Why We Should Be Celebrating John Lott’s Groundbreaking 2020 Election Study

When I first saw the research figures from esteemed gun violence researcher John Lott, I scoffed. Lott, who most of us know from his flawless research that debunks liberal narratives about the Second Amendment, asserts that Joe Biden receive an excess 225,000 votes in 2020. I scoffed because there is no way that Mr. LOL-81-million has only 225,000 extra votes. No way.

But after reading this peer reviewed, published study for myself, I’m now it’s biggest cheerleader. Let’s talk about why this study is so important, and what some of Lott’s key findings were.

First, this is a peer reviewed, published study. No one else has done one of these since the 2020 election. Liberals control 99% of academia in America and therefore love to point at peer reviewed studies that their side produced – no matter how insane those studies are. Lott is one of the few academics remaining who is in the other 1%.

Despite that handicap, Lott submitted his research on the 2020 election to a peer review board. Those folks read it and found his methodology to be sound enough, and his conclusions compelling enough, that they approved the study’s publication in one of their esteemed magazines that other academics read. Some of those on the review board were no doubt liberals, and they still agreed that Lott’s study was worthy of publication.

Democrats cannot point at a published, peer reviewed study and screech, “Debunked conspiracy theory!” That’s not how it works in academia, and everyone knows it. In order to debunk a peer reviewed study, you have to conduct your own counter-study showing how the research was incorrect or flawed. And no one is going to do that, because liberals are terrified to examine any aspect of the 2020 election results. They know it was stolen just as well as we do.


Second, this is new stuff. Lott uncovered brand-new, never-before-seen, examples of fraud in the swing states that we’ve never heard about before. The proof that he discovered in many cases is completely separate from the Wisconsin Special Counsel investigation, the Maricopa County audit, and so on.

Lott’s new research provides us within even more evidence to add to the top of the mountain of evidence we’ve already seen. Bravo! We should be celebrating this conclusive research study for those reasons.

Here are some of the key findings from Lott’s research.

In Democrat controlled counties in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Wisconsin, no signature matching was done comparing mail-in ballots to registration records. Pennsylvania even counted votes that somehow arrived at counting centers without an envelope. These acts were illegal in every state where it happened. Without signature matching, there’s no way to tell if a mail-in ballot is a legitimate vote.

Also, in Democrat controlled counties in the swing states, Republican voter turnout was suppressed while Democrat turnout blossomed. Republican turnout was off the charts and in the 80% to 90% range in Republican and Democrat controlled counties where fraud was not alleged. But somehow, Republican voters got all mopey and didn’t vote in the handful of counties where fraud definitely took place. Turnout was in the 70% range in those counties.

Meanwhile in those same counties, the percentage of Democrat voter turnout exploded in comparison to all other counties where fraud was not alleged. No Democrat was actually excited to cast their vote for a crusty old dementia potato, no matter how much they hated Trump. But in those counties where fraud was alleged, Democrat turnout skyrocketed.

In addition, Republican voters in every one of those swing counties showed up to vote, only to be told that someone else had already voted in their name. People’s votes were stolen by the Democrats because those states had switched to mail-in balloting, and Democrats got batches of legal ballots from thousands of Republican voters.

And in these same counties, election workers were opening ballots early to check them. If there was an error on a ballot that would have discounted it, they contacted Democrat voters and offered them a provisional ballot to correct it. Republicans, obviously, were never contacted if a flaw was found on their ballot for Trump. Those votes were discarded.

Some of the findings that Lott published were numbers that we’ve seen before. For example, 19,000 people who don’t live in Nevada voted in that state, as did 1,500 dead people. Another 42,000 people voted two or more times in Nevada. (Biden’s Nevada margin of victory: 33,596 votes.)

In every swing state and swing county that Lott researched, he found fraud that exceeded Mr. LOL-81-million’s official tally, except for Pennsylvania. Some of the data that he needed to complete the Pennsylvania study was unfortunately unavailable. That’s okay. Eventually all of the truth about the 2020 election is going to come out. In the meantime, congratulations to John Lott once again for blowing up the liberal narrative. Job well done!

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26 thoughts on “Why We Should Be Celebrating John Lott’s Groundbreaking 2020 Election Study”

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  3. Great, so what?! All we get is more and more infuriating proof of a stolen election. Nothing has been done and nothing will be. Until I see anything in the form of consequences, it means nothing bur the Dems and RINO establishment saying “nya, nya, nya, nya nya!” to Trump voters.

  4. John Lott has done his country AND the American people a tremendous service and should be recognized and commended for his efforts, although he may have stomped on some extremely liberal Deep State toes in the process! As an aside, based upon what we already know, if the Democrats try a repeat of 2020 in 2024, they had better be prepared to defend their godless ideology with their lives because that may well be the non-negotiable cost of their sanctimonious perfidy!

    1. Yes we will be watching very closely in November. We will make sure this fraud never happens again. And since there is no justice We The People might have to see justice is followed through if these people try to steel this election. This is treason. Call it what you want but that is what it is. There will be no more fraud we will be watching.

      1. The “Problem” is in “Watching”. Unless we have Republicans involved in COUNTING VOTES, 22, 24, 26, 28, etc, etc, will be a remake of 20.
        We had Tons of observers in 20 who were NEVER even close enuf to see what was marked on the ballots.

        PLUS! Watch for another Covey Scare calling for more lockdowns and mail in ballots starting sometime in early October.

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      2. It is going to happen again. Pelosi said it is arranged that democrats will pick up 20 seats in the house. The PAAG said Pennsylvania’s government will be more blue.

  5. “Nothing to see here, so just move on, “LOOK a squirrel!” says the Ruling Elite, the MMO, Academia, Hollywood, these and all the rest of the Swamp Dwellers. Americans will continue to sound the alarm until this corruption is rooted out, and We the People get our county back. Make America God’s Again!!

  6. Once again the American people get raped by these liberal elite politicians and their minions. The 1st indication was when millions of votes came in early 11/5 2020 when no one was counting. How does that happen and how do they get away with it? The same way the laptop from hell information was suppressed for 2 years. How many people would have voted for Potato Joe if the truth of his crime family had been investigated then?

  7. We need to act on the overwhelming evidence from multiple sources fr 2020 fraud and decertify this election. Tell your Congress people to stop saying Amdrica is being destroyed and worried about more attacks on her through 2024. Of COURSE America is under attack by this Admin! Every action Biden/ Harris do is detrimental and often seem insane (open border.. .likely will surpass 4 million just this year), Afghanistan, economy, inflation, oil and gas industry, etc. We need to get this fraud decertified and put true victor back in and restore the yrs stolen from his time in office. Charge this Administration and applicable Dems with treason, etc. for the coup they did by fraud. Need strongest possible punishment allowed. Death sentence not off the table (Dems are trying to get rid of it; possible thinking of their futures).

    EVERY ACT this fraudulent Administration has done needs to be reversed. The Executive Orders, appointments, judges and DAS appointed and installed.. ..removed. They were the result of a fraudulently actor. Doesn’t matter if approved by Congress; they were not legally nominated. Policies and Bills Biden did…gone. promises by Harris and Biden.. ..gone. Border CLOSED. KEYSTONE PIPELINE.. ..full steam ahead. Insane climate rings, taxes, regulations. Etc.. ..gone. President Trump is rid of the carnage actions of Biden/Harris, but has a lot of work ahead restoring what has been damaged. But we know he can do it.
    We also need transcripts NOW of the several 2 hour phone calls Biden has had with Xi, which HE HAS REFUSED REQUESTS FOR, but talks about how much better AUTOCRATIC REGIMES are compared to our Democracy and Constitution. He says that right after EACH Xi phone call. I assume he is getting a tutorial on it by Xi. Plus a list of what Xi wants compromised Biden to do that will help China.
    Also tell them we need to end “birther babies”: foreign babies born on US soil, even if mother only here on a 2 week “vacation”, receiving US CITIZENSHIP. Largest user of this atrocity “benefit” is CHINA, OVERWHELMINGLY. They have purchased hotels here and use them to bring pregnant Chinese women ere, those close to delivery. They have the baby, grab the citizenship papers and go back to China. Those offspring will forever be US CITIZENS WITH ALL RIGHTS AND BENEFITS for VOTING, OWNERSHIP., FEDERAL BENIES, HOLDING OFFICE, etc. China is known to plan ahead. There are plenty of 21 yr old “Americans” in China already. INSANITY.

    1. I have to say another post very well spoken. It is time this fake administration gets the punishment they all deserve everyone of them is a tyrant and traitor to our country they hate America. We need for the DOJ to do the job they all swore an Oath too. Uphold the Constitution Of The United States Of America. If they won’t do their job it is time too find out what dirt the demonrats have on them and see they are punished as well under the Laws in our Constitution. See they work for us and we will not sit by idly and watch them help destroy our country and are children. These perverts need to be punished once and for all. And remember not one of them is above the law! Not even the highest judge.

    2. Not to mention the thousands of acers of farm land they own in the good O’l USA, I’m shore it’s not to feed the people of the USA & now there talking food shortages here. I have asked my senators / congressmen over the years but never get a reply’ Any foreigner should never be able to do that, same with buying factories, any factories we own / run in another country is under the very watch full eye of there government & they love nothing more than to steal our ideas patens are only a piece of paper to them let alone the ideas there spy’s steal when there here. IT has to stop!

  8. Trump was right on everything. Democrats had no problem stealing our votes. They will do anything to keep Trump out of politics. Anyone with a brain seen that the Russian hoax to January 6th was all a set up. Way to many things don’t add up. When they lie to our faces then you know there intent. Mark my words that basement Boy will use his executive order to get mail in ballots and Fauci will have us in lock down again. They will make sure the American people don’t get to poles. When you see open boarders with more younger men coming in then women you know the full intent at voting time. When you witness capital police allowing and encouraging protesters to enter capital it was a set up by Pelosi because there was a majority for Trump win and fraud in ballots. FBI, CIA, Washington police turning down help you know what was going to happen. Democrats keep saying no one is above the law then why are Democrats and all there puppets getting away with murder? All I can say is Americans you have a vote in midterms and 2024, so make it count at the poles. For those who actually voted this idiot into office, I just want to say, don’t blame me I voted for Trump. Now look around you and see what you did to this country. Believe me if Democrats steal either of the midterm or 2024 elections they will see what an insurrection really is. Anyone who aided the election fraud in 2020 and I mean anyone including Pence will now exactly how Americans really feel about what you have put us through. Remember what you Democrats always say, “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”. The swamp hasn’t met the real working people of this country. Your tactic’s don’t scare us it just gets us fired up.

  9. The entire world knows the election was stolen. There is no way O’Biden got 81 million votes. We know it, and the democRATs know it. But, they control the DOJ and the FBI. Neither can ever be trusted again. They are the modern day Gestapo for the democRAT party. The only thing we can do is volunteer as observers in 2022 and 2024. If you see ANYTHING that looks fishy, take videos, scream like hell, and expose them. Keep your eyes wide open…


  11. Doesn’t really what the cost is in identifying anyone involved in defrauding us citizens of a fai
    election. It has to be done. WARNING: You screw us, you lose your house, reputation and enjoy a hefty fine and free vacation in a Fed Penn.
    Serious violation and now look at the President we got because of idiots.

    1. Unfortunately, the “President we got” isn’t even old Slow Joe – It’s KamalaBama, and she’s even worse!!

  12. Well its proven so WHY is that idiot still in office TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT bottom line throw out the term limit on president AND ALLOW THE REAL PRESIDENT STAY THERE TILL RON DESANTIS TAKES OVER


  14. Please don’t watch regular media. Watch News Max. Dick Morrisy say;s there is a supreme court case in the Fall THAT may make it that only the state legislature can change election law and the governors or secretary of states can’t change it by executive order or emergency provision. I watch NEWS MAX ON SPECTRUM 222. CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL CABLE.

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