Victory in a 90+ Year Fight: Amy Coney Barrett is on the Supreme Court

Today probably seemed like any other day when you woke up. You probably got dressed and went to work like on any other day, unless you work for a clothing-optional employer like CNN. But something is very different in America right now. For the first time in more than 90 years, we have a constitutionalist majority on the United States Supreme Court. There are very few Americans who are alive today that can even remember the last time America had a majority of Supreme Court Justices who respect the US Constitution.

Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court by a Senate vote of 51 to 48. Susan Collins of Maine betrayed her Republican colleagues by voting against a strong, smart and lovely woman. Kamala Harris of California was too busy not campaigning for vice president to show up for the vote. Isn’t there an old saying that you shouldn’t complain about the outcome if you don’t bother to vote?

Justice Clarence Thomas did the honors of swearing now-Justice Barrett in at a White House ceremony, about an hour after the Senate vote. I’m not sure what the significance of that was. Doesn’t the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice usually swear in new Justices? Was it a snub of Judge Roberts, who has made his bed in recent years with the progressive activist wing of the court? For all intents and purposes, Judge Thomas is now the true leader of the Supreme Court, with its five-vote constitutionalist majority.

The American people now have a firewall against congressional progressivism and communism for the first time in my lifetime – and probably in yours. Through our entire lives, it has always been a “crapshoot” when a case comes before the Supreme Court. Even in situations where a law passed by Congress was clearly unconstitutional, there was no guarantee that law would be shot down.


Imagine how different America might be if we had never allowed progressives to transform the nation’s highest court into a super legislature that creates new laws out of thin air, in clear violation of the Founders’ intent.

States could still implement the death penalty against serial rapists and child molesters (which was the law of the land in many states from our nation’s founding). Individual states would have the right to decide whether they choose to allow abortion within their borders and under what circumstances. Defecating on an American flag and then setting it on fire would not be considered “speech.” The internet might be a safer place for children to learn and flourish, instead of a cesspool where they can accidentally stumble upon the latest episode of “Fast Times with Hunter Biden and a Group of Russian Honeypot Hookers.”

Dwight Eisenhower was once famously asked if he had any regrets from his presidency. He answered that he had two – and they were both sitting on the Supreme Court.

Republican presidents have appointed Supreme Court judges time and time again for the past century, only to be shocked when they drifted leftward and became progressive disasters. Those judges sold out America for a bowl of pottage and the strange new respect of the liberal media cocktail party circuit. John Roberts is the most recent of these disappointments.

President Trump has given America a gift that no other Republican president has managed to achieve in more than nine decades: A constitutional majority on the Supreme Court.

The confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett brings the 2020 election into even sharper focus all of a sudden. We must not squander this gift. Even if we have to hold our noses while doing it, we must keep a Republican majority in the Senate and send President Trump back for a second term. (“House Speaker Kevin McCarthy,” who has turned out to be surprisingly pro-Trump, would be a nice addition as well.)

The Democrats are livid over Amy Coney Barrett and they are now willing to tear everything down to regain power over that court – from court packing to adding new states. As for Judge Barrett herself, what now? Will she turn out to be another Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas? Time will tell. Although I have my doubts on that, I know one thing for certain: ACB will never be as bad at her job or as bad for America as Ruth Bader Ginsburg was.

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72 thoughts on “Victory in a 90+ Year Fight: Amy Coney Barrett is on the Supreme Court”

  1. Judge Barrett please do not betray the American people like some others have done in the past, I think you will be a great Judge.

    1. Amy, congratulations on your successful appointment as a Supreme Court Justice. I pray that you will stand firm in following and enforcing the constitution as written and as you pledged. God Bless you and your family for their sacrifices while sharing you on behalf of America!!!! Kindest Regards


    2. She will live up to the expectations that the American people placed on her, with their vote, through their representatives.

    3. Amy Coney Barrett was impeccable during her hearings and all of America has to be extremely proud of Justice Barrett representing the Law and the Constitution in the Supreme Court for AMERICA. Justice Barrett, We the People believe in you and your fearless, fair judgments to come.

      1. I’m delighted that Amy Coney Barrett has been elected as a Justice in the Supreme Court! I think that her values and beliefs are impeccable and I’m certain that she’ll be excellent in the position and I wish her well in all she does!

    4. I ABSOLUTELY agree – Judge Roberts betrayed not only his collogues but the American Citizens who fought, sent letters, and letters to the editors of newspapers, to encourage Roberts be sent to the SC…now we expect her to remain loyal to the people who fought for her!!! I wish we could impeach HIM for turning on all of us.

    5. any judge of our supreme court who does not uphold our constitution of USA should be released of their duty w/o and severance or further pay, as they are not doing their job as it was meant to do which is upholding our US CONSTITUTION. can’t do an HONEST DAYS work then you should not be paid or kept in any position of government. Same for our state and federal governors, mayors and other government officials.

  2. Her poise during the Senate hearings was something to behold. She won over the American people with her performance.

    1. God bless America! God bless Amy Coney Barrett, and God bless President Trump and the loyal conservatives!

      It’s way past time for the silent majority to speak out and fight back!!

      1. Amen! We do not need the swamp in the Supreme Court and the Lord knows that we do not need the Democrat and Republican parties platform in the court and we do not need PERSONAL opinions in there! We need independent INTERPETATION of our laws and Constitution not law makers like John Roberts and his hate for Trump!! Just honest interpetation!!! I am 100% against Abortion BUT if that is to be changed it is to be changed by Congress not the Supreme Court!!!

    1. Justice Barret is a very special person
      In her personal as well as her professional life. An outstanding role model and an example to every person on this planet and beyond.
      The Washington Congress is no where near having her magnificent
      Character traits.
      All the best Justice Amy.

      1. I agree in every respect…Marge, Delores, Pauline and all the rest who are pro-life, pro-US, Pro Justice Amy, Pro-Trump and Pro-fixing the US !!!

  3. I am glad she was put in. She is very intelligent and sounds like she will live by the law of the court. I hope that is the case. I was very impressed by all that she said when questioned by everyone. She was very careful not to answer anything she should not have.

    1. Wonderful reporting. But there is a judgement coming that no man will avoid and it’s greater than the highest court in our country.! And everyone will have to give an account for what they have done. These communist want to be and Satan worshippers will not get to tilt the scales of Justice in their Favor. It might be a fight of our life now but take heart we won the war. We are Victorious in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. Church raise your head your redemption comes near.

      1. I agree totally with you! God is taking things into His hands again. He did that when President Trump was elected over Hilary Clinton. He is not perfect, but I believe God is working with him. You will see when all the votes are counted, who God will put in the White House. Someone who believes in God, and accepts all the ten commandments, and the Constitution! Hurrah for America and President Trump!

  4. It is funny how Dems saying Trump packed the court. What that 29 times this has been done. If you have certain party in control of senate and president of a different it is how it works. That is not packing the court. Remember Dems have had the majority for 90 years and can’t stand that their time has come to close. Supreme Court is to follow the constitution not write own policy

  5. Hopefully she offsets the Liberal Chief Justice John Roberts FAULTY decisions . . . It’s about time. Thank you much, and good JOB! One Satisfied Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. A debt of thanks needs to go to Clarence Thomas and to Samuel Alito. For years they’ve faithfully stood up against a tide of leftist justices. The latest being the traitor, Chief Justice John Roberts, the Father of ObamaCare, who has betrayed us time and again. We would never count on Roberts to side with conservatives.
    With the appointment of Judge – now Justice Amy Coney Barrett we finally have a rock solid 5-4 court where we don’t have to wonder who will betray us. Now Chief Justice John Roberts can come or go – we don’t care – but he no longer controls the outcome. What a dismal pick he turned out to be.
    So Kudos to Justice Clarence Thomas, the rock of the court with the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia.
    Thank you, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, for being a rock as well.

  7. It is so outrageously unfortunate that ” any Court of Law “, in any freedom loving Country, can be ( subverted ) into pandering to the whims of politicians who ” only have ever had their own obscenely corrupted interests – front & centre “.

    What does the blindfolded sculptured figure on old Court Houses represent? Simply this. All evidence & testimony; & I mean ” every scrap it ” must be presented, thoroughly evaluated, corroborated/validated in a completely impartial manner. Then wherever the ” evidence ” stacks up the best; a verdict is declared.

    Since the late Justice Antonin Scalia was such a respected Supreme Court Appointee of indisputable repute, & the valued mentor of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, then it is quite on the cards that the SCOTUS is now tilted firmly back to America’s Founding Fathers ” original intent “, as it should have always been. From the ” very first case ” it heard well over a hundred years ago to the current day . . . patently regardless of any POTUS, or Congressional House of any ideological persuasion.

    I welcome & congratulate Justice Barrett to the SCOTUS Full Bench. May she ” serve her Country ” without ( fear or favour ), just as her beloved mentor did . . . through ” deliberate, personal example “!

    1. Stopped reading at the writers first biased comments. Yes, Barrett was sworn in the next day, by, you guessed. John Roberts. The chief justice.
      If you wish to relelative, at least get it right.

  8. I pray that Judge Barrett will be a true constitutionalist judge and serve our nation well, but in the case of John Roberts, whom many thought the same about, she could become corrupted by evil on the left.

  9. We have a justice that still believes that the Constitution is still the Law of the Land; that it supersedes all other documents. Many of the Justices see their positions as a way to make laws; which is the job of Congress. Their purpose is to determine if laws are valid within the framework of the Highest Law in the land. Thank you, for being and impartial in judging laws within frame work of the Constitution. 1st Lt. Rick Rogers

  10. Judge Barrett, You don’t know me but I just wanted to say I’m very proud of you!! Keep the faith as to what you will be doing. God bless you, your family and your job! Skk

    1. God bless and protect you and your family, Judge Amy Barrett. Show them the truth, and get rid of the harm that has been done to America!

  11. Justice Barrett is the best of the best and brightess. I was never more impressed by anyone in the world. Mother Teresa was as wonderful. If anyone can set Justice Roberts on the right path, it is Justice Barrett … simply follow the constitution and stop legislating from the bench, leave that up to the 3 liberal Justices. On major issues, they never vote with the others.
    26 times Obama said the unafordable care act was not a tax and Justice Roberts coached him into saying it was a tax, so he could uphold it. Senator John McCain hated President Trump more than he loved his country and went thumbs down. I hate to say that, because I was a Vietnam Veteran as well and always could feel his pain as a POW at Hanoi Hilton. That is his legacy. Justice Roberts has time to change his legacy for himself, family and country.
    God Bless You Justice Barrett.

  12. A black Supreme Court Justice swore in a female Supreme Court Justice and the only people angry about it are democrats. Democrats were opposed to the Civil Rights Act and founded the KKK.

    1. It seems to me that the time is NOW to remind all Americans of real, genuine history.
      “Democrats were opposed to the Civil Rights Act and founded the KKK.”
      Let the truth will out!

  13. So excited that Amy is now on the supreme court. She is so brilliant. I don’t know anyone better in the whole world. I believe she will make history!!

  14. Judge Amy is a breath of fresh air May god watch over you and protect you from the Evil Democratics who want to destroy our great nation. Vio con dios

  15. I praise God. That she is in the Supreme Court . And I also Praise God for President Trump. America needs 4 more years, God is still in control. if or when the liberals get in the White House. this country is doomed . God spread His grace on us. We must still support Israel, we will be blessed, if not we will be cursed.

  16. Judge Roberts remains an enigma and his unfortunate desire to do creative ruling based on obtuse reflections rather than Constitutional law are disturbing. Perhaps Judge Coney Barrett, your presence in the process will give him some reminder that he is not alone, and we all wish him to return to pure constitutional law. Too many times I have read decisions which are at best a reach as to how the Constitution is interpreted or if it actually was. We welcome you and your very positive and Constitutionally focused presence on the court. God’s speed!

  17. Hoping the Negative remarks will stop. The democrats can not accept that the Republicans
    can get on the Supreme Court. She is an excellent choice!!

  18. Wouldn’t you like to meet Schumer in a dark alley to discuss his behavior as a senator. Yes chuck we the people will make it a point to hold you accountable for your despicable lack of back bone. Have a nice day.

    1. You can have Schumer…… I’ll take the obviously senile Pelosi, preferably in a dark corner.
      How did so many, with such hatred and contempt for America, gain and keep power over our beloved country?

  19. We are so proud of you and how you are the representative and inspiration for the American Woman. Anyone who denies your accomplishments is one who has not accomplished much.

  20. May the truth be known, that the Supreme Court is a very positive help in keeping this country on the track and that God has set up for the well-being of this whole nation and its population. I truly think that the country is finally on the way to what the founding fathers wanted. God bless you Amy and all that you do for this land. This is one of the lands of promise that God has given to the world. We need to keep it that way. I am 92 and have seen a lot of ground get covered undeservingly by those who may be greedy and irresponsible. This has all been done on purpose and not by accident.

  21. Many blessings to you my dear Amy Barrett,i know i see a lot of love for you here for you and your lovely family. The very best to you, stay strong,I have a world of faith in you .
    God Bless.

  22. Congratulations! I gave my country over 40 years of my life, 34 as a soldier and 7 as a Department of Army Civilian. I did it because I truly believed in the Oath of Office l took as an officer. I ask you to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC!” So many politicians are going completely against the Oath they took on detriment to put Constitution and the American citizens that voted for them.

  23. The day is coming soon when the domorats will be reaching up to the republicans for help. That’s when the people of this country will remember polosi,shummer,nadler,Maxine,Biden,Harris Obama, and all the rest of the elite traitors,Hillary,Comey,shiff,Peter s, the list goes on.. One day soon,they will find themselves where they had us. What goes around comes around…. Do onto other’s


  24. Ah’m proud to say that ACB will do America a great service in keeping with the Constitution as she hears case by case. Praise be to our Lord that has place her there to bring justice to our Great Country along with our President. Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, an he will make your path straight. ACB has done just that. Blessing…

  25. I couldn’t say it any better than you, June! Congratulations to you, Justice Barrett, and may God bless and protect you and your family!!!

  26. Justice Barrett, Congratulations on your selection to the Supreme Court of the United States of America. As a 1973 graduate of the University of Notre Dame, I could not be prouder of a fellow Domer representing God and Country on the highest court in the land. You are the best thing that has happened to unborn babies since the Roe v. Wade decision. I am confident that you will vote with your heart, your mind and your soul in cases challenging the rights of unborn babies to be born. God Bless you!…

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