Wow: 40 Percent of Republicans Voted for Joe Biden in Pima County, Arizona?

“Kinda boring out here!” That was the hilarious conclusion of a reporter in Pima County, Arizona last year when F. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris arrived in Phoenix for a campaign event. It was October 2020, and the campaigns were in the home stretch. Yet as the Biden-Harris motorcade traveled to their scheduled stop in Tucson, not a single supporter showed up to see them. At a time when 10,000 people would line up in any city in America just for the chance to wave at Donald J. Trump – never mind the 60,000-70,000 who would show up for his rallies – not a single soul could drag themselves off the couch to greet F. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

A few days ago we learned about the “Pima County fish tail.” That was an election anomaly in which the voting pattern in Pima County suddenly switched to a massive Biden landslide after election workers kept county mail-in ballots that were pouring in late. The votes suddenly became heavily weighted for Joe Biden, turned the tide, and carried him to “victory.”

Multiple precincts in Pima County were found to have greater than 100% turnout. In talking about the fish tail, I conceded that Trump should have lost the very liberal Pima County by about 8 points – which would have still given him a statewide victory in Arizona. Crooked Hillary won Pima County by 13 points in 2016, which was still not a large enough gap to overtake Trump. If Trump has lost Pima County by 8 points in 2020, Arizona would have been a blowout for him (assuming there was no fraud in Maricopa County, which there was).

Instead, the mail-in ballots kept pouring into Pima County elections precincts for days and days, and Joe Biden reversed his sluggish turnout there to win by an absurd and impossible 20 points.


You’re probably at least vaguely familiar with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai by this point. He’s the India-American scientist and served as the audit pattern analyst for the Maricopa County audit. Dr. Ayyadurai was the one who discovered the Pima County fish tail and has been doing further analysis of the numbers and patterns there. He has made another discovery of what certainly looks like brazen fraud in Pima County.

After Election Day, when the mail-in ballots kept pouring in, the voting pattern in Pima County switched. All of a sudden, 40% of Republican mail-in ballots were cast for F. Joe Biden.

Forty… percent…

Biden and Harris were such a couple of duds that they couldn’t get a single, solitary person to wave a sign for them on the street when they showed up in Phoenix, which is the largest city in Pima County. When Donald Trump held a rally in Bullhead City, Arizona in late October, an estimated 60,000 people turned out. The town only has a population of 40,000!

A second Trump rally in Goodyear – a suburb of Phoenix had an insane turnout as well. Thousands of people were already lined up at 5 a.m. for a rally that didn’t take place until about 2:30 in the afternoon. There were so many Arizonans at the Goodyear rally that the press could only describe it as “a large amount.”

But 40% of Republicans in Pima County, Arizona had a crisis of conscience and decided to vote for F. Joe Biden?

No. No, not even.

This is getting beyond absurd in Arizona at this point. One of the reasons why I hate mail-in voting so much is the signature matching on the envelopes. Your vote is not kept secret due to this, and it allows corrupt Democrat Party bureaucrats who work as election officials to rig the vote. But… in this case, that fact has been their undoing. We know that 40% of registered Republicans suddenly started “voting” for F. Joe Biden. That makes it easy to confirm that this was voter fraud.

The Arizona Attorney General can conduct a simple canvass of those Republican voters and ask whether they voted for F. Joe Biden. In just two or three days, if they uncover multiple examples in which Republicans’ votes were actually stolen and switched to F. Joe Biden, it’s time for handcuffs and decertification.

And if you’d like a trip down memory lane, here you go. You can almost feel the electricity crackling in the air during that Biden-Harris rally in Tucson a year ago. So much excitement:

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55 thoughts on “Wow: 40 Percent of Republicans Voted for Joe Biden in Pima County, Arizona?”

  1. I don’t understand why the election has not been decertified and goes for Georgia and Pennsylvania they cheated so bad it is totally obvious!
    That communist incompetent brain dead liar and traitor should be removed from office!


      1. You mean tried under UCMJ Law! Where the only 2 possible outcomes when found guilty is death by hanging or Death by Firing Squad! UCMJ=Uniform Code of Military Justice, all members of Government are bound by UCMJ Law as well as civilian law during war time, Trump should have Hung them all while he had the chance!!! I definitely would have!

        1. Right. A bullet cannot be reused unless it is remanufactured, but a rope does not require being remanufactured before being reused. … and that is if the bullet could be recovered — which is not likely.

    2. In Arizona, AG Brnovich will do nothing. He has done nothing. I’ve emailed him half dozen times, telling him that if he continues to allow this to stand, that I and many thousands of repubs will simply not fill in the governor circle. I told him we elected him to do a job, arresting the bad guys, and lawbreakers, and if he can’t do this simple job, how can we think he will be able to govern Arizona? No response. Brnovich thinks we will just pick the lessor of two evils. Last election, he would have been correct, but I’m done with that. I will just refuse to pick anyone. I’m done picking the least evil person.

      1. agreed, He will not do a dam thing.He is part of the problem..He can make history here yet he will toe the RINO/SWAMP line..

    3. Yes and I guarantee Soros and Obama had alot to do with it. They both should be tryed and found guilty of treason and put to death. Or kicked out of the country. Just like England and Russia did to Soros. That peice of “‘*:. But he gives so much money to any cause that will hurt America. About the same as Obama.

    4. The terrorists in charge of our country have to go… They are the bottom of the barrel and it’s quite clear that they have sat in the bottom for a while because they are spoiled and rotting away their own party from within. If there is any lawful democrats in the country it seems as though they would be trying to save their party from the turmoil and destruction that is in process. In our current situation any honest politicians will simply be replaced by their own dishonest party members… That is exactly what is happening around our country, aoc what a f***ing joke

      1. Of course, but the “radical” LEFT wing bitterly resents and rejects the presumption of its attachment to the body, representing the common ground between the two. . . . . things that should be common, such as commitment to the foundations of our Constitutional Republic and the moral code of our Judeo-Christian ethic.

      2. Ford, I am not believing that!!!!!!
        EVERYONE KNOWS that the 2020 election was totally corrupt!!!!!
        If the rules do not change we will never ever have another honest elections!!

      3. Ford – Hardly — Only the Rinos belong to the DemoRats ! Oh, and China and Russia are in bed with them as well.

  2. There is no way basement dweller F Joe Biden won the election. Trump’s rallies were in the tens of thousands and F Joe Biden couldn’t get a hundred people to come out for him.

    1. Absolutely. Biden wasn’t even CAMPAIGNING! I just can’t see how this could be allowed after so many months, to have a fraudulent “President” in power. When are WE going to set it straight and bring America back to Her glory?

    1. We can only pray for a recall. If posible it better be soon the country is going down the toilet faster than anyone could have imagined. The whole Biden Admin needs to be tried and if guilty USMJ sentence should be carried out. This is pure treason and nothing else. These people are trying to overthrow the government and succeeding. The problem is Biden is one sick guy and does not know ass from elbow. So please God Bless America.

  3. There is a large group of people who were in charge of the election and when the facts are presented, every damn one of them should be in prison for a very ,very long time. As far as I am concerned, they should be shot for treason.

  4. Mark my words, the 2020 election fraud and steal by democrats will be exposed just like the Russian collusion scam and others perpetrated for democrat enrichment. I believe it is father God’s way of shining light on evil so believers are further encouraged and non-believers are forced to see the truth. Secular folks have no moral compass to guide them and their “by any means necessary” mantra gives them away.

    1. Tony – Hallelujah ! What goes around comes around and 2022 and 2024 will prove it ! Let all corrupt in the 2020 election rot in hell when their time comes. If not dealt with here on earth they will go before the all time judge. I predict a whole lot of fire and brimstone for evil doers.

  5. enuf already-how much fraud and election official misconduct must we see before taking action..what the heck is arizona attorney general waiting for? get that feeble fool out of the white house, he doesn’t belong there; we have to start righting the many wsrongs of the past 10 months before irreconcilable differences will cause a divorce!

  6. If you are looking for someone to pull the trigger on the communist bastards that would probably be easy. I always said Obama hurt our country more than any one but now we have a new title holder in the White House. Why is congress allowing this to happen? We really need trump back in the oval office!!!

  7. A lot of “leaders” dropped the ball on this fiasco and we want to know why. Their shenanigans are hurting our entire country every second of every day. I knew politics is full of corruption but this is beyond the pale. As long as pelosi is involved congress will not do the right and honorable thing.. she’s too busy forming committes for events… events with her fingerprints all over them trying to attack President Trump and supporters yet again.

  8. Instead of woe is me, Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Dems are going to destroy America and turn her Sovialist/Communist while people can’t afford bome heat, food, meds – which ARE all true and continuing downhill plummet .. .. we need to have a battle cry of PROVE THESE FRAUD VOTES AND DECERTIFY THE STATES. Remove Biden Admin and EVERY THING HE’S TOUCHED (old legal term: FRUIT from the POISON TREE is POISON). Put Trump back ad rightful President immediately so he can get busy changing things back and saving Americans and America. BOLDNESS IS CALLED FOR, NOT POLITENESS. Then charge all the wrongdoers in Admin, Congress, across nation for fraud and TREASON and punish the heck out of them. And seriously, the death penalty should be on the table. We want a solid msg that this will NOT BE TOLERATED EVER. NO MORE NICE GUY FOOLISHNESS.
    And the voting system needs some level of standard practice to safeguard it. And Trump must have an extra yr of Presidency added to replace what was stolen.

    1. Yes you are dam straight, Trump should be in office
      And so many people know that to be true as well
      Ever since Biden took office, Every thing is turning to hell in a handbag. Food and Gas prices are outrageous As soon as Biden was in office, all the shit his son did was swept under the rug. I am not a political person, but I do have eyes and ears and Trump needs to be back in office, before we all end up in the toilet.

  9. Phoenix is in Maricopa County NOT pima.
    F joe biden? Is the F for FORKING JOE?
    I knew by the way my pima county ballot was treated, that something wasn’t right.

  10. As long as there is no term limits for Congress, the business of the people will never be priority. Reelection will be. That automatically engenders corruption. Therefore, it follows that all politicians who seek a life in politics are a disingenuous corrupt pack of pusillanimous, feckless pipsqueaks. Further, they are liars and crooks. All of them ladies and gentlemen, all of them. The people that follow them and vote for them from some misguided “Santa Claus” acquisition of freebies from the productive, are intellectually bereft. Actually, stupid is a better word that defines their state of existence. So we are left with a corrupt Democratic Party who has no problem committing massive voter fraud to achieve their political agenda of America’s destruction. The idiots that follow them will deserve exactly what they get. Unfortunately, my grandchildren will not deserve it. I cry for them. As to the question of fraud, everyone knows the truth but will not admit it if they are a Democrat. Expecting anyone to believe that a man who had 25 people show up at a rally that Barack Obama was there supporting, actually beat a guy that had 45,000 people at his rallies is absurd on the face of itself. Anyone who believes that is a mindless buffoon which seems to encompass 99% of Democrats. They are too stupid to even breathe the same air as those who think.

  11. The SAD part is that we keep talking about the President election being STOLEN. How about the seats in CONGRESSS? How many of these seats rode in on these Fraudulent VOTES. Making the FASCISTS wins in CONGRESSIONAL VOTING ON BILLS also FRAUDULENT.

  12. I live in Pima County, and I saw people come in and dump handfuls of envelopes into a rubbermade tub. No lock, no nothing. Next to it was a gray metal box for my in person vote. No lock, with an old guy sitting there half asleep “guarding” it… I almost said something to one of the poll works but didn’t. Now I wish I had…

    This was a coup of major perportions. The military should have stepped in and righted the ship. So sad for America

  13. There has been FRAUD shown in Arizona, Georgia, Pa., Delaware and the latest is Wisconsin! They are arresting those in Wisconsin who were involved! Funny how Biden supposedly won Virginia in the 2020 Election! But Republican Youngkin AND Sears won the Governors! Republicans are now winning more positions! This will help in the 2022 midterm Elections! PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY, OUR POLICE OFFICERS AND OUR MILITARY! GOD BLESS THE USA!

  14. So why the hell can nothing be done. The whole country knows the problem and Pelosi is still in charge. If there were ever high crimes in a presidency this, is it. If this had been Trump, he would be behind bars if not shot. The Republicans need to join together and get the damn job done. They look like a bunch of cowards for not doing their elected jobs.

  15. Trump won the 2020 election.. I’m not standing for the cheating Byden BS…. We Americans want our President Trump back….

  16. Yea, sure, better a poor excuse than none at all. Biden and Harris didn’t want to have large crowds, because of the transmission of Covid. Joe and Kamala couldn’t buy people to come to a rally much less crowds showing up on their own! Yet 40% of Republican voters decided to vote for “Basement Joe” and 1% Harris. Washington Democrats believe The People are idiots, such as themselves!

    1. Covid was not even out or even in America
      when teleprompter joe and the hoe was getting 10 people at a rally. So can’t use covid as ANY excuse before the 2020 election. SOOOO…

  17. I think I have figured out why they haven’t decertified these elections, too many Republicans have taken large amounts of money that was given to them to keep their mouths shut and do nothing. They people that need to be doing their jobs aren’t because of money. someone needs to check and see if they have had a large deposit in their savings.


  19. People need to take it in there on hands and boo this demorat trash off the stage! When in public throw eggs, anything to show them there not wanted! All demorats know how to do is cheat! If nobody will prosecute this trash then America will do it for them! Demorats need to go! Nobody needs them! Only thing they accomplish is stealing tax payer money and blowing it, to causing chaos in our towns, to cheating elections they cant win! We definitely dont need any of them!!

  20. There are numerous r i n o s that need tried and hung afterwards that went along with this treasonous act that robbed this country of the most productive president in my lifetime. And we need pardons for everyone from Jan 6 gathering except for the murderer of Ashley babbit

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