Bill Gates Claims World Will Return to Normal by Late 2022!

Billionaire Bill Gates claims the world should be back to normal by the END of 2022. The report took place during an interview for Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza and television broadcaster TVN24, according to a Reuters news release.

“This is an incredible tragedy,” the Microsoft co-founder said on the pandemic, adding that the only good news was the access to vaccines. “By the end of 2022 we should be basically completely back to normal,” Gates said.

The former chairman of Microsoft and co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has committed at least $1.75 billion toward the COVID-19 pandemic. The commitment includes support for some of the vaccine makers.

But many Americans find the billionaire’s seeming conflict of interest as downright creepy. The guy funding vaccines is proclaiming when the pandemic will end? Gates funds vaccines and then promotes their widespread use?

The odd combination strikes many like a suspicious Microsoft Windows update. Yes, there are conspiracy theories that have strangely alleged Gates created COVID-19 to control humanity through vaccines. He’s been very open about the dangers of over-population. The social media hype has spread far and wide. But underlying the fringe views is a layer of more serious concern related to the pandemic.

People are happy for those helping to end the pandemic, and rightfully so. But Gates has seemed to build a certain level of fame for speaking out about the COVID-19 virus, leading people to question why.

The official answer includes his promotion of his foundation and helping with vaccine distribution. Yet Americans don’t like being told when we’ll be back to normal.


Biden recently polarized many Americans even more when he announced in a COVID-19 update that if we all behave, we could have a small backyard celebration by July 4th. Not with all of our family, but a couple people—and absolutely no fireworks!

Speaking of Independence Day, aren’t we a nation built on freedom? We don’t need a CEO or president telling us when we can reopen the economy, do we? Americans are get it done, get out of my way people. We need government out of our business, not in our face.

America will be back to normal when conservatives regain control of Congress and the White House. Then we’ll roll back Democrat’s restrictions, secure the border and stop the nonsense climate justice talk.

But late 2022? We’ll have the midterm election by then. Oh, wait. Maybe that’s exactly when America will begin to return to normal. If Republicans win the House and maybe even the Senate, radical Democrats will no longer be able to ram through ridiculous legislation to spend 90 percent of a stimulus bill on non-stimulus activities. We might stop their ability to ban assault rifles and defund the police and actually get something done.

At the very least, conservatives back in charge of Congress could slow the flood of poisonous bills flowing through the House to make illegal immigrants citizens and give them housing while making the National Guard sleep in a cold parking garage. We could even take down the fence from around the U.S. Capitol and add it to some of the rest of the Trump border wall.

And if all goes well, maybe Trump himself will come back for another shot in 2024. If he does, we may not be back to normal, but we’ll get back to making America great again.

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46 thoughts on “Bill Gates Claims World Will Return to Normal by Late 2022!”

    1. Exactly. This idiot is going to find out the world doesn’t rotate on his philosophy. Half a million logs to build his home. Family member with a herd of horses. You eat cardboard hamburger. You know this idiot is spending obscene amounts to remain out of public touch. Honestly, he could provide a real humanitarian effort by using his brilliance to eradicate GHOST and SPAM nuisance phone calls. You see, he really does not have the brains or connections to accomplish this. Chicken Little, Sky is Falling, Green Philosophy tech wierdo. We all know EV, 5G, AI are all the rage. You and your buddies overinvestin them and leave the little guy out. Jokes on you when it comes to surviving.

      1. Brains do not come with inherited money.. this idiot is proof of that. I say, if those “cardboard” burgers are SO great, have him eat them in front of the TRUE media, to see how he REALLY like’s them!!

    2. He thinks he’s going to be a savior. He wants the populTion culled. Start with your own family you moron.

      I heard that this diabolical SOB “owns the patent” on Covid-19……. is that even possible?!!! I also heard he’s been working on vaccines on projects in Africa where numerous folks have supposedly died due to his works over there. Again, all second or third hand information I’m talking here, and honestly don’t know how credible the info I have received has any credibility or not
      I do know this…. if Bill Gates is working seriously on things like this, it’s more than creepy. What business does this simpleton have testing anything on the human population?
      A computer geek turned mad scientist with all that money!! Hmmm!!
      It does make one ponder…….. what motivation makes Bill Gates say out loud that a large percentage of earths poupulation should be exterminated?

      That’s quite unsettling to myself, and should be to everybody. Maybe he and all of the other rich extremists should throw their bazillions into the pot, distribute the wealth to us poor folks, then they can all go jump off of the Golden Gate Bridge. Take DC and Hollywood with you please Billy Boy. ( don’t know about the rest of society, but I’m tired of listening to actors and rock musicians giving us their opinion to us regarding ANYTHING )

      These people are basically as stupid as the demented old pervert that is supposedly “ running” this country. Anybody ever watch “Celebrity Jeopardy”?! If you want to know just how intelligent Hollywood types really are, watch Celebrity Jeopardy… you’ll be “ dumbfounded” by the literal stupidity of these ignorant reprobates. Obviously a good education is NOT first and foremost on their radars. Money and fame are, and without intelligence, well, just look at say…. Whoopi Goldberg. PERFECT EXAMPLE of Hollywood Ignorance. There’s a woman who when her mouth opens, should have an automatic closing mechanism on her mouth that shuts it immediately so the stupid, the dumb, the ignorant rhetoric stays put .. worst part is, she thinks she’s making a difference. She is. She indoctrinates ignorant dummies like her to be hateful little entities who walk around with her dangerous mindset.

      Who else should keep quiet?!! I know….. how about Bruce Springsteen. Once a personal favorite of mine….. musically anyway. Now he’s just another turd. A piece of shit who opens his mouth ALWAYS conveying nothing but hate and vile on the american people. Hey Bruce……nobody cares how you feel politically. Play your tunes, but keep your opinions to yourself please. Have another shot of tequila, just do it behind closed doors so the cops won’t hassle you …. idiot!!
      Who else on this list? AOC, Ilan Omar ( my favorite immigrant ) Maxine Waters……. good God the list gets more stupider as we move on lol.
      Well, I could go on for days calling dummies out, no point in it, we’re all getting the picture here… the left are nothing but control freak Nazi’s who want the world as we know it…. gone.
      You’re in for a good fight idiota. Wake up “wokers”, time for action you swine!!

      1. If a search is done on bill gates on involvement in Africa AND India people can make up their own minds as to if it is real or false info.

    3. Enough of this creep. He and his ilk have bent society. It’s as if we have become his “ant farm”. This is a result of his being bullied as a child.

    4. He knows he’s God. The humanitarian aspect is just marketable spin. Anyone who would suggest that 47% of the population needs to be eliminated is sick. Boy wonder needs to get busy and find a cure for cancer before Trump does!

  1. We do not need Bill Gates and his ill gotten Billions. This man is one of the most demented creatures on earth posing as a Philanthropist while announcing he must get rid of { eliminate 47% of Humanity] He believes this will help reach him and the goals of the Davos Devils and his pals George Soros, Klaus Schawbe, and Zuccerberg. If he the Davos Devils feel such a great need to reduce Humanity from the planet , I too am all in favor if it, as long as these Devils volunteer to be the First to go.. There is no VIRUS. It is all a hoax. It is on big magic act. As with any magic trick the magician needs something to create a diversion while they are reaching their main goal of fooling the audience. In this case, they cooked up COVID- Got China to participate by telling them they could help get rid of President Trump, and take down America so China can be the Global leader. While all of this is going on, Soros and Klaus are having laws enacted all over the planet to legally take all of our wealth and savings , and close down all small business so they can then fill the need for goods through their large conglomerates. To quote Klaus Schwab in his book COVID-19 and The Great Reset” …Soon you will have nothing, and you will be happy.” Don’t let them play you, every chance you get tell them you do not believe the lies. Take off your mask which is a sign of submission to the NWO. Ignore verbal dictates from anyone in authority. before they make any more demands that restrict and remove your God Given Freedoms. Demand they hold full and open uncensored debates where the public can listen to all the pros and cons about this China virus. Most doctor’s groups like Front Line Doctors. Doctors without borders and the German attorney , Reiner Fuellmich, representing thousands of European doctors opposed to lockdowns, vaccines that are untested, and masks that prevent nothing but are imposed to show the NWO how many have been subjugated to the Davos Devils and their Global Hoax.

    1. You are right but for one thing, the coronavirus is real but it was A biological weapon by them for this purpose. Even the so called vaccine is killing some people. It makes you wonder what is in that vaccine? If Gates And the rest are is pushing it. People everywhere must not trust the governments just because they keep repeating something over & over again. This is a form of indoctrination develop by the Communist and Fascist. If you say an repeat anything enough times people will believe it. This is the very tactic the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party is using. They have used the News And Social media to further their agenda, Domination & Control.

      1. The corona virus is no more then a flu. True it may be a weapon but its a piss poor excuse for one. You do know 90% of the positives are false positives and the people that have succumb to the virus had underlying health issues. And the vaccination everyone is rushing out for is probably gonna kill them within the next 2 years. Bottom line, if you have an immune system let it work!

        1. Great post William. I’ve not thought for one moment that this “virus” is anything near what it’s cracked up to be. The “vaccine” was most likely sitting there waiting to be used on this man made dilemma, they just held off it’s supposed production long enough to make it look like it was created in a time of need.
          I’d like to know what El presidente’, Camel Toe, and the rest of the DC Idiots got jammed into their arms. I’m guessing it wasn’t the same stuff they’d be inoculating me or you with though. If I can’t get on a plane because I don’t want or trust their vaccine, so be it. I either drive or stay put. Inasmuch as these new, “ variant” strains of Covid they keep speaking of……BULLSHIT!!, more lies to scare the masses. When it comes to numbers, science, etc, or their diabolical rhetoric, if it’s Covid related, I’m not believing any of their vile …. none of it!! Lying sons o bitches….. media doesn’t know truth any longer, just somebody’s opinionated propaganda.

          1. I’ve been following this since last year. My guess is that our political leaders got a “fake shot” or placebo, such as saline.

    2. You nailed it. They would have us wearing masks forever. It’s all about controlling the sheeple. That virus is no pandemic. Interesting to note how the flu has all but disappeared. As for me, I will not wear a mask. I see sheeple wearing masks while by themselves in their own car. The stupidity has no bounds.

    3. I can’t agree more! Gates thinks he has all the answers simply because he is a billionaire and the Media and Libtards suck it up! When did he get his medical degree? Better yet when did he become an infectious Disease expert? I have said it before and I’ll say it again I don’t believe for one minute the Coronavirus was just happened and killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world. I served in the Air Force for 37 years and trained extensively in Chemical, biological warfare, and this virus has all the earmarks of a bio-weapon relesed on mankind!

      1. I read about this: CNN did the same thing to teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg. She said she had a mild case of Covid-19 and that qualified her as an expert. They had her on either a televised political round-table discussion or a question and answer panel.

    1. Above all he claims to be great at, prognostication is not one. Maybe he is and that is why he tries to remain 10,000 feet from other humans. He needs to buy islands and ranch lands for bug out spots, All the resources and he will ultimately enjoy a miserable existence. The spoiled brats finally created their own end. Smart?

    1. Bill Gates and his wife along with George Soros and Klaus Schawbe are some of the most evil people on this Earth , They all should all die a painful death for what they have done to humanity.All there wealth should be given to the poor coumtry’s of the world.

      1. If they divvy up there wealth they need to start here at home 1st. Then when we can take care of ourselves, ONLY THEN take care pf the “other poor countries”

  2. In WW2 the U.S. lost 226,000 people. Fighting on two fronts, for 4 years. That was war. In 1 year the China Virus has killed 500,000 of us, and still counting. Does that count as a war? Do you really think China developed their vaccine after the others were developed? They most likely developed the serum before they released the virus. After all, you cannot win a war with a biologic if your own people/troops will die from it. Trump kicked their ass economically by leveling the playing field. They responded by shutting down the economy for the whole freaking planet. You have to hand it to them. They are good at what they do. Gates has not considered the possibility of a Covid-22 or Covid-23. The Covid-19 may have been just a test. I am amused that the intellectuals strive to be rich, and the rich strive to be considered intellectuals. Gates is nothing more than a wealthy fool.

    1. Kevin, I agree with you that this is the different kind of war. China doesn’t want a traditionally war (with tanks and bombs) but will continue to make and release viruses. It also unleashes on their own people. Here it will target those with underlying conditions (people that are a burden to the economy). So they can “clean up” their population and help their their economy. The confusing part is why the large media is using this opportunity to suppress free speech and religion (other than don’t waste a good crisis). Don’t they know that the current regime will tax them crazy? Perhaps they bought the promise they they would be exempt or could co-op into the government. But this regime is getting famous for telling you what you want to hear then doing what every they want.

      And Gates? Not sure about him. He can be misquoted. He is in favor of population control by vaccine. But he meant parents would have less children if they thought the ones they make will be alive to be their caretakers. But that could be wishful thinking.

    2. China is a patient country moving like a clacier; destroying evrything in her past. Would, coulds, shoulda. Yes it was an act of war.

  3. “Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord. I will repay”. Somehow I take great comfort in those words. It brings peace knowing that my G_d is still all knowing and on His throne. He is our defense, our great Warrior, our Saviour! He is also the worst enemy you can have EVER if you are against Him and HIS Plan (which He has laid out perfectly in His Word). So, in preparation be patient, pray without ceasing and totally trust the One, THE ONLY ONE, Who will bring pure and righteous judgement. When He sends us into battle, whether it be on our knees in prayer and intercession or armed with “war tools”, we must totally trust Him for the outcome. We win everytime when we are prepared.

  4. Whoever listens to fools like Bill Gates, who by the way doesnt even have a college degree, are fools themselves. Who made this man a forseer of all to come? What does he base his predictions upon? A fortune telling 8 ball that he got as a child? He is just another ultra wealthy, ultra liberal piece of garbage that thinks his word is worth more than someone else because he is rich.

  5. We need to return to normal now. All power removed from the Federal government and brought Stateside. The Senate and Congress along with the so-called Judicial system to be overturned.

  6. Dr. Bill Gates need to stick to washing his own Windows. Microsoft as far as I know dose not offer any medical training. The best for Dr Bill is too MYOB.

  7. Agree! Gates said on colbert’s Show that “ he sees a biological weapon attack within two years”, covid is the first one, Gates already has another” waiting in the wings “to be released! He is a rat! He wants to “ cull the population” because there are too many people(aka useless eaters) taking up space! He is NOT a doctor, his “ vaccines” killed a lot of people in Africa and India, and now here in the u.s.! Be wary of ANYTHING he is involved in, it does not bode well for humanity! Both he and his sicko wife should be in prison! They think their billions buys them the right to control humanity, and exterminate all who do not comply! Who is HE to say when things will be back to normal? He is NOT normal in any sense of the word!

  8. Bill Gates didn’t get rich by himself, remember he was
    co -ownerr of microsoft, meaning he stole everything from his co-founder. Gates wants people on his side so he can become the King of the United States. Yeah he may be smart, but doesn’t have sense enough to pour piss out of his boot before putting it on. Yes the virus was caused by Him and china, and I believe it is nothing more than a winter flu or spring flu. I get the flu every spring, and at 81 years of age I’m still alive. No I have not had the shots and not going to worry about the virus. What happens , happens for the best. Bill Gates can kiss my bare ass. Thank you, oh along with Biden, Harris, Nancy, and that other bastard, schner ever how you spell his name.

  9. Bill Gates is a moron if he really thinks America will even be a smidge closer to “normal” with the Democrats , Biden and Harris in charge. The Democrat Party is destroying America financially, socially, racially, morally, religiously, judicially, politically, while removing our Constitutional Rights, fair and honest voting, and our ability to openly communicate over technological avenues.
    We will be nowhere near “normal” as long as the Marxist Democrat Communist Dictatorship is in power.
    Bill Gates of Communist Seattle ( I mean really…what other American city has a Life size statue of Communist Vladimer Lenin in their city as Seattle does)? is in no position to understand anything but software. Stick to what you know, stay out of Politics and our society.

    1. I agree with your post. What is “normal” for Bill Gates, isn’t going to be “normal” for those who have lost their businesses, lost their jobs, their homes, their ability to provide for their families and filed for bankruptcy. Things are never going to be “normal” for those who lost loved ones due to the pandemic and the foolish actions of elected officials like New York Gov. Cuomo.

      I especially agree with your comment about how “The Democrat Party is destroying America financially, socially, racially, morally, religiously, judicially, politically, while removing our Constitutional rights, fair and honest voting, and our ability to openly communicate over technological avenues”. They are doing this with the help of the main stream print, broadcast and social media and with the help of deep state operatives within most of the federal government Departments and Agencies, politically biased judges and with the financial support of giant corporations and hostile foreign countries that threaten our national security and interests. What those “leading” the Democrat Party today want IS NOT A RETURN TO NORMAL. WHAT THEY WANT IS A “NEW NORMAL”.

      Under the NEW NORMMAL” there would be only one party in perpetual control of government, the Socialist Democrat party. This party would suffer no criticism and would weaponize its departments and Agencies to silence, intimidate, harass and punish any who dared complain of, disagree with or condemn Democrat policies and/or politicians. Such public disagreement would be classified as “hate speech” and/or “insurrection” and be punishable by law.

      This party would seek to eliminate any mention of God in government policies, laws and even in the Constitution, defending such practice as adhering strictly to the “Constitutional mandate” of separation of Church and State (which does not exist). The real reason for this imagined “separation of Church and State” is that IF THERE IS NO GOD, THERE CAN BE NO SUCH THING AS “GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS”, making all rights merely “privileges” which, like any government granted license could be revoked at the whim of the government.

  10. The world’s not going to be back to normal by 2022. For dedicated Christian to accept Jesus as their lord and savior and believe in thy heart that he died on the cross for them and that his father raised him from the grave had victory over death and took his son back to heaven, and the Jesus blood covers our sins now we are free to have eternal life with him in heaven. This is the year for the Rapture this is the year for the Antichrist to make his peace treaty with the Palestinians and the Israelites. As soon as the church has been raptured, the Antichrist will take over with the 7 year tribulation.

  11. Just because Gates is a software genius and a multi-billionaire doesn’t mean he knows everything about everything. I don’t care what he does with his money, nor do I care what he thinks about anything. Too many people in this country believe anything rich and famous people tell them. Being rich and/or famous doesn’t make you right about everything. To hell with what Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Maher, Lebron James, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Dr. Fauci, or late night talk show hosts think. Do you think they are infallible? Do they they know better than you about how you should live, how your kids should be educated, or how you should be governed? Are these people paying your bills? IF and WHEN they ever do, THEN you can take them seriously.

  12. Oprah, Gates, Soros, Biden, Harris,Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the gang are Marxists, true and true. Drew, you certainly have pinned their agenda down. They are all Satan’s own possession. This virus was created in the Wuhan lab and let out of it’s petri dish when Trump had the economy getting stronger, our borders were becoming secure, and BAM! The only thing that could turn against him for re-election. I think if the real votes were counted, Trump won. and I don’t care what was certified. It was the only way the anti-Christ Biden could be elected and turn everything upside down. Is anyone really investigating Hunter and the deals he’s made with the Chinese? He likes flying around with Daddy President on Air Force One.

  13. This is all bullshit and man made for population control and to control by fear. It’s working because we have way too many sheeple and not enough people willing to stand up for themselves and others. They had the vaccines before they even released Covid on all of us and yes, Bill Gates and Fauci own the patents to ALL of the various versions of COVID so they’re profiting big time off of all of this. We need sorry Biden and crazy Nancy out of politics and people need to let Trump do what he needs to. He knows the truth and was trying to tell us but people wouldn’t listen, apparently they’d rather have their lives turned upside down and have our freedom of speech & choice taken away. Weak people need to step aside and shut up and let the strong, educated ones take over. I’m beyond over stupid people who choose to stay in the dark!

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