Poorest State in India Whips COVID Silly with Zero Vaccines

Here’s a huge victory that the vaccine tyrants in America won’t tell you about on the news. Remember that awful “Delta” variant of coronavirus that was rampaging its way through India just, oh, three or four weeks ago? What happened to that story? Why did that suddenly vanish from the TV? Did they all die because India doesn’t have any vaccines?

Far from it. The state of Uttar Pradesh in India has just declared itself to be COVID-free, with nary a vaccine in sight. They have virtually no vaccines at all in that state, and yet its daily coronavirus case count is now statistically near zero. What happened?

When you know the answer to that question, you’ll understand why the vaccine tyrants want you to line up and take your shots immediately.


Uttar Pradesh is a densely – extremely densely – populated state in the northern part of India. In terms of geographic size, Uttar Pradesh is slightly smaller than the US state of Michigan. Whereas Michigan has a population of 10 million people, Uttar Pradesh has 240 million. Imagine grabbing two-thirds of America’s entire population and stuffing them all into Michigan; that’s how incredibly crowded Uttar Pradesh is.

Most of the people in Uttar Pradesh are packed into cities. Really packed into them. Stacked on top of each other like sardines. Everybody’s poor. Everything’s dirty. Flush toilets and running water are optional in many areas. You wouldn’t want to go to a hospital in Uttar Pradesh unless you really had to. The cities are still cleaner than San Francisco, but you get the point.

Uttar Pradesh is exactly the type of densely packed, poor, dirty state that a nasty virus would just love to rampage through like wildfire. Let’s compare some numbers now.

New York State has a population of about 20 million people. It’s one-twelfth the size of Uttar Pradesh in population. According to the very latest numbers from the CDC, 73.4% of New York’s 18-and-up adults are fully vaccinated. As of September 14, New York State has 4,098 active cases of coronavirus.

On the same date, Uttar Pradesh had just 199 active cases – despite having a population 12 times larger, a health care system that isn’t even vaguely comparable to New York’s, and virtually zero adults vaccinated.

How’d they do that? With Ivermectin.

India may not have the best health care system in the world, but they do have a huge supply of some really cheap, safe and effective drugs – and Ivermectin is one of those. Ivermectin is a Nobel prizewinning drug that has pretty much eliminated River Blindness in poor countries like India, and they keep a big stockpile of it on hand which has been donated to them from countries like America and France.

Somebody in India said, “Hey, let’s try this” when nothing else they had was working against the Delta variant. It’s super cheap and they had lots of it sitting around in warehouses. Lo and behold, it worked. If a person in Uttar Pradesh was diagnosed with COVID, they prescribed Ivermectin to that person AND to every other person in their household. Why not? Ivermectin has a 40-year track record that proves it’s about 100 times safer to take than over-the-counter Tylenol.

Uttar Pradesh went from more than 22,000 daily case counts in August to just 199 active cases this week because of Ivermectin. Why doesn’t Anthony Fauci or any of the other really smart TV people want us to know about this story?

That has to do with the vaccines, of course. Even though the Pfizer clot-shot has been FDA-approved, it’s still simultaneously under Emergency Use Authorization in America. Which would present all sorts of legal problems in Washington, DC and at the CDC and the FDA, if any of those people still cared about pesky things like “laws.” (For one thing, now that the Pfizer jab is “authorized,” there can’t legally be any other Emergency Use Authorization shots in use for the same disease; the J&J, Moderna, and other shots are now technically illegal because the Pfizer is “authorized.”)

Here’s why they really don’t want anyone to know about hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, or any other cheap, widely available treatments: If there is anything else that works as a preventative medicine that is cheap, safe, and widely available, Emergency Use Authorization of any drug or “vaccine” is supposed to be immediately suspended. If Ivermectin works against COVID, the FDA’s own rules declare that an experimental vaccine should be taken off the market.

But the people in charge are making too much money from these vaccines and having too much fun bossing us all around for that. So they tell us that Ivermectin is just a “horse paste.”

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22 thoughts on “Poorest State in India Whips COVID Silly with Zero Vaccines”

  1. When I was I was in practice many years ago, ivermectin came onto the market as a dewomer injectable foe horses. A few obsessed later, it was disapproved as an injectable. The great American fear of failure reared its head. A good product gone.

    1. But it’s not gone! It is widely available for farm use!
      But the “powers” don’t want us healthy and alive! For several reasons,
      1: Their cash code would immediately end!
      2: They would no longer have “power” over the population!
      3: Their population control (killing) would stop
      4: Fauci would be found out to be the political patsy that he really is and NOT a real scientist at all and then his highest paid government employment would END!

  2. Communism has won America, and will never let go of it now. Move out into the boonies and sticks and keep your life as you want to live it. Ammunition is now available online too. Just keep an eye on your new big city neighbors from Covid land prison!

  3. WOW!!! We have been lied to, lied to and then lied to some more. First to wear masks that do not stop the virus, to stupid social distancing rules, threatening and closing businesses and telling us to cease having a life with our friends and families. Spread the word – WE WILL NOT TAKE IT A ANYMORE

    1. It’s all about control ,power and greed . How many people have died unnecessarily our governments should be held accountable , as soon as they here of the success of these cheaper treatments they take them off the market and silence those that have used them .. it is a disgrace , no its more than that it’s treason against the people who elect them to take care of them ..

  4. If you are around someone that tested positive for the virus, we have to quarantine for 14 days. What if we test negative? Still have to quarantine. What if the person tests negative tomorrow. Still quarantine. What if you have had the virus, not sick, no symptoms for the past 13 days and just tested positive, another 14 day quarantine. What is that, some more of “EXPERT” Fauci’s science, or just another one of Fauci’s , “You need to do that , then you don’t need to do that”? There is no science on about half of what we have been doing, just some “Experts” guess. If they ask Fauci if they should do something, he will come up with something, even if it;s wrong.

  5. But…but…but the pharma companies won’t make their billions and our politicians won’t get their kickbacks. We all know the game.

  6. There is a sinister plot going around in the U.S. and we are not going be be sheep led to the slaughter. The Joe Biden and the Dems need to be stopped from pushing deadly drugs on the American public. They have been doing it for decades thru the FDA, the CDC and the pharmacutical industry. Time to stop this madness!

  7. A lot of people are finding out that little Fauci and his cabal lie every time their mouth opens up. Why is he still running AROUND LOOSE?

  8. Thanks to all that have read/shared my latest essay which just exceeded 5400 views and garnered another 100 subscribers. That is the largest number of views, of any essay I have written, in a period of 7 days. I will be doing another essay/video in the next week. I do enjoy writing but it is not WHY I write these days. I’m writing because the liberty of humanity, worldwide, is now in peril. As I write millions of Americans/Europeans are in jeopardy of loosing their jobs because they have chosen NOT to get the mRNA vaccine. Henry Ford Hospital, where I worked as a Systems Analyst, is about to fire thousands of American Nurses — who have refused the mRNA injection — and replace with even more foreign workers. Same thing is happening throughout the US. The administrators of our institutions are treated like demigods. Riney, the COO of Ford Hospital, gets paid 2.6 million a year — 6 times the salary of our president. And for that he treats his employees like condoms: uses them, pulls them off, ties a knot in the end of the condom and then throws them is the trash. This shit needs to stop. Ford Hospital and most corporations have been bringing in foreign workers — to replace American Workers — for decades. They seek cheap labor and like the fact that these foreign workers never question anything. And while I have nothing against legal immigrants what does anger me is how, over the past 40 years hospitals have been hiring foreign vs American workers (which of course includes members of the Muslim community).

    Our government — and Biden in particular — seem more interested in cheap foreign labor than providing a “dignified” living for our own people. What other conclusion can you reach as he is letting literally millions of illegal immigrant into our country at a time we are in what I’d call a “Plandemic Economic Depression.” And while Biden is firing hundreds of thousands of Legal Citizens — who don’t want the mRNA injection — he is letting in Illegal Immigrants with no testing at all. If you don’t think this both wrong and insane you obviously are not paying attention.

    Already millions are surveilled and controlled through vaccine passports. Soon it could be every human on planet Earth. In the US Tyrant President Biden is using the Plandemic to push us toward a Globalist Slave State. And no one in globalist corporate media — including FOX News hosts Tucker or Levin — will even report that “Build Back Better” — a slogan Biden has been using since June 2020 — is the mantra of the World Economic Forum (WEF) that seeks to use the Plandemic to establish a One World Government. You may not understand this yet but humanity is now at war with a Globalist Oligarchy that consists of government leaders, corporations, Big Pharma. Never in the last 10,000 years has there ever been such a threat against humanity. Never has there been a greater reason to rise up and shut these complying businesses down. If we fail we will become nothing more than slaves on a Globalist Plantation.

    Bruce W. Cain

    The first 2 Great Globalist PsyOps of the 21st Century: 911 and the Plandemic
    How the Universal adoption of the Ivermectin Protocol will end the Plandemic

    1. where do you post? this is the first time I have seen your remarks. is this a bait to entrap patriots who oppose biden? how do we know you are on our side? you must agree we have to be cautious these days. big brother is laying for us “insurgents” who dont want the VAX.

  9. biden bribed, begged, appealed to our patriotism, etc. we smart people told him to F off. we did not take the clot shot, the instant killer and disabler. so, what does he do? makes it mandatory to get the jab or lose our livelihoods. if that isn’t the exact definition of a dictator, I don’t know what could be. now, he is talking about issuing an executive order forcing us to take the shot. why? it is fauci and gates big EUGENICS program. kill off Americans to make room for all the black and brown he is letting flow in. they dont have to wear masks or take the jab. why? because they KNOW what the shot is designed to do. he can’t let his new American voter base die, now can he? the reason he said the infrastructure bill wouldn’t cost a penny is he is planning to use the social security and medicare monies the elderly who have died paid in to fund it. Obama wants an all MOOSLIM country. they are letting these fleas walk off the military bases, with no destination questions. why? see above. I say if I see any, I will shun them, won’t sell to them, no food stuffs, or rent or sell property to them/. maybe all real Americans should do the same. they will get the message. same for the roaches that are crawling in our southern borders. now we have a Russian trained woman who is head of all banking in America. she wants a one world bank. Biden passed her in with very little fanfare, and I doubt if she was vetted by congress or approved. watch your money. he is siccing the irs on all who have over $600.00 in savings, or checking or any types of savings programs. time to buy a home safe. or bury it in your backyard. whatever works. watch and see. the demon rats are coming for you, one way or another. hide your guns.

  10. St, John 10 ; 10. [ The demoncrat is the party of satan n the republican is the party of JESUS CRIST for life]

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