Public Support for Black Lives Matter Crashes

They said it was peaceful. Even while rioters tore apart businesses, looters burned down city buildings, and protesters shot each other they said it was peaceful. Reporters told these lies with a straight face while they stood in front of the flames.

We saw protesters attack Rand Paul and scream that he “say her name.” These idiots don’t even realize that Rand Paul wrote the “Justice for Breonna Taylor Act” that aims to end no-knock warrants.

We also saw a deranged mob of Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters try to murder 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse who was out providing first aid and putting out literal fires. When Rittenhouse defended himself, the mob tried to call him a terrorist.

You could argue the mainstream media are good liars. Being able to lie with a straight face to millions of Americans is a skill not everyone possesses.

Thankfully it turns out there is a limit to what people will believe from the media. At the end of March — when George Floyd Died — Black Lives Matter (BLM) had over 70 percent support from the masses. Then, the protests turned violent. And they stayed violent. Thousands were hurt. Even more lost their homes and livelihoods. More than 30 are dead so far from the “peaceful protests”.

And, oh yeah, it turns out that George Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose, not police brutality. Americans are fed up and BLM support is down to 48 percent. That’s a 25-percent drop, and support is still falling fast.


But the drop in support didn’t stop there, this has had far reaching consequences. At the end of May, people were blaming President Trump for the coronavirus. The nation was on board with the police brutality narrative. President Trump’s law and order approach was not well received. Biden was up 12 points in national polls. He was leading in every battleground state. Now, after three months of unrest and violence, President Trump is up in the national polls for the first time. He is within one point of Biden. Polls show him winning in every single swing state, and we’ve seen a swing of 5 to 15 points in all of those states in the last month.

America is having none of it. Local and state politicians are being recalled in Democratic strongholds around the country. Every politician who pandered to these maniacs is now in jeopardy of losing their position. Major union groups are formally endorsing President Trump. Everything has changed, and it did so quickly.

This is why we fight so hard for free speech. We let the left be free, and the world saw their true colors. Now, the hammer can drop on these murderous ravagers and the media who helped push their lies. They’ve lost their grip, and the reasonable right is prevailing. The red pill is becoming the most taken medication in America. The left is falling flat.

We really can save this beautiful country. We’ll have a lot of cleaning and healing to do. The road ahead is long and filled with challenging work. We can’t lose sight of that. We can’t get complacent. We have to ride this wave and remind the world what happens when this sleeping giant comes awake.

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390 thoughts on “Public Support for Black Lives Matter Crashes”

  1. Black Lives Matter needs to be recognized as the Domestic Terrorist Group that it is an destroyed by our government along with every member of ANTIFA. If the government doesn’t do it then the Patriots of America will and it will be Civil War II. When that starts the swamp in DC will be drained for good.

    1. You are very right, I am 86 and think both Antifa and BLM are Domestic Terrorists groups and need to be arrested and put in PRISON.

      1. I am 71 1/2 yrs old. Came to this country legally with my family in the early 1950’s. Both my parents worked hard and paid taxes. This is my country & I love it. I hate seeing what has happened to our beautiful nation just because some fanatics decided they didn’t like that Trump won in 2016. I do believe there is a rat under the table working to destroy everything our POTUS does to make him look bad. I am shocked at the filth spewed from the DEM’s side. I do believe DEM’s had a deal with the LEFT/Antifa/BLM to destroy the cities & let the citizens know what will continue if they don’t NOT vote for Trump. I do believe the virus was release by China because they are in cahoots with the DEM’s. Lot’s of monies was put into Hillary’s winning n when she didn’t win they went into full mode to get rid of Trump with cheating & lies. They worked hard at getting rid of Trump but nothing stuck. So that’s when the virus was sent in to destroy the economy that Trump had rebuilt in just 3 yrs. He managed to save the economy in 3 yrs even though his hands were practically tied by the amount of hatred & anger thrown his way from the Left/Dem’s side. Can u imagine what he could accomplish in the next 4 yrs if he was allowed to work in peace? He wants to bring our factories back!!!!! Made in America, Made in USA would be a prominent label again! But no, all that was transferred by previous DEM’s administrations. Why? I can guess the why. It has to do with payments under the table. China takes another USA factory & some people in power get loads of cash under the table. The DEM-RATS are chewing it all under the table where supposedly nobody sees anything. The country & its citizens are seeing all. TRMP 2020!

          1. President Trump…We the People are behind you. We love this country. Those who don’t should be kicked the fuck out!!!!

          2. i think they r now starting to see how crooked & curupt the dumbacraps have gotten to be i think & feal the silant majority will get rid of a lot of the thieves & crooks in the gov. this time around they better or will be living under TOTAL CONTROL

          3. 72 and totally agree with all before me. Our biggest mistake was Muslim President Obama, he started this mess and wanted to hand it over to criminal Hillary. We need to devastate this group. Keep speaking out or Nancy Pelosi will step into Acting President if no clear winner in the Nov. election. That would end America!

          4. I so much totally agree with your comment and have been saying this all along!! So happy to see I am not alone.

          5. Absolutely all liberal dems belong in Gitmo with BLM and Antifa . Life without parole for a bunch of tratirous IDIOT Terrorist

        1. Evelia,
          I believe you are 100% correct!? Everything you said I believe. The DEMRATS are being paid under the table by China, and others and are furious that Donald J Trump sees through their corrupt ways, and wants to bring manufacturing and businesses back to America and help ALL America be great. He was doing a fantastic job, so they(Dems) with the help of China ruined and killed innocent people with their virus and the Dems are being paid under the table to keep us closed down. They want America to be Socialist with big government Dems controlling everything.
          We have to all be strong and stop this evil godless group of people in America. They are being paid to destroy and loot and make it look like Donald’s leadership has done this. I am so saddened that the younger 30 something youngsters are thinking that Socialism And Medicare for all Is the answer. They have no idea what they are asking for.
          My family pray daily for Our country and Mr. Trump and Vice President Pence and all of their administration to be safe and get through this time of evil.
          Thank you for your wise words and teach all your children and grandchildren the truth about America.
          God bless you and Vote Republican in every seat available.

          1. Everyone in this nation needs to know and realize how dangerous this movement called blm is,I don’t think half the people know this is a marxist movement it also hate Israel and is against Christianity. This organization,for the better interest of our free republic, needs to be dissolved totally removed from our nation. It has done nothing good at all it has only destroyed. Another thing people should realize is the role Obama played in trying to destroy the Trump presidency before it began. I mean you can bring up peloci,Harris Schummer and others all day, tho I do believe these to be dangerous people, I do not believe they would be as dangerous had it not been for the plan Obama himself orchestrated from day 1 and deep into the Trump presidency in which he purposefully tried to damage Trump and tried but failed to ruin the reputation of a good american and president. It is time for the American people to step up and say we refuse to be treated this way,we refuse to allow you to scheme and conspire the evil you did against our duly elected President Donald J. Trump. He, being elected by the people and then to have you treat us in such a despicable way; we cannot put it past you to try this again,it is therefore the right of the people to hold you totally accountable.

          2. They will be surprised when they find out what they will get from Medicare for All. I am on Medicare now and we PAY for it again. The premiums are taken out of our Social Security checks before we get them, in spite of the fact that we paid through payroll deduction our whole lives when we worked. Also you can be sure that the system will be overwhelmed, especially since the doctors will be government employees and couldn’t care less what we think. We will get what the government thinks we should get and rest assured, they think we deserve nothing except vaccinations.

          3. Wow! This couldn’t have been any more my thought had I written it myself. I believe the Devil is using the Devilcrats and Media to destroy the Country. It’s obvious to me a battle of Good vs. Evil.

          4. Let’s work the Nutty Nancy blowout debacle. The people of her district need to “retire” that nasty old crone! Kicking Nancy to the curb would be a big step in the “draining”…

          5. Agree. I am sure Mr President Trump will be re-elected and the demRats will lose in
            Senate and House too
            God bless America and President Trumo

          6. Right on and they have been in the educational system for YEARS teaching against America and how bad it is, heard this back in the 70’s and was before. They would loose everything by falling for it, reason wanted to get rid of old people as they remembered that America helped those under Hitler etc,. The very thing they want to impose on America, where people were in bread lines, no bread for all. When my mothers 1st. cousin in Europe needed a Dr. when that country was under this health care for all, and needed Dr. Care for a bad heart had to wait 3 months for a Dr. and died. This is what Health care etc. for all does, along with all of the free for all, as not possible now, and they want to take away jobs, meat, gas, oil, etc., sounds like and one would have to be brainless not to see through what is going on. Don’t want us to remember past, which we should learn from. ALL lives matter, as God created everyone, everything. He has said search and find me, follow me…people don’t read the Holy Bible as Satan blocks them from doing so. They could have a personal relationship with God. Can’t take God out of everything, all is His. He is always working behind the scenes. Our choice if want his protection -sustaining-blessings through obedience or His wrath through disobedience (which is love to bring us back to Him). He doesn’t force us -our choice, but can’t get mad when heaven’s door shuts out in the end. Black skinned people, should stand up and say they are not part of Black Lives Matter group, that are not, as that group is using the black people to do their harm against people, areas and for their evil purposes, using George Floyd as an excuse, included is one of our political parties. When love someone you don’t harm other’s because of. Seek Him with heart and soul and will find Him, close as air breathe.

        2. I expect the silent majority will rise up and send a message to the world that we are the U.S.A.

          While I haven’t cast a straight party vote since the 1970’s, I will this year, to let the democrats know their policies have failed and no longer serve the people that elected them.

          Trump 2020

          Bill G
          Chicago, IL

          1. I am right there with you Bill G in Chicago. I vote the person most often but in November, I am voting straight Republican. I was a Democrat many many years ago and voted the person; never voting straight ticket, but it seems that is the way to go this year. I am 78 years old and am afraid to open my mouth in public, afraid to wear a red hat of any kind, and live in fear that our right to bear arms and the right to free speech can become a thing of the past. And when our DOJ and FBI can be so corrupt and our country has let H Clinton get by with all the bad she has done, then it is no wonder the Democrats think they are all powerful and anything they do is ok; they feel they are above the law. Does Pelosi’s hair look good today?

          2. I believe that you are correct. I have been relating this to 911, They woke us up and we are pissed off. I think that there will be a Trump landslide. I also believe that we will then have to be vigilant because they will then be really pissed off like they were when Trump won the last time..

          3. I am just amazed Bill, wmg, and all the other fine individuals here that actually get it. I am just amazed at how all this evil is backed by liberal democrats. Really. I hope, and I pray, that the silent majority will show up and hit the Republican ticket Nov. 3rd. To even begin imagining Pelosi, Biden, Harris, Schitt, AOC, Omar and all these other “walk with satan” politicians control the U.S. Government, keeps me awake at night. And I too must tread carefully. You see, I am a 64 year old small business owner, there is a community, there are employees, and there are customers depending on what I do with this business. Any “wrong words or statements” could negatively impact everything and everyone. It’s just awful!!!

          4. Sue, her hair does look better today. Unfortunately her face is stretched so much that it looks like her bones may break through the thin skin soon.

          5. Well said I hope and pray people wake up soon and vote President Trump and a full republican congress in also. We can’t let the left hold the majority in the Senate or House of Representatives either or it will be a battle everyday to get anything done. I usually vote for the person not the party but….

          6. I’m 73, and I will never vote for a democrat again in my life. Not for any position….they have turned this country upside down, and we should be flying the flag upside down because we’re in such distress.

          7. Bill, I believe there will be thousands of people that vote straight party for the first time in years. The racist party has been exposed. The history books show that the democrats are the party of Jim Crow and the KKK. All the attacks on our president has brought to light the real evils of the democrats. It’s not about our country anymore, it’s about getting control. Most true Americans are fed up with the anarchy and want our country to heal. Just think where our country would be if the democrats would have worked with Trump to make America great again instead of trying to destroy it by making it a socialist dictatorship. They should move to North Korea for 6 months, then make a rational decision if they really want that.

        3. I agree 100% with you. I wish more people would read about the truth and not listen to the main stream media. The media will NEVER report on anything positive that Trump does. I can’t imagine waking up every day and having to deal with the fake news and all of their lies. Trump does and yet, he moves ahead trying to do the best for the American people. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to vote Biden in. On another note – Pelosi is such a disgusting being. I can’t call her a human being because she has no compassion, sensitivity nor any of l the emotions that humans possess. we are in a pandemic and all she cares about is impeaching Trump. It cost the Amercian legal tax payer millions. She wants to defund the police. She should give up her private security guards but she won’t. She wants us, the American people to do without protection. There is a special place in hell for her.

          1. The only black lives that matter, are with the only lives that matter, and they are proud to be called American Lives That Matter. The rest of you don’t matter for shit, including you Soros…you socialist assholes need to leave our President alone, and you need to leave!!!

        4. I totally agree with you. It is time for the people in this country wake up and realize the real truth. Everything you’ve said, I have been saying for months. It’s all about getting rid of President Trump. Apparently these people don’t realize that they will have to answer for all of their wickedness. The Bible plainly says we will reap what we sow.

          1. How many small countries has Soros brought down ?? Now he is trying for the largest country in the world and we are letting him. That is how he makes money Off the backs of the people he helps enslave. He is pure evil! anyone that would say the best years of his life was when he was in the German gestapo ratting out and killing his own people is pure pure evil

          2. Everyone should watch the movie on EWTN called “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.” It’s about liberals, socialism, and where this country is headed if we don’t vote for Trump. It will scare the pants off you when you watch it!


          1. I am 78 years old and remember clearly hearing Lyndon Johnson say, “if we can control the N—-er vote, we can control this country for the next 200 years”. The “Great Society” did nothing but substitute the government for the “plantation owners” and “take care of them” to get their vote. Thank God the African American community has woken up to how they have been used,

          2. I so agree with you. Hilary is a blazen criminal and needs 10 years for being part of the cover up in Benghazi and for her part in the Russia lie. Obama needs to br in jail for treason and setting up Trump with the FBI and the spying. He backs blm and has been so devisive to this nation

          3. Totally agree. Whoever is supporting this party cares nothing about the unborn, the sanctity of marriage, right to bear arms, freedom of speech, prayer in school and racial unity. These terrorists groupS must be stopped and NOW! Communism is on our doorstep and the Democratic Party is attempting to push this down our throats. Stand up Patriots and fight for truth, liberty and freedom! ????

          4. The ONLY REAL culprit who is responsible for all this is OBUMMER & no one does a single thing about it. He started this, but, he has always been Soros puppet. Soros groomed him for this.

            Obummer needs to be destroyed for what he has done to this marvelous country. Take him down first & you will have Soros.

          5. Mr Trump has done more for the black and Latino communities than any president we have ever had. He is also the greatest president that has stood up for the christian community. Every president has promised to move the American embassy to Jerusalem and make it Capital of Israel, but Trump actually done it. He is the only president we have had in modern times that actually cares for the ALL people of this country (even those that hate him) I saw a prophet prophesy about Trump in the year 2007, 9 years before Trump even thought about running for president. He said that Trump would be a trumpet for the people and the country, that under his presidency the economy would boom like never before, he even said that they would impeach him, but he wouldn’t leave office, this prophet also said that Trump would serve 2 terms. All of this was spoken long before Trump was even considering running for president. The bible does say that He reveals the truth through His prophets before He brings it to pass. This guy died just before Trump took office. I would suggest that you google “Kim Clement, Trump Prophet” Listen to this, as he called it out right to the tee. He got all the rest correct, so I would say that we have Trump for 4 more years. Praise God and may God bless Trump and America. TRUMP 2020 KAG

          1. when are they going to start investigating George Soros-he is a traitor and he is the one who is behind the funding for ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter and is paying them to go from place to place and to riot and burn and cause any trouble they can. George Soros needs to be investigated throughly and then find a way to send him back to \hungary, where he is a wanted criminal.

          2. Soros. media, left wing politicians with there hands raped around there balls. real deep state has betrayed are country for power and wealth . assassination is the highest form of public service..


        7. Evelia, that was well said I couldn’t have said it better I also believe that Obama is the head working with Soros funding money to keep things going and to try and cause another Civil war in order to finish America off.
          Obama was put in at president to destroy us and make us look weak and if it wasn’t for President Trump it would have happened, thank god we didn’t put Hilary into office.
          I sure hope the American people wake up and Dems take off the blinders and see that there party is turning into Socialist or Communist.
          Trump 2020

          1. Yes, Thompson Simpson, correct on the Obama note. What is worse, and highly overlooked by so many, is the rather pretentious, the very racist, and hate filled Michelle Obama. They turn to her because so many Americans are brainwashed and fooled by her presence and words. This lady is not an American Patriot, but a very ugly voice to American citizens.

        8. You see it too! DemonRats! I’ve called them ever since the Covid Scare…which;
          By the way is no worse than SARS…the DemonRats killed the Nursing Home patients by putting the Covid patients in with “already compromised elderly patients”! They killed the elderly just like Hitler killed the Jews! They should be held accountable for those murdered! God Bless America and Help Us All ????

          1. There is NO Covid-19…. It is just the flu & they have taken over any type of illness from which one dies & labels it Covid-19.
            This was all a PLANDEMIC, set up to take out Trump, but, they still don’t have enough sense to know they can’t beat Trump, because, he is honest & so smart, that he sees right through everything they do to him.

            Wait & see what happens on November 4, 2020. This PLANDEMIC will all be over….

          2. Hitler did not only killed Jews. There were more non- Jews killed in the Nazi labor camps, than Jews. The bias media will never admit it. Some of us know why.
            My parents were Christian Orthodox escaping from the Soviet Communists, who were caught with their two baby daughters by the German army and shipped to Nurenbergh labor camps. My two oldest baby sisters were starved and poisoned. My parents barely survived.

          1. These remarks [all of them] are what I have been thinking all along. Soros needs to be taken out of our beautiful USA without hesitation!

        9. Sir I agree with your assessment of the state of affairs under the marxist, socialist, communist. It all started back in the early sixties, with the “banning” of the “speaker ban law”. I don’t want to get into that, it should be on utube or google. First, I wish to welcome you to your country, we need immigrants like you. I am sick of ppl. coming here, W/O being vetted or any other restrictions, just let them in by the thousands, & many come here expecting everything they need to be free. The dems. have misled these ppl. into thinking this is the promised land, just come on & get your benefits. They want open borders,chaos & rioting in the streets. Look up their list of what they wish to accomplish if they are winners of this election. I am 82 yrs. & I have noticed the party for the past 50/60 yrs., in fact I was a democrat for a few yrs. as a young man. Not any more. I checked out this last 22 or 23 candidates and not one would I even consider voting for one of these lunatics. They are anarchists, liberals who are dead set on destroying our country as we know it, I think these marxist organizations are just taking over & no one standing up & opposing them. Only one man has stood up to oppose this bunch of hoodlums, who is most interested in tearing down our country & establishing a United Socialist States of America. It will not work, it will not bring the peace & harmony among the masses that so many are longing for. I do hope we can settle this time in our nation’s history, in a peaceful way.

          1. All Republicans, Conservatives, Republican leaning independents, Republican leaning African Americans, Republican leaning Hispanics, Republican leaning men and women, Veterans, Military, Law enforcement, senior citizens, blue collar workers, middle class and poor need to get out and vote this year in unprecedented, never seen before numbers to re-elect President Trump. The 60 to 65 million that voted for him in 2016 needs to turn to 100 million this year that vote for him. It very well could take that many votes for Trump to be re-elected. If we have to stand in line 3 hours or more it is worth it to save this country from turning into a 3rd world socialist, communist country. Our lives, our freedoms, our liberties are at great risk.

        10. Evelia,
          I saw what you saw, I believed what you believed, and I know President Trump is the only President who can help us save this country and restore it what it needs to be not for just us, but for the children. The dark clouds over America will only dissipate with a true Patriot Leader at the helm. The opposition needs to wake up and some are and they are seeing the light. Trump can’t be bought. Trump fights without being paid a single penny because he loves this country and he wants it to remain free. God Bless America. God Bless President TRUMP!
          TRUMP 2020!

          1. I understand what you are saying, if I may with out being offensive or taking away from your comments but supporting it with one nation under God this is America, if we the people to get back to being the foundation of that principles of being a united people under the word of God. racism is man made tool to divide, God’s word is to unite, this is where we need to be, He said return unto Me and I will return unto you and I will heal your land. If you believe that do your part go vote and return our country The Father in Heaven and pray for our enemies that they would turn away from their evel ways.

          2. Shirley,
            I agree with what you have said above to Evelia. I am for President Trump. But as a Patriot, the President must make sure the Rules of Law are being complied with. It cannot be applied to some and not to others. The racists law enforcement officers involved in non-threatening, killings of unarmed black men, women and children must be brought to justice for murder. The racist officers who killed Breonna Taylor and the attempted murder of her companion, Kenneth Walker must be brought to justice — indicted, convicted and sentenced. Ditto to the officers in Kenosha, WI in the attempted-murder of Jacob Blake shot 7 times in the back at point-blank range in the presence of his young children. If their law enforcement colleagues are afraid to apprehend them, we will gladly do the job: dead or alive. We have no dealings or connections to BLM movement or Antifa, but the Black Community will no longer tolerate the killing of non-threatening unarmed people. This is a most important issue, and Mr. Trump has refused to deal with it. Most of you Patriots are pointing to the anarchists/socialists (or whoever they are), instead of the real issue. If these racists law enforcement officers are not brought to justice, please tell me exactly who is an anarchist/socialist/gestapo? From where I stand, the finger is pointed dead at them. If President can’t get this resolved, he is in an “uphill” battle to keep his office — my vote may not matter. Maybe not even the 4 million votes in my organization.
            God will need to bless America after this one.

          1. Well said I hope and pray people wake up soon and vote President Trump and a full republican congress in also. We can’t let the left hold the majority in the Senate or House of Representatives either or it will be a battle everyday to get anything done. I usually vote for the person not the party but….well said!

        11. The ones we need to arrest for domestic terrorists are those that have been the financial supporters and brains behind these movements for many years. Like Soros and Steyer. Not the recent ones who believed the Democrats/media’s lies.

        12. AMEN, Evelia !!! (And to many others on this thread.) Does Pelosi’s hair look good ? Yes. Do Pelosi’s clothes look good ? Yes. Does Pelosi’s makeup look good ? Yes. BUT, does Nancy Pelosi look good ? NO ; I CAN STILL SEE THE PIG UNDER THAT LIPSTICK !!!!! Therefore, to WHOM does that pig look good ? ONLY TO OTHER PIGS !!!!! Perhaps George Soros would like to “hook up” with her – OH, WAIT : he ALREADY IS HOOKED UP WITH HER, under the table !!!! Actually, they have thrown the table aside – they don’t even care that EVERYONE SEES IT !!! You might say that “Pigs of a puddle WALLOW TOGETHER !”
          Yes, this country, of MONSTROUS ABILITY, is WAKING UP – as the German NAZI’s and Japanese SAMURAI’s learned was possible, in World War II !!!!! The incessantly ongoing corruption of the “left” has become increasingly noted by people of the “middle,” neither “left” nor “right” until politics push them into seeing realities. I am hopeful, and praying to God, for an overwhelming election and follow through against the Criminal Coalition of the “left,” in November 2020 !!! The godless and hateful party should be defeated HEAVILY ; and OUR RIGHTFUL NATION can THEN be reoriented and revitalized in CONSTRUCTIVE ways !!! Thank you, President Donald J. Trump, the “Cyrus” of our time : helpful to the GOOD OF OUR SOCIETY !!!!! (See Old Testament, for context.)

          1. You are correct, Trump really is the King Cyrus of our time. Only the Spirit of God can reveal that truth to you. Bless His Great Name, King Jesus

        13. What I’m afraid the left still might do is work with China to have a mutated covid19 this Fall. Nothing is too low for them and the ones that claim to be Christians who support the left are just as guilty as the media/Democrats/Antifa/BLM/Marxists. I just hope Trump can rid us of the #NeverTrumpers/Lincoln Project haters when he gets elected.

          1. I do believe that they have something up their sleeves to come before the election. I can’t see Biden running in his condition and I don’t for the life of me understand how his family would even allow him out there. It must be that he is the only one they think may be able to win the election for them. Can you imagine Harris as President? She would be almost as bad as AOC. God forbid Pelosi gets in the mix. I expect chaos no matter who is elected. I do believe Trump will be the winner but it will be contested for months. The question is who will be running the country if that happens? Pelosi has said she will have to fumigate him out of the White House. I think it was Hillary who said under no circumstances will he be allowed to stay in the White House. Ever wonder what God has to say? I think we can expect another “serious” outbreak of a virus to hit this season which will probably mean a lock-down. Will the people stand for it? That is the big question. They either have to have a serious outbreak scenario or fraud with mail-in ballots or they will lose it all. It is a live or die situation for them.

        14. I’m 76, and no Churchill, but I wish I could have written what you did ,half as well !!
          The old Democrat Party no longer exists
          it has been taken over by COMMIECRATS
          and should have to give up the name it hides behind ! Make them acknowledge who they really are politically !
          Communism is 100% UNAMERICAN !!

        15. And I agree. I believe the plan is to use 25th amendment to be rid of Biden, the Harris gets in & finishes the job of destroying the country. Kiss ur lives, as u know it today, goodbye. Arm yourself because everything will be taken from us & we will the compete with the failure of Venezuela. No T paper, little food, homes confiscated, etc.
          Don’t get why they want to ruin us, except for POWER. Who do they rule then?

        16. Evelia, you are right, (im 73 ) we, the republican party MUST win the house senate and white house or our great nation is doomed! People need to take a good hard look at Venezuela they were second only to us and in ten years of socialism, they are in terrible shape, (the people, not the fat cats in the government) the people are starving, etc and Trump sent truckloads of food water medicine and baby food, etc. and the government blocked the road and would not let the people have it! a young girl who used to be there was on tv and said BLM was real close with the government there! neighbors escaped from cuba and are soo grateful for America! TRUMP 2020 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN……AGAIN!

        17. I love what you wrote and it’s how my husband and I feel. I do think it to be extreme that they could have somehow caused the China virus but nothing the Dems do would surprise me. They are truly evil and I have thought it myself but go no way too extreme, too strange but is it? Trump must win and we must win the Senate and the House!

          1. Sharon, you need to look into Fauci and Gates. They are so dirty. There is a very BIG story there known as MONEY and Power. Fauci is responsible for that virus as much as China. He was fiddling in things that were not appropriate with the virus. Trying to make it stronger which was against the law here. He somehow was able to send money to China so they could tinker with this virus. It was either accidental or purposely sent to us. Scientists have said it WAS made by man. Both he and Gates stand to make millions on the vaccine. Why do you think even though Fauci knew Hydroxychloroquine was effective on SARS in 2005 he said it was useless for COVID 19? Why were doctors who successfully treated patients with it being censored? The trial that was said to have failed was sent to Lancet and retracted in three weeks. They had to make sure all the world was vaccinated as a way to control people and make them millions. You have to have that chip in your body to be controlled. It is all about the one world order. People don’t realize when that vaccine comes out many will get seriously ill and many will die. It will all be chalked up to COVID. Don’t believe it. There are scientists who know the story and have spoken out. It is said in the bible, My people perish for lack of knowledge. Very relevant today. I was so proud of our President when he stood up and told that bunch in their meeting that our country will always remain free. It was like he gave them the finger. Kudos to Trump. He has also Kept all his promises and then some to the American people. He is the only one that has the balls to drain that swamp. My one concern is that the rabid demos will do everything in their power to commit fraud in this election, especially with mail-in ballots. I expect them to pull another lock-down. We need to pray and fast with all we have that corruption will be uncovered. Pelosi said she will fumigate him out of the White House. These people are very rabid and dangerous. They know it is the end. I do agree with everything said in all these statements. I am also 77 years old but highly functional living in a state where this governor sent COVID’s into nursing homes. Between Gates, Fauci, and him we have no chance of dodging mandatory vaccination. Trump has said there will be no mandatory vaccination ON THE FEDERAL LEVEL. Governors will be in charge. God help us all.

        18. 100% RIGHT and I to also believe the Dem/Nazis and China did this together. I put nothing past this corrupt government. And you can throw a lot of the Rino’s in with the corruption also. The Left does not give a RATS-ASS about this country all they want is the power to control it and let us just DIE. They do not care about how bad it will get for us. And this virus shut down will kill more than the virus ever could. Remember they predicted millions would die, well we are not even close and I believe their numbers are inflated to get the count they are telling us. All DEms are liars 100 percent of the time when it comes to anything Trump.

        19. You are so right on everything you said. I have said the very samething. Just as l said before, how did a nobody like Obama win the White House and was worth 3 million when he went in office and 8 yrs later come out of office worth 93 million. And now he is almost (a billionaire) 3 yrs later? He didn’t make that kinda money investing in Netflix. Look at the Clinton foundation, just about the same. The Clinton brat married George Soros nephew. What’s that say? If Trump wins reelection l think the truth will come to light. Pelosi has been in office for about 40 yrs and net worth is around 200 million. What’s that say about her? These people (and there’s more of them like this) that are stealing money from the people especially with the big pharma.

        20. Evelia, you are so right and thank you for putting it down on writing. From one immigrant to another, Welcome to all Legal Immigrants. Our country was born on Legal Immigration. We worked hard to give ourselves a good place in life, and asked that all Legal Immigrants do the same.
          Our President has been working very hard for all of the citizens of this country, and the DemocRATS just want to take it away because of the hatred they have for him and his supporters. They are corrupt, liars, and thieves, and they are trying to ruin our country with socialism/communism. We need to vote Trump and Republicans so that we can crush the head of that terrible snake AKA Dem Party!

        21. That is exactly what has happened. Additionally, these same people believe there are billions too many and they must go; that they could also make a great deal of profits for themselves through their multi-national companies who ALL support their agendas, politics, and so-called woke groups! As far as I am concerned these are vile, evil, wicked, and satanic luciferians.

        22. You just said everything I’ve been telling my neighbors all along. Some have actually come around to believing in Trump too. Thanks for your notice.

        23. Amen,We need Trump with God’s blessings.The democratic Conspiracy is out to destroy the U.S. of A and he’s all we got to defend us!

        24. I said the same thing about China and Dems!!! Civil war 2 is coming! I’m a proud US Veteran who served my country! I will do it again when called!

        25. Evelita: I agree with every word you posted. I’m 83 y.o and love this country. These DEMO-RATS that are threatening us if Trump wins better stay away from me and my family.I’m not a violent person but will defend all of mine with everything i have.

        26. Evelia I agree with everything you just said, we have to stand up to these Evil people and get them out of office in November and you know that the Democ Rats are going to do everything possible to CHEAT on the election also. I’ve been hearing it’s already started.

        27. You are intelligent. An attribute missing in many unfortunately. I hope people read your post and learn from your wisdom.


        1. I’m 71, and I totally agree that people are pissed off with all that’s going on in our country! We finally have a President who is a patriot and wants to keep the USA free! Those criminals who have abused their power and profited from being in service to America need to be punished! All domestic terrorist organizations need to be squashed and put on notice that this will no longer be tolerated! Most of our career politicians have become wealthy while in office and that is unacceptable! Term limits need to be set, people! I have purposely not mentioned any names because of fear! I can’t openly endorse the ONLY candidate we the people want as POTUS for the next 4 years because I fear for my safety! These are the scum who are destabilizing our country in the hopes of turning us communist for their own power hungry gains! Wake up America these people plan to make our country their oyster with no consideration of the masses left in their wake! Remember there is always a price to pay for the choices we make! Thank you President Trump for standing up to this lunacy and crushing them! Trump/Pence 2020!

          1. The governors mayors and congressmen should have to replace every business and all damage to their cities, from their own personal finances even selling all of their own property. The damage done by BLM and other rioters was done with their encouragement, therefore they are all responsible for the reparations! When they finish maybe they’ll be living in the low cost housing, that their constituents have been living in.

      2. And I know the prison. Isn’t San Quentin empty? Let’s put them all on that island and they can eat each other.

        1. Janet
          Actually it is Alcatraz that is empty on an island in the SF Bay and San Quentin is where they house people with a death sentence. I readily agree that they need to be separated from Society either place will work for me. Keep Smiling, it makes them wonder what you are up to.

          1. I see that you are from the country that I left and the reason that I left was not to be controlled and fear for what will be and I still have love for my birth country but I am happy in the USA because it is free but under communism or Socialism we will become
            just like my birth country and I am a Patriot and d0n’t want this country destroyed.
            Vote for Trump/Pence 2020

        2. why waste the time and money to put them in prison ? when all we need to do is fight fire with fire . when they come in your towns to kill and burn down every thing you have worked hard for STAND YOUR GROUND AND SHOOT EVERY ONE OF THEM DOWN LIKE THEY WOULD YOU AND SEE HOW FAST THIS SHIT WILL END. WE WILL HAVE BACK OUR GREAT COUNTRY AGAIN .

          1. Put them all together, put people with the positive Corona virus in with them. They claim no cure! Right?? They all have underlying conditions and we can call cause of death CV.

      3. Prison ? Let’s think about this for a brief moment. No. I personally do not want my tax dollars to have to support these worthless thugs by giving them three squares a day, a place to lay their head and a nice big screen digital tv to watch. No, these terrorists deserve what other terrorists have recently gotten; what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

        1. Kevin, as a ‘Nam vet and seen it first hand, three squares as you say to feed then, NOPE!!!!!! People can live on bread and water, because in the military, you could be placed in the “BRIG” navy slang for jail, and feed this and still live, but do like sheriff Joe did in AZ, if they want hot food, let the family’s feed them also don’t lock them up, put them on the 1890 through the early 1960’s!!!!!! Start them back up and give the guards the authority to shoot to kill anyone that is trying to escape and anyone trying to help someone escape!!!!!! Or re-instate the death penalty!!!!!! I would almost bet, that this would stop almost over night!!!!

          1. I agree with you. Except, reinstating the death penalty will not act as a deterrent UNLESS the government actually starts executing those convicted. Do one a week in every state until death rows are empty. Then people might think twice before they commit some horrific crime against decent citizens. I’m all for the island idea. If people want to act like animals, let them live like animals, just separated from good people.

          2. I often wish they still had chain gangs. Chained together and working in the hot sun doing road maintenance without pay. That would save the states some money. That wouldn’t be cruel and unusual punishment. There are already people who do that for a living. And the farmers who grow our food work in the blazing hot sun every day with little pay.

          1. But DON’T forget to throw the switch when the time is up !
            More than half the problem in the USA today is brought about by left-leaning Lawyers and Judges. The so-called Justice System appears to work with only one aim – the further destruction of America as we older generation know/knew it. The “Education System” is laughable – a Commie system run by and for the exclusive enjoyment and benefit of its Commie members – America-Haters !
            God Bless America and President Trump !

        2. I agree with you. Ship them to a communist country since this is what they want to accomplish here! Will Soros support them there?? No, probably not. I pray for Trump as the ‘Do as I say not as I do Democratic party’ just wants their ‘One World Order’ with agreement with China. It is so sad. The elite rich think they can change the way the average citizen thinks is outrageous. With all their wealth they need to be censored. They have no idea what the average household goes thru to support their family. If they want to take from the middle class (does that exist anymore??) Let the elite repair the cities their support and voices have lead to. Sorry for all the ‘normal people’ with a thought process whom have been affected by this craziness. I am so sick of BLM and the rest of the people who think ‘they’ deserve something handed to them. GO GET A JOB. Intelligent ‘any race people’ know education and perserverance build futures!! So sorry Trump has to deal with all these stupid, unintelligent slugs of society.

      4. Arrest? Put in prison! Sorry but there are to many guilty politicians that have wronged our country and bc their politicians they get away with fraud, treason, bleaching computers, spying on Americans, hell the list is long!
        Clinton’s Obama’s, Biden’s, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, all and more have deceived Americans and need to be fired and all assets confiscated!
        Ruin their lives as they have ruined so many in California, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York and Washington DC.
        Prison is to easy, yet none of these mayors, Governors, or politicians have spent one day being held accountable! Revolution time is a time of reckoning! Time to get America back to Americans!


          1. And it wasn’t even the owner who did the job. It was one of the stylists who rents a booth. Then Pelosi vilified the owner and said she was set up. I hope no one believes her and votes her out of office in November. All congress men and women are up for reelection this year. And some of the senators. If we all vote straight Republican tickets we can take back this One Nation Under God and make America great again.

          2. WOW. that says it all regarding Nancy, she is the devil’s right hand so evil. There is no beauty shop that could possibly make her look good or even better. She is UGLY AS UGLY gets.

      5. Thank you, for speaking up, it’s great people such as yourself, your eyes see the truth behind BLM. I just wished they had stayed focus on peaceful demonstration , instead of all this kaos. BLM is important but not at the expense of other Black lives and all colors.

        1. They like the chaos and destruction……Look at Detroit Michigan.
          They destroyed it and it is still in ruins…..

      6. Amen Dorothy,
        I totally agree with you.
        They need severe punishment
        And years in prison for trying to
        Take down our country!
        God bless America!!!!!????????

      7. Amen Dorothy,
        I totally agree with you.
        They need severe punishment
        And years in prison for trying to
        Take down our country!
        God bless America!!!!!????????

        1. Perhaps now is the time to resurrect the felony of Treason against the State, along with its MANDATORY and IMMEDIATE Death Sentence by Firing Squad. The only problem with this is the “Justice System” which has been weaponised by the communists in the “Democrat” Party, and which can no longer be relied on to carry out its sworn DUTIES !

      8. Why put them in prison? It going to cost Taxpayers money! Best places for them in on the border of North Korea! No way out! These THUGS will be scared to death! Or try to escape to north korea! Which would be good, because north korea will shoot them on sight! Always BELIEVE any 18-25 need to learn what it like in a real war! With so many countries hate AMERICA. Let them learn they are lucky AMERICA is a FREE COUNTRY!

      9. BLM should be outlawed and its leaders put in jail. They are destroying America. They appear to have a master plan – they want to own the country and it’s wealth. That is not what MLK fought for-equality. Equality is what the black community got, now it is up to them to lift themselves out of poverty. Americans have always been hard workers that is the reason we are a wealthy country. Slavery is a thing of the past and it should remain there. Can’t change history but we can all work toward a better future. So let us start and vote for Trump – if the Dems win this country will be doomed.

      10. You are too kind , ship their sorry ass to Gitmo and leave them there to rot. Squeeze any info out of them and get to the top of the garbage heap . Once to the top snipe him or her a 3rd eye.

        1. I frequently pray that our country my again find peace and that someone like a Martin Luther King would stand up to bring back intelligence to this nation. I pray that we begin to recognise how much Asian lives matter. I pray that as a nation we again begin to learn what it means to have respect.

      11. I agree, just turned 70 and had a great childhood in my country, I do not recognize my country except when the Trump supporters come together and rally in large groups with their American Flags. BLM and Antifa need to be defunded, not the police! Radical Dems need to be defunded and dethroned, not the President!

    2. I pray everyday for our Country and that Trump will be re-elected. Can’t imagine anyone who loves America could vote for Biden.

        1. BLM/Antifa is no better than the klan!!!! When ppl encourage the murder of others there’s no winners!!! And trying to rap my head around this reparations crap for ppl that never were slaves by ppl that never owned slaves, seems like entitlement to me and it isn’t right!!! The ppl who owned others were the same party financing terrorists- the Democrats!! Another thing police officers deal with others problems and yet portraying the criminals as victims is nauseating!!! Stop teaching your children to not give respect, don’t murder, don’t rape, hell stop breaking the laws and you won’t have to worry about the police!!!! Stop making it about RACE!!! Racism is deeper with Pll that’s had bad interactions with another race!!! BLM is encouraging the murder of others and yet ppl keep feeding the myth!! God remove the corruption, terrorists and save the children that continues to be slaughtered by ignorance!!!!

    3. I am much older now then when I was in the US Army and I’m severely disabled but I will be ready and willing anytime to defend my country until my final breath!

      1. AMEN, MY BROTHER!!! I am the same, it is not so funny, that you and I took the same oath as these so called political hacks did, but they sure are trying their hardest to destroy this country and the CONSTITUTION!!!!! But the real sad thing is that there are fools out there in I really don’t know what land they are in, that believe their lies and want to do thing and destroy thing, only because they are getting paid to do it!!!!!

    4. I concur wholeheartedly!
      The Marxists,communists,and full blown socialists are praying for a
      Major insurrection and will take advantage if it comes to pass.
      I am praying and hoping the best minds in the justice department can formulate new laws which will have the effect of Completely destroying
      The virulent forms of social unrest starting with the money which funds the
      Insurrection. They can’t survive without massive infusion of assets.
      Should be a simple job for the FBI unless they have been severely
      Infiltrated. This must begin now. Not next week or after the election.
      Future generations depend on stopping these sick and stupid miscreants
      As soon as possible. Only then can we possibly avoid a civil war which would cost several million lives I suspect.
      And finally. Our education system in this country must be re-assessed from kindergarten thru college. This is where most of the crazy socialist
      Jargon is being gradually induced into students who eventually become pathetic adults. The changes won’t be easy but imperative!



        1. These BLM protesters are taking matters way too far.
          I hope they all get put in the gas chamber!!!
          Screw them all!! To say that black lives matter before any life matters is utterly ridiculous!!! Listen to the irony in that. wWake up stupid mother fuckers!!!

      3. All very true and well said and, it is imperative that our education system be torn apart and have a healthy and total rebuild. The system is nothing less than a political shark tank with a confusing brainwashing agenda for our kids. And just think, folks, we PAY and PAY and PAY for it! It appears we all have a revolution on our hands. Conservatives. Let’s not be the only ones to let the opportunities go to waste!

      4. I sure agree with you about money being the fuel. Just like the movie where it was said “follow the money”. Soros? That is my bet. Get him
        declared a world-wide threat, get him locked up and seize all his assets including the 3 foundations. How about Hollywood? Untouchable? Not at all! Get enough dirt on 3 or 4. Arrest them and seize their assets. Our root problem is that we got so “politically correct” that we have put a bunch of but-kissing people in positions of authority. Where did Schumer’s nose ring go? I know that is how Pelosi leads him around.

      5. Well-said Brooks ! Without cleaning up the Education “System” the whole party will restart again – these Commie morons need putting back in their cages, and the cages relocated to the deepest Pacific Ocean trench that exists.
        God Bless America and President Trump !

    5. Anyone who puts a race, color, religion “qualifier” before any statement is a bigoted racist. Lives matter PERIOD. I remember when segregation was the norm. I lived through the civil rights movement and am so grateful that we, as Americans, came together. Those who forget history, or were never taught, are doomed to repeat it.

    6. That is for sure. I used to care but I frankly don’t give a darn any more. This isn’t about support for our black population. It is domestic terrorism. If you don’t like our country get the heck out. You don’t belong here no matter what race you are. Just leave. Pick any other country and see how long you will survive there acting the way you have been acting. I’m ashamed of you.
      As for the politics. Hilary Clinton and that Pelosi person.needs to take their old butts home and retire and rock. they are not wanted in Washington. WE need people who are not antiques and who love the country. Noone dislikes a president any more than I did Obama but I said no bad things about him while he was in office. The title President deserves the respect and when someone is elected they need our support.

    7. I’m with Edward Jones. If “our ” government won’t do their jobs, then it’s up to the American people. After all don’t the people control the government. Or does our government control us? I believe they call that communism.

    8. How does designating BLM as a terrorist group work. Who designates? What about Antifa? They haven’t been designated as a terror group and they are as well.

      Stop talking about it AND DO SOMETHING!!!

      1. As far as I know, the President did say that he had designated ANTIFA as a terrorist group. I think it will be hard to designate BLM as you have the slogan or sentiment and then there is the actual organization who profess they are Marxists.


    10. I have something to say to all those who blame President Trump for not going to those states and putting a stop to all the violence and destruction, the constitution states the president can not interfere in all states business unless he is asked for assistance until then he has to sit on the sidelines or declare Marshal Law and then all hell will break out with the democrats.


    11. Had this been the white americaan population, my own white race “rightfully so would’ve insisted the use of force to erraticate this type of terrorism and very likely would have raised arms against a “W.L.M.” that behaved like this, but because the “race card” and ” white privilege” come into play “while neither truly exist today” , BLM will get a free pass.

      1. Mr. Biden !!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Please tell Americans this,, if you know how too “Fix America” why did you not tell Obama how too do this when you say with that bum in the white house for 8 years as V.P. ? Is it your little secret ” the only thing you can remember how too do or say so you don’t want to tell anyone else ?”


    13. Iam 72 BLM is a lie build on the real blacks history, they have no kinship to us. Did you know that antifa was trying to involve themselves on college campuses with the black Panthers party in the 1960s at Northridge, UCLA.

    14. You got that right brother BLM is nothing but a bunch of fucking Democratic crybaby bitches ??? TRUMP 2020???

    15. I have 7 militias that say YES IT WILL!!! 2 are nationwide, the rest just local.It should be a fun three weeks 🙂

    16. I followed my family since my Father’s return from WWII and voted Democrat when I could for JFK and then Carter, but changed my vote to Republican when Reagan ran for office. Now, with the Democrats “morphed” into a Socialist ideology I Don’t recognize them at all. The people behind Biden are the one’s running their political party and their ideas will destroy our economy and subvert the US Constitution, our fought for freedoms, social justice, security, religious beliefs, sanctity of the unborn, foreign diplomacy concepts, military strength and preparedness, 2nd amendment right, and economic growth! From a 77 year old USAF Viet Nam veteran and Patriotic American citizen.

    17. Thank you Mr Jones it may happen. i am 60 years old i have no problems killing as many as i can before i go down!

    18. I am African American, I have been called names and screamed at and now intimidated
      Cause I called BLM Demonic Terroist!!
      And they are liars. They clearly telling you
      They are going to burn the Your country down. And they are doing it. Oh Thank You Lord we got stand against this.

    19. We need to go after those that fund these people to destroy America. Arrest every one of them on domestic terrorism and lock them up for a long time. And lock up far more of the people terrorizing businesses.

    20. Absolutely. These groups have shown their ugly faces and now the truth is out. We will not
      let this country fall to them. We will stand up and fight for this glorious country. God Bless America and protect us from evil.

    21. Both BLM and Antifa are money-laundering terrrorist groups funded by the likes of George Soros whose aim is to destroy this country. So why does he stay here and why don’t we kick him out?


      1. Could not agree with you more if black lives matter so much WHY DO THEY KEEP KILLING EACH OTHER ????And then do nothing at all !!!! Why ???

    23. People, everyone must go to the poles to vote in person to make sure everyone’s vote will be counted fairly. It’s safe, just do the precautions. This is so important,, because they will try fraud.

    24. IF BLACK LIVES “Matter” why is it only when a white police officer shoots a black suspect and I use that term because no one EVER says why the police were there in the first place and this black lives matter crap , what about the thousands of innocent black Americans who are gunned down violently by OTHER BLACK PEOPLE ???? Where are the riots then of like when a 5 year old was shot playing in her yard by “BLACK PEOPLE” Where are the riots , oops I me “peaceful protests” remember ???? Where are they when ANY BLACK PERSON DIES ?????
      Why are they rioting, oops I mean “peaceful protesting “ then ???? Why ??? My best friends are “black people” they want to know this also ???? But of course NO ONE WILL ANSWER !!!!!

    25. Treat these seditious thugs as what they are TERRORISTS and Arrest them, no baill,. indict them, jail them in GItmo! Goodbye forever! PERIOD! ENOUGH!

    26. Unfortunately the movement seems to
      have been overtaken by very vocal and
      somewhat lawless persons.
      Too bad we don’t have a strong voice
      such as MLK to lead the way.
      The greatest thing we can do to
      change things is register and VOTE
      to make our voices heard

    27. They BLM & ANTIFA, these disgusting MARXSIST, COMMUNIST ORGANIZATIONS are TERRORIST and they should all be in prison for very long periods of time.

    28. That is what it is going to take. The politicians will not go after them, they will have to be destroyed by the people. So folks keep your powder dry.

    29. You are right. These blm/antifa/cair groups are domestic terrorist and should be classified that way. Soros, strayer, bllomberg and gates are funding these groups. All of them need to be arrested and have their assets frozen or cobfiscated until such time they are released if ever.

    30. I personally feel that our Law Enforcement Officers along with our Military Soldiers should be supplied with machine guns and be given free will to shoot any of the violent protesters with live ammunition. All they are acting like is wild animals. If you arrest them and send them to prison, our stupid moron Judges will give them light sentences or let them go. The only way to get rid of them is to bury them.


  2. It’s time patriots are allowed to use their 2nd and i assure you these antifa and blm will run. Arresting George Soros would be a way to also stop all this bull$hit.

      1. I believe there should be term limits in congress and the House of Representatives. Also when they leave office NO more free health care, let them pay the outrageous insurance rates we Americans are forced to pay. If you like paying MORE taxes and being owned by China then vote for do nothing Biden and HEADBOARD Harris. Trump may not be popular but he IS working to improve America.

        1. Well said Bobby! I am on board with police reform as much as they must serve and protect, not control and dictate. Although we cannot have peace without the police force, and I praise them for the job they are doing and sacrifices they make. It’s just the handful of bad cops that make them all look bad. I think short term limits on Congress and House Representatives with Healy care ending after their terms would change a lot of views and votes in the government. Biden has served for years and done little to nothing good for our country, what make anyone think he will be a good president? I for one am proud to say I voted for President Trump, and will vote to re-elect him.

          1. I welcome you to suit up put in your gun and take your butt out to the streets and ACTUALLY do the job then tell me about how it should be done ! I do thank you for at least respecting the law somewhat but if you really believe that cops are just raciest people who do not like you because of color you would be wrong NOT SAYING THERE ARE NO BAD COPS sure there are absolutely and they should be arrested. BUT there are bad WHITE AND BLACK AND ASIAN AND LATINO COPS !!! But those are few and far between and we need to weed them out ! I was assaulted by a black officer , he was mistaken and thought I was someone else when he found out I was also law enforcement he apologized!! Now I could have “hated” black cops but get real !!! He made a mistake at least that is what I chalked it up too !!! People if you keep in you law enforcement officers will walk away …… then who you going to call ???? Funny isn’t it BLM hates the police …. until they need help then they call !!!!!! Go figure

        2. AMEN! I have said that since the seventies when I started voting (at 18 when the age limits were dropped from 21 to 18!). I have watched many of the crooks in the Congress continue on forever {or when death do us part! (IE Strom Thurmond)! They should have and eight year limit, even a six year limit if nothing else! I am sick and tired of career politics ruinning this country!!!

        3. You hit it on the head. What have they been doing for the last 4 years (and still getting paid)? They don’t even have to show up to work. They drag their ass in getting anything done. I guess it doesn’t matter because they are quite comfortable. As far as Pelosi, she needs to take a long walk off a short pier and I’m being nice.

        4. Term limits should not be voted on by congress but by we the people. They will never give it up because it is too profitable for them. They have all self enriched after decades of being in power. On the other hand President Trump was rich before he became president so we know he didn’t do it for the money as they did. Neither the Obamas nor Clintons ever had their own homes before going into government; now they are richer than Croesus because of their corrupt activities. And the ugly duckong daughter Chelsea has the audacity to condemn “white privilege.” No one has benefited from white privilege more than Chelsea. The crooked foundation paid for her wedding and her NYC penthouse and her plastic surgeries, etc If she’s so concerned why doesn’t she give up her wealth and distribute it to the needy she claims to care for? Bunch of hypocrites and phonies.

    1. It may come to that and I think that we, the people, are ready to face them head on and exterminate these worthless braindead animals for once and for all.
      Soros need to go on trial for treason and when found guilty should be made to really suffer. This treacherous Nazi somehow got away after the 2nd WW and is long over do. Probably bribed some sleazy Democrats. Need to meet his maker, named Satan.
      So braindead idiots BLM and Antifa come ahead on. You will all meet Satan.

      1. You cannot try Soros for treason, that is for American citizens. He is a foreign national wanted in several nations for this type of junk. We need find him and extradite him to the US and try him for crimes against humanity.

    2. Well said. I believe Soros and the Clintons are behind this. And of course, the leaders in the democrate states don’t help either. They need to take responsibility and ask Pres. Trump for help.

  3. How can anyone allow anything so repulsive to be acceptable against any person. This is God’s and if we as Christians as humans do not stand together and allow our voices to be heard, then we are no better than the rioters and the looters . Even in the Bible God fearing people stood together against the enemy. The media will also one day answer to the wrong they have done. The president is blamed for everything but what about the Republicans and the Democrats that Are in the house to help run this great nation? They are also at fault. And the governors and mayors of the cities need to be removed if they don’t stand by the constitution. When a person doesn’t do their job they are fired! Remove these and any person holding back progress for our people our country. Remove people that have been on Welfare for years. Educate and pay for their education while on Welfare. Help them with child care. After this recipient has worked for one full year. Remove them from Section 8 housing. Remove them from food stamps. If they get pregnant again it will be paid by their penny. Help the recipient with reduced child care according to their income. Building affordable homes that these recipients can afford to pay. Hire teachers that become new teachers to give her their one year externship to these schools. Hire retired teachers to teach these kids and teach the younger teachers to become better teachers.

    1. Even all of those that we don’t stand with those are rioting and destroying this nation and those in office whether Republican Democrat, Independent or whoever, we need to pray for them to be Saved by THE GRACE OF GOD! The most important thing is a the people are lost and need to come to know” JESUS CHRIST AS LORD AND SAVIOR”. We need to support PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP and those under him,for God is using him in leading this nation and don’t forget to support the nation of ISRAEL for they are GODS chosen people !

    2. Anita,
      Solidly behind all you say. These are God-less people, from BLM/Antifa/MSM/Soros/Dems and they have only power and destruction of our freedoms on their agenda. Avelia, Robert and AWV are right. We must protect our country and this President is the only one who can do this now! God bless America!

  4. We dont have to put up with this.Arm yourself protect your homes and businesses . Black on white crime is exploding and the media looks the other way

  5. Wake UP Black & White folks!!!! Revolution is in the air. Dont let the NIGGERS (blk or white) steal our country. BLM & ANTIFA, are funded by communist George Soros, & the chineese goverment. They hate America, & all it stands for. If they come to your city, fight back! UNITE! Put these losers in their place! If they dont like America, LEAVE… I’ll buy U a ticket. Ellect Biden in November, and they will get more & more radical, more murder, more violence. Our cities burn,while Biden says nothing, for 2 months….Now he blames Trump. What an asshole!

  6. The Evil Marxists that don’t appreciate America and all it’s Freedoms should be Banished to some Village in a forgotten place in this World of ours so the Decent People of this World can live in Peace and recover from this Coronavirus and Rebuild What these Monsters have Destroyed and burned Down !

  7. BLM is now chanting. “Death to America” and “F**k you, Jesus”. That doesn’t sound like a group of Americans. It sounds like al Qaeda, Daesh and PLO sympathizers. Arrest them all and deport them to anywhere!

  8. Since DemoCRAP congress SUPPORTS Antifa and Marxist-Antisemitic BLM it is up to POTUS to issue declaration of Domestic Terrorist Group and arrest the Leaders and financial supporters first then the balance of these criminals

  9. Know the difference between
    1 . a Fact: Black people Matter ( very true)
    2. An Organization: Black Lives Matter- which is a Marxist , Socialist , Racist , thug group

  10. BLM is not a just domestic terrorist entity, it is a global terrorist movement … the ‘franchise’ has spread throughout the UK and Europe, without the burning and looting yet, but with the para-military marches. outrageous sloganeering (including one female vowing to make slaves of white men), statue and monument vandalism and violent confrontations. F1 has allowed itself to be hijacked by Mercedes (to their shame) driver Lewis Hamilton and there is a ‘silence’ before every race; and soccer and rugby are also humiliating themselves. The UK is the most racially equal sovereign state on the planet, but we’re suffering ‘Battered Whites Syndrome’ where the more the BLM abuses the system, the more it tries to placate them.

    1. Who was it who said:. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
      Fear is the weapon now being used to keep good people from doing nothing. Don’t give in to fear. Encourage leaders who speak up. Decide to act fearlessly while we still can.

  11. Amen – we have to fight for this country – am ready – who is organizing and how do we sign up – we need a front to battle these idiots – beginning with George Soros

  12. Politicians and law enforcement should stay out of this and let the patriots in this country take care of this bullshit ! Lock n load baby!!! PRESIDENT TRUMP FOREVER scarecrow joe never!!! If he only had a brain.

  13. Having history removed and rewritten to cover up the democrats racism is wrong. we also have to wonder why they are pitting 13% of the population against 87% of the population with encouraging this violence and what will end in a race war if they do not stop. Normal law abiding citizen will eventually fight back and it will not end well for anyone but when democrat mayors, governors and senate members tell the law enforcers and criminals they are justified in destroying citizen’s lively hoods they are encouraging a race war and if you remember they have fought to keep civil rights from blacks, are the KKK, and created Jim Crow laws then why are they suddenly using the educational system, the media, and their leadership to promote lies in order to stir up hatred between the races? Think long and hard about this.

  14. Many people have stated that Black Lives Matter IS a terrorist organization based upon Marxism and funding from rich old white men and many Corporate businesses. Others have stated you are fomenting racial division when you criticize Black Lives Matter and you are a shameful White Supremacist Racist. This is in really NOT just a political/social battle BUT a spiritual battle between good and evil on an unseen realm. Doing what is truth and good sometimes means ruffling feathers and speaking hard words against Black Lives Matter as a Marxist Black Supremacist Group. The same equal standard ALSO applies fairly to ANTIFA which is also A Marxist White Supremacist terrorist group. BOTH have been funded by Corporate Multinational Businesses and the Great Warlock George Soros. Until the battle is won and the election is past, some of us who want real peace and reconciliation MUST attack the satanic evil narrative on a deeper level and speak out hard truth for the Final Breakthrough and Deliverance of our American Society. It also takes prayer and standing firm to battle the spiritual forces of wickedness behind Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.

    1. Amen! Paul J, Fishman… This is a battle of good vs evil… No more fear!!! If we let evil win in this nation then we have failed spiritually and worse will come. Politics are not all that is at stake here…


    1. I’m 77 and apparently grew up in the same world you did. In our day people needing help relied on their churches and neighbors for help, but if it got to the point government help was required it was only a stop gap not a forever way off life. I certainly don’t remember burning and looting to get things you were not able to pay for. I wonder whatever happened the concept of personal responsibility and self reliance.

  16. Democrats = DemonRats
    Is it amazing how the Lord in His Word (The Bible) refers to those on the left (goats, weeds).
    Stand firm brothers and sisters, we must put our trust in God (the father of our Lord, Jesus Christ).
    Praise God – for He is Worthy.

  17. BLM is a COMMUNIST guerilla DOMESTIC Terror group who should be either SHOT on SIGHT or LOCKED UP in FEDERAL PRISON (if there are ANY survivors – HAPPY HUNTING!) serving LENGTHY SENTENCES with HARD LABOR (i.e. “chain gangs”) paying FULL restitution for ALL damages. And, the MURDERERS should be given the DEATH Penalty – NO EXCEPTIONS. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  18. I knew that all TRUE Americans would wake up sooner or later.
    Trump will win again and Make America Even Greater Again.
    Pray everyone for his strength and ours because we have along rode
    ahead of us to clean up all this mess these fake characters have been
    displaying to destroy our beautiful America!

  19. We as Americans need to realize we are NOT being blessed by GOD!!
    We are being punished for ALL our filthy SINS! From 3000 ABORTIONS murders per day! Our #1 export pornography! Vile music! The lack of respect for The Family and Morals! We all need to pray and ask for forgiveness to the GOD of the bible. That made this Country Great!

  20. Thanks So happy that mainstream demonically-evil is losing its mind control over younger people. I encourage mainstream churches to return to their teachings of yesterday about “wages of sin are death” but God lives, loves, forgives, and invites/expects weekly participation in a Community of other forgiven sinners filled with his Holy Spirit.

  21. Just LOVE…..All of You – TRUE Americans and Law Abiding Citizens that have made your statements and comments – ABOVE. So, True to All of You and Your Great Comments….. “WE THE PEOPLE” – of this Great Country are So, Tired of seeing and hearing and watching what these Moronic – Idiotic – BLM A-HOLES are doing
    to some Great Cities of this Country………. I am not a Red Neck, but there ARE TIMES – when the Red Neck in each of us needs to come out, and who are tired of All This BLM & ANTIFA ….Bull S _ _ T..!!!! I always have liked the saying…..Take Them Out Behind the Barn – Where how FUNNY….They Aren’t Seen – AGAIN..!!!!


  23. I believe Protesters should have a 1 to 3 day march for any given occasion. Two or 3 hour in the morning starting at 10. Good meaning people don’t prowl at night.

  24. i hope the people in this country realize what this country will look like if Biden wins, you will have lost all your rights and the government will run your lives the way they want to so please everyone get out and vote, don’t trust the mail in votes. TRUMP 2020

    1. I hope the Patriots do what needs to be done to enemies of the State if Joe and Kamilion Harris win.
      I believe that is about the only way Americans can stop the SWAMP. Destroy it, draining doesn’t seem to be working.
      very well.

    1. The domestic terrorists should all be thrown in jail…lock the door and throw away the key, now!!!!!!! Where are the parents?? What kind of riff raff did they raise???? Stupid liberal white brats that support this violence are despicable……… when asked if President Trump deserves 4 more years…I say
      EIGHT, the nasty dems tied his hands behind his back, made him fight for everything, and he still worked wonders!!!!!!!! If he didn’t have the strong , don’t give a XXXX, personality he would have been crushed by their bullying….
      We have a lot to be thankful for….. let’s MAGA 2020

  25. I never supported BLM/Antifa in the first place. Yes, they are terrorist organizations composed of ignorant, spoiled, entitlement-mentalitied, violent cretins. How many Black people (and White people) have been killed by these zombie thugs????? Many.

  26. 1am 91 and have voted in person in every election except for the 3 years in the a.f. it breaks my heart to see what the demorats are doing to our great nation . i agree they should be charged with treason ,rounded up put on a reservation in the middle of the desert and fenced in,let them live on all the bull crap the have been feeding all of us for years. THE ONLY CHANCE WE HAVE IS TO VOTE A STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET no mail in votes absentee ballads are ok only lets save the USA.

  27. Vote Trump November 3rd and then ask him investigate all those who supported the riots moneteraily, physically, by deed or action and send them all to jail. I remember Kamela supported and asked people to support a bail fund for these terrorists.

  28. Thank you to everyone for their comments. At 79 I am getting so concerned about this great country. Please, everyone needs to pray and to vote. Don’t let someone hijack your rights. God Bless America and all of us who know right from wrong.

    1. I am a proud vietnam war veteran.And even at my age i am ready to lock and load ,All you have to do MR.PRESIDENT IS GIVE THE ORDER and i will be at your service to defend our home land against those modern day communist that dont have half a brain to think for themselves they are brave in a crowd but cowards when alone.Obama/Soros and others are behind the majority of what is going on,as are college professors that teach on our tax dollars to hate our country…..Joe Biden is a Flake just like the Rhino republican from our great state of AZ that has a very appropriate name Flake…….GO GET THEM Mr. PRESIDENT……………….

  29. Black trash matters is nothing but worthless welfare stealing , food stamp using , freeloading , tree swinging inbread idiots !!!!!!!!!

    1. Bob,
      That’s not a very kind thing to say. Not all blacks are welfare stealing, food stamp using, freeloading, tree swinging or whatever. Most of us are hard working people. Some of us are working two and three jobs to survive RATHER than take welfare. Don’t sweep with a broad brush. I know that you are angry ? and frustrated because of the violence thru-out our country. You feel helpless and don’t know what to do. I am angry about the situation in our country also and I am sure that you and I are NOT the only ones that are angry. I assume that the majority of us, real Americans, are angry and we will let our voices give a thunderous ROAR on Election Day. God willing, we shall give President Trump a landslide win.

      In the meantime, take action. The best action that you can take is prayer. Earnest and sincere Prayer works. Pray for President Trump’s protection; that God will give him wisdom, discernment, knowledge, understanding, good health and Godly counselors who are filled with the Holy Spirit. Pray two, three times a day for him.

      Don’t be filled with hate. Remember Bob, when you hate, you become a Democrat. That’s all they know is HATE and HATE won’t accomplish anything. Remember, Love conquers all.

      MAGA!!! Trump 2020

      1. Good response Lady Tabor 🙂
        Of course not all blacks are bad people, just as not all whiteys are KKK members.
        It is the year 2020 and we are all supposed to be “grown ups” – it is high time we ALL started behaving like one.
        Sadly the bitterness runs deeper than many oceans and may not be solveable without a deal of bloodshed – after which nobody wins !
        There is however a good starting point, and you hit it right on !
        MAGA!!! Trump 2020
        God Bless America and ALL true Americans !

  30. This a repeat of what McGovern Camp attempted in 1972 to win the election. That time they looted and burned over race relations and Viet Nam. It got Nixon elected. The Democrat playbook doesn’t change.

  31. In colonial times if you got put in jail, your family was expected to feed you or you would go hungry. Also, their use of the stocks and pillory were very effective and inexpensive. I have been advocating the return of this punishment for years. Sitting on a four inch wide beam all day should have a positive effect on your concept of social justice. Or maybe standing with your head and hands locked in the pillory in the hot sun all day would also help in and attitude adjustment. I guarantee it will work. It would certainly reduce the cost of imprisonment. Why don’t we start a movement and demand our officials at least try it on an experimental basis. We can’t go on like this.

  32. YEP! many lies are being told about the GOP. From the top (President TRUMP) to the very grassroots. Just remember the Dem Dunces on television and other published material say what the CEO’s and henchmen plus the Board of Directors TELL them to say. So to stop the puss being said these people need to be held accountable. Start by refusing to buy any of their merchandise and programs. Do this for sixty days and they are out of business. To start with do to the following. MSNBC, CNN and there are many more, so add to the list. LOOK who advertises their stuff on these types of stations. They cannot stand to lose much business before their knees buckle. They drew the line, so we conservatives need to show them where the goalposts are. given heck!!!!

  33. I am so glad to see all the posts from patriotic Americans here. at times, it seems we are overwhelmed by all the evil that occurs on a daily basis. it is refreshing to know there are others out there who feel as I do. I am southern, raised In the country, and consider myself a “redneck”, which I consider a badge of honor. our word is our bond, and we support all that is good and fair. we go out of our way to support those who need it. we stand before our great flag, and we kneel before our GOD. we are the first to volunteer when duty calls, and we often return home in caskets. we are the disabled, the homeless, but we love our country. we will answer the call to defend our country, even though we are in our 70’s and 80’s. we will never surrender to oppression. we definitely support the brave men and women in our police forces, and will aid them at all cost. we support the 2nd amendment, and are. proud members of the NRA. we will follow our great President Trump, and join him in trying to. remove the scum that the Democratic Party has become. Vote Red in November!!! Vote Trump 2020 and keep America Great.

  34. Only thing that is working in this country is WE FINALLY GOT A PRESIDENT WHO IS NOT PART OF THE CORRUPTION CONGRESS GROUP! If the people I don’t care about your SKIN color! Would just opened their own eyes and mind that could see it LIKE TRUMP DID! None of them came into the CONGRESS SEAT ALREADY MILLIONAIRE! NOT ONE OF THEM! So how do you get to be a millionaire if you are BROKEN WITH BILLS FROM THE CAMPAIGN TRAILS YOU RUN? Does NOT take a genius to figure that out! There are THESE BIG PHARMA ( FORM BY HILLARY CLINTON) and other big DONOR who got money GROWTH on a tree in THEIR backyard! DEMOCRAT cater to them! Knowing dam well that was their bread and butter MONEY! And the black race was their SLAVE in staying POWER! All they had to do was SAY ANYTHING TO GET THEM TO BELIEVE IT! FOR FIFTY YEARS IT HAS BEEN WORKING! Then there is the NAACP AND SOUTHERN PROVERTY GROUP, RICH BLACK PEOPLE WHO ARE IN THE BACK POCKET OF THESE DEMOCRAT FOR THEIR SHARE OF THE WEALTHY! IT easy to see! Just ask AL SHARPTON HOW he managed to stay out of PRISON? He does the RACIST AND HATE WORK these POLITICAN need pushing! Same going on with the ANTIFA AND BLM GROUP. THEY are using the COLLEGE kids and high school kids. Doing the same thing as Al Sharpton does with the older people! Even these network of COMMUNIST SOCIALISM group they will NOT TELL THE TRUTH ON ANYTHING EXCEPT IT INVOLVED A POLICE OFFICER AND BLACK PEOPLE! BUT DON’T EVEN AIR THE KILLING OF BLACK AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE! LIKE THE LITTLE FIVE YEARS OLD BOY WHO WAS SHOT AT POINT BLANK RANGE BY A BLACK BLM SUPPORTER. IN HIS FRONT YARDS!!! BECAUSE IT DOESN’T FIT THEIR NARRATIVE!

  35. I am totally against these Democrats and this black lives matter crap. That is what all of this is political democrat crap. They just want to rule this United States and we Americans, well most of us Americans will not stand for this. I am so frustrated with our news reporting people. The only thing they report anymore are lies. I do not watch the news anymore, because of all the lies. I am 100% for re-electing our great President Trump and our great Vice President Mike Pence. They are the ones who have saved this America, Not the two faced lying Democrats. We Americans need to put a stop to this black lives matter crap and need to stop the Democrats now!!!! The black people have been getting and getting as far back as I could remember, they want everything for nothing and not have to work for a crying dime. Not all the black people are like that, there are some very hard working black people out there. White people against white people is just so out of hand also.

  36. I am 71, white female, who loves God, the USA and Trump. I am so uplifted to read all of these comments made on this site! Let’s pray that there is a huge “silent majority” out there who feels the same as all of us! And let’s pray that they will vote for Trump! I cannot believe all the Democratic governors, mayors and councilmen who have abandoned their citizens and allowed BLM and Antifa to burn, loot and destroy businesses in their com-
    munities. What are these people thinking of? If America is such a bad place – why are there so many thousands trying to enter our country? Let us all pray to God that these (supposed) leaders are voted out of office – and soon! God bless America, Tump and all of you that commented above!

  37. Why are we still calling the left Democrats? They are comunist/fascists so let’s start calling them what they really are.

  38. It’s time to pray like never before. It’s time to call upon the God of heaven who made this country great. The forces of darkness have infiltrated our government and school system on all levels. It’s time for the silent Christian majority to rise up and reclaim the America we all know and love. The recipe to take back America is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14, for the God of heaven says, ” If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I the Lord will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” God is allowing these things to happen to get our attention! God is using President Trump and us to stand up for righteousness! Let’s stand up first by bowing our knee to the Maker of heaven and Earth. God Bless all of you & the USA!

  39. In all my 86 years, I never thought I would see what is happening to our beloved country!! We are being attacked from within. The Democrat Party is no longer. It is now the Communist/Socialist Party. To save our country, we need to vote straight Republican. We need the majority in the House and Senate. Then Trump can get things back in order. Why anyone would vote for incompetent Biden for President is beyond me. He is not mentally capable.
    “If you don’t vote for Trump….you ain’t a Patriot.” TRUMP 2020

    1. I agree. I spoke with a Biden supporter today who stated “we will follow satan straight to hell for eternity to get rid of Trump”. I believe demonic powers have been allowed to take over their souls. We surely cannot allow such evil to run our great country.

  40. One other issue that should be notice is: I think all those people that lost love ones and their businesses should get a real good attorney and take Soros, Hilliard and all the others that are backing these Antifa and BLM groups and make them pay for all their losses. Hit them where it hurts them the most. Then through them in jail for their crimes.

  41. When will anyone in a position of authority tell these BLM protesters that we do not want our town burned down because of some suspect that the police have and arrest warrant for were attempting to make the arrest but was resisting arrest, then was unfazed by a tazer (what drugs caused that?) , ignorantly disobeyed commands of the arresting officer and then went for his knife on the floor of his vehicle before being shot? Resisting arrest and resisting the taze were indications of a perp hyped up on a drugs like PCP, which gives super-human strength.
    One shot might not have enough stopping power in the case of a suspect unfazed by a tazer. The arresting officer should have been afraid for his life. When will suspects learn that you do not resist arrest. Resisting arrest leads to bad outcomes for the perp and all involved. If BLM really wants to end police violence they must let the people whose lives they want to matter not to resist arrest. I can say it DO NOT RESIST ARREST. Go peaceably to your day in Court. Why cannot they say it? I believe that some in BLM just want to jump to conclusions in order to have an excuse to protest. If they were concerned with black lives they would go tell it on the mountain. But no. To end ‘police violence’ they need to have black suspects stop resisting arrest. It could be that simple. No police officer comes to work looking to shoot anybody. That is ludicrous.
    #ENDRESISTING ARREST FYI: Blake was resisting arrest, just like many others who have been shot.

  42. Spoke with a Biden supporter today and was told ” we will follow satan straight to hell for eternity to get rid of Trump”, Wow , that is a level of hate that leaves no room for a conscience.

    1. Mem – Democrat Party – Conscience . Two mutually exclusive concepts.
      Keep an eye on our children though, and be very wary – they have been brainwashed as thoroughly as by any Nazi apparatchic.
      The swamp runs deep.

  43. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from so many Americas who feel as I do. I find myself getting frustrated that I’m not hearing more people standing up voicing their true believes. It seems many have been silenced by fear. That is so sad. I ordered two Trump 2020 flags to put in my yard and offered to give the other one to a friend, the response was “I don’t want my house to get vandalized or eggs thrown at the door.” Now this is a very strong Trump supporter and who will vote for Trump on November 3rd. I was the same I must admit but I decided this was something I needed to work on. I told some family members I was voting for Trump and their reply was one that “How could you vote for that lire, He’s so full of himself, bla, bla, etc, etc. I did stand my ground with them and offered to send them my extra Trump 2020 flag. I began to start working on my on fear of reprisal by the nutty mob. IF WE THE PEOPLE WILL START BEING AS VOCAL ABOUT OUR SUPPORT FOR TRUMP AS FOR OUR DISLIKE OF THE DEMOCRATIC ETERNAL POLITICIANS and the evil of the BLM movement we will be heard. Say it loud and clear to everyone. WE ARE SUPPORTING DONALD TRUMP, HE WILL GET MY VOTE IN NOVEMBER AND I STAND AGAINST THE LAWLESSNESS OF WHAT IS TAKING PLACE IN THIS COUNTRY. AMERICA IS THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE. WE MAY NEED TO MAKE SOME CHANGES, BUT IT WILL BE DONE WITHOUT SUPPORT OF RIOTING, DESTROYING, HATRED, ANGRY VULGAR EXPRESSIONS, BURNING, LOOTING, MAKING THE LIVES OF THE HARD WORKING AMERICAN FALL INTO DESPAIR. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY PRAY FOR GOD TO SAVE US FROM EVIL AND TO BLESS AMERICA AS HE HAS FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS.


  44. If these entitled brats would expend half the energy they use protesting to better themselves they would be successful and would find they possess the privilege they so desperately crave

  45. I AM SICK OF black lives matter, and of all major league sports that are supporting them.
    I will not watch any sports, MBL, NFL, NHL. or NBA. as long as they keep on supporting BLM, and disrespecting this countries flag and National Anthem. And that goes for any other group that supports BLM. TO hell with them.

    1. Totally AGREE Fred !
      These leeches are happy on their multi-million dollar salaries funded by lazy good for nothing advertisers – it works BOTH ways ! List ALL the outfits paying these BLM idiots and simply vote with your wallet ! Buy products from companies that support the real USA – stuff the rest !


  47. When will the fanatical liberal left finally see their party for what it has really become? When will they see that voting RED for President Trump in November is the only path for our beautiful nation? Successes after successes with President Trump at the helm, will bring all to the point we have all wanted for ourselves, our family and our country! Yes, there’s still more work to do, but it’s all possible! God Bless America!

  48. to Black voters of America, remember it was a Republican President that abolished slavery in 1865 ( LIncoln). Also the southern Democrats were ALL FOR Slavery. Remember that when you cast your ballots, NOT by mail hopefully.

  49. Lets encourage everyone we know to get to the polls and vote. Democrats are a bunch of assholes and liars.

    We also should think very carefully before we spend a penny buying from the bastards that fund BLM and Antifa. All lives matter, every single one of them! Yours and mine included.

    To hell with the Clintons, Soros, Biden and Obama and the socialist mob.

  50. At the end of WWII we had a reconstruction plan for Europe and we succeeded- Let’s have a rebuild America plan and stick to it. We must be doing something right because every other country’s people want to come to America.

    1. It’s nice to see people waking up to the fact that America is on the verge of total destruction thanks to the ungodly filth generated by the Democrats. It’s time to wipe the Democratic party off the face of the earth and put decent Americans in charge of America. The Democrats stink to high heaven and the stench is killing America.

  51. “We let the left be free, and the world saw their true colors”.
    So true, and the best sentence in the entire article.

  52. This election is for the survival of America as we know it. The Democrats and Media have proved their allegiance to the Socialists. Run Soros out of the country, declare ANTIFA and BLM terrorist organizations and arrest their leaders. Arrest the rioters and cut off Federal Funding to cities supporting them. The Democrats can’t win a fair election. They are plotting to steal it through mail fraud and crooked lawyers. Support Trump or the country is doomed.

  53. I pray the silent majority all votes straight Republican ticket along with American Democrats and Independents! We have to wake up and take our country back at the ballot box! We are so blessed to live in a free country! TRUMP 2020

  54. When the low income black, white, Latinos, oriental and American Indian realize that they are being used, look out. The Dimocrats are using us just like toilet paper. Use, wipe and flush! They do not care if thousands die, only if they can get rid of Trump and regain power. Joe Biden is a token of the Dims. In less than 1 1/2 years he will be out and Kamala in place. VP Biden I would advise you to fear the ones around you. They are going to use you like Toilet paper and flush you also. God Bless our Country in this time of Civil War.

  55. Black trash matters is nothing but a bunch of ingrown , inbread , welfare stealing , food stamp using , tree swinging , hemrroidal nigerians . They could be squashed and no one would miss them .

    1. Careful Bob – in this “Free Speech World” we are NOT permitted to tell or speak The Truth unless it has been “Approved” 😉

  56. I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer from Central Mississippi. I was raised in a Christian home and taught the we are all equal in God’s eyes. I know there is racism in our country, but it goes both ways. As a LE Officer I have been called every name you can think of and I’ve heard others call each other every name. It just amazes me how racial tension went this far during the course of 8 years of our prior Presidential Administration. Not only did he drive a wedge between Law Enforcement and the citizens but he made it out to be a race issue. Now in 2020 you BLM, ANTIFA and whoever else is destroying the lives of thousands and thousands of Americans they are shooting and/or killing people including innocent children and Law Enforcement Officers. Furthermore they can chant who they like or dislike but if other people chant they get shot and killed because of it. Then you have major corporations and businesses supporting these groups who I classify as Domestic Terrorist and employees loose there job if they say anything about them. All of major sport leagues are rubbing it in the faces of there fans. I have said all along if Americans do not start standing up for what’s right our country will look like Minneapolis or Portland after those animals went through there. Lastly you have a political party basically endorsing this act of violence and destruction, plus liberal criminal prosecutors are dropping charges on these animals after LE arrested them. Then city, county, state and federal leaders are defunding the very ones protecting us from harm. Many of these leaders have the very ones they are defunding as there personal security guards. When is it going to stop? I’ve said it’s setting up for the second coming of Christ. All of this criminal behavior has to stop somehow someway it has to stop. We as Americans have to do our part in fighting for our country, like Christ fought for us.

    1. Sorry to say ,no such thing as a Democrat these days, call them socialist`s, communist`s or anything you like. Pres. Trump Go get them Returning for 4 more years. He`s fighting for us & our UNITED States of AMERICA. DEAR LORD KEEP PRESIDENT TRUMP in your thoughts which I say his time of need AMEN.

    2. Chad – Thank you for putting so many angles into perspective – these are indeed dire times for all law abiding and freedom believing voting citizens everywhere.
      You are absolutely right to point the finger at the “previous administration” – everything they touched was tainted by a beligerent anti-American preconcept that the USA must be totally destroyed before it can be “saved” – from what I wonder – probably from the anti-Democracy-party themselves.
      Whilst in every honest mind there can be no doubt as to the dishonest, vindictive and racist mindset of the present Democrat Party, I believe no one can properly deny the ongoing Fifth-Columnist activities of the previous “President & First Lady” who patently hate America and all she stands for with a vengeance !
      I suspect that you retired in the nick of time – I wish you good fortune and all happiness for yourself and your family – the Good Guys are becoming extinct through no fault of their own. We must fight back – America is in dire jeapardy right now, and everything fought for by good honest and decent men and women over centuries of our history risks being lost to the great unwashed terrorist brethren of the likes of BLM and Antifa.
      God Bless America – Pray for her now – she needs your prayers.

    3. Chad, I know this will stop when you and your still active colleagues stop protecting those racist murderous killer cops who are blatantly killing non-threatening (including white people), unarmed black men, women and children. As well as the attempted murders of Breonna Taylor’s companion, Kenneth Walker and recently, Jacob Blake. Give these people up so they can be indicted, convicted and sentenced for the murders of these people. If your active colleagues are unable to apprehend them, we will gladly and willingly do so — dead or alive — we are able. This, and this alone, is the cause of all of the domestic instability. It will stop once this issue has been dealt with and resolved. The sooner the president addresses this issue, the sooner he will be re-elected. I am a Christian and desire the best for America but, I Take no Prisoners.

  57. This anti American movement has to be stopped. All rioters and looters need to be punished for destroying our country and our way of life. People should not be afraid to speak their opinion. And I believe that at this time people are very afraid to speak their opinion. Because if they do a mob will find them and hurt them, their family or burn down their home or business. And the democrat party is encouraging the mob to do so. I pray that black people in America are realizing that the democrat party has done nothing positive for them. And just maybe they can give president Trump 4 more years and a chance to prove to them that he will do more for them than the democrats have.

  58. Another action needed is to start findout who is supplying the money for ANTIFA and BLM and dry up these sources!
    If there a any tax deductions allowed for these terrorists END THEM!
    Trace back and investigate donors to these organizations. Make sure these “donations” are coming from shareholder profits!

  59. The comments are so numerous and overwhelming, in favor, of Trump — thank you for discerning the fake media. Ultimately, the manipulator with the deep pockets is Communist China — corrupting the media, professional sports, politicians, judges, bureaucrats, alphabet undercover agents, and, more. The agenda began over 50+ years ago, including the opioid crisis along with the Wuhan Virus, have paved the possible victory with Antifa, BLM, and, Biden. Thank God for Trump and his unrelenting passion for America. Trump is the key to vanquish the destabilizing subterfuge incited by Communist China.

  60. A federal law known as 18 U.S. Code 2385 and titled “Advocating overthrow of Government” says this: “Whoever knowingly or willingly advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any state, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein … and if two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.”

  61. Well Kenneth, that takes out just over half of Congress and just under half of the Senate along with every blue States’ leaders and administration.
    Fortunately it still leaves us with President Trump who remains perfectly capable of dragging the remaining Administration into line and – without the traitors in the Republican Party , the so-called Never-Trumpers, being given the freedom to destroy America in collusion with the Democrat Party – to eventually return this once-great country to Greatness again.
    There is only one voting option on November 3rd – it has to be Republican – never mind all previous wisdom saying vote for the person – that no longer applies until such time as we have our country back under control.
    At present America is not just hurting, she is bleeding to death – the Death of a Thousand “Democrat Cuts” !

  62. I’m 62.Came to America from Russia in 1989 us a political refuge. I hate communists and that’s why I left Russia. But now communists is hear. All this democrats they are commies. They all talk black life matter black life matter. What about white life. I think it’s don’t matter any more for them. To wear african scarf and stand on there knees in front of government building,That only Nancy can do.

  63. What fear I have is that the young people only listen to the left.They have been indoctrinated for years I just hope it is not to late.Older Americans remember when you could disagree and still be civil ,now if you disagree you are evil.

  64. You hit the nail right on the head. BLM is a self-proclaimed Marxist organization as is ANTIFA. That fool, Biden, finally went to Wisconsin after all this time, to meet with that rabid anti-Semite, racist, Jacob Blake Sr.?! According to her aunt, the woman whom Jr. went to that day was forcibly raped by Jr. back in May, and it took 2 months for the police to put out a warrant on him. It was when he came back to her, that she called 911. It looks like God took care of that injustice. Hopefully the cop who shot (why 7 times?) will get a fair trial, and let justice be served.

  65. BLM is a charade. IF they do matter why are so many and the majority of deaths caused by other blacks? The indoctrinated minions all ignore true facts from the FBI statistics on the subject to spew their rhetoric. It’s past time this scam gets shut down permanently… well as ANTIFA.

  66. Please, America do not Fear them damn dem socialist.
    They want you to to fear them. Wear that hat, bumper sticker, shirt.
    Stay armed.
    The left is in training to mix with you, us, to cause trouble at peaceful protests with us. Then cause trouble to make it look like we, you and I, started making trouble.
    So, this way the lame stream media runs the story, see, the rite is the problem.
    Be very aware of your surroundings and who the problem is in your midst

  67. Only some BLM. The ones doing something wrong that will not obey police instructions fight back then get shot. All the other blacks that get killed by other blacks don’t matter.

  68. I agree with all of the above. Up to this point the silent majority has been just that “SILENT”. It’s time to get off the couch, out of the rocking chair, put the drink down and take a close hard look at what is going on in this country. I’ve heard for at least the last 2 election cycles that “this election is the most important of our lifetime”. Well folks, this is it. THIS IS THE ELECTION THAT WILL EITHER MAKE OR BREAK AMERICA. Forget about what the press is saying about mail in voting being secure. If you can go to the store and shop, if you can go get gas, if you can go out to pick up dinner than “YOU CAN GO TO THE POLLS AND VOTE. Too many men and women have died so we can have the “PRIVILEGE”. DON’T WASTE IT AND HAVE THOSE WHO SUFFERED AND DIED FOR US TO HAVE DIED IN VAIN. We must win this election by a LANDSLIDE so there is no possible discussion to be had.

    1. I realized in April there was much more going on than a serious virus. No question it is a more contagious virus than the regular flu but the numbers have been highly inflated from the beginning. We know about the 13k given to hospitals for a COVID 19 diagnosis and 39k if on a ventilator. Way back in April, the young doctor in NY (kyle) was right on the money when he said the ventilators were killing people. How many died just due to that fact? Most people have no clue how Fauci and Gates are involved in this whole situation. They denied the use of Hydroxychloroquine to patients saying it was useless. Some of the trials were purposely flawed to show it was no good. One trial gave patients such high doses that they died. The Lancet trial was detracted 3 weeks after it was published. Did you hear from the media that it was false data? Other doctors who treated patients successfully by other means such as hyperbaric, etc. were censored because they only wanted a vaccine. However, given the proper dosages of HQC with zinc cured many people. All this was being censored, Gates and Fauci pushed for the vaccine as the only solution when there were several ways that doctors were able to cure patients. How many died that could have been saved? To them, it is BIG MONEY. I pray the corruption and deceptions in this country will be uncovered. My big concern is they will try another lock-down to prevent us from going to the polls because they know it will be the end for the demos. I agree if we can go out to stores and get gas we can go to vote. I understand why some older people are so scared still. I blame the fake slanted media for that. They are responsible for instilling the fear in people who did not have the common sense to turn the TV off. I am 77 years old and did not buy into any of this. Turning on that TV daily with the constant rundown of deaths etc. was a subtle brainwashing which I fear served their purpose well. If they start the vaccines before the election I think we will start to see more deaths which will be attributed to COVID or another virus which comes on the scene when in fact they will be due to the vaccine. Scientists who know have said if you had a certain flu shot in the past taking the vaccine can cause death. It has something to do with the previous vaccine and the current one. Gates himself has stated that he expects to vaccinate the whole world and expects 700,000 to have serious side effects and some will die. However, he states, “It is for the common good”. So… if he had a child he would sacrifice him so that so many others would be saved. No thanks, I am not a guinea pig.
      They are eugenists and have said previously that vaccines will control the population. Gates put birth control in a vaccine in Africa to sterilize many. Africa wants nothing to do with him. The same for India due to how many young girls were permanently neurologically damaged for life with their vaccines. They have also said that they want the Blacks to get it first because they are vulnerable. Their black babies in the womb are vulnerable also as long as PP is around. Sounds like a genocide to me which was started by Margaret Sanger years ago to wipe out the “weeds”.
      Then, after the blacks get the shots they will go for the most vulnerable over 65. I happen to be a highly functioning 77 and I am no guinea pig. No thanks. These people are dangerous and will be coming to our doors pedaling these vaccines which they will mandate. Trump has stated they will not be mandated on the FEDERAL LEVEL however, your State may mandate them.

  69. That’s all we are hearing anymore that BLM. Well every life matters, but they are taking it a little to far and getting away with it also. The Democrats or better known as DEMORATS have been behind this and continue to give to these low life Animals. See with Our great President Trump they are not getting as much and are being made to work which is a no-no in the DEMS eyes. Every time I go to Wal-Mart’s all you see is them using EBT Cards. It’s got to stop because we are all equal and our Family is retired and on a fixed income. We do not get anything extra but they do because they are BLACK ANIMALS and need it. Let’s all stop this from happening and vote TRUMP 2020 FOR HIM TO PUT AN END TO THIS DISGUSTING BENEFIT PACKAGE THESE BLACKS ARE ALWAYS GETTING.

  70. trump winning is NOT the problem, theproblem is the dems have already ordered ALL the news reporters NOT to say trump won, even when he wins by a land slide, that gives them more time to cheat and to make sure biden will get in.even if it takes months for him to get in. MOST IMPORTANT THING,!!!!!!!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE IN PERSON , IN PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Wesley C 59
    Right On! Right On! God Bless those that think for themselves. I am one that believes what I see and apparently not alone! God Bless you for speaking truth. These elites are out to rule the World. This is not about just our country. They use the poor and always have to get the power they want and are never held accountable for not delivering their promises to those that foolishly follow. I hope and pray that someone is going to hold these bastards accountable for what they have done to Trump and his campaign since he first announced he was running. The man fights everyday (Thank God) for the country and Americans like you and I. I will rejoice once these criminals (Democrat Politicians) are all in jail. If you want to see what taking your country back looks like – then one only needs to look no further than Donald J Trump!! God Bless America and God Guide and Bless this Great President!

  72. I wish more people would listen to the station that gives them more proof of what is going on in this USA—- FOX NEWS gives you the truth , I watch Waters World , JUDGE Jeanine, Greg Gutfeld on Sat evening and Tucker , Hannity, and Laura on week day evenings and Life Liberty & Kevin and the Next Revolution on Sunday night’s , , these people I can trust to give the real news and they even have demo-rats on their shows to give their views , but the demo-rats have republicans on their shows because they can’t stand the truth. Also I forgot to mention another group that I like is the Five , weekdays at 5 on Fox News. IF YOU WANT THE TRUTH , WATCH THESE SHOWS. YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID AND YOU WILL GET WOKE UP . TRUMP 2020

  73. Obama said one thing about senile Joe that I have to believe, when he said, do not under estimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up. Senile Joe has been a lair, crook and an idiot his whole life. He was not given the nickname of doofus for no reason. Now with the onset of dementia he cannot tell his sister from his wife. Who in their right mind would want him to be president of this country?
    Since senile Joe is an idiot. It is only fitting that he surround himself with other idiots. My alley cat has better morals than dirty Harris has. Her past is so bad that the liberals had to rewrite her complete Wikipedia profile. Does that sound like someone that you would want to be president.

  74. It is important to understand just how strong the infrastructure is behind BLM. It is extensive. Al of this has been verified via internet search.
    Black Lives Matter might be viewed as a grassroots movement of concerned people gathering together. It is much more. Black Lives Matter is a corporation whose real name is Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF). (Yep…it is one of those capitalistic corporations they profess to hate.).

    The following information is on their web site. It is a nationwide corporation! BLMGNF has chapters in Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Lansing, Long Beach, Memphis, Nashville, New York City, Philadelphia, South Bend and in Canada in Toronto, Vancouver, and Waterloo. (If you were impressed by how all those recent riots erupted simultaneously from a grassroots movement…well…maybe not so grassroots.).
    BLMGNF is a not-for-profit corporation but not tax exempt, so donations are not tax deductible. Except…if you go to its website and want to donate, you are transferred to ‘ActBlue Charities’ which will take your donation , give you a tax deduction , and then distribute your donation to BLMGNF. Sort of…
    Who is ActBlue? Taken directly from ActBlue’s web page, “Our (ActBlue) platform is available to Democratic candidates and committees, progressive organizations, and nonprofits that share our values for no cost besides a 3.95% processing fee on donations. And we operate as a conduit, which means donations made through ActBlue to a campaign or organization are considered individual donations”.

    ActBlue consists of three parts : ActBlue Charities facilitates donations to left-of-center 501(c)(3) nonprofits; Act Blue Civics is its 501(c)(4) affiliate; ActBlue is a 527 Political Action Committee. These three have raised over $5 billion dollars in the sixteen years since it started. If its 3.95% transaction fee has been applied to all donations, that equates to over $197 million. So, ActBlue is a Democratic Party front affiliated with BLMGNF. If only it was that simple and stopped there. Per Business Insider Australia, “ActBlue…distributes the money raised to Thousand Currents, which is then granted to Black Lives Matter”. What is Thousand Currents (Formerly International Development Exchange)?
    Again, per Business insider Australia, “Thousand Currents is a 501(3)(c) non-profit that provides grants to organizations that are…developing alternative economic models…”. (Is anarchy now an alternative economic model?). “Thousand Currents essentially acts as a quasi-manager for Black Lives Matter : ‘It provides administrative and back office support, including finance, accounting, grants management, insurance, human resources, legal and compliance,’ Executive Director Solome Lemma said”. ( Finance, insurance, human resources, legal and compliance? It sounds like General Motors!).
    What is the significance of the above?
    Black Lives Matter is not some fly-by-night fad that is going to loot and destroy and then disappear into the ash heap of history. It is a multi corporation, big business which is heavily associated with and supports the Democratic Party and it is here to stay. Arguing whether Black Lives or All Lives Matter is meaningless and distracts from what it is trying to achieve. It is a left-wing political movement that has a significant impact on the Democratic Party programs for the foreseeable future.
    Socialism and Communism doctrine are linked to these efforts, while the US Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights have no place in their ideology. Patrisse Cullors, one of Black Lives Matter’s co-founders is widely reported as saying, “We are trained Marxists”.
    The president of Greater New York Black Lives Matter said that if the movement fails to achieve meaningful change during nationwide protests, “ it WILL burn down this system.” This is Not the peaceful change we celebrate under our Constitution, but violent destruction and takeover. For those of us who believe in our Constitution, this is a challenge thrown in our face.
    If you have wondered why Democratic politicians, and Main Stream Media, have danced around criticizing Black Lives Matter, now you know.
    Clearly they are a domestic terrorist organization and need to be so identified and treated accordingly.

  75. I am 79 years old- came to the USA at age 19 LEGALLY- drafted in the military and served my country proudly-retired from the military in 82. This is your country – this is my country – we need to take care of the USA. Read the bible- King David was not the best man in the world, but God set him in place to save His people. History has repeated itself – Donald J. Trump may have a clouded past, but God sent him to us to save our country. He accepts NO pay cause he donates it to charities while other politicians take bribes under the table to sell us out just like Judas did and then try to suck up to Americans – just like Judas did.
    The Commiecrats with their comrades (BLM & Antifa & Soros & the illegal president Obama) are trying to crucify the American people just like they did to Jesus on Mount Calvary. All these people are trying a coup to remove the people elected President D>J> Trump. All these people should be treated accordingly to the standard of all who attempt a coup. This is treason at the highest level. No trial is necessary. Their guild is an open book. The good American people have paid too much to support their crooked agenda. Gizmo and Alcatraz are too good. A previous writer suggested the firing squad and I am positive that there are sufficient marksmen to take care of the job. Until this is effected,the US of A will not be totally free. Remember “The Devil NEVER sleeps.” Now is the time – November 3rd is 1st and then clean-up MUST be 2nd.
    God bless the American people!
    God bless President Donald J. Trump!

  76. Democrats just hated losing. I really think they could care less about the US.
    I know some of them and they only repeat the “party line” and don’t use their heads at all. They think they are kind. LOL
    How kind is it to give in to terrorists?
    The cartels need kindness? Ex-cons need kindness?
    They are in some kind of huge denial.

  77. ALL Lives Matter to the Creator. “Red and yellow, black and white — ALL are Precious in HIS sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world!”
    The Bible , The Genealogy of Humans , states that, “Unless we become as little children, we shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”
    God\s Ten Commandments or humans man made Anti-God laws, that is our choice this coming election!!
    Many of my friends agree with me: We should open Alcatraz and put Jezabel Pelosi and her Demonrat anti God followers, in. No cell phones, No TV, only a Bible for company and instruction. [In earlier times of our country; people who defamed the character of another were fined and put in prison with only a Bible for company.]
    The Mode of operendi for the Democrats for decades, has been and still is defamation of their opponents character!!
    What say you?

  78. I can’t wait for them to turn (like a rattlesnake) on those who think they are marching with blm wen they are just allowing them to have a larger crowd. Like the one they kicked in the head knocking him out he had marched with them. Once a mob starts they do not care who or what they destroy. Just a bunch of thug criminals stealing and committing mayhem. What is is with the press calling them kids. Most are in their 20’s or 30’s with no jobs and live in their parents basements. I love the language they use. They cannot carry on or say something to get their lies across so they have to cuss. Profanity is the product of an unsophisticated mind. They are IDIOTS but not as bad the whites who match with them.

  79. When George Soros and his cronies are brought to justice, I want to see them all perp-walked through the burned out cities and let them know THIS LAND IS OUR LAND.

  80. DOUBLE STANDARD! Biden has finally been accused of having the Ukaraine prosecuter ‘fired or he with hold millions of dollars. His quote which is on tape and hss been released and heard on many TV and media stations hears him say : Son of a Bitch, they fired him” Trump got impeached by these sick, crooked swam dwelling Democrats so why aren’t Pelosi, Schumer and that A-hole Nadler moving for impeachment of Biden like they did for an innocent Trump???” Biden and his crooks are the true “Son of Bitches”. Biden should be in jail. Is this the crook you want to see running this country into the ground along with the crooked Harris and crazy Pelosi??

    1. I AM NOT A SHAMED to say i am a 63 yr old African American who is a 100% Trump supporter. I DID NOT vote for Obama the 1st or his 2nd term. Sadly, like many African Americans, i was a life long democrat for the simple reason, my mom, dad. uncles, cousins, grand parents, etc,etc, were democrats. But no more, I have broken the chain, and much of the have nearly disowned me. Oh well, that’s their problem, and not mind. Please!, 4 more yrs of Trump.

  81. You know, I’ve been reading, for several minuets now, all these comments from all you people who want to see justice served but ,folks, if we stupe as low as these people who want to see America destroyed, divided, burned, made into a communistic place ,then we,the people arent any better. BUT if we now set them b4 judge and jury, now, b4 they can try to lie out of it or disappear like usual , and convict all them who have collectively been active in the act of terrorism and espionage against America then we can take them ALL to the swamp and ye them to the trees and stumps and let the gators and snakes have them ,except there might be a waiting list ,lol, as I dont know exactly how many trees and stumps there are out there, but if they knew ahead of time what their fiat was , it would be fun to see how many would try to change their affiliation ,lol . You know guilty by affiliation is still guilty!!!!!!!!

  82. It is time to be locked and loaded, ready to “Rock N Roll” in defence of America and PRESIDENT Trump. I was told once that, ” Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” This was a typing class exercise many years ago. It still stands true today with just one change. Now if the time for all good Men, Women and Patriots… GOD BLESS AMERICA and PRESIDENT!!

    Just to remind you. Communist Red China provided weapons and soldiers to North Korea during the Korean War to kill American Soldiers.
    Communist Red China also provided weapons and soldiers to North Vietnam during the Vietnam War to kill tens of thousands of American Soldiers. Communist Red China IS NOT our friend.

  84. BLM/ANTIFA are demoncrat paid thugs sent to our cities to cause terror and chaos. They could care less about black lives. They are only interested in turning America into a communist shit hole. Vote Republican if you want to save black lives, our economy and Americans in total.

  85. What we need , is about a 3 week open season on these ingrown , inbread , welfare stealing , food stamp using , burning , looting , black trash matters idiots . Clean the problem up once and for all !!!

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