Biden Begs Mexico to Help with Border Crisis He Created

Joe Biden has the situation under control at the US-Mexico border. Please ignore the unprecedented spike in child molestations, kidnappings and murders of American citizens at the hands and other body parts of illegal aliens. We should instead be focusing on important things like rooting out “white supremacists” from the Air Force or “anti-Asian violence” that is committed by Trump supporters who are all, oddly, black men. Joe Biden says there’s no crisis at the US-Mexico border – and that’s good enough for the US media!

The truth of the matter is that the border IS a full-blown crisis for the American people. There were 100,000 illegal border crossers caught in February and according to Border Patrol agent whistleblowers, the numbers have doubled in March. At the last count, there were more than 13,000 Central American kids being held in the Biden Child Concentration Camps™ on our southern border. That number is more than a week old, though, and it’s probably much higher now.

Even the gag order on the Border Patrol and the media blackout is failing to prevent the information from getting out. This is a full-fledged, purposeful disaster brought upon us by the Biden regime. But now, Joe has come upon a solution: Make Mexico look like the bad guy!

Sure, the Biden regime won’t characterize it like that. They’re still blaming Donald Trump for the border disaster, even though his Remain in Mexico deal with our southern neighbor caused the number of admitted “asylum seekers” from the Third World to drop by more than 99%. A healthy 20-year-old has a better chance of dying from COVID than an illegal alien had of being admitted into the US under Remain in Mexico.

Now the Biden regime has secretly opened talks with Mexico to help fix the disaster that Biden caused. See how that trick works? If Mexico actually starts policing its northern border again and stops letting so many illegals get through, Biden can blame Mexico for it. Meanwhile, he’ll be hoping that they can get a bunch of the current crop processed so he can invite the next batch of Third World fighting aged warriors into our country.


And since I apparently need to keep shouting it from the rooftops, here’s a message to all parents in America about these migrants: Watch out for your kids!

In 13 of the 31 states in Mexico, as well the capital Mexico City, the age of consent for sexual activity is 12. In more rural parts of Mexico, many girls are married by age 13. In the remaining states in Mexico, the age of consent is 14. You should also know that in Mexico, a girl between 12 and 14 must first prove to the court that she is not a slut before charges can be filed against her molester.

The laws on child-adult sexual relations are equally repugnant in all the countries to the south of Mexico. The migrants are bringing these disgusting cultural pedophilia practices with them when they cross the border. They don’t suddenly stop looking at 12-year-old girls as “fair game” when they cross a line in the sand that says they’re in America.

As he was pleading guilty to raping a 10-year-old girl in West Virginia, Diego Lopez-Mendez from Mexico told the court, “In the pueblo where I grew up, girls are usually married by 13 years old…I was unaware of the nature of the offense or that it was a bad crime.”

Imagine sitting in a courtroom and hearing your own daughter’s molester say that. Through an interpreter, obviously. That’s what the Biden regime is unleashing on America – and every parent needs to know about it.

Not that I have any hope of Mexico actually bailing out the Biden regime on this one. Untaxed remittances to Mexico from illegal aliens working in stolen jobs here in America amount to billions of dollars every year. Those remittances are a major contributor to Mexico’s economy, and their president isn’t going to want to lose those. Looks like Biden is on his own in trying to clean up this mess that he made. And that’s bad news for America.

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25 thoughts on “Biden Begs Mexico to Help with Border Crisis He Created”

  1. asylum = free chyt in America…Come break our laws…get drunk and run over our kids with no problem you might get sent back for this after a lawyer makes a mint defending you which the tax payers will pay his fees. Call on of your illegal relative to come live in your free house after they send you back and keep collecting the free chyt until they can sneak back in…

    1. I agree with what you said. To watch this country being controlled/over run with demons from hell, is really disheartening.

      1. True Americans will rise and elevate this great nation from the depths allowed by a cadre of demented fools. What is so puzzling is how a political figure of Jewish heritage could follow the path of one of the worst leaders in history; Hitler. Every single distorted path these demons take is protected by our Consitution. It is time to put Jack back in the box. There is no possible way this nest of morons honestly won the election. 2022 is a good year to not only replace the corrupt scum, but tear the Rinos from their perches as well. You know who the swamp trash is and it’s time to take out the garbage. Rise and be make this country proud. DC is run by thugs, low lifes, parasites, lackluster, power hungry, feckless, no work ethic scum.

      2. I just don’t understand why the people voted for Biden & Harris! Both of them have a half of a brain and no care for this country and the Americans! The Democratic Party has always been evil back to the days when they formed the KKK! There is not one that hasn’t told a lie, cheater, killed, swindled, bribed or rigged to get what they want! Look at OBAMA, HILLARY, PELOSI, AND A FEW OTHERS. They will not stop until they get what they want. It is so sad the JOE BIDEN, his son HUNTER, his BROTHERS, SISTERS, ETC ALL HAVE TIES TO CHINA! WAKE UP PEOPLE, WE ARE IN FOR A LONG JOURNEY! GOD HELP US!

      3. Only half agree with you. Alot of Senile Joe’s voters were either dead or never existed or Trump votes were intentionally changed to Senile Joe. Most of the voters did support Trump, but the fake ones voted for senile Joe. What’s a darn shame is that many RINOs stabbed Trump in the back and some of those RINOs owe their re-election to Trump.

    2. EXACTLY THE TRUTH HE IS BIG TROUBLE I DO NOT LOOK AT THIS MAN (child) AS OUR PRESIDENT …..HE IS TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE I DO NOT KNOW WHO IS WORSE, biden or schumer or soros who is the godfather of the satan

  2. All you people that voted for Biden-Harris and keep supporting the DemoTrash: YOU are responsible for this illegal invasion, the loss of jobs, rising gas prices, and every other evil going on in this country. I can’t wait until Karma comes and bites you in the a$$. Don’t whine and cry. You brought your misery upon yourselves and everyone else too.

    1. I’ve been telling that to every liberal I know. They still don’t get it. The dumbest people on earth are liberals.




  4. Biden is a coward! And a born liar! Has spend to much time in the Congress! 48 years and still being a dam fool! He made this mistake as well as those who got him elect President. Pelosi, SCHUMER, Water, Boxer, Freidein are Carter POLITICAN. They know back in 1974 that the DEMONcrat CONTROL CONGRESS PASS A LAW TO KEEP THE PRESIDENT FROM STOPPING ANYTHING THEY ALREADY FUNDS! AND BIDEN BROKEN THAT LAWS! SO FINISH THE WALLS! IT WAS ALRRADY FUNDS;

  5. common sense if anyone has any now it does not make a damn who pays for the wall trump started when its completed it will pay for its self in few years less border patrol needed less vehicles needed less gas they have to use to catch the illegals no hand outs for welfare housing food medical and like trump says they are welcome come in the right way the ones coming in illegal bring drugs guns crime in with wall completed the ones that really want to come in and are not drug dealers rapist etc will be able to come through legal way wont have a problem

  6. I totally agree with you, Jeff. What those politicians fail to remember is that the White House is OURS NOT THEIRS! The American People own it, not the politicians.
    There may be some anarchists out there causing dissention but the majority of the people that entered the White House in January were going into their own property. Not Nancy’s palace.
    The razor-wire, the fences and the National Guard are for show because the Palosi’s are cowards that are fearful because they have been screwing up so badly. I can hardly wait until 2022. Maybe folks will wake up enough to “drain the swamp” of the useless low lifes that have taken over.

  7. President Joe Biden and vice president Harris they both need to be impeached they’re going to run this whole country into the ground and that wall needs to be completed these immigrants are going to take away our jobs in this country we got people lying in the street you have no jobs the people came back from the service I’m not getting their medical and he’ll return biting his turning around and giving them everything including live free living quarters for six months in a hotel plus three meals a day this is an outrage for this country something needs to get be done and I wish somebody will get the rear end in gear and get it done . I hope Donald Trump gets in in 2024 he knows how to run a government he knows how to run he’s a businessman who knows how to get things done .

    1. Don’t think someone else is going to bail us out. Be involved at the local level and definitely get your neighbors to vote and make sure they know what the candidates stand for.

    2. Sorry; I don’t believe OUR President DONALD J TRUMP is running in 2024. He named his picks to run. I BELIEVE he will BECOME A Running Mate; OR WILL Become THE Next President’s CHIEF ADVISOR/ Or some other Important Position HOLDER IN OUR CAPITAL. He’s NOT Turning his back on AMERICANS nor OUR COUNTRY. They WILL prevail . Soon IF OUR MILITARY would just go take down ALL those POOPS For TREASON; Serve the PEOPLE who are Paying For Your PROTECTION!!

  8. Maybe, just maybe the Democrats will now begin to see through the fog of lies they have been fed by CNN and the rest of the media machine, and see that Biden has always been just a professional politician who will tell you anything just to get elected. He is run by liberal elites with an agenda that clearly does NOT have the interests of the American people as a priority.

  9. An adult would have to be retarded badly to not see that the Democrats are for themselves only and without a single thought to their support for the gang that they supposedly elected, they are electing an idiot and a bunch of self serving thoughtless and worthless anti American retards into office to manage our much fought for and loved government, that they have trashed for their self gain only> Now , with the gates open to all the unwanted foreign trash that the other countries want to get rid of , and our retarded president , who is evidently and obviously being controlled by an enemy of the American people he is trying to destroy our way of life for his own personal gain, we are in a loathsome situation if we dont change it back to where it was before the Democrats stole the election We will all suffer if it is not done and everyone knows it too.

  10. The one of few things that must be done now is to insure our future elections are fare and accurate in every way, protected from the pelosi.s, shumers and all Dems who screwed the country last year. It is not rocket science to fix the system. Just some one with balls like we had.

    We need someone who can organize our effort to get our country back once and for all.

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