’s car hit when a white man ran a stop sign. When dad got out to protest the man’s leaving the scene, the man proceeded to beat my dad up. A police officer stopped the senseless beating, told the white man to go and told my dad to get out of there before he was arrested. We were in the car and saw it all and were bitter and un-trusting and full of hate. HOWEVER, Jesus was also there and he saw us grow up and at the right time, He stepped in and showed us His love, His ways, HIS mercy. To the Reggie Jacksons, the Al Sharptons, et al, YOU are teaching hate and racism and fear and perpetuating the hate and you MUST STOP! Jesus knows you and has seen that your consciences are seared. Be afraid; not of today or tomorrow but of where you’ll spend eternity. What you teach and do should be what Martin Luther King who followed Jesus’ teachings…love forgive and heal. Jesus loves you and there is still time…

    3. I would add by the fact I spend a lot of time and money there. By what I have seen Home Depot would like much if Blacks stop buying from Home Depot.

    4. Agreed, too many people can’t abide by rules. Just like the Bible tells us, laws are made for the lawless . People follow the laws or go to jail!


    6. Are we missing the point here? Big companies bending for a socialist government. Boy city Coke, Delta, and other companies who let politics push them around. Who has the list? Post it and see if these companies will survive. Secondly and most importantly, why are Church leaders breaking ranks with separation of state and church? Maybe it is time for them to pay taxes.


  2. Not enough black home depot shoppers to threaten this company. I’m glad home depot stood their ground. Another self proclaimed CLERGYMAN. Ha!Ha! Those people need to just go away.

  3. 100% behind Home Depot and will go out of my way to buy their products and shop with them and those on the radical crying left can continue to scream and act like fools forever!

    1. Just went to home depot yesterday to order custom vertical blinds, will also be purchasing a new stove and fridge very soon, my son a police officer calls home depot his toy store ,the antics and insanity of the nut cases only gives people like us the incentive to only shop and buy more at home depot ,if they dare bow to the left I will leave them like I did coke ,delta, and any other far left idiots

      1. And I won’t set foot on an American Airlines plane EVER!
        If they are going to hire pilots based on their skin color and NOT on their ability to actually fly a plane then I don’t want to take that risk.
        Granted and I give GREAT appreciation to the Muskeegee Airmen of WWII, they were some terrific pilots that did a GREAT job for OUR freedoms! Where are they today?
        They would set these nut cases straight once and for all!

          1. I think there is only1 or two left of the great men. Any left are in the high nineties, they are and were some of the best men in this country.

      2. Praise God! Pray more will stand up for the right thing!!! We cannot let them destroy our country. Many thanks to Home Depot!!! Yes I pray your business will grow faster and faster.

  4. Sorry don’t have time to read it today, Have to go over and order about 12, 000 dollars of lumber from Home Depot

      1. Roger Cole,
        What’s your problem? How people decide to live their lives and who people decide to love and live with it’s no one’s business but their own! “Judge not that ye be not judged” comes to mind. “Judgement is mine, saith the Lord” also rings a bell. Why don’t you live your life the way you want and think is right and let others do the same?

      2. Hey Roger, you might want to note that Gay Girls have the SAME sex gene that you have…. they like GIRLS….. especially sexy blondes in slinky red dresses ….. HAR HAR HAR har har !!! As for the guys, well, I ain’t into that.
        Besides, Hank wrote a song 75 years ago titled “Mind Your Own Business”. That is still applicable today.
        Loosen up some, Man. You’ll be a Happier Puppy.

    1. L M F A O ! ! ! I see a new surge in profits coming to Home Depot in the very near future !!! I need new counter tops , and I’m going to buy all ((( WHITE ))) !

  5. These are NOT TRULY CLERGYMAN of FAITH! BUT OF RACIST AND HATE! Don’t care what these black people think! Better read the laws and BIBLE THE WAY IT IS WRITTEN! Not the way they or the DEMONcrat think it shall be written. Find another church or get OUT OF GOD HOUSE! PUSHING RACIST AND HATE AGAINST OTHER IS NOT WHAT THE TEACHING!

      1. They should go back to Seminary, read the Bible stay out of Politics. Maybe their
        parishes fire them or kick them in the ASS.

  6. Blacks complain about segregation yet they segregate themselves with BLM and other hate groups. Aren’t clergymen supposed to preach peace and love, not hate??
    If they would only look closely at what they claim to be bad, they would see it for what it truly is, truth and justice in a free society.

    1. These people are not real clergy. Probably athiest. They just use it as a way to get in the news, trend on twitter and hustle money from anyone naive enough to give it. I’m sure each has a front-row seat in hell.

  7. Jesse Jackson and the lot of black leaders are in the fight for themselves. They spread hate and incite the black members of society. BLM are a bunch of thugs that have no brains to think for themselves. They are burning down their own peoples’ businesses. The voting law is fair and they are misinterpreting it. I’m going to HD.

      1. Praying for home depot and their corporate leaders: that they stay strong against tyranny in the disquise of democracy embrace socialists communist agendas : will not stop our shopping there. If that reveram- thinks he is doing God’s work: he needs to go into the closet and pray for true love insight: for JESUS YESHUA would say give unto Caesar what belongs to Cesar and give unto GOD what belongs to GOD. Socialism is the sister of communism and her brothers are fascism and Nazism with the cousin called tyranny in the disquise of democracy embrace. While JESUS YESHUA came and set us free from the shackles of sins against one another: though we be in chains we are free. The woke mentality is a master’s mentality: that man or woman will set you free: while JESUS YESHUA gives us the Grace to endure till the end in or out of bondage. Home depot gives work for those in Georgia: with liberty and justice for all: all flesh no matter the color of their skin pigmentation or ethnic groups who forged America with a dream to climb the ladder of success.

          1. I understand what you a getting at and I think any and all businesses that serve all races, creeds, political (democrats and republicans), and religions should stay out of the political arena so to speak. AKA Amazon and Wal-Mart etc. And the poor cake business owner that they gays seem to love making his life a living hell. But if Home Depot is on the right side then give them the atta boy without adding the additional info

      2. They have set race relations back 40 years ! Takes me right back to the race riots at our high school in 1978 !

  8. Stay strong, Home Depot. You are on the right side of God and the American Republic by supporting Georgia’s efforts to ensure honest and fair elections. All 50 states need to follow Georgia’s example. The black clergymen opposing fair elections are either evil or misled and misinformed. May God bless the state of Georgia, Home Depot, and all those brave warriors who are fighting so hard in the face of horrendous opposition to restore integrity to our nation’s compromised voting system. Amen.

    1. Apes who mostly build nothing and just destroy things are not Home Depot customers anyway, they can fuck off!

  9. Yay for Home Depot! Glad to know. Will be going there today, & will THANK them for having a SPINE.
    Wolves in sheep’s clothing… NOT PREACHERS!!

  10. Sadly I only see one outcome if things regrettably continue like this in our country.
    First, a very bloody civil/race war resulting in the US becoming negated to the annuals of history.

  11. I praise Home Depot and the Mike Lindel my pillow guy for having the guts to stand up and ignore this woke crap from from Biden and his cohorts from BLM.

  12. I don’t normally shop at Home Depot (because of their past stand about abortion; hopefully it has changed), but I will do more shopping (after checking out their abortion stand). Unfortunately this “battle” isn’t just about voting because these same “pastors/revs” would yell and scream if the abortion laws were changed to stop any or all abortions. They seem not to care about what the Bible says about life, freedom or the rights of individuals. They have tunnel vision and see only what they want in the way they want to. As has been said, Georgia’s voting law opens voting privileges while controlling the illegality that the Democrats/Liberals so desperately seek and need to make America socialistic. My congratulations to Home Depot for having the “guts” and common sense to stay out of politics and tend to business. Thanks HD!

      1. You are against gays and also a baby killer. I just spent $3000 at Home Depot, to be delivered tomorrow. I bet that’s all you have in life is opinions, you poor lost soul.

  13. Home Depot will begin to experience “New Business” and Future Successes Due to the Hard Work of these Diligent, Hard Working, “Woke, Experienced, Community Faith Leaders” the Same way All Business will Prosper as the Bullying Leftists Grapple for more power and Division of “We the People”

  14. I am so feed up and SICK of BLM so call Bull S___! I will buy 100% of everything I need from H.D.. Time for WHIE People to stand up and take care of ourselves and business that treat everyone with respect. I applaud H.D. for standing up.

  15. Too bad there aren’t more companies like Home Depot. What the left is doing is exactly what the NAZI’s did in the 1930’s, and it only gets worse from here.

  16. These fools actually believe they hold the reins of power!! Love to see how they react when all their white sycophants finally pull their heads outta their azzes and leave (with their money)!!

    1. They don’t have enough sense to realize THEY will be the FIRST ones that get SUCKER PUNCHED when the shit hits the fan ! MORONS

  17. Can’t wait to go buy paint, a new vanity, flooring, and more this weekend. I only planned to repaint my sons bedroom and re-do my bathroom but I’m now looking to do much more. Companies need to stay out of politics!!!

  18. This makes me want to support and PROMOTE HOME DEPOT.
    Boycott those WOKE companies such as, but not limited to: COCA COLA, MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL,

  19. Good for home depot so proud of this company my husband and i will do more business with them. God Bless you and may God Bless America !!!!!!!!

  20. Make sure you add Starbucks, Coke, and Target to your list of no go’s. I heard Coke was already down 37% since they decided they needed to reprogram their white workers. We have to boycott these companies. Don’t go at any cost. It’s time to stand up against these bullies if they want to play politics “Let’s play politics!!!”

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more! Fight fire with fire! If they keep trying to do illegal things in elections and our elected representative dont do anything then it’s time to cheat like the do!

        1. Yeah, tired of seeing that dumb copy/pasted comment too. Get over it Roger, and “Mind Your Own Business” (Hank Wms. Sr., 75 years ago).

    2. Don’t forget Delta ! Another former flyer here who has cancelled their priority frequent flyer status. More choices out there. Forget Delta, Coke, Target, and that burnt coffee joint !

    3. Amen! I love Coke but sense they started to kiss those white hating black lives matter Scum bags I started drinking water. and I can’t believe how those stupid white people go along and march alongside! hard toy believe that with there education they are blind to whats going on.

  21. I think Home Depot should stand their ground
    Its time to fight the radical left before its too late
    As usual the radical left has no clue to want has went on in the history of the world, all they do is pick certain things and try to erase what doesn’t fit their agenda (wether its right or wrong). All they care about is getting their way at any cost, even destroying the country.
    If they really want things to change look at themselves, and start there

  22. These black idiots are a new form of the days of the Mafia! I too will support Home Depot but will discontinue buying Coke Cole & flying Delta!

  23. When your too stupid to read Georgia’s election law, your too stupid to know what to do with anything that can be purchased at Home Depot. Most of which involves work, something the left knows nothing about.

  24. Just bought a new frig from H.D. Will be going back soon for floor tiles and paint.Great store. Stand your ground H.D.

  25. I may not need anything at Home Depot, but I plan to drop by just to find something that I can buy and enjoy having. I hail the store for standing up for right of choice and for freedom of expression in what they support and don’t support. If we lose those freedoms, we’ve lost our country. Those opposed must be “boycotted.” We don’t need such people telling large corporations or private citizens what they can and cannot do. It may be time for a national conservative leader to rise up and lead us in major opposition to such socialistic antics.

  26. Good for Home Depot about time companies drop a set and show the idiots what business is about. Their theft will most likely drop 80% now. Way to go Home Depot !!

  27. Stand strong Home Depot, you are the best. Americans do not fold for these black criminals in our Country, they should all be shipped back to Africa where they belong with their brain dead jungle mentality, it doesn’t work in America.

  28. Sorry, but any person who supports Farrakhan is not a “faith leader”.
    Stand strong Home Depot and do not be intimidated. If there were a black owned business that someone called for a boycott there would be a whole different story now wouldnt there.

  29. I stand with Home Depot in their position of being non-political. The new Ga law was enacted to protect the election cycle integrity. It is not discriminatory; it ensures the process is fair and equal to anyone who chooses to vote. Shop Home Depot ! ! ! ???

  30. I’ll wager that there isn’t one ‘member’ of BLM who has even read the new Georgia voting laws or knows what the hell it contains. All they do know is that it must be time to loot!

  31. Jesse Jackson used the same tactics read the book “Shake Down Artist”. BLM and the rest have taken it to the next level and it is time all companies tell these street thugs to go pound sand. Blacks make up 15 % of the population the majority needs to take stand against them.

  32. Good for Home Depot. When you have to threaten and intimidate people to go along with you, it should tell you something. Forcing others to buy and support your lies is wrong. These people are NOT of GOD. These are actions of despots, criminals, haters and tyrants.

  33. I stand with the people who will not bow to this idiocy. You must have an ID for anything else you WANT to do, and Georgia will be giving these out for free. So what is their problem. They cannot cheat anymore?

  34. Thank God for businesses like Home Depot , that are doing a great job and are fair to everyone , no matter the color of your skin.
    These revs that are mouthing off have probably gotten some big soros money and have made that evil bastard their God.
    I have had a Home Depot account for years and will make sure and use it as much as possible.
    Thank you Home Depot for having the balls to stand up for America. You set a great example !!!

  35. I would now choose Home Depot over the competition every chance I get…
    shop there alot…go Home Depot

  36. The saddest thing about liberal progressive politics is that if you don’t join the mob and follow their “dictates” exactly as they tell you to, you are cancelled or debased by them. What people haven’t figured out is that they are essentially taking away your thought process and your ability as an adult to think things through and come to a decision you feel good with. When talking about these Black religious leaders, one wonders why they don’t have the confidence to trust that their parishioners can make sound, rational decisions on their own, without input or coercion from their so-called spiritual leaders! These leaders should be preaching about G-d and their religious lives, and not about politics! Another shameful display of using the pulpit as a political tool.

  37. I completely side with home depot. Not everything is about race and certainly not a voting law. I’m headed out to home Depot now to happily buy things.

  38. I am so sick and tired of the Tail wagging the Dog that it’s not funny. I’m glad that Home Depot stood up to those Leftist Pastors and said NO! That they would not join in this political fight because they are a business and only concerned with supplying their customers with their products and services. They are neutral and don’t care either way. They only want to be left alone so that they can take care of their customers needs when it comes to building materials and other related products. So I ask you, what’s wrong with that?

  39. They got away with stealing in the last election. I pray other states will join with Georgia and do what is right.

  40. I have never been a big fan of Home Depot until now. What gives Coco Cola or Delta the right to try and influence people’s political beliefs. I stopped buying Coke, and gave up delta over a decade ago (lousy airlines anyway). I don’t do business with any company who tries to tell me how I need to think. It’s time we tell businesses they work for us, and we don’t care what they believe.

  41. I applaud Home Depot for not bowing to unreasonable demands and threats. You succeed because you are good at what you provide for the betterment of others.

  42. Good for home depot. Their stock is doing great. The only shopping Bryant & is activists do is SHOP LIFTING, along with Scamming & Fraud. So NO Loss from that group of SCUMBAGS.
    I will make it a point to shop & spend MORE at Home Depot because of these Human
    COCKROACHES. I was never a Coca cola or delta customer. Hats off to Georgia. Truth be
    known Fumbling, Bumbling, Bozo Beijing Biden’s home state of Delaware has more restrictive voting laws than GA. The POS should be bashing his own state. So should the activists, when they’re not looking for free hand outs.

  43. Dear Martin Luther King, if you would look down and see that some of your sheep have gone astray and are desperately in
    need of your help! Please don’t let them destroy the I had a dream! T/Y

  44. All these people who think someone owes them something need to leave the USA and go to a communist country and get on with their whining lazy asses there!!!

  45. The Squeaky wheel gets greased. This is the game plan of the Excrement Activist. Everything free through Extortion, Fraud, Race Card pulling & outright theft. (Real Privilege).

    Privilege is having your own National Anthem.
    Privilege is wearing $200 sneakers when the only job you’ve ever had is selling drugs.
    Privilege is having a Smartphone with a Data plan which you receive no bill for.
    Privilege is living in public subsidized housing where you don’t have a utility bill.
    Privilege is having free health insurance for you and your family that’s paid for by working people who can’t afford health insurance for their families.
    Privilege is having multiple national organizations promoting and protecting your race that’s subsidized by federal tax dollars.
    Privilege is having access to a national college fund that supports only your race.
    Privilege is having a television network that supports only your race.
    Privilege is the ability to go march against, and protest against anything that triggers you, without worrying about calling out off work and the consequences that accompany such act.
    Privilege is having as many children as you want, regardless of your employment status, and be able to send them off to daycare or school you don’t pay for.
    Privilege is being strongly favored for a job opening with a company even when personal qualifications are less than other applicants.
    Privilege is having most of your life paid for by the people who HAVE TO DEAL WITH RISING TAXES AND COSTS!…you know, we so called “PRIVILEGED” ones who pay while you take from the system.

  46. it good to see one corperation standing for the people , not the thugs who want too destroy america , thanks home depot , let them other comunist corp rot with their leftist ideas

  47. Black lives matter and the black clergy can all go jump out of a airplane without a parachute!! Who do they think they are they are nothing but Democrat racist hiding behind their skin color!!! Keep doing what you’re doing Home Depot Let this human trash wallow in there own human waste!!!

  48. Just when are these media going say to them the truth? Only coward are afraid to tell black the truth. There are black out there trying their God giving best to explain to them that THE DEMOCRAT BAS USE THEM FOR 100 YEARS

  49. Kudos to Home depot for standing up agsinst blackmail. We must all never forget it is with threat of blackmail that Hitler conquered much Europe. Thanks to England for resisting and they did not.
    Now we all are must THANK HOME DEPOT for being a beacon of courage in this fight against the mafia like tactics of the left wing.
    I will as every person l know SHOP AND BE THANKFUL FOR HOME DEPOT.

  50. Great to know this, I Will Shop More in Home Depot. We Need more Company’s that care about the American People. It sure is funny, how more then 70% of the blacks want more checks on the Voter Fraud. Everyone can get a Photo ID, even Idiots can. What is the Problem with this?

  51. BLM and people like Stacy Abrams , and entire Democrat party are the only racists in the equation…Essentially saying, minorities don’t have the intelligence to carry an ID to vote once every 2 or 4 years

  52. Stock In home depot is bound to increase in VA!ue after this story bets out. The one thing that BLM does it ever consider is that white lives matter also!

  53. I will not Boycott Home Depot…I will, however, Boycott any company that supports BLM, Antifa, the Biden Administration, Racism, Hatred, and, the Military War Machine. Bring the Troops Home Now!

  54. I don’t call these people faith leaders. Their racist, wolves in sheep’s clothing. I hope home depot’s businesses triples just like Goya Foods did when a boycott was called against them. It’s time for business to get a backbone and stand up to these so called cancel culture. I bet that theirs not many blacks do business with home depot anyway.

    1. If any business needs to be boycotted its Coca Cola, Frito Lay, Delta Airlines, Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond, Pepsi Co, etc.and the list goes on because they bowed and gave in to these idiots who are trying to destroy this country and make it into a communist country. I no longer buy any of the products they manufacture because of this. These companies need to get rid of these idiots that have been put in charge of their companies and make sure the people that are replacing them take a neutral position on these issues that are now being supported by those in charge now. Until that happens I will continue to boycott these companies.

  55. These political shakedowns are nothing more than blackmail. Giving in to blackmail only emboldens the blackmailers to demand more. Today, the demand is to come out against Georgia’s voting laws. Tomorrow it may well be “DO WHAT WE TELL YOU, WHEN WE TELL YOU, OR WE WILL ORGANIZE A NATIONAL BOYCOTT AGAINST YOUR BUSINESS.” Some zealots may go so far as to publicize your home address and phone number, maybe even where your children go to school, so that you and your family will not be safe from harassment, or worse, from those who decide that mere boycotts are not enough.

    I will never patronize any business that supports any effort that makes vote fraud easier to conduct and/or would legalize election practices that for years have been illegal.

    The Democrats have not only blatantly supported lawlessness in voting, but have also supported the criminal behavior of mobs of BLM and “anti-fa” thugs during their riots, destruction of public and private property, the looting and burning of retail businesses and in the violent attacks on police leaving several injured or dead. Democrats called these riots and criminal acts of violence against people and property, “mostly peaceful protests”.
    Has setting fire to peoples’ automobiles parked on the street, or burning down the stores they have just looted, or throwing bottles, bricks and bottles of gasoline at police ever resulted in achieving “social justice”?

    Does anyone but an idiot believe that getting rid of the police will reduce crime? Should the medical profession abolish doctors? After all, there have been some doctors that have killed people by using poor judgement, by acting out of frustration or out of some misguided belief. Should criminal defense lawyers and prosecuting attorneys be banned? Their mistakes and decisions have at times freed guilty parties of murder, allowing the guilty to kill again.

  56. I will be doing all my home improvement purchases at Home Depot from now on unless they change their minds and give in to these radical communist. Hooray!!!! for Home Depot.

  57. My husband and I both have shopped Home Depot for years. And will continue to do so.. I congratulate HD for having integrity and standing up to the ignorant BLM movement. God Bless Home Depot and God Bless America.Let’s stand up against Antifa BLM and all the woke idiots out there.

  58. I agree Ellen, Home Depot it is! We should also boycott the other cowardly companies that have no backbones or pride in our Country.

  59. Where to start. . . I was fortunate to grow up in the north. I always attended school with people of color. I have always had friends who are people of color. At no time did anyone wonder why that was. Having lived in the north, I have never seen the division of the races as has happened since the Obama administration. There have been many intelligent people of color, but the one who stands out to me is Martin Luther King. We should always remember that our judgment of others should be based on the “content of their character and not the color of their skin”. This division of races is actually not the doing of people of color, it has been, and will continue to be, the plan of the Zionists, who want a “race war” so they are in a better position to take over control of the planet. Please look deeper into those who want you to protest, riot, burn, demand boycotting of businesses, etc. Those people are not your friends, they are using you to further their own agenda. You are valuable, you are intelligent, use that tool to make your own determination about who is really asking you to do these things and help destroy this wonderful country that has given all of us a better life than where our ancestors came from. Where else on this planet would we have the life we have here. Let’s work together to save our way of life under our constitution and not help those who want to control all of us.

  60. Thank you Home Depot for not giving in to the nonsense that is infecting out society. You can only speak your mind or have an opinion if it aligns with their agenda .

  61. Thank you so much for standing up. This country is in a serious situation. I will be buying more at Home Depot.

  62. Home Depot has nothing to worry about as blacks do not build they only destroy. Their money goes to drug houses.

  63. I will continue to shop at Home Depot! I used to work there, it is a good place to work! And the items they sell are top notch. Never got a bad product there. Go Home Depot, show them they can’t bully you!!!

  64. I am a visitor from CA & am surprised at the level of socialism, being promoted & reverse racism being promoted by the liberal leaders in this state. Home Depot is right stand for safer election law by not allowing them to bully their company. BE BRAVE, GEORGIA!!!!

  65. I commend Home Depot for their stance on the logic that went into the voting laws in the state of Georgia. Follow the law. Why do certain people in this country want special privileges. You’re no better than me. I follow the laws-You follow the laws. I am sick and tired of the crap that the liberals are trying to shove down our throats. I recently went to Home Depot, two different times, and the level of help I received from the employees, was second to none. These people were so very helpful. Thank You Home Depot.

  66. If 86% of Americans are Godless we are already down the drain. Now use your magic science and PROVE there is no God.

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