The Infuriating Double Standards Against Donald Trump Supporters

We probably shouldn’t be surprised that the toxic scorched-earth politics of the Obama administration are once again at work in America. Still, it’s maddening after four years of freedom, peace and prosperity to suddenly see the government once again applying the iron fist of hypocritical injustice against normal people. This isn’t going to end well. The government has been traipsing across the country and arresting everyday Americans who participated in last week’s Capitol protests.

The political party that has spent years torching America’s institutions is now claiming that the mostly peaceful breaching of the Capitol, in which the Senators and Representatives were briefly disturbed from their work for a few hours, is the worst thing that’s ever happened. “An unprecedented attack on our democracy” is what they repeatedly call it.

Really? Unprecedented? Never happened before?

I’m old enough to remember when hundreds of Kavanaugh rape truthers invaded and occupied the US Senate a few years ago. Those protesters sought to interrupt the confirmation vote of Brett Kavanaugh. They shut down the Senate for several hours, and they had hoped that their “occupation” and shutdown would be permanent, or at least long enough to convince the Republican Senators to not confirm Kavanaugh. That protest was hailed as “proof that democracy is working” by the media.

More than 300 Kavanaugh rape truthers were arrested for trespassing in the Senate that day, only to have the charges against them dropped later by federal prosecutors. Do you think that will happen to the Trump supporters who are being black-bagged and flown to Guantanamo this week? Asking for a friend.


Likewise, hundreds of Democrats were arrested at Donald Trump’s inauguration in January of 2017. They shut down streets in DC, burned cars and made general nuisances of themselves. A months-long coordinated effort then kicked into high gear to ensure that none of the Democrats who participated in the inauguration riots would actually be prosecuted. Hollywood paid their bail. Hillary Clinton and others set up a legal defense fund for the rioters. Not that it was needed. Many attorneys worked pro bono to ensure, in the end, that all of the charges against every single rioter were dropped in the end.

The same has been true all summer long of Black Lives Matter riots and the Antifa guerrilla warfare actions. Arrested and released 12 hours later without charges. We saw it happen again and again and again. The people being arrested were the scummiest sorts of criminals, too. You wouldn’t want any of them to babysit your kids, at any rate. But they were repeatedly handled with the velvety soft gloves of hypocrisy, every single time.

Not so for Donald Trump’s supporters. They are branded as “domestic terrorists.” Just who are these domestic terrorists who are being rounded up? One of the first arrested was a Republican state representative from West Virginia. Another was the CEO of a digital marketing firm in Boise.

In other words, most of the people being rounded up right now are normal, everyday people. They’re not career criminals, serial rapists or meth addicts like the “protesters” who have been wrecking American cities all year long. They’re our friends and neighbors. And since the left has captured every cultural institution in the US by now, no one is coming to the aid of people who are being arrested. There won’t be any pro bono attorneys stepping up to defend our friends and neighbors as they are charged and tried as terrorists. None of the charges are going to be dropped, either.

Welcome to the healing and unity of the Biden administration – where peaceful protesting is now considered an act of terrorism, worthy of a life sentence in a military prison.

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168 thoughts on “The Infuriating Double Standards Against Donald Trump Supporters”

  1. trump has become a live murdered person a fallen President a first in all things he did for us a loss of a true winner forever lost to WE The PEOPLE AMERICANS WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND AGAIN to late to restore his our future we would have enjoyed with 4 MORE YEARS trump 2024

      1. It is ok to rape pillage and burn down buildings kill people lute if you are Antifa because you are funded and protected by the democratic members of the House of Representatives with Pelosi as your director she is the reserection of senator robert bird creator and director of the ku klex klan which is antifa today and now we can emprison people for being a public health threat without scientific testing and held in place as medical Guenny pigs

          1. As a Vietnam Vet, and past golf pro, I totally agree with Dustin as he is a true Patriot with a great attitude and personallity.

          2. I DO have faith but when I read articles like this one, and others, that show their HATE against America, it gets harder and harder!!!! There is NO doubt that there is and has been a serious illegal agenda against President Trump, the Republican politicians and the All True American People!!!!! God HELP, us…. PLEASE????!!!!

          3. Yes, ultimately, God is in control. However, Satan rules and reigns over the earth, and it is God’s people who need to step up and do what needs to be done to stop the enemy. We cannot just sit back and say, “God’s in control. He’s got this.” He gave us a brain, we have discernment through the Holy Spirit, we have protection from His angels and we need to act. Not with violence but with the power we are given through the authority of Jesus. Remember, Satan has no power over God’s people, he is under our feet. We need to remind him of that and crush him. Ultimately God is in control and will call all believers home, but that doesn’t mean we just lay down our weapons (spiritual and physical) and say, “I’ll just sit here and wait for God to do something.”

          4. Well, it would be interesting to know God’s reason for all this. Anyone got any suggestions? What excuse could there be for such injustice?
            Have you noticed how every single thing has gone in Democrats favour?

          5. Dustin – yes HE is in control and HE uses all things for HIS glory. However, that does not mean everything will be fine for us. I believe God has pulled away His hand of protection due to the actions of many, pushing for abortion, infanticide, same sex marriage, pro transgender policies, etc.
            Maybe the dire situation we’re in will drive many back to their knees in prayer and seeking after the True and Living God. Remember, God promised that if a nation’s people would turn to Him, He would heel their land. Until then, God’s punishment is to leave us to our own desires; we are getting exactly what this nation has been pushing for. We must preach to those who need to hear the truth instead of allowing them to buy into this “woke” and “social justice” crap!!

          6. The Scriptures is God’s Word. Lest we forget Revelations. I’m an American and served this country. What I’m about to say may upset you but read and pray to God for wisdom. The great whore of Babylon is the USA! The visions John saw are America’s destruction. We are evil and “WE THE PEOPLE ALLOWED ALL THIS BY OUR COMPLACENCY…

        1. Dream on, If we don’t band together and do something NOW! they
          will take us out one by one! God helps those that HELP THEMSELVES!

          1. There is still 4 days left. Why do you think there are 25,000 Guardsmen surrounding DC/ Why has a wall been built surrounding the Capital Building?
            Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act, have the Military Arrest Biden and all of the criminal communist coup participants.
            Why do you think Trump and Milania aren’t going to the Inauguration? Because while Biden is being arrested Trump will be sworn in.
            The wall and Guardsmen are their to make sure they don’t get out and to arrest them.
            Do you think Trump would give the Country to Communists?

          2. Believers are God’s soldiers we obey His Divine orders.If God says go we go if God says wait we wait on Him
            Remember how King Solomon defeated his enemies.

          3. This is not Biblical! God is close to the broken hearted! We need to double down in our dependence upon the Lord and not upon ourselves! This world is going to get worse for everyone and the evil will prevail for a long time! Read the Bible and understand that we are here as a light in a “dark” world! Christ is with us though and we can stand firm against the enemy! We must stand together though and love and pray for our enemies as well! We can’t let hate overtake us! Then we are no better then they are!

          1. We can only hope and pray that you’re right!!!! GOD I HOPE SO!!!!! Otherwise I Will renounce my American Citizenship and I GUARANTEE that that government WILL NOT be getting the $2,495 that they say that I have to pay in order to do so!!!!! AND unlike all those celebrities that lied, I WILL DO THIS, as GOD is my witness!!!!!

        2. We must all unite and stand up for truth. Or, we will become a third world country. Trump was cheated,and we the people have rights,we pay the salaries of all the Congress. They should not get away with the steal. God bless president trump. And God bless America. No violence is needed. Just stand up for truth

          1. If you really want to do something, VOTE in the 2022 elections for a REPUBLICAN. This is the only way we’ll ever get our country back and keep pushing for a full accounting of the 2020 election. We want to see PROOF what really happened and how Biden got so many votes and Trump got so few.

          2. Don’t go to work don’t pay taxes and see how long they survive? They want to shut down the country do it before they can. stock up as much as you can and just wait and see how soon they try to open up the country just don’t let them. We are still their bosses and it is time that we let them know it. They are trying to rule us with an iron fist (China) and to many don’t realize just how bad this is going to get.

        3. Thank you! I pray you are right and America will come to order again. If restoration can be achieved, President Trump is the man who can do it. I believe he is God’s gift to America to restore our nation.

          1. I amen ? we had the election stolen and we need to pray for God to help us now that sleepy Joe Biden is in control for a little while then ms. Harris will take charge. Hang in there until 2024 then President Trump will be back to work for making AM great again just like he did for 3 years

          1. Edna, you’re right, impeachment means Trump couldn’t run for office again and the Dems know this and this is what they want. We have to keep looking ahead and not allow the Dems to stomp out our party. I’m a voter who like so many believe my vote didn’t count because of a failed system and I don’t want to see the investigation stopped or dismissed until we all know just what happened in the election.

      2. God will save all who believe….
        Everyday my anger builds with OUR CONGRESS. THE CONGRESS WE PAY TO SERVE!
        We must slow down, and not just open your big mouth for the sake of hearing yourself talk.
        Our Country is headed for trouble, be careful for what you wish for!

        1. BUZZ ,
          God is here with us , he knows our hearts, he’s watching what is happening .
          NEVER under estimate the POWER of Prayer , You watch and see .
          Trump has A plan , and God is part of it .

      3. Millions of true patriots should descend upon Washington DC for the inauguration of his fradulance, joe Biden, and when he takes the stage they should make a about face and literally turn their backs on him. This must be a peaceful protest of the fraud perpetrated on this great country.

    1. Do not give up. That’s what they want. To defeat 80 million Americans who believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is a spiritual war. Evils of Satan have no bounds but the wrath of the Lord is ALMIGHTY! Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding!! Change NEVER comes through comfort. We are the light that ignites the darkness. Hold tight to faith and hope in the name of the Father!! He is with us and this is His plan in His timing. There are things happening right now that are unseen but truth will be witnessed by the world at the perfect moment. Trust the plan and have patience. Peace and love xoxo

    2. HOW do they know they are “Trump Supporters” until properly processed and identified?
      Is this another FAKE ‘conservative’ site?

      1. If you mean the Capitol Building, that was the deep state’s exercise done by antifa and blm oh add MSM (someone had to tell antifa which windows to break and where to go). Any patriot knows who it really was. No I think this site is okay, I just left another that wasn’t, it was definitely a phony conservative site. There are videos of the thing and they say Trump supporters because they wore red hats? I didn’t even wear a hat. And ANYBODY can wear red hat.

    3. ROCK ON RICHARD. 11.5 yr NAVY VET will fight for him till I’M dead. Never a republican again – they are betrayers to the CONSERVATIVE !

    4. Hate to break your heart but Trump will be our president 4 more years and I’m HAPPY! Get over yourself enjoy life

      1. I PRAY you are right Kimberly. Trump was/is the best president we’ve every had..EVER!!!
        I can’t believe that the state won’t accept the truth….that the ballots were rigged!!!, stolen, etc.

  2. What. Pelosie and shumer. Have done and are. Doing will. Come Back to bite them. I hope Biden. Maxine. Booker. Harris. alll get impeached. For their Hipocritical. Push for violence. To our country. Come on. Congress. Get some balls

    1. I agree.
      Sad day in history that the demoshits can say say something horrible about Trump but if we the American people said it we would be in jail. Sad to see 2sets of rules.
      I hope vp Pence sticks by Trump

        1. The Catholic Pence and SCOTUS judges have a tendency to side with Catholics Hitler and Jomentia Bribery/KamalToe/Pelosi… was a big mistake adding more Catholics…

      1. I wondered about that as Pence kind of went to the other side there for awhile. I like him and hope he sticks by President Trump.

      1. Save the bullets which creates sound and environmental pollutions. Been executed by hanging is the “green thing “ to do.
        And better yet ropes are recyclable and cheaper and environmentally friendly.

  3. The FBI is owed by the Democrats and Deep State! Their activities and lack of action against antifa and BLM prove demonstrate how corrupt and act against the President and all conservatives!!

  4. Maybe this is what this nation needed was 4 years of these stupid Idots to wake them up and see how good president Trump was. Its just terrible what Peolosi is doing to him. When she falls down I hope she falls hard.

    1. Donald I agree nancy is the real enemy of America, and the day that happens should be declared a National Holiday

    2. I agree Nancy should be let go. She is too old and mean to be speaker of the house. She is more like sleepy Joe. Her mind is going and all she can think about is getting President Trump out of office. Now will she try to get sleepy joe out. ? what will she do now?

  5. Where is the Supreme Court? Who is the defender of the executive branch of Government when an event of this magnitude occurs?

    1. Yes. Where is our supreme court?
      Afraid antifa knows where they live.
      Knows deep state will provide all the
      Information. This entire country being
      Held hostage…..we voted Trump.
      They rigged it for dirty joe-k.
      He was bragging about the voter fraud his party
      Had built up to steal the election. That was
      His last public appearance. His rallies
      Became private…..nobody went to
      Them anyway.

      1. The deep state is much deeper and wider than President TRUMP ever expected !!
        It has even reached to the chef justice , John Roberts !
        Sad but true .

    2. If they are not showing there face they are either cowardly (u know like biden hiding in his basement) or part of the left.

      1. I keep WAITING for the government to get little Biden for being a “turncoat” and making deals. BUT, look at the money he got from OUR government and also China for the cheating he did. Daddy Biden made sure he got the support he needed!

  6. Interesting.
    Antifa were there before the Trump supporters were even there. Antifa broke the windows! Sullivan, their leader told the Capitol police to stand down!
    And they did! Sorta like this was arranged ahead of time, huh?
    Yet only one person so far has been arrested and found guilty of election fraud when there are so many. She got 20 years in Federal prison. So, where are the rest of the hundreds of those also guilty? Protected??

  7. Good Morning does anyone know the constitution says well it is We The People not swamp rats so if you want change it’s up to us we the people now is the time our President Donald J Trump finally opened up some of the people eyes ??not all but as soon biden starts raising taxes opening up the country and giving the tax payers money ???away then just maybe we could start changing thing’s like getting these so called politicians out of office

    1. Biden just stated he was giving TRILLIONS to support the illegals coming in. Remember, President Trump STOPPED that.

  8. President Trump has exposed the Treasonus democrats and Backstabbing republicans for all to see. Basement biden and over 90% of media are anti-USA. Seems like the Supreme Court just doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers, whatever.

    1. Just hope that President Trump declassifies everything so that we the people can learn what has really been going on

      1. He did just de-classify “some” things, but it’s probably “a day late and a dollar short” as the saying goes. Why did he wait so long? Why did he not fire Wray and all the co-conspirators? Why did he appoint the traitor Barr as AG, and not someone who would fight for America? He’s the greatest patriot President we’ve ever had (along with President Reagan), but he wasn’t a very good judge of character (IMO). He trusted too many of the liars and RINO’s. Why does he not pardon Snowden, et al, and every soldier who has been wrongly convicted of practicing their religion (the chaplains that Obama kicked out of the military)? Why, Why, Why? So many questions …

  9. Romans 12:19, He’s still on the throne!!!!

    This is America!!! 75 million voters know it! We must stay the course. Evil has to be exposed but not violently!!

    Now the country knows how deep the deep state is and they will do anything to crush a man who led and actually healed this country!

    It’s our job to make sure that we prevail in 2022 and 2024 and we must start today at our state levels.

    Let’s get to work! We love our President Trump he’s not abandoning us let us not abandon him!!!

    1. Janet, you are correct. It is up to us, the American people to let our voices be heard when we vote. Take all the Democrats out of office, in every part of government, starting at the county level and upwards.
      I do not accept Biden as president.

    2. Thanks, Janet. We will work at the state level; we will prevail. Biden will be exposed as an illegitimate pretender. Donald Trump is the Constitutionally-elected POTUS!

    3. Silly girl, Janet…..the majority of American’s voted for President Trump and the election was stolen! The Lying Communist Demoncrats (LCD’s) just perfected the errors they made in trying to steal the election for Clinton, and enacted them in the November 2020 election, and Soros bought a few more judges, so they were successful. The overwhelming evidence is there for anyone to see in the swing states that the Dominion voting machines were rigged, (even the Dominion executives admitted it) dead and underaged voters in GA (and elsewhere)….no doubt whatsoever…..yet the lies and theft was overlooked. I know God is in charge, but I suspect God has been pushed out of the picture …. His patience does not last forever; just read Biblical history….in many past incidences He has destroyed the nations that turned their backs on Him, and this just may be America’s time.

  10. It is not too late for President Trump to declare martial law, root out all the evil in society, starting with Soros, Gates, Dorsey, Zucker, the Clinton, Obama and Biden crime families, Pelosi ,Schumer, China spy stud and the rest of the scum. Soros financed Antifa and BLM to wreck the cities and when they were unlucky to be picked up by the police, Harris arranged the bail for them, little did they know that her ancestor was a slave trader from Europe to Jamaica.

    1. I blame Trump he could have and should have stopped this travesty of justice charging all those members of the U.S.C.P. both politicians and magistrates alike for their obvious criminal and treasonous acts , 2018 elections stolen by the loyal marionette politicians for the Globalists, 2020 elections stolen and to be controlled by the loyal marionette politicians for Globalists for eternity because only a Progressive would entertain any notion that 99.9% of the people of this nation will not be enslaved.

      1. Exactly! Trump continues to try to fight a WAR as
        if it’s a legal battle, and to play by the rules
        against an enemy that ignores them.

        1. And after all the country went through along with President Trump, with the shameless investigation and accusations of “ Russia collusion “( with 0 evidence), then the impeachment for no reason, the name calling ( Hitler, Nazi, imbecile, traitor, racist, ) plus the real inciting to violence from the left ( Maxine Waters, Madonna, Hillary Clinton,
          De Niro, most of the Hollywood crowd , with the
          decapited head of the President, and so on ) , after we went through a whole summer of rioting, looting, burning businesses down, killing our police people, and any of the peaceful demonstrators in their way) now, after the socialists cheated and stole the election and then planning the violence that happened at the Capitol, now, we hear Pence saying that it’s “ time to heal “????
          That’s unbelievable!!!!!
          And lots of other RINOs also blaming Trump for something he never did ( HE WAS NOT INCITED
          VIOLENCE , never, ever, let’s be clear )!!!!!!!!
          Now, we need to unite, and help corrupt Biden and the rest of them implementing their marxists agenda ?????
          We must be out of our mind !!!!!!

  11. The Democrats and RHINOS that TURNED on OUR PRESIDENT will NOT have much success in the future! OVER 75 MILLION of US voted FOR President Trump and will NOT shut up and go away! McConnell, Cheney, Romney, Murkowski, etc., your futures will NOT be successful. You are TRAITORS to our Party and OUR President. We will NOT forget, COUNT ON THAT!!!
    NO VIOLENCE IS ACCEPTABLE!!! We are NOT like the DEMS who encouraged violence and even PAID TO BAIL THOSE RIOTERS/LOOTERS who DESTROYED LIVES AND BUSINESSES, also killed 47 people! NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

    1. Amen. Ms. Harris is evil ???? and she will probably be our President when they pull the 25th on Biden because of his mind that has gone. Just listen to him try to put a whole sentence together. Sad, but he is fun to watch and listen to. Why do you think Biden chose Harris as his VP? He didn’t but the Democratic Party did!!! God help us!!! We are in for a wild ride for 2021-2024. Hang in there folks and keep the faith

      1. You will be happy to know that Kamala having been raised during her most formative years in a Socialist Country. After her Mom’s divorce from her Father. Mom took the 2 girls to Canada.. Kamal then at college age came back to the USA and with Affirmative Action paying her way through college and LAW SCHOOL she became an Attorney. The rest is history. She is a Communist as are so many in Congress and the Senate.. Her Father was a Professor and her Mother was a Doctor. So, why should she have been educated by the taxpayers in the USA as well?. It seems that she has been supported by Government most of her life as her work in San Francisco was in State Government then 2 years in the Senate. Her Father. taught the course at Stanford of Marxism and Communist. Joe’s pick for Transportation Secy. Pete Buttigig is so well suited for that job. He has a degree in Literature from Harvard. His Father who came the the USA from Malta as an immigrant worked his way through school and taught at Notre dame as a professor also.. He also taught the course Marxism and Communism. Now do you understand what is happening to our children?

        1. I agree with you of Miss Priss moving up to be President. BUT….that’s was the plan in the beginning. Get the democrats in power. I dislike her more than I do Biden as she believe in full term abortions, even after the baby is born and breathing. It just makes me so sick that so many people in the world thinks that’s ok. And how many people would adopt those babies…but they charge $10 to 23,000 for adoption. STUPID!!!!

  12. President Trump did not put up with 4 years of hateful, irrational attacks from the Left to walk away now, especially with TONS of EVIDENCE proving voter fraud and treason by so many politicians and others who are a disgrace to this country. Trump has a plan. I don’t know what it is but he needs us to remain strong and courageous alongside him and behind him. And We, the People, MUST STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS!!

  13. The DOJ/FBI is still nothing more than a bunch of criminals, why has not Trump done anything to stop the mockery of justice, do they have any credible evidence that those Trump supporters committed any of the vandalism they are being accused of.
    No talk of the Antifa infiltrators verified by a former FBI agent 1 of the few law abiding ones they have had in decades.

  14. The more God is rejected from a family, community, …. state of nation, the less likely it is for any person to enjoy a life in an environment surrounded by love, joy. peace, kindness, goodness faithfulness, gentleness and people with self-control.
    Democrats have booed God out of their party and DNC in 20012 abd 2016 and their was to reason to consider that in 2020 because you can’t find a practicing Biblical believer among their leaders.
    You will on find those who hate the truths of the Bible.

  15. It’s always easier to arrest and prosecute normal, peaceful people! How many antifa and blm “rioters” did we see jailed?

    1. Antifa, BLM will never ever get prosecuted because they are the “ army of the left” … ( Obama promised that on one of his speeches ) … this is it !

      All that matters to them is power and control because this is how socialism/ communism operates .
      They know they could never convince the people to accept their agenda so they must lie, cheat, steal, destroy lives, put us in “ re-education camp”, start some” cleansing” etc …
      So, it’s time to start “ the healing”, this is what our
      RINO representatives said !

    2. YES, like the couple that had the guns. The jerks busted down their rot-iron gate, came into their private property and started “choosing bedroom they would take”. AND WHAT HAPPENED? The couple’s guns were taken and they were put in jail. President Trump told the to “release them”. I don’t know what happened after that but….it’s a shame that the BLM’s got by with stealing, damages, etc. and NOTHING happened to them…no jail or even picked up.

  16. Nancy Pelosi is a very evil person. She is so hell bent on him losing his ability to to run again as well as any pension and most importantly his secret service protection. She knows with that happening he will end up a dead man. It very obvious that there will be an assassination. This is what this women who claims to be so holy and religious prays for. She may very well be the devil!

    1. You are absolutely right! The entire ‘vote’ was a farce because no matter what the people want (Trump), the dirty lying liberal left was going to take control anyway. They don’t care about this country or the future of our children, because to them, it’s all about gaining control of the people. They couldn’t do it legally so they cheated and stole their way in. And the brainless sheep who believed their lies are going to pay the price just like everyone else. The leftist elite’s philosophy is ‘rules for thee, but not for me’.

    2. Pelosi and the rest of those liars sold themselves to the devil long ago. They may reap their reward on earth but have also guaranteed themselves a place in hell. Shame on the lot of them and the evil they have done and continue to do. The blood of innocent babies and people is on their hands. They are nothing but a bunch of maggots.

    3. She –Nancy was raised in a Mafia family. Her Father came from the N.Y. Mafia to become the Mayor of Baltimore. He served 3 terms then her Brother served as mayor of Baltimore. I believe that was about the time the Mafia decided to get into the illicit drug business. Now we know why Baltimore is the way it is today. The democrat Mafia Pelosi’s ruined it. I do not see how she can cut off Trump’s pension and protection and funds for his office… He has never been convicted of any of the lies and falsehoods and rigged up crimes he was accused of. He has been one of the Great Presidents of our History. There are just so many Communists and Marxists in our government that I do wonder if the USA can survive as a unified Republic.

    4. No Richard she is the devil. I am an oldet person 75 yrs. Old & I have never seen such hate thst had been directed to one President in all my years. Nancy Pelosi is the devil in the house & Shumer in the senate. The democrats haven’t changed since the civil war. They want control, killing innocent black people & still doing it. I have family members who are black & they were given more opportunity with President Trump than anyother President. Heck Obama didn’t do anything for the black community but screw them over. He & Hillary had an ambassador & men killed in Bengazi. President Lincoln freed the slaves & the democrats never changed hate is their motto. They are snakes in the grass poison thru & thru. I not saying there aren’t some good ones but they are far & few between. They are trying their best to take down & control the masses no matter who gets in the way. The only way is to vote Republican in 2022 & 2024. Yes there are some Republican that can be changed if they don’t work for the average man like Donald Trump. God is in control.

  17. What the stupid Democrats socialist are over
    Looking is the majority of them are white , are they going to color their face black ? Look at the military a lot of white stupid . Do they think those white men and women are going to take orders from them. . We true Americans under God forever. Amen amen amen amen .women also say amen.

  18. President Trump will be my only President, as for Pelosi she needs to be torture then put in line with Biden, Obamas, harris, Clinton and McConnell, peince, and all that betrayed President Trump… then shot and put it all on tv as it’s being done so people will never betray our country again….

  19. I’ve been saying for over a year that the CCCP owns the Democrat Party. Our establishment Republicans refused to deal with this fact. Now, loyal Americans are being called terrorists, treasonous and seditious by the very people guilty of such actions! They stole an election yet they’re still not happy? Why? Because they’re goal is absolute power and the destruction of any opposition even if it means cancelling 74 million people.

    1. It’s probab more the Chinese running the party behind the scenes. All the politicians and big have been paid off in some fashion to dismantle the US and it’s constitution. We now are seeing the beginning of the take over. Comments have been made to cote for republicans in next cycle. Which to vote for?
      Certainly not the ones that just certified a fraudulent election. You’d better be finding out who those were and get the out of office because the are part of the problem not The solution. While I really don’t stand for violence, what we now see is one side touting just that when it increase their political power. Capital riot was staged by bad actors so republicans would look bad. Not saying republicans weren’t involved but the fervor was ignited by and promoted by radicals and the left all to begin to go down this road we are now on.

  20. I will never vote for a republican again ,i would vote for the devil first before i vote for a RINOI will support the ones that supported my President .And for the rest please don,t asked me for money ,i trow it in the sewer before i give a penny And Tom Cotten what a disappointment you are among so many Rats to sell out my President ,you cowards Pay back is coming !!!!

  21. I remember a reporter interviewing Biden before the election! He asked, How do you feel about the upcoming election? Biden said, “We are going to win, we have a plan”! Now we all know what their plan was? Rigging the election!!!

    1. Vote conservative just not for the traitors that certified a knowingly fraudulent election. A must see is all the recently released declassified documents at . Interesting read without a doubt. Pay special attention to all documents labeled election.

    2. I actually believe he had Freudian slip and stated that he had put together the world greatest fraudulent election team or something along those lines, look it up

  22. I AM a POTUS Trump SUPPORTER . . . LIKE it or NOT, unapologetically! I believe in GOD, GUNS and GUTS and will PRIMARY out ANY and ALL politician that I can, who WON’T stand by the U.S. Constitution. The PEN (not SHARPIE!) is “mightier than the sword”. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.


    1. Biden had his comments correct regarding Goebbels. Dems and MSM spewing the same lies over and over and over for greater than four years until their constituents believe the lies are true. Fascism at it finest. What they are saying and doing now is directly out of the Nazi playbook. Silence your enemies, gather names of all that opposed you politically, as The Lincoln Project is purportedly doing, arrest these “dissidents” either kill or imprison them and take all weapons away from the populace. Then you a one party system that can say and do exactly what it wants without recourse or discretion.

  24. Long ago I saw the hand writing on the wall. Our freedom was in jeopardy. So I wrote a poem called Slaves Without Chains. Recently, before the last election I wrote a Novel called Slaves Without Chains explaining that The Beast is then News media and Big Tech. They have formed a Monopoly and are attacking Trump, Christianity, Patriots, and free Enterprise. They don’t want any competition and we are considered their subservient Slaves. These bogus Impeachments were illegal, based on lies and hatred not only for Trump, but for all of his supporters. They want to form a Communist Regime and eliminate our right to free speech. We are considered inferior and should be their slaves. So now they are deleting accounts to social media and attacking all who resist them. I had three chapters deleted from my latest novel. Now I am being charged by Amazon for a Prime account which I did not authorize. I am also being charged for a 365 Microsoft renewal which is automatic renewing without my authorization. I had to cancel my credit card in order to stop them from charging my card multiple times for services I did not ask for. We are under attack. Freedom is gone! We have no rights. The bible is fulfilling. Hard times are coming. Get ready for them. fjh

  25. I am appalled by the double standard displayed by the democrats. I watched for months as people destroyed businesses, rioted in the streets, took over a police department, stole anything they could get their hands on and completed disrupted society and never did I hear of one person being charged. Now, some of these same people go to DC and create more disruption to cause Trump supporters to be blamed and it is like they want to arrest everyone who was even there. President Trump has not been given one seconds peace since he was elected and they you have the nerve to call for unity. The democrats are the people causing the problems, stirring the so called pot. How dare you have the audacity to tell me you want unity when you are the ones causing the unrest. When you push people into a corner, they have a tendency to come out fighting. If there is unrest, the democrats need to look in the mirror when they start pointing fingers.

  26. This is just another tactic to suppress the “spirit” that President instilled in the American people. Low life Pelosi and Schumer are afraid of Trump and his supporters because they don’t wasn’t him to run for office in 2024. He has been the best President since Ronald Regan. He made promises and kept them. All of the good old boys did not want him in office because he was not a member of the club and was going to upset their swamp activity. Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnel and the rest of the “never trumpers” all tried to undermine his presidency but he outsmarted them. That is why they hate him.

    1. In Tx a woman with a Mexican name was arrested. I do not think Tx and FL were problems. PA, MI, MN, WI ILL, and Stacy Abram ‘s Georgia are now corrupted. I once spoke with a Political Science Professor from the University of Pittsburgh tell me that Pennsylvania was second only to Illinois in corruption. But now there are many corrupted states so the people in power want to stay there. The Pelosi’s the Daly’s etc.. The professor also told me that the” voters get the type of Government that they DESERVE”

  27. All this “Conservative” sites should disconnect from Twitter and facebook.

    Twitter down 14% from last week make sure everyone keeps telling everyone else to help this is the war we are fighting..

    This is the next path forward, first Blocksite twitter and facebook from your internet provider, the state of Idaho internet provider blocked them both, in North Dakota banned users can sue Twitter and Facebook.

    Use Ramble, GaB instead.

    Tech bubble is imminent, close twitter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any from your IRA, 401K check your mutual funds that have Twitter or FB included, Twitter down again, dump before they go to zero, stop buying from Amazon, NO more made in the CCP purchases, buy direct from the mom’s and pop’s stores near you, made in America only, don’t wait DO IT TODAY.

    1. Marina. EXACTLY. Did/doing most of the things you mentioned. Facebook just suspended my acct. for 30 days and I am done. Some demorat called one of the protesters’ at the Capitol a trailer trash hillbilly and I asked him “what do you call yourself” and there goes the fact checker, it was called bullying.

  28. As I read all the comments that is made from the great people of this great nation it makes me feel very sad . All of our forefathers gave their life’s for this great freedom this nation has. But since 1945 the end of the war how many different type people where let in and by this government gave them the right to vote. Now we have all kinds of people in this government with all kinds of different believes, god is taken out of schools the new politicians do not put their hand on our bible (in god we trust) when they are Sworn into office. when I came back from Vietnam in 1968 I was called all kinds of names everything from rotten eggs where through at me . The people in government today could care less. If or maybe it is to late China will be in power. AMEN

  29. Thanks, Janet. We will work at the state level; we will prevail. Biden will be exposed as an illegitimate pretender. Donald Trump is the Constitutionally-elected POTUS!

  30. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord and He is still on His throne…. so take heart fellow Americans…. HE has the last word…,.. amen?

  31. UPDATE!!!!! Last night, Pres. Trump ordered the FBI to release all of the files about what has happened including Pres. Trump’s speech and peaceful walk to the Capitol.
    Here’s one tidbit – Nancy Pelosi ordered Antifa and Black Lives Matter to attack the Capitol and make it look like it was Republicans. She has been blaming Trump!!!! Now, the truth is out and we will see what happens!! God Bless America and our wonderful President Trump who, by the way, did win the election!!!!!

  32. how many left wing anarchist’s have been arrested since the breach in the capital city non i guess not even the following schumer, pelosi, aoc cortez, pencil neck schiff, jerry nadler and those ten republican’s who sided with the demonrats

  33. President Trump is the best President EVER! He is for us the people and not the GREEDY CROOKED Chamber of Commerce big business wall street and China loving traitor multi national corps and silicon valley boobs like google twatter facebook rotten apple and their leaders Dorsey and that mutton head of facebook! Congress will never stop these giants cause they are mostly all in their pockets. Trump won the election but it was stolen by again!


  35. Least anyone forget but lethal force has been authorized to be used by our military against POTUS Trump supporting American citizens so the coronation of the Bidet reign of tyranny can go off without a hitch.

  36. I have read all the comments and the only
    thing that comes to my mind is, Alfred Hitchcock
    couldn’t have made a movie this sick and bizarre as
    to what just happened in this rigged 2020 Presidential Election and it’s still going on in the

  37. We patriots MUST STICK TOGETHER and fight back against these democratic terrorists, people who have won jackpot lottery prizes need to come forward and a small portion of their winnings as a defense fund for our brothers who was at the Trump rally we need to find lawyers willing to put everything on the line to fight back against these the domestic enemy in our own country and work together to end this treachery once and for all.

  38. Call your senators and representatives, tell them your thoughts and opinions. Stop buying products that are manufactured by or indorsed by a democrat, stop supporting their tv stations, stop watching the movies the liberal supporters are playing. Stop shopping at the department stores owned and operated by the corporations that are breaking ties with Trump and the republicans that are supporting him.
    This is what seems to get their attention, hitting them in their wallets and their bank accounts. Jesus was sold out for 30 pieces of silver, most of the democrats have sold our nation out for the Chinese yuan!

  39. I must have missed the news the day the FBI analyzed the photos, and then arraigned and indicted the Portland and Seattle rioters for attempting to burn down a Federal building. I remember Republicans repeatedly saying, the leadership of the FBI is corrupt, but the working and field staff still follow FBI standards. Now, I believe the entire agency is corrupt and is nothing more than the Gestapo of the Democrat party.

  40. It is terrible how all this has gone down and still going down. I don’t want to say it’s because you are a Democrat or a Republican you can get away with, or not what has been happening this past years. But it is ashame this is happening in our Country, a Country that has been the leader in freedom and it’s also a shame that the people that really need to see these responses never will most likely. If this isn’t stopped now, it never will be. It will only get worse for everyone even the blind that have led the way in all this. There is never going to be unity in our country because so many are against it shame to say. Sleepy Joe isn’t capable to give us freedom and unity, hell he can’t even do it in his own house how can he do it in the entire Country? But we are preaching to the choirs here people, saying things to speak our minds and hopes that someone will help with our anger, our defeated feelings of oppression and feelings of being let down by our own Government? We have allowed, not today, not yesterday but for years the infiltration of cancer to take over our Government by allowing them to dissolve our basic belief in God. That’s what deteriorated our freedom, our country. We need that in our lives again. He promised he would heal our land if we humble ourselves and pray. So that’s the solution and how he heals it is totally up to him. Who he uses to do so we hoped was Trump and maybe is, but we still need to pray for him and us, and our Country. God bless.

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