RIP, RBG – and Then Replace Her PDQ & ASAP

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died at 87, so let’s say some nice things about her and then set about replacing her with all the snooty entitled fervor that the Democrats would have filled her empty seat with if they controlled the White House and Senate. Ginsburg died less than two months before a presidential election in 2020 because of course she did.

It’s 2020! Her timing was perfect. Democrats were finally starting to “condemn” their base’s riots that have been ongoing for nearly four months and it looked like they were going to try to calm things down in hopes of snagging the election. Well, that’s over! We’re back to 24/7 crazy for the next month-and-a-half.

First, let’s say some nice stuff about Ginsburg, because that’s what’s expected whenever a venerated elder in our society passes away. (It’s also an old-school nicety that Democrats are incapable of, as proven by their lack of class when the president’s brother passed away this summer.)

She was… um… long-lived?

Oh, I know! If there’s one thing I could say about “RBG” that is truly nice, it was the fact that she was not very “woke” by 2020 standards and really not very social justice oriented. Ruth Bader Ginsburg didn’t believe in abortion-on-demand because it is somehow a woman’s “right to choose;” she believed in abortion-on-demand for its eugenic properties.

As a wealthy elite, Ruth Bader Ginsburg loved the opera – you know, those fancy musical theater things written by patriarchal white oppressors who have been dead for a long time? Abortion in her mind, therefore, allowed hoity-toity ladies like herself to avoid seeing too many hoboes or street junkies as they walked to the Met to watch Pavarotti. Reducing the number of children that the poorer classes were having was a net positive for society in her mind.


Ginsburg was also, to her credit, an old-school liberal believer in meritocracy. She spent 25 years on the Supreme Court and 38 years total as a judge. During all those years, she only selected one black attorney to clerk for her. She chose a total of 119 clerks to serve her for 38 years, and only one of them was black. That’s not very “woke” by 2020 standards. But MSNBC won’t be calling her a white supremacist anytime soon.

My favorite RBG quote was what she said when asked about Colin Kaepernick kneeling for the national anthem: “Really dumb.”

Now, as to the timeline for replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the court… this week sounds good!

Come on, Mitch. Do it!

Less than six hours after the news of Ginsburg’s passing was announced, a gaggle of protesters marched to Mitch McConnell’s house to bullhorn him and his wife. They’ve gone totally crazy, so just get this over with.

Tell Lindsey Graham to hold a one-hour confirmation hearing, put the nominee to a vote, and then bring them for a full vote in the Senate the very next day. Bing, bang, boom!

You know the libs would do this if the tables were turned. If the Democrats controlled the White House and the Senate, and a conservative justice died 45 days before the election, we know that all of the demons in hell would not be able to stop them from filling that seat. (Not that any of the demons in hell would want to stop Democrats from anything they want to do, but you catch my meaning.)

The Democrats would break any rule necessary, abolish the filibuster, whatever it took. That’s because most normal people hate the Democrats’ agenda, and the only way they are able to enact their socialist garbage in America is through the Supreme Court.

One final note: Elected Republicans in Congress and especially the Senate need to beef up their security right now. If you’ve spent 5 minutes on Twitter, then you realize that deranged leftists are going to be making Scalise-style assassination attempts to try to stop Trump and McConnell from filling Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat.

Just when we thought 2020 couldn’t get any hotter!

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94 thoughts on “RIP, RBG – and Then Replace Her PDQ & ASAP”

  1. No kidding!!! The Democrats would have someone to take the vacant chair in a heart beat!!!! What needs to be done here is just fill that vacant seat ASAP…. we need it before the Elections and not after it!!! I would say to the far left Democrats ….”get over it”!!! Mr.President and Senator McConnell… please do it …. no hesitation!!!

    1. Replace RBG vacant SCOTUS seat ASAP. Presidents have a duty to select and the Senate a duty to approve or not…by law. Democrat liberals are completely intolerant of everything American and should be overruled. Don’t let Democrat threats if more violence stop us as they are the party of violence, lies, deception, intimidation, selfishness and often evil. Do you job and fill this vacancy now before the election since Democrats intend to cheat, lie and steal further. Stop Democrat madness now!

  2. President Trump should have presented his choice for the SC yesterday, but Fri will work and the senate should confirm it Fri night.

    1. I concur. Although, to express it with a degree more civility, spell it “phuque”.
      In my humble opinion it might twist a lib a bit tighter.
      Have a nice day.

  3. President Trump and Mitch McConnell, keep moving forward ASAP to replace her empty seat! The Democrats need to keep their mouths shut! The Thugs that were at Mitch McConnell’s house, harassing them, need to STOP! GOOD WILL ALWAYS OVERCOME EVIL!

  4. This was the main reason I voted for the President. Please do your duty and and make sure their are 9 Judges on the Supreme Court BEFORE the election. The people spoke 4 years ago and again 2 years ago. We need a constitutionalist on the court!

    1. AMEN!
      The Senate should then pass am amendment to stop future Democratic attempts to Pack the SCOTUS and also end the filibuster.

      1. That should be next on the agenda then get rid of all the commies in the government. Get this country’s back on track

  5. Be very careful this chosen Supreme Court Justice values our Constution and is not a demon in sheeps clothing. Our God in Heaven needs to be Important (Not Catholic) to them. Values matter big time since its a life time position..

  6. About the babies killed every year!!! There are so many pills on the market now and have been for years,That a woman can take before time protection, or a day after pill,stay on birth control.etc. A woman does not need abortions killing a baby is for the people that are to lazy or stupied to take care of their own bodies , and wait till Its a inhumane thing to have done to a baby who is smiling at you already! The only exception should be If there Is a danger of health reasons for mother or child.

    1. President Trump should fill the seat ASAP. If the tables were turned, Democrats would fill it in a heartbeat & their FAKE outrage is only a political ploy to rile up their minions.

    2. NO EXCEPTIONS PERIOD. That baby in the womb belongs to
      God. If he/she is aborted (that is murder.) If that baby dies after he/she is born, that child will end up in the arms of Jesus.

      1. Well said. I pray for President Trump to get reelected. I am so tired of the hate that is coming from the Democratic Party. We need to know that God is in control. They are in Congress and the Senate because they were chosen by the people. The people chose President Trump. They were chosen to serve. They were not chosen to go against our president. The people chose this president. I did not like the things president Obama did. I did not vote for him but he was my president and I did not go against him because he was our president. Why can’t the liberals treat President Trump the same way the Republicans treated President Obama. Love in Christ to everyone

    3. Those pills are abortifacients – they still kill the baby. And a converted former abortionist said in his experience, there has never been a reason to kill the baby if the mother’s life is in danger, which is almost never. He said the cure is delivery, not abortion.

      1. There are so many women who can’t bear a child and would love to adopt these babies.
        Please think! Aborting a baby is murder. God sees all. Seek help. It’s out there for you.

  7. Mr. President please be very careful and make sure you do not nominate another traitor like John Roberts, please make 100% sure is another Anthony SCALIA.

  8. Democrats are so enraged because they want to use the courts system to pass their Marxist agenda. They know they can’t do it through the legislature so they use the courts to legislate for them. Again that is why they are calling for “packing the court”. The Dems seem so set on causing a revolution to get their Marxist ways. Becareful Dems on what you wish for, it could cause a shooting war within the country

  9. Yes, all seats need to be filled by election time. If we had a Democrat in leadership they would of had that seat filled the day after the death of any U.S. Supreme court Judge.

  10. I hope Chuck, Nancy,Adam and all the liberal demon-crats heads explode when TRUMP makes his nomination for RBG’s replacement.

  11. Virtually A N Y T H I N G disseminating from EITHER William Jefferson Clinton or Barrack Hussein OBAMA (the “Closet Muslim) is BAD NEWS… PERIOD!!! and DARTH VADER GINSBERG was no exception. Those three, along with Sotomiere and Kagen (Pardon the spelling, but those two deserve NO respect from me either) have done untold damage to this Country. Trump is blamed by the Dems for being a lude womanizer, but he is a PIKER compared to Bill Clinton – TO THIS DAY!. Clinton STILL cannot keep his PANTS UP and his toquis down!

    1. I hate to tell you, Lynn, but Biden is running neck and neck with Clinton. All the creepy things that man has said and done is unbelievable. The press refuses to mention the rape charges or the fact that Christmas parties for his secret service detail had to be discontinued due to his groping and fondling wives, girlfriends and daughters. People had to hold back an agent because he was going to deck Biden. If it was Trump, that would be the only thing on the news.

  12. I don’t think that there is any chance of Biden beating Trump in the election, because I’m surprised that Biden can even remember his name, much less know how to run the United States. So I see no reason why President Trump should wait until after the election to fill that seat on the Supreme Court. If we were to elect Biden to the office of President, we would in reality be electing Kamala Harris to the position of president, because Biden can’t handle the job of president, much less handle Kamala Harris. So go for it President Trump, it’s your call, so take it, appoint a replacement on the Supreme Court, and be done with it. And leave it up too us to elect a President, because everyone of us, know who the best man is for President of the United States, and it’s not Biden, he wasn’t much of a “vice” President, much less a President.

    1. Tom:
      You would be surprised at just how many idiots there are in this Country that vote, or to WHAT LENGTHS the Dems will go to cheat and capture this election. DO NOT under-estimate what might happen here!

    2. I am pretty sure that knee pad is NOT eligible to be the president ….. she is actually an ”anchor” baby for NON-CITIZEN IMMIGRANTS !!!! she may have been born in the USA, but that is only part of the legal requirements that she meets !!! her parents must be US citizens in order for HER to be eligible !!!!! but that’s okay …. since they already KNOW that she is not eligible, when groping joe can’t make it up the steps to be sworn in, and knee pads isn’t eligible, then the third in line, the speak of the house, is legally the ‘new president’ …. and they are SO SURE that they are going to keep the house, that they haven’t thought through what will happen if they LOSE the house ….. she will no longer be the speaker, so whoever the republicans name as the speaker will be president, and I’d bet that will be Kevin McCarthy !!!! so their plan may backfire AGAIN like so many before when they go after our legally ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP !!!

  13. The Dems, PANICKING, are putting forth the threat to extend the court to 11 or 13 so they can get the majority back. Trump (after the election) should publicly say that this is a GOOD IDEA, and then expand it to 11 or 13 himself. After all, if a 6 to 3 majority is good, imagine how GREAT an 8 to 3 or even better, a 10 to 3 majority would be, and how hard that majority would be for the dems to overcome. They would HAVE to resort to “Justice ASSASSINATION when (“IF”) a Dem wins the White House in some distant time frame.

    1. I was and still am not convinced Justice Scalia passed of nature causes. I say this for many reasons, mostly the lack of scruples in the administration at that time.
      My point being, the precedent might have already been set!

    2. Good Idea! with 10 conservative Justices it would not be worth killing one, because the majority would still exist. If more would face’accidents’ it would be too obvious.

  14. Mr: President, I know the importance of choosing the right person for this very important job. I trust in your judgement, that you will pick another great and gifted person to sit in RBG’ s empty chair. I pray that whoever you pick will look at all cases brought before them be studied and ruled on, with no biased or personal opinion on any said case.

  15. Botox Nan is thinking about another Impeachment of our President and his Attorney General. She said they can Impeach him any time for anything!
    Someone should explain to her that is not what the Constitution tells us.
    I don’t think that selecting a replacement to fill a vacancy in the Supreme Court constitutes high crimes and misdemeanors.

    1. According to the Constitution Article 2 Clause 2, IT’S the President’s duty to elect and appoint. So Nancy NEEDS to read the constitution the one she says Trump is destroying. She’s the one who’s destroying it!

      1. You hit that one right on the nose Mr Terry in my opinion she has no values at all she is one crazy BITCH and as for Biden he is mentally unstable to be our president

  16. RBG is gone. She is no more. Trump was called by God to be President and ultimately to appoint her replacement. He must be wise in his choice, and quick to pursue it. The United States can not withstand another activist liberal judge as SCOTUS.
    Any republican senator who refuses to participate in seating a new judge is not interested in the future of our country and ought to be sanctioned hard. This decision is not about manners, popularity etc. It is about America’s future. Let’s get it done!

  17. Let’s just apply common sense to getting a full compliment of nine justices back on the Supreme Court that our Constitution requires; that ‘seat’ is only one of nine; no one in particular owns a seat, as the Democrats seem to want the public to believe that only they have a right to chose whom we need to occupy any seat as theirs. They tried this same nonsense after Ted Kennedy died. All offices held in our government belong to ‘We the people,’ to elect. This is our right, not any Political Party’s right to dhose, unless so stated in the Constitution [which in this case, it is the right, and obligation of President Trump,and his Senate majority to appoint a replacement]. And if the opposite Party does not like it, and they illegaly attempt to stop this process, they can be held by the same laws they seem to hate so much, for violating our Constitution [they pretend to hide behind]. Chuck

  18. Dear Mr President Trump
    Please hurry up and give your nomination to the supreme court today. Please don’t listen to the Democratic party they only want to control everything that goes on in everyone’s life except theirs of course. Is the speaker of the house hiding something? Please stand up for truth and justice!!!

  19. Fill that seat, Mr. President! No delays! That’s why we elected you, not to listen to listen to the pinko commie Dumbocrats in the streets!


  21. May our Lord give you peace as you name someone to the court. For all the guff they have handed you I pray you continue to stay strong. How bless.

  22. I wish I could come back in about one hundred years just to read the history of how David slew Goliath, I mean how Trump slew the democraps. Wouldn’t hat be a hoot.


  24. to McConnell – just think like the DEMS do – let’s roll and confirm now. Use any tricks out of your bag you can and GO for it! Forget Collins – no money for her – if she loses – oh well! We will deal with Markowsky later. Kudos to Romney for now…We will see if he holds on to Republican principles.

  25. I just re-read my copy of the US Constitution and couldn’t find anywhere in the document that said Supreme Court justices could not be confirmed in a presidential election year. This may have been a Senate practice in the past but, as far as I can determine, it is not a rule. It is more likely something the Democrats want the people to believe so they (and their media toadies) shout it from the mountain tops. But, the uproar gives me hope.
    Anytime President Trump and the Republicans make a statement or take some action that drives the Dems nuts gives me hope the nation is again on the right track. Therefore, make the appointment, hold a hearing, and confirm.

    1. It has happened 27 or 29 times that a Justice has fed in an election year and every time the sitting President has filled the seat ! So please fill the seat now President Trump . May God Bless you and your beautiful family.

  26. It is your Constitutional obligation to fill the vacancy ASAP.
    The Democrats only want Republicans to follow the Constitution.
    They have no respect for the Constitution, the rule of law or the People of America.
    In fact charges should be brought about to abolish the Democratic Party for being an
    enemy of the People and the Constitution.
    Your proof is the lawlessness of the large Democratic Cities being allowed to loot, burn and kill American People without recourse.
    Need to act NOW!!!!


  28. Mr. president we need for you to save our country. That is your primary job and that is what we elected you to do. MDKE YOUR SELECTION NOW AND GET IT


  30. I was a Democrat till 28 yrs ago. I saw it changing for the worse. Now that party and all its followers have lost their minds. I truly fear for the welfare of our great country. We must re-elect President Trump, and, God-willing, he will get the SCOTUS nomination in the works without delay.

    1. Congrats for coming over from the dark side. Seriously though if biden were to win we may as well say goodbye to our country . There would be no coming back from that situation .

  31. Fill the seat. . in a number of hours not days. . .In this world there are 3 types of people, “Those who make things happen, those who watch what happened and those who wonder what happened ” THIS IS THE CHANCE FOR THE UPRIGHT REPUBLICAN PARTY TO BECOME “MAKERS” INSTEAD OF A WATCHERS OR WONDERERS” This time make the Democrat/Socialists squeal like a pig under a gate !

  32. Fill the seat. Our country needs more Republican minded people leading this country. We need to stop erasing history, and learn from our forefathers, correct errors and praise the leaders who have kept this country FREE.

  33. It’s called “Divine Intervention”…. Republicans have the votes. Democrats can cry me a river. President Trump will not cave to their tantrums (ever again) and that’s the way I like it. The “anarchists” will be dealt with summarily.

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