Lying Feds Overstate January 6 Capitol Protest Damages by 30X

Even the National Guard has given up on the make-believe insurrection in Washington, DC. The troops have packed up and gone home, since they haven’t had to do a single insurrection or defense-related thing in the past five months, other than dodge Jill Biden when she shows up to try to give them cookies.

Oh, sorry… DOCTOR Jill Biden.

But Democrats are not giving up on their dream of smearing all Donald Trump supporters as dangerous white supremacist insurrectionists engaged in domestic terrorism. The problem the D’s are encountering is that everything they say turns out to be a big fat lie. Like the “damage” done to the US Capitol, for example.

A week after the mostly peaceful Capitol protests, the FBI held a press conference. One high-ranking bureaucrat with the FBI blathered on and on about the “destruction” that took place during the four-hour tourism spree that delayed a meeting in the US Senate. They showed pictures of broken windows that we had already seen. And don’t forget, one insurrectionist stole Nancy Pelosi’s podium and walked around taking selfies with it. Horrific damage.

It was the worst “attack on our democracy” since the Civil War, according to the doddering puppet in the White House. It was worse than 9-11, Oklahoma City and Pearl Harbor combined. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) requires therapy for her wartime PTSD after the Capitol “attack.”

When House Democrats started “investigating” the insurrection in February, they heard testimony from a hyperventilating federal drama queen about the extensive damages done to the Capitol. A guy named J. Brett Blanton, who sounds like a Simpsons character but is a real person, is the head of an agency called the Architect of the Capitol (the AOC… no, really!). The AOC is the agency responsible for the upkeep of all the buildings and racist statues at the US Capitol and it employs about 2,000 people.

And boy, is J. Brett Blanton proud of himself for his actions during the insurrection! Here’s what he told Congress:

“As an agency, we served as a shining light of hope that day and in the days following the insurrection. I remain proud of and encouraged by the professionalism displayed by the AOC team in the face of this dangerous and stressful event.”

Wow! So stunning and brave!

Personally, I thought the curvy model in the skintight QAnon superhero costume waving an American flag from the Capitol steps was a shining light of hope that day, but what do I know? She was certainly easier on the eyes than J. Brett Blanton.


Anyway, after describing how the architects at the US Capitol were actually a bunch of heroic soldiers who stopped an insurrection, J. Brett Blanton put a price tag on how much it would cost to repair the damages done by the Trump terrorists: $30 million!

He said this under oath, by the way. And that $30 million was just a preliminary estimate. Blanton would need additional funds to pay for mental health counseling for all of the employees at the Architect of the Capitol, due to the stress that they went through while battling the insurrection. But $30 million in additional funding would be a nice start.

House Democrats immediately appropriated an extra $30 million for this obscure federal agency that none of us had ever heard of before. Naturally, the $30 million price tag for damages became an instant part of the narrative. It sounds like a huge number. And of course, it was a total lie, just like everything else we’re constantly being told about January 6th.

One of the Trump supporters pleaded guilty this month to the charges that the Department of Justice slapped against him: Trespassing, interrupting an official meeting, and aiding and abetting the vandalism of federal property. Almost none of the jailed Trump supporters have been charged with actually breaking or damaging anything, by the way. They’re all charged with aiding and abetting vandalism.

But here’s the curious thing about this Trump supporter who pleaded guilty: In the charging documents against him, the Department of Justice states emphatically that the damages to the Capitol totaled just $1.5 million. The $30 million figure was a lie (but Congress paid for it anyway, no questions asked!).

Is J. Brett Blanton going to be charged with lying to Congress? Will the Architect of the Capitol agency have to give the extra money back? I’m sure you already know the answers to those questions.

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35 thoughts on “Lying Feds Overstate January 6 Capitol Protest Damages by 30X”

  1. Joe Biden and his entire entourage are liars. There is no reason to expect anything from them but lies just like we received with Barack Obama and the Bathroom Boys. I am sick of hearing the so called news media express phony surprise at catching Biden in his lies.


    1. Does that A …realize what federal laws and statutes he committed by aiding and abetting those lying liars.

  2. It’s funny how they lie and think the people are going to believe them but that’s okay Trump made Harris do something she did not want to do he’s a private citizen at least she’s going to the border to see stuff for herself Trump is still getting stuff done and they’re too stupid to realize that he has a lot of control yet

    1. Mr Ron Wagner you are right . Trump is still in control. Thank you for reminding everyone. They are all spell bound with what the Biden Administration has to say. God is on control and so is President Trump. [email protected]

  3. Jan 6th was NOT an attack on democracy it was American people getting carried away with their hated for democrats continuous lies and power grabs.

    1. being led by aunt-ifa- ,yes the one interviewed by cnn- (aka) an infiltrate/ AUNT-IFA, AND UNCLE BEN. WAKE UP AMERICA, PUTIN IS EATING OUR LUNCH AND SHARING IT WITH XI.

  4. Can’t understand why these Congress or democrats president jump on anything throw in their face! Sure they are not the ones who pay the bills! That the taxpayers! Yiu can’t even trust the HOUSE SPEAKER! Who will throw money away as long as it not her! Where did 30 million dollars of damage done during the January 6th protesting? Is this guy a fool or a CON MAN? How much was the damage in those DEMOCRAT control state? That was done to FEDERAL BUILDING BY ANTIFA AND BLM? You ever noticed that BLM IS A BUNCH OF RICH PEOPLE KIDS? THAT ARE WHITE?

  5. I am not surprised at all the rats have been lying for year’s to the American people, that being said I read several article’s referring to the damage at the capital and it was said 1.5 million and now it’s 30 million???? Where did this so called agency AOC come from and claim 30 million,lies, lies.. This administration wants to be able to charge these people who were protesting yes Trump supporters, with multiple charges and bump them up due to the massive amount of damage that was done, more money more charges, bumped up charges..They want to be able to hold these people in jail solitary confinement for as long as they can , under extreme conditions!! So there is one man , 54 years old who supposedly is part of a group called The Oath Keepers he pled guilty to 3 charges in exchange for information about the other 14 members who are also in jail, his stay will be lessened for COOPERATING with the rats!! One of the charges he faces is destroying legal documents, which was leveled on him because he closed his FB account 2 days after the Capitol incident!! This is disgusting, horrific and all lies just to keep these people in jail under horrific circumstances for as long as they the RATS can.!!! No surprise they have been weaving their big web of lies for months , this agency and what was put forth as truth ,should be investigated for lying under oath, it won’t happen now but 2022 it will. Where has the justice system gone ???

  6. Don’t forget, those politicians want to be loved by the people, otherwise they will become very very nasty! So, please, powder their asses.

  7. It was reported yesterday that a grandmother from Indiana was charged with PARADING around the Capitol Jan. 6th.
    There is only one person that should be charged and that is Nancy Pelosi for PARADING around ( for tooooo many years) in the Capitol building and for constantly lying to the American people. Pelosi and her group are truly the enemy of the American people. 2020 to GET THEM OUT!!!??????


    1. especially after watching j. asscosta and piss wallace- ,yes we realize america has been taken for a royal ride- the idiophyles that cant see this are the indoctrinated blahfoons

  9. Take Michigan, the administrative side are all socialist, snitches, cheats, prevaricators, etc and they receive taxpayer funded paychecks. Even the FBI has turned into the NAZI SS where they tap phones, infiltrate groups who they brain wash to say they planned to do things which is becoming all crap. The FBI has become the problem. All we get “we knew this” but did nothing until people are dead or bombs go off. Just so happens the same FBI head in Mi over the so-called Whitmer kidnapping is the same body in the Washington Jan 6 fiasco. Coincidence once again! Maybe it is time the FBI is investigated by someone else than the FBI!! Maybe we can contact the Germans to come over and clean house. Is that statement not sad!

    1. All branches of So-Called Law Enforcement have been Corrupted. FBI, CIA, After the G7, America is the Laughing Stock Of America. F.B.I. has been Investigating (Collecting Corrupt Evidence). When will they use it? If it was Average American, You’d Be In The Slammer.

  10. January 6th was a leftist preplanned ‘riot’ with paid troublemakers, bribed Capitol police, deceitful FBI brass, crooked politicians, and dyed-in-the-wool Marxist thugs coordinating the action. The FBI was complicit and refuses to turn over 14 hours of surveillance tape that would prove the innocence of Trump supporters who are in jail despite having done nothing criminal. The FBI claims it had many secret informers planted in the crowd and therefore cannot provide surveillance tapes because that would reveal the faces of their secret informers. Pathetic. George Soros is lurking somewhere in the background because his money funds most of these preplanned chaotic events. The Fake News Media is always nearby to help the leftist cabal propagandize such events, spread false reports, and deceive the public. This is the Democrat Marxist Party’s restructuring of America. Goodbye freedom.

  11. I think by now that all racist in this country can see what the Dem-o-rats are trying to do with all the people in this country that want to turn one against thee other no matter what color you are, The whole family has a problem with race in this country and by there own hated problem with race there trying to take down the US of America, we must be strong and not let this happen.

  12. All they do is lie. McAullife of Virginia is spewing more childish rhetoric about CRT as usual but hey, they clown show that’s been Virginia for a decade or two now Under him and Northam especially.

  13. There was no insurrection on Jan 6th from any one except Demoncreeps,BLM/Antifas. Changing topics, want to stop illegals from crossing the Rio Grande?
    Put military snipers at the waters edge and start shooting the coyotes as they try to cross into the USA. Remember, we are at WAR with these animals who kill, rape and rob these poor refugees. They have declared WAR on our troops and border patrol agents. It is only justice that we reply in kind. This will put a stop to the smuggling very quickly!!!

  14. They keep talking 1/6/2021 & I keep saying ANTIFA & BLM, have done MILLIONS more in damages & KILLED THOUSANDS more BLACKS, WHITES, POLICE, BABIES & LITTLE CHILDREN than 1/6!! NO ONE was killed by any protester on 1/6 it is a proven fact but Dems. don’t like facts they like LIES & HATE!!!

  15. $1.5m is still extremely high… couple windows, recovering the plastic on the side of the inauguration stage, and mopping the floors is not anywhere near 10% of that figure.

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