Not Just Trump: Twitter Suspends Republican Congresswoman’s Account for Questioning Biden’s Legitimacy

Just when you thought Twitter’s conservative purge was over, Dictator Dorsey strikes again with suspending the account of newly elected Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Why? Maybe it’s because she recently announced plans to introduce articles of impeachment against Joe Biden the day after he takes office. Coincidence? I think not!

Greene has been vocal in other controversial areas as well. Last weekend, she personally targeted Twitter messages regarding Gabe Sterling’s failure during the Georgia Senate runoff election in which both Democrats won, giving the left power of both the Senate and Congress. Sterling is the recent Georgia election official.

But according to mainstream headlines, Congresswoman Greene is a QAnon conspiracy theorist who has made “outlandish claims” regarding election fraud. According to Twitter, no specific tweet was mentioned for her suspension. Instead, she was suspended for 12 hours due to “multiple violations” of Twitter’s policies.

Apparently, Twitter’s policies include being a conservative American Congresswoman who is not afraid to speak her mind on the 2020 election results and her displeasure with ALL of Joe Biden’s proposed legislation. This is not free speech; this is outright censorship—and targeted against a US Congresswoman!

At what point will Twitter self-destruct from its expanding purge of free speech? Following Trump’s ban from the platform, Twitter lost $5 billion in market value. That’s 12 percent of the company’s entire worth. Since then, the Big Tech giant has claimed to ban over 70,000 accounts, including the recent suspension of Congresswoman Greene.


Several conservative leaders have decided to leave Twitter now instead of waiting to be suspended or banned. Some of these voices include Greg Gutfeld, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Lou Dobbs.

Twitter is quickly becoming a social network only for the left. Just as radio and television have splintered into left-right channels and stations with mainstream stations catering to the left, social media appears to be following in their steps.

For conservatives leaving Twitter, Parler was the next best thing (or better, if you enjoy free speech). That was, until Amazon web servers shut down their website, and Apple and Google removed their app.

If Big Tech giants didn’t get the hint already, the encrypted apps Signal and Telegram instantly rose to the top of most downloaded apps. Telegram is a free encrypted messaging app, though with some controversy due to ISIS using it as early as 2017.

Isn’t it interesting that patriotic Americans now have to resort to using the same underground technologies to express free speech that terrorists have used? Freedom is clearly no longer free. If we desire to keep our First Amendment rights (or Second Amendment or any other amendment for that matter), we must first wake up and realize mainstream media is not going to be happy.

It’s going to take a whole lot of American-loving patriots willing to speak up and speak out, just like Congresswoman Greene, whether Twitter likes it or not. Dorsey can stay on his vacation in French Polynesia as long as he wants. He is no friend to patriotism. True patriots support free speech, even when it’s not what they want to hear.

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86 thoughts on “Not Just Trump: Twitter Suspends Republican Congresswoman’s Account for Questioning Biden’s Legitimacy”

  1. When are the people of this country going to wake up and take back our country?? When did and who decided to let the lizards and the creatures of face book and twitter decided they can controll people’s lives??? Sure sounds like Hilter and Stalin and lets not forget the great chairman Mao are running the show at these companies !!! WOW SHUT THEM OFF

    1. The only way is when the country stop bitching and moaning and takes action. You people put your bitches on the comment section but you’re just like a do-nothing congress all you want to do is make talk. The United States of America. Wasn’t formed by just sitting on your ass bitching at least the forefathers. Conversed and took action

    2. Thats a nice thought mouse, and easy words to speak, easy to talk tough from the shadows. Do you really understand the direction our country is headed ? To really keep the freedoms we have known will take courage, we may have to do that which we never dreamed of. Horrible things, all of use, anyone phsyically able to act, to fight, to shed blood if necessary. Are you prepared for that. Twitter isn’t the only one, its most of main stream media. Are you prepared to take them down, do you know how, do you have the means and resources. Are you ready for the consequences, are you prepared to repel those who want socialism, who hate you for speaking out against them. Better think about it, do you have the kind or influence to get people with money and power who also love freedom to act. I’m an old man, I dolt care what they do to me, they won’t do it for free. Wake up America, the wolves are at the gate!

      1. I have one more year until I can retire and then I plan on a push back. But how? I was thinking pounding the pavement like Stacey Abrams, bring in the votes. Which we did, but she out did us … or so it seems. Working at the polling booths didn’t seem to work. How can we fight back? People need to start suing the social media giants. The only thing they understand is a blow to their wallet. How can we stop the fraud?!?!? Think, Think, Think!!!! Then take ACTION!

      2. Bradley. You are right ….. I’m 88 a Koean vet and I’m sick to my stomach over this shit watching our country slowly going into the tank . We dont have a leader like Trump . I can’t think of anyone with balls to take on this corrupt govt , media etc .my heart is heavy , my grand children and all our families will suffer the actions of these communist traitors . God protect our country.

      3. GREAT POST

    3. But, I am one simple man of more than 40 million people who agree with you. I don’t agree with twitter and wish they would be taken off-line. But how can I help to take them on and Facebook as well. When the people we voted for won’t do it.

      1. when the people WE Hire to take care of this kind of thing for us don’t do their job we FIRE them. and then WE take action and SHUT the Twitters, face book and ALL the others that are against WE the people DOWN by force. talk and being polite only works for a very short time, because they know nothing will happen.

    4. The American people had our chance to speak our minds and take back our country. What did we do? We abandoned Trump, because ge was mean and nasty and that offended our sensitive snowflake triggers! Women resented (probably more like envied) Trump’s tone and elderly resented him for making fun of Demented Plugs. Yes, there was fraud, but Trump made it close enough for that to sway the outcome. We still had millions of conservatives who didn’t vote. So, this loss was self inflicted and Trump contributed, as did the spineless pathetic GOP!

      1. You made several statements I don’t agree with at all! First, I’m an older woman (70+) just retiring this year, and I sure as Hell didn’t abandon Pres. Trump! There was a lot more fraud than you could ever imagine! Not sure what you meant about “Trump made it close enough for that to sway the outcome” makes no sense! They switched the vote totals, so Trump should have won by over 6 million votes, at the very least! You sound just like all the stupid Demonrats & RINO’s always trying to blame President Trump for everything based on their lies and assumptions!

        1. You are so right about election fraud, paying off Main stream media( cnn aka.Communist News Network, nbc,abc,msnbc & etc.) The agenda was to brainwash most uninformed Americans. It’s shocking how many people believe that Trump is the enemy instead of the crooked politicians!! I’m 60+ attended rallies all which were peaceful. What happened on Nov.6 was complete setup to look like a Trump insurrection, so the truth about all the election frauds would be swept under the rug. Pelosi, Schumer, & others did this where would look like emergency to validate electoral which they did in middle of night like they had their paid off handlers to do with Dominion machines in middle of night, coincidence?? Beijing Biden has sold us out to China while V.P. & knew this biowarfare aka Coronavirus would be unleashed. Has anyone noticed none of left has tested positive?? They had immunity before unleashed to ruin economy & steal election, blaming Trump for the deaths. But God is still on the throne, Pray & Watch! Thank you Congresswoman Greene, & Hawley for having the backbone to standup for the Truth!! ?

    5. I am glad the Congress Woman spoke up. Keep it up Twitter. Can’t wait for you to be sensored. Get rid of proposition 230.

  2. I will support Congresswoman Greene & any other legislator who will file impeachment charges against The Biden Harris fiasco! Get them out!!

    1. Senile Biden n Piglosi are trying to Fraud the America people n will have to pay for that as Trump45 won the Election by a LANDSLIDE~Trump45/2020~4 MORE YEARS MAGA

      1. Hate to break it to you, but they’re not gonna pay for shit. It’ll take a massive rock bottom plunge by our nation for enough stupid MFers to wake up and that’s gonna be long away.

    2. I agree plus we as American need to stop jack dorsey mark zuckerburg Amazon apple and whoever these big tech are and put them in their place. They all must be sleeping with the Biden clan. I will support Congresswoman Greene in her effort to impeach Biden.

      1. Of course they’re in cahoots with “Biden Crime Family”. So sad for our country that we no longer go after traitors and those that used their White House influence, (last time they were in office) to make money from other countrie’s bribes, thus owing to them. Also please take-down that lying pos from Memphis, Steve Cohen (D) that doesn’t trust our military and believe’s the National Guard is a threat to this new “Crook-in-Chief”, that he want’s to know which one’s are Republicans and put them away from “Beijing Biden”. And if he think’s 20% are Republicans, Trump should have easily won the election?

        1. I made a faux-pas: Cohen believe’ that 80% of our military are males and are President Trump supporters! I also wholeheartedly support Marjorie Greene (R) from Floyd County (Rome) Ga., and newly elected 2nd Ammendment gal “Boebert” (R) Colorado!

        2. Of course he did but the Dems stole it anyway! But your statement about how “he should have easily won the election” proves how very stupid they are to get tripped up by their own words!

    3. Perhaps a brave Congresswoman or man will file imeachment charges against Kamala Harris too? Mike Huckabee is recommending it.

    4. If you remove Biden, you get Harris which I don’t want. If you then remove Harris, you end up with Pelosi, heaven forbid. None of those choices are acceptable.

    5. So will I support any legislator who will file impeachment charges against those 2 newly (fraudulently) elected!

  3. they both need to be impeached for inciting riots and insurrection against police and public buildings the fact that they are going into office is a disgrace to this nation

    1. I totally agree they both should be impeached for all the riots over the summer, and fall and even into the winter up to I believe 1/9/2021. In addition he about them both being in bed with China Ukrane along with their families??So many lies and so many dirty money making schemes when will all these things be exposed , when they are both IMPEACHED hopefully.

      1. Absolutely! And after Biden’s “unity” speech on Wed., not a word from him or Kamala re the rioting in Portland, Oregon & Seattle on Wed. night! They are pathetic & he is a puppet of the DNC! ??

    2. Absolutely, they ARE a disgrace to this nation! They are both feeble-minded but will do whatever the Globalist lunatics tell them to, which apparently is all that is required by their puppet masters!

    3. Most of the CAREER POLITICIANS (not political leaders) are the disgrace to this country. They are the ones that should be removed from office.

  4. Thank God for Representative Green! I support you and your mission. How in the world would people of the US vote in corrupt traitors like Biden and family? BIDEN NEVER MY PRESIDENT

    1. How can we the people help get beelzebub Biden and cameltoe ho, and dictators Pelosi and Schumer out. We will all help. They need to go.

    2. Agree with you, Americans are not that crazy, no way did this man win, had it been a legal election, Trump would still be our president , stolen election, Biden is weak, he is a thief and he lies, how responsible is he, he can’t even read the props that are written for him, God Bless America

  5. I applaud this lady for being prepared to do what others should have done long ago! There are now millions of “woke” patriots who are very angry, disgusted, fed up and we are not going to let these people ruin the country we love! Now, let’s see who stands with her… either you are for this country or you are just for you! Which one are you!

  6. We have as the ” leaders ” of our country CRIMINALS, before they… ran or was shoved thru the process to become what they are professed to be..they went there in ways that will make them look over their shoulders the rest of their miserable lives, Americans never forget……Do we really NEED Twitter and the LONG list of others, they know who they are…..who betrayed our President. Seems to be the one who thinks we can’t live without them……….never used Twitter and yet they keep texting me……Without opening them I FILE 13 ~~~~~why open, SOS in them am sure. Twitter and those that censored the American people will find out there are other options better than they, THANK YOU ALL KINDLY have found some damn good ones, places to be informed and certainly to shop, invest, even play golf ((((((((( HAHAHAH ))))))))))) and they do not censor peoples honest opinions…..THEY done peed in their chili, Ya’ll….time will tell, Am sure as your followings drop slowly off you will feel a crunch on you income from US.

  7. arrest this trash break up company, strip them of their wealth and off to GITMO do not pass go, no $200.00 dollar.

  8. Everyone understand where this is headed now!? If we dont slap controls on them NOW, kiss your first ammendment bye-bye, it’s already half gone and you didnt even realize it!

  9. I totally agree they both should be impeached for all the riots over the summer, and fall and even into the winter up to I believe 1/9/2021. In addition heabout them both being inbed with China Ukranealong with theirfamilies??So many liesand so many dirty money making schemes when will all these things be exposed , when they are bothIMPEACHED hopefully.

  10. VIC
    Biden in his infinite wisdom to fight the virus we have in this country is going to allow open borders to illegal people from a certain south american country who are probably carrying the virus that has killed so many citizens here. Where does he get his smarts from? He is having a hard time finding his ass on a bright day with both hands. His other ideas regarding those who brought us 911 are equally stupid. Sorry I have said enough. Semper Fi stupid.

  11. I believe God will step in and it won’t be pretty what he as plan for these 2 they don’t believe in the bible they think they better then God by killing baby’s they didn’t say anything about BLM going out burning building down killing Twiller Facebook was behind all the protesters during the summer they both should be charge for Treason against USA

  12. Looks like this is our next war ! Stop the lies that this company has spewing , it’s about freedom of speech .

  13. Trump45 is the best thing that happened to America as this election is a total nation wide FRAUD as Trump45 won the election by a LANDSLIDE~~Trump45/2020~~4MORE YEARS

    1. Many of us believe at midnight when Trump was leading by a landslide and went to bed, something funny happened. At. or around 3 AM Dominion voting machines flipped Trump
      votes to Biden, poll workers who had sent all the other workers home, began pulling boxes of votes out from under tables (on TV in Georgia), and voila, Biden wins with 81 million votes.
      He passed Trump’s 74 million in the wee hours of the morning to win. How did Biden get 7 million votes (no Trump votes during this timeframe) in just a few hours?

  14. 1st day shut down pipeline. Thousands of job loses. Higher gas prices, heating cost up. Let more muslims in, like omar. Open borders, our welfare system already over burdend. Rising crime I could go on n on. The dems do not care about the american people. Not even the idiots who voted 4 them. They just want power. Don lemon? he dosnt have the brains that god gave a pis ant

    1. Makes you wonder. Can they be that stupid?

      Dissolve the union. Let the socialist/communist who want to follow the Communist Manefesto follow it. Others who want to continue with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, great. Neutrals, like Switzerland, that’s great too.


  16. The last 2 Republican gals who just got kicked off Twitter is just an example of what the corrupt demonrats do to people who don’t agree with them. They are doing ANYTHING they can so America is stopped from hearing the truth. If they have nothing to hide then why are they so scared? NOW is the time for the Republican party to stand up and say “NO” to what they are doing. We as voters are doing everything we can to defend our rights as Americans. Now it is time for the republicans to defend us against Pukelosi creepy Joe camel toe and chuckle and the rest of the SCUM. We pay you to represent us, and you all need to do your job. So far, Ted Cruz and the one who has the new baby that the TERRORISTS caused trouble at his house ( sorry but I can’t remember his name just now but I mean no disrespect to him) and these 2 gals are speaking up. I know the 10 rhinos won’t help but the rest of you should be doing what is right. Do your homework. For every negative remark they make about our REAL President Donald Trump have a time, date, printed pictures, article, or some solid information to PROVE that the demonrats are guilty of the same thing that President Trump Was accused of. For GODS sake the joker who says he’s our “leader” is already guilty because of the things he did for China when he was VP. AND “heels up harris” is guilty of contributing and helping promote riots by bailing people out of jail so they can go destroy more, These are both terms for impeachment and if President Trump is being charged with crimes against our country, then they should be charged, too. What comes around will come back to you. It is KARMA. MAGA in 2024

  17. Everyone should Ban Twitter and Facebook and probably Amazon. Cancel your accounts, stop using these communist run social media giants. See how long it takes them to go under.

    1. Rich, that’s a good beginning. I have already taken that step. Hopefully all normal people will follow. God Bless America & President Donald Trump.

  18. The left has been very successful at brainwashing the youth and many others too lazy to think for themselves. successful also at framing the narrative that if anyone speaks out against the government then you are a trader and terrorist just another communist tactic like censorship. vic never apologize for speaking truth. real good point about covid and open borders.. lebs are morons.

  19. What’s next —- changing the name of our country to bidenland??? I am going to hang a black ribbon on my door, as of tomorrow I live in a country that has no President that is for the people as he will never be My President,

    1. I normally fly the American flag. On January 20th it will be hung upside down. If you don’t know that symbolizes distress.

  20. When Bozo the clown takes his oath and plagiarism Harris it will indeed be a sad day for America. Biden.. never my President Harris..never my VP or my President. May God bless and protect the USA and her American people and God bless the best President ever, President Donald J.Trump. You will be missed by 75 + million people.

  21. I voted, also hung a large Trump flag out for two months. President Trump never said anything that I found offensive, he was like me, and one of the people. I heard Biden say to Obama on live mic, They really got F—ed. Hows that for decency??? Wake up America, nothing will solve this but a Civil War. I’m too old to fight but I’ll support with money .

  22. I also refuse to watch television on Wednesday. Not watching this “mockery of an inauguration”. I hope none of you do. This should be the least watched inauguration in history!

    1. It will be the least watched or attended inauguration. only commies and socialist will attend with a N.G. escort.

  23. I will support Congresswoman Greene to impeach both joe biden and camela harris. They will NEVER be my president or vice president. I still have my Trump signs out and they will stay out until he is back in office. pelosi and schumer and ALL demoncrats need to be impeached , but I will surely support Congresswoman Greene to IMPEACH biden and harris. I WILL NOT give up my Freedom of Speech or my Right To Bare Arms nor any of my other God Given Rights. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  24. Impeach biden , harris and polosi and I believe President Trump won by 80 million to 51 million votes , and these Dumb ass dems afraid the people they asked to protect them may turn on them as 80% are white men and their own words they said 80% of white males voted for Trump. No , they didnt steal the election. My Ass.

  25. Get off twit, facebook, amazon. Even if you have to communicate the old way. Support the Constitution. Most republican’s that have turned on Trump want him gone because he holds them accountable for there job. It will be easier to go back and negotiate with the democrats. That is why we are in this mess now or maybe they want it that way too. Take a good look at the ones that want stand up for Constitution.

  26. God Bless Donald F Trump, my President!! God Damn all demoncrats and rinos, they are the traitors to our country not the 75 million plus who voted for President Trump. Re member to stick together when the leftists come for you and yours. Stay alert in your homes, stay in touch with other patriots and stay armed and ready for the assaults that will becoming our way!!!

  27. Please America, WAKE UP! The only way to effectively make a change legally is to go back to our constitution. The founding fathers were smart, they knew at one point in time we would need ARTICLE V. CONVENTION OF STATES. Please go to the COS website, call your representatives tell them we want to invoke the CONVENTION OF STATES!!! Its the only way to bypass the Pelosi, Schumer, Harris, Waters, Schaffer, AOC, side shows and anyone else who wants to take our freedoms away. I feel like Braveheart movie when Mel Gibson was screaming FREEDOM!!

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