Biden Nukes 500,000 Spin-Off Jobs by Killing Keystone Pipeline

Why are so many liberals now complaining about Joe Biden’s policies? You voted for the guy! And it’s not like any of the stuff that he’s doing to America were secrets. He said it out loud, for months on end. Biden nuked the Keystone XL pipeline project with a stroke of his pen, and then he followed that up by nuking oil and gas jobs all across the country. You know… like he SAID he would do!

The media is doing absolutely everything it can to try to minimize the destruction that Beijing Biden did to America on his first day in office. “Oh, it’s great news for the environment. And besides, the Keystone pipeline was only employing something like… 2,500 people… in Canada!”

Geographically, the Keystone pipeline represents one of the largest infrastructure projects in human history. Stretching from the far north of Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, the pipeline would transport oil and natural gas thousands of miles and make it available to export for the rest of the world. The Arab Gulf states, China and Russia would no longer have any control over American energy, as far as oil and gas are concerned.

Canada is simultaneously alarmed and enraged by Joe Biden’s sudden betrayal. One of our closest and strongest allies now finds itself the proud owner of a near-pointless pipeline that stretches from the north of Canada… to the south of Canada, where they literally cannot export it by any means other than hauling it on trucks.

And it’s not just “2,500 construction jobs in Canada” that Joe Biden destroyed. It was at least another 6,500 current union jobs in the US. And that’s just for the construction of the pipeline.

A 2010 study commissioned by TransCanada showed that following the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, the ancillary refineries, factories, petroleum-dependent manufacturing plants and service industry jobs created due to the existence of the pipeline itself, could top out around 550,000 jobs. That’s half a million future jobs that Joe Biden killed singlehandedly.


For his second trick of the day, Biden instated a 60-day freeze on all new oil and gas leases on federal lands, effectively ending the Trump-induced energy boom that America was enjoying. Lawmakers in New Mexico are suddenly horrified that they helped swing the election in favor of Joe Biden. That’s because those oil and gas leases that Biden just canceled in their state were expected to help pay heavily into public education and other services. Oops.

(Pro tip: Next time, don’t help Democrats win elections. Just sayin’.)

And if Biden makes the lease ban permanent, Texas expects to lose 120,000 oil and gas jobs. So, that brings us up to… what? 679,000 jobs destroyed during Joe Biden’s first day on the job? The next time you’re at the gas pump, take a picture of the price you’re paying for fuel. Come back a year from now and let us know how happy you are that Joe Biden is in office.

A text message exchange between a woman who voted for Joe Biden and one of her friends has now gone viral on Twitter. The Biden voter who is married to a man in the oil and gas sector wrote:

“Jeremy just called and yelled at me. He said that everyone on the job site are freaking out thinking they are going to lose their jobs. He’s blaming me for voting for Biden. You know I hated the way Trump acted. Is it true that Jeremy could lose his job?”

Her friend texted her back:

“Ok, first I’m sorry Jeremy is likely losing his job. I’m going to be honest with you though, YOU voted for this. I didn’t and neither did Jeremy, but we will be suffering…. I always knew people would regret voting for Biden, I didn’t think it would be Day 1. Biden probably won’t hurt your feelings as much as Trump, but he will take you husband’s job.

I guess that all of those liberal housewives married to oil and gas workers with upper middle-class salaries expected that Biden’s Green New Deal wouldn’t apply to their husbands’ jobs. To all of those liberals who soon won’t have food in their pantries due to Joe Biden’s executive orders: That growling sound from your stomach is just the peace of knowing Donald Trump is no longer in office. Enjoy it. Sleep well.

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92 thoughts on “Biden Nukes 500,000 Spin-Off Jobs by Killing Keystone Pipeline”

  1. Bidenis a moron and a danger to all American citizens and needs to be stopped impeached isn’t enough Harris and pelosi are dangerous as well the swamp is deep

    1. This is what the idiots who voted for him. All they wanted was all the empty promises. Free Free Free yup they got what they deserved. The demons are arising this is only the beginning..

      1. Need to realize that some of those idiots were dead and others voted multiple times plus some of those idiots didn’t ever exist. But that said, the union leadership endorsed Biden and told their members to vote for senile Joe. Unclear how many really did vote for senile Joe but the union leadership cut their own throat. Unions have all this big talk about getting the dummycrats to force all businesses to be union but it’s Trump who save their jobs, not the dummycrats. And most of those jobs (that don’t really exist) in manufacturing windmills and solar panels are not union and don’t pay as well or have as good of a benefit package. Dummycrats once again privately say about the working people in the union “SUCKERS!”

        1. Better brush up on your Chinese this son of bitch I’d gonna sell us to China. The Democrats were so hell bent on destroying Trump they don’t care about destroying this country. The thing that really bothers me is the Democrats tried to destroy Trumps image that he paid for sex but why was it brushed under the table that Biden raped an assistant and that’s ok he didn’t pay for it. Democrats want us to dependent on Iran and Afganistan for oil. All the jobs that were brought back are disappearing quickly

          1. We’re moving to become a banana republic with the liar and thief for our president. The lemmings that voted for this senile dictator will go over the cliff; sadly the rest of us are hostage to these socialist buffoons

      2. This is just the tip of the Iceberg. When his other IGNORANT ideas get put into motion it will cost millions if not Tens of Millions of jobs. It will also drive prices on everything through the Space Station. I say it that way because prices will go much much higher than the roof tops of the tallest of Buildings on earth. His IGNORANCE about so called Green Energy will drive electric costs through the roof and that does not include the birds that will dies from the Turbines and everything that will die from the toxic mess created by making of Solar Panels and the Batteries used in Solar systems. What jobs the do exist will be killers and that will get them shut down by lawsuits from the workers getting sick or dying. So this just scratches the surface of the number of jobs old Pedo Joe and later the Ho will kill. That number will only be surpassed by the number of ILLEGALS those two allow to invade America if they are in for a full term. That would be of 4 years for both because Pedi Joe won’t be in after his first Gaffe on an INTERNATIONAL event.

      3. But can we truly say 80 million Americans voted for Biden. It’s hard to fathom that when he wasn’t faring really well until the DNC choked off Bernie Sanders. Harris didn’t even win her own state and couldn’t get enough donations to actually keep her in the race. No logic whatsoever behind this.


      4. Problem is we can’t even blame “people that voted for Biden”, only 25% of Americans voted for him. It’s this fraudulent administration at fault! ARREST THESE CRIMINALS NOW.. the whole world knows they cheated. The US is the only media saying that’s fake news. I hope they all fall hard and learn a hard lesson about lying to the public and never do it again! If ever TREASON were applicable, this is it. And that includes Zuckerberg, Dorsey, CNN, MSNBC, every US politician that certified fraudulent results, all involved in the 4 year coup to overthrow the American government, etc, etc… How much love the world can have and display without the daily hate and division by these guilty parties. I pray I see the day! TEAM TRUMP.. TEAM AMERICA.. TEAM WORLD!

        1. I agree 200% with everything you said. How are they getting away with it. Help. From judges congress and other Marxist democrats and a hand full of pretend republicans on the inside

    2. This is just the beginning. A year from now, ask every Democrat if they are happy that they voted for Biden, I expect that over 70% will answer NO.

      1. And, that bastard Biden, who WE all know is such a liar and would say anything he needed at the moment, came into my home state of Pennsylvania, and told the workers that he would not ban fracking and the people who work there would be able to keep their jobs. We all know, that he said at other times, he was against it and would ban it.
        And let’s get this straight, another disillusioned fact about Biden-he only lived in Scranton until he was like 9 years old. Moved out of state after that. He is not a Pennsylvanian. I wish that old creep would stop saying he is.
        Also, we know in Pennsylvania that Trump won, but our demoncratic governor (who is also a creep) and his henchmen made sure that he didn’t. There were 200,00 more votes in Pa than there were voters.
        I am nauseated when I hear any of them speaking on TV. God help us all!

        1. I hope PA pays a big price. What will they think when dumbo bans fracking. It will destroy their economy big time. And they will deserve it.

          1. I’ve been boycotting the 7 states, where there was election fraud. I’m also staying away from companies from those states.

        2. Oh I don’t think there’s a politician around that hasn’t blown political rhetoric bullshit up the citizens asses sideways, promising everything and anything to get elected or reelected to a job that they become multimillionaires in a few short years on a government salary of less than $200,000 a year. That’s mathematically impossible.

    3. Unfortunately we are stuck with Bidensan for at least 4 years. Impeaching him gives up Harrisan. The worst of 2 evils. Well the liberals made this a demoncraptic government and I hope they get hurt worse then the rest of us. Folks this is going to a very long 4 years.

    4. He sure is a moron and not with it at all. But the dumb people voted for him anyway. Or
      they voted for Biden because they didn’t like President Trump, President Trump[ did a lot for this country. But now the Chinese has Biden under their thumb.

      1. When PRESIDENT Trump said he would bring back AMERICA to its former glory
        I said “YES” We were tired of lies and false promises. The phrase “Business as usual” comes to mind. Pres. Trump is a businessman. He knows how to make a deal. He didn’t even take a salary! After what they did to him he should request back pay before the Liberals put it in their pockets. “With compounded intrest. “

    5. If they did not know this would happen those who voted for Biden , what did they expect.
      Knowledge is a beautiful thing.

  2. Impeach the quad-pro-quo jackass and removed this manure pile out of the Federal government and all his crooked jail birds with him which includes all of the COMMUNITS DEMOCRATIC JACKASSES IN CONGRESS AAS WELL

    1. Well said get rid of them y idiots voted 4 him now his crooked son is in the Whitehouse watch your little girls hair sniffing n rubbing back n holding there waist he told the little tic to k dancers 2 come back in a few years n dance 4 him sick sick n he’s our president thanks democrats

  3. Biden is a threat to country.
    You got what you voted for. Unions smart move..With in four years we will all be in soup line.

  4. I hope the people of the United States know that he is working for us. If he is not doing his job he can lose it just as quick as he was voted in. Read up on your history laws. If the president is not doing his job for the American people we have the right to defend our homes and our families. Its actually in the Declaration of Independence read up people

    1. Not anymore the far far left will not let that happen. It’s going to be like old germany. You know what happened in the mid 1940s

      1. As a teacher for the past 35 years, i can’t remember the last time we taught American history or even world history of the 20th century. How would anyone know what happened or the lessons we should have learned from the past? How would we understand, take pride in our country, be grateful and respectful of our forefathers and servicemen who fought and lost their lives for our freedom whi h is now bei g negated? How would our young adults know anything about the Constitution , its importance and why it needs to be upheld? Why are we not outraged that politicians ignored evidence and our children? We have surrendered the freedom and advantages that we took for granted and which afforded us opportunities that the rest of the world envied, admired and desperately sought? Just as we put our own family first, so should we put our own country first. When your family and country are diing fine, you are in a position to help and uplift others. If you, your family and country are unstable, you cannot do much to advance others. C’mon folks…use common sense, use your brain to think, stoo believing lies because it makes you feel like you are a good person.

    2. He hasn’t done anything but tell whopper lie after lie in his 50+years in politics. You voted for him. Trump fought hard through all the B.S. the Democrats threw his way. You may not like Trumps personality, but he did more for America even through the fighting than any any other President.

      1. Pray Donald Trump Doesn’t get convicted.

        His hair was orange , his personality not like everyone else…..
        BIT he gave up a very comfortable rich mans life to serve our country.

        He did NOT have to do that.

        He truly did his Best to Make America Great Again.

        And President Biden one his first day in office …. UNdid it all.!

        Not so great is he ???!!
        his first day……

    3. There’s a lot that’s in our Declaration of Independence but maybe you need to read up, because the Democrats have been lying stealing and breaking our laws openly for a long time but I don’t see any of them being arrested, do you? Wake up, if you have been watching at all, you would have seen the corruption and hypocrisy and double standard long ago. They don’t even hide. It sure is funny how the ones who did vote for him aren’t apologizing for their ignorance but always blame others and name call and spew hateful slurs. They need to own there lazy ignorance and quit acting like they didn’t know. Only the deaf, dumb and blind (all at the same time) didn’t see this, really 47 years of Biden now they need to step up and own their shit. Too much out there to find to be so blind. No one is that blind….

      1. In what year and under witch president did Americans stop careing and become ignorant of the constitution ? Is that when we stoped upholding the voice and laws of it ? Oops forgot we dont hold elected officials to that or have any one to enforce it.

    4. Hey gonna be hard to do once he starts taxing gun owners every year to have them. Least we not forget that the dems are going to die their damndest to take away our rights to have them. This is what happens in socialist states. Everything they are going to try to do will diminish our rights, and give the power to the government. Hell they couldn’t even control the National Guard during the inauguration. Soldiers sleeping on concrete floors in a parking garage. Guess that’s how much respect they give to them. I just wish people would wise up in all political affiliations and get a vote on term limits on all these crooks. Let’s get them in and out of office before they get comfortable and rich

      1. You are absolutely right on term limits. remember the saying – “politicians and diapers should be changed on a regular basis and for the same reason”

      2. Gee, remember Obana! Same ‘o’, Same ‘o’! He’s Back for His Third Term dressed as Joe Biden. The last 4 years with ‘The President’ were heaven compared to what is here and what is coming. Don’t worry about your paper money. Soon it will be ‘illegal’ to have it. Only 3 years 11 months too go. Then we get to vote for them again!

    5. In four years of having a Socialist run gov’t the Declaration of Independence won’t be worth the paper it is written on. Biden promised the American people he was going to stop all fossil fuel and that includes all oil, gas, or coal fired plants. How many of you have relatives or friends working in these fields? He promised higher taxes. He opened our borders for all. Send us all your criminals drug addicts, and gang members. The US takes them all and we will support them lavishly if they won’t work. How does Joe Biden fit you presidency now?

    1. It dont matter if you voted for him or not.hes in there and nothing the devided people can or will do about it.

  5. For the life of me, can not figure out WHY no one is doing anything about this. He will destroy us and will never bounce back———– all for the hatred of Trump (who did great for us).
    I’ve emailed some politicians but not one has replied back to me……….so much for freedom…………

      1. So did others and they are still being paid. What about that slush fund that Biden is going to reinstate. Trump just smashed it and Biden is bringing back. Read up, that’s been going on and it is corrupt as hell. Payoffs are open and accepted. No government employee that runs for office should be able to accept any money from and company only constitutes and there should be a cap on campaign money spent like $10 or $20,000. And they should learn to spend it wisely and earn their votes. Get there lazy asses out there and knock on doors and if they campaign on an issue they better bust their ass to try to accomplish what they say. Let’s even the field and vote for the best man or woman and not the one who earns the most money for their parties. Screw the party and and back the people

          1. Any man who has worked towards and earned the right to become president should be able to do so by his n his family name and lifes work.not by bribery.fraudgalent actions

    1. Besides the fraudulent packed elections, including the senators in Georgia the Democrats most likely were promised favor for favor to get him elected. He has repeatedly lied and told people free this free that. Killing over a million jobs with the stroke of a pen without interference on day one should tell you he’s just a puppet. Wait 100 days and you’ll see it get worse when Harris and Pelosi take full public control of America. God help us all and God Bless ??America Again!

    2. I think we just witnessed the overthrow of our country to a socialist government. We won’t ever win another election (we won the last one but the democrats cheated (84 million votes?) at the last hours of the election when the voting booths were closed and they started counting Biden only votes (isn’t it strange, no Trump votes while the counted millions for Biden). At midnight Trump won. At 3AM Biden passed him in key states.

  6. I never trusted the Biden party he’s sheep in wolves clothing and he fooled a lot of people at least Trump was honest and told it like it is. Biden and half of the Democratic Party need to be in a nursing facility. God help us and the poor people that lost their jobs the worst is yet to come

  7. He is giving our country away!!!!! If you voted for him you are getting what you ask for. If you didn’t (like me), I can’t wait for him to be gone!!! President Trump did so many things right because he was a patriot and a problem solver; and don’t forget, he worked for nothing (I bet Joe “Plugs” won’t do that)……May God Bless us since we can’t take care of ourselves.

  8. The Democratic Party is NO MORE – it is now the COMMUNIST PARTY of AMERICA. Everything they do is from the Communist Party Book. I DO NOT want hear complaints from the ones who voted for him. Your Masters will tell you what to think, what to do, when to do it and if you DON’T they will punish you. For you who call yourself a Democrat just remember it is you who took our REPUBLIC down.

    1. Sadly it is not just the Democraps who sold America down the road. It was als the FAKE Republicans lead by McConnell, Graham, and Rubio in the Senate and Cheney in the House as well as the RINOS(Romney, Collins, and Murkowski). The only ones who did not sell out to the Swamp was those who Challenged that FARCE Democraps, FAKE Republicans and RINOS called an Election. If America survives till after the 2022 Election those who love America had better pray like NEVER before that all those who did not challenge that FARCE are BOOTED from office for GOOD.

  9. This is a democratic plan to get more people relying on money from the government the more they get the more control if you don’t do what they say you won’t have a place to live or a food to eat more or healthcare you will have to agree to everything you will have to get on your knees and say thank you to the Almighty government if you don’t you will get nothing you and me in prison have to be the country or die just like Korea and China the Democratic party has been patterned right after countries like China and Korea always fools is voted for Democrats but they’re going to get Utopia they’re going to find out they voted hell in every disgusting thing that happens to them they more than deserve

    1. Where will they get the money when ours is gone? If they print more we’ll need truck loads to buy a tank of gas.

  10. I want to know why anybody that has the best interest of the U.S.A in mind would leave our borders wide open,but then again the election was stolen from Trump .Somebody is going to take a shot at Pelosi and Shumer if they ever go out in public,I guess that’s why the guard will be in D.C for a long time

  11. Every time democrats elect a candidate they immediately begin criticizing the candidate’s actions as soon as he/she is in office. Makes you wonder. Was he/she truly elected or was it rigged? Why the big outcry from their supposed supporters? Makes you wonder if democrats haven’t been stealing elections for years.

  12. I just love it! I did not vote at all as I knew the outcome, knowing that most citizens are morons and that they would vote for Biden.

      1. A very valid point Mark. I’m sorry to say but I really don’t know, is it possible to recall a newly inaugurated so-called president?

  13. Between his son and and rest of family you enough truth for impeachment, get the senators from states that are hurt by his actions to act now, if they don’t , there is an election in 2 years
    vote them out. This is a bad problem, do something about it.

  14. Cortez bats her eyes at him and he signs ! This moron don’t even read any of policies I’d like to know who suggested each folder of nonsense that he’s signed as an executive order ?

  15. One very serious question. How can the people of the United states start impeachment proceedings against the president.

  16. Not even Democrats like Biden or Harris. Guess if you got enough like Hillary/Obama pulling the strings you can take over.

  17. Funny thing is he wasn`t voted in it was a sham election. He never really won he was put in there with all the dirty tricks the democrats could muster up. Pelosi sits on her throne all day just thinking how to destroy Trump. Her hate for Trump runs so deep she will try anything. Its sad when all the democrats have nothing to do but dwell on how to destroy Trump. They actually get a paycheck for the do nothing democrats.

    1. Correct, red flags everywhere on voter fraud. And no judge would even look at the evidence. Scare of loosing their career or their life. People keep saying 60 courts threw it out, No they didn’t, they wouldn’t touch it. They know how people come up dead if you mess with the democrats.

  18. If you voted for Biden, you are partly to blame. If you think 80 million people voted for him, you’ve been duped. You really think he’s done nothing in 47 yrs, but got more votes than any president ever? think about that. The only way we can save ourself, is to demand a investigation into voter fraud. Red flags everywhere. Why were votes being counted in Spain, Germany, Italy, and China holding the SIM card ? Those voting machines were sending ballots to foreign countries. Socialism here we come. 1st step divide, GeorgeFloyd’s pre planned murder, Virus, close economy , people loose jobs. Depend on the gov. we’re doomed and it’s Obama calling the shots, This is all his doing.

  19. Lets use the DUMBOCRATS technique. IMPEACH THE PUPPET. IMPEACH, IMPEACH, then when he is out IMPEACH who ever takes his place and so on. The DUMBOCRATS spend millions of dollars and decades doing just that. Especially Pelosi. Why don’t we use their system. At least that way they already know the procedure. GOD BLESS AMERICA. Cap’n Jack

  20. I agree with the anger & dismay over Biden’s destructive actions & it’s only going to get worse; however you need to be aware that Biden is just the puppet out front & Harris, Pelosi, AOC, etc are pulling the strings. It won’t help to impeach Biden ‘cause then we get Pres Harris & it’ll only get worse. Fear all the brilliant people who voted the Dems (along with the fraud) will just have to live with this mess along with the rest of us!! We need to be organizing & demanding each state passes term limits on their Senators & Congress Reps. That’s where we the people can start draining the swamp & start fighting back against the bull s… in our govt!!
    Stop whining & get to work changing what we can change now!!

  21. Bafoon was not voted in he was placed there . And it was not because of the hatred of Trump. Its because the dems fear him. he got to close to the truth about them.This election was rigged from day one, thats why hildabeast told him what ever you do do not concede. that was my wake up call. this sham was all planed. I went to bed election eve and Trump was up by 800000 votes woke up and he lost. WOW Thats &%$@ed up.

  22. How stupid are the people that voted for Biden. He told us all that the USA would be first in the world. So , here is a history lesson for the dumb people including AOC and her liberal friends. China is half way around the world, but will soon control us. All of the countries that have oil will control what China does. The Democrats promise time and time again that voting for them will be in the best interest for America. How stupid can they be!

  23. I read all of these post and we are missing one important thing. This worthless POS wasn’t elected. The election was STOLEN. I hate to say it but the only way out is the same way we got here in1783. If we don’t take it back, it’s gone forever. Start learning how to speak chinese. Try to buy ammo. What I paid 34 cents a piece for a year ago is now a $1.78.

  24. All you folks that voted for the Dems and their hurtful policies are about to attend the school of hard knocks. What baffles me is the fact that liberals are always duped by the same people with the same old policies. The Dems just shuffle the people around. You liberal voters are the definition of insane. There are Republicans that are just as insane as the Dems, except now they have exposed themselves(never Trumpers or the the deep state swamp slime).
    You might not of liked Trumps style or his personality(get thicker skinned and stop being offended by every freaking thing), but he got things done for ALL Americans. Our lives all improved under him, despite the Dems persecuting him every step of the way. How can voters support people so hateful of one man? You deserve everything coming your way-unfortunately for the rest of us, we will suffer also.
    When a politician (Trump is not) tells you he will take care of it-be prepared for the loss of freedoms that comes with the security you are looking for(they want you dependent on them). Liberals need to grow up and understand that with freedom comes responsibility and the need for self reliance. None of this works without a working moral compass(how is killing babies morally correct?). Understanding that smaller government and less interference is when true opportunity and prosperity occurs. Our founding fathers understood these principles of human behavior.

    1. Great words, Tim. Thank you. Too bad that the schools are not teaching the truth, but shadow of the real beginning of this country and its duties to its citizens. I fear that a real down time is coming and I don’t know just how to get by it. I fear for my children and especially my two sisters that vote for this idiot in the oval office. I know how to survive the down time as I did in WWII. I can garden and do with out gas to a degree, power no. Pray for this country.

  25. All of u r right on. If people in this country had paid attention to Bidens so called campaign speeches and promises, all would have heard the lies, it all depended on what few states he was in. How can somebody campaign from a basement? He and Harris were barely seen. Election was predetermined by Democrats. Deep state with Obama at the helm! Election fraud was rampant, and, true, President Trump could not be ahead by 100,000 votes at night and lose by morning.
    PRESIDENT TRUMP did more for the American people than any other president. I didn’t care for his personality, but I voted on how he truly helped our people and country. Bidens promises were hollow and nothing is ever free. Now, thanks to those who voted for Biden, we r all in the midst of a nightmare. Too late for u to cry over job losses and immigrants invading our country via Bidens promises. America first? A joke.
    Biden is a puppet. The plan was to cheat to get Biden in then Kamala Harris to take over which puts Pelosi as VP. God help us and this country


  27. I only wish that someone would help those 10000 rejects coming from S America get to Penn and GA where they are welcome….jf…

  28. People , wake up this was planned from the beginning! Unfortunately too many people are stupid or, uniformed! We became sheep wearing masks and doing what we were told, not questioning anything. Letting governors tell us what’s best for us! We’re supposed to be free to make our own intelligent decisions! We let fear get the best of us! We made our own mess letting emotions get in the way of logical thinking. Get smart or this will turn into 1984!

  29. The Biden voters are realizing their terrible mistake much sooner than I had thought. Maybe there IS some intelligence left among democrats! Bodes well for the conservative sweep in 2022!

  30. I think before this four year term is up we will have to take up arms against the democraps, may be the only alternative. We may have to fight to keep our rights.

  31. Where is John Hinkley Jr. when you need him? I was a member of a trade union for 41 years, they always press their members to support the Democrats. I always voted Republican. The best years of my career were under a Republican administration, and the worst times were when Clinton and that Obama were destroying jobs. After I retired I quit the union. I feel sorry for all the current union members that don’t realize what they doing to screw themselves. Joe Biden is going to send us all to hell, even the people who voted for him. I hope that everyone who voted for him likes being screwed, and enjoys it.

  32. I quit donating to any politician long ago. It is a waste of money. They spend billions in ads to try to get elected. Nobody pays any attention to the ads. I don’t even listen to them. They are a bunch of bull that they don’t even remember what they said after the election. A lot of times they don’t even know what they said before the election because the ads were made up by the party and not the candidate.

  33. It is very very bad for a president to take away some ones job, while he is living from other peoples money – sad situation is; Numbers 32:23 …be sure your sin will find you out… – this applies for ALL people!

  34. To all of you , the election in GA was the was the most fraudulent election I ever saw. I kept getting mail in ballots.I called our county election and saidI I did not want to vote by mail, that I wanted to vote in person. I thought that by voting in person my vote would count, what a joke. As for our Governor he is does not care. He blames everything on Trump.

  35. Quinzey We all knew that they were going to pull every trick that they could to win the election.The absent T ballots are every drunk lying in the streets. Any ballot canbe changed either by rigging the machines or by rigging up dummy mail in ballots. All states should have only one week to vote and all absent T done away with. Trump had some faults etc but at least he wasn’t having it in the oval office like Clinton . Where is Obama’s birth certificant and who was working in the hospital.
    On Trump who is like cheap toilet , neither on will take(crap) sh..t off anyone.

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