New York City Vaccine Mandate Puts 9,000 City Employees Out of Work, Shuts Down Fire Departments

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that 9,000 city employees have gone on unpaid leave rather than comply with the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate effective Nov. 1.

De Blasio announced the news during a livestream event on Monday morning. In addition to thousands of city workers on unpaid leave, 12,000 additional city employees have applied for a medical or religious exemption.

That’s over 20,000 citizens de Blasio is ok with letting go.

The concern rises as details are being unveiled regarding which city workers are taking unpaid leave. A reported 5,500 city police officers, 2,300 firefighters and more than 1,500 sanitation workers remain unvaccinated, according to the U.K. Daily Mail. The totals include an estimated one in four firefighters and one in six police officers.

On Monday, ABC News also reported 18 fire companies are considered “out of service” now because works are using sick time to get paid. “There are understaffed units. That understaffing could end immediately if members stopped going sick when they weren’t sick,” FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said.

Sanitation workers are also reportedly in short supply following the city’s vaccine mandate going into effect. Piles of trash were already collecting on city streets last week as worker shortage grew due to the upcoming vaccine mandate.


The city has just effectively unemployed 21,000 people and crippled its fire, police and sanitation departments in a single day over a controversial shot. This is not about America First. It’s not even about a pandemic. The vaccine mandates have become a plague of their own, shutting down communities over leftist policies that claim to “follow the science.”

If New York City is a taste of what other cities can expect when imposing vaccine mandates, imagine what our nation will look like in just a few months time? Response times for police will go up astronomically. 911 calls will go unanswered. Trash will line streets for days at a time, bringing disease causing rodents.

The situation is further complicated by thousands of illegal immigrants streaming across our nation’s southern border each day. By the way, none of these immigrants are required to receive a vaccine to enter the country. That’s just going to keep Covid around for even longer, bringing in new cases to the country.

Maybe it’s time the unvaccinated identify as illegal immigrants to opt out of the vaccine and receive special treatment from Biden and company? It seems the left hates Americans and loves illegal immigrants based on the actions we’re seeing at the moment.

De Blasio may be the leader of the biggest city to crumble under the weight of vaccine mandates so far, but it may not be the last. With more than 20 states led by Democrat governors hell bent on ruining the lives of their people, we can look forward to thousands of other workers kicked to the curb under Biden’s disastrous policies.

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33 thoughts on “New York City Vaccine Mandate Puts 9,000 City Employees Out of Work, Shuts Down Fire Departments”

  1. Not only that but they’re putting ideas into the heads of Government here in Dail Eireann, Ireland. Can you not do something about those asshole Governors in the U. S?.

    1. These blue state Governor’s have been corrupt for decades it’s like a washing machine rinse and repeat the unions are finally waking up to how they have been used by the Democratic politicians as Pawns for reelection purposes and it is why blue states are loosing huge amounts of people to red states like Texas Florida Tennessee Indiana the Carolinas etc which are financially well run live within their means and have rainy day funds set aside for the next recession.

    2. Mr Murphy,
      I agree and why aren’t ALL foreign Countries objecting to the senile china puppet’s (that occupies the White House) Vaccine Mandate to ALL foreigners wanting to fly to America.
      Also, why don’t American politicians speak out and demand the vaccine mandates to be eliminated, it”s illegal and unconst-

  2. Well now Biden can help those who are out of job due to his tyrant agenda. Instead of giving undocumented $450,000, why not to American citizens? Let’s go Brandon and NY get rid of all your liberal democrats.

  3. They want America to be a third world country. If you look at CA. and N.Y. and all the homeless, lawlessness and unemployed and sick and people turning away from citizens be attacked violently and killed. And mass destruction on our businesses and no laws being inforced. And health care workers deny helping the sick from not taking the bioweapon shot that continues to kill and destroy peoples life’s who complied to keep their jobs and freedom. And now they are with holding our food and supplies to starve us because we refuse to be owned and control by this Evil government agenda. And threaten to have another bioweapon dropped on us to kill hundreds of thousands of citizen. Not to mention they want to track us with technology so you have no privacy at all and they can tell you what you can and can’t have and what you can and can’t do. And God forbid if you were born white or have integrity or morals your a threat to the country. And we award lawlessness with open borders and pay the criminals. And if your a Christian you know with your knowledge and relationship with God all this has been for told. Christ Jesus is coming soon like a thief in the night keep your Heart and eyes on him. He’s won this war. I pray many lost will be found during this time. Pray for Strength and allow Christ be your Joy. We aren’t alone in this battle it’s just isn’t time for Christ Jesus to end it yet. God has never lost and he NEVER will. He has equipped us for days like this. God loves us and we are witnessing his word unfolding before our eyes. Remember your Love for him is your Strength and Joy.

    1. Gayla – I feel for you. NJ residents are blessed with Dictator Governor Phil Murphy … not a true New Jerseyan but a Massachusetts transplanted gnome. He wants to make NJ just like California. We all see what is and has happened to the ONCE GREAT STATE of CALIFORNIA: Major Criminal Activity, Huge Homeless Population, Far Leftists. They don’t care about the average Joe, they want the whole state to be destroyed so that they can tear down, displace the average Joe with wealthy Leftist Elites Only, rebuild, put more money in their pockets, etc. All these Leftists, Wokeists, Socialists, Better Than Everyone Else Politicians NEED TO GO !!!

    2. It’s been almost a year since the commie/socialist/anarchist democrat’s presidential candidate was soundly defeated as 100 Million legal American voters re-elected President Donald J Trump, yet the election was stolen, all government agencies, msm, big tech, globalists banned together with china and are destroying our beloved Country.

  4. This Shows how the mayor of What once was the Greatest City in the Northeast can be destroyed just as easily as the Pretender Biden can Destroy and is still Destroying AMERICA
    With Foolish, Tyrannical, Unconstitutional, Mandates

    1. Where is the outrage ?
      Only 26 Republican governors are banning OSHA from enforcing Businesses that employ 100 or more, to demand their employees to take the jab or lose their jobs.
      Also illegal and unconst-
      Itutional, the world wide vaccine mandate of any Foreigners wanting to fly to America- must take the jab, before boarding the flight to America.
      American Tourism businesses will suffer financial ruin, eliminating more jobs- and these Tourism businesses don’t object ?


    1. Far as Im concerned NYC deserves what it gets, they keep electing idiots like DeBlahBlahBlah iso so what can they expect. Sorta like California and Newsome, Piglosi, and Aunt Blabby Maxine Watters.

    2. YESSSSS! Rally against tyranny!!! They cannot do this! You let them get away with THIS mandate the Constitution is next. DO NOT Acquiesce!!!

  6. I agree with Gayla. What she says is right on… But it is true, that New Yorkers voted in the people it has. Had they been more concerned about fact finding and following that information instead of trying to be the latest and greatest liberals… they would certainly be in a different place. New York was once a great city. But sad to say, no more. You have followed the payed piper right off the edge of the cliff and you have only yourselves to blame.
    Hopefully you will be awake for the next election coming up and you won’t allow any fraud voting to boot.

  7. Democrats cant help it THEY VOTE FOR STUPID PEOPLE OVER AND OVER and get something to WHINE about!!!!! Maybe they should take a test to see if they are smart enough to vote!!!!

  8. Check out YouTube: Rage against the Machine live version from”93″ of “Killing in the name of”
    Starts out by saying ” They use force to make you do what the deciders say you should do ” and at the end says ” FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!”
    That should be all of our attitudes. I like my freedom, NOT SOCIALISM!!


  10. Hey, they voted those people into office so now they have to put up with them. Maybe next time they vote they use their brains. Probably not.

  11. As I look at NY as one of the Most Corrupt States in the Union, I also see that NY Citizens will stand up for what they believe. Time is Now. Stand up!!!!! Show these loser politicians we as a group will Not be led down their road with out a Fight. America First above all !!!!!

  12. The sheeple in NY city need to REMOVE THE TYRANICAL, CORRUPT players from office by any means necessary or stand by & watch the city burn without fire protection. The public servants in NY fire, police, garbage etc. do NOT have it in their contracts to be subjected to any vax, especially experimental ones. They ALL should stand with each other & REFUSE. Let the Tyrants fire them, the cities back will break & they will all win in court. Unite & STAND or divide & fall.

  13. “Escape from NY” while you can! Let the illegals have it. relocate all of them there. The rats & cockroaches will feed on themselves.

  14. They want to blackmail us to take the vaccine, with the same principle of women having abortions. “Our body, Our choice”. Then the government is wrong to force free citizens to put something in their body they don’t want. But they aren’t worried about the people they continue to let into the country with no guarantee they do not carry the virus. TOO MANY TO TEST per the border guards. Not quarantined, allowed to be taken to where ever they want and let loose amoung our citizens.

  15. Emergency rooms across america of filling with with people who have the following symptoms: Collapsed veins, blood clots, enlarging hearts, sudden massive chronic headaches, lung failure, and sudden onset joint inflammation.

    The Local, state, and federal (CDC) just have no idea why.

    The emergency room numbers, and continuous growth, are greater then the covid emergency room numbers throughout 2020. Yet for some reason no medical authority is calling it a health care emergency.

    you know what those symptoms are folks? you have heard about all of them before.

    These are the same symptoms as the side effects of the covid vaccine.
    The CDC, NIH, FDA, Fauci and the president are not only lying to us this time; they are actively killing and maiming people.

    I think it is way past time for every single person at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, AP, WaPo, NYT and every single democrats public official to get their 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th covid booster about two months apart. Make sure they are all good and vaccinated. Make sure they do not suffer from the covid virus.

    All you pro covid vaccine get out there and get your boosters. C’mom man the president has approved the second booster. You should have four shots in you by now. Do it, do it now. Get those boosters

    Remember the president of the united states said un-vaccinated people are murderers so get that vaccine in you. you need 4 shots to be fully vaccinated. By February it will be five so get ahead of the game.

    By the way please add me to your will. Honestly I will gladly take whatever the rest of your family doesn’t want: well except the credit card debt.

    Lets go brandon
    Lets go brandon.

  16. Good i am glad to see that they are protesting the vaccine mandate let’s go terrist now is the time to level New York City hit all of the news media and newspapers to kill all of these anti-americans go Brandon

  17. A MANDATE is only a suggestion. It is not a LAW! ANYONE that forces a person to do something because of a mandate can and will be arrested and prosecuted. It actually is against the law and the Constitution. Di Blasio must be hoping to be arrested. I hope the hell he is!

    1. Are you sure?? When I was in the workforce if management posted for MANDATED (or MANDATORY) overtime on the weekend it meant that we’d better darn well be there. So doesn’t this mean we’d better darn well get that shot???

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