Twitter Blocks Evidence of Voter Fraud by Labeling It Pornography

In the monumental Deep State effort to steal the 2020 election from President Donald Trump, many of the news anchors are claiming that there is no “evidence.” Anytime someone from President Trump’s legal team brings up more evidence, the anchors call it “hearsay” and claim there is “no evidence.” There is evidence. Some of it is concrete evidence based on a universally provable mathematical formula. But if you use the name of this mathematical law to try to share the information with others on social media, your post will be blocked by Twitter and labeled “adult sexual exploitation.”

The evidence of mass-scale Biden voter fraud is uncovered using a mathematical law called “Benford’s law,” named for physicist Frank Benford who first published the principle in 1938. Notice the name of the law.

It is not “Benford’s hope,” “Benford’s wishes,” “Benford’s dream” or “Benford’s burning desire for a pony for Christmas.”

It is Benford’s LAW. It’s called a mathematical law because it is just as well established and repeatable as any of Isaac Newton’s law of motion. As a mathematical proof, it is as accurate and recurring as 2+2=4. What does Benford’s law do?

The formula for Benford’s law allows a mathematician, scientist or accountant to use the distribution of first digits in a set of numbers to create a graph. In natural sets of data have not been tampered with, Benford’s law allows you to create a nearly identical graph every time.

Under Benford’s law, the numeral 1 appears as the first number much more commonly than each higher number. The numeral 1 will appear as the first digit in roughly 30% of all numbers, the numeral 2 appears about 17.6%, the numeral 3 appears in 12.5%, all the way down to the numeral 9 which appears as the first number about 5% of the time.

It sounds wild that this would produce a nearly identical graph every time (under natural circumstances), but it works. If you’re math-savvy enough, here’s the formula on Wikipedia and you can try it yourself.

If first digits do not produce a Benford graph in a set of data, it is positive proof that the data is false, and the numbers have been tampered with. When humans make up data, such as fraudulent votes in an election or numbers on an accounting spreadsheet, we distribute digits more uniformly. The end result is a wildly distorted graph.

Forensic accountants used Benford’s law to discover that Enron was committing fraud. Benford’s law has been used to check the accuracy of genome data in strands of DNA, to conduct pricing and macroeconomic analysis, and to determine that European Union fabricated economic data in order to trick Greece into entering the eurozone.

Benford’s law works for all sorts of applications, but it is especially useful in determining when election fraud has occurred. Benford’s law has been used in local, state and federal elections to prove that fraud occurred. And people who are crunching the numbers right now say that Joe Biden’s vote totals in multiple states do not produce an accurate Benford graph.

Benford’s law always works unless the numbers in a set of data have been tampered with by humans. Even in Washington, DC, where Joe Biden received 95% of the Swamp’s votes, Biden’s vote totals still produce an accurate Benford graph.

But in the big cities in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and other states, Joe Biden’s vote totals do not produce an accurate Benford graph. The numbers are not distributed correctly, because vote fraud took place.

And here’s a crazy one: Joe Biden’s vote totals in Chicago don’t produce an accurate graph. In other words, Biden lost Chicago – or Trump’s totals were high enough that they got nervous and fabricated a lot votes just to be on the safe side for Illinois.

The vote totals for Donald Trump, Kanye West, and the congressional House and Senate races in those states all produce accurate Benford graphs. Only Joe Biden’s vote totals produce a skewed graph. This is “evidence” of voter fraud which has been successfully used in local, state and federal elections in the past.

Facebook is now blocking all of its users from posting article’s about Benford’s law. Users can’t even post truncated links to the information. Twitter labels posts linking to Benford’s law as “adult sexual exploitation” and warns users that they can’t post sexual or intimate information against someone’s consent.

I’m pretty sure that’s not one of the applications of Benford’s law.

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121 thoughts on “Twitter Blocks Evidence of Voter Fraud by Labeling It Pornography”

  1. I Belie in Benford ‘s Law. Anything That Makes Sense, the Libels Can Not Believe. I Hope This Law is Used in This Situation !!

    1. If Bendord’s Law has been sucessfully used in other elections, why not now? It was reliable enough then. However, I’d be surprised if they allowed it to be used and went by the results. Government is to big and often corrupt when it suits them. Why vote if they are going to fix it so the voting isn’t fair? Does this sound like Venezuela?

        1. ???CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020 Elected/Reelected Landslides
          Amen & Amen???

      1. We need to stand up and make the politicians put laws in place that curb this fraud; and if they are against it, vote them out…..we cannot just sit back anymore; according to our constitution, they work for us

  2. With all that we have seen this year, that is from the main stream media, Democrat (pointing fingers, when they are pushing there believes), openly allow America ?? to be destroyed and calling in a peaceful rally. It does not surprise me, what does surprise me is that none of these American haters are locked up.

    1. I am sick to my stomach of the communists who own Facebook, (Fleecebook) and Twit ter and of the turning of the “news’ into left wing Propaganda, The crowds are cheering the same way as they did when Adolf Hitler took control, when Lenin/Stalin asserted control over the czar, and when the lying Castro took over and in the end the people got screwed, More people have died by the murderous Stalin than were killed in the bloody battles against Nazi Germany, As Killary Hillary stated; “The dem voters are the dumbest people on the face of the earth.

        1. Nancy Pigosi has vested interest in the company who has most of the voting machines, just this should make you wonder & worry!!

      1. Want to know how dumb is dumb! When people are so blind that they vote to make themselves slaves. That is what blacks have say they are fighting, then they vote for a demonicrat that wants nothing more than to make them slaves. Then you have really stupid whites that run around in black face telling blacks they have to vote for slavery, to be free. Now does that make sense. here is the way to figure it out. If you want to be a slave vote for any demonicrat, if you want to be free vote for anyone else. It is that simple.

      2. I guess the next thing we have to worry about, us Republicans or conservatives, is when is the Democratic Socialist Communist government going to start gas Chambers for us like they did the Jews. They feel that we are as Despicable so it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t attempt to do this. They’re acting like the Nazis did back in the thirties

      3. Are the gas Chambers next for us Republicans and conservatives? It wouldn’t surprise me, the Democratic party is acting like the Nazis did.

        1. I agree with the Nazi Gas chambers being next. I voted for Trump in Michigan and something is way wrong in the Democrat run states.

  3. What does it say about people who, literally, live for the ‘eye of the camera’ but refuse to accept the “ex videre” (from seeing), evidence that the digital camera with the proof of date/time groups on every video or photo affirms? Pictures, now, have dates! If we all refuse to be blackmailed, the same right must be accorded to, perhaps, presidential candidates. After all, in a world of nuclear warheads, what good would a president be who did not refuse to be blackmailed?

    1. I am sick to my stomach of the communists who own Facebook, (Fleecebook) and Twit ter and of the turning of the “news’ into left wing Propaganda, The crowds are cheering the same way as they did when Adolf Hitler took control, when Lenin/Stalin asserted control over the czar, and when the lying Castro took over and in the end the people got screwed, More people have died by the murderous Stalin than were killed in the bloody battles against Nazi Germany, As Killary Hillary stated; “The dem voters are the dumbest people on the face of the earth.

      1. I suggest that all conservatives move to Parler. The lose of 70 million clickers will hurt Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Change your search engine from Google, to something that doesn’t scew search results, against conservatives sites. It will hurt their bottom line, and their stock ratings. Any demonicrats that are disillusioned, can follow, just leave your demonic ideology behind.

    1. You are absolutely correct. The Dems & the Left are playing the game of “The Emperor has no Clothes” where everyone pretends that it is not Hitlers who is coming but a 2nd Santy Claus

  4. IF it works use it, Bite me is already talking about dismantling all of the Trump efforts to heal this country by executive order, WHY JOEY I like having some extra money left over every month after I pay bills, and I don’t have the Chinese to back me up

    1. Biden said ; if you have extra money, how did I miss it. I need it to give to illegals. You don’t mind a little hard ship, to help a neighbor in need, even if your kids go hungry. So if you have extra cash you must send it to me right away, or I will have to send the police to get it.

  5. “If you think exploiting the U.S. Justice Department to target political opponents isn’t troubling enough – and a salvo against our nation’s two-party system – the mainstream media, saturated with political activists masquerading as journalists, was in on the Russiahoax, gleefully disseminating fictitious lies and conspiracy theories in an attempt to take down a duly elected president. It is becoming increasingly obvious to millions of Americans that the Democratic Party, aided and guided by the so-called “mainstream” media, is out to destroy the presidency of a legitimately elected candidate –Donald J. Trump – and they are willing to take the entire country down if it means they can regain power. Mueller was part of the team. The evidence is clear: Barack H. Obama, John O. Brennan, James R. Clapper, Hillary R. Clinton, John D. Podesta, Michael J. Morrell, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Jim Rybicki, Andrew McCabe, Jim Baker, Michael Kortan, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Bruce & Nellie Ohr, Susan Rice, Ciaramella and Schiff, and other US officials and Democratic Party operatives colluded to prevent a victory and conspired to commit sedition and an attempted coup.”

    1. The fake news will not be happy with a socialist government. Under a socialist government there will be only one news agency, owned and controlled by the socialist government. They will not need all of the reporters, editors, journalists, hosts, or commentators. They will love being slaves just like the rest of us. They will be proud of what they have done.

      You know! come to think about it, they wont even need networks, or the owners, board of directors. the government can take all of their money and they will be slaves too. From the tale of Riches to Rags.

    2. I am Lawyer & a former U.S. Marine Officer, (who served at the pentagon level) state unequivocally that there is a criminal conspiracy to overthrow President Donald Trump & cheat in the elections with no care about the long term effects upon this once great country.

    3. Right on avatar. If you research the records will show you who owns 75% of the media i:e: newspapers, you will find that he is a very strong Democrat and doesn’t mind contributing boocoos to the democratic party. All isn’t in dollars,a lot of the contributing has to do with the media. They are having an order or directive, if you would rather call it that, through slanted innuendos to make it favorable to the democratic candidates.

  6. Democrats are trying to steal our vote.
    Don’t let them . Please keep up the fight.
    What we do now will Define us for the years to come. Show the Democrats show the world the American spirit is still alive and well in the Republican Party. I’ve deleted my Twitter just like I stopped watching socialist news. I cannot stress this enough you only get one chance to vote out communism. Once to it’s in place that right will be gone.

    1. Sadly James, the world has been watching the published reporting on this “election” and its associated drivel.
      As I understand it, World Opinion has now reached consensus – the USA will reap the insanity it promotes and proclaims as “American”.
      All those RINO’s who have demonstrated their personal treason to allow the “democrats” to reach this insane state will have the rest of their shortened lives to understand the meaning of the word “HONOUR” and “INTEGRITY” – they clearly comprehend the concept of TREASON and SEDITION !
      SOmebody PLEASE label the “Nuclear Button” VERY clearly so Joe does not mistake it for “Call Concierge !”

      1. Label it the call HRC button, call Hillary in case of emergency. But HRC will be on vacation, so leave message at the tone, will return call in three months.

    1. Everyone that can go to washington to protests to save our president can’t let anti Americans control our country,it’s going to be bad.

    2. C. I don’t believe Joe Biden will be anybody’s president! When the Ukraine, Russia and China stories become REAL NEWS, I think many of the Biden family will fall ‘flat on their faces’!

      1. Exactly why we need to make sure Trump is president as we have voted him to be. So the investigation to the bidens and don’t forget Nancy Pelosi son which conveniently has been left out of any talks in the past 6 months are prosecuted for the traitors that they are. Trump will win but it’ll never be easy for Trump to do his job. Turn your back on big Tech turn your back on big media because they have turned your back on you. We deserve to hear what the president has to say. Big Tech and big media are guilty of election interference I hope after this election some laws are put into place. So this doesn’t happen again. Also the election process needs to be changed so we never have to face the disgrace of having to do this again. You are the most meaningful

        1. What scares the bejeezus out of me is that Harris will get in when Mr. Joey resigns, which I believe is the plan
          formulated before the election. Then we will really be in trouble.

        1. You are typical of the most idiot Dem voters described by Killary Hillary as the ‘Dumbest People on the planet” You have no legal knowledge of the wide spread criminal conspiracy to turn this country into a communist country, You are like a lot of the late night hosts who laugh at their own jokes. You fit “Dumb as a Rock”

        2. I ‘m not sure. why dont we put biden in one and check it out?????? you are an idiot, and I fervently hope this Chinese demented old pedophile robs you of everything you have. …. you are a traitor and a cheat. can you pass a mirror and feel good about yourself??? you are the kid who had to have a trophy even tho you weren’t good enough to earn one.

      2. He may not be president but if he is in a position of power, he may do enough damage, to wreck everyone’s life. He is insane enough to do this, and his buddies will help him. He should be made to take a mental fitness test, before he can take office. He has refused to take any kind of test, which leads me to believe that he has a problem that he wants to conceal.

  7. I am totally bewildered and floored by lawbreakers not being stopped and prosecuted in our country today. It is found you broke the law , they label it as fraud or whatever the case, and just go on. A couple of cases in point is the rioting and destroying other peoples property and turning their backs unless someone fights back , then the ones that fight back are considered law breakers. Then voter fraud is labeled voter fraud but ignored as if it didn’t happen. Then more proof, then ignore that.
    I just never thought I’d see the day in this country when such blatant breaking of the law would not be addressed as what it is and pushed under the carpet.

    1. It’s called the “Deep State”. The people behind the scenes who really rule this Country. They do what they want to just like the “Federal Reserve”.

    2. It is sickening that they are trying to shove all of their propaganda down our throats. I am also insulted that the dumbocrats think that the American people are that stupid to believe their BS. Just because the MSM says it is so, we don’t believe you! You insult the intelligence of those of us who have common sense and don’t drink the Koolaid of the Democratic Party. They are not even smart about their cheating. If you’re going to cheat in the election, you don’t dump thousands of illegal ballots and not make one for President Trump. Should at least make it look good and give him a few to cover up your tracks.

    3. Best response is to be behind the plated glass windows when they are broken and they rush into your store that they run into a hail of gunfire set up like a great Marine Ambush. Then the riots will stop…..As Wyatt Earp said in “Tombstone”……”You tell ’em I am coming……..!!” and Doc Halliday said to the Dem, Johnny Ringo, as he tried to back out of the duel Johnny thought he was going to be having with Wyatt: Doc said, “Why, Johnny, you look like somebody just walked over your grave…………”

    4. Law breakers are law makers that are protected by laws that the law makers pass to protect themselves. Only in America can this happen. Law makers that can pass laws to protect themselves from accountability to the people. This should not have happened.
      We the people need to add amendment to the constitution, that law makers can not pass any laws that would make them unaccountable to the people, or make them immune to the law. This needs to be done immediately.

  8. John Solomon just reported that Zuckerberg gave approx. 350 million to Election Judges which is ILLEGAL, they are now investigating it. Yet, he told Congress he is unbiased!

    1. Mark Zuckerberg should have a Nanny and a conservator, cuz he is an idiot other than his technical brilliance and he is a BLATANT COMMUNIST without a brain other than figuring out computers he has NO MORAL COMPASS.

      1. Suckerberg fell out of bed one morning, hit his head on the night stand, fell in a bucket of sh!t, made a billion dollars. Now he thinks that he is a genius. All he ever did was start a media company, then hire a bunch of real genius’s to work for him. If that is being a genius then I am Jack the Ripper Offer. Suckerberg is a communist idiot, that has been suckered into stupidity. He is a member in bad standing of the GTLC ( Group Think Losers Club ), or as you call it the Woke Generation.

  9. maybe cause Biden was used as a way of giving Obama a third term, not even dems know he is not mentally fit to be president, someone has to pull his strings, when his wife is not by his side when he makes weird mistakes and is confused big time, demand testing, if he really is mentally fit, why would he not want to prove that he is, chances are he wouldn’t be

  10. I am constantly and continually amazed at the treachery and corruption in our government–from the top through all the lower levels. We need to erase and start all over, and start erasing from the top now. What sense does it make to elect a person to our highest office who has 4 decades of documented corruption in government, plus has recently demonstrated senility and lack of awareness. It doesn’t make sense: Unless you are a party to the treachery. President Trump Persevere!

  11. The agency will investigate…there will be no evidence of voter fraud. That result will be the real porn. Ad we will not even “get a kiss”.

  12. I very much dislike fake news media !!! All of them folks if u really want good reliable news and it’s a free app on your phone it’s Newsmax !! It’s great at least they don’t cut people off when they get to the point !!! It’s on TV as well !!! Fake news media you people are done !!! All of course you guys are or think you’re running the country B/S !!!! Hey Mr. Wallace why don’t you report on your trips to kiddie island with ebpstien and Clinton!!! That’s the stories that real Americans need to hear !!! U go Mr. Wallace your a perv too !!!!

    1. Amen to that Rodney Waters. all the dems are crooked!!!! And now all the news people are so crooked.You cant believe any thing they tell you. PRESIDENT TRUMP NEEDS TO NEVER GIVE UP!!

    2. I guess FOX will be joining the rest of the fake news.
      Don’t know how long it will keep the conservative news hosts, people like Hannity, Tucker, Waters, Ingram, Bartiromo. I heard that they letting Judge Jeannie go, and maybe others. So they will be losing their conservative base, and their standing as an unbiased news source. FOX will lose their following, and ratings. It wont be long till FOX is gone.

  13. All votes in question of fraud and tampering and delivered after the polls closed and Magically appeared must’ve been Systematically planned and delivered to the polling places where Trump had aSignificant lead? Then there’s the four hour gap and theses Magically Biden ballots appears which puts Biden taken the lead from Trump. There’s is no way that out of hundred thousand ballots not a single vote for trump? Then there’s three hundred thousand ballots with the same results? This is mathematically impossible and those ballots must be considered invalidated if there’s is any Improprieties exist and Fraud and tampering is apparent The polling supervisors and the volunteers must be be held accountable and subpoenaed to appear before a senate Judicial committee. To see if prosecution should happen? Which put the electorate college votes in THOSES questionable states be held up until theses allegations are to be proven true or faults?

  14. Well dear peoples we are in fact united in the belief that these Dems, Commies, Elietists whatever you want to call them are trying to push us out and subjugate this country. We need to demand another election, with both partys present for the count and in person only, with the exception of the deployed military. Rallies showed no Dem support for either Biden or Harris, 16 people, 6 people 30 people showed up for Obama, thousands showed up for Trump, the vote is not accurate. In the dark of the night when needed, 90,000 votes appeared in both Wisconsin and Michigan. The 12% insermountable lead in Pennsylvannia evaperated by magic. BULL,BULL,BULL. The dead people voted in Nevada, theState sent out absentee balots to everyone even if they didn’t request them. The lady in Michigan on camera is filling out ballots and stamping them in plain sight-HELLOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do no fold , do not waver, support the only good guy in the the damn town.

  15. I am shocked that the American people allowed this bs to happen. No guts or brains at all Now they will want the hard working people to come to the rescue
    Make your bed. Lie in it. No sympathy from me

  16. I wonder if Bill Clinton came up with the child pornography block on the election as fraudulent evidence wtf will theses socialists think of as there next excuse !!!! I’am sure it will be another fake one just like the fake news they think there in control now !!!! What idiots !!!! God doesn’t like ugly !!!! Real good news don’t watch the fake news anymore !!! Watch NEWSMAX !!! U can get on your phone app free and watch it on TV get away from fake news !!! Let the evils watch the other evils on the fake news media !!! God’s blessed people we the people will turn to NEWSMAX !!! Have fun u fake media’s !!!!!!!!!

    1. I think that the conservative hosts on FOX should apply for jobs on OAN or Newsmax, before they are fired, they have been good for FOX and will make good ratings for them. I would not wait to get hurt, hurt FOX first. FOX is abandoning conservatives, so conservatives will need a new home, to good unbiased news.

  17. We qre being ‘bam-buzled’ by a grtoup that used the samer methodolgy against us for the past 8-years. the mathemtical possibility of vote counts do not make sense and totally violate
    Benford’s Law. The blooming idiots we have feeding us ground b.s. on most TV and radio shows could not pass a SAT for college today. PLEASE AMERICA WAKE UP WE ARE BEING BAMBUZZELED BY A SOCIALIST BUNCH OF MORONS, WHO CONTINUALLY REPAT THE SAME LINE OF B.S. WHAT HAPPENED IN THIS ELECTION WILL BE THE NORM TO COME!!!!

  18. If election fraud is found there will be nothing done it will all be a wash. This country is in skid mode and I’m afraid there is no reverse, God have mercy on us all.

  19. We need to redo the entire election. I can’t believe how much cheating the Dems have done. I can’t believe how low they have gone to steal the election.

    1. These are not dems these are demonicrats ( communists ), and they don’t care who gets hurt. all they want is to destroy our way of life. They think freedom means free, are they in for a surprise. Nothing in life is free, not even freedom, been paying for it since 1776 in blood.
      So much for the woke generation, let me know when they wake up. It most likely wont be before they make slaves of themselves, and their kids. Can’t tell them anything, they already know it all. Every generation makes mistakes for the next generation to fix. So what will this woke generation screw up, that their kids will have to fix. They think they wont????

  20. I have read the Benford’s Law dissertation & your Comments with equal interest, and I have a question for you:
    How many of you are Veterans who fought for America and perhaps even sacrificed life & limb for our Freedom?
    When he invariably loses, which he will because the Enemy and their resources are too great, how many of you will fight both for our President and for the Freedom that we will lose if the Deep State imposter Biden is allowed to take office, and risk life & limb on the streets of what is still our Country rather than being mere “Keyboard Warriors” on Social Media?

    I WILL. I have nothing left to lose but my Life and my Freedom.
    Any others?

  21. Lie-beral DEMONocrats…the syndicate of fake, hate, negate, ingrate, denigrate, degenerate, agitate, instigate, segregate, separate, isolate, desecrate (Bible burning), depopulate (abortions), and D O M I N A T E ! All for the love of money.


    1. well I am a pissed off angry old woman who backed Trump financially for the duration of his campaign. This election is just plain disgusting. when I literally saw 96 miles of Trump supporters in Nevada in their cars supporting Trump. Now we see that Biden Won Nevada! that’s just total lies. 96 miles of cars supporting Trump and cars then a loss of votes??? That’s just rotten and I don’t believe it for one minute.

      1. it was Arizona not Nevada but the results were the same. Many retirees demonstrated for Trump plus
        hundreds of Young Trump supporters.

  23. This methodology I believe was co-ordinated by foreign actors in the main. It is too sophisticated in manyways to be domestic. In other ways too openly stupid but if you were unaware of the American thought processes this would not be a concern. Whatever the final result, the American people need to have confidence in the electoral system. Not all Democrats are wild and radically left; I recall meeting senators and congress people 30 years ago and whilst they were to the left of my stance they were not wild and radical. Should the evidemce show and then it be proven that DJT was actually successful, there remains the question of what next. The left wing radical groups such as ANTIFA, BLM and all the multifarious groups which have grown up have made it clear they will use civil insurrection to achive the result they want. Will America give in to this blackmail?.

    1. You are right!!! This was coordinated by a group of noncitizen known as the global elites. A Group of filthy rich people that want to rule the world, that think they are better than and know better than you. They think that you should be their slaves, because they are smarter than you because they have more money than you, so they are geniuses, and have a god given right to rule over you. Ops! Forgot they don’t believe in god. They don’t believe in the America that made them what they are. They would betray that, that made them great, not omnipotent. They will not wake up until the bullets are flying around them, and it is their homes that are burning. This will not take armies, these days it is better done with many small groups, with the weapons’ that are available today. Make them live in fear, then you will be free.

  24. Everyone is going to for social media on November 13th. Also asking people to stop watching fake media stations. Email the Supreme Court and demand an investigation of this election. Here’s how: at bottom of page find “contact us”, look for “public information office”. Fill out. Subject: “We the people need to be heard”. In comment section: I voted for Trump/Pence 2020 election and we demand a full investigation of this election!”

    1. Hey Dennis Summer. You identify your quality by your remark which is typical of the lowest element of the socialists!

    2. No such thing as social media, they are nothing but bitch sites, all anybody does on them is bitch about whatever is making their nuts itch at the moment. Or maybe they decided they don’t like someone’s tweet. They are just bitching to hear themselves cry. Just best to ignore.

  25. Shut TWITTER down – PERMANENTLY. Don’t forget to put the CEOs in FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON as well – PERMANENTLY (GITMO and LEAVENWORTH will be FINE). One THOROUGHLY Enlightened And ENRAGED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  26. This surprised who? The DNC rigged their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election in 2016 to steal the nomination from the winner, Bernie Sanders, and giving it to Hillary Clinton, then, after cheating just to get to run against Trump, she lost! How stupid is she? Cheating and still losing? Not Presidential Material! LOL
    The Democrats are so, pathetic, they cheated their asses off, it was blatant! Who could possibly be surprised by this? Biden, Obama, HRC, MCCABE, Comey, all faced prison terms if Trump won, they weren’t going to let that happen! President Trump, from day-1 was one man against everything the United States Of America’s Government threw at him, and he beat them! He went up against the Deep State and whipped their ass! The best POTUS ever, and a non-politician, in bed with no one!

    1. The DNC rigged their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election in 2020, to make sure that Sanders did not win for the second time. Biden had to run to keep from being jailed for his Ukraine and China crimes, things were getting to hot in the Ukraine, so he threw his hat in the ring to keep out of jail.
      The DNC rigged the election to keep Trump out of office, The DNC is a communist organization, not the dems on the street, at least not most. When they say it’s free, ask what’s it cost.

  27. History will show that the DNC is a criminal organization, who is so pathetic, they knowingly supported a Constitutionally-ineligible, glorified hood rat, foreign born, Chicago marinated community organizer, aka Communist, that Bill Ayers father, put through Harvard! The storied FBI, was corrupted by this gay-bath-house regular, chicken-head, cocaine sniffing, hood rat, with the gift of gab, that the Bilderberg’s directed, MSM fawned over, as he did his best to destroy America from within, for the unelected leader of the DNC, billionaire dual-citizen, George Soros!
    The biggest coup attempt ever perpetrated on the citizens of America! The most disgusting, treasonous, traitors, ever assembled against America, the putrid, criminal, DNC! That bat-shit-crazy, Speaker of the fiasco, descendants of slavery, America hating, racists, along with Muslims, and socialists, House Of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, humiliated herself in front of the world as she strutted herself around, spewing hatred for the President Of The United States Of America!

      1. The DNC is controlled by foreign actors that want foreigners in positions of power with in the DNC, so they put noncitizens in the DNC, then they think they can run for office, even though they are not eligible to run for office. They think that they don’t have to vet them because they are in the DNC organization, but that does not make them eligible.

  28. the democrats have been planing ways to take over since president trump was elected.i think the big plan is to get Kamala Harris as president & have Biden removed for incompetence!

  29. The Citizens of the United States Of America, the backbone of the free world, the bill payers, and the victims of tyranny, by the criminal organization DNC, are the ones who have to pay for the bipolar, spendabolic, imbecilic, politicians who take their taxes and make themselves rich! The $40 Trillion in debt, out of touch, lawless, con-artists, that make up the United States Government, with zero, term-limits, have made slaves out of the working class Americans! They party, live in mansions, eat the best food, drive the best cars, and send their pathetic excuse for human-beings, offspring, to the finest educational institutions in the world, as the bill payers children, struggle to get through over priced state colleges, because their parents are struggling to live week to week!
    As if that isn’t enough, the government lies to us, cheats us, and brow beats us, lecture us, tell us what we can, and can’t do, until, an election rolls around, then they need us! Hell is not sufficient punishment for those wretched, sorry, sons of mother fuckers! I am so disappointed in my fellow citizens, for sitting on their hands, and taking this abuse, when we should be at war, to take back the power, from those imps that look down their powder filled noses at us! We are a nation of cowards!

  30. Republicans deserted Trump and have no fight in them. I say we start a new party, call it the American Party. We need to fight the establishment of both parties currently in place.

  31. Prove me wrong! I swear to the lord above, that if 100 of my fellow citizens, have the heart to stand up, and fight, I will be shoulder to shoulder with you, my brave, and fed-up brothers, and sisters, and I will die with you, fighting those God forsaken, criminals, that piss all over us, and tell us it’s raining! They lied, and stole this election, from a man who had the courage to do it right! They called him a racist, because they know how pitifully ignorant, the people who allow that lie, to rile them, and they attacked that good man, because he is not one they could manipulate!
    Dear God in Heaven, I pray that you bring your wrath against the treasonous, traitorous, putrid, atheist, criminal, DNC! Show them, and everyone else, that you are not only alive, but you are in control of this cesspool Country, and these manipulating criminals! In the name of Your Only Begotten Son, JESUS!

  32. My fellow Americans…
    It is readily-acknowledged that we are a Heavily-Divided nation, and both sides know the cause. The very History that the Liberals are trying so hard to Delete tells us what happens when a nation becomes so heavily-divided as it is now: Civil War. We are not fighting to preserve Slavery and Injustice; we remain on the side of Liberty, Justice, and true Freedom, and as a Nation, most of us were cheated out of the President that we truly Voted for, Donald J Trump. I did not Vote for Joe Biden, and neither did you. He is here at the whim of a political group bereft of Integrity or a shred of Moral Fiber, the unholy Democrats. This travesty must not stand. Conservatives must not allow themselves to be placated by any Kunbuya “come-together” speech from a false President. It is not our way to rape a woman and tell her “Sorry!” or “Sore Loser!” We must not stand for this obvious Injustice that seeks to be the Legacy for our children, and their children. When our true President has done all that he can to right this wrong and failed, we must give him our active support. On January 20th, the day as Joe Biden is Inaugurated as our False President, all of us true Americans must come together as one in a firm display of true American Patriotism. Show our Enemy that we can and will come together as Americans. Civil War, false President!
    Come together on the Battlefield. 

  33. I agree with all of your statements. however, I fear there are too few of us and we have passed our prime. we need young, fresh blood to carry on the fight. biden will never be my president and the California ho will never be either. I was raised to abhor evil and always to stand for what is right and good. in these last days, the devil and his minions have rule. I still cannot believe that men who do evil, admit their guilt, are not punished for it. why do we need judges? juries? if they are caught, no doubt guilty, lets just shoot them where they stand. that is the only deterrent to todays moral decline. make them wish like hell they could be arrested and judged by their peers. the Republican Party has had no balls for a long time. they postulate but in the end bow to oppression. Donald Trump was a refreshing breath of fresh air for the last four years. for once, I felt someone truly had the working mans back. now, we must all go back to being docile servants who pay their taxes to see them given to people who won’t work, do drugs, and commit crimes on a daily basis. never mind the oppressed people who now drive better cars, have better clothes and live in free rent housing. and we are still having our noses rubbed in it. I am not allowed to have a Confederate flag,even though that is my ancestry. yet the oppressed class can have federal holidays and honor criminals as martyrs. and I can be exposed to gay sexual performances in public places by the woke crowd. to them I say, get woke, go broke…. you may have the upper hand now, but I will guarantee you in the end you will get what you so rightly deserve. the demon rats may have stolen the election, but they can never steal my willpower.

    1. Southern Proud – I am a 68 year old Texan, and through my long and active life, have just recently learned how it must have felt like to have been a Confederate wanting to secede from the Union. I took my gun to the gunshop Today for a refit, because this “Johnny Reb” ain’t worth a damn to my President without my gun.

  34. It is becoming increasingly obvious to millions of Americans that the Democratic Party, aided and guided by the so-called “mainstream” media, is out to destroy the presidency of a legitimately elected candidate –Donald J. Trump – and they are willing to take the entire country down if it means they can regain power.
    Furthermore, Kamala Harris is not eligible for POTUS because she is not NBC! Just like Obama aka Barry Soetoro of Kenya!
    Kamala Harris is also a communist, says she believes that we should “all end up in the same place.” There used to be a word for that, right? Oh yes, communism. They assume everyone wants the same thing, despite talent or choices, because we should all end up in the same place.
    The Harris/Biden campaign wants to ensure that 330 million people all have the same outcome. This strips the American people of their freedom, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. The radical left wants to destroy the American dream as we know it.
    If we all end up in the same place, then our path is clear. But who chooses that place? Oh right, Senator Harris and the government. That’s what she means, she just won’t say it until after November 3rd.
    ALSO, Kamala Harris’s Jamaican family were slave owners. They ran a plantation and they bought slaves from Africa to do the field labor. Her parents not even US Citizens at her birth time. She is NOT. NBC! NOT Eligible, just like OBAMA, A FRAUD USURPER doing TREASON!!
    Mueller was part of theSwamp Coup team. The evidence is clear: Barack H. Obama, John O. Brennan, James R. Clapper, Hillary R. Clinton, John D. Podesta, Michael J. Morrell, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Jim Rybicki, Andrew McCabe, Jim Baker, Michael Kortan, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Bruce & Nellie Ohr, Susan Rice, Ciaramella and Schiff, and other US officials and Democratic Party operatives colluded to prevent a victory and conspired to commit sedition and an attempted coup, i.e. TREASON !.
    Arrest all the above, and, Obama, Bidens, Clintons, Harris, and illegal alien usurper Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro for election fraud, Booker, HOLDER, Keith Ellison, Omar, FBI, CIA, DOJ, Soros,, for voter fraud, sedition, TREASON, Oath of Office violation, Usurpation of Office, Racist Hate Crimes, Murder, ETC ETC. Deport them to freezing Gulags in the Arctic Circle., and banish them from USA forever!
    President Trump is our duly elected President of USA.

    Robot Beetle ants. Cordyceps: attack of the killer fungi Planet Earth by the BBC reveals the strange world of Cordyceps, a murderous fungus that invades the body of insects. It grows through an ant’s body, creating a network of filaments that commandeers the insect’s muscles. Then it compels the ant to climb a plant stem, and clamp its jaws on the underside of a leaf.
    Biden Beetle Robot. Photo by Frank Deschandol
    oe Biden just comes across as someone who legitimately has no idea what’s going on, and is just a pawn for the Democrat Party.
    If he’s eventually declared the winner in the Presidential election, it may not be long before Democrats invoke the 25th Amendment and replace him with Kamala Harris.
    mainstream media is trying to push Biden over the finish line and create the perfect storm for

    Senile old ChinaJo Biden looks like he is mindless and infected by a deadly Cordyceps fungus or a similar fungus that turns insects into zombi-robots. Similarly, ChinaJoe Biden is controlled by the deadly MSMDNC/Jilly fungus to ascend to a high goal position satisfactory to the MSMDNC/Jilly fungus, there to remain in place for the MSMDNC/Jilly fungus to complete the consumption of the hostChinaJoeBiden’s innards, and to then sprout long feeler-like tubes from the hostChinaJoeBiden’s empty body from which millions of deadly spores are spread across the country from that high position. See photo of a similar BidenBeetle zombie by nature photog Frank Deschandol

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