Biden Only Needs $1.9 Trillion of Your Money to Rescue America

In President-elect Joe Biden’s recent “American Rescue Plan,” he announced his latest effort to restart America’s economy. The price tag? Just a bit under $2 TRILLION dollars of your taxpayer dollars.

Never mind the plan is nearly identical to Obama’s 2009 stimulus plan (Biden does have a knack for plagiarizing good material from others.). Just add a trillion, give it a new name, and ta-da! We suddenly have an American recovery.

As if on cue, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo decided it’s now time to open New York again—now that Biden’s electoral vote has been certified. This after he spent the last year while President Trump was in charge saying NY residents and businesses will be charged and fined if they open up. Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot has also had a change of heart at the exact same time. She held a press conference to tell the world Illinois is ready to open restaurants and bars again. Even California’s Governor Newsom “only” needs $90 million to now reopen schools in his decimated state.

With Biden ready to bring a new socialism (Or is it communism?) to America, it’s time to spend YOUR money. Let’s reopen the nation and make America Socialist (or at least broke).

What does the plan include? On the bright side, if you are a taxpayer, you will likely get a whopping $1,400 stimulus check. Sounds great, right?

You’ll just need to donate it right back over the next four (or eight) years to help pay for the new $400 a week bonus unemployment checks for those not working, support Obamacare (which he intends to bring back), and offer $100 billion for schools—and don’t forget student debt relief and stimulus checks for illegal immigrants.


If your blood pressure isn’t rising yet, don’t forget, if you’re paying taxes, you will also be supporting Biden’s changes on day one to include approving taxpayer dollars toward the atrocious Mexico City policy that allows funding for international groups that offer abortion services.

Biden also plans to rejoin the disastrous Paris climate accords that Trump helped the nation escape. Do we really need to join a globalist coalition for “climate justice” (whatever that is) at billions of dollars per year when the US is already the top nation in the world at carbon reduction?

And that little ban on nearly all travel from certain Muslim-majority countries that has helped America escape any major terrorist attack the past four years? Who needs that—at least if you’re a Democrat? Instead, let’s make our illegal immigrant “dreamers” citizens who can vote for more handouts, add at least four more Democrat Senators by working toward statehood for DC and Puerto Rico, and make sure to pack the courts with left-wing activist judges.

While many have downplayed Biden as an old guy who doesn’t know what he’s saying, the reality is that Biden and team have some big transformation plans for the nation. Unfortunately, the plans are aimed more at paying back a lifetime of donors—foreign and domestic—who don’t have the same heart for America as President Trump and his patriotic supporters.

Instead, these special interest ties have one thing in common—money. And money is something Biden can now provide, especially with Democrats in total control who can help him shift America’s future toward trillions of dollars of debt in a single piece of legislation.

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108 thoughts on “Biden Only Needs $1.9 Trillion of Your Money to Rescue America”

    1. Seems their ultimate strategy is the have our children and grandchildren pay for socialism without a vote. This bill will destroy the already declining value of the dollar, hurt the economy (lost jobs, declining stock market, devastate retirement plans, and create the likely possibility that we will have a one party representation. Allowing illegals to vote and adding two more states that will be beholding to the Democratic Party. And if America we wakes up to life in a socialist or communist country and then understands how they destroyed their children’s futures, it will be too late. Democrats will have taken your freedom of speech, right to bear arms to protect us from a corrupt government, freedom of religion, put our children on food lines caused by enormous debt. But the party ruling members will get even richer. Oh, and don’t forget election corruption will get even worse and more transparent because we will be able to do nothing about it.
      And who will be primarily responsible for this mess: Republicans. The party of spineless representatives that didn’t care for we the people

      1. If YOU won’t fight for your rights how can the Republicans fight for Your Rights? You are hard to understand, Democrats are going to shaft us up one side and down the other because ignorance elected them. Then allows them to continue their behavior and it’s the Republicans fault.
        You sound so much like a disgruntled Democrat.

        1. Paul, you’re right that it’s the Democrats who are shafting us, but it’s also true that they would not have been able to do so had the Republicans not been so inept. Count me as a disgruntled Republican. If a genuinely conservative party were to come along, I would be inclined to join it. I realize that’s a pipe dream because of the need for organization, but I’ve never been so discouraged about the state of our country as I am now.

          1. I’m in your camp about everything U said Ken M. No sense in repeating it. But since I believe in truth, The Bible says that in the last days men will be lovers of themselves, etc look up the full quote online in the book of Revelations..

      2. You said it! There is a plan to destroy the USA And there are any “elected” that are in on it. A Cabal to destroy freedom and create a N Korea like state here with those “elected” and their cohorts benefiting.


          1. Hey Don,
            When our schools quit telling the real the real history of the world before 1965, we stopped telling the truth about how demonic socialism degrades into communism. If the left told the absolute truth, the people would find out that Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito, Sun, ( and the man who starved 40 million of his own people to death ) Mao, there would be no Left in the U.S.

      3. Bill Barrett-You think China Joe and his vp(?)are going to do any better than Trump?
        Trump was for America only, China Joe is for CHINA. Socialism/ communism will be rampant after that doddering old fool opens up the borders, spends money the US doesn’t have and our grand kids will end up paying for China Joes love of the world giving our money we don’t have to other countrys.

    2. When will these liberal Democrats learn that Socialism doesn’t work. They really don’t know what they are doing. Impeach him before he gets his way and the way of the Socialists. We are a democracy, not a socialist, communist nation. Quit relying on China Biden. They are going to rule us in 5 years if you don’t wake up.

      1. Impeach BIDEN ASAP!
        Then, we must impeach HARRIS and pray unceasingly for the Democrats to change course.

        1. If you impeach both Biden and then Harris, guess who is third in line. Why Nancy Pelosi of course. That has been her dream and will definitely be our nightmare. God help the USA now that Trump will be gone.

          1. Don’t forget about the other losers such as Nancy the dictator Pelosi, Nancy’ husband chuck Schumer, lud mouth and brain dead Maxie Waters, he Chinese lover E. Spawell and D. Feinstein to name a few. Dispose of thm all and gag the squad’s ability to speak. Now that would be a good starting point for government reform.

        2. And if you impeach biden and harris, what do you get?? That’s right!! nancy pelosi is next in line!!! She is hoping for that to happen, in fact she is counting on it…that’s why she announced that she won’t be speaker of the house in two years!!! God, help us!

    3. YOU AS___ voted him in and now say “good night America” as we knew it/ welcome to the NEW UNITED SOCIAL STATES of AMERICA.

      1. You got that right WHAT FOOLS!!!! But unfortunately like the man said our children and grandchildren will have to PAY for ALL THEIR SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. China is pretty bad. I visited China and now I’m starting to believe I live in China. Glad I’m old and won’t be around for the worst

      1. Maybe she can prescribe some Suck It Up pills as her husband destroys America. I wonder who in 2024 will step-up and say I can fix this.

    4. then maybe Biden and his communist/socialists democrats should be destroyed,just pointing out the obvious,just saying

    5. In the 60’s the communist countries said they let America spend its self to death. In the 80’s the muslim countries said they would use the democratic system to over through America.
      The printing of money and going into debt leaps and bounds by the trillions is what the commies meant.
      Defining the 5 pillars of faith in school is one step into overthrowing the government. Religion is not supposed to be taught in school

    6. Quid pro quo joe tells Ukraine-
      “ I’m leaving here in six hours. If the guy inspecting Corruption at Burisma isn’t fired by then- no billion dollars for Ukraine.
      Son of a bitch- they fired the guy”. Joe releases our billion tax payer dollars because it saved Hunter.
      Where’s Hunter?
      Where is our DOJ and our IRS and FBI?
      They are busy anti Trumping!
      Merry Birthday

  1. Now who voted for this guy? The 75million Trump voters would like to opt out now& continue the same government we had for the last 4 years!!!

      1. As of today; bye bye biden AND Nancy and all the handlers.. you are in my prayers as Nancy says for Trump! You were praying to the wrong one…..

    1. That’s exactly what I think Linda. We aren’t the only ones who want to secede. I think if it were a matter of choice with strict guidelines followed on voting (i.e., not allow the fraud that rigged this election), most states would opt out of this newly elected group of socialist/communist who demonstrates their unwillingness to abide by the Constitution.

      1. I read that Texans might be thinking of seceding from the US?

        If so, do it now before Biden finds a way to stop you.

    2. Linda your right we had a good living under Trump . The Democrats are going to destroy all Trump’s great works . The Democratic party is evil and going to take our hard earned money. And our rights.


        1. yes that is correct now that Biden and Harris are in you can bend over and kiss your a– good by we have to fight get TRUMP back in 2024

    1. Yup, history repeats and human nature (- love of power and money- + no moral compass )
      are sending us on a fast downhill slide from which we will not recover… I saw my own millennial daughter watching history videos of Stalin! add to that she adores AOC!
      Public schools and colleges have spent 40+ years educating to stupid, 2 generations who hate all that built this country and who imagine Venezuela etc. to be victims of us!! They are the future and dont offend them with outdated thoughts!! How dare you think you know anything!!!??? I am glad that my life will end before the USA is a brief moment in history….

      1. I am right there with you Susan. However, I would like to blame the corrupt RINOS and the Republican voters who failed to vote in the Georgia run offs. These people lost America to those despicable, amoral, Socialized idiots. I too, am very happy that I will be dead and buried when these goons finally destroy MY AMERICA!

        1. I am currently 81 and actually do not wish to make 82.
          My body is getting more & more uncomfortable to painful.
          Politically, I haven’t voted since 2011. I might have written George Washington or Abraham Lincoln many times.

      2. Excuse me Susan… can you slide over just a bit, so I can join you.. what bothers me is..
        My kids and my Grandkids are going to have to live through it..!! (if God doesn’t do something in the meantime)..

  2. Texas is right to plan to secede from the union. All other states in agreement with Texas should secede. States that want to live under guides our forefathers established, i.e., the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and The Bill of Rights should vote to secede.

    States that plan to become socialist/communist can remain as is with their capitol in Washington DC.

    This can be a friendly separation based on two different ideologies.

    1. Yes i been waiting for texas to become there own country god bless texas i am behind this 10,000%
      The rest of the country will be speaking chinese

      1. Especially Georgia! That RINO Kemp loves all the Chinese investing going on there. Soon it will be a new Little China.

    2. I doubt it will be that friendly. The Politicos will lose tax $$$ if states start seceding.

      Let’s see how Biden gets $$$$ if that happens.

    3. Any separation may not be friendly at all, especially if tax $$$ are at risk.
      DC does not want any reduction.

  3. It’s time to look back and stand up to these fools. At some point we need to go back to the Constitution and do what is necessary to enforce it

    1. As Abraham Lincoln said a Country divided shall not Stand and that is what we are doing. As President Biden will destroy us it’s time to say out Loud we will not do this peacefully we will not be quite they stole the elections and are not paying the price, but be what they don’t want you to be you will pay the price. That old saying Money talks Bull shit walks.

  4. Biden is satan himself in the flesh and it’s up to God now to Save America!!! We all need to stick together and pray night and day!! Gods our only hope with satan in charge!!!!!!

    1. I agree with your comment Kenneth. But the only hands GOD has to work with are ours. This is the time when we will see WHO is the real American.

    2. Biden isn’t satan. He’s a useful idiot for satan. Given what has been going on for the last 30 years I believe we are watching Revelation becoming a reality. Obama sure fits the narrative of the false prophet. There is no clear definition that the one with social security # 666 is a man or woman. Senile Joe has said himself that Kamala would be running things. Revelation speaks of numerous plagues throughout the world. Ebola, H1N1, and now covid 19 plus the 2 new strains of covid that just came out. And with the dummycrats lust for power there is no doubt in my mind that the dummycrat leadership had a hand in helping China create covid and unleash it onto the world. Fits with the stolen election and the courts refusal to give Trump his day in court. Look at Kamala’s history. A nobody out of California (hell on earth) that never has been elected to anything and yet she’ll be president within a year, if they let Biden last that long. Kamala could be the antichrist.

      1. Exactly what I think. Thanks. Biden is not going to last long, one way or another. It is Kamala that we should focus on – she is a thousand times worse than Biden or even the democrat party.

      2. Hello Wilddog: I liked your reasoning and that you have knowledge of scripture. The book of Revelation does speak of the false prophet, the #66 and the antichrist. I have been watching for the events recorded there to be visible and heard for years. What I have not learned is which of today’s cities represents the city of Babylon which is described in the book of Revelation. It supposedly has to be a city that was originally ruled by the Roman Empire. So it would not be Beijing, because China was not part of that empire. BUT, many other countries were part of it; such as Greece, Egypt, Asia Minor, which is Turkey today, Germany, England, Spain, and France. Thus I doubt that Washington, D.C. is that city. Their names were Gog, Magog and others like that. So which European City will be the Babylon of the Bible?

      3. I will pass on here that Ivermectin can reduce or cure Covid.
        Why is that not being shouted from the rooftops???
        Read about the 80 year old who had to go to court to keep being prescribed Ivermectin AFTER she was helped by one doctor in the ICU. The next doctor refused to order it causing the court case. And Biden probably would not handle that either.

        1. Mary J Nelson-Im with you maam. Thats my worry too. A former DA from LA county, California. My question- why is California exporting all there idiots to Washington? Pelosi, Harris, and God knows who else in Congress are from that state of fruit and nuts

        2. Mary you are right on and I agree with you totally and no I don’t want Kameltoe for president but I don’t think of Biden as my PRESIDENT either.
          May God be on our sides and carry out the Dstruction of the Democrats and Communists.

    3. I am not so sure God wants to save America. He has given this Once Great Country, every opportunity to straighten out, bur our so called leaders, & dumb voters, have decided to follow Satan instead. Revelations talks about the New Babylon, & that is the USA. Porn, adultery, abortion, sex changes, etc, etc, etc, all are worse in this country than any other. With Trump, we had a chance to overcome all of this, but not with Biden & Harris, along with Pelosi & other corrupt politicians at the Helm !

      1. If you look in the Bible, every time the Jews turned from God and toward their wicked ways a wicked country captured them. As promised, every time they turned from their wicked ways and back to God they were rescued. Everywhere I look, I do not see a country turning back to God. God is in control so we are being punished for our turning from God. When we turn from our wicked ways and back to God God can and will rescue us. I look at my life and I am not happy. I hope that our country will turn to God. God will not be mocked.

  5. Joe Biden suffered brain damage when the needles went too deep while he was having his hair implant surgery. If we are able to survive 4 years under his term, we can survive anything.

    1. I have a copy of it. Do you? I read it often. if you would like a copy in a handbook style format go to Hillsdale College’s website which is and they might send you one. they also offer free online course on the U.S. Constitution and other founding fathers’ recorded articles like James Madison, Thomas Jefferson etc.

    2. The people who wrote the constitution read the Bible. Our country was founded on Christian principles and if we get back to those Christian principles we will follow the constitution.

  6. It’s coming they have done took are freedom of speech they are working on our guns next is are Religion then are alright freedom Biden is a Liar tax payers are going to be broke paying all of this back Trump supporters are trying to protect the Constitution and are government is taking it from us a little at a time that is why are military needs to see what they are doing before it is to late and get rid of the house Dems and are senate Republicans and take are government back and make America great again

    1. I read that Biden has already been found in a BIG lie on the tax rebates he promised and now says not happening.

      Go back to your basement, Joe, and leave us in peace.

  7. Not that it provides any emotional relief but NO ONE, even the local democrats, should be surprised by this. I claim independent status and have voted both sides from time to time. But the democrat party has really hit bottom with their gangster tactics. And this “plan” didn’t just recently happen. This has been in the works since 2016. That’s the reason for the “mail in” voting, the application of the Venezuela voting machines, and the outrageous “counting” of the votes in this past election. And it should be noticed that BLM and Antifa have suddenly quietened down. Biden won’t last long and if Pelosi can arrange it Harris will go with him. This is going to be the roughest times this nation has ever faced Folks. Get as prepared as you personally can.

    1. I had the same thought yesterday in the shower. Pelosi will be president before the four years is up. Not sure how she will get rid of Harris, but she has something in the works, you can bet on that.

  8. How in the hell did this country elect bozo bonehead Biden and triple h horizontal harris the ho who got where she is by spreading her legs and opening her mouth? What happened to this country

    1. She couldnt fill a shopping cart with her supporters at her rallies but now is the most popular women in the country? NAHHH…theres no corruption here

  9. I was sure hoping his doctor wife could write a prescription to cure America of the anti American politicians!

  10. If we can’t trust the vote.we are really s*#”$ out of luck.reguardless of how it all plays out there really isn’t anything we can do but take what they give us.doesnt feel to free to me.

    1. There is hope as long as you know the LORD, Jesus Christ as your Savior. That hope is based on truth found in the prophecy of REVELATION. Accept Christ as your savior by faith. If you do, then you will be taken up to heaven when Christ makes his presence known before the tribulation comes. Need a Bible, look for one from many websites such as the one John MacArthur has. It has his Study Bibles available.

  11. I Texas leaves the union I’d will move there but what about our Soc. Security is Texas going to continue to pay that and our military pension?

  12. The demented crooked pedophile rapist Chinese lackey who will shortly be our puppet ruler has never had an idea that he did not steal from someone else, and this multi-trillion dollar virus boondoggle is no exception. This is the 2009 Mongrel 2.0 stimulus on steroids, dispensing more money than exists in the country to blue states to pay their bills, to marxist teachers’ unions for teachers that are not working and don’t want to, to babykillers to carry out post-birth infanticide on an unprecedented scale and to purveyors of the global warming hoax. This will take us to the demographic tipping point and a tsunami of illegal tapeworms, termites and terrorists from sand dunes and rain forests will submerge native Americans, who will be on the receiving end of expropriation and eventually extermination. The insane spending will collapse what is left of the private economy and the state will “have to” take over most enterprises, while the majority of citizens would be crazy to work, as they will get twice as much or more on the dole as on the job. Hyperinflation will start as soon as the Chicoms make themselves the world’s banker and the yuan the world’s reserve currency, but Americans will be able to do little about it because we will by then be a one-party dictatorship and you had better shut up until the Two Minute Hate for Donald Trump because the internet telescreen is watching you. H.L. Mencken said that Americans deserve to get what they vote for and to get it good and hard; it is likely that Americans did not vote for this and the people that will give it to them, and patriots need to consider now what they will do about that.

  13. It is time for a Federal TAX BOYCOTT! If we do not give them OUR MONEY, their evil plans and their control of our lives will burn off like the morning fog the moment the suns bright light burns through. NO MONEY FOR COMMIE BASTARDS!

    1. America ceases to exist @ 12:01pm EST 1/20/21. new name communisit socialist party s***thole . Constiutiton ripped and shreded by Piglosi replaced with koren. all bibles burned all usa flags burned all books baned by counter culture and America erased forever the entire world microchip to prevent questioning capitalism dead DOA @ 12:01pm . Criminal pedophile releases all prisoner all jails dismanteled police no longer exist AMERICA DOA AT 12:01 1/20/21.

    2. Douglas: I agree with you. The only way these corrupt politicians will ever wake up is if they have NO Money to give to whom ever they want. The True American Citizens need to band together & STOP paying taxes; they can’t put all of us in jail. I guess, in order to be a politician, one has to be, stupid, corrupt, a liar, & have no morals what so ever. And that goes for both parties !


  15. You can bet there is a way for Biden to cash in on this stimulus package, maybe he’s not making enough off his sons China dealings. And how about Biden giving up his pay like President Trump did for being President. That ain’t going to happen, all the Bidens want is more money in their pockets and they don’t care how illegal they get it.

  16. It’s time for all the states to secede that leaves Bumbling Biden with DC Puerto Rico and Guam the rest of the country will get Trump back and we’ll see who goes under.

  17. it time we follow the constitution which states not to get involved with global affairs. he group coming in want to put the global affairs first and make america last again. it time we remove biden harris pelosi schumer and cheney they all need to be deported they want to help the world let them go do it somewhere else

    1. No, they, along with Obama and his gang, all need to be arrested and tried before a military tribunal for the crime of HIGH TREASON against WE the PEOPLE and the Constitution of the United States.

  18. What the entire Democrat party is doing is nothing more than HIGH TREASON against the Constitution and the people of the United States, and when the Congress certified Biden and Harris the winners of the fraudulent election, is when they not only committed HIGH TREASON, but it is also the exact moment that the rendered the entire government NULL and VOID, so WHY hasn’t President Trump activated the Insurrection Act? And since the military swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and this nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic, why then are they protecting Biden, since Biden and his entire administration are now enemies of the State?

  19. The Dems so far have issued over six trillion dollars in “relief” packages. That is money borrowed from his buddies in China.
    The tax increases only pay the interest to China.
    Like a fungus all the Dems are moving from Calf., NY and NJ
    To tax free states like NV. FL and TX which they will ruin

    1. Time to make them swear oath to US Constitution and Bill of Rights, or not be allowed to stay in tax free states. Better yet, leave the US, form a new country – United State of Texas, and no one from Dem states allowed for at least 10 years. If they are already here, they must denounce Democrats or LEAVE!

  20. I am an INDEPENDENT and vote for the person I feel is most experienced and capable, never for a party. When I talk to some of my acquaintences, especially Democrats, I can’t believe some reasons I get for how they vote. The democrats have planned well for their position in our government, very representative of the Nazi party in Germany. I feel this election was 100% stolen and I’m amazed how the “SUPPOSED” law enforcement agencies refused to do nothing, even the supreme court. Also, the Republicans just had 4 years to start “draining the swamp”. They didn’t and it came back to bite them in the butt. Stalin said it best, the people who vote don’t matter, the people who COUNT the votes do. WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE THINK about this November fiasco. Also, maybe it is time to do away with the 2 party system, vote directly for the most qualified person. This might be our only hope to get a qualified government back.

  21. Kamila is the one everybody has to watch out for now. You’ll notice she has been kept out of the limelight. She is an outright Commie and as far as Joe goes he wouldn’t recognize and original thought if God gave it to him. He plagiarizes everything.

    Joe and the Hoe have got to go.

  22. I am neither a Republican or a Democrat. I did vote for Trump twice because he is not a politician. We have a very corrupt system that favors politician’s and their families opportunities to make multi millions of dollars thru lobbyist’s. They pass law’s or sometimes hold back laws that will benefit them financially. Did someone mention Pelosi’s net worth is over a 140 million. She is only one member. The list is as long as my arm on both sides of the political system. Trump shows up to change this and they attack him for trying to break their piggy banks. Even a lot of Republicans. No matter who goes after the corrupt system they will be attacked. Just look at Ron Paul. He is the only president I have campaigned for in my life. BTW I was born under the Eisenhower administration. He does not allow lobbyist in his office and has never voted the good ole boy mentality. He believes in our constitution and small government. He was cheated by Republicans and Democrats alike. Like Trump he wanted major change and our politicians want to keep their pockets lined with gold. Most politicians who get voted out become lobbyist or consultants and earn upwards of 10 million a year pushing thru their corporate agenda’s. There has never been a more corrupt political system since the Roman Empire. (we are reliving history). Donald Trump tried to change this and got attacked over and over again. Hie message was great but unfortunately he is not the man for the job. Ron Paul is 88 years old and his message is phenomenal, but he is past his prime. I can’t think of anyone that can fill their shoes who does not have their hand in the cookie jar. We need a honest Abe who will fight for our constitutional rights, go against the federal reserve. Fight for the small business man and defund the too large to fail corporations and banks. We have enough bombs to blow up the entire planet 3 times over. Why policing the world with our over 700 military bases in other countries. No only are we going bankrupt for the most part they don’t want us there. We need to decrease military spending by decreasing the billions we spend to the military industrial complex. If we keep the lobbyist out of Washington we will have a safer, better military for less than half the budget. That also goes for our police. I want to defund 300k salaries for police chiefs and overtime pay reaching upwards of 250k a year. These unions have become so powerful we are bankrupting our American citizens. The middle class can no longer afford to finance the system hence why we have over 28 trillion in debt and rising daily. By bet is we will be 40 trillion in debt by the time of our next elections. It is going to crash and all hell is going to break loose. Our politicians are not capable of seeing the future of their actions and can only see from day to day. Who is ready to take on this challenge? The line forms at the right.


  24. I live in the financially dysfunctional state of Chicago. All of you, who live in states where your government knows and implements fiscal responsibility, are paying for this state’s (plus New York and California) irresponsibility. Do you think we will ever learn???
    Wonder if the southern 75% of Illinois could leave the State of Chicago and become East Missouri or West Indiana or even North Tennucky or North Kenessee? We love our country and are proud to be fiscally responsible.
    Impeach 46; Buck Fiden

  25. What is bothers me is who are the absolute fools who voted for Biden & the rest of these Democrats & some Republicans. Folks this isn’t a game of chance pick a number & hope you win. You need to do some research find out what they are for, look up their record, Biden telling everyone they did not need to know what he was going to do should have made a big red light go off in your brain – warning trouble ahead. I was talking to someone the other day & they said all the lies going on about Biden were upsetting, I ask do you ever look at maybe not so main stream news & named a few to hear another side of the story, they said there isn’t any other news! Stop living under a rock your FREEDOM & COUNTRY ARE AT STAKE!

  26. Biden Only Needs $1.9 Trillion of Your Money to Rescue America.
    Collect that from the newly formed Anti-American Communist Party aka you damn jackasses so called demo in congress and not form the tax payers we are bloke thank to your asinine ideals of Communist Shit.


  28. Forget that 1400 dollar stimulas, that was just a demoscum campaign promise, and we all know how much they keep their promises. Unless it profits them personally they just get amnesia. Most demoscums only appear every 4 years to promise everything then after the election go back into their uselessness.

  29. All of the doomsday predictions in these comments will only become reality if WE let them. Communists cannnot take control if the people do not allow it. Ignore their orders and demands. NEVER give up your constitutional rights, and if they try to take them by force, mount an overwhelming resistence that they cannot overcome. IF secession and civil war are the only way to secure our rights and sustain our republic, then so be it. Many years ago, when invasion by the U.S.S.R. or Red China was a palpable concern during the “cold war”, the general consensus was that it would be better to be “dead than red.” I think that we need to once again take on that mantra during these times of similar threats to our nation. Only, at the moment, the threat appears to be coming from within.

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