The WHO Pandemic Treaty is Bad News for America

The World Health Organization (WHO), the European Union, and the busybodies at the United Nations are drafting something that is, in the early stages, being called the Pandemic Treaty. They’ll probably come up with a different name for it along the way, so it will sound more fluffy and friendly.

The writers of the treaty are in a rush to get it finished, so that Joe Biden (or Kamala Harris if she’s in charge by then) can sign it and it can then be sent to the US Senate for ratification. They understand that if Donald Trump ends up in the White House in early 2025, there is almost no chance of the treaty being signed. Folks, it will be terrible news for America if this treaty becomes the law of the land.

Democrats love them some international treaties. A treaty that gets ratified by the Senate is one of the fastest ways to undermine your individual rights that are secured under the Constitution. There’s no need to bother with a lengthy debate process or allowing the people to “vote” on it. For the past 30-plus years or so, every treaty that has been promoted by the UN would have undermined or destroyed basic, fundamental rights and freedoms that Americans enjoy.


Before talking more about the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty, it’s really important to understand this. The goal of international treaties is never what they say it is on the surface. The fine print, buried with the thousands of pages that will ultimately be the text of the treaty, will take human rights away from Americans. That’s the whole point.

The last treaty that nearly passed in the US Senate a few years ago was the UN Treaty on the Rights of the Disabled. At least, that was its name. If you thought that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) actually provided more rights and freedoms for disabled Americans than for the disabled in any other country – so the UN treaty would have been worthless for us to sign – you’d have been right. But Barack Obama signed it anyway, and it went to the Senate for ratification.

While that treaty might have actually done some good for other countries (check out how disabled people are treated in any Middle Eastern country, for example), it would have stripped specific rights away from millions of Americans. The fine print of the treaty would have forced every nation that ratifies it to ban homeschooling for families with disabled children. It would have also allowed the UN to meddle in individual families to make sure that parents were not using spanking as a disciplinary tool.

Most importantly, the treaty stipulated that there must be no firearms in the home of a disabled person. Many disabled people love having a gun around the house, because it gives them an obvious force equalizer. If a home invader kicks in their front door, a disabled person is already at a disadvantage. A gun gives them a fighting chance. A ton of disabled people also enjoy sport shooting and hunting.

But under the UN treaty that was supposedly for protecting disabled people, they would have lost their Second Amendment rights. So would everyone who lives in a family with a disabled person. That was the whole reason Obama signed it.

Sadly, a ton of Republican Senators get dizzy with joy at the thought of ratifying a treaty. Treaties are often historic events of sorts. Senators like Lindsay Graham love treaties, because ratifying one would allow him to feel like a cosmopolitan statesman of the world, instead of like the hillbilly that he probably is.

We don’t know what will be in the fine print of the Pandemic Treaty yet, but its stated goal is terrifying enough. The next time there is a pandemic, all world governments will cede authority to the WHO to “coordinate the pandemic response.” Think about that for a minute.

States like Texas and Florida, which used their autonomy to end the COVID lockdown insanity early, would lose that autonomy during the next pandemic. Every nation that ratifies the treaty would no longer have its decisions made by the people we elected at the local, state or federal level. Instead, the lying liars at the WHO that lied for Communist China would suddenly be in charge of us all.

That’s a global government that all of the “conspiracy theorists” have been warning us about for years. And it’s coming very soon. We already know that Joe Biden or Kamala Harris will sign the treaty immediately. We’ll be watching the development of this treaty very closely, and we’ll keep you posted.

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20 thoughts on “The WHO Pandemic Treaty is Bad News for America”

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    1. The main problem with an issue like this is the American populace is extremely stupid on all government functions. All “treaties” come out of the “Executive Branch”…..Our Senate is the only “Body of Government” that can ratify a treaty.

    2. GOD HELP THE USA! Please God remove these evil demonic people ASAP! we can’t wait for another 3 years!

      1. Biden can be impeached, if the Republicans enact the ‘WAR POWERS ACT’ against him.
        With all the illegals he’s letting in, they are a threat to National Security!
        Otherwise, welcome to the United States of Venezuela.
        How many ISIS fighters are coming in??
        He also must be audited!

    3. And the chances of me as a Free American of abiding by these “unconstitutional” laws would be 0%!!! Lets not forget that it states , in ,our constitution that any and all policies, regulations and laws that the Fed tries to forcibly impose on the Free Citizens of this nation are automatically Null&Void!!! I know they will never get one of my firearms unless im dead! I will do all i can too ensure this country remains free for generations to come! I have children and grandchildren on top of already taking the oath to protect and defend our Constitution and Bill Of Rights and will do so until the day i die! I literally mean the words “from my cold dead hands” and demand the “justice” we were all “promised”!!! “equal” JUSTICE for “ALL”!!! ITs time those like Biden/Obama and many others were held accountable for their actions and hang for treason!?!?!? Too many of our “so called” patriots are hiding in their homes praying someone comes to their aid! If there were a large group of Patriots ready to knock on the White House door to demand that justice i would be there with them! But there isnt any…..its quite sad that so many Americans claim to be patriots as long as its on their computers from the safety of their homes! Its time it was moved to the streets to defend our nation and its freedoms and liberties!!!? Islam in America is an out right, breaking of our constitutional laws ! Yet Obama/Biden are still free and ripping us off for billions ,rather then swinging from a rope! Islam has been banned from American soil since 1952!!! Islam as a whole swore and oath to destroy the western world and more specifically the U.S. and why they were banned! After thousands of people murdered in the name of a Governmental system of oppression ,”Islam” ,America finally banned Islam from its Soil as well as many other countries did! Yet the left was able to have them enter the country in less then a few decades by brainwashing our youth! With the fear of our patriots being labeled as racists or something else they sat by while Obama/Biden and the left broke our Constitutional laws to bring one of our worst enemies to our door step! A governmental system of Islam has murdered millions upon millions since the two sick murdering pedophiles, Mohammed and Allah made up the governmental system to try and give their deviant behavior ,legality!!! Its like an insane asylum being ran by the resident’s, rather then the doctors!!! I know i will “never” submit to islam although it dosnt help that more and more of our politicians are converting not to islam rather then enforcing our constitutional laws too, remove these enemies of our nation, “from”, our nation!!! Prepare now to stay free and buy a gun people! if you have any sense and you are a true patriots its a must to ensure our rights and liberties stay in place! I an fed up and will be free til im dead!!! May forever and always “only” GOD Bless America!!!

    4. I liked the idea of Trump telling WHO and the UN that other countries should be paying their share. Clintons. Obamas. and now Biden-Harris-Obama-Gates-Soros running the government, they will try and kill our second amendment.

  2. The COMMUNIST, WHO Pandemic Treaty is to deny all Americans their God-given and Constitutional Rights and Freedom Removed and place everyone into Communistic slavery.
    America must put a stop to this by removing all communist democrats from all federal, state, county, and city governments today!

    1. The Executive Branch of our government is where all treaties are derived, our Senate is the only body of government that can ratify a treaty. The executive branch has been working with the UN to squash our 2nd Amendment……That’s why our Founding Fathers added the 2nd amendment, so “We the People” can fend off moves like this.

    2. Don’t forget the professors in the colleges. Trump fired 50 for stealing our science projects. They are teaching that communism is better than our constitutional rights. This has been going on for years.

  3. WHO, EU, and UN were never good for the USA ! They never paid their fair share ! All of them are worthless. We don’t need them nor their advice or restrictions. USA needs to be independent. Americans are not going to be led around by the nose from countries that hate us and will not put up with charades anymore. The entire Biden-Harris Administration are a weak bunch of Socialist, WOKE, Leftists and the entire world knows it. The BIG RED WAVE IS COMING !

    1. You are right. I didn’t realize how many packing plants, businesses, farms, ranches, and hotels China owns.

      we need to take our country, not allow any foreign country to own our drug and food supply. FFA has tons of recalls of contaminated meat from 70 foreign countries. China owns farms in Mexico, they pay the Mexican people $5.00 a day. The farmworkers in my area get minimum wage and piece work comes to about $25,00 an HOUR. Free sleeping quarters, free food.
      Our Govorner Newsumise tried to put the caravan people in the sleeping quarters. The caravan people are not vetted or quarantined.
      China owns New York.

  4. It Won’t Pass The Senate. If It Were; We The People Would Not Comply, Nor Would County Judges Or Scheriffs .

    1. I think we are up to 28 states with carrying permits. I don’t think our Law Enforcement will comply either.
      What Obama and Biden are trying to do is the same as Hitler and Castro, defund Law Enforcement and then we only have Federal police. Cuba, the Federal police raided the Cuban citizens’ homes, held them with guns, and put them on a ship to FL, where his brother sponsored them. Castro took everything they owned. Great neighbors.

  5. The new world order’s legislative branch is hard at work again with their tyrannical treaties. Anyone who signs this should be removed from office immediately. The future excuses from our tyrants that “It wasn’t me, I was just following [insert agency]” will not be tolerated. It wasn’t allowed as an excuse in the Nuremberg trials, it won’t be allowed in future trials.

  6. The illegal regime cannot simply sign our God-given Natural Rights away on a whim. Our rights are not theirs to either give nor take away. There is still that pesky Constitution which also protects individual rights. No treaty can simply nullify our Nation’s charter. When push comes to shove, and it will, hopefully there will be enough Patriots with courage to stand against it. If not, I’m sure plenty will still stand their ground individually and take a few insurgents along with them.

    Resistance is NOT futile!

    I die free!

  7. Since the president and VP swore to uphold the constitution of the USA than agreeing to this treaty would be in violation to their oath. They would and can be immediately impeached. Today Biden isn’t upholding the constitution and should also be impeached now.

  8. Hopefully Patriots will take back BOTH the House and Senate come the midterms and starting in January 2023 can start clearing out big time of Swamp Commierats and RINOs!!!!

  9. Only an idiot would sign this treaty! Quit trying to give control of Americans rights to outside entities. America has always been the leader in peoples rights and solidarity. WE WANT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY! The WHO is about as corrupt as BRANDON and co. STOP DESTROYING OUR GREAT COUNTRY JOE or whoever is running our country. If we had real patriots JOE and co. Would be in prison or a firing squad for the EVIL Corrupt BS they are cramming down our throats!
    ITS TIME TO FIGHT BACK to FREE our country from the grip of these commies! VOTE THESE CORRUPTED LYING, CHEATING communist out in the midterms! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. In every level nationally and locally. It’s up to us to outrun the corrupt voting by overwhelming numbers that will be UNDENIABLE!

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