Lauren Boebert Mocks Kamala Harris with Cardboard Cutout at Border

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) released a video Tuesday that included taking a cardboard cutout of Vice President Kamala Harris to the border to draw attention to the immigration crisis—and the Biden administration’s unwillingness to do anything about it.

“You can’t just hear about what’s happening. You have to come down here to see for yourself to really understand the devastating reality at our southern border,” Boebert said.

“So I brought Kamala down to see exactly what this regime is responsible for with their man-made crisis.”

“Illegal aliens crossing the border, that’s up. Sex offenders crossing the border, that’s up. Drug trafficking, gun smuggling, human smuggling, that’s up,” she said.


Boebert blasted Harris for not helping Americans, saying, “You know what’s not up at the southern border? Respect for law and order, funding for our Border Patrol. And where is the media to cover this crisis?”

The congresswoman added, “More than 70 days ago, Biden named cackling Kamala as border czar but she hasn’t done a single thing to protect the American people.”


The video comes as Harris has come under increased attack as President Joe Biden’s immigration response leader. However, the vice president has yet to visit the border or make plans to do so.

Harris continues to dodge the border, while hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants cross into the nation. The contrast continues to reveal the Biden administration’s lack of concern to secure the border and protect Americans.

What’s it going to take to get Harris to the border or to at least enact a single policy that slows the flow of illegal immigration?

Harris’ trip to Guatemala to tell potential travelers, “Do not come,” was a total bust. She was greeted on the tarmac by protesters who told her to “mind her business” and “Kamala Go Home” instead of supporters.

Even Guatemala’s president acknowledged the difference in the handling of the border crisis between the Trump administration and the Biden administration. He told an interviewer after Joe and Kamala’s inauguration in January “The very next day, the coyotes were here organizing groups of children to take them to the United States.”

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz told Fox News this week the border could be secured in a day if the Biden administration would reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy and end catch and release.

He’s right. It’s not that complicated. If Biden wanted to close the border, he could. It seems to work just fine between the U.S. and Canada, as the nation’s northern neighbor continues to lock down due to COVID-19 concerns.

America also has the power to secure the border. With the world’s largest military force, it wouldn’t take too many National Guard members to support the nation’s Border Patrol to make it happen. The plan sure seemed to work in D.C. for the inauguration.

Plus, what if there was a way to construct some kind of barrier along the southern border that would keep most people out without permission? Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it? Oh, wait, Trump already did that. He called it a border wall.

Biden cancelled it on his first day in office.

Rep. Lauren Boebert highlighted the hypocrisy of the left. If she could only get Democrats to do something about it, Americans would do more than laugh—they would cheer over a new sense of security along the nation’s border.

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58 thoughts on “Lauren Boebert Mocks Kamala Harris with Cardboard Cutout at Border”

  1. It’s about time that legal action be taken!
    You know, LIKE, impeachment proceedings for the two that AREN’T doing the job they were “elected” to do and responsible for putting American lives at risk! This time it would be successful because there is cause!
    Unlike trying to impeach a VERY successful previous POTUS that put America FIRST!

    1. We’ll have to wait for the new Congress to impeach these two bumbling idiots. Hopefully, we’ll still have a country by then.

        1. Right on Tim . . . we need to press hard for a Deport the Dems Movement and get these slimebags out of here ASAP. At this stage of the game why would anyone want Kamala to actually go to the border? So she can show off her total incompetency again?

    2. Remember; they weren’t really elected, so what can you expect from these thieving morons? Everyone in Congress over the age of 50 should be seen by a psychiatrist to ensure mental stability. Few would pass starting with Biden. Hope we’re not arrested for our opinions.

    3. Rat breed Rats. That what the Dem Rat are doing , a total disservice to the American People and the Country, by letting billion of illegal refugees over the border top swelled their Votes and supporters count. Biden and Kamala are cheating and selling USA to the rats from the Souths

    4. Be patient, Red. The Democrats, including the Democrat (code name: Mainstream) Media, will want the current VP, nicknamed, “The Willie Brown Humidor,” to have a shot at TEN YEARS in the Oval Orifice, which will require Mumbles’ impeachment in about 1.3 years.

      Any later than that reduces the amount of time she would be able to hold that office by the number of months Mumbles holds on to his presidency. Any earlier than that, and what is left of Mumbles’ term will count as Harris’ first term, limiting her to no more than about 6 years or less as prez. The Dems want 10.

      So look for them to NOT stand in the way of Mumbles’ impeachment–in fact, behind the scenes, they will urge the GOP House and Senate to impeach and remove him.

      We, stupidly will go along…instead of forcing the Democrat’s hand, and making them the “bad guys.” So, either way, while not “gone in 60 seconds,” the Delaware Dimwit will be impeached, resign, get “HIllary’d,” or just follow Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg into the grave and into eternal irrelevance.

      Be patient.

  2. The people crossing our southern border are fleeing socialism and the related corruption. They will not vote for that same crap if allowed to vote. This will backfire on dems.

    1. So fleeing TO socialism and corruption is the answer to their problems? Get real. They have no plan for their arrival except to live off of the taxpayer in the USA. We are not responsible for the world’s problems. Stay home and fix your country instead of destroying ours. Like children, they will vote for whomever gives them ice cream (freebies). In what sane world would someone expect to invade another country and have them provide for your every need?

    2. I thought the reason the Democraps want these illegals to come to our country was so that they will vote Democrat in 2022 and 2024. I hope I am wrong because I am very worried that our beautiful country will turn into a socialist/communist country. Most if not all of these illegals are coming with the corona virus and infect thousands once they get settled somewhere. I think Biden, Harris and Pelosi should take a bunch of them to their homes and support them instead of our tax dollars having to pay for them. And all the drugs coming into the country will kill thousands of innocent people. I wish the Republicans will grow a spine and impeach the marshmallow man sitting in the Whitehouse. I know Harris is not any better but we can deal with her once Biden is gone.


    1. I would like to see the cutout placed in front of an On The Border restaurant with the caption saying. “No issues at this border and the margaritas taste great.”

    2. I agree with you! I think one with Ted Cruz would be appropriate and one with Ron DeSantis, the FL Governor would help to. Maybe if we shamed her enough she’d run home to mommy!!

      1. Meanwhile your President is taking tea with HM The Queen. You should be embarrassed to have this man represent you on the world stage.

  4. Biden needs to be impeached. This border situation is the worst it’s ever been in American history. Biden is not keeping the American citizens safe. Why why is he getting away with this? Something needs to be done. Harris, what a joke. . Border CRISIS needs to be addressed by bringing in the national guard.

    1. Don’t you remember Harris did address the border issue it’s (CLIMATE CHANGE) and she also blamed the Guatemalan government which I’m sure went over real well. Then proceeded to tell people don’t come here because the U.S enforces their border laws. I cant laugh any more it’s to painful

      1. ???CHRISTrumpOwensBoebert and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2024 Reelected Landslide
        Amen & Amen???

      1. The national guard is under state rule , Arizona governor is utilizing the guard on the border as of now.

    2. I agree with you Maureen, but what really scares me is that this could quite easily start a civil war between us people that love this country and wants to protect her against the democraps that hate this country. The Dems only want power and will not give it up without a fight. They are already working on changing the voting laws so they will win in 2022 and 2024. The world is laughing at us and at the brain-dead Biden and his criminal son. The Biden family is worse than the well-known Mafia families such as the Gambino, Colombo, Bonanno and Genovese. China is already scheming ways of overtaking the US and Biden will hand it over to them because they are paying his family millions of dollars. I only wish we could do something to stop all this. I find it very depressing, but I find some hope in the posts that you all make. Thanks.

  5. The reason nothing is happening with the border and china is Biden is getting alot of money from china and as for Harris shes happy more men are coming that mean she gets to fo what she does best is get on her knee’s and give men blow jobs

  6. Kamala will not go to the border, because they don’t want to solve this crisis. This crisis pulls it’s attention while they work on their other schemes. Joe Biden won’t either, that is why he assigned it to Kamala. I also believe they are cowards, they are afraid to face crowds.Perfect pair for their lack of respect for our country and the American people. I pray the Democrats will see through this and don’t continue to vote Democrat just because you’ve been Democrats since your great, great grandparents. These are not the Democrats anyone grew up with. Anyone who takes away jobs and lets other countries come in to make the money is not for the USA. Please wake up !!! These two need impeached !! Yes, don’t forget about Hunter’s laptop, they want to sweep that under the rug !

    1. You are so right, and answer me this puzzle, why are felons “such as Hunter allowed to carry a gun” and the idiots in the white house are trying to kill the 2nd amendment. Impeachment is a good start jail time for treason should follow. Lucky for them we have become more civilized or we would get a rope.

  7. Biden and his administration are a JOKE. 20,000 very good paying jobs (XL PIPE LINE) lost because of Joe Biden. Wants to shoot down all oil pipelines in the UNITED STATES. Tells Russia they have his approval to build an oil pipeline from Russia to Germany. This is the first time I have ever seen TWO WACK JOBS RUNNING THE COUNTRY!!!! Joe Biden doesn’t know JACK-SHIT Harris knows LESS!!!!

  8. IMPEACHMENT and CONVICTION only works with a SIMPLE majority in the HOUSE and a SUPER majority in the SENATE . . . both REPUBLICAN, and NO RINOs and “never Trumpers”. Let get INVOLVED in the POLITICAL process to VOTE out the Treasonistic TRAITORS, and bring BACK the U.S. according to the way our FOUNDING FATHERS intended as by GOD himself. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

    1. Pelosi runs the house, and I doubt she will do anything about it. She likes Joe. It’s worth a try tho.

      1. If you reverse Joe Biden’s initials- JB it is BJ and I bet he smiles all the time! Cheap entertainment for demented public officials like JB, excuse me, I meant BJ, Handler Nance. And now she needs to go get her hair done! Sorry if I offended you, Doris…I am an old fart with a dirty mouth (age 67) and sometimes my evil twin rears itself

  9. And just where all those crybabies ” aoc taleib presley Omar ” they balled there eyes out and now they don’t give a shit . People of color don’t be suckered by the corrupt Gestapo of the Biden administration .

  10. What do YOU do when the tub’s overflowing?

    1 – turn off the tap!
    2 – unplug the drain!
    3 – don’t worry about the melting ice-cap!

  11. Boebert, you should have planted the Kamala billboard right where the actual illegal crossers are. Thousands of them!!! What i’m seeing are boarder walls without a single illegal crossing them.

  12. The Constitution requires all government officials to benefit “We the People”!!! These fools have done nothing but benefited themselves and their party. It is time to invoke the Constitution and rid ourselves of these traitors. Even their legally binding oath of office has been broken in order for them to commit tyranny.


  14. Good job Lauren! Maybe she will come to see herself. Even if she does not come to the border, our true American Patriots are working tirelessly to do a job that was given to Kamala. God Bless The Texas workers and God Bless The USA!

  15. I was under the impression that Uncle Joe Stal….er Bite-me & Kama Kameleon took an oath to protect & uphold the laws of the United States, but I guess I was wrong! If they can’t or won’t do their jobs, then IMPEACH, & NOW!!!

  16. CHRISTrumpOwensBoebert and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen

  17. The Dems must be mind controlled idiots with their population suffering from dementia! If the Dems could put three brain cells together at once, they should realize the biden/HARRIS administration is slowly taking away all our income, pennies but mostly quarters, at a time, so many of us (especially seniors) will not be able to afford anything for basic living. Where I live in a Dem controlled state we are experiencing an extreme rise in food prices, often 25-50%, and it is predicted that our heating costs this year will almost be unaffordable. And regarding our Black U.S.citizens, they must have forgotten all the disparaging remarks Sleepy Joe made about their race several years back. I would not want to be part of this race that he considered to be sub par and was voiced on air by him, a person who is now president! Wake Up America! Life is going to be very different now!!

  18. All of you Commenters are missing the “boat”. This invasion of immigrants is carefully being managed to ‘bus votes’ to counties and states where a few more Dem votes will tip the outcome to elect Dem Senators; Representatives; and even Pres. —to make future elections easier to win. Just dump the border-crossers in the communities needing more Dem votes. All other discussion is a distraction!

  19. Hilary had a lap top too. I wonder what happened to that one and the 3.000+ deleted emails? I bet cyberspace is full of Democratic “junk mail” floating around!

  20. The thing No ONE seems to be talking about is that to My knowledge 80 officers have now died as a result of being infected by COVID from interactions with ILLEGALS!!! Yup not a peep about that hu? Meanwhile Bidy’s HO ya know Kammi bae, has yet to be met ANYWHERE with anything but protesters telling Kammi what a POS her and OL Pedo Bidy are!!!! But even I have to admit it, the only thing they have made Great Again is CHILD SEX TRAFFICING! Good job Bidy N Da Ho. My only hope is that every Dem O Rat is affected in some way by one of the slugs Bidy allows to our country each day! Maybe one of Bidy Jr’s kids or piglosy’s grand kids will be raped or worse by one of these illegals and then when it affects them! Bet’s Your sweet Ass something would get done! Seems a Rat voter only can get it when it affects them directly in some way!! I have sent every libbertarded voter I know of, information and address to an agent that post it on a board!! I mean they voted to have them here so I believe and feel they should welcome them into their homes. I have heard now of 3 that have shown up to My buddies in-law’s in AZ! I don’t understand Why they did not take responsibility and let them squat in their Homes? I mean they welcomed them by voting for Bidy and Da Ho in My opinion

  21. I was wondering how long it would take for someone beside myself to remember RACIST Joe from his Senate years. And that our military will never receive anything from him and the dumb ass snowflakes who have never been taught our history that is being re-written for socialist government coup.

  22. There is just so much corruption in the Biden administration – unreal. Biden does nothing but his executive orderes to destroy everything Trump built. He has limited mental capacity – and is being run by Pelosi, Obama, Soros. They have put radical muslims, radical blacks into their cabinate so they will agree with the Love BLM, Love ANTIFA, Love CHINA, Love POWER agenda. We know they dont want to clear up the border problem — more grateful illegals, more uneducated Democratic voters. Somehow it needs to be stopped……

  23. Mildred Martin
    We don’t have a president. We have a puppet who is being used and was allowed to pick a vp because of color and sex. She is a joke and a disgrace. No qualifications at all. Now Biden has managed to flood the country with billions which were stolen while elderly citizen like me are forgotten and food prices increase daily. He started on day one to destroy this country. He has done more damage than any sitting president. Who is over seeing all this spending. Where are you Nancy? What happened with the help for the elderly. I’m still waiting ?

  24. It seems to me that every self absorbed, crooked, cackling, ugly, stupid, evil, wealthy and corrupt women in Washington always wears a pantsuit. So easy to spot but so hard to get rid of. Kamala likes to see herself so maybe she will go to the boarder to check out her cardboard image. So much like the real one!

  25. I am a retired Air Force member, I stayed because I love my country and watching these so calLed “:leaders”: scares me I am in my *)’;s and willl not have to suffer this mess much longer I just hope I see these leaders impeached!

  26. Hey everyone. Don’t be so hard on the useless administration in the big house who have no idea on what to do about this small stuff. They are attacking the bigger issues, more important like making new holidays.

  27. The border crisis was planned by the DNC and the Biden admin. The idea is to have as many illegals cross the border into the US, ship them to predominantly red states and then give them amnesty right before the midterm elections. The Biden admin. cares nothing about the USA…only their power…They can’t win on ideas in a legal election….only by fraud and subterfuge.

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