This Champion Would Be Donald Trump’s Greatest Supreme Court Pick

President Donald Trump has released a new “short list” of candidates for US Supreme Court as part of his 2020 reelection campaign. Trump correctly notes that Joe Biden can’t release his list of choices, because it would be too radical and unsettling for voters. Hidin’ Biden is hiding his list. Several names on Trump’s list stand out, but there’s one in particular who I think would be the greatest possible choice. And that’s because most Americans have never heard the following story.

Back in June 1993, two young teenage girls were walking home at night and decided to take a shortcut through a local park in Texas. They encountered a group of five Hispanic gang members and one black gang member and tried to run away from them. 14-year-old Jennifer Ertman and 16-year-old Elizabeth Peña weren’t fast enough.

For the next hour, the two girls were brutally gang raped. Their teeth were knocked out, their ribs were broken, they were kicked, stomped, degraded in unimaginable ways, and ultimately murdered. Their killers made them kneel on the ground and then strangled them with a belt. Just to make sure they were dead, the ringleader stomped on their necks for a while after they stopped moving.

It was one of the most horrific gang rapes and murders in Texas history. The media, naturally, described all of the perpetrators as “area youths” for the next ten years, even as they were sitting on death row. The media finally admitted that the ringleader of the group, one Jose Medellin, was an illegal alien from Mexico when that suddenly became a possible way to help him avoid the death penalty.

Medellin had confessed to the murders and bragged about it to police when he was caught. Medellin was allowed to set up his own website in prison (because of course he was), where he wrote, “My life is in black and white like in old western movies, but unlike the movies, the good guys don’t always finish first.” He thought he was one of the good guys.


11 years after the girls were murdered, the American public finally learned that Jose Medellin was an illegal alien when the Chicago Tribune called on the Bush administration to respect the International Court of Justice’s (IJC) ruling about the case, which involved “a Mexican national.” Mexico sued the US at the IJC in the Hague, arguing that Medellin deserved a retrial, on the grounds that the police who arrested him had not informed him that he had a right to access Mexican consular services in Texas.

The IJC ruled in 2004 that all illegal aliens from Mexico who were sitting in American prisons, including Jose Medellin, should be released and be granted new trials. The New York Times reported that if the Bush administration didn’t obey the World Court, Americans could be denied consular services in foreign countries if they gang rape and murder foreign teenage girls while on vacation. (I’m not really seeing a downside there, but, hey.)

Since the cat was out of the bag and this new ray of hope had been extended to Medellin, his lawyers finally had an excuse to appeal his case to the US Supreme Court. Before the court had a chance to take up the case, George W. Bush sent a letter to the Department of Justice announcing that America was now going to obey international law in regard to illegal aliens from Mexico.

It was a watershed moment in American politics. An American president was siding with internationalists to release every illegal alien in every prison in America, unless local police had remembered to refer them to consular services when they were arrested. It would have been the largest jailbreak in American history.

The Texas Solicitor General at the time opted to not follow international law on American soil and took the case back to the Supreme Court. Thanks to that Solicitor General’s arguments, the US Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that US states don’t have to follow the whims of the World Court.

George W. Bush and the globalists lost. Then-Solicitor General Ted Cruz and America won. And Texas sent Jose Medellin to hell in August of 2008.

Ted Cruz’s legal arguments managed to keep nearly all illegal alien felons in prison where they belonged, as George W. Bush was trying to spring them out of jail in what his low-energy brother would no doubt describe as “an act of love.” Out of all the names on President Trump’s new Supreme Court short list, I think Ted Cruz’s name deserves to be at the top of the list.

Ted Cruz fought against a president in his own party when that president betrayed America. Cruz fought to keep horrific gang rapists and murderers who happen to be illegal aliens in prison where they belonged, rather than releasing them based on a bogus technicality. And Ted Cruz obtained justice for the families of young Jennifer and Elizabeth. He’s a good US Senator and he would make a good president, but let’s be honest. Ted Cruz would be a GREAT Supreme Court Justice!

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144 thoughts on “This Champion Would Be Donald Trump’s Greatest Supreme Court Pick”

    1. Totally in agreement with Cruz “topping the list”. I have always admired his ethics and think he would be amazing on the Supreme Court. Great Choice!

      1. Always have liked Ted he has always seemed to put the Constitution first and America above the UN and globalist. SFC. Patton.

      2. No question, this man stands for what he means and is not hesitant to take a stand. He is also very knowledgeable when it comes to the Constitution of the United States. He would be an asset.

    2. Senator Ted Cruz, God is with you Sir. Please never give up the good work for America and the people of America. Iam a little lady of 70. It is wonderful to see how you truly care. Thank You , God Bless You and God Bless America Donna B

    3. Although I was adamantly against Cruz becoming the nominee for POTUS due to him not being ‘natural born’ I never-the-less believed him to be one of the most patriotic of all the senators. He would make an excellent Supreme Court Justice.

      1. You, obviously, don’t know what “natural born” means. It is not location of birth, (otherwise, all children born of US citizens working out of country would not be citizens) but citizenship of parents. His mother was a citizen at time of his birth which makes him “natural born” and eligible to be president. No other office has that stipulation applied.

      2. Obama was not “Natural born” either as was from Kenya and he made it in due to all the lack of investigation of his early history or it was a big coverup if they knew it.
        He married a transgender, Michael, which he even called it by mistake one time that was recorded. I did a lot of research on that issue way back at that time as felt it was disgusting!

        1. You are correct Lillie! His 2 daughters are adopted & Michael played college football. Also Obama is using the Soc. Sec. # from a dead man who was from Connecticut.
          Kennedy put a man on the moon & Obama put a man in the lady’s room.

      1. He’s the best bulldog we have in Congress
        He’s brilliant and articulate. I believe he would make a fine Supreme Court Justice.

    4. I totally agree with Ramirez. Good choice. Cruz did what was right not what was political. We have had an enough of the political.

    5. Ted Cruz all the way.. Just reading this story about these two girls will haunt me for quite a while.. What a horrible story.. God be with you , Supreme Court Justice Cruz.. He didn’t win the Presidency cause here’s where God wants him..
      George W Bush is a piece of shit.. I even voted for the “CLOWN”..It was him or someone far worse.. But then Two little girls lives really don’t mean anything to someone who I believe helped bring down the Towers and then got us into a 20 year War in the Middle East.. George W Bush is a Demorat in disguise..
      God bless Ted Cruz…. God bless Trump..

      1. And now, Bush is against America again, by not supporting our President’s re-election, just like he was for Clinton. I supported Bush before, too, but am totally disgusted with his UnAmerican stance.

        1. Bush 43 and Bush 41 are swampers like their buddy Bill 44.
          Bush 43 always was a deer in the headlights to me. Way in over his head and starting a war to showcase Bush 41. Drug meisters all and include Jeb as one of the gang. Bush 41 as head of CIA should have been given guest quarters at Gitmo. The whole family should have their dedicated wing.

      2. RIGHT ON JEFFREY! Also, a lot of people don’t know that the Bush family had connections with the Ben Ladin(sp) family and G.W. Bush, Jr. and his family were instrumental in stealing land from a family in Texas, so I am told, to help strengthen his ownership position with the Texas Rangers. I can’t remember what I did with that article but maybe it can be checked out. Cruz all the way. Vote Trump or get ready to arm yourself!!

        1. Could not agree more! Anything prohibit a Supreme Court Justice resigning after 3 or 4 years on the bench to run for President?

    6. Agree! He’s a Texas GOP Senator with a Harvard law degree. I voted for him 2X! Great choice!

    7. It is unfortunate however, the media will probably taint it as a “friend appointing a friend” to the highest position in a profession. The “people” will buy that scenario, unfortunately. The general public had better get a little “street smarts” to deal with these anti-US politicians who will attempt to keep Cruz off the Court. BE AWARE!

      1. They can taint all they want, However true believers will always know the real truth, I always liked traitor Bush, However after finding out all of his misgivings, behind the scenes, He was a traitor, just another angry one, Had his fingers into many corrupt pots. Go Trump, & Cruz

    8. Cruz could help Americans much longer to take the job supreme Court Judge (for life) unless his greatest desire to be President.

    9. Outstanding best man for Suprene Court, but also a great Presidental candidate iin 2024. He has my vote for either position.

      1. I totally agree with you. Cruz is one of the few politicians I trust that would uphold the Constitution of the United States ?? Of American

    10. You are right. AND he would be standing for Law & Order for the rest of his life. & I hope that his life would be an extremely long & healthy one & that his mind always stays sharp, that his memory increases in length & is 100% accurate always. We need Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court.

  1. He would make a great Supreme Court Justice, and yes also a great President. We need this type of person that would stand up for the people of the United States. He has been and still is a very good Senator and we need a great deal more like him.

    1. I agree.Ted Cruz is a great senator and one of the great patriots in America. He would make an excellent Supreme court judge. Hate to lose a great senator.

      1. Let’s give BIG THANKS to the President who has worked so hard to help fix the US, in spite of all the push of liberals to down him…THIS POTUS has more smarts, acumen, business knowledge, people knowledge, “outside the box” political knowledge than ANY POTUS or POTUS want to be – in HISTORY!!! God Bless you, President Trump. YOU are saving our nation every day – keep it up at the same pace.

  2. I like Ted Cruz for his steadfastness in law. This seals my choice for him to be our next Supreme Court Justice without a doubt!! Please !

  3. I know Ted Cruz is a huge supporter of the Constitution not a shredder of it like Obama appointees. The differences that Cruz and Trump can be chalked up to Primary banter; it’s just politics. Since then, the two have been on the same page each big supporters of the other. There are few legal minds that can argue better than Ted Cruz. I hope he does make it to the highest court in the land.

  4. Ted is FAIR, a rare find in this world we are currently living in. Hope my lips to God’s ear – “place Cruz in the Supreme Court”.

  5. Ted Cruz is the smartest Senator in Congress!
    He knows the Constitution and follows it!
    He would be an excellent and the best choice to serve on the Supreme Court!

  6. The liberals are already looking up rape charges and anything else they can use to stop these Supreme Court appointments. Trump was smart to put out such a large list which dilutes the liberals efforts against each candidate.

  7. Great choice. He seems to have abundant common sense missing in so many of our Congress today. He wants to sleep at night. Good morals. Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley would also do a good job

    1. I don’t want any of our sitting Senators to leave and go to the S.C. We need to keep our majority and hopefully add to it. There are lots of good people like Amy Coney Barrett, who would make a great S.C. Justice.

  8. While I completely agree Ted Cruz would be a most excellent choice for the Supreme Court, I think that the effect his choice would have on the Senate majority has to be considered as well. I’m reminded daily that McConnell is scraping to keep his majority together to allow him to approve court nominees at all levels. Cruz would no doubt be replaced by another Republican, assuming Texas remains red, but will the new guy be able to keep his/her seat when the first reelection comes around? I’m certain Trump will get it right.

  9. How wonderful that our President can see the value for our Supreme Court that Ted Cruz will bring! I feel safer…with a President like Trump, who can recognize talent in his appointees. We would gain so much if Ted Cruz is appointed to the Supreme Court. Thanks to both strong men who can work together for the benefit of our country, and its citizens! May Peace for in all our futures.

  10. he would also probably be a good president ,,to keep the conservative move going ,,we will need a good president to keep the democommies out of power,,,thanks to Trump he has exposed what they really want

  11. Ted Cruz has a phenomenal memory. What’s ever said he can repeat it verbatim hours later. He is a big constitutionalists. That’s what is needed. Not someone who writes the laws as he goes along.

    Our wonderful president has made a great choice with Senator Ted Cruz.

  12. Ted Cruz is just the rite kind of person for the Supreme Court because he has the common sense it takes to make the rite decisions ! GREAT CHOICE!

    1. They DO have to be U.S. citizens, but they don’t have to be “natural born citizens”. Naturalized citizens are eligible for the SCOTUS. Cruz is a “naturalized by congressional statute” citizen, not a natural born citizen.

  13. I disagree, for two reasons. The first is that I would hope no sitting Senator would be leaving their Senate seat, for the SCOTUS, and perhaps endangering the Republican majority in the Senate. We need MORE, not fewer Republicans in the Senate.
    Second is that Ted Cruz is NOT a “natural born citizen”, yet as much as he is supposed to be a “constitutional scholar”, he should KNOW that he is not constitutionally eligible to be president or vice president. He has obviously allowed his political ambition to override his “love” of the Constitution. If he is willing to lie about his own eligibility, what else has he or would he be willing to lie about? Sorry, I don’t trust him that far. He was and is eligible for his Senate seat and also the SCOTUS, as “naturalized” citizens are eligible for the SCOTUS, too. Only the president and vice president must be “natural born citizens”. Cruz is a “naturalized by congressional statute” citizen, not a natural born citizen.

  14. Mr. Cruz is on the top of my list for just about every political position. I wished people could see the great value this man has to offer this country. I can easily see him as a member of the Supreme Court,Senate majority leader and even the President of the United States.

  15. He would be a great Supreme Court justice.
    He knows the constitution and he does what he says he will do.
    I would like to see him as president one day but he would be more effective as a Supreme Court justice

  16. Senator Cruz would make an excellent choice. He has a memory second to none. He can repeat conversations verbatim hours later. He is a constitutionalist. He will not try to rewrite existing laws. Our President could not make a better choice. He would be my first choice.

  17. He is definetly who we need to lead this country back to normal. Maybe when rbg kicks the bucket we will get a good justice in.

  18. A “natural born citizen” is one born on U.S. soil to a citizen father and a citizen mother, PERIOD. Cruz (insert other names, like Obama, Rubio, Jindal, Kamala Harris, Tulsi Gabbard, and even four of Pres. Trump’s five children) is not a natural born citizen and not constitutionally eligible to be president or vice president. Those are the only two offices that require a natural born citizen. All others may be natural born, native born or naturalized citizens, even for the Supreme Court. Only someone born on U.S. soil to parents who are themselves, citizens, is a natural born citizen. All three elements, place of birth and citizenship of both parents, must be of the U.S.! One or two of those elements is not enough for the top two offices.

    1. Quit acting like a 2 year old an get out of town as YOU SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT demoncrat or Satans helper so shut up and get out of town.

  19. No doubt Senator Cruz is perfect for SCOTUS but if he is selected as a justice of the Supreme Court, we will risk getting another RINO in the Senate. Two John Cornyns in the US Senate would not be good for Texas.

  20. I so believe as a constitutional lawyer that Ted Cruz is an outstanding choice for SCOTUS!! I hope he gets to be Trump’s first selection!

  21. Ted Cruz all the way… make the SCOTUS represent the people that live and legally work to make America the greatest Nation on earth.

  22. I was not for Cruz as president as his past actions didn’t match his words. He does seem to have grown now into being his own man. He just might be a good choice for SCOTUS.

  23. Have to agree. Ted Cruz is an excellent choice. Unlike the left’s disgusting idol, ‘Paddy la PUKE’, A.K.A. Beto O’Rourke, Ted ‘will do us proud every time’.

  24. I’m a champion of Senator Cruz! He knows our constitution inside out and his appointment to the Supreme Court would be one of the greatest gifts to the American People from President Trump.. …I always felt and thought he should end up in the Supreme Court one day…. I pray he does … he is for our Constitution and knows his law. Great choice!!! I was so glad to see his name on the list.

  25. I support. Ted Cruz 100 percent. He has shown he supports the rule of law. Outstanding man & Senator for. Great. State of. Texas.

    Trump. 2020
    Ted. Cruz. Supreme Court

  26. Our democracy is at stake. President Trump wants our country protected. He obviously picked “the best” to fulfill his promise to “Make America Great” when he chose the outstanding leadership of Ted Cruz. Trump is no fool. He saw the intelligence, fairness and dignity in Cruz – the best of the best.

  27. Ted Cruz to replace that old hag that calles herself a Supreme Court judge Ruth bader Ginsburg she needs to stick her head down a toilet so to see how ugly she is

  28. Our US TRUMPlican Senator Ted Cruz would make awesome badass formidable US Constitutional Supreme Court Justice

    ???CHRISTrumPence and all of our/his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers Successfully 2020USReelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen???

  29. Our US TRUMPlican Senator Ted Cruz would make awesome badass formidable US Constitutional Supreme Court Justice

    CHRISTrumPence and all of our/his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers Successfully 2020USReelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen

  30. Ted Cruz is a most excellent choice! Now if only another GOOD PERSON could replace Johnny Robert’s that would be a breath of fresh air!!!

  31. You GO Ted! My sincere prayers and support are definitely behind you! You are like a breath of fresh air, compared to some of the “other” justices you will be working with. They are more
    like a breath of polluted, liberal , stagnant, HOT air!

  32. Yes. Ted I am backing you. You will make a great Supreme Court Judge. Hope you will replace the weakest health Judge on the court so you can get the Chief Judge to follow the Constitution.

  33. Yes, please put Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court bench. He has extremely high principles and he is always fighting for us no matter what the situation. He will not betray us and will stay true to his roots. TED CRUZ SHOULD BE AT THE TOP OF THE LIST FOR OUR NEXT SUPREME COURT NOMINEE!

  34. Super/Great choice!! More Republicans/Conservatives need to have the guts/courage to stand up for and fight for U.S. citizens, not illegal aliens.

  35. I really respect Ted Cruz, he really knows whats going on. He adheres to our constitution, when others ignore it. He would make an excellent Judge.

  36. I vote for Ted Cruz & have admired him for a long time. He is a man of integrity & a committed Constitutionalist. He would be an excellent selection for the Supreme Court. Please pick Senator Cruz, should we be so fortunate to have you as our country’s leader for 4 more yrs, President Trump!

  37. Ted Cruz is an honest, good, person.
    He would be my first choice.
    We could not have a better person in that position.
    I’m sure the Demo’s would look for something wrong
    with him. They could not accomplish that .

  38. Ted Cruz would be the best pick. I would rather see him run for President in 2025. He believes in the Constitution.

  39. Ted Cruz is really a great speaker. I did not know much of him until I have read many of his statements. He is perfect pick by President Trump. His common sense is refreshing and he too is a man who loves our country and the people who live in it.

    1. I always admired senator Ted Cruz of his knowledge about constitution, and I told my husband many times that Ted Cruz would made a great Supreme Court Judge.

  40. The Highest Court of the land deserve a just judge with the heart that uphold the the truth and the well being of life next To God. Ted Cruz has the deserving integrity with courage and wisdom to serve the Supreme Court of the USA. Thanks be to God. Amen.

  41. Sen. Cruz is courageous, independent, and, unafraid of articulating his truth — heroic! He defended WH Press Secretary Kaylie McEnany against the rantings of a Harvard Law Professor; hilariously denouncing the attacks due to McEnany’s cute blonde youth. Further, he expressed irritation condemning leftist males (too funny). Whatever, Sen. Cruz chooses to do — he is blessedly wielded with astute commonsensical aplomb. Rare.

  42. I love reading these comments from every one
    great words of wisdom. And I so heartedly
    agree with every comment.May God bless
    Ted Cruz and our wonderful President and
    keep them from any harm. Good, good men.
    The people of our great America loves you.

  43. Ted Cruz, excellent choice for SCOTUS. We need a strict constitutionalist to end the current left-leaning group (which seems to include John Roberts all too often). Interesting that not one of three ladies on the court seems to be interested in the constitution. Sandra Day O’Connor, you are greatly missed.

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