Both of Donald Trump’s Impeachments Should be Stricken from the Record

Every American should be infuriated now that another piece of evidence in Impeachment 2.0 turned out to be completely fraudulent. The Washington Post LIED to the American people about the contents of Donald Trump’s December phone call with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office. That LIE was used as evidence in the second impeachment trial against Donald Trump. Both impeachments are now verifiably fraudulent. Congress should declare those impeachments null and void and strike them from Donald Trump’s perfect record.

I’ve written previously about why Trump’s first impeachment should have been nullified. We’re supposed to rely on evidence and facts in court proceedings in America – not voodoo, witchcraft or mind-reading.

If you go back and read the first Articles of Impeachment against Trump from last year (the dumb Ukraine phone call impeachment), you’ll notice there isn’t any factual evidence in it. The House Impeachment managers for that goat rodeo admit in the document that even though Trump didn’t say anything out loud that amounted to a “quid pro quo,” they could tell what was happening in Trump’s “state of mind” during his call with the Ukrainian president. In other words – their mind-reading powers allowed them to know that Trump was THINKING something illegal on the call, so they impeached him!


Since the mind-reading didn’t work out so well in the first impeachment, they were forced to resort to fabricated evidence in the second impeachment.

The Washington Post reported that Trump told the Georgia Secretary of State’s office to “find the fraud.” The Post reported that Trump was essentially trying to bribe Georgia officials, with an offer to “be a national hero” if they uncovered fraud. The Post even reported that there was an audio recording of this damning phone call, which sure made it sound like Donald Trump was throwing his weight around and trying to bribe someone.

Those quotes were used in the second impeachment of Donald Trump. A Democrat prosecutor in Georgia has even opened a criminal investigation against Donald Trump now that he’s out of office, based on the Washington Post’s report on that phone call.

Guess what? An investigator found the audio of that phone call! The audio file was in the trash folder on a woman named Jordan Fuchs’ laptop – who just so happened to be the only state employee on that phone call with President Trump and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. And as it turns out, someone leaked that audio to The Wall Street Journal… and guess what else?!

The Washington Post totally lied about the contents of the phone call. Trump never told Raffensperger’s office to “find the fraud” and didn’t try to bribe anyone with promises of making them a national hero. The rest of the mainstream media lied about it too, and that lie was used as “evidence” to try to impeach a sitting president.

Again: Trump never said those things.

CNN and PBS Newshour both reported that they independently confirmed the Washington Post’s fake report. ABC News reported that “an individual familiar with the matter confirmed” the story to them.

NBC News reported that it “confirmed The Post’s characterization of the Dec. 23 call through a source familiar with the conversation.”

USA Today reported that an anonymous source in Georgia “confirmed the details of the call.”

Wow! All of those separate professional news organizations sure did a great job tracking down anonymous sources to confirm the “truth” a story that was a complete and utter pile of horse manure. They were all incredibly specific about it too. The details matched up exactly, with Trump bullying Raffensperger’s office to “find the fraud” (a phrase none of us ever heard Donald Trump use in any rally or other setting) and that they “would be a national hero.”

I wonder who that anonymous source could have been! You know, since the other person on the call was Jordan Fuchs and since the audio of the actual call was in the trash folder on her laptop.

Another person who obviously knew that this was fake news and never said anything about it was Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. This supposed “Republican” Secretary of State sat there and never said a word as the mainstream media and the Democrat Party used an obvious lie to try to impeach a sitting president. That sounds awfully seditious to me. How about you? He was on the call and knew Trump never said those things.

Next question: What’s the Georgia legislature going to do about Raffensperger’s malicious silence during that second fake impeachment? Will there be any consequences for Raffensperger’s complete and total lack of ethical duty to speak up and tell the world that Donald Trump had not bullied his office or tried to bribe anyone? Will Brad Raffensperger be keeping his job?

Donald Trump did nothing wrong and both of those fake impeachments need to be completely stricken from the record!

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29 thoughts on “Both of Donald Trump’s Impeachments Should be Stricken from the Record”

  1. IMHO, Raffensberger is a criminal and should be held responsible.
    He should be stuffing shelfs in a super market!

  2. The biggest problem we have there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY, with the DEMOCRATIC REGIME running wild across the Country. Led by BIDEN , HARRIS, OBAMA’S, CLINTON’S, SCHUMER, PELOSI, and FINANCIALLY backed by GEORGE SOROS. This well organized MOB of POLITICIANS letting ANTIFA and BLM riot and burn cities across the country. This will change our landscape and the way we live forever. GOD BLESS AMERICA

    1. Did you see where Mynamar just seized the bank account of George Soros? They have alleged that Soros was engaged in corrupt practices in Mynamar.

    2. Totally agree. I am always making statements “Thanking all the Trump haters for all the additional expense gas etc. that has increased in less than 3 months” on Facebook.



    4. Harris needs to be impeached for inciting and supporting sedition. Biden needs to be impeached for collusion and breaching national security. Pelosi, Feinstein and Schumer need to be in a retirement home knitting or playing shuffleboard.

  3. Hate started before President Trump but was escalated by the Obama regime. Just remember every Republican President. Eisenhower, G H W and G W Busch , Reagan, Nixon, were only the warm up of what to come .THE Democrats were always the party of “HATE” just go back further to Lincoln and Grant .
    Obama had the likes of his wife, yes the only 1st Lady that hated America , Durban, Pelosi, Schumer, Adler, Shiff , Kerry, and the list goes on and on, not to mention the corruption of the FBI, AG’s Justice Dept, IRS need I go on.
    The Democrats have dishonored the grave of every military personal that gave their life for our “FREEDOM and LIBERTY” WAKE UP AMERICA !


  4. Unbelievable what people who are suppose to be for the people, have basically used their position to attack the legitimate president of the U S from day one and before. Sooner or later, the truth is revealed Too bad those responsible for the defermation of President Trump’s character, cannot be sued. This government is an embarrassment for Democracy. Just think how corrupt all those involved are, to take 4 years of an elected president’s time in office to waste tax payers money( millions) to erroneously conjure up lies. Look where we are?!!!! Stimulus money will never over turn the people’s minds as to what is really going on with the fraudulent election of a corrupt party and president. At the least, Facebook Twitter and news media should all be removed so that lies are stifled. So many power hungry people today that soon will experience a reckoning from Almighty God. Daniel 2:44 cannot be too soon either.

    1. The impeachment’s againstPresident Trump should’ve absolutely stricken from from his record and any other records in place. I do not know how he was able to accomplish all the positive things he did while being attacked and lied about. Is every one happy now? Under the present President and his corrupt party.

  5. Both impeachments where is Cham. It was to do nothing more than to waste money and try to blame someone else for the inability to do their job correctly . You don’t have to be a scholar to see what has happened you just have to be open minded be willing to look at both sides and see what has unfolded. Mr. Donald Trump may not be the most likable person but he did put the country and the people first. If we wind up in another conflict it is because of what the Democrats and the news media have a loud to happen this past year I will leave this time it may not be so pretty no conflict it’s good for anyone really corporations and people looking for power gain from it. If we want someone in office that will stand up for the country and the people then it is time to speak up not protest like idiots but let your voice be heard.

  6. Both cases against trump were a sham and should be removed from his records. All congress and senate did was waste our money. It was ridiculous!!

  7. Everyone engaged in Cancel Culture should be hung on national T.V. Particularly every
    College Professor cultivating socialist. We Must restore every statue removed and every booked banned. We must take back our Country and recognize where all of this crap is emanating from “China” – The most lethal existential threat today. They would love nothing more than we killing ourselves, or losing our National Identity, without ever having to fire one shot.

  8. Agreed. Both impeachments should be removed. The election was another sham, and I will never think Trump lost to Joe Biden. Joe Biden’s election was well-planned. Now, as President, we have a demented marxist turning the country into a 3rd world with the help of Nancy Pelosi, Schiff and their benefactor, George Soros.

  9. Both POTUS Trump impeachments should be removed. They were fake. President Trump was (is) an excellent President!

  10. Agree with all posts! President Trump should sue the paper for false reporting! Then Piglosi should be brought up on charges for illegal impeachment proceedings, with NO evidence of wrongdoing on Trump’s part! In the last sham, there were NO hearings, NO evidence presented, all illegal maneuvering on piglosi’s part! That is grounds for her removal from congress!

  11. Agreed. The Democrat Socialists knew in the last impeachment that President Trump had offered some 10,000 troops before the 1/6/21 so-called riot which the fake news also hid along with big tech manipulating the internet and other sources. President Trump was an outstanding president and with Biden giving away American dollars ($1400 incentive checks to some 40+ million unskilled illegals=$56 billion along with other benefits) it’s an outright disgrace. This was a rigged election period! The Democratic socialists promote lawlessness and communism and prey on the uneducated who believe the fake news and divide us based on false issues of racism, sex, ….. It seems to be signaling the return of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. May God Bless America!

  12. Yet again there are zero penalties for lying to the public. Hey anyone out there if you subscribe to any of these rags, the only way you are going to defeat them is to not read their stories and not have a subscription. We must do our duty to make sure they are held accountable

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