Imposter Posing in Fake White House TV Set Pretends He Won the Election

Just when you thought that America couldn’t become any more of an international laughingstock comes this story. Joe Biden held a roundtable discussion with members of his “Cabinet” this week and business leaders about his “Build Back Better” plan to impose communism and massive tax increases on all Americans. Boooring… But astute internet viewers quickly noticed something odd in the White House Rose Garden, outside the window behind Joe Biden. The flowers were in their full, glorious springtime bloom. It’s October and the Rose Garden doesn’t look like that right now. Once again, the imposters have been caught creating the digital illusion of an “administration” in DC.

This is not the first time this year that the White House has been caught using digital technology, TV cameras, smoke and mirrors to pretend that Joe Biden is in charge. Earlier this year, a video of Biden surfaced in which he appeared to be walking down the hallway in the White House. He stops and appears to engage someone who is off camera in a conversation. But then the top of Joe Biden’s head becomes pixelated, glitches out and vanishes for a second before reappearing.

In another clip that was so comical it went viral, Biden appears to stride up to a group of reporters on the White House lawn. All you see is a sea of microphones in front of him… and then some of those microphones disappear behind Joe Biden’s hands as he’s waving them around and vigorously “answering questions.”

What’s happening here? The White House is using greenscreen technology – like the weatherman on your local TV newscast – to make it appear as if Biden is walking around and engaging in conversations with people and reporters.


The next obvious question is, “WHY?!” The most logical conclusion is that Joe Biden is not actually capable of walking around by himself and engaging in Q&A sessions with random people and reporters. Grandpa Bad-Touch is just too far gone.

Anytime you see Joe Biden try to walk from Point A to Point B these days, he gets lost and starts to wander off into the weeds until Doctor Jill or a Secret Service agent grabs him by the elbow and steers him back in the right direction. Think back over the last nine months that Joe Biden has been illegitimately occupying the White House. How many times have you seen him step off the Marine One helicopter and then wave at an empty field? I’ll bet you’ve seen that at least once or twice now.

One more example: Back in February there was a “live televised press conference” from the Rose Garden. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden were there and talking about the COVID relief package or something. But a guy staying at a hotel near the White House walked out on his balcony during the “live press conference” and pointed his camera at the Rose Garden. There was no one there.

And now the White House has sheepishly admitted that Joe Biden’s roundtable with business leaders the other day was, in fact, shot from a television studio made up to look like Joe is at the White House. They claim that the set has been erected in the Eisenhower Office Building across the street from the White House. I’m not sure why any of us should believe that at this point, considering the honesty deficiencies of this White House. For all we know, the fake TV set could be in the basement of Joe’s mansion in Delaware.

That big question comes up again: WHY? Why bother setting up a fake TV studio across the street from the White House, when they could just as easily set up cameras for a Zoom call roundtable in the White House?

Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller has the best theory about this that I’ve seen. Tucking Biden away in a fake studio allows him to then read his scripted answers to scripted questions from a teleprompter positioned directly in front of him – and there are no pesky media cameras around to see that Biden is incapable of doing anything besides reading that teleprompter. It also allows them to go back and edit the tape every time that Joe’s brain gets stuck, and he starts talking about the jargy trunalimunaprzure!

Hiding him away also keeps Joe Biden out of sight from the roughly 6,000 employees who work at the White House. That place always leaks like a sieve. But if no one is ever actually seeing Joe Biden in his diminished state, his handlers think they can keep up this charade that Joe Biden is running the country.

And that brings up one final question: Who IS running the country?

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44 thoughts on “Imposter Posing in Fake White House TV Set Pretends He Won the Election”

    1. Or the first day in office when he had a parking lot out of the window. Rose garden is not a parking lot. More proof the whole thing is a scam…. All of it

  1. Whoever decided this should be EXECUTED BY FIRING SQUAD! If Biden is not able to do his duty. Then it time for the evil to resign before he get impeachment. Will be the shortness president in office! He or who making these rule better be true to this! Because once we find out it not Biden. We do have the constitution laws giving us the right to EXECUTED YOU! We did not elect Obama again, or Susan Rice!

    1. Well, Sir, you are right , we didn’t elect Obama or Susan Rice again, but let’s not forget the famous saying of one of the “ father of the communists”
      “ it doesn’t really matter the number of the votes,
      what really matters is who counts them “ !!!!
      Let’s never forget that !!!!!!

  2. This better be fake news. If not SOMEONE BETTER BE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If someone not elected is in making all these terrible decisions that means they have a big time agenda. Do you even know what the American people are going to do when they find out. It probably won’t be too peaceful. They have been doing a lot of things to us.

    1. Let’s admit it, we are being forced to live through this
      Orwellian times but unfortunately a lot of us could still can not accept the fact that America is not the land of the free and the home of the brave anymore…
      Our country have been already “ fundamentally transformed”, just like Hussein O. have promised in
      2008 after he was elected… you know, the “ hope and change “ guy !!!
      Now we MUST enjoy the chaos along with the
      change !
      Forget about the “ hope” part !!!

    2. Very — Nobody is doing or going to do anything about it. The dirtbag muslim/deep state/soros are running obama’s 3rd term from behind the scenes through susan rice and valerie jarrett. It has been a year and it still goes on. The powers that are even refuse to look at the tons of evidence of voter fraud and corruption in the 2020 farce. What does that tell you ????

  3. This is incredibly frightening. I knew about it some time ago but let it hang. No we have Jen Psaki touting all the times the President engages with people and answers questions. It’s all terrible lies.

    Who IS running the country?

      1. To “ Murph “:

        Totally agree with you !!!
        But that’s just our opinion !!!
        Unfortunately, there are many others ( especially among the brainwashed millennials) who loved him because he promised them to provide everything they needed for free, school, medical assistance, housing etc … they are still hoping that Bernie, AOC, Biden the creep, and all the rest of them will make it possible.
        Meanwhile, Hussein O., Susan Rice are pulling the strings behind the curtains!!!!

      1. To CintiCB !

        Exactly right !!!!
        Soros, Obama, Bernie, AOC, and all the rest of the Marxists infiltrated into our government, our schools, academia, mass media, big corporations who have been allowed to poison our society in the name of
        “ democracy” !!
        Are we still talking about “wining the Cold War” against the commies ?????
        So, this is why we see signs with the “ hammer and sickle “ everywhere????
        What a sick joke !!!!
        Welcome to the USSA , comrades !!!!

  4. It has been said that there is a group of high ranking Democrats who make all major political decisions for illegimitate USA President Joseph Biden because Joseph Biden is not running; managing the country. This group consists of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and George Soros.

      1. Sorry, Ms Edit Meyer, I’m pretty sure that Obama would never allow Hillary to pull the strings on the
        creepy puppet they put into the WH !!!

        The puppeteer could not be other than Hussein O,
        because he always wanted to get a 3 rd term ( or even a life long presidency, why not ??)

        In 2016, that wasn’t possible for him because of our
        “ outdated” Constitution but now, since they managed to turn it into a useless bathroom paper , now, all these Marxists are thriving!!!!

        1. Oh dear, Outed Dated Constitution? The one that they keep amending to try to meet the times. How is our Constitution and the Bill of Rights outdated? It is what this country was founded on and gave us our freedom. It is what we live under, fight for, and die for. Likewise, the sacrifices of all the men and women before us that died, so we all would be free and came together to write The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It can never be outdated. It is our foundation, our hearts, and beliefs in our country. Live long and enjoy your life given to you on the deaths of so many.

  5. That group is worse than the Hitler Natzi party. The Chimp, STD Willy, Douche Bag, Petrified Wax figure and the biggest POS of all.

  6. Trying to comment on just how crooked this Government actually is is simply a waste of time !!By now, EVERYBODY knows what’s going on, and it spells the END of the COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY !!! F**K THIS GOVERNMENT !!!F**K JOE BIDEN and F**K YOU IF YOU ARE GOING ALONG WITH THEM !!!!

  7. Alot of Americans knew that this China Joe was not elected he was installed by our enemies and the corrupt Democrat party and their big money Corporate businessmen like Soros’, Gates, Zuckerberg,Jeff Bozo and many more. This is act of treason against America all in the name of the most racist party that has ever resided government the Democrat politicians with the exception of two that are the only ones stopping this take over with their NO votes on the build back broke legislation. God help us all!!!!

    1. All who voted for this clown are NOT bragging about it. If shameless democRATs had any shame, they’d all be turning red – in more ways than one.

  8. why do you think he is building a $500,000 WALL around his Delaware home?? 1. to keep out all illegals who might find their way there, courtesy of Governor Ron DeSantis. 2. to keep the fool contained and away from prying eyes and big mouths. 3. to give the illusion that the POS actually is in control of his faculties. this country is ripe for the pickings, and I am surprised that Russia and china have not attacked. we have a military who is mostly gay with no masculinity at all. no aggression if we go to war. this is courtesy of the woke demon rat party, ala bathhouse Barry and his tranny “wife”. he had to start this movement so Michael Lavon Robinson, aka Michele, would be accepted into society. look at pre 1984 pictures of that name. played FOOTBALL for a college team. b. Barry with his arm around mikes shoulders. what a joke. we have been played since the Kenyan pretender took the throne. and are still being played today by the one who was SELECTED, NOT ELECTED. I cannot wait for this country to take action against these people. all should be hanged for treason against this country and displayed for the world to see.

    1. “ southern proud”

      God Bless you !
      You are so correct !!!
      My only question is , after all that’s going on after only
      1 yr since these Marxists pushed this disgusting creep into the WH, since they still have almost another year to destroy what’s left in our economy, our way of life, brainwashing our kids and bring misery and crimes throughout the country, how can we still HOPE that there will be still anything left in our power to reverse all this destruction???

      Socialists are here already, they are many, they got all kind of powerful positions, they cover for each other and they also have lots and lots of money ???

      What do we have ???
      Just our love for the country, our Constitution and hope that God will be on our side ???

  9. Southern Proud is 100% on track.
    Bathhouse Barry and his tranny Michael aka Michelle.
    Joan Rivers told us before she mysteriously died!

    1. 100% CORRECT!!!
      This is Hussein’s O 3rd term just like he always wanted but at that time in 2016, they didn’t yet managed to turn the Constitution into a piece of bathroom paper like they just did now !!!
      Of course, his comrades, like AOC, Soros, Clinton,
      Bernie, Schumer, Pelosi, Zuckerberg, the Tweeter guy
      ( the handsome one with his nose ring ) , also, Mr Gates etc …
      This is Obama’s “ fundamentally transforming America “ dream !!!!!
      Most of the American people are still numb, scared, frightened, so, they will do whatever it takes to keep it this way !!!
      Power and control!!!!

  10. He is no doubt an imposter. I believe the real Joe is in Gitmo (or was and is long gone). It is all a movie we are watching to bring down the deep state – the enemy of every God-fearing, Liberty-loving American. Someone had a post the other day, which said “One of these things is not like the other.” (The ol’ Sesame Street” song) and it showed pictures of the REAL Joe and the fake imposter Joe. They look nothing alike – from his eye color, to his ear lobes, to the jaw line, to the hair line and shape of the face. I always said to my husband from the beginning….”That really does not look like Joe Biden at all.”

  11. Haven’t seen this much hoaxing since they tried to hide FDR’s wheelchair. What is it with “decepti-crats?”

  12. I hope that someday we will know who and how he was elected. It is obvious that he is not even in the same league with other presidents (no matter their party). We was not elected he was selected!

  13. Even Ruth Bader Ginsberg said the new president would be ‘installed’, not elected. She knew this all along!! I’m wondering if she believed Hillary was supposed to be in the White House? When it went south all of the DemonRATS scrambled to come up with a fool proof plan to scam the american people of a legitimate election. We all know the truth.

  14. We can’t wait until 2024, Americans must take back the government now (2022 Elections). Communism might have taken over the Democratic Party, theFBI, the Justice Department. Are all peoples becoming robots of the Wuhan Labs?

  15. There must a way of stopping anyone especially a President can be removed from office when proven they are not in control of their mind or capable of handling the position. His own Dr. laughed about how quick he recovered from dementia which is not possible. How much are they paying his wife to keep her mouth shut and just go find him when he wanders off? Secret Service that follow him daily. He has been in Washington for 50 yrs. and Served with many in the Senate and known by all that have been their for a period of time and to those that don’t know him but have attended meetings with him have got to know he isn’t capable of running this country yet no one says anything.. I read that a President’s job is to protect the people of this country and if they are put in jeopardy and the President doesn’t protect them he can be removed. What more do we have to be put through? The democrats demanded that Trump have a cognitive test which he nailed. Biden had a physical and his Dr. made no attempt to give him that test and he had to notice he had changed. No one on either side will speak up and do something. We will get at least the House and maybe the Senate back but that’s a year away and we have seen what he can do in a year. We can’t wait. Waited to long already

  16. Until voter fraud is fixed this will be an unending result of our elections. We must keep fighting for fair elections or the Dems will cheat forevermore.

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