While the Election Looms, China Steps Up its Military Threats Against U.S.

You might think China is trying to lay low after starting a global pandemic, but you’d be wrong. China has used the global lockdowns to escalate military incursions and threats across Asia. As a result India and others in the region are forming deep, self-defense alliances with the U.S. against the communist nation.

China has reportedly been trespassing across the borders of India and Nepal while issuing not-so-subtle threats it plans to invade independent Taiwan. Indian forces fended off a Chinese military encroachment in the Himalayas in what the communists are falsely calling a territorial dispute. The recent dustups prompted officials to broker military arms, intelligence sharing, and support deals with members of the Trump Administration.

“The defense ties between our two nations remains a key pillar of our overall bilateral relationship,” U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said. “Based on our shared values and common interests, we stand shoulder to shoulder in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific for all, particularly in light of increasing aggression and destabilizing activities by China.”

China has relentlessly attempted to expand its territories in the South China Sea; they’ve invaded Tibet, threatened Taiwan, and recently stole land from neighboring Nepal. Few nations in the region have the military capabilities to prevent China’s invasion. Their seemingly only viable self-defense option is to work with the U.S. and hope other free countries will come to their aid in the event of war.

“Our leaders and our citizens see with increasing clarity that the (Chinese Communist Party) is no friend to democracy, the rule of law, transparency nor to freedom of navigation — the foundation of a free and open and prosperous Indo-Pacific,” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly said.

His Indian counterpart, foreign minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, echoed those sentiments by calling out the “increasing aggression and destabilizing activities by China.”

The two most populated countries on the planet (India and China)  fought a brutal territorial war in the 1960s and have remained at odds over boundaries. China began rattling its saber with regards to expansion after steamrolling pro-Democracy advocates in Hong Kong and insisting Taiwan bend the knee despite standing alone as a Democracy.

Unlike the Obama-Biden administration, President Donald J. Trump has drawn a line in the sand that has kept the peace, much to the anger of Chinese officials. In the face of American resolve, China has been reduced to issuing idle threats.

“The US should stop selling weapons to and cut military ties with the island to avoid further damaging Sino-US relations. China will take necessary measures to safeguard national sovereign, safety, and interests,” China’s foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin threatened.

The Trump Administration recently brokered an arms deal with Taiwan that exceeds $2.3 billion. The defense-system sale of sensors, missiles, artillery, and support deliver enough firepower to Taiwan to decimate a potential invading communist force. China’s appetite for aggression is expected to be curbed by the prospect of the robust and decisive self-defense capabilities.

Although U.S.-based media outlets such as the New York Times and others have taken payouts from the communist regime to push its propaganda, Chinese officials indict themselves with their own words.

“Chinese military has resolute determination, full confidence, and enough capabilities to thwart all kinds of foreign interference and pro-independence moves. China will continue pushing forward the unification process,” China‘s defense ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang reportedly said.

The world saw this same style of “unification” when Russian communists formed the Soviet Union and invaded independent Democracies.

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48 thoughts on “While the Election Looms, China Steps Up its Military Threats Against U.S.”

  1. The world needs to stop aggression wherever it is and whom ever the aggressor! Freedom is for all people and should be provided by all people.

    1. Chinas influence in the United States has to stop their buying our tech, media, academia, and worst of all our politicians!!! This has to stop or we will become WEST CHINA! Dems are selling this country out

        1. Why hasn’t Joe Biden been disqualified from running for the highest job in the land?
          He’s obviously compromised! If he gets in office, all China has to do is call in for a favor… China didn’t give the Bidens $5M to go shopping for nothing!

      1. You’re absolutely right! These Corrupt Democrat Tyrants have sold us out and I would even go as far as to say this covid-19 is also partially the Democrats baby to derail President Trumps roaring economy to hurt him. These are scary times and we all need to rise up and be ready for fight like no other has seen.

    2. The world needs to remember, having to defend china from Japan then fighting against china in 50-53 and again in 60-65 and now Biden wants to trust them

    3. You guys please come to YouTube and watch the WAR ROOM hosted by Steve Bannon every Monday through Saturday at 9am where a lot of Trump supporters hang out to discuss ways to save our country. Dems also framed Steve and right now he and a lot of people are planning to expose all the corruptions that’s been going on at the White House and our government.

  2. We have a force of communist right here in the US,and we better treat them like our enemy and deal with them as such, because they are not Americans, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing what they are doing!!!

    1. China and at some point Iran will be forces to contend with but there will be an end to that also. The Obamas, Clintons, Bidens, Kerrys, Romneys, antifa , blm, Clapper, Brenner, Storsk, lisa page, along with the rest of the traitors should be prosecuted and sentenced to serve in jail. Never have understood why all these people are so enamored and intrigued with the higher ups that they will destroy their own lives. Stupidity I guess as well a spy game or something.

      1. No. Treason warrants death, especially with the gravity of treason these people committed. Give them a swift trial, then kill every single one of them and be done with them. They are far too dangerous to ever be left alive.

    2. You got that right. Time to punish all these tyrants and traitors once and for all. This is America if you don’t love this country get out and don’t come back. WE THE PEOPLE have our own OATH to keep protect our country from foreign and domestic terrorists. And let me tell you there are a lot of terrorists in our very own corrupt government they are the first to be punished for their high crimes of treason. We can’t wait any longer this will not go away until WE THE PEOPLE STAND TOGETHER. But don’t worry as we have GOD ALMIGHTY on our side the evil will surely lose once again.

    3. If this sort of thing cropped up in the 60’s with the democrats being so blatantly open about turning America into a communist country, they would have been immediately executed on the spot and in short order. Based on some books I have been reading, our Constitution has been under attack since the late mid 19th century; google Thadeus Stevens.
      I will promise everyone this; when the real stuff hits the fan, we will all be wishing that the democrat party had been deposed and abolished when it would have been fairly simple. They are now a powerful and very dangerous adversary that lives within our own borders. They are a domestic enemy all in kahoots with all of America’s foreign enemies. If we plan to save America, we need to do it right now by issuing arrest warrants to all democrat members on all levels.

  3. I think we should continue to support Taiwan and protect her against any china agression. And allowing china to continue its bullying its other neighbors needs to be stopped as well. One would think that history would have taught us something by now. Appeasing these communist regimes will not work it will only make them bolder. They are nothing but thugs and have to be stopped.

    1. Here we go again why would we get into another war Trump has a plan we dont need thousand of young boys killed. And just keep the anger going and the world the same moving no where. There has to be some place in our own place to begin to work together like the military does but I dont see it at all.

      1. Better rethink that one . It’s not trump doing this crap . It’s the delusional democrats doing this one and as you just said … it must be trunks fault . No they say it is , so people like you will fall for their crap and back them to win the election . If they do win China will own most of if not all of our country and we will be working for them . The delusional democrats don’t care about you , only your vote . Time to open your eyes to the truth of our world and our country , or we are doomed as a nation . Didn’t history teach you anything ?

      2. Marxism, communism, socialism, progressivism, it’s different words that mean the same thing. Like cancer it will continue to spread, and destroy, unless it is destroyed. The best way to stop those bullies that think they can keep taking others lunch money at school,
        is to kick there ass in front of everybody. Edmond Burke said it best, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing”.

    2. I believe we need to form alliances with all countries being affected by China, They are going after India, Taiwan and how soon Hong Kong. South America where they invaded with fishing boats to ruin South America economy. South Sea islands where in middle of Democratic negotiations they built military bases. Threatening, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and a few more.
      It appears that they took advantage (started)of pandemic to just start trouble with the world. Feeling we would be to blind, ignorant or scared to face them. If we all stand together they would not dare start anything. If their arrogance is too big then we need to act quickly and end it

  4. Just another scare on behalf of the Democrat’s. I have never in 68yrs young anything like whats happening now. The unrest around peoples, is different uneasy, Covid-19 and the holly violence against our own people we are so divided what if China gos off are we stronge enough together to go to war with these monsters? I am finding it to be 2 new worlds One side wants total uncivilized maham the other wants to keep our traditions as is keep americans working we had it until Covid 10, but thats over now and we need to get back to work If everyone would leave Trump alone he will give the people US as Americans everything he can he is for us the people and hes been the only man to step up to the plate and do what he says hes doing make America great again. I guess thats a hard concept for some to understand. 10/31/2020

  5. We’re the only country that let’s our enemies live in our country . And they can travel freely anywhere in our country cause of weak government officials . Either for kick backs or for the power . Right now it’s the delusional democrats doing that with China . Hillary and Obama did it with the middle east . Why does any one think they can rule the hole world , why would anyone want to ??? How messed up in the head do you have to be to want to deal with all the world’s troubles ??? But then look at our own country and see what our corrupt government officials are doing to our own citys and the people living there . Letting the pet slaves lose to burn , loot and kill . They even kill kids and call it justice . One said … some must die for the cause … Funny tho its not their kids dieing , or their homes burning and being looted . it’s all for the power to rule . Corruption is all the same , no matter where it comes from . Only way to beat corruption , is fighting it head on . Not like our own government is doing right now cause of our own corrupt officials fighting for power to rule us . Take their power away so they can’t . That’s all I have to say about that

    1. History is repeating itself ( WWII ) was started when Hitler Germany started began invading countries and Europe did nothing until they were involved. Then Fascist Italy (Mussolini) an Japan join forces which plunged the world to war. How were being in that same quandary?
      The useless Tower of Babel (UN) has done nothing more than close their eyes like usual. A war would be crazy there’s to many weapons of mass destruction and total would destroy the planet and no one will win. China is gambling that every nation will coward and do nothing more than condemn their actions until their next in there conquest liken Hitler with one twist they willing to go to War with the world?

  6. FUCK CHINA….We should have nuked the shit out of the slant eyes back in January for giving us the CHINESE FLU !

    1. Should have nuked the bastards during the Korean War like MacArthur wanted to do, my dad fought in that War and was mad as hell when he came back always telling me they will do the same crap as Japan, well here it is. Now we drop W-88 Warheads on them the fall-out will be devastating to the world and we’ll have to take out their brothers in Russia as well. Truman couldn’t see into the future, bless his little dumb ass heart…Sua Sponte…

  7. Deport the Bidens , I’m sure the democratic party has colluded with China on the China virus , it’s everything that democrates have talked about , disabling the economy , annihilate the elderly because they tend to vote Republican , and as usual blame others for their actions . Bidens a loser , his party is un-American , and Democrate voters are unaware of their hiden communist takeover .

  8. You’re all correct except for blaming Trump! Our President has done well for us. And to deny that is a lie. Vote Trump and let him handle China! He’s
    great at that. I don’t like or trust greedy politicians.

  9. I knew an old Marine whi served in WWII and was stationed in Manchuria from 1945 to 1947. He told me “never trust a slope head”. It’s as true today as it was then. They are sub human and think it’s their destiny to conquer the world. We will end up nuking them and Japan and S. Korea are gonna disappear from the face of the earth.

  10. I have read all of your comments and here is what I see and think:
    I do believe that there are many corrupt politicians because just look at how much money they spend to get elected. Who would do that unless they thought there was a golden fleece at the end. Do I believe Biden is corrupt, yes! Do I think there are others in the Democratic party that are corrupt, yes! But, I also think there are some in the Republican party as well.
    The reason they want, and wanted to get rid of Trump from the start is because HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN, plain and simply. He wants to get rid of all those corrupt bastards who are raking in the dough and don’t give a damn about us, our country, or our kids future.
    Covid-19, Corona virus, NOPE! This is the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY VIRUS. They created it in that lab, they leaked it into society because they thought they could control it in China because being communists they could control everyone and everything. They unleashed it upon the rest of the World to make it easier for them to then control all of us as well. I also toy with the thought that the Dems where in on it.
    I am sorry Joe, Dems, and anyone else if you don’t like PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP because he has a crude mouth, sometimes acts like a bully, because he needs to be the way to combat the crazies in this world. Let’s see; Pelosi, Obama, Clintons, Bidens, Kerrys, Romneys, antifa , blm, Clapper, Brenner, Storsk, Page, Comey, Sanders, Warren, Harris, and countless Hollywood stars (not really stars to me). Don’t forget China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, because you can’t talk to these people. I am sure I have missed a few, but the list is soooo long I am sure there are at least 2 dozen more. I know friends who are voting democratic because they did not like his mannerisms. So, these people are basically voting themselves into SOCIALISM and a one other said prior to me, there is no difference between socialism and COMMUNISM. THEY DO NOT WORK!

      1. Yes Alex this is so true. We the people have been scape goats for the crooks in congress. And house. Great statements. Oh don’t forget shifty schiff. Over haul needed. We will overcome . We are America. And we are American strong

    1. Well said. Pretty much my sentiments exactly. Demonrats have historically been weak minded in my opinion. They come up with some of the most off the wall crap and always have, and they are like” let’s try this” maybe it will stick. However those used to be tree huggers, are ( NOT) today’s demonrats party. I fully believe that President Trump will win this election, probably in an embarrassing landslide. Which may unite most commonsensical people in America and strengthen the band of people who want to drain the swamp, along with President Trump. The demonrats have shown their ignorance over the past 3.5 years and I can’t imagine most all of Americans see it. I believe that most are fed up with the antics of those leftists and we will not tolerate their childish, destructive actions much longer. As far as China, who knows what they might pull, since as soon as we get a good handle on the china virus problem, I look for the Trump administration to basically cut all ties with the communist of China.

    2. In regards to corrupt republicans (or rather RINO’s) take George W. Bush; he’s the one that had an ammendment on a voting ballot that deceived Americans into voting against our right to sue the government. It was worded in such a way that it confused over 53% of the American population, including some that possess Doctorate Degrees. This was the beginning of the end for all of us. This took place sometime during the 90’s. The newspapars released the name of the attorney that worded the ballot, because it did cause quite a bit of controversy. I wish I had kept record of this attorney’s name, I have no doubt the little coward jumped the country afterward, because he knew a great many will have it in for him. And as if this was not enough, George W. Bush has the blood of 2,996 people on his hands, besides the Middle East; remember 9/11? That was undoubtedly an inside job, masked by a few “fall guys” from the Middle East in order to make it look as though an outside Middle Eastern faction hit us. It was a ginormous ruse to give the government an excuse to intrude upon and spy upon the American people. And yet, no one has ever called the Bush family out to give an account for this directly, and their very foundations are in the swamp. And the list goes on, and gets dirtier and bloodier. Bush has been and still is all about New World Order; he’s made mention of this several times saying “What we need is a New World Order.”
      We were lucky to have made it through the Obama/Biden regime. I was actually able to feel the unGodly, overbearing pressure of a depraved government that has gone completely insane; NO sense of fair play, NO sense of fair mindedness, and NO sense of fair justice. Thank God President Trump won the election in 2016, if Hillary Clinton had won, America WILL have most definitely fallen completely beyond reproach, and China would own what used to be America.
      President Trump is the breath of fresh air America has long needed, and has called out the democrats for the demented, perverse, degenerated, traitorous, tyrannous trash they really are. What he needs to do now is sign an executive order declaring the Democrat Party to its utter entirety as a terrorist organization, an organized crime syndicate, and a domestic enemy of the people and of the nation, that are very much in kahoots with America’s foreign enemies; then start issuing arrest warrants for all of them, especially for High Treason, giving comfort to America’s enemies, aiding and abetting America’s enemies, among some of the worst ones, the list could literally fill up a book. And when this is done, overturn and abolish every unconstitutional law and or unconstitutional policy the democrats ever made.
      This is OUR home we’re trying to save, and OUR children we’re trying to protect and give hope to; you had BETTER be willing to fight for it.
      America is way better than most, but as far as greatness goes, America is fading at a fever pace. You CAN and you (we) WILL be great again once you depose this “Party of Treason” and send them into oblivion where they belong. The biggest job of all comes in the form of reeducating our children and educating them in truth. Bring God back into our schools, let His name be spoken again. Give our children a spiritual, Christ loving upbringing, let our children, even TEACH our children that it is okay to pray in school once again. Teach the Pledge of Allegiance once again, and love for our nation once again.
      Then, and only then will this nation ever realize greatness again. You will see your problems disappear practically overnight.
      Are you willing to fight to achieve this?

      How do you want your children to remember you?
      How do you want history to remember you?

  11. The entire free world should stand together and take China down a few pegs for the damage they have unleashed on this planet with this Chinese Virus! This country is evil and it tortures its own people and buys intelligence from Anti-Americans whose greed is more powerful than their minds or souls… The DemonRats in this country have proven one thing, their hunger for power is also more powerful than their minds or souls and they have and will continue to line their pockets and gain more power to fuel their constant needy, greedy ways! They all hate Trump to the point of insanity because he’s actually done what he promised to do for Americans but he’s busted one of the biggest crimes against our country EVER! From the whole Russia conspiracy hoax to the circus sham of an impeachment and finally to the Biden Crime Ring that is 47 years in the making! Folks this is simple and we need
    only look back over the past 4 years and see who’s good for this country and who’s going to continue to destroy it while getting richer and more powerful! Trump 2020!

  12. I don’t hate the Chinese people and neither should you. At the moment they are the biggest victims of all of their own government. The traitorous Democrats are doing the same thing here but I don’t hate the innocent in this country either!

  13. I agree with all of you. How ever we haven’t come up with an answer to our problem. I don’t know if there is a way that we the people can with the help of a lawyer some how have everyone of them arrested. I don’t know if you all know the punishment for treason is there death. Yes, we don’t like what is going on however, stop and think they will answer to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. You know it’s very hot where they are headed, and it will last for ever.

  14. I would love to see more constitution oriented Supreme judges be seated and ENFORCE

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