Biden Administration Backpedals After Being Called Out for Hypocrisy on Travel Bans

Mainstream media outlets ran splashy headlines applauding Joe Biden for reversing the Trump Administration’s travel ban on countries unable to control terrorists. Democrats chanted “xenophobic,” a word first popularized by Hillary Clinton during the run-up to the 2016 elections. The three-dollar-word has been trending on fake news and liberal platforms ever since.

Biden did indeed sign an executive order overturning the previous administration’s mandate against 7 Muslim majority countries. But what newly-minted White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stammers and stutters over is explaining why Biden’s wide-sweeping travel bans against South America and Africa are not “xenophobic” but Trump’s are.

When pressed by members of the White House Press Corps over the difference, Psaki delivered a baffling and incoherent response.

“I don’t think that’s quite a fair articulation. The president has been clear that he felt the ‘Muslim ban’ was xenophobic. He overturned the Muslim ban. He also, though, has supported — and he himself, even before, or we did, I should say, even before he was inaugurated, steps, travel restrictions, in order to keep the American people safe to ensure that we are getting the pandemic under control,” Psaki reportedly said. “That’s been part of his policy.”

To bad for her, Twitter is forever. Here’s Biden’s tweet calling Trump xenophobic.

A room of dumbfounded reporters made zero sense of Psaki’s answer that appears to reflect the general confusion of a Biden response. She may have anticipated that members of the mostly liberal press corps would toe the party line. Fake news outlets were satisfied with the anti-Trump barb that he “overturned the Muslim ban.” But there are still a few self-respecting journalists embedded who are not affiliated with liberal-leaning corporations.

The part that has gone underreported is that Biden and fellow Democrats referred to the COVID-19 travels restrictions as “hysterical xenophobia and fearmongering.” Now that he — or the people pulling his strings — are tasked with making decisions, White House travel bans target countries in African and South America. If this were Pres. Trump signing those executive orders, the words “racist,” “white supremacy,” and “xenophobia” would be splattered all over television, websites, print, and social media. Instead, these are a sampling of trending Biden-related headlines.

  • Biden dogs set paws on White House grounds ~ ABC News
  • Biden aims to tackle another American crisis: Race ~ CNN
  • Biden to outline racial equity plan, sign executive actions ~ NBC News
  • Presidential pups Champ and Major join Bidens at the White House ~ MSNBC

What smells to high Heaven is that Biden has effectively restricted more people of color and Muslims than the Trump Administration and the media won’t report it all all. The Middle East is largely under lockdown due to the pandemic. The previous administration had lifted travel restrictions from Brazil and South Africa because their health and testing measures were stringent enough to mitigate risk to Americans. Biden shut the door to both nations in what appears to be a knee-jerk reaction to eliminate all things Trump.

The conclusion of Psaki’s head-spinning answer manages to contradict those true facts without any significant pushback from the establishment media.

“But he was critical of the former president for having a policy that was not more comprehensive than travel restrictions,” Psaki reportedly said. “And he conveyed at the time, and more recently, the importance of having a multifaceted approach … not just travel restrictions.”


The Trump Administration travel bans were based on failures to follow through with security measures that could prevent terrorists from getting on planes. In essence, the Trump Administration deterred Islamic extremists from hostage-taking and prevented another 9/11 for four years. Biden scuttled those safety measures and proceeded to add unnecessary ones. Americans will sleep well knowing the word “xenophobic” no longer applies to travel bans, even if terrorists can now get on planes and crash them into American buildings.

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67 thoughts on “Biden Administration Backpedals After Being Called Out for Hypocrisy on Travel Bans”

  1. No , you are the worst of all time, you are a demented old fool.
    Who takes showers with their daughter! It must run in your family of crimes, you need to be in a nursing home for dementia.

      1. All I can say is IF the election was not stolen the country is done. I don’t know how anyone could have voted for this organgrinder and his pet monkey Kamala!

        1. Someone came back from a foreign country and tested positive for covid. And infected his family when he came back!

    1. YES, I agree he is the worst. He stole the election, he wants unity and destroyed 500 thousand jobs. wants to open the boarders and give ILLEGAL ALIENS SOCIAL SECURITY,
      and this is going to UNIFY AMERICA! You STUPID OLD PERVERT !!! You paid China to
      release the VIRUS, so you could steal the ELECTION!!! The name for the virus will always be THE BIDEN CHINA VIRUS !!! The WORLD needs to know what and who you really are.

    2. Sharon you are a mental patient. Biden is the one who talks about children rubbing his legs and raised a son who is a pervert. Trump didn’t anything of the sort god you liberals are trash.

      1. Lisa, when Sharon said, “demented old fool,” did we not immediately recognize that as a reference to “Mumbles” Biden?

  2. I will put what we are experiencing with today’s Main Stream Media and Social platforms into an analogy that many can understand. If any remember the original Star Trek series there is an episode that quite clearly explains the MSM’s intentions and how we can combat against it, lest we come to ruin. Here it is: S3 E7 Day of the Dove – “Both humans and Klingons have been lured to a planet by a formless entity that feeds on hatred and has set about to fashion them into a permanent food supply for itself”. Translation, both democrats and republicans have been set against each other for the benefit of the MSM. The MSM profits from the drama and has no regard for the consequences it creates, only self-serving profit and power. Solution, democrats and republicans need realize the MSM motives and tactics, to join forces to counter the MSM’s division tactics, and put an end to the madness.

    1. Satan is said to be the Prince of the Air – he controls cyberspace, television, radio and obviously the Internet. George Soros is in league with Satan. We all need to turn to God Almighty and beg for his intervention. I know that not everyone is religious, but for those of us that are, please pray for America like you have never prayed before. I pray for all Americans regardless of party affiliation. My best to all.

      1. Right on Kathy im not devoute religious person we the people must bring something in to play that will this country back on the track of life and liberty and eliminate greed and power that is threting our true American way of life

      2. Unfortunately God was kicked out of this country long ago. That’s why morals are flushed down the toilet, and the country is in the state it’s in. Hail King Satain, ruler of the Socialist States of America

      3. Don’t forget, the other 3. He’s also into educational, financial, and religion. Take a good look around. It’s part of the elite’s plan, for a one world rule. The beast, spoken of in Revelations is an one world government.

    2. That’s a great, big AMEN.
      (Of which much of it will be laundered and returned to politician’s accounts or”FOUNDATIONS” (SWAMPERS) that are plentiful inside the “BELTWAY “. Trump’s been right on everything the dems have dreamed up in their corrupt minds. I’d love to see a list of items in our country that DOESN’T HAVE AN OIL OR GAS CONNECTION. COME ON DEMS, SHOW A LIST. SLEEPY JOE SAID “ HE’d cut over 8 million jobs in the oil and gas industry and the people could work work building solar panels” (TOTAL STUPID B. S.)
      How stupid, it shows that he knows absolutely NOTHING about building solar panels. Sand has to be heated a lot to make glass. Minerals have to be heated a lot to make metal frames. Electricity has to be generated by some form of energy( GAS, OIL OR COAL) and it’s done cleanly. Dumb ass cortez fails to realize that the plastic straw that she sucks coke thru is an oil product and the bus that she rides to work, isn’t possible to be built without the use of oil, gas or electrical energy. Planes don’t get built nor do they fly without some usages of oil or gas or coal involvement some where along the line. That comb, hair pins, shoes, clothing, eating, sleeping, awaking, everything we use or do
      daily has an oil, gas, coal connection somewhere along the line. They would do much better to get some knowledge about the things in life that we are very dependent on daily, before they put their tongue in motion blabbing about things that they don’t know crap about.
      Having a little knowledge is very dangerous.
      Things that work and serve many purposes should not be screwed up by those who don’t know much outside blabbing in a stupidly run campaign.
      Stop sitting on the brain, pop it out of the rectum, shine/polish it really good with knowledge, then listen a hell of a lot more than you jabber senseless crap.

    3. Well said. We are all being played. I don’t know what it’s going to take to smarten people up. ??

    1. Absolutely!!
      He’ll point the finger at someone else.
      Obammie taught him well on that and word phrasing.
      They’ve never been taught to observe those three fingers pointing back at themselves.
      Of course that kind of crap started with ole Adam and Eve and sadly, many haven’t learned very much since.
      He’ll never accept that it’s HIS RESPONSIBILITY !!!!!!
      Be aware of that responsibility bomb in your life that you’ve dreamed of having
      For a long time and so far as to lie and chest to get. You mow have it so hold on to your ass when it blows up with you.

  3. I am sick and tired of idiots like Chuck Schumer who are still involved in Politics. He and the idiot Nancy Pelosi are the reason why I am no longer voting on Election Day in the upcoming elections. The same goes for Governor Hogan since I now live in Maryland and I have to read emails from the Teachers Union calling out the Governor for giving us the excuses when it comes to returning students into the classroom. He also has the audacity to go against the advice from the Teachers Union. The only way teachers return to the classroom is if every student gets the regular vaccinations. I am not referring to this stupid covid-19 vaccination. It’s the same protocol that has been done in the last 20 years since I first taught on 9/11/01. The only vaccination I ever had a teacher was a flu shot and I am normal every time I get it. I had no issues teaching in the classroom by just getting the flu shot.

    1. You have to understand; the NEA, has pushed leftist ideals, to their members, for years. They force educators to follow those principles and pass those ideals down the food chain. This puts Gov. Hogan in a no-win situation, dealing with a powerful nationwide cartel that puts their interests ahead of the students welfare.

    2. If you don’t vote, the liberals have accomplished their goal… conservatives need to learn how the dems manipulated the election. All our relatives need to rise from the grave and vote. All under age children need to vote as well. The mail in vote was the catalyst that swayed our election.

    3. Listen to Dr Deana Hinshaws report in Alberta Canada. Children in school where protocols and supervision was in place had fewer Covid than when schools were shut down. When there is no routine and less supervision and they are in a much smaller environment number of Covid cases were much higher. Those are the facts. Schools are the safest place for children!

    4. The flu has been cancelled …. apparently Biden has defeated the flu …. just by occupying the White House.

    5. To have a better world in the future we must get our children back into the classroom so they can continue learning how to inter act with other kids their same age and learn how team work solves basic racist attitudes.

    6. As a native to the Peoples Republic of Maryland, good luck with anything that doesn’t smell like it came from some commiecrat – because it did. I left on election day 2014 and have never looked back.

      And be glad that it’s the Rino Hogan and not the idiot that the commies ran against him. Never forget, that Smarty Marty DohMalley found a way to tax the rain. Thankfully he never got past the primary for President. And for those that don’t know much about MD, you read that correctly. Commie Marty O’Malley (who’s daughter is now some schmuck in the OBiteme admin) gathered the lemmings and found a way to tax Marylanders for the rain that fell on their property. We had a ‘crisis’ in trying to save the Chesapeake Bay (meaning he had social programs unrelated to the Bay that he needed funds for).

  4. Why any fool would think you’d tell the truth after 47 years astounds me. Once a liar and a thief, always s liar and a thief. Low for, Yello bellied criminals always point their fingers at others believing they can do better.
    Who’s s the winner now? Those who ho voted for Biden, or those who voted legally for Trump? We all lose, Biden told you he would destroy America! You, some of you, still voted for him. 57,000 jobs already lost for American citizens.
    What a guy, what a President, what a communistic sob.

  5. Typical Democratic BS, it’s OK for them to spout policy even if it is the same as prior administration!!! Enjoy Dementia Boy because most of you voted for him!!!

  6. The deranged message that biden is sending is to reverse anything that President Donald Trump has done for America . That in itself is treasonous insanity it’s like pouring gas to put out a fire . And taking fema money for climate change is shear stupidity . Like well never need it for own disasters !

    1. Got a good name for u, Biden, and here it is ‘ Dog-faced Pony Horse’. Anyway I think it’s a good name for ya. Quit breaking the treaty that the white man & my forefathers signed back then.

  7. Sadness is Cloaking America and we seek Solutions for the ever increasing Problems we face , New ones every day and we seek someone to blame , a Group, An Individual, Someone to call the ENEMY , However We the People Need to look no Further than the MIRROR to see the Root Cause of these Problems , We Allowed it to happen ,The politicians have Won, We Voted them into Power………………………………..

  8. The blood will be on bozo bonehead biden hands, why aren’t we doing something about the people who pull the strings to make biden walk, talk, and sign paperwork he knows nothing about, lift the ban on terrorists? When is the next 911 going down, get rid of homeland security? What’s the matter with you people

  9. The bottom line with the Biden, Harris, Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi, Cortez (too many to mention all) and MSM is All about control and power. They will do anything and everything to achieve control, no matter how many more lives or jobs are affected and lost. Their goal to ruin this country is insidious and the voters in this country have had enough of their lies, hypocrisy and self serving agenda. The elitists better enjoy their rewards in this life because they’ll be spending eternity in hell for despicable actions. Such a pathetic group of selfish, nasty, vitriolic sub humans. It’s just started and only going to get worse every single day for the next four years

    1. Problem is, if they cheated in one election they will cheat in the next to retain power. We have to be as smart or smarter than them to prevent that or we loose again!

  10. We didn’t vote them into power. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Lightfoot, de Blasio, Nadler, Whitmer, Schiff, AOC, Waters, etc. are all genuine IDIOTS. What kind of stupid populace would continue to vote these dolts into power? We’ve just witnessed the most blatant election fraud and I’m betting that these Democrats were all “elected” with the same techniques. Stupid people who don’t have any ability to make an honest wage make perfect puppets for evil people who will pull their strings. Our election system has been severely compromised and now we are being ruled by people who are intent on destroying this country.

  11. Well the “orange man bad” theme had come back to bite EVERYONE IN THE A** . Those of you that voted for Biden because you didnt like the way Trump talked instead of what he done for this country are getting what you wanted, a demented, xenophobe, child sniffing profile, that cant remember his wife’s name. A man that wants to be Hitler reborn. Heil Biden.

  12. First of all, soros and the many entities that he establishes have been putting people into elected and non-elected positions for decades. The truth took a long time to reveal itself and now we have these traitors in our police, SCHOOLS, DA’S, judges, anyone in law enforcement, anyone with power over the written word, anybody who has no morals or common decency and accepts bribes, in other words, TRAITOR, turncoat, useless pieces of shif! It will take along time and a lot of scrubbing to clean up this mess. We were on our way when the TRAITORS realized what was happening, and then started this crusade against our elected PRESIDENT TRUMP who was OUR firewall against THEM!!!!!!!! Now look whats going on, the brainless idiots of the day, are slashing our throats and letting enough blood loss to keep us weak and uninformed! Do not let this be our epitaph, THEY KNEW And DID NOTHING!

  13. Let’s analyze the democrats and MSM properly it only will take a second. Everyone from Chris Wallace to Nancy Peloci are all narcissist. A person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves. Nobody else’s needs or wants are important to them just their personal agendas.


  15. I see a lot of thoughts and considerations here. That’s all good and well. The problem is, they don’t matter now and they won’t matter ever again. The American people have lost their country, their freedom and their liberty. The sad part is they obviously didn’t believe it was worth fighting for. If they had believed it was antifa and blm would look like boy scouts, DC would be in ruin and every politician in DC would be on the run and in fear for their lives because some of them would be hanging in the rose garden from trees. Jefferson had it right about the tree of liberty and the blood of patriots and tyrants, only it didn’t happen.

  16. Since Biden wants to let terrorists back into the country, let’s hope the first plane gets the white house. Just be sure to get the dogs out first.

  17. Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested a solution to the Commie take over of Congress and the Democratic Party but it would take some time, first cut off the head of the snake Soros and his outfit, then move down the chain slowly but surely and gradually make the USA a hell for all those evil left wing politicians and media bosses to live in, watch them scurry back into the holes from where they emerged or face a single ticket to China or hell.

  18. Let’s see how long that young lady lasts dealing with an incoherent dementia ridden old man who can’t make up his mind about anything and tends to open his mouth about subjects he knows nothing about…looking the part of a clown!

    Soon that young lady is going to walk. Why? Because there is no SANE, coherent human who willingly wants to deal with a senile, mind out of control, old fart who knows he is HATED BY THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS, but having a DEMENTIA brain,forgets who he really does hate. He doesn’t have to wait long before some dumbhead democrap tells him to HATE TRUMP and that all Americans love BiddyBoy as their president, even Trump Supporters. But alas, biddyboy is “sensing” something is not right and his efforts to do anything are coming with frustration and rumblings because he can’t figure out what is wrong!

    Well, biddy is not and will not EVER be my President! I’m not cluelessly and eternally STUPID like the dems that put an incompetent old fart in our Presidency thinking he can run anything but a running toilet. He can’t and when he really “Steps in the biggest pile of doggie doodoo” and gets stuck, what do you bet the dems blame it all on him. They are such friggin cowards and fools. Hopefully when that day comes soon, biddy will grab those dems and take them down with him!

  19. China-Virus, China-Virus, China-Virus, China-Virus, China-Virus, China-Virus, China-Virus, China-Virus, China-Virus, China-Virus, China-Virus, China-Virus, China-Virus, China-Virus.
    How’s That Biden and Xchingdongfongbutnut puppet master of Dumcrats.

  20. I think every true American Citizen should honor the oath of defending The United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic that stand in the way of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights as written by our Founding Fathers and not to be twisted , altered or misconstrued as anything else. Freedom of speech, religion and the right to keep and bear arms amongst many other rights shall not be surrendered at all costs. The current administration is trying to take these things away and will lead us into another civil war with many casualties if they continue down the path they have chosen. Be careful not to wake the sleeping giant that resides in the heart of the true Americans. Be careful what you wish for because it will eventually turn around and bite you in the ass leftists.

    1. Well said Steve. The sleeping giant has been poked with a BIG stick and is/are awaking with a roar. Stand or fall America.

  21. Just what did anyone expect from the communists party? The little dictator is a puppet for the real dictator, Osama Obama Hussain! All of the communists need to stand against the WALL!

  22. Love hearing that I am not the only one that is concerned about losing our freedoms and the future of America. We need to stand up and speak out whenever we can. Support our representatives that are doing just that. God Bless America. I loved tge fact that President Trump wnded speeches, rallies ,etc with that. Have any of you heard dementia Joe say that once or Kamala? That says a lot.

  23. biden just said he’s got a vaccine for “300 Americans”, also he’s gonna put men in women’s locker rooms, and of course he’s taking away jobs from the pipeline, the old fool.

  24. Hello folks, it’s the 90+ old fart. Back with one thought .I have been doing a LOT of reading and I have noticed One Very disturbing thing. EVERYONE has a bitch or 10. NO ONE has inserted their thoughts about what to REALLY DO to help solve the problem, MYSELF included. I have been holding back with this one thought PRESSING hard against my UP-BRINGING and my knowledge of HISTORY. Right now there are Millions of people who THINK they want to eliminate the Conservatives in this Country. well folks be thankful that it isn’t 1932. Back then the Hitler LOVERS ( lets call them Germanies Democrats ) started by doing a couple of things. One was KILLING the opponents , next the beginning of Concentration camps ( the final count of camps was over a thousand ) ALL of this was total Facist oppression. Is it starting to sound Familiar ?. Here is a thought from a GREAT LEADER of the PAST… “The Strongest reason for the PEOPLE to retain the the RIGHT to KEEP and bear arms is as a LAST RESORT to PROTECT THEMSELVES AGAINST TYRANY in GOVERNMENT”. Thomas Jefferson…. GOD BLESS AMERICA and ALL HER REAL CITIZENS…

  25. If this old fool and his gang of incompetent idiots received 80 million votes than China might as well stick a fork in us because we are done. If there are 80 million people that could be told and made to believe that this guy should be running the country either because they will do whatever the democrat politicians tell them to do or they are just plain that dumb our days as a world leading country are done. The basement dwellers that are living in their mommies basement will be the first ones running back to the basement when the hammer comes crashing down and we are attacked and we will need to look to this fool Biden to lead us. God please help us because we are in trouble.

  26. Any ONE with a pea size Brain Voted for
    Slo JOE CHINA and Every VERY Deranged Dementia Ridden Socialist Party Member.

  27. Well, I’m like the rest of you. The election made me very sick…couldn’t believe that anyone would vore biden in. He will never be my president. I am very patriotic, and we live in the best country in the world. We are free., that’s why everyone in the whole world wants to live here. biden was elected to help bring us to a one world government. The United Nations is working toward this…even the Pope talks about a Universal religion. France is putting armies together with 10 countries involved. Communism is on the move. Ireland is communist, so is Italy and many other countries. They move quietly, and slowly. So, stop and think of this Communist covid Virus. Keeping everyone locked down, they told us we will die. Well, think about it. 80,000 people die of cancer a year, and practically every middle aged American is on the verge of diabetes, about 3/4’s of American drink way too much alcohol, and car accidents take about 50,000 at least a year, and don’t forget the other virus from the years before is still here this year, We need to protect those vulnerable, just as you would if you went to see someone who was ill, and you were sick, you would stay home. But the government has taken all our rights away. This is the only beginning. We need to stand up.

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