Trump: “RINOs are Ruining America”

Former President Donald Trump blasted Mitch McConnell and RINO (Republican in Name Only) Senate Republicans in a statement this week, challenging Republicans to “fight for America.”

The brief statement said, “Under the weak leadership of Mitch McConnell, Senate Republicans continue to lose.

“He lost Arizona, he lost Georgia, he ignored election fraud and he doesn’t fight. Now he’s giving Democrats everything they want and getting nothing in return. No deal is better than a bad deal.

“Fight for America, not for special interests and Radical Democrats. RINOs are ruining America, right alongside Communist Democrats.”

It’s been a downward spiral for Trump and conservative in recent months. First the presidential election, then the Senate following the election of two Democrats in a Georgia January runoff election and now open borders and growing Bidenflation as the left seeks to pass even more wasteful spending in a new infrastructure bill.

Trump continued to argue that, “No deal is better than a bad deal.”


The “Art of the Deal” author knows what he’s talking about when it comes to deal-making. It looks like every time Republicans join a “bipartisan” plan with Democrats, there is suddenly a bait and switch that includes approving another leftist deal to move forward.

The infrastructure deal, by the way, plans to include a pathway for citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants. Not sure what that has to do with building bridges and roads, but Democrats are insisting it stays in the bill.

And will spending another trillion dollars or more really “help” the American people or the economy? Not really. It’s like saying that increasing the limit on your credit card helps. Sure, you can spend more, but it’s not really helping in the long term.

Instead, Trump argues those compromising with the left have become part of ruining America. The way forward is not partnering with those seeking to take advantage of their current power, but to defeat them in the next election.

Until then, the focus should not be cooperating with more plans to harm the country, but calling out the left’s radical plans and opposing them accordingly. Perhaps this is why Trump’s poll numbers remain high despite not being president, or even being on social media.

He’s out to oppose those hurting the country rather than give in to their demands. The Senate needs more of this approach to stop Biden’s spending spree and deadly border policies.

Trump’s final words calling the left “Communist Democrats” is not exactly right, but it’s getting close. We now have some in Congress who would support Cuba’s communism, call Israel a terrorist group and support defunding the police. Worse, other Democrats continue to support them through their silence or outright agreement.

It’s time to stop letting the left ruin America and work toward efforts that actually help the nation. If it takes stalling until the midterms, then so be it. America is better off with no infrastructure than a plan filled with leftist provisions that further harm the country.

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41 thoughts on “Trump: “RINOs are Ruining America””

  1. There is a storm of the LORD ALMIGHTY intervene for America and our families declaring the truth unto them who believe in America will stand up for America : turning the evil design by men and women into their own demise. As Haman plotting of annihilation of Jews in Persia: ended up on the road to hell and death: while Mordecai was lifted up : let us be like queen Esther of Persia and stand up in prayer and fasting for our people. For when GOD OF HEAVEN intervenes : HIS judgement is true and justice . In JESUS YESHUA NAME.

      1. Yes! All the RINO’s want is our hard earned donations & they fold at every opportunity to the radical Democrats! They are worse because they drain our resources!

    1. Amen, and God bless you for your post. Now that we ALL have seen the evil of all the Left’s agenda to destroy America from the inside by their agendas, propaganda in pur educational system, brainwashing our youth…the financial disasters and gas prices, food shortages at our stores, unemployment affecting stores and product shortages, etc., etc. Everyone should be offended by the insane border crisis with NOBODY doing anything because THEY WSNT the additional illegals to out vote Americans and keep themselves in power.
      We now have a Marxist Communist-loving Dictatorship that rules by orders, bypassing a useless Congress entirely. A true Dictatorship.
      Mid Term elections..ALL OUT. Restore America to its former greatness.

  2. I agree with President Trump, What he says I have been saying it all along to my wife. If I try and post it on FB for everyone to see, it will say oops something went wrong, We know what happened now don,t we. or I get fact checked. We all are about sick of it. I want a honest Government. We Americans are tired of got you every Day. We want honest elections and a government for all the people. Everyone is spending our way into an empty well the money has been wasted. Politicians if you can not do the job, Get out there is someone who can. Term limits will be coming. It may take a while but so be it.

    1. I have AT@T and the YouTube is now all ads. They don’t want anyone getting good medical advice from proven products.

    2. I would love to see Term Limits, especially for life-time politicians like Biden & Pelosi.
      Not sure if others could be on that list.

    3. You are so right. No country have ever spent their way out of debt. It is time we get rid of the Rino’s.

    We are going to kick your asses out come 2022!
    Start looking for new employment… you traitors!

    1. Democrats will cheat in 2022 and win again because Republicans are doing nothing now to protect elections——it will be too late if they do not get behind the audits——McConnell is a weak leader plus all the rings are dead silent about audits.

    2. President Trump who won in 2020 left out one name Obama who not only thinks he got a third election but followed T rump in 2016 He is a traitor and needs to be locked uo with all of the deep state and I hope Patriorts stand behind T rump or lose our Country and freedom and it is coming real quick

  4. When your “allies” are not so secretly working to undermine you, you’re fighting two fronts! And that was the plan from the get-go. Liberal dems are evil, not stupid!

    1. This is true the Democrats only work to justify their own wealth and power. Wake up you do nothing Republicans-those in Washington and all over the USA.

  5. Besides rino’s we need to go after big tech and have some truth in reporting guidelines for so called news outlets like um let me see, who could that be? all of them! When they say they “fact checked” something it means they BS’d it up even more!
    The reason people want Trump is because he hasn’t got the scewed lifelong life of twisting truthes until they are lies and has a better concept of the founding ideals than most of congress combined! He is a builder, He builds! Congress has been demolishing the country from at least the days of Kennedy

  6. I agree the Rino’s are ruining everything this country stands for . It appears they have become turncoats to America by joining forces with the Soros elitists as the Left has already done to the ruination of what America always stood for, as in we the people and the laws wi thin our time honored Constitution that our country fought to adopt and is our rock to and for the continuation of all we, as America stood for since 1776. They no longer work for us or this USA .

    1. Anyone suspected of being a RINO should have their bank accounts etc. checked out. An investigation to learn whether or not they’ve been bought. The guilty should be charged and imprisoned for betrayal of the vow they swore to the American people.

  7. Commiecrats are ruining it and the RINOs are helping for certain. I don’t see why they aren’t being run out of the party……starting with McConnell.

  8. President Trump has HIT THE NAIL ONTHE HEAD!!! The Lord agrees! “IF My
    People” . . .” We weak-kneeded Christians are LOOSING this nation. Jesus told us,
    “IF you declare me before men, I will declare YOU before My Father. IF you DON’T, I
    WON’T.” Our “Christian ‘shyness’ is NOT cute, it is an INSULT to our Lord. AND it is LETHAL for our nation.

  9. Trump has to keep fighting for our freedom and security of our country. China is taking over within by buying up property and packing plants.
    During Clinton’s presidency China bought or has lot bgg of interest in hotels and motels all over USA. They have bought casinos from American Indians but they can’t own the land.
    We don’t want any foreign country owning our food and drugs supply.

    1. Right so far! Let look at everything CHINA has a hand in ! Gone all the way back to the CLINTON! Here were the GATES, AND OTHER MILLIONAIRE BROUGHT CHINA INTO AMERICA! China was the country these people turn to in their INVESTMENT OF CELLPHONE, COMPUTER, SOFTWARE, ANYTHING THAT ELECTRONICS! Who know if China installed a SPY CHIP INTO ALL THESE ELECTRONICS? Sure we use them everyday! And they done NOTHING but cause us to become unhealthy! Then you can jump to OBAMA WHO SOLD THE CHICKEN AND TURKEY FACTORY TO CHINA! KILLING OFF THE FARMER WHO LIFE WAS RAISING THEM! Everything DEMOCRAT DO IS ALL TO KILLED EVERYTHING IN AMERICA!

  10. How can these people live with themselves, look what they are doing to our country! The devil is having a hay date. But I would hate to be in their shoes when they meet their maker.

    We have our Lord to lean on, he knows the ones that stand with him, as we have seen what this country has been and he blessed us for what we became, and hopefully continue to be great again! God bless us all!!!

  11. Trump is still our President. If not for Pense and his hateful action Trump would be in office now. We must get him in his presidential office immediately. He won and it is time..Trump, God’s man, is out answer!!!!! Believe it!!!! Rinos should openly declare they are really democrats in costume. Look at Romney!! What a total jerk that boy is.

  12. I understand all the above comments are well intended; however, negative leads to anger,
    and how can we transform that energy into positive action?
    I’ll bet many readers would like to take action, but are not sure how (without putting $$$ into
    every donation request)
    At least those on 1/6 were putting their energies into a worthwhile venture, only to have the left silence them!! I hope that Trump (or Repubs) can remedy before 2024 or someone with proven solutions can come on board.

    1. P.Wadsworth
      I agree with your statement however with the Rep. deadheads we have in Congress
      ( I counted 24 just from the e-mail today) It will be astonishing if we have a Nation by 2024
      or more likely a satellite of CCP. That is when the Deadhead Rep.s will finally wake up
      look around with their dumb expression’s and say with all POLITICAL AUTHORITY “What Happened”.WHERE DID THE USA GO. DO I still have a JOB?? Somehow we need
      these lame brain parasites to act before 2022 and hope and pray that is not too late.

  13. sometimes things are not all ROSY. it takes moxy to stand up and say enough is enough. the pearl clutching does nothing. sometimes righteous anger can accomplish something. I am for action, not reaction. being steadfast can get things done. volunteer at the polls for this next midterm. offer to help wherever you can. sign up new republican voters in your area. that is how you overcome this mess we are in at present. write letters to your representatives and congressmen, your governor. let them know your ideas to conquer what is going on. at least feel like you are trying to help out.

  14. You can go back into history with all this! It was the DEMOCRAT WHO PUSH FOR THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES! No, it had nothing to do with slavery! Believe all you want too! First slave was brought by a black Mississippi farmer. First slave sold was from AFRICA TRIBE KING! But the southern farmer did created them well. Even work in the field along side them. HISTORY BOOK WERE PUBLISHED BY NORTHERN PUBLICATIONS! Telling a different story about our Southern history! CAN ANYONE SAY ALL WAS A LIES? What started the war between the states was the NORTHERN DID NOT WANT TO PAY THE PRICE OF FOOD FROM THESE SOUTHERN STATE. SO THE SOUTHERN STATE STARTED SELLING THEIR CROP AND COTTON TO FRENCH, ENGLAND, AND OTHER FOREIGN COUNTRY! These DEMOCRAT got LINCOLN ( REPUBLICANS) to do something about it! Because they COULD NOT SURVIVE IN THE COLD WINTER WITHOUT ANY FOOD! So LINCOLN fired the FIRST SHOT on Fort SUMTER! All you have to do is look at how TODAY IS PLAYING OUT BY THESE BLUE STATE! They know they can’t survive without the SOUTHERN STATE TAXES DOLLARS! Due to WASTEFUL SPENDING BY THE DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR IN THESE STATE!

  15. goes to show both Dems the south end of a jackazz and Republican RHINOS” in general all work together, sign a bill before we know what is in it PELOSI; OBAMA? pas infrastructure when a clear draft has not been presented? another PELOSI scam ion my opinion? NO rent, and paid high unemployment, the BIDEN JAB he can stick up his, or well where the sun does not shine? hundred of thousands infected crossing the border with no repercussions, logical bill to pass with trillions stop property taxes for home owners beings our gov is not working for the people, Pay off all Mortgages for homes owned by the people that continue to pay when renters have not, close the door on all in office Dems and Republicans never to hold office again and select a government for the people by the people and escort the communist and Nazis and foreigners out of their homes and offices and send them back to their own countries and hope someone sinks their ship and delete their bank accounts to include overseas accounts, we the people need to take our country back from the mongers that left their countries because of communist supressions all my opinion oh yea get rid of the FBI and GBI and 3 letter agencies including IRS, i approve this message Randall


  17. Trump has always been right when called a liar by politicians and the mainstream propaganda media. The Democrat Party is communistic. The communists took it over decades ago. Sadly, it still contains some people who don’t know this and that’s why people still vote for them. I believe Biden, Pelosi, & Schumer are beginning to wake some of them up. As far as RINOs are concerned, they think they are the real republicans. However, they have been duped and no longer have common sense. They do need to exit the party so we can Make America Great Again.


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