Paleface Biden Speaks with Forked Tongue, Steals Land from Native Americans

During his first 100 mostly unaccomplished days in office, Joe Biden has issued a lot of executive orders to make America less safe, less free and less prosperous. But I’ll bet nobody who voted for Biden saw this one coming: He broke a treaty with the Native Americans and stole a bunch of land from them. That’ll teach them for voting for Donald Trump!

This story flew under the radar during the fake inauguration day back in January, but one of the first executive orders that Biden signed had a dramatic impact on Alaska. It was the order that froze all new oil and gas exploration on federal lands – combined with a reversal of an important Trump administration policy. This is a complex story involving Alaska Native lands, so I’ll try to explain it as simply as I can.

And before anyone starts bleating about reservations and my ignorance of tribal law, this is Alaska we’re talking about. None of that stuff applies. The Alaska Native tribes were never conquered by the US government and there’s no reservation system up there.

Teddy Roosevelt signed the Alaska Native Allotment Act in 1906. As part of that agreement, each Alaska Native could select 160 acres of land for their own personal allotment. It was similar to the various claims acts that the government offered to settle the western US states in the 19th century, only the beneficiaries were Alaska’s Native peoples. And there’s plenty of land to go around up there, which you know if you’ve ever flown into Anchorage or Fairbanks.

That agreement was in place for decades and many Alaska Natives benefitted from it – even ones who weren’t born when Roosevelt signed the deal. The Alaska Native Settlement Claims Act (ANSCA) was going to replace that original deal in 1971 when the tribes decided to incorporate. (Told you it was complex.)

But there was still time in the early 1970s for any Native who didn’t have their land allotment to choose one before the new agreement was to be signed by Richard Nixon. Unfortunately, a bunch of those Native Alaskans were doing something else at the time: Wearing American uniforms and fighting the communists in Vietnam.

They weren’t grandfathered in. When they got back from serving our country with the honor and bravery that their people are known for, they got screwed. They never got the land allotments that had been promised to them, because they were busy fighting for America at the time. I’m not exaggerating their war prowess – these guys are awesome. If you’re a history buff, check out the stories about Alaska’s Tlingit warriors who harassed the Japanese Imperial Navy during World War II… in their canoes.

Anyway, back on track: After ANSCA, the federal government gobbled up huge acreages of Alaska land to “protect” it – and roughly 50 years went by without those Vietnam veteran Alaska Natives ever getting their land allotments. Any guesses as to which American president finally looked at that injustice and decided it was time to give those patriotic Americans the land they were promised?

It never got much press at the time, but this story was one of the kindest, most patriotic acts that Donald Trump made during his time in office. He moved to cede control of a bunch of federal land back to the state of Alaska, and to ensure that those Vietnam vet Natives or their families finally got their land allotments. It’s a story that could just about bring tears to your eyes. Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama had abandoned those veterans for 50 years – and Donald Trump finally took action to make it right.

Well, guess what. Joe Biden clawed those lands back from the state of Alaska with a stroke of his pen on January 20th and stole those promised land allotments from the Vietnam veterans who had already been cheated out of them once before. Paleface Biden spoke with a forked tongue and stole the Indians’ land. Such a travesty.

Nice going, diversity squad! Is this what you thought you were voting for back on election day? Stealing land from the Indians? Really? Oh, and enjoy those gas prices that Biden’s land-stealing executive order delivered for you.

2024 can’t come soon enough.

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86 thoughts on “Paleface Biden Speaks with Forked Tongue, Steals Land from Native Americans”

  1. Biden is used to lying, cheating and stealing, why would he change now? The Viet Nam Vets have been screwed since the day they came home, but the Alaskan Native tribes got the worst of it. Biden is bound and determined to destroy this country!

    1. I agree 100% with you Joel M Bodian. I am proud to say I did not vote for Biden. I did vote for Trump and will again if he runs for president again.

          1. It was Democratic mind control of the poor or ignorant souls- especially unionized factory workers who were told to vote for Biden.

          2. Fraud! Strange President Trump never had a small audience where ever he went. biden, he did well to have a 100 people at any rally he attended. Voter fraud was systemic and many cases evident. I could never understand how the vote tally was more than the total registered voters. We should have torn America up! It may still happen. I don’t like the idea, but the communist democrap part is creating such feelings.

          3. Wrong, Say there are 10 million illegal votes, Say 80 million people voted for Biden, That means that 70 million people voted for Biden , Anybody that didn’t do their due dilgence compare the accomplishments of Trump and the 40 years of Biden in Political office deserve it. How many people that have lost their Keystone jobs voted for Biden?How many Christians voted for Biden who has authorized the use of Aborted body parts for commercial use?How many Veterans voted for Biden and havr lost their righrs in this example? Biden tols you what he was going to do on his web site,Biden is now paying back the Left who supported him . Just bend over ans grab your ankles and wait for it as there is more to come down the line. This Country is finished. There are 40% of workers who refuse to go back to work as they can get more money staying at home and collecting unemployment,Don’t worry as all the illegals coming across the Border now wi,ll take these jobs, Don’t forget about all the Riots that the Democrats have supported and still support here as well as the lockdowns in Blue States and Children not allowed to attend School in person,however, on California illegal migtant chilldren are allowed to attend scholl in person while American children have to take virtual classes. Biden payback to the teachers, This Country is finished and anybody who voted for Biden and a Democrat is respnsible for it. Just bend over and grab your knees and wait for the rest.

          4. The election was stolen and there is proof! The Supreme Court should see the proof and stop the corruption the Biden criminals did to steal the election. Biden even went on TV with an ad telling voters not to worry about the election he had the best voter fraud team in the world! Well I guess he was right about that, It involves several countries who are not our friends and even people within our own country!

      1. Stealing yet more land from the poor Native American Tribes ? This is an outrage and disgusting on his part. He makes me Ashamed To Be An American At This Time In History.
        O’Biden Must Go and Quickly to Save Our Country !!!

    2. Hey Joel All this was done to screw Trump, and if any Natural Resources are found they will go to the BIDEN COFFERS. BIDEN MONEY PITS. $$$
      BOBBY ~!~

    3. I think this pandemic and biden election steal is just the early beginning of the one world government breakout. Every nation had a pandemic lockdown even though there was no real evidence to prove krauchi’s dictatorial orders. Krauchi, biden, pelosi and democrats are wannabees in the one world leadership but don’t have enough sense to realize once the takeover has been established they will be eliminated as the jews were, along with anyone not agreeing with them.

    4. I would also add the the Vietnam vets got screwed as soon as the arrived in Vietnam to be killed, or crippled fighting a war that we did not try to win. For a monthly paycheck of about $50.00.

      1. Mike, we got $50 per month combat pay plus our paycheck of $179 as an E-2 or $368 as an E5. Just so everyone might know. And it was Democratic policy to screw us for the war they started and blame us for losing it after we had won…pg

    5. Unfortunately, this entire article is written to confuse and mislead you. It is easily fact-checked. Native peoples around this country rejoiced with Trump’s loss – look it all up. Please don’t believe this crazy publication.

    6. Forked Tongue Biden has developed his craft of lying with the help of the Democrats. If a Republican were to follow his lead they would be hung, drawn and quartered, and made complete fools of. Have a good part of Americans become blind to the lies of the Biden administration and the corruption of the Left?

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with all the above. We all know that the DEMONCRATS have ZERO PATRITISM OR AMERICANISM!!! THIS WAS A DISCRASE !!!

  2. Can’t think of one good thing this traitor, Biden, has done to improve our once great nation! All he has done is take away our rights. Dictate what we HAVE to do and when.His ONE goal is to destroy ALL the wonderful things Trump has done to help us. I do not want our land of the FREE and the brave turned into a socialist one. And THAT is what Biden and his regime wants….I hope we will have an unhampered election next time and we can get rid of ALL these traitors!!

    1. Johnny Depp was right. They should bring back “actor assination”.
      Depp said it, I’m just quoting him…

    2. It won’t happen if our SCOTUS doesn”t get off its dumb butts and put a stop to Biden’s and Pelosi’s Treason. These clowns, SCOTUS and DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS weren’t elected, they stole the 2020 election. GRAND THEFT LARCENY and TREASON. Punishable by death.

      1. Trump put more Catholics on SCOTUS… then he was surprised they fraudulently sided with Catholic Jomentia Bribery in regards to election fraud… took 250 years but Vatican/Hitlerites/criminals/Socialists/Communists now completely run the USA… just like 1930’s Germany… and we know how THAT turned out for them… and they apparently didn’t see the total ruination of their country coming from the path their leaders were on…

    3. IMHO: WE NEED TO GET RID OF THESE SOCIALISTS NOW AS I DON’T BELIEVE THIS COUNTRY WILL LAST UNTILL 2024!!! KEEP AN EYE ON THE “ARIZONA RECOUNT”!!! The DEMONCRATS are desperate to stop it because they know the truth will come out about the ELECTION FRAUD IN THAT STATE!!! When it does, it will prompt the other “swing states” to complete their election audits!!!

    4. The way Biden and his sidekick Pelosi are changing all the laws they will probably take away our voting rights too. Oh and don’t forget Auntie Pelosi’s edict that impeached presidents cannot run for office or sit in any White House position. Remember the tax breaks we got from Trump—–they will be gone forever and taxes are increasing now (I’m singing a little sad song right now as I am a senior citizen with multiple, multiple disabilities and health issues) and he wants to start attacking bank accounts, 401 K’s and IRA’s. Squeeze out every little bit he can, you feeble old man. Just a poor weak minded old man figure head for the empowered Harris/Pelosi/Obiden Dems. Now that is the REAL squad!

  3. The United States government has broken every treaty it made with native Americans. Biden is a criminal and a traitor, get rid of him, his entire administration and charge them all with depraved indifference, treason, theft by fraudulent means and as many other crimes we can.

    1. Yes sir Don. Him and that so called V/P are two turds wrapped in skin. Being a Viet Nam vet myself, watching him take down the Pow/Mia flag over the white house on first day there. What a fucking low life.

  4. Biden had not done one single thing that is good for the American people. He is so interested in illegals. Immigrants and China.

    1. I totally agree! If he is there for 4 years we won’t have a country left. I already don’t recognize the country I grew up in

    2. Joe Biden is doing GODs work. After the Biden/Harris administration no American will ever again vote for Socialists!

  5. Let us all pray that Donald Trump can “FIX” all that the Biden camp terrorizes and destroys over the next 4years.
    “WOKE-ISM and socialism will certainly devastate AMERICA unless clearer minds prevail. It is time for GOD’S flaming sword.

  6. If he had spent even 1/4 of the money he blew on border takedown on our vets. They would all have the housing, medical services, and care they deserve. Shame on Biden, his puppeteers, and liars . They are traitors. Along with main streastream media who will cover this up as usual.

    1. I feel like we are already living in a socialist country when you can’t even believe the news stations anymore

  7. Biden and the Dumocrats are destroying the USA every day it gets worse. Every one who voted fir the Dumocrats should be ashamed. They are getting g just what they voted fir. Cheating lying and a communist party

  8. Has anyone ever wondered how senator biden , with a family to raise, amassed a fortune on a senators salary? The first word that comes to mind is crooked! I recently saw on the web a supposed report on his daughter’s diary. She supposedly claimed that her father, joe used to take showers with her. the way the pervert goes around sniffing young women i can believe ti!

    1. Stole it any way he could with little Hunter waiting for direction from Aunt Pelosi. Oh and don’t forget infamous kickbacks. Probably carried his bank book with him so those criminals could make quick deposits

  9. Creepy joe the clown will be forgotten 1 second after leaving and all his trash will be put out in a executive order!

  10. All those executive orders Biden signed had one purpose – to undo everything Trump had done. They (and by that I mean whoever is really running this country because it sure as heck isn’t Jo Biden) didn’t check to see if anything was beneficial to the people of the US. If Trump did it, therefore it was bad and it had to go. I would have appreciated them giving a little thought to what they were doing. I’m really afraid of what they are doing to this country. They need to be held accountable.

    1. Biden tried to look intelligent when he was signing them and using a new pen for each one! He didn’t read a single one or maybe Dr. Jill read them to him as a bedtime story. His teeny tiny attention span would prevent him from reading them himself. And did everyone see the little “sticky” notes he pulled off each one . Probably love notes from little Hunter, Sign these Daddy and make me rich!

  11. Need to check the Deed Recotds ofAlaska, these land probably now belong to the MEMBERS OF THE BIDEN CRIME FAMILY.

  12. Biden is a lying,stealing non american POS. Go to China and take your crime family with you
    asshole. Wish next time wind blows you over you break your fucken neck assbite.

  13. They are all crooked, racist, and cheaters. He is a pedophile for sure. And his own people are blind to it!!

  14. Every thing you folks have said
    is true but we need to stop talking and ACT what I mean is get off our butts and go to the polls and vote. AND NOT BY MAIL GO TO THE POLLS!

    1. Robert King, I agree with you100%, however, most will not do anything. It’s a shame. All talk but no actioon.

    2. So they can steal our votes and give them to Obiden like they did this last election?? And then they will start crying about dead people voter suppression again. One of them even was bright enough to say it was racist to remove dead people from voter registers.

  15. Obama had enough questionable activity to push for an impeachment, but since he was an African-American, and such action would have been reported as racism. Biden is an aging white politician who now is President. What ‘race card’ can be played for impeachment of Biden who most certainly has as many skeletons in his closet as the Field Museum has dinosaur bones in their archive rooms. So why wait for 2024?

  16. Impeaching that asshole wouldn’t help matters because Harris would become president and she is just as bad if not worse than Biden. I think she will become president anyway before the end of 2021. More drastic measures need to be taken to get this country back on track.

    1. We need to start impeaching from the bottom up. If On her knees Harris and Beijing China Joe were impeached, PIGLOSI is next in line.

      1. How true… We need to get rid of “at least” the top 3-A–HOLES. When the ELECTION AUDITS are completed, the next step should be to DRAIN THE SWAMP and put Trump back in the driver’s seat, where he rightfully belongs!!! … AND SOON, WHILE THERE IS STILL AN AMERICA TO SAVE!!!

  17. If real true vote counts, dems didn’t win house, senate or our WH. Why are DemonRat lawyers blocking audits? What are they afraid of if the election was on the up and up???

  18. I agree with all of the above. We have to act now! And impeaching those in charge is a start. We cannot wait until 2024 as it will be way too late. By then we will have been under their thumbs too long. Where do we start? I’m ready, waiting and perhaps not as able but will sure give it my very best.

  19. This the reason the U.S. Military perfected the Sniper position! God bless Chris Kyle!
    Pls remember the Alamo.

  20. We need to get this dream team of useless assholes out of there .I don’t understand why they haven’t been brought up on treason charges, since they’re hell- bent on trashing this great country! Anyone that thinks they won the election needs to be shot along with them..The whole democrat party is a giant parasite on this country. And a big huge thanks to all veterans!!!

  21. What needs to happen instead give money to blacks for the ancestors for being slaves that was wrong but they deserve anything they have ever chance that everyone has to make it! We toke all the Indians land except for a little we call reservations now that’s real wrong! I feel for the them! Our so called President to get back at the Native American for voting for Trump! I voted for Trump and I’m proud of it!

  22. Biden is a blithering moron who fits in well with the lying, crooked people he surrounded himself with. How dare he break that treaty. He probably didn’t even know what he was signing. The moron’s just shoved the work under his nose and said sign. Like the puppet he is he did just that. He is also an illegitimate President as far as I am concerned.

    1. There was even a video of him telling one of his aides he didnt know what he was signing but it quickly dissappeared. She just told him its ok just sign it

  23. Biden the racist…..
    Didn’t select the most qualified woman for VP , he was specific ….. she had to be a BLACK
    woman for his selection. Discrimination on full display

    1. He didn’t select anyone- no brain cells to do that. His democratic Big Brothers told him who he had to select!

  24. Biden is a complete stupid good for nothing criminal along with his whole family. The sooner we get these good for nothing ass holes out of our White House the better off we all will be.
    We can’t wait for 2024 it has to be done now. waiting for 2024 we won’t have a country left.
    we need a sniper to pick them all off as they walk out the door. The good for nothing Supreme court could have put a stop to this ass hole from getting in office but no they had to fill their bank accounts with money from the democrats that paid them off. Roberts needs to be hung by his balls.

  25. lets get the ass hole that is telling Biden what to do .Biden is but a shell of a man. Never was much of a man to start with. .Spent 47 years in he federal government and just drew a pay check. Never did anything to help us the working people. All he wants to do is screw wit MediCare, Social Security and now the SOB wants to screw over our retirement funds .One sorry piece of crap .lets get who is pulling his strings…Obama wants to be the ruler of the country ,this is his chance at a third term. .he screwed up 8 years .stop the sorry b@$^*rd any means possible…..

  26. President Trump is one of the Greatest Presidents in my Lifetime!! I do not think that I have been more proud of him, as a President, as a leader of our Country. He tried to right many wrongs. Yes, he was a business man, he was not a “Politician”, not a part of “the swamp!” He is a very intelligent man, many either were jealous or afraid of his intelligence, what he could actually acco.plish, if many, many roadblocks were not always thrown in his path!!
    He is a very great man! I pray, that when all of the election Audits are completed, that He can go to the SCOTUS, finally present the proof, that there was substantiated massive fraud, enough that the election results were changed!! Ask the SCOTUS to 1, make the states proven to contain massive fraud, when the fraud is removed, Trump definately won!! And would have won the Electorial Votes, and the Presidency!!

    That the SCOTUS will do their job!! Remove the electorial votes on those states from Biden!! Give them to Trump!! Immediately have Democrats removed from the Senate and House of Representatives, that are to be immediately replaced with Republicans!! Have National Guart Remove President Biden, Kamala Harris, Pelosi, Shumer, etc. Temporarily have them jailed until they can be proven innocent or guilty or innocent of Treason, Conspiracy, Voter Fraud, etc. The SCOTUS will reverse every executive order, bill, decision that has been made by the Democrats since the Jan 6th Inauguration. President Trumps People will receive notice to return to work. Unless they left their jobs after the Jan 6 Breach at the White House, in that case, the jobs may be filled by new applicants, etc.
    Trump would no doubt work very hard to whip things back into shape, to put the wall back in motion to be finished, deport the illegal humans, restart the pipeline, put people back to work!!
    Remove all the lopsided discriminatory nonsense that the democrats were enforcing, making into laws, or words forbidden to use. Also, reversing any LAWS OR GENERAL RULES NOW BEING ENFORCED, as discrimination against ANY RACE OR RELIGION!!!
    I pray that will help us all sleep better at night. God Bless You President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and Family. May you return to Washington D.C. soon, where you belong. Your Supporters Need You!!

  27. It was obvious from the very first that there was massive vote fraud and illegal election activities in a number of states including Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia. The refusal of state and federal authorities to deal with the charges of vote fraud and illegal election activities and the 1,000 sworn affidavits of credible eyewitnesses to them was unbelievable. It was easier to just accept the fraud and illegal activities and move on. The Democrats engaged in destroying ballots for Trump, overcounted ballots for Biden, tampered with Dominion ballot counting machines to flip Trump votes to Biden, refused to show the number of envelopes in which mail-in ballots allegedly came in and refused to verify the eligibility of those who mail-in ballots.

    Trumps’ popularity far exceeded Biden’s. Tens of thousands of supporters came out to Trump’s many campaign rallies. Biden’s few campaign rallies could barely draw 100 people. And we are supposed to believe that uninspiring Joe Biden, who hid in his basement bunker during the entire campaign, who couldn’t assemble a coherent sentence in response to a softball question, got 19 million more votes than Barack Obama did in his first presidential campaign. Bull feathers.

  28. Sounds like ANDREW JACKSON all over again . . . who FOUNDED the DEMOCRAT party! What a COINCIDENCE. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  29. The Democrats have attacked our work force, our elections, our right to free speech, assembly, foreign influence, our energy sources, and now our food chain. What does all this sound like to you? Executive orders or dictatorship? These are not congressional passed laws. This is all going to lead somewhere and it’s result will not be good. Our country is now well on it’s way to being bankrupt. Their is a national epidemic of “corrupt democrats”, change will be coming in 2022 , They are still trying to change our election laws for the future. Hopefully we’ll see all these lifetime entitled Dems replaced. Let’s look at the moral compass of the President ” Hunter my son is the smartest man I know” a crack head, druggie, who shuns responsibility for fatherhood, is involved in graft, treason, and money laundering, God only knows what else and whose prior business friends are now in jail. . Biden’s have sold us out to China, Russia, and Iran, funny the three countries who have attack our election process, Look at what Kerry has just done on tape, sold the United States and Israel right down the tubes. What are these Democrats today? What happened to America? How did these greedy, self centered idiot’s get into office I know fake stolen election equals unamerican president.

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