BIG: Georgia Case to Ban Voting Machines Will Finally Go to Trial in January

Talk about perseverance! A group of citizens and voters in Georgia has been trying to sue their state since 2018. They’ve been calling for the voting machines and ballot marking devices from Dominion Voting Systems to be scrapped and for all Georgia elections to take place on hand marked paper ballots from now on. Late last week, a federal judge ruled that the case will finally go to a non-jury trial starting in January. If the plaintiffs prevail, there may very well be no machine voting in Georgia for the upcoming Republican primary or the 2024 general election!

Not only that, but the judge has ordered Georgia Secretary of State and noted Trump-hater Brad Raffensperger to appear at the trial, in order to defend the use of unsecure, unsafe, and completely hackable voting machines.

These committed citizens in Georgia deserve some serious props for this. They’ve been trying to get this case to go to trial since before Brad Raffensperger became Secretary of State there. This changes the election map completely for 2024 and beyond if they win.


Aside from the fact that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump, Georgia has had additional problems with its voting machines all this time. In 2021, surveillance video surfaced of unidentified individuals who gained access to the voting machines in Coffee County (south Georgia) for several hours.

They spent hours in a room with the machines as they scanned and copied the supposedly secure software on them. Then they posted some of the material on the internet.

Judge Amy Totenberg of the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia noted in her trial order that the “2021 Coffee County election equipment breach… presents a substantial risk that… votes will not be counted as cast.”

Ya think?

Just two weeks ago in Pennsylvania, Dominion ballot marking devices were discovered to be switching the votes between two judicial candidates. The machines were printing ballots with QR codes that didn’t match the names of the judges that voters were selecting. That wasn’t even hackers doing it. The machines were doing it (likely because that’s how they were programmed to operate).

Earlier this year, the State of Georgia learned that none of its Dominion voting machines meet current federal standards when it comes to safety and security. Every machine needs to individually have its software patched and updated to meet the latest cybersecurity standards.

Secretary of State Raffensperger did what he does best with situations like this—nothing! Raffensperger said it would take too long to patch every Dominion machine in the state before next year’s elections, so they’re just going to use the machines “as is.” Can you believe this guy?

Multiple cybersecurity experts have testified in other trials and before the Georgia legislature that these machines are A) hooked up to the internet, which election officials always lie about, and B) completely vulnerable to undetectable hacking and vote-switching. Anyone with some basic knowledge of hardware and software can get into these machines and alter the outcome of an election, and then elections officials won’t be able to find any evidence after the fact that a hack took place.

Judge Totenberg says in her trial order that Raffensperger’s office has “fail[ed] to identify a single cybersecurity expert who endorses the current configuration of Georgia’s (ballot marking device) system.”

That’s because no honest, independent cybersecurity expert would ever put their name on these machines. That’s because these machines are not designed to be secure from hacking. They were designed so that a bunch of Obama and Hillary donors could get richer via billion-dollar contracts with state governments.

Raffensperger can’t find anyone who will say these machines are safe and secure, and now he’s finally going to have to come before the court and explain why Georgia is still using them.

This is huge! There might be no machine voting in Georgia next year, either in the primary or the general election. If the judge is skeptical enough to allow the case to go to trial, there’s a good chance she’s going to swat Dominion and Raffensperger down.

The My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell, meanwhile, feels completely vindicated by this. If Dominion gets shut down in Georgia because its equipment has about as much security as a Red Box video rental machine, the company has no grounds to continue its lawsuit against him for questioning their machines.

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26 thoughts on “BIG: Georgia Case to Ban Voting Machines Will Finally Go to Trial in January”

  1. Stacy Abrahams was part of the voting conspiracy in Ga. She had people living out of state, and dead people on ballots. Play all the videos like the democrats sending the Republican Observers home because of a bogus toilet problem, The Ballots were dropped off @ 0300 am in the convention center. The same ballots were brought in and run through more that one time. The same happened with the ballots hidden the long table with a large table cloth cover over them. They were also run numerous times. All these people should be put in prison for a long time for voter fraud. Get the local TV stations to turn over the videos and if they don’t many people are ready to testify to what that saw!

    Also there were numerous houses with out people living in them, with voting signs all over their lawns. The FIX was IN!

    1. To add even. democrats like Hillary and others complained about voting machines after a loss. So if voting was legitimate go with voter iD and hand written ballots?

      1. Working on line for a minimum of two to eighteen dollars a day for a while. My best buddy’s story gives me an idea of what to do and costs $29,000. However, I don’t think it’s worth it since it’s so real, unlike br02 the fal­l­o­w­ing l­i­n­k that I h­a­v­e.

        A l­o­o­k a­t i­t————————————>>>

    2. In 2016 when Hillary lost, she and many other Dems and RINO’s raised hell, most were on a Hollywood Video production saying “you can’t trust the machines” and other complaints because Trump won.
      In 2020 when Trump lost Hillary and many others said the OPPOSITE, calling Trump and others Kooks, crazy, conspiracy theorists, etc.

      Of course the controlled media follows the socialist left’s lead to advantage the Dems or RINO’s and attack any that oppose their AGENDA – spreading propaganda to program American’s to believe their lies and deceptions.

      After Trump lost I researched and discovered cyber hacking fraud was bad in 2016 but much worse in 2020 defrauding the real votes to assure Trump lost. The other voter fraud was so significant and horrendous in what I had seen, like in Ga where boxes under tables scanned in after a FLOOD in the bathroom and after all handling votes left the building and a few returned to scan in the boxes. I saw other states criminal actions as well as what I knew was a PLANDEMIC with Covid to control Americans used to keep verification of how votes were counted non existent – unless you can see 6-20 feet away and verify. These and much more I observed yet when Trump wanted Pence and McConnell to challenge the votes, the traitors called the election fair and sanctioned Biden as president illegally.

      What pisses me off even more is how more and more discoveries of fraud pop up since even up to now and so little done judicially. EVEN MUCH MORE SO, I am enraged at how the cyber fraud – real, I know the protocol i saw was real, was ignored in 2016 and 2020 by judges and kept from the Supreme Court by the so called Department of Justice (Injustice).

      Still highly enraged the controlled media and DOJ or DOI and others do their best to block JUSTICE and promote the lies and deceptions. I already knew from History that most media is bought out or controlled by the global bankers in and out of the USA since after the Great Depression. Check that out if history is not totally rewritten. Quick snapshot so to speak – JP Morgan(cousin of the Rothschild’s, Kuhn/Loeb/Schibb/and company (a Rothschild banker), and Rockefeller’s National City Banks caused a small stock to collapse, then collapsed a small bank, then used their Federal Reserve Bank to shut down all banks and flow of money – Instant Depression. After ending the American media told this and how these banks bought land/property/and factories for 10 cents on the dollar (10,000% profit). To stop insurrection JP paid news outlets/printing stations of distribution to not print negative articles about them, bought up a lot of the media, and sent goons to tear up printing presses and burn buildings of those who would not cooperate. REAL HISTORY! The Federal Reserve Bank was set up by a handful of Traitors over the Christmas Holiday and signed by Pres Woodrow Wilson under pressure of global insider Colonel House to sign the Fed Reserve into existence and control. Neither Federal nor Reserve but a link to the Rothschild global banking empire. Read Charles Lindberg’s book on the Federal Reserve or the book ‘None dare call it conspiracy’ from the early 1900’s. IF enough truth is forced on the controlled media they will break stories for credibility sake then try to drop them quickly or divert attention to other things.

    MACHINE CO>: (((((( $780 MILLION ))))) > IS FOX CROP>:

    1. God bless the Republican voters of Georgia on your WIN against voting machines.
      You set the precedent for the rest of our nation
      Forever grateful citizen
      Thank you

      1. the evil communists must pay for all their evil deed and fraudulent actions,machines should join casino machines in the bat tossed during prohibition.Trump should be payed back all money used for his defense and the left made to apologize on natl tv. Mike Lindell should be the V.P a nd all dems obligated to buy at least 2 my pillows each in repentance and made to write i will be a good MAGA ROO henceforth.

  3. One can only surmise this Judge presiding over this case will all of a sudden be targeted with this Pegasus’s Malware sent to all his devices, being desk top computer, laptop computer and any phone devices he may have and get control over all his, videos, files, emails and text messages. And the dangerous thing about this pegasus malware, one doesn’t even have to open the message sent to them, where now the person that sent this to their phone can also listen in on their conversations and use the video of their devices to watch they are doing! We truly are living in a Orwellian Police State, regardless of what anyone tells you!!!

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  6. ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!! With all of the Leftist judges and DAs running the state into the ground/swamp, they all need to be removed and jailed!!! I saw the video of the after-hours ballot counting of the bogus ballots hidden in suitcases under the tables!!! And no Judge would touch it!!! The DNC has a struggle hold on the election system, not only in Georgia but in many other states!!! The CEO of Dominion Voting Machines stated on video that he would ensure that the Dem-o-rats would win the 2020 election!!! So, where ever there are these machines, GET RID OF THEM!!!!

    1. the judges are all afraid of a riot or they being attacjked by the commies,thats why Chauvin was jailed,a sacrificial lamb for mob justice- many cops already stated they were taught the move in the academy that Chauvin used.

  7. The Secretary of State in Georgia is a big Trump hater He is not gonna do anything that helps Trump But hopefully because of this new ruling by this judge, he will not have any choice either Do the right thing or get exposed for the corrupt piece of crap that it he is

  8. I do believe in miracles but also, more Americans have lost the faith& trust in the corrupted Government & knowing that we have a Two tiar justice system.Hopefully,the Truth will Prevail and Time Will Tell? Paper ballet’s the old ways as I recall America had the Trust In Our Country’s Freedom Liberty and Sovereignty & Government.
    God does work in mysterious ways?
    Praying for Solutions Not More Problems? Wake Up America ??
    No One is ABOVE The Laws NO ONE
    Make America Great Again!
    America should Come First And Fore!
    TRUMP 2024+++WG1WGA ???

  9. The supreme court should get involved and croaked voting machines, go back to paper ballots, , voter id and only mail in ballots for the disabled. I praise the Georgia judge, he has a good head on his shoulders thank you for helping out the people.

  10. all my dem friends and co workers have told nme they will vote red,undercover and tell their friends they voted blue. the gig is up for the left.

  11. I saw a picture of a Democrat dressed up as a Satan’s disciple and that was a acknowledgement of what the Democrats are today.All are Satan’s disciples.They have worked on destroying America since the 50s by implementing Communists in the school system to begin the indoctrination and brain washing

  12. Yes as i have been saying we have a horrible virus out there and its getting more uncontrollable by the minute, its the most deadliest virus alot worse than covid !! Its the democrats virus and it has to be stopped its tearing down our homeland it has already let more illegal aliens into our homeland than they are true American people !! This has to stop the borders must be closed and know more aloud in period. And the virus has jacked up our food prices so we can’t afford good food to eat. And its calling to take out our means of living — cars, trucks, hot water tanks, grass cutters,fans, stoves, and so much more . The virus wants control of every person ! The elections where rigged by the virus it wants to stay in control it wants to keep on destroying our country from with-in and rot the minds of our children, this horrible virus much be stopped if we want to keep living in our America our homeland please don’t let this democrats virus keep destroying our country vote the democrats out of all government offices and get rid of this virus.
    If its aloud to grow then kiss your country good bye and live in China or some other awful country. 2024 is coming up hope and pray we can get this virus out . I love my country and dont want it destroyed from with-in .

  13. About time these voting machines get put out of service. And some one should inform the judge over the Trump case to drop all charges of election shit on him. Along with alot more !! Everyone with common sense knows the 2020 election was fraudulent and we have a fraudulent crawl-in president who should be in jail . But the way things has been going no one is taking him out. And him and his family are crooks and has sold use out to China and other countries but so far no one seens to care that our president is the biggest crook on the planet. His son is being looked at and its so laughable that the big guy is not involve ha ha on anyone who believes that. Hope and pray that our 2024 election will be honest and we can get this democrat out of office. Anyone to take over as long as its not a democrat.

  14. I fully agree get this dam democrat virus out of all our government offices and agencies the dam FBI, DOJ, HOMELAND. are all full of this horrible virus and needs to be cleaned out a new year is coming and hope and pray this can be got rid off. Vote out the virus !!!! Save our country.

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