1,600 Climate Scientists Say Joe Biden’s Weather ‘Emergency’ is a Hoax

Experts in the energy industry have been warning for months that Joe Biden is preparing to issue a “climate emergency.” This would be a far worse disaster for humanity than all the hot days in August combined.

Fortunately, a huge number of actual climate scientists are speaking out, and they say that Joe Biden’s big weather emergency is a total hoax. There’s no such thing as global warming.

Tell your kids! We’ve been lectured for the past few years about how we are always supposed to “follow the science,” so… allow us to introduce you to the science!

An organization called the Climate Intelligence Group issued a major declaration in August called the World Climate Declaration. A group of 1,609 esteemed climate scientists have signed the declaration. 321 of them were from the United States. How many weather scientists does it take before you can declare a consensus? Asking for a friend.

“There is no climate emergency,” says the Declaration. “Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures.”


The group notes very logically that the earth’s climate has “changed” constantly over time as part of natural processes that we still don’t fully understand. Sometimes it gets really warm for a while, and sometimes it gets very chilly.

The so-called Little Ice Age just wrapped up in 1850. The planet is still warming up from that.

Before the Little Ice Age—and long before your hairspray or SUVs or cow farts existed on the scale which they do now—the earth was quite a bit warmer. Greenland is called Greenland for a reason.

The group notes that planetary warming is happening “far slower” than any of the claims made by the hoaxsters at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change at the UN. As a matter of fact, every claim that the global warming cultists have made about the weather since 1979 has not come true. Yet these monsters are setting public policy across the Western world. There’s a reason why the Bible says you’re supposed to throw rocks at false prophets.

When Joe Biden declares his “climate emergency,” probably sometime soon after the hurricane in Florida settles down, he will seize sweeping new dictatorship powers for the Executive branch. Just in time for the 2024 election! Maybe we just do universal mail-in balloting in Zuckerberg drop boxes, because it’s too hot for people to drive to the polls.

If you remember how bad it got with leftist (and some rightist) governors during the pandemic, you should know that that was the warmup for Joe Biden’s climate emergency. Remember that crazy governor lady in Michigan who banned fishing and the sale of paint to stop a respiratory virus? She’s going to look sober and sensible compared to the powers that Joe Biden wants to seize for himself.

Exactly what sort of totalitarian nonsense would Joe Biden not be willing to impose on us, if hot weather in August was really an existential threat? He could just ban gas-powered cars outright under an emergency. Or he could limit the number of miles you’re allowed to drive in a week in a gas-powered car. Air travel could be severely restricted. Rationing of water and electricity on American households could be imposed. He’s already in the process of banning gas stoves, portable generators, hot water heaters, and other things that make modern life good and fulfilling.

Meanwhile, every Democrat will still be flying around on their donors’ private jets, which will be mysteriously exempt from every Joe Biden dictate.

The sale of electric cars has plummeted this year. Automakers went overboard while operating under the philosophy that “if you build it, they will come.” They built it all right. And now car dealerships are stuck with tons of electric car inventory that’s gathering dust. Many Americans are opposed to electric vehicles completely, either from reasons of practicality or due to the immoral nature of their creation.

Creating a single electric car expends more energy—before it’s even sold—than a gas-guzzling muscle car will expend over a period of 50 years burning up the highways. Not to mention the fact that the rare earth metals required to build the batteries are obtained by child slave labor in Africa.

The science says that there is no climate emergency. It’s fake and you can read the science for yourself HERE.

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20 thoughts on “1,600 Climate Scientists Say Joe Biden’s Weather ‘Emergency’ is a Hoax”

  1. I would also agree that there is Climate Change much as most people,but the change is not caused by the elements that are being claimed. I believe that the Climate Change is being created by ALL the CONCRETE JUNGLES being built through the USA and Worldwide which effects the not only thermal with heat absorbing but the jet stream too

  2. Its “mother nature ” not man who makes the weather that bumbass in the White House that was not elected in but stoled his fraudulent ass in thanks he knows more about weather than mother nature well its not nice to fool mother nature asshole. So you and those stupid people you listen to stop trying to take stuff away from the American citizens. We the true American people want to keep are cars, hotwater tanks, and lawn mowers, leaves blowers, trucks.Ele. you Biden well be flying around in “Air force one” acting like you care for the climate!. And you really hit the high note with the ” cow farts ” what happened did one fart in your face so now the ” cow ” is a criminal ? What well be next ” Human Farts ” cause of bad weather ? Really ! Is anyone going along with the farts bullshit besides old moe joe ?. This man needs impeached out of the White House hell out of the universe

  3. Just in from the Biden headquarters People of this great nation it is mandatory that you wear ass plugs —- yes, we must get all this Human Farting and Cow Farting under control for the good of are weather. So please pick-up your ass plug when you get your mask. Stop the farting !!!!!!!.

        1. What a crock!you put up what you feel like I put laughing icons on twice and you put them as question marks! This is the second time you have done this to my comments! You can go FUCK yourselves fact checkers!

  4. Somebody has got to stand up to this old guy!! In God we trust!! I sure don’t trust anything from B. Nor his illegal constituents (ie. China, Russia, and American imposters ruling our lives!!
    Stand up to this hoax. Get the words out!!
    Thank you for this.

  5. Like this article is saying look at the science.
    I just read in Popular Mechanics that the earth has shifted on it’s axis by 31 inches over the last 20 years. Now that is more likely to affect the climate than all the cars and cow farts together.

    1. Yes, I agree w that comment. When I went to school I learned that if our planet rotated more than 2 degrees off it’s axis it would begin a new ice age. That was more than 70 years ago. Since then we have had numerous bomb testing, underwater testing, volcano eruptions, and Flights into space. Everyone ( other than Biden etc) should realize these things have been a major reason our planet has rotated on it’s axis, creating the changes in temps.
      Another point is all the trees cut by deforestation in Africa etc nations. We need trees and green plants to filter and clean our air. Regardless of what America does as long as there are countries like China and Russia etc that don’t have clean air regulations, their factories will be a big part of pollution. Biden etc just want to take everything away from us so as to CONTROL the population and cause chaos.

  6. I notice many of you are upset about Biden’s climate agenda. That is a good thing. It is nice to have science on our side for this argument. But, let me add something that I don’t hear enough. We are all for a good environment and protecting our environment. So, what has the green (Democrats) agenda done. Made the U.S. Energy dependant, harmed the environment significantly, sent money to China (solar) and supported them burning more oil and slavery and human rights abuse. Why? Now we get oil from outside the U.S. and countries we get it from don’t produce it as cleanly as we do (Fact). Biden reduced our strategic reserves putting us at greater risk and gave the pipeline to Russia creating dependency on Russia (by Europe) for oil (really stupid). All this contributed to Putin being stronger and more likely to attack Ukraine. Oh yeah, when Putin moved troops to the border, Biden did nothing (no sanctions, no defensive weapons). He did nothing until after Putin actually attacked and started the war. Biden’s action made the war more likely and his lack of action almost assured the war would happen. Interesting perspective and all this created a war of death, destruction and tremendous harm to the environment. Where are all the brain washed “green” wackadoodles complaining about the war and the great harm to our environment not to mention death and destruction and billions of our dollars! Crickets …

  7. Biden is a idiot ,he does not know what zip code he is in.,and the chance that he could be re elected makes me sick

  8. NASA has said for years that it’s not climate change, it’s a natural rotation of weather patterns. They’ve studied it for years. Obama used it and made $20 million. Biden’s trying the same tactic.

  9. It’s about time. Scientists are only human, and some of them will buy into a falsehood if they’re paid enough money. Here are some more tidbits: Only a small amount of the silicon refined is pure enough to be used in semiconductors and solar panels, so that producing a ton of this silicon will produce about 63 tons of carbon dioxide! How green is that? The Before the little ice age, grapes were grown in Scotland. Talk about warm! The little ice age itself began during the Scottish revolt, and may have guaranteed its success. It also set the stage for the Black Death, Washington’s crossing of the frozen Delaware (ain’t happenin’ now) the Thames Ice Festival in England, and the brutal winter at Valley Forge. Its ending allowed the settling of the West.But the world survived the warmth before the LIA. It even survivied a prehistoric age when there were no polar ice caps. Back to the present: We get almost all of our semiconductor materials from…China, which could turn off the faucet at any time. Electric cars are expensive, undependable, and have been known to explode and catch fire (imagine that happening to a loaded school bus!) We simply don’t have the technology or resources to sustain a “green” (read fossil-fuel free) economy, and we might never. Here’s a message to our elected officials: Start thinking about the people you represent and not about your own power and glory!

  10. Yes, I do have to agree with you. The whole BIG picture, nit just snippets of half-truths and folklore.
    The natural elements are a part of the earth’s system and humans, more than technology, are the main culprits of the demise of this delicate balance.
    Lithium mining is not only conducive to the bastardization of the earth, it also pollutes due to it’s composition in battery manufacturing, plus is harmful to those that handle it (can you say “Child ($lave) labor?
    There are a plethora of options that are earth friendly, but not implemented.

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  12. Joe are you still looking at your watch while the soldiers you are responsible for getting killed in Afghanistan are being unloaded. Joe you deserve to rot in hell. I will stand in line to piss on your grave JOE! I also think you and your fellow cronies had a part in the Kennedy Brothers being killed.
    That was to clear the path for your corrupt cronies to take over.

  13. Are You Ready?
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