Biden Repeats Merkel’s Blunder – Americans Will Pay the Price

History has shown multiple times that one of the stupidest things a leader can do is to show “compassion” for huge numbers of foreigners and let them into his/her country. Ask the Romans. Oh… right… you can’t ask them. Wonder what happened to those guys?!

The people handling the empty shell known as “Joe Biden” have thrown America’s borders open wider than ever before – much as German Chancellor Angela Merkel did in 2015. The results here are equally catastrophic and will remain so for many years.

One Texas Border Patrol facility for illegal alien bratlings is already 729% over its legal capacity since Biden’s handlers ended President Trump’s wildly successful “Remain in Mexico” policy.

I can’t manage to drag up an ounce of Christian sympathy for the bratlings. I have four kids of my own to worry about. It’s not like the illegal alien bratlings are orphans or something. Their parents literally threw them toward an international border, in a cynical ploy to grab some cash from American taxpayers for themselves.

In case that 729%-over-capacity is hard to visualize, it means that for every illegal alien youth that the Border Patrol has a bed for, there are six that have to sleep on the floor. For every can of beans to feed one kid, six others don’t get a can of beans. When one is taking a shower, six others aren’t getting a shower. And so on.

The “Joe Biden border policy” was apparently less well-thought-out than the Iraq war. Aside from the 100,000 illegal aliens that the Border Patrol caught (and released) in February, no one knows the actual number of foreigners flooding into the country en masse right now. 150,000? 300,000? Your guess is as good as mine. What we do know with certainty is that this will wreck the country. And it’s doing it faster than any of us could imagine, outside of some catastrophe like a nuclear war.


You don’t have to crack open a history book about Rome a couple of thousand years ago to learn that mass movements of foreigners always destroy their host nations. We have a recent example in Angela Merkel’s 2015 refugee blunder. That was the year that Merkel announced that Germany would take in one million “Syrian refugees”… and should the rest of the EU do its part as well while she was being so magnanimous?

Merkel’s manipulation of the other EU nations was sort of like the grocery store clerk that always asks, “Would you like to donate a dollar today to save the life of an orphaned puppy that will DIE without your contribution?”

No… but since you said it so freakin’ loud in front of everyone!!

The catastrophic wave of fighting-aged males from the Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa as a result of Merkel’s open border invitation to “refugees” has caused untold harm to Europe. It didn’t help that many EU nations declared it “racism” to point out that these foreign invaders were awfully rape-y towards German women and girls, and then made “racism” a jailable offense. If you complain about your new neighbors slaughtering a goat in their driveway in Europe, you can go to jail for it.

Rapes, gang rapes and public sexual harassment have skyrocketed across Europe, but it’s illegal for people to talk about who is actually doing all of the raping. And EU cops don’t really want to confront the “suspects” doing all the raping, because that could be bad for their careers. In Norway, they’ve had to open one of the first-of-its-kind in Western Civilization rape crisis centers… for men and boys.

In Britain, the multicultural diversity-is-our-strength government officials are breathing a sigh of relief this month, because they’ve finally had a white man arrested for rape. The British government is now considering a 6 p.m. curfew for all men, thanks to finally having a white man accused of rape. They couldn’t call for a curfew earlier, because that would have been racist towards the African and Arab men committing the vast majority of Britain’s rapes.

The point is that no host nation has ever survived intact after the mass movement of foreigners into the country – even if (or especially if) the original motive was charity and kindness. Germany is likely to have a civil war within the next decade due to Merkel’s open-borders policies. How long can America survive after “Joe Biden” threw our gates open?

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39 thoughts on “Biden Repeats Merkel’s Blunder – Americans Will Pay the Price”

    1. The idiots in DC built a wall around the People’s House. Hypocrats all with a “sky is falling mentality”. The lack of leadership really makes one feel secure doesn’t it. Just paint direction signs pointing the way to Rehoboth Beach, Martha’s Vineyard and Vermont so the new crew can find their way to the open arms of these idiots.

    2. States are taking legal action, the law on the books the wall has to be built. The wall was first built for a reason. Now we have Terrorist that are going to get into our country. We are in a pandemic. God bless the guards that have to deal with migrants. They have to back. Thst Biden is such an idiot.

    1. Tim Hatch – there is a purpose for an a$$hole; I would call him a hemorrhoid – something that is useless, but causes pain.

  1. Joe Biden and his handlers want to destroy America, that’s why they did it. We should send all those bleeding heart liberals to live in those 3rd world countries.

    1. Totally Concur – We live in the “Disney Land” of the World – You can’t fix “Stupid”…..

  2. Note that the influx includes an overwhelming number of young men of fighting age, while the number of youth that are even eligible for military service within the US and other countries, is plummeting.
    Also note that we, in our own cities, are already losing the battles of “peaceful protest.”
    If Democrats keep on having everything their way, we are simply another country ruled by brute force.

    1. Noted – Democravy is “Mob Rule – 50% – telling the other 49% how things go – not a democratic REPUBLIC – where we the people rule and elect our representatives – thst said, why not use some “ckmmon sense and logic” and vote the “LEFT WING SOCIALIST & ESTABLISHMENT POLITICIANS OUT OF OFGICE”…..

  3. These liberal idiots are destroying America. They have managed to wreck all the good things accomplished under President Trump in less than one month. May the morons that voted for Biden and the Democrats be the first to suffer from the hell that they have unleashed upon us.

  4. Biden is out of control . Never made the right choice on anything he ever voted for all the time he has been in government . He stole the election and he is DRIVING IT LIKE HE STOLE IT !

    1. Never had an original thought in his life!! Now he hasn’t got anything left to create one with. I can’t believe so many people were fooled by the “rosy picture” that the Democratic Party painted??? So very sad.

    2. bill – Biden did not steal the election, he’s not smart enough to think how to do that. It’s his handlers, and all the other Democrats who did it.

  5. Now they want to hinder us from protecting ourselves with their unconstitutional gun control laws while they travel around with a security detail. They built a wall around the capital to protect them from the people because their safety is more important than ours. If bad comes to worse we will have to protect ourselves because the party in charge of the government could care less about us common folk. Why anyone would vote for those communist imbeciles is beyond sane comprehension.

    1. They put the fence around the capital and use the National Guard as “Congressional Peacekeeping Force” based upon their fear of what We the People may do to them for tossing the Constitution in the trash. The more this keeps up, the more we’ll look like Zimbabwe or S. Africa, sad, very sad to see my country turn to crap.

  6. Those of you who voted for Socialism/Communism are reminded that once you vote them in you have to shoot your way out. Are any wondering why gun sales broke records again in Jan & Feb with March well on its way. My stimulus funds went to supporting my favorite firearms Company Ruger. 100% made in USA.

  7. Biden is a moron and could not care any less for this country. His stupidity hinders any understanding of the damage he is doing. He is like an animal that only knows he has to eat and his small following is the same.. Just think when Democrats shed him we have to contend with one even more imbecilic, Harris…The time for correcting these problems is running out…

  8. Hidenbiden will turn America into Merkel’s germany, if we allow this empty,suit,and walking zombie, to destroy any more of our country. This pathetic,senile,old, fool, is unfit,unstable,unhinged, and needs to be removed, for his incoherant,incompetent,policies that are destroying our country.

  9. If you say anything you are a racist. The country is going down fast.
    The democrats don’t want to govern Americans they want to RULE us like the chinese do to their people.
    Open Borders, Colleges and Secondary schools brainwashing our kids to hate America and what it stands like individual liberties freedom of speech, religion, 2nd adm. etc. A lying leftist Media who protects the Left with it’s fake new report, taking our freedoms under the guise of COVID is what destroying our country.

    1. We agree 1,000%. When will people learn that a government run by democrats and liberals is doomed for failure as history has proven time and time again.

  10. These salapards know exactly what they have done to this “once great country”. When we the people have had enough, Nancy and her friends will actually finally see a huge mass converge on the property we have paid for with blood and cash. And her Antifa/BLM army won’t be leading the way. This demented traitor who with others had their dirty offspring making cash deals with our enemies will be looking behind them spraining their necks for the rest of their lives. Read Peter Schweitzer’s “Secret Empires”. Time to rent a guilotene and clean out the corruption.

  11. America is pretty much already destroyed after letting B urn , L oot , & M urder, & Antifa, get away with destroying cities, ADD a bunch of ILLEGALS TO THE MIX & you got what? ….. A THIRD WORLD SHITHOLE….! Wake me up when the BOOGALOO starts….

  12. The president of El Salvador said the masses of people leaving his country is not good for El Salvador or the United States. The only reason Biden is doing it is to garner future Democratic socialism voters, not because he is so compassionate.


  14. I don’t think I’ve read a single comment here with which I don’t agree. But we’re preaching to the choir, and the lib left Communist sympathizers aren’t listening or reading anything but what the Deep State demons want them to. I used to say “Let them burn the country around themselves, I won’t be here to see them wondering WTF happened?” But I’m here, and I have to burn with them. Somehow that doesn’t seem right. After the fake election and the weak attempts to correct it failed, we still had hope that “something” was going to happen. “Something” has, but it’s all the wrong “something”.

  15. This is all true these old folks should not be trying to run a Country and they should’nt with all the rotten kids in the back round all spoiled and do not know a thing , like AOC to name a few when i first saw her say lets play a game in congress . How the f–k did we get here and lets not forget the rotten evil Uncle Chucky and all the evil Demons that follow Him around , this has to change in 2022 .

  16. Pigliosi said today that granting citizenship to illegals sends the message that America values diversity. Moron. It sends the message to jump the border and get everything free, including citizenship.
    JObama says American compassion commands us to take care of illegals, or migrants as the Dems like to call them. Does that fine Democrat compassion also apply to the 14 million hungry and the 2.5 million homeless American CHILDREN here now? How about to our seniors living on $1400 a month? How about our homeless adults and families? An illegal family of 4 with one kid under 18 can cross into Calif and immediately become eligible for $110,000 a year for 4 years, including HUD housing (60% occupied by illegals), food stamps, cash assistance, free/reduced utilities, Medicaid, public school education, childcare, legal services etc etc. Is the compassionate democrat party paying for these people? Is Gov. Newsom paying? Is Biden? Pelosi? Schumer? Is it an American value to impoverish the working class by taxation in order to support people who do not contribute and are illegally in this country?

  17. Bozo Beijing Biden the Fumbling, Bumbling Coward & Fool.
    “To be led by a coward is to be controlled by all that the coward fears. To be led by a fool is to be led by the opportunists who control the fool.”

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