Biden’s Open Border Policy is Killing Children – And Sometimes Worse

If the American people knew the extent of what our wide-open southern border is doing to children of the world right now, they’d drag Joe Biden and Kamala Harris out of the White House in handcuffs, haul them to the Hague and have them tried as war criminals. You’re not seeing any of what’s happening in the American media. Not even the leaked photos from Project Veritas and other outlets reveal the extent of this human-caused horror. US Senators are prevented from taking pictures inside the Biden Concentration Camps. And further south, the inhuman cruelty is difficult to even describe.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) went with a delegation of Republican Senators to try to get video or pictures from inside the Donna, TX camp. Someone did manage to snap a photo of some Third World babies – BABIES – being held in an enclosure. One photo showed a baby that looked to be just a few months old lying on a thin mat alone. Most photos were blocked, the Biden administration staff got in front of Ted Cruz and yelled at him, claiming he was stealing the dignity of the people in the camps.

The Donna, TX concentration camp for children, operated by the criminal Biden regime, is at 1,500% capacity. Under normal circumstances, it’s supposed to be able to house 1,000 people. These not being “normal” circumstances, the camp is only supposed to have 250 kids maximum in it, to prevent COVID outbreaks from spreading among the kids. That particular Biden concentration camp has 4,000 children in it right now, and more coming every day. No wonder they don’t want Ted Cruz or anyone else taking pictures of it.


The conditions in the concentration camps are disgusting. Hoboes from San Francisco wouldn’t want to live there. Native bush villages in Alaska that don’t have running water are cleaner than the Biden Concentration Camps.

Far to the south lies a strip of jungle known as the Darien Gap. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t drive from America down to South America. There’s no road through the 60-mile stretch of thick jungle that connects Panama and Bolivia. The Darien Gap is 60 miles of bandit country, filled with rival drug cartels, communist guerrillas, cranky Indians who hate trespassers, crocodiles and other dangers. Locals call it “The Jungle of Rape.”

Thousands of migrants from the Third World jump off a boat in South America, on their way to our southern border. “Humanitarian aid groups” are assembled at the southern end of The Jungle of Rape in order to hand out bottled water and other trinkets. Hollywood celebrities and your tax dollars fund these organizations to the tune of billions of dollars, so they can push children from Asia, Africa and South America into the most dangerous stretch of jungle in the entire world.

They call it “The Jungle of Rape” because no pretty woman or girl is able to pass through it without being molested. If you survive the rape, you will lose all your possessions for the remainder of the journey. But the cartels will give you a bundle of cocaine to transport through the jungle. Good luck.

And Lord help you if you make it through and try to emerge from the jungle without that heavy bag of cocaine on your back. That bag of cocaine is your exit price if you want to live. It’s not uncommon for motorists on the Panama side of the Darien Gap to encounter someone running out of the jungle, offering to sell a baby to passersby. The parents didn’t make it through.

War correspondent Michael Yon has traveled to the southern side of the Darien Gap and started reporting on the floods of children showing up, ready to make the journey through that 60-mile stretch of hell on earth. It is absolutely heart-wrenching. If you’re unfamiliar with Mike’s reporting, he’s one of the last authentic journalists left in Western Civilization. You may not agree with his politics, but he goes to the places that the mainstream media wants you to ignore.

Here’s a link to one of Michael Yon’s reports from the south side of The Jungle of Rape.

It’s about two beautiful Christian children from Haiti. They’ve been lured to Columbia by the bloodthirsty Biden regime and the “humanitarian” groups that are pushing children into The Jungle of Rape. The kids are clueless about the dangers they are about to encounter. Fair warning: The end of the story will break your heart and strip away a piece of your humanity. But we owe it to the children being murdered by the criminal Biden cartel to not look away.

This is what your tax dollars are paying for. This is what happens when a nation replaces the humanitarian border controls that Donald Trump put in place with the open-borders policies of mass murderers and psychopaths.

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57 thoughts on “Biden’s Open Border Policy is Killing Children – And Sometimes Worse”

  1. The Biden administration is organized chaos. Biden and Harris should be arrested for allowing these children to live in these conditions. Our country is in real trouble. A civil war is on its way and Biden does not care. He will end up stepping down because he has a diseased brain. 2 words….voter fraud. That’s the only way creep uncle joe cold have become president.

    1. Bill, you forgot one thing. It’s Trumps’ fault as he caused me to open Border, stop building the wall, shutting down Keystone. The list goes on and on but it is Trumps’ fault.

      1. You are as stupid as they come. You must live in the hills of Kentucky. You need to go back to reading and learn all the Democrats have done in the last four years. P.S. You better own a gun, your ass is going to need it.

        1. Jasper, are you unable to recognize sarcasm when you see it? You need to get a little smarter.

      2. That’s some more BS that you are trying to spend lies that’s all you damn Democrats know how to lie how to cheat how to steal but I know one thing the judgment day is coming on all you as an independent that’s the hard part that we have when we really don’t have a choice because both of them have evil hearts and here say God here say God he’ll say God but that Catholic religion is one of the most corrupt things that ever happened in the world that poke is no better than anybody else he’s just a man and he’s going to stand before that judgment seat to like all the rest of us and you can’t walk halfway and say well this is okay about abortion but this isn’t. As an old man I never thought I’d live to see what I’m seeing today I knew things were coming but not by as fast as what’s coming now upon this world not only on America but up on the world every nation faces judgment and the nation only goes as far as a man leads it fine has a corrupt Spirit no heart whatsoever a spirit of confusion and that’s why you see this America and the shape it’s in because that Spirit of confusing they sitting there in that white house and in that house and also in that Senate but do the Republicans better learn how to fight legally! It’s your kids your grandkids and great-grandkids that’s going to go through the tough times if we don’t get this thing changed quit thinking about yourself and that money that he’ll pump into you as a senior center said I can sit around here and tell you right now very few of us has got that stimulus very very few that was promise by buying another one of his lies I know one lady she got her 14 but she didn’t get the other over two but now they tell her somebody’s used her social security number so she not eligible lie after lies all coming out of that government more than until we demand that they start telling the truth and walking in truth this thing is going to correct collapse and it wasn’t Trump’s fault he made a lot of mistakes first off he was commander in chief he had the right to send federal troops in and stop all that BS but he didn’t have a guts enough to stand up to little silly crazy Nancy Jezebel of today and that Jezebel spirit that’s throughout the world America is in deer trouble all white men call all these names and y’all buy that BS and that’s why you have a lot of this that shouldn’t happen but they they lost the chance of even having any hope when they see all around them 65% of women can get promoted everything you deal with today you have to deal with a woman in anything and there’s very few of them that want to really be like a woman should be God created man and woman as a helper and he’s the same today as he was yesterday and he’ll be the same thing tomorrow he don’t change!?!

        1. God may decide to deal with these criminals in His own good time. Until then, we either have to live with their attempts to destroy render our Constitution meaningless, turn our republic into a socialist/communist state and end democracy, OR find a way to rid ourselves of these domestic terrorists.

    2. Bill I couldn’t have said it better – ORGANIZED is the word by the media and big tech, Hollywood- they are all equally guilty- May God have mercy on their souls (don’t mean that – no mercy)

      1. How the hell does he get away with all this stuff. Him, Harris, and Pulaski all need to be put in jail.

        1. Whose is going to put these criminals in jail, the corrupt Department of Justice, the
          corrupt FBI, the corrupt prosecutors who refuse to prosecute criminals, or the corrupt Democrat party and their operatives that participated in the recent vote fraud?

          How well did the Department of Justice and the FBI handle the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton, who violated the Espionage Act by using her unsecured personal computer to send and receive State Department classified and top secret information; who lied under oath before a Senate committee hearing about doing so; and who obstructed justice by:

          1. having 33,000 of her e-mails, which were under subpoena, deleted from her
          personal computer; and
          2. having the hard drive of her personal computer “acid washed” and her I-phone and
          Blackberry devices smashed to make stored information on those devises

          How well did the Department of Justice and FBI do investigating those in the CIA, NIS, DOJ and FBI who committed crimes in their “investigations” of charges that Donald Trump, his family members, his campaign workers and his appointees were “in collusion with the Russians to steal the election away from Hillary Clinton? Leaking classified information to the media is a crime. John Brennan did that, so did James Comey. Obstruction of justice is a crime, James Comey did that when, after conspiring with Peter Strzok, he terminated the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s activities (described in #1 above) and declared her innocent of the crimes she committed, because she really didn’t intend to commit them. Comey also obstructed justice when he continued the FBI investigation of Trump, his family members and his campaign workers, knowing the the basis of the investigation (the “dossier”) was false and unverifiable. Comey and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein obstructed justice when the signed applications to the FISA Court for warrants to wire tap the phones of Trump and other American citizens which affirmed that the information supplied to the FISA Court was VEFIFIED BY THE FBI. THAT INFORMATION WAS NEVER VERIFIED BY THE FBI. FBI prosecutors under Comey carried out malicious prosecutions of Carter Page and General Flynn. Those FBI prosecutors concealed exculpatory evidence from the defense lawyers for Flynn and Page (another obstruction of justice). An FBI lawyer (Kevin Clinesmith) altered exculpatory evidence sent to him by the CIA, in which the CIA confirmed that Carter Page WAS working for them. Clinesmith altered that document to read that “Carter Page WAS NOT working for the CIA and Clinesmith presented that false evidence to FBI prosecutors. FBI agents perjured themselves and suborned the perjury of General Flynn, under the threat that if he didn’t confess to “lying to the FBI” the FBI would prosecute his son and drag him through the courts until, like they did to General Flynn, they destroyed his reputation and bankrupt him with legal fees.

          We know how many of these characters were sent to prison for these crimes – NONE. We know how many were tried for these crimes – ONE – Kevin Clinesmith who pleaded guilty to “altering documents” and received 12 months of probation. We also know how many were prosecuted for these crimes (only Clinesmith). We know how many were indicted for these crimes (only Clinesmith). James Clapper, John Brennan, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew Weissmann, Bruce Ohr, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page are all walking the streets, free as birds.

          I am sure that U.S. Attorney and ‘special counsel’ John Durham will have as much success as his former boss, Attorney General Willian Barr, did in “getting to the bottom” of the FBI’s three-year, $40 million investigations of Democrat claims that “Donald Trump was an Russian agent who colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton” and who was guilty of “obstruction of justice” for firing James Comey. Durham has been around the world conducting his “investigations” and even put on additional help. He’s been at it for 23 months now and still no report of his findings. Maybe 23 months from now, just before the mid-terms, he will issue his report announcing that although there were some serious breaches of protocols and unusual practices by some in the FBI and DOJ, there was insufficient evidence to indict anyone of a crime. That seems to have been all that was necessary for the DOJ and FBI to dismiss Republican charges of vote fraud and illegal election practices in six swing states in the last election. I have no doubt the same excuse will work again.

    3. all i heard are us citizens talk talk n talk why dont you folks take is idiots to world court charge them criminals

      1. How much of your money are you willing to spend hiring lawyers that have access to “the World Court”?

        Where do you then turn when the “World Court” claims they have no jurisdiction to interfere in a country’s election system?

        How well has the “World Court” been able to change the electoral processes in countries like Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, countries under dictatorships in the middle east and Africa?

        Just asking.

    4. 1500% of 250 = 3750 which is a tad lower than 4,000 which some in the news are actually reporting. But NOT CNN, the Communist News Network! Oh NO! they are afraid of the real truth getting out.

  2. America better wake up…what the left thinking idiots in DC are doing to the Nation is pure evil. We will be years fixing what they have screwed up in less than four months. It just isn’t right to let this administration run rampant….watch your six.

    1. Agree, American butter wake up & Smell the Roses. Biden & his cronnies are a disaster, DUMB & MDUMBER

  3. I just wonder when true Americans will stop this BS that has been engraved into our society – “being politically and doing nothing”. Pisses me off as I have watched it since i was little and only get worse. Wake up Americans and take back our God given nation!!

    1. Is there no way they can’t remove Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer etc., haul them directly to prison, and instal someone with at least half a brain, that has our countries interest at heart?
      Even if that is not legal, it has to be done, and fast!!!

      1. Put Trump back in He was a business man and the other nations new they couldn’t push Trump. He stood up for America!!!

          1. only if America turns away from all that is evil and back to Him. We started to but with Biden and lefist Democrats we are again turning away He will not call us His people any longer. Nor do we deserve Him to do so.

    2. “Woke” Americans are the people we have to take the country back from. Got any ideas? “Voting” sure as hell didn’t work.

  4. Is it possible that if the , lets say the NONE RHINOS of Washington got enough signatures on a PETITION that they could bring forward a demand for the PRES. and VP be impeached forth with ? With Pelosi roller skating all over the Constitution lately this old man cant keep track of what she has SCREWED up as of today. This the final proof that we need. I am surprised he hasn’t got 10-15 kids working in the WH for his daily sniff. as for Harris She screws off all day. What a team. Not only the LARGEST theft in Political History, now the LARGEST fully operational CHILD MOLESTATION and DRUG functioning business operating with the PRESIDENTS? knowledge in our HISTORY. IF I keep writing like this much longer Pelosi will have me in front of a firing squad. Well, I wouldn’t be the first. GOD BLESS AMERIC AND ALL HER VETS.. Past, present and future. Cheyenne

    1. Great job!! Well said!! We need more of US to stand up and say this isn’t right. The Democratic Party thinks we are stupid- we don’t “understand”
      YES WE DO. We see it CLEARLY. The capital is only the beginning. Trust me I know what’s happening underground. It’s all starting. Don’t worry. Pelosi will not be able to harm for much longer.

    2. I was wondering if we could get a recall like they did in California? Plenty of people would sign it.

    3. Presenting any sort of an impeachment “petition” to the Democrats in the House would only result in them telling you where to shove it.

      We have been through the “impeachment thing” twice over the past year or so. You should be aware by now that only the House of Representatives can impeach a president. Even if Biden and Harris were to be “impeached” (which isn’t ever going to happen), that doesn’t remove them from office; they would have to be convicted in the Senate (and that isn’t ever going to happen either). The Democrats now control the House, the Senate and the White House, not to mention at least half the members of the SCOTUS.

      The Democrats got away with stealing the election and no one in authority gives a damn. Maybe when enough people get screwed bad enough things will change for the better. When enough of the yo-yos who voted for Biden find out all the promises he was told to make by his handlers and the tax increases he promised would ONLY apply to “the rich” turn out to be B.S., maybe then they will do something to stop the theft of further elections.

      It was only three months ago that overall unemployment rate was 3.5% and the lowest for minorities since statistics were kept. Over the past three months, Biden has:

      * shut down the Keystone pipeline and shut down granting leases to drill for gas and oil on public lands, resulting in the price of gasoline increasing by 50%;
      * stopped construction of the border wall and invited illegals to come across our border, resulting in a dramatic increase in the number of illegal aliens coming into the U.S. at least 15% of whom have tested positive for the COVID virus. These illegals are being released without being tested for sickness, without being checked for criminal background and without being assigned court dates to determine their legal status. They are being bussed to various cities acro0ss the U.S. without the knowledge or permission of those cities and states where they are being sent and their kids will be put into the public schools YOUR property taxes paid for. They will be given “free” health care, housing subsidies, and welfare benefits that YOUR tax dollars will pay for.
      * Passed a $2 trillion dollar “COVID Relief” spending bill where less that 10% of that $2 trillion will be spent on paying for vaccines and their administration, the rest going to bail out Democrat states facing bankruptcy and other socialist programs.
      * rejoined the World Health Organization and resumed funding this organization which covered up China’s responsibility for the spread of COVID around the world;
      * rejoined the Paris Climate Accords and resumed funding other countries to “aid in their reducing carbon emission”. These “climate accords” are non-binding and unenforceable on countries like China and India that produce the vast majority of the world’s carbon pollution.
      * reinstated the “Iran deal” that will allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, all of this in only 3 months since Biden’s handlers took control of the U.S.

  5. Well at least we know what the Antichrist team players look like. May they enjoy their eternal swim in the lake.

  6. How many terrorists from many countries around the world flooding into our country over the southern border? How many diseases are the illegal aliens bring into our country? How many various types of weapons are being brought into our country over the open southern border? How many children are being brought into our country so that they can be sold into the lucrative pedophilia business? And guess how many of the illegal aliens will be voting 100% democrat! Do the American people Really Want Our Southern Border to be Wide Open to Everyone?

    1. Lorraine, you ask: “Do the American people really want our southern border to be wide open to everyone?” It should be quite obvious that those who voted for Joe Biden will answer this question with one word, “YES”. And they will keep saying yes until it’s their job that’s lost to an illegal alien, or until their public school gets so overcrowded with illegal immigrant children that their own kids’ educations become meaningless; or until they, or one of their loved ones, become a victim of criminal illegal aliens.

  7. This cardboard cut out for a president created this crisis to use as political pull. He can do what he wants with the illegals and tell you something different. Tell ones coming king biden is going to brainwash all of them. Now you are a democrat…… hear that enough times would drive any sane person nuts….

  8. Kennie

    My Grandfather fought in the 1st World War, my Dad in the 2nd, my husband in Korea, my Daughter in the mid East, and my son all over the middle East and here in America. I will do what ever is asked of me to right these terrible wrongs that our government officials are doing throughout the world! Come on America stand up and do something about this dispicable mess we are in! GOD Bless America!

  9. Does the Biden family have a contract with the cartels n human traffickers. That just to can anyone ignore n allow what is happening on our borfer n the journey to be made. And thats not counting what is happening right here in our own country..are we just to watch our rights being.destroyed n free speech being outlawed. Are we so timid n frightened of these power hungry evil
    Whatevers destroy us n our country. I guess so….well im not….what to do….

  10. I am and a lot of others, are so sick of hearing what Biden and Harris are doing to our country, it is crazy to just sit back and wait it out. By then, our country will be torn and schredded apart. I don’t care how many of them Democrats believe they are doing the right thing. Come on!! open your eyes and ears. Put them all in Jail! That is where they belong. I know God wants us to all get along, but oviously, its not going to happen. And I truly believe that God wants all good, for us all. But when you have people like Biden and Harris running the government he knows it has to stop! And I believe he agrees. Lets stop these people and make the USA great again!! Impeach them Now!!! Get them out NOW!!

  11. Well if we know this as a fact why then aren’t we doing something to stop it by impeaching BS Biden and his Suckling VP? Is it we’re afraid of these Socialist commies as they are true grand leaders of the new junking of America or the actual fact we really just don’t give a damn that is till its to late and we lose our freedoms and become slaves to a commie socialist dictator? We must buck up and stop these socialists or raise our arms in surrender to the CCP secret controllers running socialists. I’m 86 won’t be here that much longer but you the younger Americans now have the chance to live the free life I have and the rest of us older Americans or you can let communists rule you your kids and the whole country it’s now your decision but many of you are on drugs,that won’t be here afterwards and thus you feel your 10 ft tall and bullet proof but communists will show you and thousands more your damn sure not bullet proof it’s your chance to either save America or live in the new China controlled cesspool. It’s all up to you guys now as we did ours in the 40’s thru 2020 then it fell to hell. It’s your turn make it or break it.

  12. I keep saying: if the military won’t step up, the next best thing is several right-minded militia groups joining forces to carry out what the military is Supposed To Do. What our military is doing at this moment is reprogramming soldiers to suit the Obama democrats’ agenda to destroy America. Remember, Obama is orchestrating this whole scam, and it’s for sure he doesn’t care — because he wants our destruction so badly, he can taste it. Military or militia, folks. We need to support patriotic American militia groups.

  13. I am old enough to remember (71 years young) there was a Russian leader (Kruchef) (spell check doesn’t like me!) that declared that no outside force would destroy United States of America, they would destroy their country from inside their own borders.

    Looks like he was prophetic!

  14. BLESSED EASTER EVERYONE – GOD is waiting for us to turn to HIM in our distress – if we all insist on opening ALL THE CHURCHES and let EVERYONE in – EVERYWHERE – no more restrictions – no more masks – TRUST IN THE LORD. That is the ANSWER to rid us of this evil regime……including DR FAU – CHI – MIN…………..send some good priests to cast out the devils…….

  15. The U S A has gone to war against the inhumane treatment other countries have treated there citizens , crime’s against humanity is just what the democratic party is doing to migrants , even if there illegal , there human beings . Democrates have done it this time ! You don’t treat people in this way , ever .

  16. I claim independent status and have voted both sides in times past looking for what I believed to be the best avenue. But I can guarantee I will NEVER vote for another democrat, local or national. Although the nation is being destroyed by this administration the stupidity of those behind this stands out in the fact that Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the gangsters somehow think they will escape the outcome. Biden is just a front man and too far gone mentally to understand he is just being used.

  17. The policy of open borders is the bloodthirsty regime of Biden – Harris and “humanitarian” groups that drive children into the “Jungle of Rape, where drug cortels, bloody communists, crocodiles and other horrors await them.” This is the politics of mass murderers and child-killing psychopaths. Miraculously, the surviving children and babies are sold to concentration camps in the United States, where they are kept worse than slaves. This is Biden-Harris’s criminal, terrifying, bloody policy, for which they must answer before South America and the whole world.

  18. Why do you keep saying it’s Trumps fault? He never did anything like what Biden and his Hoe is doing. Trump didn’t have to run for President, but he knew what was happening in our country. Pelosi has hated Trump so much that she has done everything to get back with everyone in America. Talk about hot, Pelosi will feel that when her last breath is gone she will never see the Gates of Heaven. God choice Trump for a reason and if you don’t believe it, looks what is going on. Until we get the AOC’s out we’ll never get back the House or our country. I’ve always heard that the enemy will enter into the house and take over. Already happened! The House and the Senate has to be cleaned out, and Christians need to run America. I have come from a Military family, lived in Germany for 13 months, and was brought up from a family that believes in God. I’m not perfect, but I’m not stupid. Pray to God that he will led us and if it is his well give us strength to get rid of these enemies, that is destroying America and bring back our President Donald Trump.

  19. When is this criminal biden be held accountable for his unlawful actions? He mocks and ignores the American people. How far is dementia joe going to push us till something happens? Giggles kamala thinks it’s funny, more like mockery. Why does Texas and Arizona put up with this? Let’s deport them to Blue states, cities. That’ll make dementia joe shit in his pants and do something. When the smoke clears, dementia joe will be gone and hiding.

  20. It is now appearing that the National Guard is still surrounding the capitol because those in charge are afraid all these illegals will end up in Washington D.C. All we have to do is pull all those troops out and send them to the border. They will know the best way to send them to where our politicians will see them up close. Tear down the fences in Washington and finish the border wall now. It will soon be too late!

  21. As a combat wounded vet, who has fought for America and freedom loving Americans– If I saw a dumbocrat politician drowning in a river, I would first look around to see if there were any stray dogs, rats, or snakes in danger— because they have some value to the earth!– after I saved them, I would take a break, regain my breath and strength, and pray to God for guidance, since I do not feel any dumbocrat socialist provides value to the world— then, God would probably tell me the dumbocrat socialists are still human– and, who am I to argue with God? So, I would go save them— and regret it the rest of my life! The dumbocrat socialist politicians are ruining our nation!!! Remember Veneuzuela? Once, the fourth most wealthy and successful nation in the world!!! Since they were taken over by socialists—they are bankrupt— and their citizens have lost all their money— and their rights!!! The Chinese are laughing their asses off. They have put their plans to attack us on a temporary hold!!! “sellout joe” is destroying us faster than they could in a war—–and considerably less than a war would cost them!!! I still love America, and Americans who still support our Constitution!!! but, I despise the dumbocrat socialists and their big tech friends who are destroying The greatest country God has ever developed. What they don’t realize is that they are also destroying the lives of their own children!!! Also, if one of their family is raped, or brutalized, or introduced to drugs because of the border– will they still support the socialist regime? Remember, SOCIALISTS– YOUR GRANDCHILDREN WILL SUFFER IF YOU CONTINUE TO WEAKEN OUR COUNTRY!!!! Sorry, did not mean to get so uptight—but,I held many young American kids as they died from wounds in fights to support our country— and I consider the socialist regime to be despicable~!!

    1. All that patriotic talk deserves a great big oorah!!
      Sorry if that’s the wrong branch. It’s heartfelt regardless. ??

  22. Our Country is a mess but take hope and pray to God and Jesus for they are in command.. they have a reason to,wait . We don’t understand why they are waiting so long but it Is not our right to ask THEM why. It,,is our right to to pray and ask him to help US and our C9UNTRY, AND TO ASK FOR OUR GOVERNMENT TO GET SOME BACKBONE AND FIGHT FOR OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS. GOD IS OUR ANSWER. WHEN EVERYTHING IS GOING BAD , SO PLEASE EVERYONE PRAY PRAY TO OUR LORD HE IS WAITING FOR HIS PEOPLE TO COME BACK TO HIM.. GOD &JESUS IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL

  23. why is these people in the congress not doing anything about trying to closed the boarders and helping these towns that are being raided everyday. why are they not getting together and impeach Biden,Pelosi,Harris for all the lies and hated they have for trump and his supporters. we need to get America safe again. another thing why is any of these judges that are not helping these people that are in the dc jail the ones that were at the capital that did’nt do anything wrong but went to the capital and are trump supporters that are being beaten by the guards one man was beaten so bad that he is blind in one eye, but Harris and the Hollywood Clebrities that bail out those people that killed and destroyed and started fires and burn down the police building and peoples property , and were they beaten Harris you good at that. why is there a double stander from the left why can they be responsible for their wrong and corrupt my question how can you sleep at night. you know what you Hollywood idiots, you got your mouths going all the time how you hated trump going to punch him in the mouth hurt his son. hey your Texas and Arizona people get with the boarder agents and help them put the illegals on the buses and direct the bus driver and delivered them to the Hollywood Clebrities front yard.They got the funds let them take care of them. we need to get are military down there and we need you trump to go down there with your people maybe you have some people in the news and show the the American people what is happening instead lies from the left and maybe can visit your friend the Mexico president and get these boarders shut down. because the idiots in the white house wont do nothing. show them how it is done trump.

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