Texas Governor Abbott Announces Rollback of Mask Mandate, Says All Businesses Can Open

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced all state businesses can fully reopen and has ended its statewide mask mandate. The announcement was made via video and released in an executive order by the governor.

Speaking by video in Lubbock, Governor Abbott shared, “Today, I’m issuing a new executive order that rescinds most of the earlier executive orders,” Abbott said. “Effective next Wednesday, all businesses of any type are allowed to open 100%…. also, I am ending the statewide mask mandate.”

The governor clearly noted Texans cannot be fined or punished for not wearing a mask in the state. His announcement noted, “Under no circumstance can someone be punished for not wearing a mask.”

However, Governor Abbott also warned, “Today’s announcement does not abandon the safe practices that Texans have mastered over the past year. Instead, it’s a reminder that each person has their own role to play in their own personal safety as well as in the safety of others. It’s a reminder that individual safety is managed every day as a matter of personal responsibility rather than by government mandate. Individual responsibility is a corollary to individual freedom, we can have both.”

The governor reported Texas will have already offered half of the state’s seniors a vaccine shot to every senior who wants one by this week. The state has also deployed more than 1,100 National Guard troops to assist with statewide efforts. Texas additionally announced plans to administer the Johnson & Johnson single vaccine shot, according to the governor’s speech.


Representing the nation’s second most populated state, the example of Texas will certainly have an impact on decisions made in other states across the nation. Mississippi has prepared a similar rollback of mask mandates, with additional states discussing new plans.

In contrast, President Biden has most recently stated America can get “back to normal” next year. Dr. Fauci has warned against returning to normal life until late 2021 or even 2022.

Why the vast differences in response to COVID-19? Americans are increasingly realizing the virus did not shut America down; the government did. State’s with leadership embracing limited government are recognizing the need to remove required lockdowns and mask wearing as soon as possible.

Further, the example of Florida has garnered the notice of many Americans. While San Francisco has gone an entire year without in-person education, Florida’s schools have safely operated since last fall. The limitations on businesses in Florida have been far fewer than elsewhere in the country, with the economy flourishing while New York businesses continue to shut down or find themselves unable to pay rent.

Yes, COVID-19 has had a terrible impact on the lives of many Americans. Yet this does not mean we need government to force people to remain locked in their homes for long periods of time. Instead, when states utilize a common-sense approach, America’s hard-working citizens and students can flourish. May God bless Texas and may others follow their lead!


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99 thoughts on “Texas Governor Abbott Announces Rollback of Mask Mandate, Says All Businesses Can Open”

      1. Governor Abbott is following the science and I applaud him!! Let’s get on with our lives and our business. We cannot allow a few despots control our schools and what we do.
        I addition, Our legislature must make laws now that require picture ID for in person voting; shorter time for early voting; handwriting certification for mail-in ballots; all mail in ballots must be delivered before day of election and NO DROP BOXES.

        1. I’m from Maine, our Governor continues to tie our hands and telling us how to live our lives!! I say God Bless Texas and God Bless your Governor for having the wisdom to know that people can think for themselves, and don’t need government to do it for them!!! Not everyone in Maine is blue!! ???????? God Bless America!!

        2. I think you should have to have a voters card.
          You would have to vote in your precinct and in person.
          Id’s would be checked before you vote.

          NO VOTES ACCEPTED PAST 11 :59 pm.
          We have to have stricter laws and more secure voting machines.

          All this bull about dominion and other countries having our votes going their machines is unacceptable.

          The votes are for Americans and should have 100 % American made machines .
          The votes should be automautomagically counted as every vote is cast.

          No prisoners no illegals or no dead allowed

      2. I think this whole lock down shit was just a control move. I think 99 percent of the so called COVID cases were not even the cause of death. Like a guy I know his father had an extremely bad heart, he went in the hospital for a check up and died they said oh COVID killed him when he had a heart attack , I had what they called the COVID and if that was COVID I don’t understand how it could kill anyone, I say open up the country take ofc the damed mask and let god decide your fate

        1. Every individual state should decide whether to he closed or open.
          The governors know the state and his state.
          Some ding dong at the White House hasnt a clue.
          Case and point, look at the borders that ARENT in crisis .
          see I told you they havent a clue.
          If the borders are open so shall the states be

    1. Gov Abbott, thank you for your common sense approach to Covid. I’ve said all along it’s a GOVERNMENT control issue.
      Millions of us Americans agree with you.
      God bless you + all American common sense citizens.

    2. Praise the Lord for some common sense!!! Thank you Governor Abbott ???? I’m sick of wearing a diaper on my face!! I could hardly breathe!! I could only wear it for just a little while and then had to go outside and breathe!! I think it’s going to be great for the mental health of people too! We can smile!! ???

    3. It’s about time, way to go Governor. We never should have shut down in the first place. This was just a way to control people. This is America land of the free and we should always have a choice. Thank you

    4. time for the fake pandemic to be over. they got what they wanted “biden” now stop the BS

    5. It is the right thing to do, mask should never been introduced – studies have shown that they are dangerous for the wearer and really don’t work

    6. You are doing a fabulous job. Can not stand Biden and Harrris and their evil gang. Proud of our state and Gov and Lt Gov. Keep up the good works. You did the right thing.

    7. Why thank the governor for doing what he should have done a year ago? He has done this now because he knows that the longer he keeps dictatorial restrictions on the people, the weaker his chances of reelection become. Simply put, he never had the authority beyond the “two week period to flatten the curve” to issue emergency orders in regard to this “pandemic”.

    8. I’m very glad to see Texas has moved ahead beyond these communist lockdowns and mandated masking when such behavior clearly violates the Constitution! We the People are not children and do not need to be treated as such causing financial ruin to small business and a free people!!! This will not serve as a presedence for future behavior.

  1. Governor Abbott, thank-you for all you have done during the Covid-19 and the freezing winter storms we have had in Texas.
    You are doing a good job and our representatives continue to work for the good of Texas.

    1. Most of our representatives. Don’t forget we have a few, like Sheila Jackson-Lee, who are only in office to get what they can and they really don’t care what Texans want. Same goes for Mayor Sylvester Turner (Houston’s Mayor). If we could only get together and vote out career politicians (like Jackson-Lee) I believe Texas would be even better than it is now.

    1. Now make sure public officials implement it. HEALTH OFFICIALS cannot continue until their own agenda. Schools must reopen and teacher teach or be fired. We are are a generally responsible people who want to work, raise our family and live an unrestricted life. Other states need to follow suite.

  2. Thank you, Texas, Mississippi and Florida.
    Common sense prevails.
    Today we will know if Alabama will follow suit.

  3. It is about some one understand the People are Adult’s not Children or Live (Stock that has to be pushed, pulled like in-mature or infants, Toddlers) The Government used Excuses to Control People, Take away their Rights to run a Business, Run their every Day style run err ions, Get to important needed Surgery’s claiming not necessary Surgery’s like eye Care for Coatracks, Cancer Kimmo’s or Kidney Treatments, Dentist, those impacted or infected Wisdoms- Teeth, work to keep People alive. Then Coronavirus shut-Downs. So, American’s Public has Lost more Lives, Business Disappeared form making Living for the owner’s. That to employing employee’s, pay Bills in Communities That was shut Down Economy That will never have Business small or large Thrive Pay Tax’s Public Service’s, Lights, Gas oh Yes, pay those City, County- Politician’s Salary’s? Yes, open up Renter’s, Home Owner’s, Tax payer’s are Employer’s, Big and small Business that have employee’s, That want to really Work make money for Living not all American’s want crumbs, Government hand outs for Life. Not what American’s or Immigrants come to USA for. We want Independence away from Terrine Higher Tax’s Like Sprit of 1776 USA American’s Say enough. We want to pay for our own way not Hand out unless it is only Temporary not a Life time 5 years,15,20,25 .Fire or Winds, Tornado’s, Natural Disaster Yes, FEMA Help is Temporary not Life time like your made up Virus Pandemic molds. A 69 year old USA Born and raised Citizen former CA relocated now Nampa, Idaho. Still running a Small Business Self employment need that extra income pay Bills with a Disabled wife in wheelchair now.

    1. Thank you governor Abbott for standing up for what is right for the USA hope other governors follow. My only concern is the illegals bring it back into the state

  4. I hate to be a wet blanket, but it’s a little early to thank Governor Abbott just yet. He stated that Texas will open up 100%–on Wednesday, March 10. He still has time to come up with an excuse to modify that. If he truly opens up Texas on Wednesday, THEN I’ll consider thanking him and not before.

  5. I completely agree, the government has gone way to far in controlling the liberties of the American people.

  6. Yes I live in Mississippi and so glad the governor has said that he is not one to tell us what we can and cannot do..mandates are NOT laws and cannot be enforced.. The Legislature has to pass a law that can be enforced NOT the governor..Thanks Governor Reeves and I have received the vaccine as others should…If some do not want to take the vaccine when it is available, let them keep wearing masks..Maybe they can paint lamb’s blood on their door at home and maybe the pandemic will pass them by!

    1. Anyone that chooses a Rapidly made up synthetic vaccine without enough testing is more than welcome to be one to test it. I am not one to do so as i haven’t put a mask on my face either. This is a virus not a Pandemic!! This has done nothing but make people crazy and fearful. I will look forward to long term effects of this vaccine! As the flu shot it should never be forced on anyone as there is absolutely no proof that it is any kind of cure and yiou can look that up just about anywhere. They are pushing it because they have big money in it and no liabilities. Just my thought with research and talking to medical Friends of mine. Stay well!!

    2. You actually believe in a vaccine that the current government approved? I wouldn’t believe anyone in the current government (national government) if they told me the sun would come up tomorrow. I will not be a guinea pig for the government.

    1. Would like you to move to Minnesota and be our governor! Way to go governor Abbott! If people do their research they will find that the CDC and Dr. Fauci have a patent on the coronavirus. it was all planned, it’s a plot to control the people!!

  7. It’s Way Past Time that Dictator Abbott Stopped Killing Texas Business and Opened Up Texas 100 % and True TEXANS Know that this was Nothing more than to see how many would Fall for the Road To Socialism !

    Thank you for injecting some (all to uncommon) COMMON SENSE into this insanity!

  9. Yay!!! Kudos to Governor Abbott for doing the right thing. I wish all governors would do the same for their states!!!

  10. Yes there will be setbacks. Hopefully the governor will stay the course he has set. Achieving real herd immunity means there may be a few more outbreaks but that’s controlled by nature not man.

    1. Exactly correct. Before modern medicine people died of the black plague. They somehow managed to live through it – primarily due to herd immunity and social distancing. Geniuses of today couldn’t figure that one out. Wear masks – right – masks don’t do anything other than make people uncomfortable. Social distancing works much better, in my non-medical opinion.

  11. This governor has done the right thing. Good for him. He’s doing a great thing for his people.God bless him .

  12. I think it is a wonderful move. More states need to do the same. People have a right to open their businesses and live a normal life. Just be smart and not stupid.

  13. After the initial shutdown last year, President Trump left it upto the Governors in each state to call the shots…. and we now know what a tragedy that has been to the American people!!! South Dakota and Florida are way ahead of all the other states…. we have seen the ‘Hitlers’ in some states making the people flee!!!! Look how they have destroyed the lives of people.. thank you Governor Abbot and MS for liberating the citizens!!!! We Americans are responsible citizens…. pray that the other states will soon follow the example of the Governors who have dropped the ‘mask mandate’….. someone should teach Fauci a lesson…. can we exile him to China???? He would be more at home there??

  14. Due, past due and overdue. We have destroyed ( people and millions of lives) because the country took things way too far for way too long. Amazing TX has had full school and all sports( yes controlled and diligently applied, but fully open) since last Fall. I can’t recall hearing of a single ( may have been a few out of our 30 some MILLION) significant issue because kids were in school. So, even with given facts and data, we don’t learn a damn thing. How have we become so stupid sp quickly.

  15. Its time for the nanny state (all of them) to get out of the way let us live. This whole fear tactic of the media and the Dems is so overblown. If you want to wear a mask, wear one! If you want people in your store to wear them, do so. We don’t need government to dictate and punish people. In fact, virtually all these mandates are unconstitutional if there is not a state of emergency. And there isn’t. We don’t even know how many the virus has actually killed but we know that over 99% of us are not in danger. Thanks Texas for leading the way to sanity.

  16. I myself love the fact that he did this the only concern I have is that Biden is letting in all those illegals and they have the virus and will spread out all over Texas an give it to us and then we’ll have to go thru it all again…..

  17. I agree with you. God bless Texas and pray that all our other governors use some common sense and follow his actions. I say this while sitting here in Indiana.

  18. Praise The Lord and Thank you Govonor. Some of us has known that this was nothing more than a Virus, and the crooked Government has caused this problem for America.
    May God Grant you the strength to stay the course that makes Texas a great state.

    1. I agree with Governor Abbott but there are many stores that have stated they WILL require masks to enter their stores anyway!

  19. It’s about time that we kick the government out of our lives. Biden doesn’t know what he is saying or what he is doing to the American people. I am a refugee from a communist country, I don’t want to live in one again.

  20. He might as well open up Texas, because Biden has opened up the border to the virus a lm and just like Comuo , Biden should be held responsible for the death of the 15 that was killed in the wreck and those that will die from the spread of the virus by those coming in

  21. I could go on and on but it’s time someone got the guts to open up their state. Cannot believe so many intelligent people got caught up in this hoax. So much fear was put into people they were afraid to fight back or this may have ended sooner. I am in Louisiana with a Democratic governor and if course another month of nonsense.


  23. Texas MR. ABBOTT should most definitely DO A BURNOUT in his WHEELCHAIR and spell out unmask TEXAS FU JOE FRAUDEN and the DEMOCRATIC communist PARTY!!!!!!!!!??

  24. He did the right thing and my Governor Reeves , Mississippi.. only thing I say to this, should have never happen in any states.. a lot worse disease have come through America before and we didn’t shut down.. lives goes on no matter what’s thrown at you , you don’t just stop you keep going forward..GOD BLESS AMERICA

  25. Its maybe too late opening up but I agree 100% with opening up. The risk of dying from actual covid 19 virus is even less than that of taking the vaccine and given we know nothing of long term impacts associated with these vaccines I would not take the mRNA vaccine anyway.
    People with science backgrounds have known from the beginning this virus was misrepresented and used only for politi al expedience. About time politicians wake up.

    1. I am a nurse and am fed up with all the BS the government has been procuring about Covid! I was offered the vaccine but refused it. I refuse to be a government guinea pig.

  26. Go for it Mr Abott!! We believe in what you’ve said and what your doing! ?
    May God Bless America Again?
    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

  27. Thank you. We can be careful w/masks & still tend to our business and school. Thank God for Republicans!

  28. I live in Alabama, and we are looking forward to the same response today Thursday March 3rd @11:00 AM. From our great Governor Kay Ivey. She cares for the people of Alabama that she is over.
    You go Texas my ancestors home state. ?,
    Thank you Mississippi for letting the people decide their own fate, and following Texas example.
    If the leaders of our state doesn’t stand up for the people of that state who elected them, then they don’t deserve the right to be their Governor.

  29. Kudos to Gov. Abbott and the other governors who have reopened their states realizing that politicians/public officials not the virus are the real problem.. Let’s hope more governors have the same courage!

  30. Don’t get too excited.. I expect that next there will be many restrictions, but changing from masks to vaccines. You may not be able to enter a public establishment without showing proof of having taken a vaccine.. Those of us who oppose these RNA body altering, untested biological drugs, will have a hard time finding grocery stores we can shop in.. But my health, and my faith in God who tells me Not to defile my body, will supersede any civil law that wants me to Violate God’s laws.. Now there are reports out that some say that Man’s laws are to be adhered to over God’s laws.. Man’s laws are flawed, and change often. God’s laws are eternal, perfect in structure, and never changing.. God created us, and knows what’s best for us. He even gave us an immune system that is perfect, but man and sin have altered our world, corrupted our world. It is not as God created it in the garden of Eden. Now so called scientists think they can play God and alter our RNA, and DNA as they please. God created me just the way I was meant to be, thank you very much. I don’t need some Dr. telling me he can change my gene structure, and make me better than an almighty God did. Hundreds of people have Died after taking the vaccine. I don’t wish to join them.. 99.7% of healthy people survive Covid. A vaccine will Not improve on that number, but may Decrease that number as Bill Gates stated it will..

  31. Thanks for sticking it to Biden all they want to do is make us so dependent upon the government we’ll loose all our independence and turn into puppets on the Democrat’s strings.


  33. BAR UNION MEMBER ABBOTT got wind that he was going to held responsible for the liability for causing All of Texas irreparable harm – so he thought – let’s open –
    maybe the folks will NOT recognize I had NO authority to mislead the folks as I did,
    b/c I am ONLY am responsible for govt. employees NOT Texans.
    GREGG ABBOTT – we know what you did – we are reviewing
    Texas Govt. Code Chapter 418. Emergency Management.

  34. Don’t live in Texas but we in Mississippi followed suit! Thank you for getting it started! The US needs to get back to normal operations before the whole country goes broke! I’ve not worn a mask from the very beginning and will not wear one. Have not had the vaccine and will not get one. I strongly believe this whole thing has been a big political hoax and we see what we now have to deal with in office! Someone that doesn’t seem to even know where they are or what to say and when something is said can’t remember or just ignores our questions. Good luck America!!!

    1. It is unfortunate that some people only voted for Biden because they didn’t like Trump. Well, they made their beds let them wallow in it! They are now the ones that are screaming the loudest about our freedoms being taken away by the Democrats!

  35. I am in total agreement with Gov Abbott. My husband and I were wearing masks before covid, but is because he has cancer and his immune system is compromised. But as freedom loving Texans and Americans, we endorse the right of each person to choose for themselves. I do have one question. I know Biden isn t vaccinating any illegals, so I assume no masks either. Will Abbott require either of these for the illegals that Biden is set on releasing into the U.S?

  36. Thank God for Gov. Abbott ! Thank you Gov. Abbott for common sense and having the best way forward for Texans at heart. A positive change for the better for all citizens of Texas, if you disagree move to California!

  37. All states need to get on with the business of living, not dying. No masks, freedom to open all businesses and religious activities and scools at 100%. No restrictions, no masks, no plexiglass. IF you are sick, stay home. If you are well, live life without fear. Trust in God, not government to live your values.

  38. Thank you Governor Abbott the Texans always come through to protect America the way it should be protected. Capitalism works not socialism and we need to keep it that way! Remember the Alamo!

  39. FANTASTIC!!!! Corona is a smoke screen… get the country back to work. I’ve had over 30 years of hazmat training, mask are not worn right and don’t work. Why would ANYONE take a vaccine with a lower rate percentage wise then the actual percentage of getting it, the flu is all it is…

  40. I live in Florida. Hurray for your Gov. First to put fear in everyone about the lied numbers of death, then the fake PCR tests, then the lockdowns. Then the fake vaccine which has nothing to do with ending the virus, but everything to do with tracking us.
    It’s NOT about controlling the virus, it’s about controlling YOU!!!!

  41. Thank God for our Texas GOVERNOR…
    A man of faith whom we all trust. And respect proven leadership..


  42. God bless Texas.
    It’s time we quit bowing to the Dark State and Leftist Democrats who believe they should rule our lives.
    It’s time for strong Mayors and Governors to stand up and be leaders of their states.
    Biden/Harris/Obama/Pelosi/Schumer/AOC and M. Waters do what you were elected to do! It wasn’t to destroy our country.
    God is in control, not you, and he gave us freedom of choice! My choice is to vote every one of the above out of office or impeach or censure them and remove them from office send them packing.
    Don’t forget old sick Joe, he will have to have help finding the door to get out of the basement!!!!

  43. I hope my state of Indiana follows Texas lead. Let’s do it Gov. Holcomb. Have the courage to do it soon.

  44. Unfortunately I live in California. We have the worst governor, including Cuomo of New York. Politicians are only in it for the money and power. We the people allowed the theft of the vote doing nothing, allowing the Democrats to get away with it and allowing the justice system to stand down as well. We deserve what we get. They tell us what we must do threatening the businesses, making them spend millions of dollars to “protect” the customer and then close them down anyway. When is a tattoo parlor more important than a restaurant, beauty shop etc? I can’t see or breathe wearing a mask and only do so when entering a business that won’t let me in without one. I am also sick to death being told what words I can say and the threat and allowing others to decide who I am. We need vast changes made, starting with the school board, the unions, the politicians, and stop the influx of illegal immigrants. They need to come in as my forebears did – through proper and legal channels. I am 90 years old, and cannot believe I have lived to see what has happened to my United States of America. And I will not get the vaccine either.

  45. It’s about time someone used their common sense and followed the real science behind this fake pandemic. Have you noticed nobody has died from heart attacks or the flu, anymore? They’re even counting car accidents as covid deaths. I wholeheartedly applaud Governor Abbott.

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