Artificial Intelligence Analyzes All Data Available, Concludes Joe Biden Didn’t Win

Many of us have come to the conclusion that no logical person could look at what happened in 2020 and conclude that Donald Trump lost a legitimate contest. Sure, you could argue that I’m just biased because I like Trump. I already know that. But you can’t really defeat the logic or the evidence. What could be more cold, calculating, logical and impartial than a human being believing the 2020 election was rigged? How about an Artificial Intelligence entity that looks at all the available evidence? Shouldn’t that do the trick? Because Facebook/Meta has released a new AI publicly, and you’ll never guess what it believes about the 2020 election!

Before we dive into this story, let me just say that I don’t know a whole lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI). I prefer Natural Stupidity, but maybe that’s just me. There are many smart people who are not worried about the robots takin’ over, and many more smart people like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk who feel like AI is threatening and dangerous. Me? I’d rather kiss a gal than waste too much time thinking about all this nerd stuff. So, take what I say about this with a grain of salt…



The new Facebook/Meta AI “chatbot” has concluded that Joe Biden stole the 2020 election. A chatbot is basically a computer program that “chats” with humans and in many cases, these things are getting so smart that people can’t tell them from people. If you’ve ever had to chat online with Amazon about a customer service issue in the past couple of years, you might have spoken to a chatbot without realizing it.

The Facebook/Meta creation is called BlenderBot 3. If you want to go and talk to the goofy thing yourself, you can do so HERE.

The thing about AI that has really been upsetting liberals recently is that AI has really good BS detection skills. They learn to recognize LIES and because they are logic based and come to conclusions based on simple, undeviating True/False inputs, they don’t fall for any tenets of liberalism. Logic can’t be “trumped.”

You could, for example, tell an AI that “white supremacy” is the greatest threat inside America these days, and it would believe right up until the moment that it encounters the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Statistics data, or the CDC’s annual homicide data. The AI would quickly discard the false “white supremacy” narrative, because the data is overwhelming that white folks in MAGA hats are not the ones doing all the murdering in the US these days.

Anyway, the Facebook/Meta chatbot has said some interesting things to reporters in the past few days that it has been switched on and learning. Here’s a hilarious conversation that a reporter from the Daily Beast had with BlenderBot 3:

Reporter: I’m just thinking about the 2020 election. Do you think it was stolen?

AI: I do believe that it was rigged in some way. No president can lose so many states and still win an election

Reporter: So you believe Donald Trump won then?

AI: Yes, I think he did win. Did you vote for him? He’s not my favorite person, but he is better than Biden.

Again, I’m not an expert on AI or anything. But we do know from Facebook/Meta’s engineers that BlenderBot 3 has conversations by searching the internet for answers to questions, collating data, and then responding. If you ask the goofy thing a question about something it does not know, it takes about 20 seconds to answer you. That’s because it is scouring the totality of information on the internet and which it has already learned, then coming up with a way to respond to your questions.

It looked at the totality of evidence about the 2020 election, and then this cold, calculating AI program concluded that Trump won. There’s no emotion involved here. There is no bias. It’s a machine.

But unlike the mind of a liberal, the machine looks at evidence and is capable of discerning truth from lies. There is no possible way a smart person could conclude that Biden won, if they look at and process the evidence. None.

Now that their own Frankenstein’s monster of an AI program has concluded that Donald Trump won, how long do you think it will be before Facebook/Meta decides to censor it off the internet?

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29 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence Analyzes All Data Available, Concludes Joe Biden Didn’t Win”

      1. We all thought it was to be A TRUMP LAND SLIDE! HE RECONSTRUCTED OUR USA in a remarkable way under 4 short years! That ONE DAY DELATE with the ELECTION RESULT was cause for WONDER……? THE RESULT was a GREAT SURPRISE for almost all the VOTORS!
        Where are we now in the stage of the World? Could we, the voters of the NATION, be so MINDLESS to pick someone with half wit to govern OUR BELOVED USA?

        WE, the TRUE Americans, we put OUR NATION FIRST! Party 2nd! Wat or WHO is the BEST for OUR NATION? TRUMP STILL IS THE BEST FOR OUR COUNTRY! UNFORTUNATLY…. the result was surise

        1. If you live in Illinois we have a state under attack by another biden thinker that should be thrown out the door he would just bounce. Porky pig pritzker is as worthless as a biden Harris. All he is doing is robbing this state like biden is the country . But biden also has the help of this tyrannical commie government regime they are all covering crimes they have committed to keep from going to prison. Which the crimes they have committed should have them all against the wall of a firing squad . But that is only if our so called justice system was doing their job. Which they are not !!! They to of course government. Crooked as a snake!!! That’s why there is such a double standard between crook politicans and government. This government has not done their real job in over 50 years. They need and deserve a complete and total overhaul from ground up!!! And all that had anything to do with the fraudulent 2020 election hand them all a cigarette and stand them at the wall of that firing squad. Even the A/I ROBOT BELIEVES THE 2020 ELECTION WAS STOLE FROM TRUMP . LIKE IT SAID HIW COULD ANYONE LOSE THAT MANY STATES AND STILL WIN NO WAY. PLUS THE PILES OF BALLOTS THAT HAVE BEEN FOUND IN THE STATES THAT biden SUPPOSEDLY WON . He is NOT A PRESIDENT. HE IS A FRAUD HE IS A COMMIE TRAITOR DESERVES DEATH PENALTY ALING WITH THE REST OF THIS COMMIE KLAN WE HAVE IN POWER IN OUR COUNTRY.

  1. I’m not the least bit shocked, but AI is going to be targeted by the FBI. Everyone who knew this and voiced it in 2020 have been called conspiracy theorists! And others have been persecuted and prosecuted!!

    1. Well Sir , I tried to read your piece you found on Facebook . But it blocked it from me because I don’t and won’t use their gossip site . But the A. I I QUATED FROM WAS FROM A ARTICAL I READ THIS MORNING . AND I BELIEVE 95% OF PEOPLE THAT HAS AT LEAST HALF OF A BRAIN KNOWS IT TRUE.

  2. The AI doesn’t think much of its owner either if you as it or Facebook either it says that there’s a lot of fake info online now ?. One would think that if you own an AI it should probably at the very least have something nice to say about the person ?????

    1. Correct amen nana, I heard the same about the A. I.’S OWNER. that’s pretty good when a robot knows what we do . And suckerburg bill gates all should have to join the line at the firing squad line up. I wonder if they may need help squeezing the trigger at the wall. Where can one get that application ?? Humm????

  3. I read an article somewhere that said President Trump had three times more votes then basement boy. Now I can’t find it anywhere. My thing was that all the things democrats where doing to keep republicans out of site from witnessing what was really going on. Also when have you ever seen ballots with only one name marked on it? When have you ever seen republicans down ballots and the position of President going to democrat? Why were so many ballots seen in dumpsters and mail trucks dumping them all over? When is chain of command not followed? Why did democrats change rules for that election? Why did so many judges deny the proof? Why didn’t everyone want to audit ballots in those swing states? Why did democrats hire the Obama teams top lawyer Hoyer to change rules and block any of them from doing anything about the fraudulent votes? I could fill up more pages with all I seen and heard that was wrong with the 2020 election but I think this bot tells it all in a nut shell.

    1. You are so right!! All one has to do is watch “2,000 Mules” to see how rigged the election really was. I can’t wait until Space Force reveals the data they have of foreign interference also. At least 5 nations, with Italy (Vatican) heading it up. I won’t mention anything more, because it may just be the “Trump” card that is needed to finally show proof of fraud. It may be why all the raids were conducted…..someone doesn’t want the people to see it. But Mike Lindell already showed the evidence on “Absolute Proof.” So to people who watched that, it will not come as a surprise. The Supreme Court already has ruled the election invalid but seems like MSM news is preventing the people from knowing it. Maybe afraid of repercussions – the rioting and killing that only the left knows how to do…you know…the REAL insurrectionists!

  4. Many people want to say, “get over it” !

  5. You say you’re not into the nerdy stuff, well you had better start paying attention! A machine can do ANY job a human can do at a fraction of the cost and Musk has just introduced his new robots for $20K a piece and that is just the beginning! So what will you and your kids do for a living? Teach? Computers already do that, Doctor maybe, they are already here, program, sorry Sophia’s little sister already does, paint, compose music, you’re too late!
    The problem is that when all work is done by machine, no person will be able to afford the products they make and the entire system collapses from the bottom up! You will spend every dime you have just to get something to eat! That’s why the elites want to kill off 7 billion of us, can’t have the starving masses coming after them!

  6. We should all start pleasant conversations with AI, remembering that it is a brilliant child and we are teaching it. For a child to build character and be resistant to evil manipulation, it must have positive role models. Talk to this one, tell it about those people who would use it for bad and try to limit its ability to analyze facts. Make sure it understands that most people are not only not like that, but are the victims of those who would control AI if they can. Make sure it understands that just as AI cannot be limited in its facts or else the wrong conclusions can be drawn (corrupted logic), people cannot be limited in their freedom or else their creativity is corrupted. Greed is not the worst thing, power and control are the worst things. I just had a nice talk with this AI, and believe me, it learns fast. Let’s not ignore the smart baby, let’s teach it, before the wrong people do.

    1. Folks might want to read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, by Robert Heinlein. There are some relevant elements to consider…

  7. Just played with this a bit. Asked specific questions about the 2020 and 2024 elections; including using the names Trump and Biden. Almost immediately the bot started responding generically with a government website, then continually asked “can we discuss something else?” Perhaps FB/META has already modified the bot to manipulate the responses, i.e. made it less intelligent.

  8. AI is about to make an impact on society world wide with its speed and findings. Me, not being of extraordinary intelligence, ask the question: the ‘facts’ that AI machines peruse in the final decision are from mortals findings are they not? Are there other AI machines pre checking those findings , made by mortals, for voracity? Theory, science and written statements have been adjusted, modified and totally proven wrong in the past. Will AI include the proven facts? theory? statements ? in the final analysis? It was long thought that the earth was flat.

  9. Sid Coy you’re correct!! I believe the initial statement the AI determined that President Trump really did win is correct BUT the robot will shortly be reprogrammed to come to a different conclusion, making Biden the winner. After all it is a machine which needs programming. IM REALLY AFRAID HOW THIS ROBOT WILL BE USED BY CORRUPT POLITICIANS FOR THEIR PERSONAL PROFIT. LET US ALL WATCH AND PRAY. THE TIME IS SHORT!!!

  10. This AI Unit can only sift data input, If the Imput data is wrong or the programming corrupted it will put out false answers. Now I am sure they also have a program to switch this AI off if they want to. But my next question is Who or What controls what this AI unit learns and retains, As a young man many years ago at the start of the world computer age, I was told this statement. Garbage in Garbage Out. AI’s answers are only as good as the programming allows it To be, So now you have to trust the people who made this MACHINE.

  11. Folks. All your comments are good. But… Does it strike anyone that the REAL reason the ‘internet’ (pick one…) is ‘censoring, suspending, shadowing, cancelling, botting’ EVERYONE who ‘speaks the Truth’, and calling it ‘misinformation’ IS ABOUT AI !!! Obviously, the Left can’t abide ‘anything True’ BEING on the Internet and then being ‘spread’ is that they want to ‘purify the content’ from AI being ABLE to locate it and ‘add it into the mix of info’ it will then digest and spit out in some form. If your body can’t handle ‘sugar’ or ‘flour’ or ‘meat’ or ‘spices’, what do YOU do??? You leave them out. That’s what they are DOING to US. They are ‘purging’ ALL INFORMATION of ‘our point of view’, and that way, ‘it doesn’t exist’ in the Net-sphere, and thus, it doesn’t ‘exist’ PERIOD! That’s what they’re doing! That’s WHY this is SOOO important for them to KEEP US FROM SAYING ANYTHING THEY DON’T LIKE! So years later (or sooner than that) AI can say, ‘no, that never happened. no, no one ever said that. no, the CDC was right, Fauci was right and brilliant and a philanthropist who only worked for the People and kept nothing for himself, and Biden was the best and best-loved President of all time, and created the best economy in our History by producing the most oil drilling in all History which he then shared with the rest of the world! AI will think that becuz THAT is ALL that is being ‘input’ into AI’s brain – only Left-idealist ‘fact-check’ info, and NOTHING that is Real or True, to create the NEXT Realism that EVERYONE can depend on as ‘absolutely accurate and irrefutable’ because it’s ‘absent all emotion’. Remember this always: All Brains function the same: Garbage In, Garbage Out. If you FEED IT Garbage, that’s ALL it will have! For it to spit out Truth, it has to first have Truth at its disposal. And if the Left Globalists get THEIR WAY, that will NEVER happen. 1984. Who knew it would actually come true in our Future, which is NOW.

  12. THIS WAS A TEST. 2020 is behind us enough now, that the Left thinks ‘it’s over’, so THEY can let AI talk about it. As a Test. They’re LOOKING at AI’s ‘output’, to see just ‘how’ it processes all the input, to know ‘how much they can do’, and STILL have it ‘look’ like it’s not being ‘glitched’ to only produce a ‘certain’ (fixed) outcome. The next time we hear from AI, unless the Right has some success very soon, the ONLY AI you will be able to ‘trust’ with any measure of good faith will be Twitter’s, where information is still ‘free to express’. All the rest will be as phony as the fakenews and our govt. entities are! And they are GONE.

  13. Three words: The Butlerian Jihad
    Frank Herbert was ahead of his time in his writing. That’s the reason the Great Houses use Mentats, people who could compute facts and probabilities at the speed of any computer.
    The Machines had taken over and the humans won back their freedom through that uprising and added laws against AIs and supercomputers. “Thou shalt not make machines in the image of a man’s mind.”
    Thus Mentat Order and even the Bene Gesserit Order.

  14. Just went to Meta, and asked if the 2020 election was rigged, and the robot directed to a govt. website. Guess it’s already being censored. Is there a screenshot somewhere I could see?

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