Appeals Court Rules Trump Family Can Keep Their NY Businesses – For Now

An appeals court in New York struck a major blow on behalf of President Donald Trump and his family business on Friday. Radical leftist judge Arthur Engoron had ordered the Trump Organization and all of its subsidiaries to surrender their business licenses in New York and for all businesses and properties to be liquidated within 10 days—and that was before Attorney General Letitia James’ fake fraud lawsuit had even begun!

Thankfully, the Appellate Division of the New York state court system ordered a stay against Judge Engoron’s unilateral declaration.

This trial is obviously rigged against President Trump. He has worked for decades to build up an extremely successful business in New York, which is worth billions of dollars. We’ve really never seen anything quite like it in the United States before, in terms of the entire system trying to destroy one man.

Trump hasn’t even been accused of a real crime in this New York case. It’s yet another “novel legal theory” in which they have to twist existing statutes to try to come up with a crime he committed.


Look at how upside-down this has been. The judge ordered that Trump’s businesses and family members surrender all their business licenses, properties and homes within 10 days. And NOW we’re going to start the trial after that declaration has been made. It’s insane and fairly terrifying that this could happen in America. You’re declared guilty, all your assets are seized, and then the trial starts. Banana republics should be issuing travel advisories to their citizens, warning them not to come to such a dangerous and unjust place as New York.

Letitia James’ case hinges on an accusation that Donald Trump overvalued his properties to secure business loans. She claims he engaged in “repeated and persistent fraud” to do so. To prove this, they’ve come up with insane property valuations on Trump’s hotels, buildings and homes.

There’s already been a ton of discussion about the crazy valuation that Letitia James gave to Mar-a-Lago: $18 million. There’s literally a patch of trees near Mar-a-Lago that’s for sale for $50 million.

The Trump Organization estimated the value of the iconic Trump Tower in New York City at $207 million. That’s actually insanely low, but Letitia James claims Trump Tower was only worth $93 million.

To give a sense of how crazy that is, there are six luxury condos on floors 86 through 89 of Trump Tower. Each of them is valued at $30 million apiece. That’s $180 million worth of real estate, and it only covers four floors of Trump Tower. Valuing the building at $207 million seems insanely low, let alone the $93 million that Letitia James claims it is worth.

If Donald Trump valued his properties too high (and that’s a big “if”), it means he overpaid his property taxes. What’s really crazy is that Trump is even in the courtroom for this. Do these people actually think that Donald Trump sat there with a pencil filling out loan applications? The case is also incredibly unfair because the State of New York has not identified any victims of Trump’s alleged “crime.” All the banks were paid back in full, with interest. No one got stiffed. Trump didn’t declare bankruptcy and refuse to pay the funds back (which also wouldn’t have been a crime).

Not one single entity has declared itself to have been victimized by Donald Trump. The banks made plenty of usurious interest on the loans, and the State of New York collected extra property taxes from Trump. Who’s the victim here?

The good news is that Letitia James is not a very good lawyer. Her case started falling apart from the very beginning, despite the best efforts of the Trump-hating Judge Engoron. The first day of the trial, more than 80% of the case had to be dismissed, because the statute of limitations on those loans expired back before 2013. She didn’t bother to look at that, because Letitia James is on a mission here. Who needs law?

With this latest appellate court decision, the Trump family now has some breathing room. Judge Engoron is going to have to at least go through the motions of a trial before he can just liquidate the Trump Organization.

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25 thoughts on “Appeals Court Rules Trump Family Can Keep Their NY Businesses – For Now”

  1. This is what happens in a Republic when it allows mob rule to take root over established Law of Prudence.

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    2. Is Trump being TAXED based on the LOWER value they claim??? I doubt it – NY is just FULL of crime and criminals leading the way. To not “like” someone is is everyone’s right in the US HOWEVER for a government to declare, like idiots, someone they are “out to GET” as they are declaring Trump is PURE IDIOTIC and CORRUPT by vengiful low life’s that have paid for votes to get themselves in positions to become LEGALIZED BULLIES!!! Only in liberal run and ruled communities/states and, if we aren’t careful, a full involved USA.

    3. Back in 1860’s, Gen. Sherman said we should rekick the evil Democrats evil asses every 100 years! Obviously they’re about 60 years OVERDUE for it!

  2. The idea that democratic law in New york.rules is bogus BS , in the end the Apes will rule , and New York will fall into iniquity, where only the violilence will rule and civilization will die already it is filled with illegals, Diarra z, drugs, rape , theft, murder ,BLM,MOB RULE ,SORUS RUN , OBAMA HATRED , RATE INFESTED TRASH …GOOD BYE NEW YORK

  3. Someone with good sense needs to take over this ridiculous idea to rob a legal Citizen and then jail him for hundreds of years just because he’s not a representative of their preferred Democratic status! This entire made up dream of the Dems should be stopped and the entire wannabe charges totally dropped!

    1. Elizabeth, your so correct every thing u said is true, we just can’t seem to convince people I’m not saying change their party but they can change their vote my GOD America wake up.

  4. Really some great news for a change. So great to see that someone has stepped up and over ridden the outrageous charges against President Trump and his entire family. Reading what the idiot Democrats tried to come with is ludicrous and it almost makes me think that they are upset with a family that worked for their wealth while most of the Dems sat on their asses in Congress and The Senate and racked in huge incomes and bonuses for doing absolutely nothing except to falsely try to punish a family for their successes. WOW what a bunch of crooks some Americans voted into power for what they claim as Democrats.

  5. Thank God for one honest judge in New York from overturning that idiot crooked Democrat judge who’s trying to run Donald Trump and his family out of New York business and all he needs to be removed from the bench and disbarred so should Attorney General James also needs to be removed and disbarred how can the Law Association for lawyers approved what they’re doing they are making a mockery of their positions and of our laws . Yes the Americans need to wake up but it’s not Republicans that needs to wake up it is the Democratic voters that have been brainwashed their whole life to believe everything they’re told by the Democrats they will never wake up and realize it that their party is so damn corrupt but they need to understand if they can do this to Republicans they will do it to their own voters if you question their motivations and their policies yes they need to wake up before it’s too late

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  7. If you liberal lowlife sorry excuse of human beings, keep this kind of injustice up,
    You should never ever, ever,
    Forget that there are millions of right wing conservatives
    Who are just not going to tolerate this kind of behavior
    And this means having to take to the streets with civil or revolutionary WAR! And don’t forget, conservatives are firm believers in the 2ND
    Amendment and are tired of
    Watching the liberal democratic congress bend and break laws so as to look like everything that they are doing is legal and law abiding. People ” WAKE-UP”
    cause sooner or later no one
    Is going to stand-by any longer, and shit is going to hit
    The “Fan”. The entire Biden administration is corrupt and
    “Drunk “on tearing this country apart. And it seems so are the liberal constituents.
    As much as they don’t believe
    It but Barack Obama has always been the puppet master,with his hand jammed so far up JB’s “culo”,whenever
    He says jump? Biden says
    “How high”.
    You may not like Donald Trump but he is a helluva business man! And that’s what it’s going to take to get
    Our country back to the top
    Remember when he was our
    President, what he did for our country, we’ve never had a higher GDP in our countries
    History. That’s just one of the many things he did for our country. There so afraid of him becoming president once
    Again that they are willing to do anything to try and stop him.Most of it illegal as hell.
    If we don’t come together as one and be the country I know we can be then it literally won’t be long before
    You’ll be able to have a front
    Row seat to the destruction
    Of this great country of ours.
    Joe Biden has damn near destroyed this country, with the opening of our southern
    Border and letting the more then 7.5 million illegal immigrants have free rein, and at the same time wanting
    To give them SSI and benefits
    Of monetary value such as
    Free housing and much,much
    Also giving MILLIONS upon MILLIONS to UKRAINE while
    Our own people in the beautiful,beautiful land of Maui, HAWAII suffer with out the help that our sorry ass
    President. He has given UKRAINE enough money to have RE-BUILT all of the homes and infrastructure in
    our beautiful island of MAUI,
    HAWAII. Go figure man!
    I ask that you AMERICA please WAKE-UP!!!!!! TO MY
    WAKE-UP!!!!!! , MUCH LOVE.

  8. Thank you I appreciate you! And I agree wholeheartedly! and I love Trump! he’s done more for us than any of them!

  9. Thank GOD for people with common sense. These people can not believe in God and do what they are doing. Trump served well for 4 years WITHOUT PAY,,,, He has to be president again.

  10. Why are honest lawmaers tolerate and let thia charade continue – it is all out in the open about James and Engoron – it is documented they are Trump haters and predujiced against him – have these 2 censured and fired from their positions – it cannot be allowed to continue – to do so is a joke and an insult to law abiding normal people

      1. Two of the worthless Demotard Affrimative Action hire trophy hunters out to be the ones to snag Trump, along with POS Merrick Garland, Biden’s Gestapo chief. Meanwhile their jurusdictions are overrun with true crime. This whole charade is absolutely sickening.

  11. Instead of trying to investigate a person who is a business person whose many years of running a business that made him and his family wealthy, I want an investigation into a person that has been paid a politician’s salary for most of his life. I know politicians are paid a very nice salary, but there is no way that Joe Biden could be worth the amount he has. At the very least he like a good many politicians use insider formation when a new law is made that will boost the value of a stock. As far as I know insider trading is not legal! Joe and his son Hunter have been a crime family for decades and have the help of the FBI’s blindness to what they are doing, they even ignored the information given to them by the computer tech that repaired Hunter’s computer with plenty of evidence that illegal deals were made to enrich the Biden family. The FBI needs to be investigated too!

  12. The grin on this judge Igor’s face makes one think this is a guy who is thinking he just had a good dish of doggie doo when Trump walked into the courtroom. In other simple words a sh-t eating grin. Of course what does a liberal grin remind anyone of.

  13. Real Americans better wake up and stand up for the rights that the Constitution was written for to begin with for all legal citizens of this great nation.You better get the guts to stand up for the rights and freedoms that our forefathers fought for and died for to make this Country great. It’s time to stand up for what is right and abide by the laws of this great Country. Stand up and be counted. This is why this country has fought wars for is our freedom and God given rights that men and women have fought for and died for was for our freedom to free speech and voting rights to make up our own minds to decide and defend this country from being an anarchy. I will stand up and never give up my rights as a citizen of the United States of America. I will not back down and will never give up my rights to anyone. You can’t take my guns or my free speech. I have that right to defend myself and my family and I will not be silenced by the ones who want to destroy this great Nation and ruin by trying to tell me how to vote and who to vote for because this is one of the many rights that our forefathers fought and died for to give us these rights. We citizens have the right to vote for whoever we choose not who you want to choose for us. American citizens…you had better wake up before it is too late unless you want to lose all your freedom.

  14. One of the most important things that need to be disqualified are mail in votes….do like I had to do…vote absentee..where you have to provide a legitimate ID from your driver’s license to actually be able to vote…no mail in votes should be legally allowed.

  15. the established laws of the united states no longer the last four years we have seen how corrupt our justice department has become. thanks to our democratic people voting

  16. Anyone who thinks that they will not have to answer to God for lying, cheating and stealing in elections, investigations and trials, is very foolish. There is always a price to pay when individuals, organizations and leaders go against the requirements God has set forth for us – they are not suggestions but His covenants that have real consequences.

    Only extreme egoists think that they can work around God or outsmart Him. They are really working against themselves and the good of others in order to satisfy their own selfish desires. That definitely is not a mark of a person who honors God or the people of a nation.

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