Let’s All Point and Laugh as the Biden-Democrat Agenda Withers and Dies

Well, that’s that. The “Biden honeymoon” of the first 100 days in office has come and gone. As far as accomplishments go, it’s a big fat goose egg. The Asterisk Administration cannot list a single big accomplishment during its first 100 days, other than being the first administration in US history in which naptime was a much more common occurrence than press conferences.

The Democrats’ big problem was that one hand was not talking to the other in the run-up to the 2020 election. And when they were stunned that the tech titans actually pulled off the big you-know-what in November, they had no agenda to run the country with.

The people who should have been making plans to run the country knew that they were toast and believed that they would be lucky to hold the House and/or Senate, let alone the executive branch. It must have been pandemonium for Biden’s handlers:

“Holy crap! What do you mean we won?! What are we supposed to do now? Wait! I know! What was that plan from the dumb girl with the colors in it? She wrote that down, right? What was it called… Blue News Reel? Turquoise Plumb Veal? Oh, the Green Nude Eel! Quick, call AOC and get a copy of her Green Nude Eel! We’ll slap it up on the website and call that the Bold Biden Build Back Better 100-Day Agenda! And send some troops into Syria for no reason while we’re at it!”


Other than the Green Nude Eel, the entire Biden “agenda” has consisted of Black Lives Matter bumper sticker slogans, wacky reparations ideas from Sheila Jackson-Lee, and of course amnesty. My prediction is that none of this stuff is going to pass, by the way.

They couldn’t even get a $15 minimum wage passed! I couldn’t help laughing out loud this week after the White House suddenly announced that Joe Biden had raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour (for federal workers). Congratulations, Biden voters!

Federal workers, of course, make an average of $53 an hour. Even the bottom 25th percentile of federal workers makes $22 an hour. So, Joe Biden’s big executive order for a $15 minimum wage won’t even raise the wages of any federal workers that it was supposedly aimed at. It’s all Potemkin woke theater at this point!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Joe Biden’s next big announcement of an executive order to forgive student loan debt (for federal workers). Even though that already exists for federal workers, through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. It’s pretending that you’re doing something that counts!

Former Clinton administration attack dog James Carville gave a big interview to Vox the other day, and even he admits that the Democrats are toast if they keep trying to appease their own woke base. Here’s what Carville said:

“No matter how you look at the map, the only way Democrats can hold power is to build on their coalition, and that will have to include more rural white voters from across the country. Democrats are never going to win a majority of these voters. That’s the reality. But the difference between getting beat 80 to 20 and 72 to 28 is all the difference in the world.”

That last sentence is key. And yet every single “bold change” item in the Democrats’ agenda is an 80-20 loser issue with mentally healthy people who don’t live in San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York. How do their agenda items really stack up with voters?

Amnesty for illegal aliens has never been more unpopular, with nearly 80% of voters across racial and party lines opposed. Banning voter ID? 77% oppose across all racial and party lines. Gun control? About the same. Letting hairy perverts shower with our teenage daughters after crushing them in the 200-meter dash? The opposition to that is off-the-charts among sane Americans in all political parties and all races outside of the deep blue sanctuary cities.

The Biden regime has no accomplishments to list in its first 100 days because they never had a plan to begin with. The people rigging the 2020 contest forgot to tell Team Biden that they were going to “win.” But enjoy that $15 minimum wage, Biden voters!

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44 thoughts on “Let’s All Point and Laugh as the Biden-Democrat Agenda Withers and Dies”

  1. Biden hS accomplished nothing! But doing what these dumb leftist people want for China. There will never be 15.00 an hours wages as long as democrats let illegal immigrants into the country. Since 1990 these democrats have refuses to increase the minimum wage. Even giving themselves pay raise when other are hurting to make end meet! Read up on the history since the Clinton were in DC.

  2. Biden and the left are going to start a civil war if we don’t have voter cards and registration as I have all my life every time I voted. I am still amazed how stupid the far left is. They are in love with Chinese communism. Biden regimes is handing America to China. Don’t forget regime. The 75 million pissed off Americans number is growing fast. The nuts running DC should all be in jail for what they have done. They would have quickly put Trump in jail. One problem he didn’t fo anything wrong. As a matter of fact he turned our country around and made it what Americans expect. He “made it great again”. The Democratic regime ripped it apart gor us to fix again. Go Conservatives. Win again and take it back fairly again from the thugs that ripped is off. Then prosecute all those involved in all the illegal actions of 2020 election. Or if we acted like Dems. We could send Antifa to the homes of all supreme court judges and threaten them like Chuck Schummer, better known as Chuck Scumbag along with sidekick crazy Nancy P. No. Republicans have more class. We sre taking it back by our own constitution. If that doesn’t work I believe the majority of ALL Americans regardless of race, color or sex. We are not prejudice. Alll Americans is key here.
    Finally we must regulate media and fine all media with incorrect information published. That will take care of censorship. Well the big 3 tec censoring would be shit down immediately with new regulations and would have to pay and undo all the censoring. Go TRUMP supporters.

    1. We have a HUGE problem here. The demoRats are trying to “ram” through HR 1. Should it get through the Senate, as S1, no Republicans will have a chance in hell of winning another election. Wake up America!

      1. call your senate and house to vote no on HR1 now then vote them out if they dont vote no! We need voter ID to vote.

    2. It does not matter what we do. Some Democrats always finding fault or whatever, good President Trump and we the trutful supporters have been doing all this time. We are really dealing with good and evil. Another situation to, is that some Republicans were tired and exhausted all those 4 Plus years. At Ieast he has more time to relax. Besides, being a President of the United States of America. Is not easy at all. It takes a lot of responsibility. Yesh! The workers got a raised. But I wish that people herrlr where I live don’t get into my own Life. And so forth! It is too much to handle. I do not want to scare you. But be aware. My best advise to you. ‘Pray’ Don’t fight evil with evil. They can really hurt you. Our God is will make better for us. Not worse. ….? Take Care and God Bless you.

  3. Peaked. Only gets worse and worse, more and more Fake News polls. Remember, Americans actually voted for this.

  4. I agree with the previous writers about the condition of our country, and how the traitors are handing us to China. I am angry too, and often let the tension flow to my fingertips while typing. But, my friends, please do not give the Libs any more ammunition to vilify us as ignorant. After expressing your thoughts while clenching your teeth, take some time to simmer down and edit the remarks. We will change things, and make America Great Again. Did I just hear Joe Biden say God Bless America? No, I thought not.

    1. I really don’t think it’s right to call this feckless, braindead, lunatic, idiot President or leader. The definition of President is leader and the definition of leader is President, this braindead racist is neither and never will be. As long as this bunch stays where they are we all will die.

      1. Did Biden state that we have a problem in this country with white supremacy? Friends of mine said he didn’t say that.

    2. Stand by America. Mike Lindell has documented a pile of irrefutable evidence of the big steal.lt meets the supreme court’s criteria of enough to overturn the election to be heard,unlike the other cases. When they see this it could result in Trumps return to white house this fall. Evidence shows( over 70million have seen it)Trump got over 80million votes to Biden’s 68million votes. That’s 370 electoral votes,a landslide victory. You can see this evidence @oann.com. Evidence is imperial data confirmed by government cyber professionals. It shows who,how,&exactly where the big steal happened. High treason is involved & several nations cooperated with American traitors to pull this off. Our military spooks were watching in real time.

    3. Well, not quite. The title Worst President in History does and will always belong to Barack Hussein Obummer. Biden is nothing more than a barely living cardboard poster advertisement for Alzheimer’s disease, while both Barack and Michele were the Bonnie and Clyde of the White House, turning our entire government into a festering nest of boils on maggots’ asses. History is gonna have a ball tossing rotten tomatoes at that cartoonish pair who have verified Negro comedian Chris Rock’s definition of a “Nigger” as “Black Trash.” Every word out of both their mouths was and still is just an anti-American whitewash of what their beloved minister Jeremiah Wright refused to candy coat.

  5. Why didn’t he mention cutting unemployment checks with all the job openings? How about dismissing John Kerry for treason pending charges? Why was Giuliani’s home raided by American KGB (FBI)?

  6. He just read off a list of things they want to do to us to destroy the Country. He lied about everything but that is just what he read as well. He is not our leader, who is? Whoever they are, they are not leaders, we didn’t elect them & we know we didn’t really elect this senile unpopular zero & criminal who read this stuff. Censorship & media interference in the election got us here. The cheat could not have happened without their help. Dems would have had to start finding a reasonable & electable person as far back as 2008 if the media hadn’t gone this far into helping them. We need a leader who loves our Country. How does anyone swear to uphold the Constitution & then try to destroy it starting day one in office? That kind of stuff has been going on for along time & how do we stop it? This is a takeover in disguise & nobody is fooled about it or this mess would be popular. It is not. Perhaps the States are the key, many are standing up already & the recount will hopefully make it clear that what we all saw happen, did actually happen. Why weren’t the Biden’s not in prison long before the election with all the money they got while he was VP? That is kind of basic.

    1. We really dealing here with honest and dishonesty. This is why we are exhausted. This Country needs healing. They need to repent from their sins and Pray to God. So that this Country can be bless and not be course. If my people turned away from their sins
      and seek my face and turned from the wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and heal this land.

  7. senile biden and his bar room rag have done nothing for america, same as worthless blowjobio and his sawed off schrimp cuomo, i have a question how many people does cuomo have to kill like the ones in nursing homes, and now he,s got 7 women saying he abused them and the worthless dumb-a-rats have done nothing other than sweep it under the rug, ih and steal an election for that senile piece of shit biden.

  8. Biden has had a 45 year career of NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS. His “friend”–Bathhouse Barry praised him by saying on record “Never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to completely F#$% things up”. Biden’s only success is being the moronic depends- wearing puppet that can be manipulated into saying/ doing whatever is worst for this country and doing what is best for China.Too bad communism is no longer punishable by public execution in the US.

  9. When are we going to see our country return to normalcy? We need law and order and people being responsible for their own lives and how they live them to their benefit. We do not need the government telling us what to do how to do it and when. We do not want the government to be problem solvers when they have proven time and time again that they only make matters worse by more stupid laws that only make them richer. We need to get rid of the majority of Representatives and Senators and get real honest Americans in our government that love their country and are God fearing people. America has turned into a fiasco led by people that hate us as we enjoy freedom. They want us subservient to them in all ways. Just like China, their lovers.


    1. What about Cuba. Some good smart people are fighting to free their Country from Comunism. If we take care of that small things of this world. Maybe God will help us and bless us more. Don’t you think.?

  11. I truly resent all those people that say that Howdy Doody, aka Joe Biden, has not accomplished a single thing. Right off the top of my head I can think of two things he’s accomplished: 1) he promised to let all illegal aliens into the country, and as we’ve seen since his inauguration, record numbers of illegals are flooding in, and include sick, criminal and sex trafficking elements, and 2) the systemic racism narrative is being pushed every day, and now even includes giant corporations like Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Nike and of course Coca Cola, whose new corporate motto could be: Get Woke, Drink Coke! So please folks, give Joe credit where credit is due, his accomplishments, though minimal, have occurred. America can be proud knowing we have a puppet on a string leading us!

  12. they want to separate the country NOT UNITY so they can pull more cheating and fraudulant stunts and line their pockets, the hell with 15 dollars, they be happy if it was 5 dollars an hour or less pay,
    Nancy is the problem with her stale old ideas, racist ideas, lining her pockets with china stock info

    1. I agree and to me that is evil. If they want the good descent people to fail. It is not very nice at all. But God is watching.

  13. I knew there were crooked politicians but never in my life did I believe there was this much corruption in our government. This is the reason for term limits for Congress and Senate. It’s amazing how these people prostitute themselves in order to sell out America.

  14. Sleepy Joe accomplished ZERO except to allow all the illegals into America. He will pay dearly for that action!!!
    Semper Fi

  15. joe didn’t do any thing to make our lives better in 47 years,so what’s another 100 days the same old joe

    1. No actually I read that 15,000 I legal Emigrants were detained. I couldn’t finishing reading it because I was too tired.

  16. Loser. Another dem scam! Still wondering how this less than cognizant, washed out, senile, ignorant, pathetic excuse for a leader.
    Was elected!!! One hundred days of shit.
    Really, dems, this is your best option??? Guess it was, he is easy to manipulate.
    How long till the GOP can start the process, for impeachment, because of gross ineptness?


  18. We are in a world of hurt, that’s for sure. Hoping the “Repubs” do something is only fooling ourselves. There are a few “fire eaters” among them, but not enough. Taken as a whole, they are hapless and feckless. It’s going to take all of us together; on our own, as Americans, to get rid of them.

  19. Biden idiot did say we have a problem with white supremacy. That statement is dividing the country. I can’t believe he said that. Why did he say we have a problem with BLM, destroying cities, attacking policy. Businesses having to close because of thugs. He was so wrong what he said
    Just seems like nothing is turning around
    I wonder what the Republicans ate thinking. My guess they just want to keep their cushy jobs and perks. This is sickening what is happening in.this country.


  20. Biden banned flights from India because of covid is really bad in that country. Why is letting all of the migrants come I to pur country? Many are just running through and the border patrol is overwhelmed. This president needs to be impeached. The people that support Biden, NOT TO BRIGHT.

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