That Was Quick: Kamala Harris Identifies as Asian After Georgia Shootings

It’s so confusing keeping up with all the woke rules these days. Trans-racialism is supposed to not be a real thing. You can magically change your gender with a wish – but not your race. At least, that was the rule just a few days ago. But now that it’s politically advantageous for Kamala Harris to switch races for the moment, she’s stopped being the first black Vice President and is now the first Asian Vice President.

Can we get some clarity on what the rule is? Apparently not, since America is not a serious country that is capable of having an honest public conversation about race.

After a white deviant sex pervert (most likely a Democrat) allowed his sex life to overcome his logic and reason, he shot up a bunch of Asian whore houses massage parlors in Georgia the other day. He says he’s a sex pervert and the police believe him. There was nothing racially motivated about the murders.

But the Democrat Party and the media breathed a huge sigh of relief. Finally! A white perpetrator that they could use to smear white Americans as dangerous serial killers. Therefore, Kamala Harris is suddenly Asian, because she feels the pain of Asian-Americans as they’re being violently attacked all over the place by Trump supporters who look… suspiciously… a lot like Jussie Smollett’s attackers.


You wouldn’t notice it from the total absence of media coverage, but mass shootings were up quite a bit in 2020. The problem is that almost the mass shootings were all black-on-black shootings that occurred as a result of the George Floyd/BLM riots as they peacefully intensified. One pray-and-spray drive-by shooting would lead to a counter-shooting, which in turn would lead to revenge counter-counter-shooting, and thus the circle of life in blue Democrat-run cities continues. So, you can imagine the relief that CNN felt when a white sex pervert shot up some Rep. Eric Swalwell honeypot spots.

It’s too bad for the Democrats that Asian-Americans aren’t quite as dumb as the average white liberal Biden voter. The media BS line is that “Trump supporters” are engaging in “anti-Asian violence” because Donald Trump called the coronavirus the “Chinese coronavirus.” Not even the dumbest Asian-American seems to believe this. Because they see what’s really happening.

Out of the 3,800 violent attacks on Asian-Americans in the last year, almost all 3,800 were committed by young black males. You know – Trump’s main demographic supporters.

When Barack Obama was in office a few years ago, black males started playing “the knockout game.” Also referred to as “polar bear hunting,” the game involved running up behind an unsuspecting white person on the street – preferably an elderly one or a woman – and punching them in the back of the head while their friends recorded the assault on their phones to post on social media. The mainstream press never covered this phenomenon or bothered to ask why it was happening.

About two years ago, the emphasis of the knockout game switched, and young black men started playing the “game” on Hasidic Jews. Phew! Big relief. The media could now report on it, but only by claiming that young black men punching anyone wearing a kippah was somehow Donald Trump’s fault.

Now they’ve switched and started playing the knockout game with Asian-Americans. And it is still Donald Trump’s fault, because shut up!

It would probably be an extremely beneficial public policy discussion for us to have in America. Why, exactly, are so many young black men so impulsively violent that they will punch strangers in the back of the head – risking death for those victims – just for social media clicks? But we can’t have that discussion in America, because we don’t talk honestly about race. Everything is chalked up as “white privilege” or “systemic racism.”

One the one hand, Democrats are claiming that Asian-Americans are the beneficiaries of “white supremacy,” so their kids need to be kept out of American colleges and universities through impossibly discriminatory admissions standards. On the other hand, Asian-Americans are a racial minority that is falling prey to “white supremacy” from “Trump supporters.” Which one is it? You can’t have it both ways, Democrats.

And what’s the deal with Kamala Harris? Is she African or is she Asian? Would it sound too much like she’s not an American at all if she starts identifying herself as an African-Asian? Don’t worry. I don’t really expect any sensible answers to any of these questions. We’re not a mature enough nation to have these sorts of conversations anymore.

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126 thoughts on “That Was Quick: Kamala Harris Identifies as Asian After Georgia Shootings”

  1. African-Asian ? African-American ? How about Kamala is a pile of Democrat by product from the South end of a North Bound Democrat Mule ! Kamala can claim to be anything she likes but , intelligent people know her for what she is , Pure Crap !

          1. yes !!she is neither a dog or wolf so in between absolutely Dangerous Hyena.

        1. remember when the schools were pushing that ebonics was ok because it is culture.

          It’s pretty darn culture to say Aint and lots but teachers do like those!!! Oh white people don;t get to claim culture! only people to get “F’s” in school have culture.

          So lizardeth warren is a fake native american and heels up kamala is a fake Asian. really can’t get much more racist then that.

          Ok in make believe land I have decided I am a native american black 19 year old girl who is gay. Now give me my free college and my native american paycheck.

          Oh wait native Americans have tribal ID. Hey why isn’t that racist? if voter ID is racist certainly native american id is racist.

      1. you got it, only in The US can you have someone standing in as VP, who spent most of her political career leveraging her male contacts : Truly inspiring

        1. You meant laying her male contacts, didn’t you? After all that’s how she got where she is. She is NOT black! She is Jamaican. Stupid c#&t. Not you sir the fake Vice President

          1. Jamaica had lots of African slaves to work on the plantations, just like the U.S. did, Josie. Kamala is at least part black. Her father is Jamaican, and a descendant of a white Irishman, Hamilton Brown, who owned a plantation and slaves to work the fields. Hamilton Brown died in 1843, before the Civil War in the U.S. Most Jamaicans are descendants of those slaves, and probably other races, too.
            Kamala was born in Oakland, CA so she is “American”. Her mother is from India, so Kamala is also “Asian”. She is Jamaican, too, from her father, so “African”. What she ISN’T, is a “natural born citizen”. To be president or vice president, one must be a natural born citizen, born on U.S. soil to parents who are themselves, citizens. She was born in the U.S. but her parents had not lived in the U.S. long enough to have become citizens, prior to Kamala’s birth, so she is a “citizen”, but she is not a “natural born citizen”. She is a fraud, like Barack O was/is a fraud, and not a NBC, because HIS father was not a U.S. citizen. Neither one is/was constitutionally eligible for the presidency or vp.

          1. Sandy T O’s Kenyan grandmother said she was at his birth! in Kenya. She died about 2 weeks after saying that. I always thought she was bumped off.

      1. No! I don’t believe that Obama would bump off his own Kenyan grandmother, he just is not like that. He does not have that in him, I think?

        1. The Big O had Joan Rivers die suddenly right after she outed his “wife” Michael. He is well-qualified.

    1. good answer, she doesn’t even know what she is. They fired Whitehouse employees for smoking pot, look back at the news when you said, yes I smoked and inhaled then started laughing as usual. She was picked as VP not elected by the people because they know Biden isn’t going to last long and want her to be in charge. This Presidency is all a big joke

      1. It is such a shame to actually comment about the truth and REALITY about an administration and a POTUS as a “big joke” HOWEVER, this time it is TRUE!!! And everyone – including all the internationals KNOW IT! NOW where does the US go? To the National Museum of bad jokes?

      2. YOU got that right-those idiots are destroying America-but most of them are RICH and protected-so they could care less

        1. And she laughs all the time. Very humorous woman. I laugh so hard I throw up every time I see her picture.

    2. African? No… Caribbean-Asian? Maybe… Asian-Ho? Absolutely! Now we know why she came out of the woodwork for this one. It hit close to home for her, it could have been her in that parlor…

      1. That where she belongs, since she is unfit to be VP.
        I thought she was born in America…that would make her an American.

        1. Harris is an ‘anchor baby, born to 2 non-citizens. For those few who know the US Constitution, she is not qualified to be the President or Vice-President. Why is this not questioned, who knows??


          2. Why was Obama not questioned? That smug, arrogant you-know-what knew he was very well protected by the same entities that are protecting Hoo ha Harris. What will be her “race of convenience” tomorrow? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode in “AS THE WORM TURNS”.

    3. I Agree on this African-Asian ? African-American ? How about Kamala is a pile of Democrat by product from the South end of a North Bound Democrat Mule ! Kamala can claim to be anything she likes but , intelligent people know her for what she is , Pure Crap !
      Next will be what kind of dog she is associated with???

    4. Too bad she doesn’t work in a massage parlor!
      She would push others in front of her to save her lost self!

    5. True enough , How stupid and childish do you have to be to work at getting Asian votes with that kind of stunt. More of an insult to the Asian community to take them for being dumb enough to buy into crap like that.


    6. Perfect Wyatt. Sad part is millions of Americans seem to have been eating a mountain of lead paint chips or overdosing on wine and prescription meds to think voting for Kam Kow and Joe Dementia to form Biden Island was a good idea!

    7. Cameltoe or Headboard Harris which ever you prefer will identify with any cause du jour. Playing the victim is very fashionable with the leftist . So standby she may change at any moment.

    8. SEX ME TO THE TOP ON TOP OF WILLIE BROWN the ho GIGGLES HARRIS is NOT black or Asian. Her father is privileged British colonial Jamaican and her mother is privileged British colonial East Indian. Her own father calls her a FRAUD. She curses “white” but marries a wealthy white privilege dude. It must be pure hell with all that domestic white supremacy!


      1. When Biden is gone she will magically trans-race to white, and claim she was born in NYC, and that real farther name is Cuomo.

    10. Now now….
      At least crap has a useful purpose as FERTILIZER!! Right?
      To th evbes of my knowledge the only purpose Kamala the Ho has ever had is to incite trouble!? Right?

  2. the media democrats etc responsible for inciting & causing all this hate & discontent. People need to wakeup & look for the truthful facts before they start rioting carrying signs t

  3. Knee Pads Carmela Harris was born Asian-American . Nothing more or Nothing less.
    She’s also an Habitual LIAR and a FRAUD. Her own Parents have Called her Out On This
    Five or Six Times. U can’t not Believe anything she says. U can find out her Fraud Line with Willy Brown Ex-Govenor (CA-D).

  4. Let ask Willie Brown which race she use to get her dirty knee cap! I got five dollars bet she said she was white! This woman is another Hillary Clinton mixed up with Nancy Pelosi. Can’t even speak the truth! But always using the RACE CARD!

  5. At least this time she’s closer to what she is. India is part of Asia. Now if she’ll tell everyone what she really is. A low down snake.

    1. Please allow me to “Parse” this like Bill Clinton would do to our language during the 90’s.

      India is located in the region that most recognize as “Middle” Asia, which is NOT the Far East nor is it the Orient. Let’s separate the Orientals from the Asians. It is NOT really fair to “Paste” any Oriental person as an Asian and then imply they are all Ho’s.

      The real mistresses from the region of India would be called BiBi’s and the home behind the English Master’s house would be known as the Gar so the BiBi Gar began back during the old Colonial days of the British occupation of India, (Shimla – city of Indian Summers).

  6. These people are such drama queens !!! They need to give out awards for the biggest drama queens and kings for the dumbacrat party!!!! Their are not happy unless they’re saying something so ignorant!!

  7. I believe that if one parent is AFRICAN and one parent is AMERICAN, that would make them AFRICAN-AMERICAN. If BOTH PARENTS BLACK and born in AMERICA, than they are AMERICAN OF AFRICAN DECENT and nothing else. This is pure “RACISM” at it’s best. I am tired of this BS.

  8. Get your facts right:
    Kabbala Harris is from Afro-Asia-Caribbean-Immigrant stock with plantation and slave-owner background – and a personal career as “hunting convictions (not truth) DA” if you believe the ‘innocence Project’, with special joy of jailing pot smokers (while smoking it herself)..

  9. What difference does it make whether Harris calls itself “Indian (Asian)” or “Black?” If one can change one’s sex by declaration, why not race or ethnic identity? I think I’ll choose Martian, or maybe “Lunarian.” No, I wanna be a Jovian Neptunian.

  10. Of course she changed. FBI stats say her BLACKNESS ARE THE NUMBER ONE GROUP THAT COMMITS VIOLENT ACTS AGAINST ASIANS… so her blackness is now the most violent race in AMERICA… she can’t run for re election being a Violant black women!!

  11. What an ignorant lefty ho she is. The demorats are jokes and wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them square in the a%$. Everyday we just wait to see what lies they tell now.

  12. So we just change our race like people can change their sex I have news God created us male and female and what ever race we were born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This democratic congress . president an Vice President wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face. They ALL LIE I’m not saying republicans don’t lie cause they do to. But two months of this bunch in charge has racked up so many lies. If lies were a pile of shit . They would never find their way thru it. And that’s just two months into this disaster

  14. They may be illegitimate election-stealers propped up by bayonets, but Xiden and Kammie the Commie have some remarkable skills. The Dotard raised hundreds of thousands from the dead on November 3, 2020, and is clearly in a class with the most sainted of saints in that regard. Animals of various kinds can change their colors and markings, we are told that anybody can change their gender but it is a remarkable achievement to change your race and even more to change it back again (Asian to black and now back to Asian), and to know just when it is politically advantageous to do so. The round-heeled mongrel is descended from the owner of several hundred slaves in Jamaica, but by the time she and her handlers are done, she aims to have 300 million slaves in the American Peoples Republic. Down with the dictatorship! Biden (and the harridan) delenda est!

  15. How can anyone say what they are when they, themselves, don’t know?
    Like the other I heard Joe Biden call her ‘president’, and there was no comment from her.
    This whole executive branch leaves me in doubt!

  16. I know it will have no effect on the final outcome of the presidential election, but I just feel much better writing in “TRUMP” than I would just Xing the names on the ballot! It’s my ballot and I can very well do what I want to do with it.

  17. So, to be correct, I’m European-American. Don’t call me white or caucasian. And don’t accuse me of “white supremacy”. I just told you I’m not white, I’m European-American.

  18. I though we were not to bring racism into everything ,but the democrats do it all the time,they want to keep things Stired up,like the border mess,using the pandemic,the disorder in democrat city’s,keep blaming Trump in the news and using it for political gain,but it’s going to backfire on them.People are onto their trick and there lies.Get out and vote for republicans.

  19. WELL – There is One Race Group That She Keeps Forgetting About, which is the ONE That She Belongs – To Her Race Is: “ID _ _ T”..!!! What a Pathetic V.P. or Virtual Prune. She doesn’t even know – what she is, but Most of Americas do. A Worthless, Waste of Space.! Biden’s – Black, Asian, Indian, whatever Puppet.! The Democratic Party is So Pathetic – And She even made a comment that they – the D_ _ b Democrats don’t even know where they are going next with their Meaningless Agenda for America.? We surely are in for a Miserable Time with those that are in the White House – Now.! ANYONE GOING TO PUT A STOP TO THE DEMOCRATIC RAMPAGE OF GOVERNMENT.? Heck, Our Military Leaders have become Worthless and that is Really Sad. Was Hoping that they would Step Up to the Plate and Hit a Home Run by Taking Over and Getting a NEW START – with Reliable, Honest, Trustworthy, Respectful, & Plain Common Sensed People.! Fat Chance.!

  20. All you guys are great! That was the biggest chuckle I’ve gotten since the democrats all got into office.It’s better than crying .

    1. You are Soooo sick in the head. Wait till they come for you, then we will see some real crying and whining!!!

    2. I’m chuckling about some of the names that you came up for Harris.I’m worried about this country.I’m 65 and I’ve never seen it so bad.Back in my high school years,we all got along no matter the color or ethnic group.Heck,I’m 1/2 Estonian ,look that up.The Russians took that country over when my mother lived there (as a little girl).But they escaped to America,were given $50 and put on a train to Ohio to work on an onion farm.Anything to get away from Socialism/ Communism.

  21. Kamala Harris’s father was a professor at Stanford that came from Jamaica. Her mother was a medical doctor that came from India. She is an American woman of Jamaican/India descent. She grew up in a wealthy household.
    She used her bottom to get to the top. Period.
    She was NOT bussed to school as there was not bussing in the wealthy neighborhood where she was school.
    But where does she get the embarrassing stupid laugh every time she is asked a serious question?

    1. She grew up in Canada, where her mother took her and her younger sister Maya to live after her parents divorced when Kamala was about 7 or 8 years old. She only came back to the States when she was ready to go to college. Her parents were not U.S. citizens when Kamala was born in Oakland, CA in 1964. They were still foreign nationals, not citizens, so Kamala is a “citizen” because of her birth in the U.S., but she is not the constitutionally required “natural born citizen” to be vice president or president.
      Obama was never eligible for his “stint in the WH”, simply because his Kenyan, British subject father was not a citizen. He “got away with it” because even the SCOTUS didn’t want to open that can of worms. It would have made Ferguson, MO look like a Sunday picnic.

  22. I wonder if her Asian choice is a way for her to acknowledge that her puppet masters are Chinese Asians?

  23. All American flags should fly at half-mast until Trump is President again. Without Trump,or someone like him,this country is already dead.

    1. All flags should be flown upside down .It is a sign of DISTRESS and it is LEGAL they should be flown this way till we get rid of this RADICAL and TREASONOUS GOVERNMENT and we should do it soon before our country is ruined

  24. Kamela Harris don’t only know who she is or what she is or where she is. Her total life has been out in “la-la land”. It depends on what day of the week who she might be screwing that day for her to possibly find out her whereabouts or who she is with. She like her good friend Palosi are two of kind, two of the most Wicked Witches that ever flew on a broom. Sad part is one day we are going to be faced with her at the big desk. Then she will really try to find out who she can screw first. What a shame our Country is so stupid to let these kind of people run our Great Country. Don’t think other countries are just sitting back laughing at us like crazy. God forbid the first crisis we have and this Ugly witch has to make a decision. If she don’t know who she is now, how in the world is she going to lead our Country into a crisis GOD HELP US MORE THAN EVER!!!!!!!

    1. Guess what? Harris is heading for the Presidency according to the morning news.They all knew Biden couldn’t handle the job way beforehand and set him up.I voted for Trump by the way .

  25. What happened to Indian American????? That’s what you said years ago. Coming from a Jamacian father and an indian mother. Not sure that would be considered black or asian. What the hell are you anyway? You don’t want to know what I think you are. Not my VP for sure. Give Willy a call maybe he can make time for you again. HO

  26. Unsurprising…. Democrats will say/do ANYTHING if it’s politically expedient. kamala is definitelya prime example.

  27. Doesn’t matter what race she is or isn’t. She is still a cackling hyena that ma!ex me want to vomit!

  28. The whole democratic party is all un-American politician’s who don’t give a shit about any of you ! There looking for votes in minorities , someone who believes they’ll help . Laughable right ! There hurting Americans , not helping . Everything that was working they dismantling . Childish of course . It’s what the Bible says , in the end times your government officials will act like children . Boom there it is .

  29. can we stop all the whatever – American titles WE ARE AMERICANS we don’t need split nationality titles

  30. If Kamala now claims to be an Asian prostitute maybe we could get her to pay for her college when she claimed she was a Black prostitute.

  31. Harlot-HO Harris. Her Knees & Elbows are worn out, her lips are cracked. The crap that comes out of her mouth is Raw sewage. Even Willy is embarrassed.

  32. It is very simple: SHE is a world-wide notorious “HO”, and back history, if it hasn’t been already removed will prove this and how she “MOVED” or “WIGGLED” her way to the top(?).
    Why should anything this person(?) says be believed, she changes her spots like a chameleon changes color to fit the background or scenario. She is proving to be a blatant liar
    to deceive the people of the U.S.


    WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?

    I urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.


    Can you continue to tolerate gasoline prices, product prices all going up, the WH being run by Harris, Pelosi and Schumer? Literally destroying our country, allowing thousands upon thousands of illegals into our country bringing in God knows what diseases?

    Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

  34. The CHAMELEON VP , Jamaican , Indian ( not native ) , Black , then Asian ( because of the shooting ) . I wonder , now that a police officer was one of the people killed in the latest shooting ….will she now identify as a police-person ? Probably one of the under cover kind .

  35. Kabbala identifies with Asians?
    Des she also identify with the Orlando shooter
    (he was Asian and killed many more than the Atlanta sex freak)

  36. Its a pity she cant identify as an American who given the opportunity would strive to make this country prosperous, secure and great. She as with ALL democrats are liars, deceivers, power hungry, control minded and freedom hating. Sooner people see that sooner we will be able to function. Till then do all you can to elect those that appreciate this country for what it is and will do all they can to defend it and support it.

  37. That ignorant witch doesn’t have a clue about anything. She only knows lies, cackling and being a ho. Counting the months till she and demented old man are replaced. Hopefully they take schumer, piglosi, schitty, nadler, swallwell with them.
    We are about to witness another civil war to save this great country.

  38. Asian, I thought she was a poor little black girl on the back of the bus in California!! Then Obama was from Africa then Hawaii, then California! Biden was from Scranton Pa. then North East! Hell who knows and who really cares when these and we KNOW this, they are a bunch of lying Socialist who need to be removed and sent to where ever they call home! We do know this for sure that Biden took his wife from a Marriage and Harris screwed her way up the Political ladder starting with the mayor of San Francisco and “she is PROUD of it” !! We know we have a bunch of dope smoking , sexual deviates, socialist, lying, racist, who do not believe in boarders, America First, 2nd Amendment, fair elections, God, Family! Anyone who voted for these idiots are not Patriot Americans!!! signed: It is coming ,1 of 74,000,000 PLUS American Patriots who are going to straighten this out this year ,one wayor “THE OTHER”

  39. Its a matter of time when she is a different race for each day of the week,they’re all sick in the head from the top on down

  40. Is Harris even a Natural born American? We need to know because if not she should not be allowed to be the VP. Who cares what her race is? She is not good for America and that is all we need to know.

  41. Air Force One takes a wrong turn. They were over Beijing when the engines quit, Biden ask the pilot what was wrong the pilot said we are out of gas. So Joe being the man of action that he is, he bailed out, he could be heard saying WHOOOA! I forgot my chuuuuuuute………….splat. Harris who happened to be on the same flight jumped too, but she got her chute on, when she tried to open it she kept pulling the wrong chord. She was pulling the chord for her kotex, needless to say that turned out to be a bloody mess. The pilot remembered to switch to the reserve tanks, and flew off into the sunset. This pilot will be remembered as a national hero.

  42. Pelosi said the border is under control. Well! from what I see she is right, the border is under control of the Cartels, who are making all kinds of money off of drugs, and humane trafficking’s, while the democrats are making money off of the American taxpayer who are paying for everything. Doesn’t it feel so good to be so generous, and so wanted, right when you are broke, and the DNC wont let you go to work. Just remember all you Democrat taxpayers this is your money too.

  43. It is all about keeping you in jail! So, to speak They can’t put everyone in jail so they are doing the next best thing, they are putting you under house arrest ( they call this a lock down because they can’t legally put you under house arrest ). This way they don’t have to say martial law, which would be illegal. They want to keep you from working or making money, because they want you totally dependent on the state, so that you will vote to become a socialist slave. I keep trying to tell people this, but they don’t seem to get it, so I don’t know why I waste my time. Keep following the science, not Dr. Fauci, it will get you there. The science says that you are 80% more likely to get covid 19 in your home, than anywhere else. So, if you want to get it stay home. Get it.

  44. Just a thought about covid: Another thing that I have noticed, which seems kind of weird, but just popped into my head one day. It seems kind of funny when I think about it, but did you ever count the number of hearses on the road. If as many people were dying as they claim, where are all the bodies, where are all of hearses????

  45. Rep. Ilhan Omar calls out Biden, Dems over stimulus: We’re ‘sending money to fewer people’ than Trump. Ilhan is right, Trump gave people far more money than all the Democrats combined. And he did so in a unique way. He did something that the Democrats would consider immoral. HE GAVE PEOPLE SOMETHING UNIMAGIBLE . He gave them REAL JOBS .

  46. The Democrats want to push gun control, did anyone ever notice that every time the Democrats start to push for control, that the incidents of gun valence increases, I wonder what that is about. It must be another one of those strange phenomena things that happen when ever a Democrat opens its mouth.

  47. I am so disappointed in what is happening to our country. Patriots fought and died to make freedom available to benefit all our citizens and lift our country out of its present race to destruction. Our worst problem is not lack of money–it’s our lack of morality. Some of the least law abiding people in our country are elected officials, and we allow them to continue to destroy our foundational values by voting them back into office again and again.

  48. In fact, you can magically change not only your gender, but also your race when it suits you. Not only did Pacahontes-Warren do this, but Kamala Harris did so. She was introduced to the American people as the first African American Woman to become America’s vice president. So who you really are and what are you hiding from America, cunning, deceitful Kamala Harris?

  49. Woke has no rules, except do whatever you feel like doing so long as it is woke. The Constitution means nothing. Woke is a joke, except that it is very dangerous to the United States.

  50. What else can we expect from this hoe from Cali.? She changes her race like hot water turns cold. And those who voted for Biden/Harris should expect nothing less, She is a CANCER to this country, who couldn’t even make 1% in the process for candidacy for her presidential run. The Democrats are only for power and they will change their stripes to spots when it deems necessary to fool the public.
    One is a liar and the other is feeble. Take your choice America, this is what we are stuck with.

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