Trump Popularity Rising – Dems Baffled That No One Likes Kamala Harris

I was kind of surprised at the “Meh” response it garnered from readers when I wrote about Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) here recently. It’s okay. You can admit you like him. You’re not betraying President Trump if you express admiration for a younger, similarly patriotic and effective politician. But I also understand the unwillingness of many of you to “move on.” Trump was the most effective conservative politician that America has ever had – and most of us would do anything to see him run and win in 2024. The latest polling certainly indicates that.

At lunch the other day, a female friend told my wife and I, “I wish that Trump would shut up about the vaccines already. But as frustrated as I am with him, I still just love the guy.”

Remember that for later: “I still just love the guy.”

I also reconnected with a long-lost cousin this past week who I hadn’t spoken with in about a decade. He’s a blue-collar union guy in Washington state. When the conversation turned to politics, he was 100% on board with Trump 2024. My anecdotal polling may not be worth much, but I’ll bet you’re hearing similar things, right?

That’s certainly in line with the latest polling from McLaughlin & Associates. 73% of surveyed Republican voters are still on board the Trump Train for 2024. The other results were interesting, too.


Former Vice-President Mike Pence came in second place for the 2024 nominee, with 10% of the vote. I’m thinking that must be the Never Trump, neoconservative wing of the party, because I have yet to meet anyone in my circles who would vote for Pence.

Ron DeSantis came in third with 8% of the vote. Nikki Haley pulled 5%. Ted Cruz and Candace Owens tied at 3% each. Tim Scott, Mike Pompeo, Kristi Noem, Tucker Carlson and Liz Cheney each tied at 1%. Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton each polled at 0%.

So, as much as we all admire Ron DeSantis, he doesn’t have a shot at the nomination as long as Trump is in the race. Trump’s support is 10X what DeSantis is polling nationwide.

Here’s a really interesting finding from that same poll: For the first time, a majority of Democrats are convinced that Joe Biden won’t make it to 2024. Joe Biden is such a frail, dementia-addled joke that almost no one thinks he’ll be able to finish out his term. (Everyone has known this all along, but Democrat voters are now admitting it out loud.)

Now THAT is a problem for Democrats. It means that Kamala Harris will definitely be the Democrat Party’s nominee in 2024 – and no one likes her.

The latest YouGov poll shows that Kamala Harris’s overall net approval rating among all voters is -10. It’s even worse among Independent voters that the Democrats need in order to win a national election: -25.

44% of Independents say they dislike Kamala Harris so much that the sound of her cackling voice makes them want to throw tomatoes at her. (I might have fudged the wording on that a bit.)

Here’s an interesting – and telling – fact about Kamala Harris. She’s been in elected office for 18 years now, but she doesn’t have a single person on her staff that has worked for her for more than a few months. That’s weird. Most career politicians have a few senior staffers who stick with them for the long haul.

But not Kamala! She’s tough to work for. Her former staffers describe her as incompetent, lazy and obsessed with fashion.

If Vogue magazine calls Kamala Harris up for a fashion shoot or to talk about her interior decorating woes at her house, she comes running. But ask her to handle the US-Mexico border crisis and… she goes AWOL. Policy details are not her big thing.

Word has it that the DNC is baffled by the fact that no one likes Kamala Harris. No matter how much PR spin the glossy magazines put on her, everyone knows how Kamala got her start in politics – and no one likes her. Makes you wonder how the Democrats didn’t see this coming.

Kamala Harris ran the absolute worst campaign possible in the 2020 primaries. She had staff quitting in Iowa because they were all asked to work without pay. She couldn’t raise money despite having Hollywood and Silicon Valley in her home state. And she had to drop out before the first primary contest even happened. (Great pick, Team Biden!)

Contrast that with all the people who are saying about Donald Trump, “I still just love the guy!”

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43 thoughts on “Trump Popularity Rising – Dems Baffled That No One Likes Kamala Harris”

  1. I believe Harris was the first to drop out of the dems primary with 1% of the vote, she was horrible in the debates. But she knew she was the V.P. pick. Biden had picked someone else but she declined, said our times needed a black woman, Hmmm BLM setup ?? Harris had terrible ratings then and now, PR just hasn’t worked. But doesn’t matter, Biden will not finish his term and Harris will do anything the Socialist Dem Party says. So by the end of the term most Americans will be dependent on the Government and enough Immigrants will be here to finish the agenda. Doesn’t matter how 2024 goes those problems and an “Additional 20 Trillion Dollar Deficit” is unrecoverable.. Doesn’t matter if Harris has a 1% rating then or now !

    1. No one likes Harris because she is a flake. Her idea of responsibility is that of a 10th grader in high school — it’s all about her looks and nothing about her brain…if she had one.

      No democrat will end up voting for her because her record so far as VP is horrendous! When the rest of the Country is turning their noses up at Harris, why would the dems ever let her run?
      My guess is a dark horse candidate will show up at the last minute to try to turn the tide.

      In 2024, Election Fraud hopefully will be eliminated, so any attempts to steal that election should be discouraged…let’s hope! President should win that one with a landslide vote!

  2. We, as voters, need to for vote for who we think s best qualified to manage it country, not on party lines, male or female, etc. But alas & alack, I don’t see thin happening anytime soon.

  3. Those who are now in our White House are followers of baal (satan). So we know they won’t be there long. God has the wheel so if we repent and turn back to him there will be a drastic shift in our country. Right now the luciferians are taking this country into a ditch. We can stop them that I know!!!!!!!!

  4. In my humble opinion the 2020 election was stolen by corrupt dems who have no problem breaking the law because they know there will be no punishment for them. Joe could not draw a thousand people to one of his rallies unless he gave a new Mercedes Benz to each attendee. No way on earth did Joe get even half the votes that Trump received. I said it because I think it is true; it is my opinion. That’s not okay to say in 2021 is it?
    God help the USA!

    1. The Democrats ran an election scam and got by with it! I think once all these audits are done, all Liberal Democrats and Republicans should be prosecuted and jailed. Of course, I believe this Federal Offense is called Treason and all should be put in front of a “Firing Squad”.

  5. I hope we survive this clown show brought directly to you by corrupt D’Rats. Would it not be the worst tragedy if the USA falls due to these incompetent morons. The idea that the cackling hyena being at the helm for any length of time leaves a bad taste not only in the mouths of all Americans but people of the entire world. It is unbelievable that the greatest country in the world is failing because of corrupt scum bags from its own ranks..

    1. I, also, hope we can survive the horror that is happening in and to America today. Biden goes down, as we all know he will, then comes Harris the clown; next in line is Polisi? We don’t have a chance of lasting until 2024 and having the opportunity to take our country back. But that can only happen in 2024 if the election fraud is proven, which has to happen. The GOP has 3 1/2 years to get that done!

      1. Sorry. No 2024 by that time America will be long gone it needs to change now forget 4 years talk .yes Trump was GODD but he is his own worst enemy screwed up in the end and along the way with idiots like that stupid pence and fat Barr the hill billy before him and foolchi and that dumb woman brix and he talked about the impending fraud with mail in ballots back in 2019 and did Nothing to prevent it what a setup . 4 yrs down the tube what a waste and can not start over again from scratch only thing to change it fast is for the so called people th take the country back now forget the stinkin government we the people need to rule just as Marcus Aurelius said in Gladiator and get rid of the word government It means mind control. Look it up ment is mind and govern is control I will never vote again in the country Trump was a chump He let us down


    2. Some where in the bible, forgot was it the old or new testiment? You reap what you sow. You made your bed, sleep in it. Time will tell and haunt the tellers of falsehood and lies, embarrassment will be their just reward.

  6. Dementia Joe, with all of his bumbling gaffes, cannot claim credit for the warp speed program President trump put into action to get the vaccine produced and distributed. We would still be waiting for Joe’s “Czar” to get the vaccine if he was in charge at that time. Joe bashes President Trump while having the warp-speed vaccine in his skinny old arm. Camela can only shriek and laugh at the terrible state we are in. She is as incompetent as Biden.

  7. So Many Are Following Hitler And So Many Of These Demons I Mean Democrats Are Wanting The USA OF AMERICA Destroyed

  8. Our Country must have a Convention of States and soon. If we the people don’t take charge
    Joe, Kamala and the Democrats will destroy the Country. They are doing it rapidly and we
    can’t wait for 2022 nd 2024.

    1. I agree that we need a Convention of States, the sooner the better. But to the Author who is stating it is all right to say you like Ron DeSantis, that is not the problem, the problem is how the question was asked, in that it did not asked if Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump was running for President, who would you vote for, most if not all Trump supporters would vote for Ron if Trump was not running, otherwise Ron loses.

    2. Agreed100%. My question if recounts show Trump won..then what?? Nothing?? It’s never happened in our history. No precedent.

      1. Jackie with Georgia(suitcase gate) Pennsylvania(fraud controversy) Arizona(an audit still) if it proofs they cheated, then we can tell it to the entire country. A lie only runs until its taken over by the truth! We will tell the truth, we will adorn it, we will decorate it and we will beautify it.

  9. Surely something can be done before the next elections to stop the mess coming
    from the current administration. Information coming out of our capitol is sickening.
    What can down-to-earth American voters do…….voters who were wise enough
    not to vote for liberals? Those of us who have lived a long time are more than
    heart broken over the current state of affairs. We are despondent when we think
    about what our families futures will be.

  10. I’ll bet if you looked into the past history of those older commiecrats now sitting in the House & Senate, you’d find a lot of draft-card burning, flag-burning, Weather Underground supporting thugs from the ’60’s-’70’s! Forget Kama Kameleon, she wasn’t even in the U.S. then! Remember what they used to say- If we can’t change the government from without, we’ll change it from within! Well. they’re doing it, & the “Republicans” just sit around with their thumbs up their butts & wish things were different! Disgusting!

  11. i am hoping everyone that can vote legally will understand that voter IDs and any other form of ID needed to vote is very important. I f people can get out to go to malls and the shops can get an ID. Need one for almost everything we do so why not voting. Every one has a right to vote if they are legal, of age , and not dead. That is how it works for anything legal. Also that their vote must be of reasoning not emotions. Also get to know history facts about people you vote for not main media crap. Now most people are seeing what some of the Dems are like and Rino Rep, really they are worst than covid

    1. Make the ID free. Imagine if it cost a Million dollars. For some people, anything is too much.

      1. Many states already provide free photo IDs. Voting rolls need to be updated to delete deceased voters, record change of address and change of name. No universal mail in ballots, only absentee and they must be received by Election Day. No ballot harvesting. Election laws must be made by legislators, per the Constitution, not sec of state or governors.

  12. WE NEED A CONVENTION OF STATES……the sooner the better. Research what that is and MOST sensible Americans should agree, especially with the current condition of our beautiful country.

  13. Make the ID free. Put a certification of Vaccination on it also. Two problems solved, one paper . Both parties get their dream ID issued.

  14. Did Biden actually get the vaccine or was he injected with water?? The Democratic Party has so many liars, thieves and vindictive people that anything is possible.

  15. Harris is a brillant choice for VP. Harris prevents Joe’s enemies from taking action because then Harris is President and Pelosi is VP.

  16. Biden is the biggest threat to America He is a communist, racist and a liar. He and his woke KKK need to go.

  17. I’m afraid the only way we are going to save our country is via Civil War – ASAP – we can’t depend on 2022 or 2024 – it’s almost too late now to trust what we’ve relied on in times past. Too many, who COULD HAVE taken a legal stand, became spineless and gave the spirits of the anti-Christ the power to succeed in their attempts to bring down our Christian nation from within our borders. We must pray for Almighty God to forgive us for turning our backs on him as a whole, protect those of us who are His committed children and heal our land. MORE THAN EVER BEFORE WE ARE MORE DESPERATE FOR AN EXTENSION OF HIS MERCY AND GRACE IN ORDER TO SAVE THIS NATION FROM TOTALITARIAN CONTROL??

  18. I have to disagree with you on 2nd placed Pence. The man betrayed the party, Trump and the whole country in not rejecting the electoral college result. Whether he actually had the power to send them back in for a recount is irrelevant in the sense that he allowed himself to believe that the election wasn’t rigged, that his responsibilities did not include fact-checking what everyone has now long proven was overwhelmingly a rigged election by the crooked left. Sorry, but Pence wouldn’t be on my list. Trump is the only one that can have the effect the USA and the rest of the world needs. However, there is massive dark money
    & other potent forces behind all of this, and it is probably too late now to stop.

  19. Add to that the fact that our nations have been cursed, wherein the stranger from within shall get up very high, and ye shall become low, and all the curses God pronounced in the books of the Law will indeed come upon us for disregarding the word of God. In allowing the stranger to come in among us, to twist the judgment of the leaders, political or otherwise, has led to vote-buying and thereby political, religious, and national power has been given to the stranger within, and we are literally being white-anted from within our own towns, cities, and communities by the new left-wing woke controlled & exploited by many with axes to grind. We can turn back to God, the choice is ours and ours alone.

  20. These first 4 months of The Biden Administration has been disastrous and WE have 3 YEARS 8 MONTHS TO GO!!!!! Will YOU ALL PRAY WITH ME?

  21. I am an Australia in Australia….no contacts in America….I agree 100% with you….I hate to think what America will be by 2024. Biden has dementia and getting worse every day and Hyena Harris,,,,,,,(censored by Me )

  22. TRUMP was trying to run this country legitimately. Was trying to constitutionally run this country, but many along side of him were too intertwined with the old establishment RINO Trump haters who couldn’t see beyond their egos being hurt. Democrat liberal leftist like Hillary, globalists and our own CIA & FBI loyal to the Democrat Obama administration, Nancy Pelosi, Nadler, Shumer & others who are mesmerized by them & last but not least old Soros who has used a lot of his money to topple several countries economy for his own enrichment. How he does that I don’t know, but he has. Our government is still penetrated by these loyalist to the Democrats. They must all be gotten rid of, but it’s difficult because they all have access to things that could topple our own government. The pandoras box has been opened in this past election by the Democrats and globalists. They controlled it and loved the power it gave them. Some Republicans have tried to play by the rules but it will take solidarity and conviction on our part to do what God calls us to do “repent” and do what HE calls us to do. No more abortion, promiscuity, murder and all the things that innately we know are wrong. All murders are wrong no matter what side of the political isle you’re on. We are losing the generation that are the future of America our children. Children are to be taught material that will enhance their ability to get a good paying job in the future, NOT MASTURBATION. Teaching children that sets them up for pedophiles. STOP the stupidity of those teachers who are teaching that or CRT.

  23. The answer for a fix has already been stated. If your state legislators have not taken up and voted for Convention of States, be on their backsides to get it done! That is our answer. Then ,we, the people can make amendments to the Constitution, and term limit those jokers/thieves

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