Adorable: BLM Marxists Get a Harsh Lesson in Real Marxism

The insane wealth redistribution plots of the “woke” world haven’t been making as many headlines for the past couple of months. The media managed to shush them for a few weeks while there was an election to steal. But the crooks who rail about “equity” in society while suspiciously eyeing the equity in your home are still busy. Even though the riots and looting have died down a little bit, they’re still loony and they still want your stuff. Fortunately, many of the Black Lives Matter Marxists just received a painful lesson in actual Marxism. Let’s check in and see how that’s going!

You might think that Seattle would be content to settle down a little bit, now that the City Council is defunding the police department. Right? Nope! The next brilliant idea from the woke politicians in Seattle is something called “Real Rent.”

The average monthly rent for an apartment in Seattle is about $2,000 a month. But under the genius of the Real Rent plan, Seattle folks would be cutting an additional rent check each month to a nearby Indian tribe. Get it? If you live in Seattle, you’re living on “stolen land,” so you owe your Real Rent to the Indians.

We also have to assume that Real Rent will only be collected from white people in Seattle. If you’re a black, Asian, Hispanic or other race, then you’re obviously not one of the ones whose ancestors “stole” Seattle from the Indians.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) have voted on a resolution to demand reparations from working class white Americans, to punish them for their role in capitalism. So much for workers of the world uniting! I think you guys got something upside down with that one.

Hilariously, the DSA’s proposal doesn’t have any means testing in it. In other words, if any local government were to adopt the resolution, white convenience store clerks and fast-food workers would be cutting a reparations check to Beyonce every month. Fairness!


Which brings us to Black Lives Matter. This story is truly adorable. The Black Lives Matter Global Network (BLMGN) is the umbrella organization that was set up as a nonprofit to rake in all that sweet, sweet corporate blackmail cash. Local BLM chapters are supposed to be under the authority of the BLMGN, and in turn, the BLMGN is supposed to have the bigwigs who do all of the planning, campaigning, and shaking down of corporations.

Since it was first formed during Barack Obama’s time in office, BLMGN has really been a small-potatoes organization. It was only taking in cash in the low millions range for its first few years. But not this year! Ever since George Floyd killed himself with opiates in Minneapolis, BLMGN has raked in somewhere close to $2 billion from virtue signaling corporations.

Pepsi, Nabisco, Microsoft, Warner Records, Amazon and other giant companies poured cash into BLMGN as fast as they could. BLMGN took in more money in 2020 than either the Trump campaign or the Biden campaign.

But now all of the local BLM chapters across the country are a bit miffed. They want to know where all that sweet corporate cash went to, and why they haven’t seen any of it. The three West African occult witches who founded BLMGN are not answering any of those questions.


That is soooo CUTE! Of course, most of us who know what actual Marxism is like understand exactly where the money went. The three ladies who founded BLMGN are living their best Oprah lives now. Probably on private yachts somewhere.

But for the local BLM chapters, this is obviously their first brush with true Marxism. If they had ever bothered to read “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, they’d know that the pigs get to eat all of the good food and sleep in fluffy beds inside the house, while the worker animals have to stay outside the house.

Sure, the local BLM chapters across the country did all the hard work. They went out and rioted and looted and burned down stores and wrecked statues and people’s lives. But that was only possible because of all the hard work and thinking that the boss pigs inside the house did. See? All black lives are equal, but some black lives are more equal than others.

This is actually good news for America. A lot of disgruntled local BLM leaders are going to walk away from this toxic group in disgust, now that they’ve had a taste of how real Marxism works. And congratulations to the three BLMGN founders who ripped off corporate America. They managed to pull off the second-biggest heist of 2020.

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141 thoughts on “Adorable: BLM Marxists Get a Harsh Lesson in Real Marxism”

    1. The fools r to dumb to know they r being used by there own people that have been ripping them off n always blaming WHITIE, and because they r black not a thing will be done. This is why I am armed n will use deadly force on anyone that threatens me

      1. Marxists and Trotskites use the phrase useful idiots as reference to their grunts on the ground. They also treat them the same way… From each according to their ability and to each according to their needs. Nothing is equal nor fair in that equation.

        1. There is really NO equation anywhere, since NOWHERE is it written that “Life will or has to be fair”; but it is supposedly worth living for…….
          So where everybody comes off with this “fairness” beats me……..

        2. We can all thank Mr Obama for this temporary uprising called BLM. The fat always rises to the top and we are seeing it now.

      2. Donald Martin i feel the same way. Why should i hold back on some low life who made bad calls. we feel this way i’ll be damn if some SOBs try to burn down what took me alife time to build there is going to be deadly force taken on my part.

      3. Absolutely, Our neighborhood is heavily armed and ready….. go out and terrorize people and property…. it will end in their demise! If they think they’ll get away with the same shit they did earlier this year… ha… them idiots have another thing coming. Looking forward to protecting our persons and properties! ??

    2. And the funny thing all this over George Floyd who was a convicted felon and held a women hostage during a home invasion. Funny how the NEWS MEDIA never mentions that! so let me, the piece of trash he was n thank God for the police officer that rid us of the likes of him! Just arm yourself for the next four years because u r going to need it

        1. America is gripped by insanity! I’m a naturalized citizen & they ain’t getting $h!t from me! Stay safe from the lib loons & deadly force is OK by me!

      1. Insanity ripens when the 9-11 reality of Bush and Cheney following internationalists orders from Belgium gets documented.

      2. There’s no doubt that white people and white Christianity are under attack in this country. Unfortunately, this is facilitated by government programs like Affirmative Action–brought to you by the Democratic Socialist Party. The only thing that program ever affirmed is that Negroes and Hispanics are inferior in regard to their ability to compete in the workplace without some kind of artificial crutch.
        The answer is that white people need to stick together. Something we have never done. Negroes, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, Muslims all stick together, but we don’t. So do yourself a favor and check out the Knight’s Party website It’s an organization that is dedicated to protecting and lifting up whites and white Christians. And, it has walked away from the past when it was largely a hate group. Yes, even some leopards can change their spots. This one definitely has.


    3. when a terrorist group blows itself up its called self-immolation the 3 Mousekateers of course knew this and used the old marxist system to game the idiots on the bottom rung.

    4. Not any of those idiots could win an essay test on the Deadliest Day.
      “The Battle of Antietam in 1862-1865. ????????????None of Them can tell Us Warriors and Patriots about the Courageous
      White People, like General Robert E Lee vs. George McCullem.
      The Most Important Day in
      American History ????????????
      I say to You All!!!!! Thank the
      White People! They Fought the Set Y’all Ungrateful Motherf**fers Free

      1. There should be a White History Month. Dedicated to White People. Why is this not Upheld. White People should be Praised by All for the dedication given to the Human Being in ?????????????. White People are always in the Emergency ? room, White People are always here to help humanity. White People are Mostly Good. White People are Wonderful. Some are dangerous and must be outsmarted. Hillary Clinton must be eliminated as Well as the Democrats and some Republicans.white People are Creator’s Own Chosen Saviors that are The Warriors and Patriots for Good. African Americans don’t know how much they need White People. They Adore Porn, like the Iranian. Those are not Americans. They are living in Porn Hell where Kanye and Kim belong. White People and People of Color must learn to relate. This possibly will keep Africans from killing each other

      2. The truth said..the WHITE people fought and died for the black slaves..and alot of slave owners were too!
        Our country was divided over slavery…many white and black lives were lost!! ALL LIVES MATTER in God’s opinion..ask Jesus ..He died to free us all…from eternal death! To eternal LIFE! YOU CHOOSE!!

      3. Cheers to that. This will come to head as they keep saying we will comply to unity. They are unifying right in front of our faces. We all will go down shooting if the BLM pricks or any illegal squatters try pushing in around our home town. They have their sanctuary cities, we can have our safe States!

    5. We the white people an black an brown along with the Asians and American Indians in America should check products that we are intending to buy, for instance Pepsi’s, if that organization is contributing to a socialist, communist organization like BLM, we should never spend one dime purchasing their products. The only way things change unfortunately is when those greedy people get hit in the pocket book. If they feel the need to contribute to BLM then left the BLM people buy their products. BLM does nothing for any race except the Marxist ,Communist Socialist people, they hate everything about every other race of people that does not agree with their stinking thinking. This is a Soros organization started and given the blessing of the worst president this country ever had, the black ass jackass who left enormous stain on the country an is a evil black devil.

      1. I say what Lee Ann says –

        January 2, 2021 at 11:58 pm
        We the white people an black an brown along with the Asians and American Indians in America should check products that we are intending to buy, for instance Pepsi’s, if that organization is contributing to a socialist, communist organization like BLM, we should never spend one dime purchasing their products. The only way things change unfortunately is when those greedy people get hit in the pocket book. If they feel the need to contribute to BLM then left the BLM people buy their products. BLM does nothing for any race except the Marxist ,Communist Socialist people, they hate everything about every other race of people that does not agree with their stinking thinking. This is a Soros organization started and given the blessing of the worst president this country ever had, the black ass jackass who left enormous stain on the country an is a evil black devil

    6. Agree 100% blm is so misinformed and stupid that they don’t understand they are being used & abused by antifa skinny white rick kids to do the dirty work of marxists in taking down America, & every criminal act blm performs is just re enforcing dislike & distrust of honest hardworking, church going decent Blacks. Sad!

  1. I think it’s funny and I said it was going to happen, the idiots that formed BLM used the death of George Floyd to raked in billions of dollars. They were promised all of this crap from Biden. Now the election is over Biden will not respond to promises he made to them and the major corporations that jumped on there idiotic band wagon and gave millions are looking for there money and the BLM Leaders are sitting back living the high life. They give money to 3 THUGs what do you expect? It is a costly lesson and they I just hope people have learned their lesson. They were basically robbed by con artist who used the death of individuals including innocent Americans to become millionaires.

        1. Apparently some of the people whose property (shops) were destroyed are suing the BLM. Risky if they turn on you. The Democrat governors and mayors wouldn’t lift a finger to aid white Americans and Biden doesn’t care.

    1. not one of them has learned a single thing. the perpetrators are blinded by hatred and envy. they’ll simply join a different “protest group.”

  2. maybe locals will catch up with globals and they can have a fight to the finish; but can anyone be truly happy anymore?


      1. There have been worse in world history. Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, but not much worse. I know I’m splitting hairs. I completely agree with you.

        1. I’m praying for a miracle! The REAL president is Donald Trump! Biden’s Lawless Minions (BLM) are criminals who are backed by George Soros, Bloomberg, all the alphabet tech companies, etc. These tech corporations should be dismantled (like they did to Ma Bell). No one person or company should have the power to turn our elections around and/or remake America!

    2. The damage BLM has done is irreparable now. Distruction of businesses, burned out communities, renaming schools, military bases, destroyed statues that were works of art, racial tensions, . All this for a small percentage of our population. Makes me sick and fearful for the future of America if such a small group can cause such havoc.

      1. Sorry, my opinion : all those losers, good got nothing punks did all that destruction because the majority of the country are just too nice, decent, and
        civilized to have an instant violent reaction to their
        looting and destroying everything in sight !
        Maybe it’s about time decent people would reject all this garbage and put the thugs in their place !!!

        1. Could not agree more! If a group of white people stole money like they did, we would have to pay it back…..will they pay a price for their grand rip off???? They should have to pay it back with interest!!!! Sad to say it will never happen!!!

      2. Blacks are 14% of the population. 350 million in America so about 49 million are black. Problem is they don’t tell the entire story about slavery. Blacks owned slaves too AND, according to Smithsonian Inst., the “native” Americans in “the Trail of Tears” owned slaves. The first slave SOLD in America was a man named John Casor. According to a Virginia court in 1654 Casor became the slave of a man named Anthony Johnson (identified by the court as black) Johnson was a INDENTURED SERVANT from Gibraltar. (7 years of service and you got 50 acres of land. He made his four sons indentured servants added another 200 acres. He ended up with 600 acres of the best tobacco growing land in Virginia. He was said to be mean.

        1. anniedawn: You have obviously done your homework (as I have). One of the largest slave owners was black. Just like the “witch hunts” of yesteryear, lies have been incorporated into history to try to re-invent history. The blacks I have known are good citizens who want to be Americans in name and deed! All of this hyperbole by the “anti-everythings” are another way to take over our country and tear down all that is good.

      3. That’s what will keep happening if people don’t think for themselves. Life is what you work for and you can’t expect it to be free. Show some respect and love. A little kindness will help everyone.

        1. We have to stop being nice all the time or going with the flow! Thuggish behavior should never be acceptable! If we don’t stop it now we will be doomed to living in fear of BLM thugs who want to usurp our property!

      4. …huge signs taking up the entire street, and no one stopped them. In fact the mayor helped them! Unbelievable, isn’t it!?

  3. I doubt that the local “” useful idiot “” BLM stool pigeons have enough wisdom to realize that they have been “” played “”.
    As an example , just look at the continued support for Barecrack Obama , by the black
    community , they still can not see that he ” used them ” as stepping stones to get elected ,
    then did nothing for them except destroy the economy ( which resulted in loss of jobs for
    blacks ) , however , he did bless them with free china-made cell phones .

    The majority of the rioters, looters , & burners are really participating because they enjoy
    the mayhem .

    1. YO ERNEST !!—O’l Georgie –Will be very disappointed when he finds –One of the people on his payroll –Did NOT take the presidential election !!!—tee hee —HA_!!_HA_!!_HA_!!_—AND —George will find that money does NOT buy “LOYALTY” !!-He might even stop doling out the profit (WORLD WIDE) ==From ALL the businesses he owns !!—PROGRESSIVE INSURENCE for one !!

  4. Good Morning well you see ??what goes around comes around that’s why Bernie Sanders involved and Sharpton and rest of the dems there’s no free sandwiches

    1. You’re absolutely right what goes around comes around and it’s all going to backfire on Biden Harris and everyone that stood with BML it’s all going to backfire then they don’t get want they want

  5. GOOD MORNING AMERICA!!!!!!!!!! THATS WHAT I EXPECT TO HEAR ON THE RADIO ANY MORNING NOW. Just like the propaganda radio the vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian propaganda radio broadcast stations did during the wars. The corporations of America have been duped by blm, antifa, and all the rest. Have fun with all the bsd decisions you made! I am still protesting several of these corporations due to thier bowing down to 1% of the population. Peace be with you!

    1. I am boycotting too, but just learned of a few more this morning. Guess I won’t be eating or buying clothes for a awhile. I learned of all the big American corporations and big name stores that are profiting from slave labor of a certain sect of Chinese people. They are being forced to work under inhumane conditions and are being sterilized by the Chinese government . The few I can remember off hand are Amazon, Abercrombie & Fitch, L L Bean, Nike {of course}and about 15 other big names. Disgusting!

      1. Good for you, all aboard? So what it sounds like to me that BLM defunded themselves, cancelled their own culture. Thanks al Sharpton, you the man

        1. Ha ha, love, love ,love it!!!!! Great sense of humor… have to laugh or cry, I WILL CHOSE LAUGHTER ( it’s better for the soul) Good one!!!!

  6. I agree with every comment! These corps that forgot about thier real supporters, the people who buy thier crap, and gave billions to these three idiots, deserve to be boycotted! And the local blm chapters, all I can say is ha ha ha! F*ing idiots!

  7. What idiot(s) believed that defunding the police would be the end of anything? That is just the beginning. With the police out of the way they will run amok. Next they will amp.up the demands to seize your guns.

    1. And the government is giving money to Costa Rica to hire women police officers released from defunded police departments here in the U.S. Apparently, stupidity has no limit.

  8. Well what did blm, antifa , & the African Americans think was going to happen? Now those who followed those so-called leaders have taken the big prize (the millions of dollars) have skipped out on them to pay for all the looting, rioting, & burning of property that they did . But the biggest problem is yet to be seen: The Biden Administration.. All who followed blm & voted for biden will see their stupidity play out.


    2. Let’s not leave out the college students who was promised their student loans would be canceled and Oh No!! according to the promise maker biden that ‘ain’t gonna happen!’ Did you college kids and your parents really believe that??! Sorry but no student debt forgiveness!!

      1. Well that should be their first lesson. All of the things one learns as they go through life are not always learned in school. For them to trust the word of a man who has been in Washington for 47 years and done absolutely nothing shows they are idiots and they need more schooling. Maybe they should think about this while they are sitting in their parents’ basement.

    3. And I hope the monkeys pay dearly. We need to put our statues back up, but of course wired for electrocution. We need to hang Boy Obama and Boy O’Biden and Camel Toe Harris. Let’s put an end to this Socialism Marxist BULLSHIT once and for all. Destroy the little white Terrorist group “BLM”. Take the white woke groups and put them as slaves cleaning the streets and wiping up all the graffiti and that hideous BLM crap off the streets. It’s time for WHITIE to take over again.

  9. Lesson heard, lesson not learned. What makes anyone think this lesson is going to work. So many time in history socialism hasn’t worked and the people were left with nothing. So it will be here. I guess the three commies who started this blm will be set for a while. If history shows true THAT won’t last long either. After the tenth Rolls Royce and no more room in the garage their money will be gone and they will have to start all over again.

  10. God please bless America .We really need some help to clean all the crap up from the Dem O Rats. What has happen to our American people
    .Is money ball that matters .

    1. All the help is yourself. Grow a pair of balls n arm yourself and make America great again. Because all these people know is violence. So let’s give to them.
      Sad but 80% of the race has not evolved yet and still think there in the jungle

  11. i guess this just proves poverty trickles up and down. yes the three marxists fat dolls are living really well and they stole legally. not one of them will wear orange and guess what the underlings are still very poor……..nothing to sniff, inject, smoke and drink and perhaps no food. you bosses enjoy the fat of the land. do evil and evil will follow you. watch the outcome of the three dolls. remember there is never a road that does not have a bend.

    1. Showing my ignorance here…would you please tell me what “woke” means. I keep hearing & reading it, but have no idea what it means.

      1. Dawn:
        (Like protesting Eskimo pie because it hurts peoples feelings )
        Woke is a political term which originated in the United States and it refers to a perceived awareness of issues which concern social justice and racial justice. It derives from the African-American Vernacular English expression “stay woke”, whose grammatical aspect refers to a continuing awareness of these issues. Wikipedia

  12. We also have to assume that Real Rent will only be collected from white people in Seattle. If you’re a black, Asian, Hispanic or other race, then you’re obviously not one of the ones whose ancestors “stole” Seattle from the Indians.

    JUST another example of “WHITE PRIVLEDGE”…..They be getting the benefits and we be getting the bills.

  13. You have to give credit, to the three West African Women, who founded BLM. They single handedly, found the ultimate way, to fu– their own people, for their personal profit. Not only that, but, they also left the local chapters to pick up the bill ! BRILLINT ! Now, lets talk about Corporate America ! Supposedly these Corporations are being run, by some of the most intelligent people around ? Around WHAT ? I could take a 10 minute walk on Detroit’s East side, and come up with enough winos, that could replace the majority of these idiots, without any transition ! They gave millions of their US Cooperate dollars to three whores from Africa. WHO KNEW >
    ? ? ? ? Sitting back, LMFAO

  14. These comments here are something I completely agree with, but then I’m thinking, how many of these people writing these comments are still supporting organizations like the NBA, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, & such? You know , the teams that take a knee for all the felon’s that got themselves killed by law enforcement, that is actually a slap in the face of Americans that sacrificed everything so these porch monkey’s can make millions of $$$$$$$$

    1. I completely agree, I’m from wi. and been a packer fan for over 50 years, but when they let their players kneel before the flag I wrote them and told them they dishonored our flag our country and our vets who fought and died to give them the right to protest riot burn and desecrate statues and war memorials.

    2. You are right. We no longer watch any pro sports in our house, thugs making millions of Americans money. They are commie creeps. Also boycott Kelloggs, dove, Nabisco, frito-lay they are blm lovers. Too bad conservatives are too civil to give the demorats what they gave trump and all for 4 years.

  15. Why didn’t they (Big Corporate) just cut prices to help all Americans out during this “panDEMic”…..instead of paying blackmail money to BLMGN…..?

  16. As far as paying real rent, they are blaming white people who stole the land. According to their values anyone who profits from this steal is also guilty ergo everyone should pay the real rent. They will have plenty of money to pay after they get their restitution payments.

  17. The Indians did not believe that anyone “owned” the land. That’s why they were free to roam everywhere in search of buffalo.

  18. How come we never hear about the good things that BLM are doing …. donating to charities…helping at food banks… building recreation centers for inner city kids….helping solve the gun and violence problems in Chicago and other Democrat run cities ?

    2 billion is a lot of money for 3 Marxist.
    Don’t forget about Soros’s donations.

    1. They can’t, they’re broke. Even if they could they wouldn’t. They just want you to suffer like their ancestors suffered. Geese that makes sense.

  19. Will anyone of them learn your being used for votes your promise the world and you get nothing . You still vote for the same people who do nothing for you. Socialist will keep you poor along with the middle class elites will stay rich.

  20. Rhe ORIGINAL BLM, was started after several back people had been shot dead, under the government of OBAMA and BIDEN. These were real ‘Protests Against Police Brutality’, but OBAMA and BIDEN left the laws and police rules, as they were, did very little, if anything to remove such brutality.


    The more suprising is it that THE PRESENT “BLM” IS RIOTING FOR BIDEN AND OBAMA’S PARTY!

    That cannot be the same ‘BLM’ who went to the streets in Ferguson and other Democrat cities against that regime!

    Who are they then? – I can only see one answer: FOOLED CATTLE WHO SHOUT HOORAY TO THEIR OWN BUTCHERS, as Bertold Brecht described the crowds that followed Adolf Hitler, guided by his storm-troopers, now disguised as “anti-fa” – what an insult to all real Anti-Fascists and all others that died in Auschwitz and other murder camps!

    What we see in Portland and other -practically all “Democrat”- cities is the continuation of what followed -also in “Democrat” cities- after the many ‘Black Lives Lost’ under BIDEN and OBAMA in 2014 and 15. And the fools run with their greatest enemies – who, as then, in Germany, have most “newspapers” and Media stations.

    “Democrats” were the main supporters of slavery – and still USE THIS ‘FOOLED BLM’ AS ELECTION MATERIAL – nothing more: SLAVES AGAIN – “usable material”!

  21. Any group associated with socialism needs to go to Venezuela and find out what it is to be disenfranchized. Only the wealthy are not struggling. Everyone else regardless of their ethnicity, race, etc… Are struggling to live. This woke shit is just a bunch of shit. Unfortunately the far left which is a minority is trying to push their agenda down the throats of the American people. The left does not understand a simple slogan ” Live and let live.” The left wants to do away with the Senate; then the left will have complete control of the government. Free elections will be gone and people currently in office will remain for life. Doing away with the dollars and going digital currency will ensure you are completely under the thumb of the government. Peolsi has tried her hardest to institute digital currency in every stimulus bill. She 80 plus she will not see the impact of her stupidity. The Majority in this country need to stand up for their rights. When the majority gets awoke the minority will act a fool and cause anarchy. Until action is taken to arrest those who are overly trying to destroy this country the left will continue their insanity. But what do I know.

  22. The Government needs to lock down and seize ALL of BLM’s assets, every last penny and use that money they raked into rebuild the cities that their Punk thug “Soldiers: destroyed.

  23. Part of life in the black race! To dam stupid to open their eyes and mind! This has been going on since way back to 1960! Let history show you how the NAACP AND SOUTHERN PROVERTY LEFTIST ARE JUST USING THE BLACK RACE FOR THEIR OWN WEALTHY LIFESTYLE! Now you got three black MARXIAN TAKING A PAGE OUT OF THESE TWO ORGANIZATION PLAYBOOK! Using the old AL SHARPTON AND JESSE JACKSON TRICK! These fool should know that DEMOCRAT use the RACE CARD EVERY ELECTION! George Floyd kill himself! Nobody put the drug in his system but himself! But it was three police officer accused of RACIST AND MURDER! WHERE WAS THE VIDEO FROM THE BEGINNING? Another trademark of the MEDIA NARRATIVE! Only show part where he was on the ground! But cut out what really happened from the beginning! Only a fool fall for this! And it the reason why DEMOCRAT love to use the race card! Because BLACK PEOPLE BELIEVE it the white people fault for their OWN MISTAKE IN LIVE! HEY YOU VOTE? THEN WHY DO YOU KEEP VOTING FOR THE DEMOCRAT ( KKK) PARTY?


  25. Real Rent……….what is it? Where is going? In other words, will anyone within the tribe actually receive anything? OR, will only the Chiefs skim their 90% off the top and the people get, if there’s anything left, the balance.
    Look at the idiots who actually voted for Biden. How many of them actually did any investigative study into Biden and his lack of a honest history while in the Senate and then as Vice President. They can ask themselves how can a Senator serve so long in the Senate and do nothing? Then look at what he did as Obama’s Vice President, only things that helped his family. He lied about the death of his 1st wife and his daughter. He stole his best friend’s wife. When his son died, the only decent family member, what was he doing and to whom was he doing it to? He involved himself in another national business only to get his deadbeat son a job, and then bragged about getting an official of another nation fired. So here we are, Biden is a President elect, but how did he get? Who did he screw to get it, or rather, who is he screwing now because he stole what he wanted. He won’t be President very long, the Party wants him gone so that Harris can President. And, she’s worst that Biden. BLM will just love her, she’s just like them, screw the people. The American people are about to receive the screwing they deserve for not caring about so many things Look at the so-called news media, they were once upon a time honest and hard working, now, instead of reporting the truth, they make up the truth, according to them. Then, the social media, censure of communication(s), help the news lie to the people. Well people, you asked for everything, but didn’t bother working or making the Congress to work for you/us. Have you forgotten that the House and Senate work for us, not the other way around. What happened to classes in High Schools about government? The classes were taken out of the school system in the 70’s. Maybe that why some of the “young elected representatives and senators’ had no idea that our government is made up of three branches, and what their duties and responsibilities are, and who spends the money, not the President, and who reviews that it’s spent honestly, etc., etc.

  26. For all of you that had your business House truck car anything destroyed by BLM market SUE SUE SUE the living crap out of them ever since the floyd incident they have accumulated over 10.5 billion dollars look it up 10.5 billion dollars now is the time Sue lost of income everything they have burned to the ground spread the message!!!!!!!! Trump 2020.


  28. Apparently, BLM doesn’t have a clue about who and what Karl Marx was! Here’s the list:
    Do they realize the #1 killer of blacks is ABORTION??? Hmm

    1. Marx was a worthless lazy bum who lived off the “charity” of others his entire life, so lazy in fact that two of his children starved to death under his “care”. The consummate socialist…

  29. BLM doing what, building rec areas, feeding people. Get a life, this is no more than a con by some one that does not fit in the puzzle. Sorry dummy.

  30. There demons in real time , anyone who supports them is more likely to ( go to hell ). The lake of fire is filling up !

  31. Simply Said……. BLM’s are Miserable People, Idiots, Morons, and go ahead and toss in any other names…. A-Holes … is one of the best. They are a Plaque, Virus – worse than Covid, and a Disease to our Country…………. Day is Coming when they will be “NO MORE”.!!!! Hell is coming for them……

  32. I heard some White clown headed up the BLM movement, now it’s these 3 Black lesbians, whatever, sounds like a bunch of Sorryass democrats.

    1. when will people wake up, BLM only cares about cash not black people and are getting rich off woke companies

  33. Jesus let the hammer come crashing down. This country has forgotten it’s roots. Everything is just about evil, darkness, corruption and many many more. Does anyone remember the seven deadly sins? Get ready because what comes around goes around. I’m really taken aback when Congress pushed for third trimester abortion. Abortion is the worst murder you can commit because you’re killing a innocent life that has no defense at all. That’s the sickest of sick. All of this undoing of our nation is by the disgusting, filthy, narcissistic democrats!!!

  34. Insanity ripens when the 9-11 reality of Bush and Cheney following internationalists orders from Belgium gets documented.

  35. Charles Manson wanted to start a racial war, and gathered a group of ill-informed malcontents to do his dirty work. He promised them the world, fed them his lies and drugs, and they followed him to the letter, because he was not the “MAN” per-se. He became their leader, and brought carnage and terror that had not been seen before to that community. Does the shoe fit?

  36. The selling out of the African people started BEFORE they even got on the boats in Africa, to necome slaves. The future African-American slaves were the spoils of war in multiple African conquests between African war lords. Those war lords that won these conflicts sold the people of the conquered tribes to the European slave traders. The Black African people sold their own into slavery.

    To wit; the Black people have been disparaging their own since the beggining of recorded history in Africa and are still doing it to this day, inside Africa, imside America and everywhere else. It is not white people who have sold you out, wholesale, it is your own.

    Educate yourself in your history and learn who your REAL enemy is. It is you own people; those among you that, to this day, are raking in wealth on your toil.

    You will NEVER end this cycle of depravity until you know who your REAL enemy is and are willing to fight back or distance yourself from these abusers. It is not just in the streets and your community, but in your political representatives. The Maxine Waters, the Al Sharptons and all the other people who represent you. Ask yourselves a question; if they are representing YOU, why are they getting richer and richer and you are getting poorer and poorer or, at best for so many, not seeing a better life.

    To set yourself free and get ahead, you must see and embrace the truth, educate yourselves in reality instead of the media endorsed fantasy and get rid of those around you that are taking advantage of you.

    The opportunity is there, you have to engage it!!!!

  37. I’ll say to some of you, the same thing I’ve said to many of my friends both black and white, do your research. All African Americans are not buying into the BS of this group. For many, the organization crosses a line for many AA Christians. They do not believe in what they are trying to teach. And they are following the teachings of a man who was racist, as some of you seem to be judging by your comments. Lastly, if you looked at the demonstrations at all, you saw as many or more white people involved in some cities and they were wearing BLM shirts. Also add Antifa, whose members were also AA and white. As someone said earlier, the goal is to sow discord, don’t be lead into believing that because the org is called Black Lives Matters, that all Black ppl have signed on to follow them. While it may make your version of that narrative easier to believe, it just ain’t true.

  38. B L M nice slogan ! But that’s it . They should be paying for all damages to each and every city and towns . Pay till it hurts , just like all those lives you destroyed .

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