US to Allow Athletes to Protest National Anthem at Olympic Trials

The U.S. Olympics is about to go full-blown woke. Athletes will now be allowed to protest the National Anthem at the Olympic trials starting this year.

MSN reported, “The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee will not sanction athletes for raising their fists or kneeling during the national anthem at Olympic trials, previewing a contentious policy it expects to stick to when many of those same athletes head to Tokyo this summer.”

I’m sure the U.S. women’s soccer team will be glad they can now kneel without concerns. There may also be a few NBA players joining the U.S. Olympic basketball team who will lock arms and kneel to dispute the freedom to represent their country in the Olympics as well.

There was once a time when U.S. athletes were expected to represent their country without excuses. In 1968, track team members Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists on the medal stand during the Olympics. Both athletes were promptly suspended from the U.S. team.

Progressives celebrate the change, claiming that the rule to allow athletes to kneel during the National Anthem is progress.

The truth is that the change is shameful.

When an athlete can mock the nation he or she represents, why would a country support them or have them on the team? If the athlete doesn’t want to be there, why make the effort?

More importantly, why does protesting racism involve disrespecting those who gave the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives to defend the nation? Countless military personnel lost their lives for our nation’s athletes to freely participate in their sport. To disrespect this sacrifice is the ultimate disgrace.

Yes, racism exists and work remains in this area. But two wrongs do not make a right.

Biden may not hold a press conference on the topic, but Trump’s words in 2020 said it well. He noted, “Any time I witness a player kneeling during the National Anthem, a sign of great disrespect for our Country and our Flag, the game is over for me!”

The 2020 pandemic led to games held in empty stadiums. Television viewership should have been higher than ever, but it wasn’t. There’s a reason television ratings for professional sports have dropped drastically in the past two years.

Surveys are now showing a decrease in the television viewership of sports has been impacted by politics. Basketball and football fans don’t want to watch a protest or read progressive slogans when they turn on a game. They want to see three-pointers and touchdowns.

ESPN has become a small version of CNN at times, commentating on whether LeBron James should speak out more on social issues or debating which athlete has done more on the issue of race. Most people just want to see the Top 10, but progressives won’t stop the push.

The push to politicize and racialize every activity in American life is ruining the nation’s patriotism. Yes, we are a land that has had a difficult past on race, but that’s no excuse to protest our flag or our National Anthem. It will be interesting to see how low the sports viewership must fall before networks wake up and return to their mission of promoting sport instead of politics.


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69 thoughts on “US to Allow Athletes to Protest National Anthem at Olympic Trials”

    1. I agree that they should not be allowed to go. I’m sure the government puts money into these athletes ventures and while they’re riding on the American dime, they should either STAND for the National Anthem, or not be there at all! I’m sick to death of pampered athletes who think their opinion matters more than mine. Frankly I put money into the system every day that I worked for 51 years! They shouldn’t get all the freebies like the damned illegals are doing. STAY HOME AND FORGET AMERICAN MONEY FINANACING YOUR LIFE ANYMORE!

      1. I so much agree with everything.Not much to add u said it all.This beautiful country is going down the toilet.If everybody wants to protest injustice dont do it when ur countries NATIONAL ANTHEM IS PLAYED STOP BEING SO DISRESPECTFUL I WILL NOT BE WATCHING THE OLYMPICS


    2. They want to bring back the draft but then mock the same people that fight and die for them..screw them, boycott them and everything having to do with this show of disrespect…we will not be watching or supporting

  1. Well, there is another sporting event I will not be watching or supporting. A movement to defund these events needs to be legislated.

    1. Do they not get it, these “games” are to support your country! If you hate America, move to a country where their ways you do support. I NEVER contribute, in any way, the Olympics anymore.

      1. Yes move to another country. So disrespectful I love this country and this so troubling to our so called athletes doing this.

        1. If all these athletes are so appalled at our country then they need to find another country. One in which they find everything the way they want it. Our soldiers fought for our flag and their freedoms. How dare you not respect that!
          Spend some time in war for our freedoms then lets see how you feel. Oh i forgot you just want the advantages of being American just not the sacrifices that have went into it.

    2. Jeffrey Lemstrom: I used to like the Olympics & thought it was special. I will not longer watch or support these spoiled brat America haters. Nor will I EVER again donate one dime to any of their fundraising. The federal government should stop giving them taxpayer money. Anyone who protests from the US teams should just stay in China & see how they like living there.

    1. me neither! As much as I typically enjoy the Olympics, I am done! Haven’t watched football, gave up on my beloved NY Yankee baseball (that was a hard one) and when I say I am done, I stand by my convictions!
      We ALL need to stop this anti- America nonsense and take our country back! Anyone not liking it should leave, the sooner the better, and you know what they say about the door on the way out………..


        1. Agree completely!!! Have not watched any sports since all this garbage started. Everyone should stop watching sports

  2. I am in total disagreement with allowing protests to occur during the national anthem in ANY venue. I will watch any sporting event until the first protest is televised. I will no longer watch any televising of that event (or group of events) regardless of the sporting significance.
    Weather I abstain from watching the Olympics, NFL, NCAA or any other sports will be the result of public airing of protests.

    1. I totally agree Bill Wright. If these athletes want to represent our country they should be RESPECTING our country. Stand up and be proud – and if you cannot agree to that maybe you should not be representing us.

  3. How can our U:S. Population stand back of a president who has no respect for our national anthem or our flag. He is shitting on our nation and the people who gave their all so he of all can stand up and announce his agreeing of protest of our nation during the olympics. I’m done watching any TV broadcast that shows protest of any kind of our U.S,A. Especially in sports!

    1. I’m glad my father passed away in 2011.He gave his all fighting against Nazi Germany and Hitler.The world now is just not right and my father would’ve told you so.It’s sad,but it all points to the coming of Christ.So anyone who kneels or for that matter doesn’t respect anyone black,white,yellow or blue is going to be judged by God.And then the world will end as we know it.

  4. Anything to make America look bad, this half dead POS is just following orders from Obama, that is calling all the shots for Joe.

  5. I am so done with sports. Imagine USA athletes protesting, it’s beyond belief. I was always an avid supporter of USA teams but that has changed. I won’t watch one second of these Olympics

    1. Hopefully the 63,000,000 who voted for Biden in November will remember this disrespect and hate for America when November, 2022 arrives.
      Can you imagine our parents and grandparents, who fought in the World Wars, listening to this garbage? Hate and disrespect for our country….
      Can you imagine Chinese, Russian, North Korean, or Iranian athletes disrespecting their countries?
      China is a huge country, perhaps the US-hating NBA and NFL should move their operations and team members to China..

  6. This insanity must stop. How do the athletes who kneel for our Flag or the National Anthem think they were able to go to the Olympics. I believe all monetary contributions for the events need to stop now. If the athletes who hate our country think they are providing a service to America, have them go to another country.

  7. Please pray for the athletes to have courage to stand tall with hand over heart! God PLEASE bless the ?? ???????!!

    1. I said Please bless the USA ?? day !! Someone deleted this! Are you afraid to print GOD bless the USA?

  8. The other Countries will be laughing at us. Look at these idiot Americans they can’t even stand for their National Anthem they must really hate their Country

  9. This whole Biden administration is illegitimate. This treasonous administration needs to be removed from Washington. Build gallows on the Washington Mall.

  10. If you don’t support the US, stay home. It costs millions to train and support these teams. Money from tax-paying Americans that don’t want to see their country disgraced. Any athlete disgracing the country should be dropped immediately.

  11. Someone should have made these so called athletes actually study in school, they are dumb asses.

  12. Diffinetly won’t be watching the Olympics if they are injecting politics into the sports, just like I don’t watch the scum assholes sports that have to add their political views in there sports games.

    1. Just absolutely disgusting, I’m an immigrant and I love this country, they must NOTl
      Will not be watching, and Biden should be ashamed, not a fan of him and the things he’s doing. Totally distructing, SAD

    2. If the athletes are going to disgrace our country by kneeling or raising fists during the Olympics:
      1. They should not be going in the first place
      2. Every American should boycott the Olympics and not view it at all
      What a shame. We all used to be proud of our Olympians when they honored our great nation. Now we they worse than an infidels

    1. This is the most disgraceful thing that Biden or any Olympic athlete could do. The Olympic athletes are supported by our taxpayers dollars as well as private donations. The athletes should appreciate our support. However, many of them choose to spit in our faces and dishonor the tradition of the Olympics. We should demand that we either boycott the Olympics or that any athlete who politizes them be banned from completing.

      1. Agree!! Also, don’t forget that these athletes spent most of their education time on fine tuning their respective sport and missed out on their EDUCATION. Their behavior is just a reflection of their resulting ignorance. Knowing this, why would anyone be inclined to listen to whatever these athletes have to say?

  13. Sports? No way it’s one more Socialist move to show we in America have fallen into the open pit of communism and why? Well it’s a big power move for Polititions to become the slave masters ove the people, gain big money on the backs of their political slaves and tp prove these are the beginnings of world slavery for most as the haters enjoy the fact you must do and say think and act as these hates command you to do or else. We have fallen and it’s due to ourselves and our newly found stupidity,drugs politics that cheat kill and show us what their hate of us can do.

  14. If any athlete representing our country shows public disrespect they should be told that they will be immediately sent home. This can and should be done. I have coached for 30 years and would make sure my athletes understood this. They probably would not want me.

  15. Just go, s to show you Biden is not a True American , Biden is not a loyal American . He shows it every day.

  16. This is BS. These athletes are funded by the American taxpayer, as id their training, living expenses, travel, etc. If they dislike America so much don’t allow them to represent out great nation.

  17. The Biden administration just did one more thing to our America by allowing such outrageous actions from our athletes. Who do the athletes think they are. I’m embarrassed to say they are Americans. No watching the Olympics or any sport that allows such actions for me.

  18. We should all send a letter to the Biden Crime Family that we do not want our tsx dollars spent to support these communist athletes. If the athletes want uniforms and other support, such as food, lodging and other amenities, let China furnish them, and they can claim they are on China’s team.

  19. I don’t give a darn what the idiotic butt wipes do as I have not watched any sports or clown shows in over 6 years. They mean nothing to me but arrogant worthless butt wipes that can drop dead as far as I care.

  20. I will never donate towards or watch the Olympics again. Do not represent our country if you have no respect for it.

    1. That’s right Gayle. Wouldn’t be great that when they kneel, instead of the flag coming down behind them that we replace the flag with the crucifix. That would make mine and a lot of people really happy ?

  21. Please tell me who’s televising this and who are the sponsors so I can boycott them. Money talks!

  22. I hate to get up in the morning. Everyday that idiot pulls something out of his rear end and makes me want to throw up. I try not to let it bother me, but it’s soooooooo hard.
    I definitely would stay home.

  23. What a POS Biden is even worse that Obama and as equally turd smelling as Pig-losi. What a disrespect of our country. These a**holes are doomed at some point and not a moment too soon! Imagine what the countries that are waiting to take over the USA are thinking now! Biden is no leader never has and never will be.

  24. Disrespect my flag? Stand for the flag,kneel for the cross. I do not give a shit about your little games,you spoiled brats should spend a couple of years in the service—yuppie cry babies

  25. I’m not a Biden fan by any stretch of imagination, but blaming Biden for this is wrong. The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee is supported by donations and not by they US government. The Olympic committee did this on their own. They will likely see a huge reduction of donations and sporting event attendance and TV viewership. Count me out!!!

  26. People have a right to say what they think. The people they so openly disrespect fought and died to give them that right. Any Americans who refuse to show respect for the flag and the national anthem, that represents all that is good about America, aren’t worthy to call themselves American. Instead of bashing and disrespecting this country, those who believe that America is that bad a place should immediately GTFO.

  27. Really?! Does Bumbling Biden hate this country that much?! This is disgraceful for the president of the United States to act this way!! I hope all the people who voted for this buffoon are happy?!

  28. You are right about that Jesse. It isn’t Biden allowing athletes to show disrespect to our flag, our national anthem and our country these things represent. It is the Olympic Committee members and sponsors, the owners and commissioners of the NFL, NBA and other professional sports franchises and those who sponsor them. Their failure to demand such respect be paid by their employees to our national anthem and our flag is a clear sign that they have no problem with such disrespect.

    It would be a simple matter for those in charge of all public sporting events to keep the players off the fields or courts, until the national anthem has been played for those who came to see the event. Those in attendance can either stand or sit during the anthem. Once the anthem has been played the contestants could then take the fields or courts and the contests could then begin. Athletes, like any other people, have the right to express their opinions about the country, publicly and privately. Would any private sector employer
    be within its rights to set the rules of employment, including the right to terminate the employment of those who criticize the company that is employing them and paying them?
    You bet they would be within their rights to terminate such an employee.

  29. If you want to see change hit these people where I hurts the most InThe pocketbook. Watch enough to write down the sponsor then DON’T buy that product.
    You will see change taking place almost overnight

  30. Very shameful just don’t allow them to be a part of the United States Olympics, Alow them to stop being a part of this country


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