Unbelievable: Fauci Says Children Should STILL Wear a Mask When Playing Outdoors

COVID-19 spokesman Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared Wednesday on the “Today” Show where he suggested children should still wear a mask when playing outside, despite the miniscule chance children will catch the coronavirus outdoors and the even lesser chance they will be hospitalized, die or even show symptoms of the virus.

“Today” host Savannah Guthrie asked about the disconnect with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines regarding mask wearing. Fauci responded, “You’re asking, now, if your child is a member of your household, can you walk outdoors with your child without a mask. According to that chart, the answer is yes.”

“But the child can’t?” Guthrie asked.

“Yes, yes,” Fauci said.

For now, all Americans 16 years old and older are eligible to take the vaccine. Children are not able to generally take a vaccination.

Yet Fauci believes people of all ages will need to get vaccinated. As of now, children over the age of 12 will become eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations in May, pending Food and Drug Administration authorization for that age group.


Of course, Fauci also once told Americans masks don’t work. Then that they do work. Then he threw the first pitch at a baseball game where he was photographed not wearing a mask. Now he has been vaccinated and wears two masks.

No inconsistencies here, right?

Wrong. Most Americans stopped believing Fauci’s ever-changing advice long ago. It’s obvious he’s following something other than the science. Who knows if it’s money or some other factor, but no good scientist would tell you his method is consistent.

Instead, many Americans have been living mask free for months, with some for more than a year.

Instead of telling kids they should wear a mask to play outside, maybe Fauci should stop telling people what to do. Let kids return to schools and employees back to work and worshipers back to church and tourists back on vacation.

Isn’t America the land of the free? Give every American the unbiased truth about how to best avoid this virus, and what the possible consequences are of catching it AND LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES what to do. Americans are smart enough to make their own decisions, we don’t need political charlatans who masquerade as doctors to tell us what we can and can’t do.

We don’t need the government’s permission to breathe freely. What would really help is to stop restricting people to the point of closing businesses and bankrupting families so we can pursue the American dream.

It would also help if Biden’s so-called stimulus actually stimulated the nation’s people back to a better way of life. We don’t need a subway in San Francisco or hundreds of millions of dollars to fund an art museum. We need our border secured, our schools safe, our taxes low and the government to stay out of our business.

It would also help if Biden kept his nose out of our gun closets and his hands off of our bank accounts. Stop delegating every task force to Kamala Harris and every COVID-19 call to someone else.

If Dr. Fauci wants to pitch in, we can use his help in making our nation’s health system better, but we don’t want him telling our kids to wear a mask on playground or double mask after getting a vaccination to jog around the block. We’ve had enough and we’re ready to breathe and live free.

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37 thoughts on “Unbelievable: Fauci Says Children Should STILL Wear a Mask When Playing Outdoors”

      1. Yes the Lunatics, aka Liberal Democrats, aka Socialist/Communist….but what bothers me more, is that there are so many IGNORANT, DUMB, STUPID people who get to VOTE for the Lunatics…..I suggest anyone wishing to vote needs to complete a real simple History, Government, Civics, Economics test….either in writing or verbally asked questions! After all, there are apparently some escapees from the Asylum running around free calling themselves USA CITIZENS!

        1. Also, more people get to manufacture votes, count them multiple times, and ignore who cast votes or how many times. How fun is that!?

      2. It’s time for Fauci to go his way. We’re very tired of him a d seeing him on TV. We are free so far & it’s time to get rid of Biden & Harris. They don’t know what they are doing.

    1. Most true Americans that don’t riot and destroy American history are silent. Truth known, we are waiting on that one step radicals make that we can trip them up for good. Then you want here about BLM and Antifa. Paid terrorist want get away with this! Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris are bank rollers for American Terrorism… TRUTH ) THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN PROVEN! Nancy you will step down. And you want see an honorable departure. Kamala your already on pace for failure. And Joe your escapades are coming back to bite you hard. These 3 figures are surley bound for major embarrassment.

      1. Your tenuous grasp of English suggests you are a Russian bot. Please be wary, fellow true Conservatives, that the inflammatory, divisive crazy commenting is not being done by real citizens, but by Russian KGB trying to destroy democracy. Give abides a chance OR give your actual objections. Name-calling is what 5 year-kids do and not giving evidence will get you an “F” on your paper! Aren’t you better than this?

    2. And yet he is the highest paid federal employee in America. I think we People have not been paying enough attention … for decades!

    3. He is no leader he is a tiny worthless maggot and people need to ignore him or step on his face instead of having him on shows

  1. That was the best article I have ever heard we need the government to stay out our life this president is the worst I have ever seen in the 50 years I have lived in this country along with the Democratic Party all I see is riots people wanting to get rid of the cops they complain when they show up complain if they don’t show up ant we all yust get along tiers go back to normal people

  2. Who elected this guy anyway and what is the limit of his authority? He is just another bureaucrat on an ego power trip.

  3. The article was about as accurate as I have seen in a long time. Dr. Fauci, if he really is a doctor, should retire to some desert island and stop trying to tell Americans how to live. He apparently doesn’t know himself. So keep his advice to himself. We are not idiots like much of Washington, D.C. BIG GOVERNMENT is not the answer. LESS GOVERNMENT IS!

  4. I am a 64 year old woman who has been very skeptical from the start, ESPECIALLY the way the “virus” was so obviously being hijacked for a political tool!! Have worn a mask so rarely I could count it on 1 hand…….out & about throughout the week I’ve had no “symptoms” .Such a sad sordid unnecessary power grab ploy!!

    1. Masks are totally useless. They can’t stop a virus. Fauci is a quack, he hasn’t done any real medicine in ages. He is simply on a power trip. The virus is no more deadly than the annual flu, and we are being had.

  5. I am a 78 yr old male and smelled a rat the 1st day of the announced Plandemic. My bodyweight is the same as when I graduated from highschool and I have a healthy lifestyle.
    I had a flu 3 years ago which I treated with rest, acupuncture, chiropractic and supportive nutritional supplements. I actually enhanced my own immunity. During the past year, I have
    never worn a mask and have had no indication of any illness from this so-called virus. Insanity seems to be prevailing and at least half of the population is running around in a somnambulistic state of mind., i.e., sleep walking. Lets be the force for good and reveal the truth.

  6. Dr. Fauci needs to just go away. He has been involved in this from Wuhan along with Bill Gates. I don’t believe one word he says because he is in this to help The One World order, and they wanted to cut the world population down.
    Why did he never tell people what kind of Zinc works, it’s Zinc Chelate, our bodies don’t absorb Zinc oxide.
    Why have I only read about what alcohol does to your body, one time? Here alcohol kicks the Zinc out of your liver.
    Dr. Fauci needs to be fired, he is being totally over paid, he makes more than the President, and he is NOT worth what he is being paid.

    1. Yes, and he never told people about Vitamin D, when he told someone in an interview that he takes 9,000 units a day.

  7. How long before they give him a Pulitzer Prize ? (for Trumps vaccine) Slow joe biden is the modern day Jim Jones, and Dr. “factless” is the Kool-aid Man !

  8. Maybe if they’re so scared of this china flu , They should not have RELEASED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE ! !

  9. “Isn’t America the land of the free?”

    Not anymore. If the government can declare your business “non-essential” and shut you down, it is clear we don’t live in a free country anymore. If the government can enforce policy by threatening to fine and revoke a business license if they don’t follow and enforce the capricious rules of the CDC on themselves and their customers, we don’t live in a free country. A couple of weeks to “flattten the curve”? Maybe. A year+ later and counting, after we have better treatments, three vaccines, know much more about the virus and that it is litteraly 100X less deadly than was originally feared? No, we don’t live in a free country anymore, unless we start to push back, and I mean yesterday.

    1. LMAO!!! Call Me! What I’ve seen is that the treatment is worse than the virus and killed way too many! They are ALL murderers!Bill Gates (the depopulationist and satanist) making big pharma RICH! while slow deaths and side affects last for years that even change DNA to make people non human! “Informed consent” amounts to COME AND GET IT!

  10. I NEVER wore that stupid mask outdoors, even from the beginning. Why? Because that’s what the real science said and still says. And I only wear the stupid mask indoors because I know the business is threatened with being closed down if they don’t enforce government policy (can you say, fascism?) and the employee that has to confront me has no control over the stupid rules. And no, I never wore the stupid mask in my own house.

  11. Whaaa haa haaaa haaaa Trump was right AGAIN!!!!! So now will the CDC crumble with Fauci called out and the Gates splitting up? Will truth return to the airwaves? Stay tuned, same bat time same bat channel!

    You are taking the bait and focusing on Fauci. You should be probing the big picture and focusing on: the WHO, WHAT WHEN, WHERE, WHY of what is happening to you, your family, and your freedoms. Fauci is a chump, as are all the drones in the FDA, the CDC, the WHO, the NIH, and across “our” American government. These mindless clowns are taking orders from an elite cabal operating in the shadows, directing every government worldwide. The end game is to introduce a tyrannical, technologically savvy world government and one world order. To reach this goal, “they” have to brainwash and train you to accept what you are told. And that, folks, is from where Fauci and all the talking heads are emerging. Skip Fauci and low levels. Let’s take the head off the snake.

    1. That is what the military is doing under the Republic’s Commander and Chief Trump, while people await election audits and those still sleep walking to wake up. We all know there are many heads to the snake and those who were in waiting to take there place. This is a large global cleanup of cabal waste that has been going on for several years and continues. Fauci, executive orders, rising prices, unemployment, GF trial, crisis at the border, return to the WHO and Paris Climate, masks, vaccines, etc. are meant to show those who voted against Trump as a wake up call. If you they have not woke up by now you won’t wake up.

      1. Kennedy was assassinated because he was trying to put an end to the cabal. HW put an end to Kennedy. Johnson was in on it. Hilkill has talked about so many sad people that need to be put someplace to make them happy again. This ‘pandemic’ has been in the works for years, this last year being the big ‘release’ of the virus. It has been for a long time in (small, weak outputs) Thinking of where we were told it started and where it spread to secondly, it sure looks planted. It was tested in places like Italy and China depopulating with germ warfare. It was meant for the US, and had to be tested. Babies are killed to begin with, and elderly are exterminated by this virus. Who is left? Useable people. Who is coming into our country? Young men, women and children. Elderly? very few if any. Useable people. I’m not saying contributing people, usable people. Their plan was sidelined for four years that wasn’t supposed to happen. That is why they tried to impeach, twice even. That didn’t work so now they want to deny the right to hold ANY office ever again. Why? Do they think he could win? Damn, on hold again. I think President Trump’s failure to fire Fauci was a huge mistake. He has doctorates but is not a doctor.

  13. This FRAUD Fauci is the # 1 or #2 ENEMY of the American people. First, he is complicit in generating the Wuhan virus by sending US dollars to the virology lab in Wuhan China to support the research in 2015 when research the NIAID was funding in the USA was stopped because it was illegal which led to this virus. Second, he shares a patent with Moderna on a vaccine against this virus. Do you think this has been a motivating factor in pushing so hard for everyone to be vaccinated? He has taken a position on every side of the entire Wuhan virus because he does not know what he is talking about. He proved he is not a scientist because he refuses to engage in discussions with REAL Doctors who used low cost drugs to successfully treat REAL patients hit with the Wuhan virus he helped to create. He needs to be prosecuted for thousands of USA deaths because he forbid medications that worked while waiting for his vaccine to be produced.

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