Trump Supporters Arrested for the Capitol Protest Get Their First Bit of Good News

The prosecutors hoping to imprison Trump supporters for eternity over the January 6 Capitol kerfuffle are turning out to be blessedly incompetent. That’s a good thing for Trump supporters, since not a single Republican in Congress is willing to stick their neck out for their own base.

When was the last time you saw a Republican speak out about the injustice of holding Trump supporters without bail? Oh, right. That hasn’t happened yet. Not once. Fortunately, the prosecutors seem to be blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome and they’re making serious blunders that jeopardize some of their cases.

In fairness, one Republican Senator has said something that was sort of, almost, just-about-but-not-really kind toward the Capitol protesters. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-MN) made headlines when he pointed out that he wasn’t really worried for his own safety on January 6. He didn’t believe the Capitol protesters were going to hurt anyone. It’s not like they were BLM or Antifa. Naturally, that caused a few media heads to explode, since you’re supposed to only refer to the protesters as “dangerous armed insurrectionists of sedition, treason and nefarious calumny.”

But other than Sen. Johnson, every other Republican Senator from Ted Cruz to Mitt Romney has insulted and slandered Donald Trump’s supporters because they delayed a meeting. Drama queen Ben Sasse (R-NE) whined that the “sacred” Capitol “has been desecrated. Blood has been spilled in the hallways.”

Yeah. That would be the blood of Ashley Babbitt, the San Diego housewife who traveled across the country to hear President Trump speak at the rally and got murdered for her efforts.

Mitch McConnell called the protest a “failed insurrection.” With friends like Mitch, it’s a good thing the prosecutors are overzealous and incompetent.


James Caldwell is a retired Navy veteran who needs assistance to move around. Prosecutors have been trying to throw the book at him, despite the fact that he didn’t hurt anyone or destroy anything on January 6 at the Capitol. They claimed in charging documents that Caldwell was a leader of the “Oath Keepers” – a Second Amendment fundraising group that’s often portrayed in the media as a “militia.”

One of Caldwell’s friends sent him a message via Facebook on January 6th that stated: “All members are in the tunnels under capital. Seal them in. Turn on gas.”

That’s obviously a joke. You can say that it’s tasteless, but it’s still a joke. Caldwell wasn’t going to wheel himself down into the Capitol basement, for one thing, and there’s no “gas” to turn on to poison members of Congress if they evacuate to those tunnels for their own safety. But prosecutors tried to use that obvious joke to show that Caldwell was a dangerous Oath Keeper, and even argued that Caldwell’s friend who made the joke should be imprisoned for it.

In a hearing on Caldwell’s case, prosecutors were forced to admit that the wheelchair-bound retired Navy veteran is not technically a dues-paying member of Oath Keepers or a leader of the group. But he had signed up for their email newsletters!

They also admitted that they had no evidence that Caldwell entered the Capitol building on January 6. A tiny bit of good news: The judge finally released Caldwell to home confinement, noting, “There’s evidence here that I think is favorable to Mr. Caldwell.”

The case against the QAnon shaman, Jacob Chansley, is also falling apart. He’s the gentleman in the buffalo horns who sang a song to bless the Senate chambers and then prevented other protesters from stealing muffins in the break room. Prosecutors have finally admitted they have no evidence that Chansley actually wanted to kidnap and/or assassinate any Members of Congress.

Prosecutors have also been trying to imprison a member of the Proud Boys named Ethan Nordean since the January 6 events. The US Attorney’s office argued that Nordean was leading the insurrection on January 6th and instructed others to bring weapons to storm the Capitol. They even claimed that Nordean used an encrypted messaging system to coordinate the actions of his underlings as they “assaulted our democracy.”

That sounds pretty amazing, except for the fact that Nordean is not a leader of the Proud Boys. Oh, and his cell phone carrier provided documentary evidence to the court that Nordean’s cell phone died on the morning of January 6, before the protests started. He wasn’t able to recharge his cell phone until that evening when he got back to his hotel. Not only was he not sending “encrypted” messages to coordinate things – he wasn’t sending messages at all because he couldn’t. Fortunately, the judge has denied prosecutors’ requests to send Nordean to the gulag with the other peaceful protesters.

It’s remarkable that prosecutors have been so willing to flat-out lie and make things up out of thin air to imprison Donald Trump’s supporters. But it’s even more remarkable that no Republican in Congress has had the courage to speak out against these kangaroo prosecutions.

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52 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Arrested for the Capitol Protest Get Their First Bit of Good News”

  1. Apparently, these people (republicans also) believe none of will remember this next year in November!! Pretty sure I will.

    1. Harris in CALIFORNIA, released criminals, illegals, felons riot people paid for their bale. and gangs members
      What’s he going to do with the 600 + criminal that crossed the borders? Probably already in motels.
      God Bless America

      1. We need to stop rewarding these illegals just talk to immigrants they are not at all happy about letting illegals in to the US illegally they know what type of illegals many of them are just wanting the US to hand them every thing we can’t even take care of our own children and citizens it’s just away for Democrats to get their votes illegally If they are going to be come citizens they can’t be burdens on our system and must learn English and speak it this is America we for the most part don’t know other languages and it can be intimidating to us stop rewarding them for being in unAmerican Democrats how stupid do you think we are giving them our jobs is wrong giving them free health care college and passing them threw Iv seen it done they are passed threw the colleges and can’t do the work we don’t do that for our own citizens I use to vote Democrat Never again so they can keep our wages down and ruin our country Nancy Polisi let them live in your neighborhood you take care of them stop burdening Americans with your corruption

        1. Agree with u. This border situation is a threat to public health and safety. Put them on planes at take them back. Biden is so incompetent to be president it is sickening. About the George Floyd trial. I can’t believe the way the court house is being protected , because the thugs that don’t like the verdict will riot and destroy the city. The authorities have to start taking lethal force. Enough is enough. It seems like BLM and antifa are the new police in this country. It is disgusting, 1 – 2 billion in damages from the riots over the summer, the worst in history. This bs has to stop.

    2. We will never forget! They have invited us to destroy their careers because they are nothing but parasites!

        1. If you lock up the victims and jail them then none of the BLM Black Supremicists can harm them- except for the MS13 “children” .. those poor 17 and 18 year old male gang members.

        2. Anti fa and blm are Nothing more than crazy thugs, who need to be going to jail for ever , there worthless people

    3. These were a handful of people that were infiltrated by George Soros communists thugs.
      I will be sure never vote for the these silly, demonic democrat’s that think it is just fine and dandy to set up encampments and take over cities, lock people inside a federal building and try to burn it down. Burning and looting apparently is just fun , setting fire to a church in DC is another acting out, attacking police, destroying police cars and citizens autos, that is just fine ! attacking people with skate boards, just a peaceful active. Shooting people in there filthy encampments and letting the die just more acting out. BLM and antifa are fascists thugs bought and paid for by George Soros , Nancy Pelosi , Obama, and all the other socialists/communists freaks of the democratic party.

      1. BLM really on paper are a home grown terrorist group. There leaders made many STATMENTS” IF WE DON’T GET WHAT WE WANT THERE WILL BE NO PEACE”. Any level headed person knows that is a terroristic threat. BLM and the thugs are getting away with crimes , it seems like the authorities are afraid of them. What happen to law and order?

    4. Republicans are running true to form, the cowards aren’t doing anything except kissing D’s tail. Not only lawmakers but all of us.

    5. Let’s have a real and true investigation. The people responsible are Pelosi and those responsible for providing security. They refused the national guard and it wasn’t because of optics. The got the results they wanted for the Capitol uprising so they could blame Trump. They don’t mind the Capitol fencing now or the optics. We know their real motive so let’s hold those who were truly responsible. A true investigation. Tired of the BS going on.

    6. I thought the Democrats were against posting bail and all in favor of releasing people on their own recognisance after they were arrested.

    7. The 2022 election will be a cleansing effort. So much voter remorse exists along with a pent up desire to remove RINOS, a monumental shift toward conservative correction will result. All the bad actors ordered the fence around the People’s House and destroyed the fence around the People’s Country. This paradoxical and hypocritical logic will be righted.

  2. Blatant idiots! Socialist Biden gang have never arrested anyone without bond BLM and ANTIFA criminals that destroy citizen properties??
    The WH CONGRESS ARE OF NO USE TO CITIZENS …A BUNCH OF CROOKS… compared to American shop holders and private homes which the back bone of our country??
    The incarceration of this GOP supporters is out of line and reeks of Marxist ill will!!!

  3. I hope people realize now that these few democrats,no socialists, no communists in Washington are trying to lock up your money,possessions and anything else that denotes individual freedom and completely socialize/ communize this United States! They are not democrats and they will lie cheat and steal to achieve their communist agenda!!!!!!! We cannot let this happen!!!!!! Your children and their children will pay a heavy price! Vote them out of office in 2022 and 2024!!! Your freedom depends on it!!!!!

      1. Yes AMEN!……..BUT, How can you vote these criminal Communists Out when they have perfected Fraudulent ballad harvesting in Their favor???

        1. A good question. Ballot harvesting is only one of the many different types of vote fraud the Democrats have employed in the last election. Many of ballots cast for Trump were destroyed by ballot counters. Many blank ballots were filled out by ballot counters, showing votes for only Joe Biden and no other candidates. In many instances, ballots were counted after Republican election monitors were ordered to leave the counting rooms. Mail-in ballots were separated from the envelopes they came in. IN some cases, there were more “mail-in” ballots than there were “mail-in envelopes”. There were many examples of where the signatures on those mail-in ballots were of people who were no longer alive, no longer residents of the state and no longer residents of the counties in which they allegedly voted.

          Having succeeded in the vote fraud in the six swing states and “winning” the election, Democrats are now trying to institutionalize vote fraud under H.R. 1, a bill that has passed in the House with only Democrat votes. The bill has been sent to the Senate where the Democrats are now trying to change senate rules to eliminate the filibuster, making it possible to pass H.R. 1 with a simple 51 majority vote, instead of the 60 vote majority vote that a filibuster would require.

          Any Republican in the Senate who votes to remove, limit or change the filibuster rule should be voted out of the senate at the earliest possible moment.

  4. I’m shocked. Never realized this was going on. Knew the storming was a leftist agenda to put people off fighting for Trump. Didn’t happen. I come a third world country where lying, cheating and lawlessness is your everyday life. This I read shocks me out of my wits. This didn’t even happen in corrupt, godless South Africa

  5. “Oath Keepers” was the name first given to George Washington’s Volunteer Army who swore their “Oath.” From that time forward it is the name given to all who have sworn to uphold our Constitution by “Oath” in both Military and Public Office.

    1. This is the way I feel, these people put their freedom on the line to show how much they love this country. George Washington, John Hancock and Thomas Jefferson, not to mention a whole bunch of other founding fathers.

  6. Who can understand the work of the prosecutor’s office dealing with the November 6 case? They investigate the cases of people who were absolutely not involved in the attacks on the capitol and categorically refuse to deal with the murderers: – Guard Pelosi, who shot Republican Babbitt at point-blank range, and also – the killer of the man whom Pelosi suspected of stealing her laptop . They also refuse to investigate whether the deaths of three more peaceful protestors are linked to the name of Pelosi – why ?

  7. How long and what is it going to take for patriotic American to ditch social media. We lived for years without them why do people allow them to poison their lives? QUIT EN MASSE111111

  8. Only king biden can let them go. When hell freezes over. The king has spoken obey or pay the price. Censorship to all now.

  9. We need to get rid of the rhinos, we need good Republicans with the American dream policies before their own. Let’s get the Trump program back in full phase !“make America great again.”

  10. cockroaches breed we have to get rid of them in washington by voting them out of congress and the senate there are also a few republicans that need to go like murkasky and mcconnell with his sewer mouth against trump 2022 vote i can not think of the other republicans names to get rid of they vote for dems all the time i am sure you know who i am talking about do mot lose faith there is light at the end of the tunnel


  11. We need to get rid of demented Biden and all his handlers, including Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and all the rest of the idiots who are destroying this country snd the values and principles on which it stands. If we, don’t, in four years we will not have a country left to protect.

    1. Dr. You right Biden and his crew of crooks are ruining our great country Impeach Biden Harris Pelosi Schumer swalwell Cuomo now! God Bless you for standing up for the truth!


  12. Funny the DOJ hasn’t pursued the scum that wreaked havoc this past summer as they are the January 6th event!!!!

  13. BLM riots damages cost between 1-2 billion dollors. The worst in the history of the us. BLM riots were worst than rodney king and watts riots.

  14. The George Floyd trial, I don’t care if Floyd was white. My point is he had a criminal back ground 5 years in jail drug addict, heald a knife to a pregnant women’s belly
    Criminal make their our destiny. Floyd’s family got a civil settlement of 27 thousand dollars. REALLY
    Those poor officers lives are ruined over that scrum bag. The race card lives on.

  15. The January 6th capitol invasion was planned three weeks before it happened. The democrats worked with the D.C. police to move antifa and BLM into the front of the patriots who were supporting President Trump and they are the people who broke into the capitol. It was a huge SET UP by the democrats and it worked perfectly for them. The democrats and their completely owned press reported??? that it was the patriots who invaded the capitol when in fact it was antifa and BLM who led the charge into the capitol followed by some not too bright patriots. It was all a democrat SET UP and it worked perfectly.

  16. They need to put in a lawsuit of a billion trillion, and say NO demacrat can run for ANY government position or rep. Until it is 100 percent done and paid off. This includes dog catchers. This will drain all the funds demsrats have. ALL of their rights were destroyed so this party needs to pay it back. So each demacrat will loose everything. Paybacks are HELL

  17. The demoncreeps lied about the Trump supporters in DC. They sent in armed thugs from Antifa/BLM to break into the Capitol wearing Trump support clothing and carrying Trump signs. They pushed the young lady through the window and one of their Capitol thugs shot her to death. There were BLM/Antifa thugs visible on camera for all to see during this process and the authorities are doing nothing to them but they are lying and trying to prosecute Trump supporters. What are the Republicans doing, NOTHING!!! It is sickening to see such cowardess by our leaders!!
    Now we are being told of armed gangs of Antifa/BLM thugs in our cities carrying guns and other weapons’ to harm right wing demonstrators. What are the local police doing? Arresting the victims and telling us they are protecting them. Hogwash!! If any Antifa/ BLM thug comes after you and you are armed, protect your self, don’t shoot to wound, shoot to stop them. If you are unarmed then demand the police step up and protect you and your families!

  18. We are back to square one with the violence promoted by the democrats. Obama came into office as a Kenyan Born/Islamic US President without a dime to his name and left with over 100 million in the bank. I’d say his efforts to destroy American values and government were well-paid. BLM is another terrorist group that goes after our government and our ties to the Jewish people. We are bringing trials against certain police officers that have exceeded their authority, but turn our backs on massive destruction of cities and property by these terrorist groups and those politicians who refuse to speak out and stop this mayhem and injustice are a JOKE. The democratic socialists like Cortez, Pelosi, Shumer and others should truly be jailed for insurrection. What is bad is now good. Let’s stop fake news, big tech and the new world order set to destroy America and get out the BIBLE because our Lord, Jesus Christ, is coming!

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