Biden’s Military Can Precision Strike a Car, but Lose Entire Nation to Terrorists

The U.S. military used a drone strike to reportedly stop a vehicle traveling toward the Kabul airport in a suicide bombing attempt on Sunday, eliminating the threat to American soldiers and civilians.

“We are confident we successfully hit the target. Significant secondary explosions from the vehicle indicated the presence of a substantial amount of explosive material,” U.S. Central Command spokesman Capt. Bill Urban said in a statement, according to the Daily Wire.

“We are assessing the possibilities of civilian casualties, though we have no indications at this time. We remain vigilant for potential future threats,” it added.

The amazing technology of our nation’s military could pick out a single vehicle and destroy the threat without harm to those at the nearby airport. Many wonder how the world’s most advanced military can target a car from the sky but give up an entire nation to the Taliban while leaving thousands of Americans hostage within the nation.

The contrast reveals the nation’s problem is not technology or military power; it’s an issue of policy. The U.S. military could easily take over every major road and airport out of Afghanistan if it needed to do so to help Americans evacuate. Instead, they simply left, leaving thousands of Americans stranded to the Taliban.


And speaking of the Taliban, why is Biden refusing to call them an enemy? Why won’t our military call them out as terrorists? Again, it’s not power; it’s policy.

America’s military could drone strike the top 100 Taliban leaders in a single day if it wanted and still have very limited casualties. Instead, Biden asked for permission for Americans to leave by the end of August.

Instead of eliminating terrorists, we now cower to them. The attitude is a shame on our military and our nation.

As we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we think back to America saying, “Never forget.” Sadly, it seems our leaders already have. At least Biden has. Maybe we should all go back and watch the videos of Afghan terrorists flying to the World Trade Center towers again, the towers collapsing and the reports of nearly 3,000 Americans dying in a single day at the hands of monsters believing they were martyrs.

When we do that, we might remember to become a bit more concerned about ending future terror threats to Americans, including the Taliban. Yes, it was well-known that America leaving Afghanistan would lead to the nation descending back to the old power struggle of radicals. But leaving Americans behind to be part of it was and is not acceptable.

Neither was leaving a full arsenal of weapons for the Taliban army’s startup. The Biden administration basically played Santa Claus by leaving everything from military rifles to Black hawk helicopters behind. The Taliban now has more Blackhawk helicopters than Australia does. The sad reality is we now need to drone strike our own weapon supplies left behind to limit future damage, too.

That would sound about right for the Biden administration’s policies. Not only set yourself up for failure, but self-destruct by blowing up your own resources. Biden can’t leave office soon enough, but even if he did, we would still be led by the left’s disastrous military policies in the White House.

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33 thoughts on “Biden’s Military Can Precision Strike a Car, but Lose Entire Nation to Terrorists”

  1. The reason president and his administration will not tell the public who they blew up with the drones because the people I killed in a stroller attacks we’re not even Caliban I just KR think they were just plain old civilians that’s why they killed so many kids that attack that’s why they don’t give up the name of these people were racist or Taliban they would’ve put their names out! The people that killed a Nordstrom‘s or not I just saw Taliban I just plain also deals with kids that’s why they won’t give out the names!!

    1. Please take the time to spell, use proper sentence structure and proper punctuation. When you dont people either cant understand your points or wont read completely through because, well, why would they.


    1. Now there’s talk that it wasn’t a suicide bomber vehicle but a Civilian car carrying 10 persons 7 of them Children

    2. Biden thinks he ended the war in Afghanistan. He and the democraps just brought the 20 year war to America and left the enemy armed to the teeth with $83 BILLION of our most advanced weapons to be used against us if we try to go back. You & I paid for those weapons. Afghanistan’s main export now is America’s most advanced weapons, to be sold to the highest bidder in TERROR LAND. Iran, Yemen, China, Russia, N. Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Pakistan, you name it. Biden opened TRUMP’s closed southern border so TERRORISTS could come in to attack us at the same time he ended the Afghanistan war. Even Somalia sent their terrorists in thru Mexico. GET READY!!!!!!!!

      1. Many dems starting with Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer etc in the white house owes We The People $70 billion from their pockets and overseas accounts! Sale of every mansion and take EVERY penny of retirement! They afterall stole taxpayers money to leave all this equipment behind!

      2. They dont think that they ended a war. Ending war(s) is not on the agenda of liberals. They absolutely are attempting to set the stage for an invasion from a foreign country.

    3. Biden is an ignorant president! He has no idea how great and wonderful our MILITARY is! Nor has him any idea what kind of citizenry this country is made of? His pin sized head could not comprehend any, thus, he failed…the greatest citizenry on the face of the earth!

  3. Your analysis omits a very important background. It was the Trump administration that agreed with the Taliban on the US exit from Afghanistan. That agreement included the release of 5000 Taliban prisoners, who quickly joined the ranks of the Taliban who later took control of the country in a matter of days. I think the context is important, because it gives the necessary perspective to analyze the facts objectively.
    Despite multiple errors in judgment and execution by the Biden administration, the die was cast beforehand.

    1. You need to Quit watching the fake news. I read the agreedment that Trump made with the Tailiban and no were does it state the release of prisoners. Biden moved troops out in the middle of the night at the air base without telling the afghanistan leaders leaving the prison unguarded.Get your facts straight before blaming Trump.

    2. Trump did not say do it with a short fuse or to leave them military equipment. You are the people that put our country into this trouble. Keep making excuses for looser Biden and you will loose all your freedom.

    3. You heard half of the facts my man…Trump also had planned on ground activity on how and when they would evacuate…NOT LEAVING AMERICANS AND ALLIES BEHIND! Also he told them that if one hair on any of our people were hurt touched or killed they would see the Rath of God! And he would have done it. Not cower like Biden and Harris…these people are evil….how can you defend them in any way….are you part of the brainless..start checking your facts and widen your brainway. Our country is going to hell what don’t you understand. Sweet Jesus open your eyes!!!

      1. YES! Nancy, you are right ON!
        The AH in the WH sold the COUNTRY to the Evil Doers…. Impeachment, or MILITARY COURT… Let the HOUSES to decide!

    4. BIDEN left the ENEMY all those weapons. IT WAS NOT Trump. PRESIDENT TRUMP would have listened to his advisors and removed ALL weapons before evacuating civilians, embassy personnel and allies & soldiers. TRUMP doesn’t believe in making Christmas in August for TALIBAN!!!!!! Only Dementia Joe who refused to listen to his advisors, threw away $BILLIONS of taxpayer $$$$ to the enemy and he made Afghanistan the largest owners of Blackhawk helicopters next to Australia. Evidently, you watch CNN, the most FAKE NEWS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!

    5. You are kidding right? This wasn’t the plan, Trump wasn’t a coward like the idiot Biden. Biden also didn’t go along with any of the other things put into place by Trump like the border. Look at the mess this idiot created there. I still believe that 80 million people didn’t vote for a demented old man and a nasty old w hore!!!!!!!!!!!!! You liberals are such morons you believe anything CNN feeds you but typical there has never been a democrat that took responsibility for anything but they’re all really good taking credit for what they didn’t do, all nothing but losers!

  4. Here we go again. A democrat is in the white house. The US military has been ordered to stick it head between its legs and kiss another country’s a** goodby. The muslims can have this one. Score Communist got Vietnam. Muslims got Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq. United States got to smell their a**es.

  5. Biden didn’t lose an entire nation to terrorists’, he literally gave it away. Hell, he couldn’t even walk away properly, giving tens of billions – BILLIONS – of dollars in weapons, material and aircraft to the enemy. We are now asked if he should be impeached…he should taken out and hanged from the nearest tree, along with Harris, Pelosi and all his military (leaders?) that thought this was perfectly OK.

  6. This exit approach was unbelievably misguided – with all of the military resources at our disposition, we misinterpreted the intellignce, made the wrong decisions regarding our US military base, gave up our embassy and allowed a mentally chalenged and stubborn, know-it-all PRESIDENT make the final decisions, which may not have been the recommenced ones. We will probably never know the real story behind this withdrawal disaster because we cannot seem to get the truth from this lying, leftist Democratic party who is in charge of our cpuntry. The promises originally made by the President rgarding the safety of Americans and other friendly Afghans were broken in the rush to get out and meet a deadline dictated by the Taliban. We have just lost the respect of our allies and have planted the seeds for another conflict that will probably last an additional 20 years and cost more lives than ever. How sad that the world’s super power has just been squashed by decisions seemingly being made by a mentally challenged President, known for making poor military decisions. We need some new military experts to re-set our foreign policies so as to better protect us from the fallout that will be coming our way shortly. In this evacuation process, we have probably already unknowingly provided free air transportation into our country for many Islam radicals who are already plottoing other 911 disasters. And, if they are not already here, they soon will be coming in throught our open southern border.
    As citizens, we need to be more involved in our government, have increased awareness of what is going on in our neighborhoods and a lot of prayers begging God to protect us from
    what could be very tragic events designed to destroy our freedoms of speech, religion and the right to earn our living in a free society. We need preserve our constitutional rights and reject the free hand-outs of a socialist agenda.

  7. Pedro, it wasn’t caused by Pres. Trump. This disaster has Biden all over it. Trump wanted us to leave Afghanistan as a FIGHTING force, but as a presence in a strategic Middle Eastern location that would be helpful. Keep the Bagram base, and didn’t plan to open the doors for 5000+ terrorist Al Qaeda and ISIS. It was a CONDITIONAL EXIT PLAN; BIG difference compared to Biden’s UNCONDITIONAL RUN OUT. An if Taliban didn’t comply with the conditions, which they didn’t, the plan would be automatically scrapped and started over, plus penalties. Biden did it all backwards, taking the soldiers out first and left the Americans and our Afghani aides behind. Who in their right mind does that! He also didn’t let ANY of our European allies of his crazy plan, thereby forcing them into a crisis not of their making. Boris Johnson, UK, upon learning of the catastrophy Biden had started, tried to reach starting Mon morning, high priority call level. Biden REFUSED THE CALL. Boris kept trying, all Monday, all Tuesday, until Biden finally took his call at 10pm Tuesday night! Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, etc., all left out of loop. A previous British PM related all the details in an emergency Parliament mtg. One Vet gave an angry, impassioned speech re Biden’s incompetence and said his actions were shameful and you don’t leave people behind. The vote was almost unanimous for UK to censure Biden for his actions and inability to trust him. This is the first time they have ever done this in their history. They do not feel the US UNDER BIDEN can be trusted for their ally, nor for an UN and NATO ally. There’s more, Pedro, but you get the drift. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans stranded there. Even more at risk aides who helped us, plus family. Almost all Biden’s brag point of flying out 122,000+ people out? Almost all unvetted, no paperwork, Afghanis who NEVER HELPED THE US IN ANY WAY. They just want to go to America. Americans and our aides didn’t get on those planes except an occ trickle. Biden refused to left our soldiers help them get to airport. Biden also said NOT TO OPEN gates to US CITIZENS there to get in tge last few days. Military commanders there gad to contact BIDEN to get OK, and he didn’t give it the last few days. “Check my watch Biden” checked out long before.

    1. AMEN and THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH TO PEDRO!!!!! HE WAS MISINFORMED!!!!!!! I am from Europe and I am in daily contact with several countries in Europe and NOBODY can believe what an IMBECILE is leading the once greatest country on earth…. BIDEN!! He’s NOT qualified to operate a fruit stand. You CAN NOT tell me that 81 MILLION voters put him in the Oval Office. It HAD to be FRAUD. There can’t be 81 MILLION IDIOTS in America. IF there ARE, we need 100 MILLION marching on Washington today to get this SOB OUT of office!!!

  8. Why is it being called “Bidens drone strikes”? All he did was stay out of the way!
    What he has done for months is treasonous that you and I would have been tried and hung for already! Over and over he has committed acts of treason and broke the laws he is old enough to have signed on to! This was only 13 he is responsible for killing there are plenty more Biden and his pedo cabal have and will be! Partnered with big pharma are 10’s of thousands more in the pipeline! and it isnt the XL or Alaskan! Innocents murdered because of this idiot and his buds!!

  9. Why do people insist on listening to CNN or any other main stream news media that has not told the truth since Trump ran for President & continued on through his Presidency & are still telling lies & half truths. Or are you listening to the lying Democrats which haven’t told the truth in 20 years, if you do not believe this Obama’s campaign & 8 years as President lies & deceit, Hillary’s campaign the same thing lies & deceit, all the crap the Dems. tried to get Trump on were lies & deceit, which haven been proven the Dems. either did these things themselves or made them up. Now you have Biden’s campaign & now his Presidency has turned out to be the biggest lie & deceit of all & the mess he has caused along with do nothing Harris & down with America Democrats we are in really big trouble!! I think all who think Biden is doing a good job need to pull their heads out of their as#’ & try to see what the Dems. are doing to our country!! You say this was partly Trumps fault first of all you do not have the facts right & secondly Biden has changed everything that Trump instated & caused havoc on every front because he is an arrogant fool. Yes Trump would have pulled us of Afghanistan but not like Biden did, this whole mess falls squarely on Biden’s shoulders & he is cover in the blood of all those he let be killed!!

    1. America USED to have FREEDOM of SPEECH & PRESS until the democraps bought up all of mainstream media and censored all Republicans & conservative voices and let the $BILLIONAIRES control Twitter, Facebook, and every social media to the point that America’s news is now censored much worse that any COMMUNIST country including North Korea. I am from a former COMMUNIST block country that was controlled by the former Soviet Union so I KNOW what I’m talking about. IF America doesn’t get rid of BIDEN, you better take a crash course in Mandarin Chinese.

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