Kevin McCarthy Launches “Operation Keep Pelosi in Power in 2022”

The ability of establishment Republican Party leaders to snatch their own defeat from the jaws of certain victory is awe-inspiring sometimes. Do they go to school for that or something? A few thought leaders on the right – Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and Marjorie Taylor Greene come to mind – somehow always have their finger on the pulse of the American people and are able to express and fight for policies that reflect that. But not the GOP leaders! Instead of having their fingers on the pulse of anything, they have their heads firmly planted up something else. Take House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), for example.

Nancy Pelosi’s party has done everything possible to try to hand Republicans back control of the House in 2022. Every issue that the Democrats support right now is a big, fat, slow pitch right down the middle, just waiting for the Republican Party leaders to hit it over the fence for the voters. Even the dumbest high-priced political consultant would be able to advise and carry a milquetoast Republican candidate to victory in 2022 by fighting against anyone of these Democrat Party policies:

Defunding the police. Critical Race Theory in schools. Gun bans and gun confiscations. Our wide-open southern border and the resulting crisis. $4-a-gallon gas that’s still rising every day. Runaway food inflation. Letting trans weirdoes walk around in women-only bathrooms with their ding-a-lings hangin’ out.

Step 1: Pick one of the above issues. Step 2: OPPOSE that issue fiercely. Step 3: Enjoy the fruits of a 40- to 50-seat landslide in the House in 2022.

This shouldn’t be that hard, guys!

Well, Kevin McCarthy has just explained the GOP “path to victory” in 2022. Are you ready for it?

Drumroll, please…

McCarthy will be forming a House Republican commission on global warming.

Yep. In order to win back the House, the leaders have decided that Republicans should go all-in on global warming and renewable energy.

What the… how do you… I… I can’t even…

How do you %#$@!* that up, Kevin?!


As proof of how serious he is about losing in the 2022 midterms, McCarthy put the slimiest, most dishonest, cuckservative, gun-grabbing RINO wimp in the entire Congress in charge of the GOP global warming commission: Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX).

Crenshaw boasted, “I’m an environmentalist. And I know climate change is real.”

Ooooh! Maybe Greta Thunberg will stop by for a photo op/fundraiser with you on that path to victory in 2022, Dan!

Crenshaw wants to lead America on the path to “clean, renewable energy.” The problem with this brilliant GOP plan is that Americans have seen that clean, renewable energy – and they’re horrified by it.

This is the same clean, renewable energy that couldn’t keep the heat on in Texas last winter. It’s the same clean, renewable energy that prevents states like California from keeping the lights and A/C on in the hot summer months. Good grief, 60 people died from the summer heat in Oregon this past weekend – because blue states can’t keep the power on with all of their “clean, renewable energy.”

We’ve now had 40 years of failed doom-and-gloom predictions about global warming (ever since they pivoted away from the looming Ice Age that was going to kill us all). We’ve had failure after failure of the electric grid in states that have stupidly adopted Green Nude Eel electricity boondoggles that DON’T WORK.

No rational person looks at that and thinks, “Gee, I’ll bet the American people want more of THAT! Maybe we can get the price of gas up to $18 a gallon while we’re at it! Victory is ours!”

Aside from the fact that the fantasy windmills and solar panels don’t work as advertised, most Americans and none of the Republican Party’s base believes that global warming is even a thing. We’re woke to the global warming okey-doke scam.

It’s June. Guess what? It’s hot outside right now! Coincidentally, that happens every year and we used to just call it “summer.” But nowadays, the politicians all start squawking at the same time every year about how SUVs and cow farts are burning us all to death.

If you were in charge of the House Republicans and you never wanted to take control of the House again, you couldn’t pick a better issue to support than global warming. Great job, Kevin!

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63 thoughts on “Kevin McCarthy Launches “Operation Keep Pelosi in Power in 2022””

    1. Are you sure he is a Republican, he sounds like a demobrat. Maybe he is thinking fight fire with fire. I don’t know. I think he is a RINO in any case. Weak and useless.

          LESS DNAGE TO AMERICA!!!!!! FREDOM NOW!!!!!!! PASS IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Yes, anyone with a “D” after their name should be ousted. Do not stop, do not pass “Go”, just vote every democrat out?

    2. You got to be kidding Me? This is extremely troubling… This just confirms the feeling I have had for months about McCarthy, we need a fighter to lead the House of Rep!
      With this kind of leadership the Republicans will fail…………
      I am very disappointed…

  1. Agree. The GOP has masters that may be the same as the Marxists! House and Senate leadership (weak word) should be replaced.

    1. We Conservative Republicans were not served well by the R.I.N.O. traitors that undermined President Trump and have brought on the disasters of: Open Border, Criminals let out of prison and back into neighborhoods where crime has been on the rise, KILLING Our Energy Sector making the price of everything go thru the damned roof—and the traitors want to make 2022 rely of the new GREEN crap?

      1. I’m totally convinced that some of our party members are schizophrenic ; we now call them (RHINOS). WE NEED TO START CLEANING HOUSE !
        It’s so disheartening to see our party in such disarray, and yet we just take this bull shit from the Liberals and Rhinos because that’s the Republican way!

  2. If this is true , then he needs to go asap!! There are so many things , which this article mentioned that are SO much worse than climate change , which are affecting the American people NOW that MUST STOP!!! IF McCarthy is really spewing that this is the platform that will enable the Republicans to take back the Senate and House he is in need of a cognitive Test, that’s such bs when the Republicans can Cherry pick out of numerous horrible things that are REALLY IMPORTANT!!! McCarthy must go if this is true!!!

  3. I am all for clean, abundant energy. That said, if you look at a list of the things that Americans are most concerned with, Climate isn’t in the top 10. We’re not even sure we can change the climate in any significant way. What is wrong with using all our resources and gradually transitioning where we can to competitive renewable energy? Guess what? That was already happening and no need to bankrupt the country to do it.

  4. Kevin has lost his friggin mind. We must take back the house and to do it we need to point out all the bonehead things the democrats have done since June 20th. It is time for Kevin to get in line or be voted out of the speakership of the Republican Party. We must set America back to prosperity and normalcy and away from wokeness!

  5. The GOP will win back the House and when they do, Kevin McPussy will not be elected Speaker. There’s NFW the Freedom Caucus members of the House will allow another RINO Ryan to run the show. Those 15 seats GOP flipped in 2020 were mostly won by conservatives who wanna fight and those who don’t, know they’re only 2 years away from removal.

  6. Kevin McCarthy is not a Conservative in any way. He is a professional politician, nothing more useless than that.

    The Republicans do not have a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning anything in 2022, even if they had a good platform.

    The Democrats are going to pass their voting act & end the two party system, pack The Supreme Court which is really unnecessary but they will add 6 judges just to be sure. Obama won’t be one of them because he is too lazy & does not work for chump change.

    At that point the Democrats could eliminate the House & Senate to save money but they will just increase salaries, probably introduce a whole new hierarchy of senators & representatives, at least 4 positions for each, Senator, Assistant Senator, 1st Deputy, 2nd Deputy, all with their own flocks of teat feeders.

    1. Yep. You are correct. They will nuke the filibuster, then it’s game over. That’s ok. In 100 years, our names will be spoken of, in vile terms, about how the patriots fought so hard to end the commie pig nightmare, but just couldn’t muster…oh. I can’t go on. In 100 years, we will be spoken about as the laziest, most cowardly”patriots”, that ever walked the USA. We will of course be the USSA, or United Socialist States of America.

  7. Why is it that just a few of these radical RINO’s are talked about. It is time that a list of all RINO’s be exposed so the voting public can get to the quote, ROOT CAUSE, via Harris, and make a full voting sweep to eliminate them all in one voting cycle instead on one at a time. The only way to get rid of a cancer is to cut it all out at once.

  8. It always comes down to the same answer, they’ve either been bought or threatened into compying with the evil dems at the expense of the folks who were depending on em to get our country back!

    1. Instead of checking Trump’s taxes, we should DEMAND a look at every CON gress person’s bank account. I want to know how they became multi millionaires in less that 2 years, on only a $176,000 a year salary. None of them should mind showing us, right? AOC? I REALLY want to see her bank account, since she said she couldn’t even afford an apartment in DC, then ends up in a posh place that won’t even give you an application unless you are in the top 1 percent.

  9. I hope this is a joke. We, the people, don’t give a rats behind about the fake global warming theory. Get on the real bandwagons and global warming ain’t it.

    1. Why blame is for global warming when China is the biggest criminal of all? It makes so much sense to do the electric car thing but not have enough chargjng stations. Try an electtic car when you are trying to evacuate a natural disaster like a hurricane. McCarthy. Crenshaw and the other morons need to GO. Keep Pelosi ? You’re joking right? If you are in office you were sent there to protect the Rights of the people. Our national debt would be paid if we quit paying the idiots in office who can’t do their jobs. The crap they are pulling does not warrant the salary they are making. If I hadn’t done my job, I would have been doing the unemployment line shuffle. What is it, the higher up you go the stupider you get? OMG. GET THE DEMS OUT THEN GET THINGS MOVING AGAIN. HERE IS WHAT THE PEOPLE SHOULD DO, VOTE THAT IF PEOPLE IN OFFICE CAN’T PULL THEIR WEIGHT. NO MONEY….NOTHING. The earth goes through cycles, just help clean it up and don’t be stipid about it.

      1. Omg you are sooo right. Happy to know that I’m not alone thinking the way I do. Americans must wake up and vote them all out before we don’t have America anymore. God bless you all

  10. I agree. Global warming is inevitable, just like global cooling. remember the ozone crisis? what happened to that? what you can do to make a big difference is to join forces and get India and China to clean up their air, land, and waters. Why do we have to bankrupt our selves on this clean green deal when nobody else is pitching in to do their part. I believe the US is doing more than they need to to keep the universe clean. everybody has to chip in, not just us. GO TRUMP.

  11. I’m amazed that there are still people out there that still think that America has a two party system! They get hit in the face with the true fact that we have a one party system almost everyday and they still don’t get it! The socialist dems and the GOP establishment are one and the same party! You do not have a Conservative party! It does not exist! You have a Socialist party and a shadow socialist party that calls itself the GOP establishment! And Mitch McConnell is at the helm of that party!

  12. I’m thinking he knows the democrates are like spoiled children , you say keep pelosi and they will eject her ! They already demolished what’s good for America . And the squad and obama has Americans on the defense from there ideologies of evil intentions for our country . What has the Democratic party done for America ? O is the answer .

  13. He has either lost his mind, never had one, or is actually a Democrat. If there was ever a losing subject, its Global Warming. No one gives a damn except those milking it for cash.

  14. First, let’s make sure this story is true. Who can do an HONEST fact-check on it and go from there.

    1. And this is the guy who wants to replace Pelosi? You might as well keep her there ! Somebody please step up and straighten his ass out or we all get it up the ass again in 2022 and 24 ! Donald please grab him by the throat !

  15. Naaaaaaaaaaaah! No way! This is a practical joke! Someone is yanking our chain! I will be the first to admit Kevin McCarthy is not the most conservative in our party but, he definitely wants to be House Speaker and the only way he will get that job is if the Dems and Speaker Pelosi go down in flames in 2022! McCarthy knows no one in America supports the “doomsday” climate change hysteria except the marxist far left wing of the Democrat party! The whole world knows Republicans will never get behind this radical approach to “climate change”! We need to do what we can to take care of the environment and keep the air as clean as possible but…..historical data has proven time and again the earth goes through periods of warming and cooling that occur naturally which humanity has no control over! For years people have built homes, townhomes, condos and businesses at the water’s edge where nothing should have been constructed! The earth is in a warming period, polar ice is melting, sea levels are rising reclaiming land, Miami’s streets are flooding and buildings are collapsing…..with more to come! Folks it’s not due to “cow farts” and fossil fuel! The earth is in a “natural” warming period… don’t like it, talk to almighty God!

  16. This guy is not a Republican he’s a Dumdacrate. He should be forced out of office let him go suck on polasski a$$

  17. McCarthy you can turn your resignation in! Even that one eyes ex military Crenshaw can do the same! Calling himself an experienced on climate change! Really? Just how much does he know? I doubt he knowing anything! You see you fool who believe in global warming or anything about the earth. You are out of your freaking mind! Nobody is willing to TALK ABOUT CHINA, INDIA, AND OTHER COUNTRY ON THEIR ROLE IN POLLUTION THE AIR! So if you got BALLS THEN GO TO CHINA OR INDIA AND TRY TO CONFESS THEM TO CUT THEIR DOWN! You fool in America won’t do it! Because you know your life is OVER! You nothing but a COWARD! Now with all that said if there is ANY CLIMATE CHANGE, WHY IS THERE STILL SPRING,SUMMER,FALL,WINTER WEATHER AROUND? IT All due to you fool believing AL GORE ! Who have 6 mansion worth 12 million dollars! Read the book of Ecclesiaste chapter 3. GOD CONTROL THE CLIMATE NOT MAN!

  18. YES! Climate change is REAL! It changes 4 times per year, it has been doing that for centuries multiplied! We commonly refer to climate change as Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!!!!!

  19. Once again the general public really can’t trust any “news reporting” agency, even those who claim to be conservative. I am about as conservative as they come and I find it hard to believe most the stories the stories these agencies come up with even though I would like to believe some of them. Too many liberal and conservative agencies take what is said or done and twist the situation to fit their viewpoint even to the point that it is not really what happened. We are rapidly entering the the “X-File” era. “The truth is out there” BUT “trust no one”.

  20. If repubs continue like this, the country is sunk for sure. We are so close to destruction
    because of all the stupid things dems are doing, and here a repub has an opportunity to do something really good and this is what he comes up with? really? Is the man and idiot?
    For eons, the earth has gone through changes, colder, warmer, colder warmer. It is a natural phenomenon. It will never change, its what the earth does. So, lets just get a grip here and move on to more important things, like people are paying more for gas, heating and cooling their homes, food prices are going up and that is making it more difficult for ‘the poor’ every one is concerned about to purchase it. so, why not talk about that? Global warming is a farce, study past history on this and you will see. Be more concerned about real stuff repubs! Or you are going to screw us over by being ‘politically correct.’

  21. This is why McCarthy never goes on Tucker’s show; too afraid to be called out. These political hacks are all the same. We must unite and stand up against them or we are certainly doomed. Good bye USA.

  22. Kevin – do you want to win or lose??? Your subject matter is outrageously stupid & will not win you the House or the Senate – we hope someone gets you turned around or I’m going to tell Trump to run for the House & become Speaker, taking the job away from you, because you don’t know what you’re doing!!!

  23. McCarthy and Crenshaw have seen the last contribution from me if this is the path that they are choosing for the midterm elections. If true, these two need to pull their heads out of Nan Piglosi’s ass and start doing the right thing. If either of them wants to stay in congress they best straighten up or they will be gone!!!

  24. I don’t know who wrote the article and I agree ‘somewhat’ the choice of issues to attack for leverage may not be global warming (probably lowest on the list) but McCarthy and Crenshaw have proven records and intentions so I would not put all my bets on this article and it’s author. He seems outraged and probably rightly so based on current political situations and a better issue could have been selected by McCarthy. But I think it’s best query McCarthy first for an explanation before condemning and assuming ill intentions.

  25. Sounds to me like Kevin is definitely a RINO and needs to be replaced SOON !
    We must SAVE America.

  26. This article assumes that the GOP insiders are oppossed to what the Democrats are selling. They are not. They simply prefer to present themselves as the “opposition” party while actually supporting a socialist future for the country. As an old joke goes (that I won’t bore you with here) the Republican establishment wants to destroy the country more slowly than the Democrats. Once you understand that the Democrats (establishment progressives) really do want to destroy the country (as we know it), and the Republican (establishment, a little less progresive progressives) really and truely are RINOS that are actually in philosophical agreement with the left, everything makes sense.


  28. No contest that the earth is warmer, BUT! Have they heard of the maunder minimum? Earth’s orbital precession? Vostok ice cores? Earth has been warmer before – followed by ice ages. Instead of battery powered cars which take a lot of energy to build, why not prepare for an ice age?

    1. Good post Pete. Spot on target. The Earth is at least 4 billion years old and has had many such thermal cycles with the Sun being a very significant driver.

  29. WTFH?!?!?! The mind boggles at the certifiable lunacy of “global warming” or, perhaps more accurately put, “climate change “ as a viable issue for the Republicans during the 2022 election and beyond. Someone must have put some locoweed in McCarthy’s feed bag…

  30. I don’t disagree with opposition to the Green New Deal. I think we need to hit them on all of their Pie In The Sky schemes. Show how long it takes a wind mill to produce enough electricity to keep a refrigerator running or even an electric heater. How long does it take to charge an electric car on a house current to drive 40 miles to work and back. We need to point out that their attack on petroleum products will put plastics out of business and how we have not considered substitutes for these plastic products. We must show the cost differences in returning to glass containers and the cost of returning them and recycling them. We need to report the medical problems with fake meats and how living without natural protein in our diets.

    We need to break down the cost of non meat protein production and EXACTLY the cost of the replacement.

    There are hundreds of products that can be validated and the cost of reverting to old ways of doing things leaving in ALL costs small or large.

    If we are going to do this it can’t be done hap hazardous.

    I don’t believe it is possible for Dems to win the house in 2022 but we can’t lean on that thought. We must be determined to prove it. We must all get involved and not slack in any way.

    This is a battle ANY PATRIOT can get involved in.

    Let’s get started!

  31. Nan Piglousi gave him an insider tip same as her husband on the stock market and this is payback.

  32. When wind turbine blades can regrow themselves and solar panels regrow their reflectivity, then these will be renewable energies. Otherwise they are waste.

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