Biden Regime Threatens to Send Americans to WAR if Congress Doesn’t Approve More Money for Corrupt Ukraine

It’s no secret that support for the war in Ukraine has been rapidly deteriorating and with it so too has American funding of the conflict, but a radical Biden regime is trying to FORCE Congress to fork over more funds – giving the American people a deadly ultimatum.

Biden’s White House has warned that funds for Ukraine are about to dry up, claiming that if the US doesn’t pour more money into this war it would “kneecap” Ukraine’s efforts to fight against Russia.

After the heavily corrupt politicians in Ukraine and the US colluded to rob the American taxpayers of more than $100 billion and siphon much of it into their own pockets, those grifters are insisting that they need MORE money – and they intend to get it one way or another.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is working to achieve exactly that, effectively threatening Congress that something very bad would happen if they didn’t blindly throw more money at Ukraine.

Austin told Congress in a private briefing that if more US aid is not given to Ukraine, then we will “very likely” be deploying American boots on the ground in Europe to fight in the conflict.


“If [Vladimir] Putin takes over Ukraine, he’ll get Moldova, Georgia, then maybe the Baltics,” House Foreign Affairs Chairman Republican Michael McCaul said to news outlet “The Messenger,” after Austin and other senior Biden admin officials briefed lawmakers on their request (demand) for more Ukrainian aid.

“And then the idea that we’ll have to put troops on the ground in Secretary Austin’s word was very likely,” McCaul added. “That’s what we’re trying to avoid.”

Austin is effectively threatening lawmakers that if they don’t hand over more tax dollars to this massively corrupt nation, then he will do everything in his power to send Americans to die in Europe.

The defense sec is playing a game of chicken with Congress and using our military men and women as his pawns!

However, Republicans who have been hesitant to continue pouring money into Ukraine have reportedly not been phased by Austin’s “warning,” and it actually may have had the opposite effect!

Those skeptical of giving this corrupt country more American cash are now even more insistent that they cannot support throwing more aid their way without serious oversight and transparency on how exactly the money will help them.

Biden’s regime is desperate to send Ukraine – the same country where Joe’s family made millions through crooked business dealings – more money and the Republicans who are actually paying attention have caught onto that.

GOP Rep. John Duarte said that the briefing was “prescriptive and staged.”

“I didn’t get a sense that any minds were changed in there,” he said. “It wasn’t impressive or insightful in any way other than what you might see in the news. It was just a hopeful pressure effort.”

Republican Rep. Byron Donalds referred to the briefing as “boring,” and said, “These guys are just speechifying about most of the stuff you guys already report on the news.”

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson said, “I don’t think we got the clarity that we’ve been requesting,” and that “It remains to be seen whether members are satisfied with the answers provided.”

The Biden administration has requested a $106 billion aid package from Congress, with the large majority – $61 billion – being given to Ukraine, looking to add to the $113 billion that America has sent to Ukraine since February 2022.

As the number of Americans dealing with extreme poverty skyrockets, and our southern border is in absolute shambles, the Biden regime is trying to force Congress to hand over more money to Ukraine, and apparently they’re willing to send American soldiers to die if they don’t get their way.

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40 thoughts on “Biden Regime Threatens to Send Americans to WAR if Congress Doesn’t Approve More Money for Corrupt Ukraine”

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    1. Julia, hurray and big deal about making so much money on your BLOG!!. But your shit is not that IMPORTANT!!. I am so discussed with OUR political IDIOTS. Now they are using our young Men and Women in the military as pawns, forcing an ULTIMATIUM, GIVE US WHAT WE WANT or WE WILL USE THE MILITARY AS FODDER. How arrogant can these people become? They have gotten away with so much bullshit they now believe they have the power of life or death; give ME what I want or…I read comment after comments but no one is listening, I doubt anyone even bothers to read our comments. It is just a means to keep us distracted! Where is the SPIRIT of AMERICANS? Now is the time for us to be heard. I believe we are at WAR with the MOST DANGEROUS enemies in our recorded history. We are no longer strong, countries view America as a CHUMP, REDICULOUS, nothing to be afraid of! It is only going to get worse and I am very afraid, there may not be an AMERICA in the TOMORROW and this truly scares me! Right now there is no light at the end of the tunnel! It is time for AMERICANS to say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” WE have the POWER and the VOICE.

      1. Make sure you keep this up until 2024 elections, that will stop this type of unlawful activity once and for all. “GET THE IDIOTS OUT OF WASHINGTON” through the ballot box.

        1. BIDEN THE TYRANT! Every picture of him he is yelling or screaming, and if he doesn’t get his way, he threatens! F**k Joe Biden, and his entire corrupt family and addministration. We cannot let him steal another election. He was NOT voted into office, He was installed into office so the elitists could achieve their agenda, and they could control him to get what they want. Green New (RAW) Deal! Stop us from having gas powered vehicles, and on and on!!

    1. Totally agree but was going to use stronger language. All military should say F Biden and refuse to fight another countries war. The U.S. Military never signed up to be the peace keepers for the whole world. If Biden wants to insist military be deployed let him put all so called Trans, Gay and Lesbian soldiers on the front line for Ukraine with him leading. Hopefully he will finally be killed with all the bitch slapping assholes. Two problems solved at once

    2. Yes Fred, Screw them!!!!! and have the president of Ukraine sell his TWO luxury boats to pay for Biden’s War against Russia

    3. Sounds like zelinsky is holding something over Biden, to get more money. Maybe Biden doesn’t want zelinsky and his pals to turn on Biden and show the extent that Biden was involved in with them. Giveote money or else….

  2. They will nothing – No More aid to Ukraine – the 2 leaders of these countries are in a personality conflict – let them figure it out – NO MORE MONEY TO UKRAINE – America 1st
    FJB – Impeach the Demented Fool

    1. Stuff Biden, the country can’t go to war without an approval from congress. By the way isn’t that moron supposed to be impeached? Or at least under investigation? Which should at least tie his hands from any major decision making till that’s over. Come on already, this moron and his cronies have done enough damage already. Majority or not they’ve proven themselves harmful to the security of the country and to the Republic for which it stands.

    2. Absolutely NO MORE US MONEY TO UKRAINE. And when it comes down to sending US TROOPS somewhere to fight, they can go to our Southern and Northern borders to backup our Border Patrol officers to keep illegals from slipping into this country. I truly believe Biden is feeling the squeeze because he is afraid that if he doesn’t get Ukraine the money, they’ll start spilling the beans on the Bidens deals with them.

  3. Biden and his “Cronies” need to be locked up for treason. The money isn’t theirs and they have no “Right” to give it away. I haven’t forgot the big load Obama gave to those Embosoms.

  4. Phuck ‘em!!! Newkrain is where international money goes to be stolen and disseminated to new world order thieving bastards! Ol sniffy joe has been sneaking back to newkrain for years stealing money under the guise of humanitarian efforts. Horse Schytt!!!

    1. Yup – stop sending money to Ukraine and they will be pi**ed enough to start releasing evidence of Biden’s dirty deals… just watch!

  5. Maybe Zelensky could sell his 75 million dollar pleasure boat to support the war effort.

  6. Biden and a few Democrats and the Rino Republicans and other Biden’s regime are getting kick backs from Ukraine. The President of Ukraine doesn’t care about his people , a lot of the money he’s getting from the U.S. and other countries isnt going to protect his people but for his rich life style. His wife spending spree of millions of dollars in Expensive Jewelry, Multiple million dollar homes here in the states and other countries, yachts ECT…

    1. Biden DOES NOT send HIS money. He is sending OUR money. Zelenskyy is using his “share” to buy mansions and yachts and pay for a lavish lifestyle, after Biden is paid his kickback. Pretty good for a stand-up comedian!!

      1. …fall-down comedian – though these days that could be called abusing the mentally challenged…

  7. No more money for Ukraine until he gives us taxpayers our money back he took more than once. He thinks only of himself . Forget your home you can`t do that.

  8. Kerry Has committed “Treason” twice and nothing happened is it because he is a Democratic Communist? Think so. Now Bicen and his Family have committed “Treason” and all we are talking about is impeachment. That’s a disgrace we should be bring charges for “Treason”. We the People need to get a handle on our Government. Get rid of all the corruption and punish the crooks. Until we do that, we will not have a good country. Thay broke the law, and they know it so charge them and punish them. America is the greatest country in the world, and we are letting the Communist Democratic Party Destroy our country. Come on People less get this country on track to being even greater.

    1. Totally agree. Biden and all his cohorts should have already been charged and found guilty for all the treasonous acts they committed against our country and all patriotic citizens.
      All should have been executed already.
      But it looks as if ,again, all we have is a Republican party that says a lot but doesn’t have the balls to follow through and get it done

    2. Don’t forget about Miley calling his Chinese counterpart telling him to beware of Trump and I’ll let you know if he tries to start WWIII. Hang this treasonous bastards at sunrise!

  9. Its another shell scheme to steal money for the personal enrichment of these sick freaks. Anybody who hadnt figured this our many months ago is just asleep, and so dumbed down that they cant think critically in any way. Wake up or shut up. The 2020 election was stolen. Covid was a means to creat a crisis to enact everything else from there. Also one more thing. Why do you think Congress is getting so much resistance for releasing information for UAP’s, The FBI, CIA pentagon, NSA ect? because they will be exposed for trafficking all these children underground for the harvesting od adrenochrome, and sex trafficking, and organ harvesting in collusion with these aliens, and a lot of washington cronies. Once thery start taking adrenochrome they cant stop, or they will die. Their very lives depend on the constant supply of adrenochrome harvested from torturing children.

  10. I am so sick of Biden and everything he’s pocketed from Ukraine and the American people and he’s still wanting more to steal. It’s time Congress put a stop to it and start taking care of Americans. Look at the disaster we have at the border and the over 9 million illegals that senile old bastard has let into the US. We should have stopped sending Ukraine money a long time ago. It is time for Congress to charge Biden for all the crimes he’s committed all the way back when he was a Senator? When are you going to put America first and stop taking care of every other country in the world? The American taxpayers are tired of your taking our money and sending it overseas, start putting it into the USA, and sending all the damn illegals back across the border or wherever they came from. I am so tired of the government not putting America first!!

  11. Of course!! Send more US taxpayers money to Ukraine so Zelenskyy can buy his third yacht and Biden can pocket a few more million in his payback for “The Big Guy”.


    1. Of course nobody can dispute corruption in Ukraines government… but that is small potatoes to the corruption in our own government. Corruption that went on long before Obama and Biden! When it comes to Ukraine, our country has to stand by its SWORN COMMITMENTS or lose support from the States of the world. We signed the Budepest Agreement along with the UN and the UK as GUARANTORS. Russia agreed to NEVER INVADE UKRAINE I’m exchange for all the nuclear armaments left by the USSR in Ukraine when the USSR dissolved. The USA is HONOR and LEGALLY bound to defend Ukraine from Russian invasion. We first renaged on our SWORN DUTY to aid Ukraine in 2014 when the disgraced Obama refused aid to Ukraine during Russia’s first invasion and stealing of Ukraine’s Sovereign Territory. Now Russia invaded again and Ukraine could rightfully have called on America to send American lives to help counter Russia, but instead they asked for arms and money. Instead of sending everything that Ukraine needed to counter the Russian invasion Biden dolled out modern arms over months and months that have prolonged the war, killing hundreds of thousands needlessly had Biden and America sent what was needed. How much money has lined the pockets of Americans by prolonging the war? What has the “Criminal Biden Family” gained by Biden’s acts? What roll did the Biden Administration play when they didn’t put in place the required checks and balances to assure our tax dollars were properly accounted for? When will Obama be investigated and held responsible for his lack of action in 2014 that would have prevented the current war. The People of Ukraine did not ask for American Troops to help fight Russia, they asked for arms, ammunition and money so they could protect their nation. Obama failed and now Biden failed and have stained the reputation of the USA. WHAT HAVE THESE TWO AND THEIR FOLLOWERS GAINED FROM THIS STAIN ON AMERICA?

  13. Plausible Deniability and Blatant Lying – this is where the DEMONRATS are!!!

  14. It is hard to add to all the good comments, but I will try. The honest, hard working Democrat does not see this or doesn’t want to see it , or because of propganda from the administration , news media and the industrial complex, he can’t see it. In the END Biden and the democrats will win the election. HONESTLY of course.

  15. Lloyd Austin is now telling the US Congress that he can declare war for the US WITHOUT a Congressional declaration of war??? That is so blatantly UNConstitutional, I have no words for it. Austin is a radical marxist. He is guilty of treason and deserves prompt removal and justice from the JAG!!!

  16. If Biden wants more cash for his buddy in Ukraine maybe he could actually give back what Biden’s have received over the years in their corruption plot. This just tells me one thing. More then Biden’s are getting in on corrupt money from other countries. To threaten our military like Austin did is sickening. If this article doesn’t tell you how deep our swamp is then you are part of the corruption. To threaten congress they will send our military to Ukraine unless they get the money they want is pathetic. Swamp even more corrupt then we all thought. Military families please tell me what you think about this article very curious to know. Just remember Ukraine President just bought not one but two luxury yachts, a Villa and his wife has had several shopping trips spending money like no other. Find out how much she spent in the states when they where here last time. So please tell me money is needed for their war. Biden and Ukraine are stealing us blind once again. Congress don’t give anyone any more money until Americans are safe once again.

  17. Obama is destroying our country…Biden is just the puppet. All of the money we’ve given to Ukraine has not gone to that war because Biden and Obama are getting something out of this and Zelinski is getting rich because he’s just as corrupt as they are. “We the People” know exactly what’s going on. WE NEED TO PUT MONEY TOWARD SECURING OUR BORDER! We don’t want to continue sending billions to a corrupt president in Ukraine!?

  18. It’s about time that this country is finally seeing what’s going on.We need to lock them all up they are destroying our country. Every one needs to stand behind the one man who can save our country our legitimate President Trump!!!

  19. How long folks, how long are we going to sit by and let our country be overrun by illegals and run over by the Democrats and the Biden Administration! Pretty soon there won’t be a country to care about. It’s time to rise up and be heard!! Why are these states being allowed to keep any names but Joe Biden off the ballots. That has to be illegal! I am sick of what is happening in America. This has never been allowed to happen before and it is high time that the Republicans let the government be shut down. Don’t fund anything. See how the Dems like that!

  20. If Ukraine has already gotten over $100B and Biden wants to give the $61B more, how does that add up to $131B. Re-read the article and you will laugh. It must be Bidenomics.

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