And There It Is: Auditors Find the F-Word in Maricopa County

F-f-f-fraud, that is. Fraud is the new F-word that you’re no longer allowed to say in polite company in America. If you say the new F-word, you’re liable to get an unpleasant visit from the FBI, or at least be banned from social media.

I guess we now know why the Democrat National Committee has paid to send more than 90 lawyers to Arizona to try to stop the audit of the votes in a single county. They knew what the auditors were going to find. Then again, so did you and I, didn’t we?

There were several major findings in Maricopa County in the past week, but I’ll start with the biggest bombshell that came on Friday:

Tons of ballots are missing or unaccounted for.


Joe Biden “won” Arizona by just over 10,000 votes, according to the official certified totals. Auditors have now discovered – so far – that as many as 385,000 physical paper ballots could be missing in Maricopa County alone.

Ballots are supposed to be stored for 22 months after a federal election. The ballots are supposed to be stored on pallets in batches of 200. Each batch of 200 is supposed to be sealed with a tamper-proof seal, with a “pink slip” batch report that confirms each batch has exactly 200 ballots. I don’t know why, but that’s the way it is done in many states (maybe every state, if it’s a federal standard?).

But as the auditors are opening the batches to count them for the hand recount portion of the investigation, they’re finding batch after batch that doesn’t have 200 ballots in it. Each batch is missing at least 2 or 3 ballots. Some batches are missing as many as 35 ballots – giving us an incredible double-digit discrepancy as high as 17.5%.

The Federal Election Commission allows for some discrepancy in batch counts. You’re dealing with millions of ballots on election night, and there are hundreds of election employees and volunteers bundling the ballots up in each location. They’re human, so there are bound to be some discrepancies here and there of a ballot or two. But a double-digit percentage? That’s beyond sloppy and it doesn’t fly with the FEC.

Here’s my math, by the way:

2,200,000 votes in Maricopa County X 17.5% discrepancy = 385,000 missing or unaccounted for ballots.

That’s the extreme high, based on the largest percentage of missing ballots discovered in a batch so far. So take that 385,000 number with a grain of salt.

Even with a 1% discrepancy rate, that would amount to 22,000 phantom ballots in Maricopa County.

Therefore, our extremes at both ends mean that somewhere between 22,000 and 385,000 ballots are MIA in a state that Joe Biden supposedly won by 10,475 votes.

“Where did those ballots go?” is wrong question. As we’ve known all along, the ballots never existed in the first place.

These are digital votes that were created somewhere and inserted into the system. Phantom votes. Congress has been worrying about so-called “ghost guns” this week. Maybe we should call these non-existent ballots “ghost votes.”

The previous highest turnout in any presidential election was in 2008, when 129 million votes were cast. Obama’s reelection in 2012 had 126 million votes cast. Donald Trump’s historic 2016 victory had 128 million votes cast. And the number suddenly jumped to 159 million votes cast?

Really? We supposedly had a 30-million vote increase in the number of ballots cast in 2020? Not by a country mile. There were at least 30 million “ghost votes” created off-site (out of the country, if Pillow Guy Mike Lindell is correct) and reinserted back into the system.

This is why the Maricopa County election database was wiped off of the D: drive on the main computer used on election night, before that computer was handed over to the auditors. It’s the reason why Dominion Voting Systems has refused to turn over the passwords to access their voting machines. They probably think they can get away with a “My dog ate the ballots” excuse to cover the massive ballot discrepancies. But they can’t hide the digital trail of all the “ghost votes” if the auditors get their hands on that database or get the passwords to crack open the machines.

There it is ladies and gentlemen: The auditors found the F-word in Arizona. Next stops: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota and Nevada.

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114 thoughts on “And There It Is: Auditors Find the F-Word in Maricopa County”

  1. ???CHRISTrumpOwensArizona and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2021/2022/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen???

  2. CHRISTrumpOwens and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2021/2022/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen

    1. look out trump americans lot of devilrats and rinos gone wem are more than all evilrats and traitor rinos going down bad hell open?

  3. By the time they get done with they audits Biden will have destroyed this country there’s a simple solution have new elections in the contested states now

    1. new elections are needed, but republicans must stand side-by-side with dems to assure each and every legal vote counts!

      1. First every democrst official in Arizona Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan need to go to prison for life for interstate racketeering and voter fraud. Then new elections. Get biden, heels up, and the two Georgia democrat senators out of there

        1. I live in Georgia and there’s just as many Republicans that need jail time for allowing this cheat to go on.

      2. Fraud votes are invalid so Trump wins along with senate & house or any national bureau ! The dem leader’s instigated fraud vote crime is high treason commanding execution !

    2. that would seem the logical thing to do, however, we caught the dems cheating and an immediate turn around would also be logical. Why should Dems win by false ballots what is that telling the country? Corruption and crime are controlling this country? They cheat they should lose. should be the law. Trump hands down is the winner and it is a sacrilege now that he is not president.!

      1. Does anyone reading this really think that some one or something is going to be done as a remedy? This is like so many other “bombshells” we have heard about in the last 10 years. The corrupt elitists walk away, write a book and make a boatload of money! I am beginning to think that that is the model. Cowardly politicians are not going to push this. If they cared about election integrity they would have investigated these issues much sooner and with out the need for endless lawsuits. Congress, SCOTUS and state and local officials are all afraid to do what right. They are all in this together so they refuse to prosecute their buddies because their buddies will prosecute them. The ineptness and corruption of our government at all levels is boundless. God help us all.

        1. Amen Doug! I,for one, am sick and tired of nothing ever being done to make this continuing disaster right!

        2. Obviously, we can rely on the Dems or most politicians or even SCOTUS to make things right. It is up to us, The People. Are we going to do anything or just complain? We need a Dr. King type of movement.

          1. We already know about the corruption and voter fraud.
            Before all the ballots were counted pigloski announced biden as the winner.

            Why were there votes counted for 3 days after election day ?

            Now once this fraud is proven does the true President, Trump,go back into office where he shouldve been anyway.

        3. Yep I am a believer Trump won 2020? those shady democrates should be in prison for treason .

          1. I agree, there should be some kind of penalty for this parasites and make it harsh and swift and take our country back from this no good elitist thogs and bring justice back to our country. President Trump was telling the truth and like always they twist things to their lies as if it was a joke. Trump 2024 his got my vote. Freedom works, do not trust the left they are lying even to their own siblings in the name of a dollar.

          2. Yes. please lock them up. Begin with the government offices that are riff with the crooked swamp. Give America the break it has always fought for and get Trump, who legally won the election in office now. Pence has no more place in government ever. Pelosi gets to live in hell.

        4. I have wondered as well that with this proof of fraud, what would be done? I would hope that if nothing else the legislature would get rid of the teams that created this vote mess and the sec of state who controlled the fraud event and has made the attempt to erase and block and destroy the evidence, etc.. Jail time is appropriate as the buck stops with HER and her team, all dim wits. Then kick out the roulette voting machines and sue them. File suit against those responsible and punish everyone at the state and federal level who perpetrated this mess and forever be banned from this work. Then reset the whole voting event, make it felony level crimes to ever do this crap again and make sure no bulk mailings will happen again or ghost voting.

          When all states are audited, crimes of the individuals, the dim wits, need prosecution. So, we will see it anyone in the dim wits responsible for the fraud in all states are prosecuted jailed, they should be!! Even when the capital was supposedly attacked supposedly all were prosecuted especially a republican but that was a joke compared to what the domestic terrorist even in that attack were up to and still slid away with no punishment.

          The real president in that election was Trump and Joe is a fake substitute. Joe should be removed from the seat since it is already clear this was a fake election and the DNC thinks they were successful. Time to finish the audits and settle law on the entire bunch responsible.

          BUT, we can’t even get Hillary for the destruction of her phones and computers years ago in an obvious attempt to cheat as well. What faith should we have in real justice or rulings from any judge? Zero!

        5. The fraud –or irregularities if you wanna call them– are too obvious to be ignored. Uncle Joe and the Dems are running a regime, and not a legit administration, which is so shameful. They should resign. Most people didn’t buy the results of this election despite the mainstream media’s constant propaganda, and the recent public letter by those 120 retired generals and admirals –Flag Officers 4 America– only validates what millions of American already know. May God Bless those officers fo let us know that we’re not alone.

        6. Totally agree with all your comments!! But this is not a new happening! Look at all the questions and no answers concerning the Clinton’s activities, especially Hillary!! Most corrupt and treasonous Democrap to ever hold a government position!! Also, she has a curious way of disposing of any enemy she deems as a threat to her!! Nothing has, or ever will be, done to make her accountable for her crimes!! That is the way it is in our government! Corruption, power, greed, hatred, murder, lies and cover-ups!! I don’t
          foresee any thing different in the near future as long as America has the same players in DC!! God help us and God bless America!!

      2. That’s exactly right…you cheat, you are disqualified, you lose. Isn’t that the way it is in sports events?

      3. that was the purpose of the insurrection if you wish to call that little riot in the capitol that. It was to distract and allow the dems to certify the election against the arguments of Cruz and Josh Hawley. Praise to both who tried. the tape they will not allow to be shown is just exactly the political ploy they used to deter these men and certify the election.

        1. Unfortunately I believe when the massive fraud is proven, absolutely nothing will be done. The demonazis already have their Gestapo thugs in place. And our military is being replaced with the LBGT mafia and transgenders whose sex reassignment surgery is being paid for by taxpayer’s. Any conservative voters will be thrown out of the military. This is happening now with corrupt pentagon military leaders.

        2. There was no insurrection, they send their low lifes to infiltrate the peaceful protest and turn it into a chaos to blame President Donald J. Trump of insurrection. We can see right thru the entire scenario, that is why the Republicans are so afraid of fighting for the cause, Trump was in a pit of poisonous snakes from both sides. Trump 2024 to finish what was started in 2016 so that congress and the senate and the white house can be fumigated out of the pestilence that is corrupting our nation and to secure our borders in the south, there is a fence in the north and one is needed in the south.

          1. I agree with everything you said except something has to be done with the people who are artificially in office.

        3. You hit the nail on the head. The breach of the capitol was anticipated and enabled to stop the Senate hearing on the massive number of election irregularities that had been reported. The scale of the fraud screams conspiracy, but until people realize it’s not a conspiracy of men but of Satan and its followers, they’ll continue loosing the war. Punishing the decieved does the work of the Deceiver. Those crying out for the death penality for useful idiot democrat politicians, don’t have the solution, they are the problem.

      4. “HOPE” for “change” to remove biden & his commie bo shadowed cronies before dem so called leaders totally destroy U.S. Freedom, Rights, Liberty & National Security !

    3. Totally agree James!!!! We need a new election overseen by the residents of the counties or states the fraud happened in. We need to get them out of OUR White House before they do any more damage. They have gone off the rails with what they are doing. TIME TO LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are more of us than there are of them. Together we can kick their ass.

    4. Great Idea! However I doubt the Biden Administration will allow it. They will block any attempt to do so.

      1. Why do you think the congress is surrounded by razor wire fencing? It is to protect the demonazis in office.

        1. PRECISELY, and it is because the DemonCRATS know…that we Citizens….KNOW.
          Much of the fencing is still there, and…even in reduced numbers, National Guard…too.

          On the 20th of January, there was NO gathering of Citizens to witness the “winners” being sworn into their new Offices…. President and Vice President. Where were the Citizens??
          ALL of the D.C. fencing and 25,000 National Guard Personnel, were the witnesses,
          because…….American Citizens were banned from this National Event!!

    5. I agree and this should have been done on the day after the election. Only the American people can get this done; politicians, courts, and the Federal law enforcement agencies will not do it. Conservatives and middle of the road Democrats need to unite in a nationwide protest. We outnumber the corrupt and we can say enough is enough.

    6. Biden and whoever is controlling him, are working hard and fast to destroy the U.S. They know their deception will be discovered and brought to light. Some how they have to be brought down, and thrown out of power, the damage they have done to date to America will never be repaired.

      1. Biden has not, nor ever will, call “the shots” in DC! He is too stupid and senile!! Barack Obamanure is still very much in power!! Biden has appointed so many of Obama’s former staff to keep working in the White House, so that Obozo can hide behind the curtains and continue to dictate what Biden will or will not do!! His former staffer, Susan Rice, is a right hand to Biden, supposedly as his Foreign Policy Advisor!! Seriously???? Obama is exactly what the Demoncrats want and Biden is his figure-head!! Biden will simply do, say and act as he is told, and is too afraid of the “establishment” to do otherwise!!

    7. To James Bauers: Having to go with new elections in contested states with an oversight nautral agency is too easy. Far too easy. Democrats take the difficult route and complain of it being impossible to do. It is like going from one location to another with out seeking a more reliable road map.

  4. I new that President Trump could not have lost this election with the amount of votes he got. It was fraud for sure in the swing states. It will be proved sooner or later.

    1. Common sense proved this on election night. Why would one million voters for Biden in Pennsylvania wat until election day to mail in their ballots?

  5. everyone knows it was a corrupt election,and in the end the democrats are going to pay for their wrong doings. ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN KNOWS YOU CANNOT CHEAT AND WIN. the democrats who cheated do not pass the half brain test. so in the end they will pay the price.

  6. Democrats committed FRAUD in Arizona and other States as well. Trump is the legitimate President.


      1. They don’t have the necessary brain cells in place to think at all!! They were too busy cheating, lying, and trying to cover-up their obvious scheme!!

  7. There will be no escape from the long arm of the Law for these career criminals. The Demo-Nazi Pedo-Crats will be compelled to Face The Music, whether they like it or not. This will be no mere slap on the wrist.

    1. When? Damnit! When? Every one involved is “…dragging their damn feet; and nothing gets done!” Stopped watching the news because they (Fox News) all point fingers! But nothing is being done! Were in hell is the FBI that’s suppose to be protecting the American Citizens. All they’re doing is the “…bidding for the liberal Socialists Demo’s.”

  8. Dirty rotten filthy corrupt liberal Democrats, there mentally unstable, viscous, hypocritical liars, may they all rot in hell! Was there any question when the cardboard came out blocking the process in PA.? Next State please…….

    1. the highway to hell has no speed limit. enjoy the ride. KARMA is a b***h it hits you when least expected. a lie has short feet and sharp teeth. it cannot run very far and turns around to bite you in the arse. their back pockets are getting to be too heavy. their pants will fall down. thus exposing themselves to the world. if it carries on like this, future generations will ask what in hell was life like in those days in order to leave us a load of SH*T???? some crazy legacy…. stop it now before it is too late, or. maybe it is too late already.

  9. What now! Is their going to be another vote! Get Biden out, save the US before its to late.

  10. Obviously something is very wrong when so much money and emphasis is spent on preventing the audit. Why not let it happen to prove that it was a fair count and that there was no fraud. I personally would like to know either way. The opposition to the audit speaks loudly to something amiss.

  11. Joe Biden and his administration are about to be recalled, nullified and every action rescinded, to the extent possible. Then the treason trials begin, with convictions and executions. We must establish, though harsh, examples that send an unmistakable message, this treasonous fraud will not be tolerated – period.

  12. It is about time the real truth comes out. Anyone that can think normally knows that when anyone complains about audits has everything to hide. You don’t pay lawyers millions to stop audits unless you know fraud is rampant. You just say “go ahead audit all you want you won’t find anything “ but democraps no such luck! “IF IT WALKS LIKE AND QUACKS LIKE A DUCK (FRAUD!!) ITS A DAMN DUCK”.

  13. Our Government is proving that Crime and Corruption Pay in The USA. I disagree. Put em all in prison. VOTE THE OUT IN ’22!

  14. Look, we know there was fraud, we know there is 134 mil. possible voters in the USA, Trump got 74 mil. votes, there simply aren’t enough voters left for Biden to receive 80 mil. voters, there is a 20 million votes discrepancy here, and that is if it were possible, for every registered voter to vote…that probability in itself if a reach, and we aren’t yet discussing the ”flip” vote phenomenon. If it seems like there is fraud, and if there is the physical evidence there is fraud, and now, the digital forensic bares this scenario out with stunning accuracies, Stop the left’s narrative about ‘no fraud’, we have the proof, now, We the people, demand justice wioth predjudice ~!!America’s 2¢

  15. You guys are to easy! With a fraudulent election, democrats just handed the Presidency back to Trump. Oh but what a mess they’ve made of the country, and the people in it. It’s been screwed up because of these Tyrants for 4 yrs. Get them out ! Americans don’t like cheaters and liers anymore. CORRUPT Congress and leadership failures, one after the other. These people couldn’t lead, Even if they did have an education!

  16. I say HANG THEM ALL LIVE ON TV. Every fraudulent BASTARD. Let’s send a message of our own to all cheaters. FRAUD. That doesn’t surprise me a bit. Put Trump back in the white house now.

  17. I don’t know about you but I’m not prepared to wait until 2022. Do something NOW. We all know there was fraud. They didn’t just cheat, they cheated really BIG! So big that they felt the need to send in 100 lawyers to try and stop the investigation of fraud. And in Georgia alone, people pulling suitcases out from under tables in the wee hours of the morning that contained thousands of illegal ballots. In Pennsylvania where there over 800,00 more votes than voters. Anyone with half a brain cell can see this is blatant fraud.

    1. Personally, I agree with all the previous comments. Unfortunately, it means nothing since nothing will change. The Demon’s (oops, demos) have total control and will not listen or take any actions that threatens their power or control. The GA runoffs were treated with the same tactics used in the fraud elections and will be used in all future elections.

  18. President Trump should be put back in office and Biden and all democrats should be arrested and put in Military courts on charges of Treason. And the justice department should be shut down and arrest all of the leaders of the justice department for charges of treason.
    Americans should stand up and start recalls on all Democrats at one time

  19. The Demo-rats are the most vile corrupt people in the USA. They need to be brought down. It is just this simple, if you “actually” voted for Biden then you are an enemy of the USA. There are only two possibilities, 1) You are an acknowledged enemy like ANTIFA , BLM and a fair number of DC radicals like AOC and her gang…or…2) You are a low information unwitting dupe.
    If you were one of the people who fabricated false votes you belong in GITMO.
    If the sum total of this madness is that the Demo-asses are relegated to the status of a permanent minority of braying jackasses…it will be worth it.

  20. That is the way of this new communist party of demonrats. They lie ,cheat, steal from us to enrich themselves. And then turn around and destroy our country. It is time to take our country back and get all tyrants out of office once and for all! Punishment should be public hangings for traitors and tyrants this would make all corrupt politicians change their tune. And it is not just in the Democratic Party we also have Rhinos as well. They too also deserve to be punished as well they too need to be hung for being tyrants we all know who they are. But lately I am trying to put my faith back in GOD ALMIGHTY AND HIS SON OUR LORD AND SAVIOR CHRIST JESUS. For this is the only way to get our country back we all need to keep praying. This is the only way GOD will help our nation. This is a spiritual battle.

  21. Local votes must now be for the honest only, If in doubt then put in the Republican.
    It may not be the best but it the army we have.

  22. Oh am I ready for Biden, handlers, his whole Admin to get tossed the h*** out! Find all involved and prosecute them, even if it takes out half the Legislators, demolishes a former President O and Hillary, current fraud President, etc Admin, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC/Squad, and warrant goes out for arrest of sick Soros. And for all convicted of fraud, they should be stripped of their legislator legal immunity protection (they are not elected to commit this fraud) so they can be sued for damages by all who have suffered because of this fraud and the illegit person knowingly installed as “President”. Costs and damages re border towns and ranchers, to those at Wall construction who lost their income and resultant hardships and losses, same for all the pipeline workers for wages and losses from that fraud, like getting property back, losses to businesses along the pipelines and hardships to all.

    The SCOTUS was only short ONE VOTE re taking up this case. Hopefully if it comes back to them for any decisions, they will go forward.
    Charge Ilhan Omar for the Minnesota voter fraud she paid $200/ballot for, ACCORDING TO HER BROTHER-IN-LAW speaking on video that a Court verified as legit. That felony – or perhaps bumped ti treason – should result in a prison sentence when convicted, no parole I wish.

    Next, prove the pre-planned 1/6 “riot” organized by corrupt Dems, likely including Obama besides Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, ETCETERA. And planner, funder Soros and his ANTIFA? Grab him before he escapes to his no extradition island digs. Charge them all. We’e got the ANTIFA conviscated video already laying out the plan for ANTIFA involvement. Damages paid to all those harmed by this faked “insurrection”.

    Then we all celebrate and help Trump put all the pieces back.

  23. All of us had better email and phone our Congressmen and Senators demanding that the 2020 elections be immediately redone under the watchful eyes of Federal Marshalls along with State and Local Law Enforcement.

  24. This election should have been audited months ago. Instead of refusing to take the case the Supreme Court should have demanded an audit. Justice Thomas was the only one who was right when he said if we don’t audit our election process can never be trusted again. If our Chief Justice was Thomas this would have been corrected months ago. There would be no boarder disaster, we would still be energy self- sufficient, China would be made to answer for the virus, Iran wouldn’t be helping Hamas attack Israel and our Country would be on the mend. In the words of George Herbert Walker Bush this will not

  25. Democrat foot dragging and legal machinations will continue as long as possible. They will rely on Biden interference to save their asses. Until people are jailed, from both Arizona and Dominion, nothing will be done.

  26. We have successfully become a third world nation–if that is a success. Mistakes yes, a few, but fraud in an election–unacceptable.

    1. There will NEVER be any arrests or change. The Goon(Biden) squad will have everything destroyed by next year. All the Dems need to do is hand him another “Executive” order and he will grab a NEW pen and sign it without ever reading it. He tries to put on an intelligent facade as he signs- what an idiot….Also I believe no other honest candidates or Repubs will ever get back into a top political position as Pelosi is writing new laws everyday and having JoJo sign them before he smears the ink on the last one. All of new orders/laws prohibit Repubs from attaining any high level position, destroy Election laws or trash Trump and undo what was legally done for country/citizen betterment. Dirty Dems and all of JoJo’s kin are waiting for them to get bigger illegal monies. Where is the little fool, Hunter, the thief hiding? He has been awfully quiet these days. And so much for his 100 day plan—-it has fallen flat on Biden’s Communist Chinese arse! My husband and I live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where we are away from big cities and rampant crime. In the last 2 months (part of idiot’s first 100 days) all of our food and paper goods have gone up 25-30%. Because we are retirees on fixed income with no federal or state aid what are we going to do? I heard on news today that Portland Oregon took their COVID assistance check (Thanks to Jo-Jo and spent it on their homeless population (which was needed- stupid city never factored it in to their budget!) So now they will cry to Jo-Jo that they need MORE money for COVID) no accountability for government specified funds. I laugh whenever I hear a problem created by Jo-Jo and his goon squad. By the way, I also heard that taxes are going up too. It just slipped out of Jo-Jo’s demented rambling lips. Good luck everyone as we are going DOWN, DOWN, DOWN with no life rope to save us.

  27. lololol Right put them in jail with Hillary, Comey, and the rest of the ones we found out were all crooked ! They are all out, no one was sent to jail except some little no one in the FBI for switching a email..lolol If you think this will change things I have a bridge to sell you….lololol
    I voted for Trump and would do it again but this will not change anything,,,don’t dream too high. There are more of them than us and more coming across the border everyday… enjoy yr day…..

  28. Another thing folks. The latest gas pipeline shut down, which BIDEN is very good at, is a part of THE DEMON_Lying admin. The energy secretary said while she laughed, you know you wouldnt have this crisis if you drove an ELECTRIC CAR!! Thats the reason Biden wont talk about the ransom money A DEMON_KRAT who lies, cheats steals, then covers up ASSumes
    they are a lot smarter they Americans. A big pay-day is coming soon.

    1. aND the FACT that rUSSIA only Economic salvation is OIL and GAS Exports to the EU countries which Trump was beginning the FEED….and CHINA now GUZZLING on IRANIAN OIL while BIDE is closing the XL pipeline nad Drilling all over the FRAKING LOCATIONS….AS THE CCP spends BILLIONS of ADS against America as well as ANTI AMERICA via their OTHER PROPAGANDA MACHINE ( besides MSM0 like the UNIONIZED TEACHERS….give pause for THOUGHT dON”T IT???

    2. The same thing has happened in Michigan. Our pipeline which crosses the Straits of Mackinac “might” spring a leak and governor won’t let the company repair/replace and reopen. She is closing it for good. So their goes our heating fuel! Prices are already skyrocketing. Fuel wood has also gone up $100 a truck load in order to gouge money from citizens BEFORE natural gas prices will make it impossible to buy. Don’t even go near electric heat either….electricity prices are going up to. AOC must love our governor!

  29. Another thing folks. The latest gas pipeline shut down, which BIDEN is very good at, is a part of THE DEMON_Lying admin. The energy secretary said while she laughed, you know you wouldnt have this crisis if you drove an ELECTRIC CAR!! Thats the reason Biden wont talk about the ransom money A DEMON_KRAT who lies, cheats steals, then covers up ASSumes
    they are a lot smarter than Americans. A big pay-day is coming son.

    1. Exactly ‘how’ does ‘Dumb-dumb’ think we are to produce enough electricity for millions of ‘cars’ when we can’t produce enough for ‘every-day’ use?? ‘Green’ CA, using wind-mills and ‘solar panels’ has regular ‘brown-outs’ and ‘black-outs’!! Wind-mills that ‘freeze’ in extreme cold–as in NE! Solar panels that take up acres of land and, after 10yrs, are useless. Also, can’t be recycled! Let’s destroy the ecology so we can go ‘Green’! How does that work? Just ask AOC–I’m sure she knows!! Biden wants hundreds of wind-mills off-shore Martha’s Vineyard, MA! Great for the tourist industry and the fishermen! Waiting for that first big hurricane and the freezing ocean spray during the winters!! Yeah–way to go!! Destroy the ecology AND our lively-hood!!

  30. JOE VOTER FRAUDEN said it best we have the most VOTER FRAUD TEAM IN American history. PERIOD. We can’t let this keep happening

  31. I believe the ‘net’ is being cast to round-up ALL the ‘rats’–on every level. ‘Sides’ are being chosen by the Governors, mayors and representatives. Hard to believe but, even Hollywood is ‘choosing’ a side! 250 Generals are lining up ‘against’ Biden! People are refusing to obey unreasonable ‘mandates’ and standing up for their Constitutional ‘rights’. It’s all coming ‘together’–finally. Not just yet–remember, ALL the ‘rats’ need to be under the ‘net’ before they pull it in!! Yes, audits in multiple states–even NH!! NOW–the Courts need to be held accountable and uphold our Laws and Constitution!! Even there–a ‘shift’ in its members. It IS ‘coming’—the ‘wheels of Justice grind slowly but exceedingly ‘fine’!!

  32. Who knows, maybe it was not in house but the same crew from Russia that just hacked the pipeline computer and shut it down, the Russians and other countries would do anything to get rid of Pro-American Trump. Another possibility would be that the Democratic Party hired these hackers to fix the election. A good many countries did not like the America First policies of the Trump Administration as well as politicians here in the US that have been enriching themselves at the cost of our citizens, so there are numerous possibilities. How did Biden amass the wealth he has in the 47 years he has been in politics on the salary he has been paid through those years, to many of us those are salaries we would love to have, but not enough to justify the net-worth of Biden and most other politicians!

  33. This is so disgusting. Maybe we could just
    release several large cats, Mtn. Lions, to
    clean the Rats out of the Congress similar
    to the Chicago Rat removal. The Democrats
    need to start packing. Cheating can not be
    allowed to stand.

  34. Just out of curiosity, how is it ‘legal’ for them to refuse an order to supply the codes, etc. to the Dominion machines!!! It’s on American soil–why can’t the machines be ‘seized’ and ‘forced’ open? They did it to the Dominion machine Spain sent to Germany in order to hide information!! They can’t do that here??? WHY NOT? If not–the election should be determined as ‘null and void’ and a ‘special election’ held immediately, as many have suggested. Under full and intense scrutiny, of course.

    1. Nothing is considered illegal anymore. If it’s not legal and the Dems want it to be legal to benefit their cause, Aunt Nancy will right an executive order and have Jo-Jo sign it immediately in to law. Easy Peasy sign away and it’s done.

  35. I want to hear from the SCOTUS now that all of this EVIDENCE of FRAUD keeps showing up…..HOW ABOUT TAKING IT SERIOUS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT TAKING ON THESE CASES…SCOTUS!!!!

  36. Obviously, we can’t rely on the Dems or most politicians or even SCOTUS to make things right. It is up to us, The People. Are we going to do anything or just complain? We need a Dr. King type of movement.

  37. Kinda late for anything now I brought the idea of a new election back when the democratic lowlifes said even when you find out about the rigged election it’s not going to change anything they have what they want so get used to it. And that’s what is sick with the whole black house full of very evil nasty people.

  38. Start hanging them, then get the clown a c his prostitute out of office and put the real president in. TRUMP

  39. Arrest Obama first who is the acting president once again now. He did not even win that last election..Get them all to Gitmo now for trial and hanging.

  40. The FBI was created by Dem. and they like all federal agencies are controlled by the DemocRAT party , almost every Government employee belongs to AFGE union and to owns the DemocRAT party, think about it , and how many of those employees are demoRATS they control the IRS, ATF, FBI. and DEA , EPA Department education , just to name a few and then there the colleges and local schools, then there is state government.
    This is why thy get away with what they do ,it how they lowed Trump good work and stopped it with bidin . So the only way this country is going to survive is to disband all those government agencies and Government employee unions after all unions where created to protect worker from employers so who protect the people (us) from the unions. I’m afraid of what it is going to take to fix the U.S.A. I love and grew up in.

  41. Every single bureau needs to have a good house cleaning. Biden and his buddies have to be punished for their treasonous acts. Biden warned everyone what he would do if he won the presidency. So no one should be surprised at his actions. I witnessed voter fraud personally since my vote never got counted and I went to the designated voter facility and turned in my ballot early in the afternoon. I was told it had not been received until the day after the election! So it was not counted. We need to clean out the courts and find judges who will uphold the constitution. We need term limits and clean out the senate and legislation of self serving senators and legislators. We need to put the BLM and ANIFA in jail or deport them. We need to close down the border now. We need to make China and those from this country who colluded with them to make the Covid-19 Virus pay for what they have done. Clean out every state government agency and bureau. Put the police back to work. Get rid of baby killing abortion unless it is done to save a woman’s life. Bring our country back to the constitution and God.


  43. Yep its outright Treason. A plot to collapse our economy. No Russia collusion. China collusion for sure. Just follow the $. The democrats tried to collapse the economy starting in 2008 when Obama was elected. Trump had us back up and running. The Chinese had to do something to try and break democracy. The China virus was let out on purpose to hurt Trump during an election year. The democrats were so desperate to be back in power they set it all up in key counties among swing states to cheat. Venezuela was a dry run for Dominion. Just practice. This treasonist act against the american people was just the beginning of the steps the democrats will take to control our every decision on a daily basis. The federal election was stolen by the chinese communist party and the Democrat party colluding together to take control of our country. I think this election should be overturned. Biden and the Democrats that won seats to take control of both houses should be overturned. The republicans that were defrauded by these actions should be placed in the house and Senate. Trump should be inaugurated and Biden impeached. If the people running the Government IE Susan Rice etc. aren’t removed were done this time. We wont make it 4 years. They will collapse our economy.

  44. If you think the crooks are going to arrest and prosecute the crooks you are fooling yourself. They had more than enough time to investigate this fraud and do something about it before Biden took office but they refused. The Supreme Court could have done something. Pence and the republican leadership could have done something. With the exception of a few these people on the high court and in the republican leadership are just as crooked as the democrats and were in on the voter fraud or else they would have done something long before now. So don’t hold your breath that anything positive will get done about this fraud.

  45. Armando, you are 100% correct! Antifa, and BLM both groups had people dressed as Trump supporters it infiltrate and incite people at that peaceful protest and you nailed it when you said it was used to blame President Trump for it. And I agree President Trump was in a pit of snakes surrounded on sides by them. You had the MINDLESS BRAIN-DEAD EMPTY-HEADED MORONIC IDIOTIC LYING THIEVING SWAMP-DWELLING BOTTOM-FEEDING SCUMSUCKING HYPOCRITIC GUN-GRABBING BABY-KILLING AMERICAN-HATING ANTI-CHRISTIAN ANTI-SEMITIC ELECTION STEALING GLOBALISTIC COMMUNISTIC SOCIALISTIC democRATS at him 24/7 then there were the never ending RINOS like Romney, begging for an endorsement from Trump and has fought against President Trump’s agenda from the start. Then you you have the establishment Republicans like McConnell who told President Trump shortly after he was sworn in as president to back off on the “Drain the Swamp” rhetoric. So that the republicans and democRATS can work together to get his agenda through Congress. Trump didn’t slow down and neither did the MINDLESS BRAIN-DEAD EMPTY-HEADED SWAMP-DWELLING SCUMSUCKING BOTTOM-FEEDING HYPOCRITIC GUN-GRABBING BABY-KILLING AMERICAN-HATING democRATS.

  46. So we stop them cheating in 2022 and 2024 and elect Republicans. Unless we start doing the hard work of actually changing the size and structure of Federal Govt. Nothing will change. The fix is abolish the Fed dept of Education, EPA, Interior dept etc. WE the people can do that right NOW. Convention of the States amendment to the constitution!

  47. Yep. Lying cheating coverup dems all should be arrested for treason against this country and in violation of the constitution. We will have to physically fight for our freedoms if conservative politicians don’t do something about it now. Stock up on guns and ammo. The liberals are coming the liberals are coming!!!

  48. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.– JFK

  49. Spoken like true patriots! Please consider visiting Anna Von Reitz website at She has some great research that will enlighten all Americans, and some solutions to our current problems with government. She knows how to Constitutionally take back our freedoms and liberties, and as stated here…”There are power in numbers!” We, the people of the united States of America are the true government of our nation. Moreover, if you do some research on which states make up America, you will discover Washington DC is not included. It actually is a Corporation governed by Britain and the Vatican. Biden wants to now annex it into America for total control of the American people, which would dismantled our Constitution completely! Anna Von Reitz reveals we are operating under two separate constitutions; one for America, and one for the fiat government in Washington DC. Also, she teaches us that the IRS is headquartered in Puerto Rico, has no authority over America and its citizens, and anyone paying taxes is indirectly involved in their Money Laundering of our hard earned money, which go to other countries. Anna has a background in law, and her research is brilliant. Please, get yourself empowered, make a stand for freedom and liberty, and write your congress people in your state. Let your voices be heard!

    I have compiled a letter that is in the works to be mailed to every state Senator, Governor, and Representative of the People. It is a great undertaking, but a necessary step towards taking our nation back from the domestic and foreign terrorists in Washington DC, who are trying to overthrow America!

  50. It’s about time to hurry with these Election Audits, go to the SCOTUS, the results of the election need to be revised as to what the actual election was, for LEGAL VOTES ONLY!! Otherwise, our legal votes did not count at all!! We have a Constiturional Right to have our votes count!! If they did not, due to widespread voter fraud that is proven, then the SCOTUS should have no problem reversing the 2020 election results and award the Presidency back to Trump – the actual Winner.
    Then everyone involved – everyone guilty, must be prosecuted and go to prison!! And Trump should be awarded a chance to run for a third term, since his 2nd term was stolen, and it would take him many months, if not years to reverse the damage done by the Biden Administration.
    There should also be laws in play, that a president cannot use Executive Orders to squelch freedoms granted to us by the Constitution, or in order to come after citizens in revenge or vengeance because they did not vote for him!! A President should not have the right to Silence the Citizens of the Country in Totality if they do not agree with him, as Biden has done since in office. Nor should he be able to use EO’s to harm our citizens, our country, remove jobs, income, etc from our own citizens as he has with His Southern American Border Fiasco!
    If Biden and his Administration are guilty of what is currently under review, then shame on them!! They should be dubbed Traitors in the worst way!!
    The SCOTUS must do what they are meant to do in the end, because they did not save us from this series of horrible events from doing the right thing earlier!
    May God Bless America. May God Save America! May God Stay With Us All, See us Through This Darkness, Into the Light Of Day Again!! AMEN.
    We need to unite as one country again! We need to be brothers and sisters. Not divided, as the Biden Administration has successfully done thus far this year!! God Help Us if we cannot restore us to our wonderful Democracy, Freedom of Speech the way it is meant to be. And Justice the same to each and every Citizen in this Country. Any Illegal Alien that breaks laws, is guilty of murder, violent offences, etc, needs to be deported as before. We should have more rights than they do. As we have been Citizens since birth.
    BLM and Antifa should not get a free ride on violence, destruction, murder, shootings, etc! Any more than any other citizen. They should be prosecuted for any illegal disturbance they cause!! Just like any other citizen!! We are all equal, not inequal!! That is what equality is. Equality sees no color!! Duh!! Maybe understanding is the answer, love is the answer. Standing together and helping one another is the answer!! This last year and more has been hard on everyone!! We need to have block.parties, etc. Parties at parks, etc!! There are ways to help in your community. It helps bind us together!!
    Yes, we need to MAGA, but we can do even better!!
    If he have faith as a grain of mustard seed nothing shall be impossible unto you. Matt. 17:20

  51. If all the researchers and scholars conservatives would search for the power behind the move to become a world entity and not each country, they may be very surprised at what they find. This plan has been in place a long time, but the power seems to believe now is the time to take over. We need to be going after the real power behind globalism and move against that group. Both political parties are only puppets in this “war”. There are MANY of us and FEW of the globalists. Research, learn and then let’s get rid of them for good. Democrats or Republicans, we are all Americans and do not want to lose our country to some World Government or World Bank or World Court.

  52. typical RATS. Pelosi is the greatest cheating RAT on the Planet. She should be thrown out of Office at the next election. she alone is destroying americans lives. Pity she wouldn’t jump into her BIG REFRIG. freezer and stay there with all HER ice creams .Stupid oldie if there was ever one. disgusting woman. If she did do the disappearing act, hands up those who miss her. My guess would 6/8 people, thats covering her close family. cannot seem to find anyone else in the room with hands up for her.
    I agre comments, any State found to be an activated fraudulent State, should have another election to prove to the RATS HOW DISPCIABLE THEY REALLY ARE.
    GO tRUMP IN 2024 TO RIGHT THE SINKING OF AMERICAN TRADITION. AMERICA FIRST, NOT DOWN THE LADDER AS WE HAVE SEEN LED BY SLEEPY USELESS BIDEN, AND ASSISTED BEAURTIFULLY BY CAMEL, CAMEL, HARRIS. Between the pair of them they are as useless as a pair of ash trays on two motor bikes.. Have a good one.

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