Brad Raffensperger’s Office Admits to Faulty Ballot Handling in the 2020 Election

Nearly three years after the 2020 election was stolen from President Donald Trump, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office has finally admitted that faulty ballot handling took place. This admission couldn’t come at a worse time for Trump’s enemies, since they are trying to jail him for doubting the results of the election.

This all came about because Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and her former husband, Perry Greene, refused to accept the numerous excuses and lies from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

The road to this admission started back in 2020, when Perry Greene showed up to vote only to discover that someone else had already voted in his name. This happened to untold numbers of Trump voters in every swing state in 2020.

“My then husband, Perry Greene showed up to vote and was told he already voted by absentee ballot but did NOT and NEVER requested an absentee ballot,” tweeted Rep. Greene.


The Secretary of State’s office and the media called Rep. Greene and her husband liars. After a three-year battle and a FOIA request, Rep. Greene finally got the documents from Raffensperger’s office that proved she was telling the truth all along.

“The fraud was in the Secretary of State website,” continued Greene. “It showed an absentee ballot had been turned in (in his name) but he had never turned one in.”

Perry Green confirmed his ex-wife’s description of what happened.

Now a spokesperson for Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger named Mike Hassinger has admitted, “Audit logs from the voter registration system show that a county worker took action to issue a ballot for the voter at 4:03PM on October 23, 2020. They subsequently canceled that ballot. Then, 5 minutes later at 4:08PM, they issued another ballot to the voter and successfully checked in the voter to allow him to vote advanced in-person.”

Hassinger claims that this was a “likely poll worker error,” but avoids mentioning the fact that Perry Greene’s first ballot was canceled because someone else had already voted in his name.

The next statement from Hassinger is key, and Brad Raffensperger is probably kicking himself right now for letting this guy speak. Hassinger said:

“[A]ccording to our records, this is obviously a county-level error, which the county addressed publicly in their previous statements. Floyd County made many mistakes during the 2020 election which is why our office called for their director to resign.”

“Many mistakes.”

That is a huge admission in favor of President Donald Trump and his legal team. President Trump is set to be arrested in Fulton County, Georgia on Thursday of this week. District Attorney Fani Willis is using a “novel legal theory” to try to imprison President Trump for disagreeing with the outcome of the 2020 election.

In order for Willis’s legal theory to actually work, she will have to prove that Donald Trump was lying when he said the 2020 election was stolen. She can only convict him on these fake charges if she can convince a jury that President Trump believed he had lost the election, but lied to everyone by claiming it was stolen. In other words, the case hinges on Trump’s state of mind as he was trying to uncover all the fraud that happened in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada. (And Maine, and Rhode Island, and Virginia, and Oregon, etc., etc.)

Therefore, Raffensperger’s office just handed a huge gift to President Trump and his legal team. If there were “many mistakes” in the 2020 election, as the Georgia Secretary of State’s office finally admits, then it would be perfectly reasonable for Donald Trump to believe the election was stolen.

As awful as Trump’s multiple fake arrests and indictments are for the country, this Georgia case could turn out to have a silver lining. Trump’s legal team will finally get to adjudicate and explain all of the obvious fraud that took place in Georgia in 2020 in front of a court. Hopefully the judge in the case, in his hubris, will allow television cameras into the courtroom. If that happens, this trial could turn out to be a must-see television event.

Either way, it’s now official and on the record: There were “many mistakes” in the 2020 election in Georgia.

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27 thoughts on “Brad Raffensperger’s Office Admits to Faulty Ballot Handling in the 2020 Election”

    1. Govt would have to say there was not even one case of election fraud… which they can’t… because there were hundreds… and there are hundreds of Democrats in jail convicted of election fraud…

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  3. It’s all because of the lying cheating Democrats they can’t win something they steal it well they just steal everything anyways they need to be removed from office defunded completely and they need to be put in handcuffs and charge for their crimes and most of all charged for all of their false statements made under oath you have to eliminate and cut out the disease and they’re the disease

    1. President Trump’s lawyers know what they are doing , they now have the RIGHT OF DISCOVERY ! President Donald J. Trump actually wants to go the Trail even if the trail is rigged !


    The immutable truth is that this was not a mistake…NOT an act of careless disregard for the SACRED process of guarding the right of individuals to vote with proper effect – as clearly mandated by law.


    Zuckerberg & his wife have openly admitted to providing millions of dollars to “train poll workers” prior to the 2020 election. They were trained, alright! They were trained to bully, to intimidate, and ultimately to openly and defiantly CHEAT.

    As a consequence, all of the conspirators are eligible to be charged, tried, and if found guilty, EXECUTED. This is an act so egregious, and harmful to the nation, as to demand capital punishment. This will be proven to have been the single most treasonous conspiracy in American history.

    Each and every one of the participants did deliberately, and willingly attempt to overthrow the lawful government of this nation. This demands execution of the guilty.

    Is it the few who marched onto the publicly owned Congressional facility, and entered the building without an invitation? At worst, they were guilty of vandalism, and this was only a few of the invaders. Most were guilty of nothing, and they were not opposed by the multitude of Capital Police. Do you find this curious?
    THE REAL CRIMINALS were those described above that plotted carefully in secretive training sessions for the months prior to the election. There, they carefully set in place the huge cast of conspirators, and plotted out a deliberate act of intentional coup d’etat, as violent as any war, based upon its purpose and results. We did not hear the guns, planes and explosions of a traditional war, but these pro-socialists de facto allies of our national enemies did bring about the desires to weaken our nation by the removal of a strong and effectual President.
    Yet, having done all this, the guilty are now free from investigation, while the duly-elected President Donald TRUMP is under horrific legal assault for doing absolutely nothing wrong!
    I rely on the word of the Lord in this matter for resolution:
    “Though hand join in hand, the evil man shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.”
    Proverbs 11:21

    1. I call this the tip of the iceberg. This is just Georgia, please. Word. Let this investigation continue and the righteous prevail.

      1. Allelujah! Now are on a timeline that JB resigns or is impeached or else we will be subject to tyranny from Harris. I think that God is teaching us a lesson in believing “In God We Trust.” Evil may have its day, but God has the final say.

    2. All the states with fraudulent situations are not just the swing states. Minnesota had it, so did other “blue” states. Many Minnesota citizens were surprised the 2020 didn’t go to Trump in Mn. Hired ballot gatherers., hired by Ilhan Omar in Minnesota,
      were caught describing the whole operation to Project Veritas filmer.
      NY had a million or two voters more than they have as registered voters. Most states seem to have had some level of cheating. Georgia even had that problem with their all important Senate run-off election in January 2021, which had ballots coming in from vacant lots and other states and the two INCUMBENT Senators were defeated, giving the Democrats a TWO SEAT MAJORITY in the Senate. Very important small election.
      Zuckerberg supplied money and ballot boxes and “staff” for ballot counting areas. Soros gave money and “staff”.
      I agree it’s treason and needs to have strongest punishment allowed. Biggest fraud crime to overthrow a legit government in our history. It needs to stop. Letting it ride or swept over encourages continuing and increasing fraud.

  5. I call this the tip of the iceberg. This is just Georgia, please. Lord, Let this investigation continue AND the righteous prevail. No matter which party you are on, you should want the truth to be seen.


  6. All the swing states should be investigated the people need to know . Why aren’t the republicans demanding a recount . I have to think they don’t want Trump as president
    . That makes me think and I’am positive I am not alone
    Money they all have it .examples right now I can name 4 people who have a brain disorder
    That isn’t a crime but I believe it is greed they are like a athlete how is making ton’s of money but can’t turn down all the money but they get it league we’re as the politicians steel it from the tax payers

    1. Personal, you are correct! Those REPUBLICANS WERE CONTROL BY MITCH MCCONNELL AND PAUL RYAN! Both of these two are truly DEMOCRAT SUPPORTER! MCCONNELL should NEVER BEEN RE-ELECTED AS GOP LEADERSHIP! He has cave in to everything DEMOCRAT wanted! Because of his CHINA CONNECTION WIFE! Personal experience tell me EVERY REPUBLICANS ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM TOO! Our only hope is EVERY AMERICAN VOTE FOR TRUMP! THEN START VOTING OUT EVERY POLITICIANS UP FOR RE- ELECTION! Destroy their lives as they try to destroy America and the people lives for GREEDY MONEY!!

  7. According to my younger brother’s acquaintance, The $700 compared to all the millions he’s giving to Ukraine. Why? We need it,” she said. “That’s vs04 why, we don’t understand why. We’re citizens.
    Just open the link…………………………………………….

  8. It’s happened in California in 2020! People were told “they already voted.” Were told to fill out a document to contest the other ballot, the signatures would be compared, and poll workers would decide which one to keep. Corruption at its best!

  9. Zuckerberg was giving million of dollars to these LIBERALS CONTROL CITY, under a false claim! When the laws only allow you to donated 2500.00 dollars to any campaign! Brad Raffensperger NEED TO BE HELD GUILTY! Even the governor is GUILTY! If I was a citizen of GEORGIA I BURN ATLANTA DOWN! This is a city CONTROL BY CRIMINALS WHO ARE LIBERALS DEMOCRAT! Trying to destroy OUR RIGHTS TO VOTE HONESTLY! But I’m not! So the people of Georgia need to STEP UP IF THEY VALUE FREEDOM FROM THESE PEOPLE WHO SOLD OUT FOR $$$$$!

  10. That Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis if she was a true law abiding citizen doing her job right she would of been checking into the Fraudulent statements made first instill of just putting shit togather to arrest Trump. So all this goes to show that the “Fani Willis is in this fraudulent ballots fraud up to her ass. She does not need to be in the court room during Trumps trial cause she needs arrested And the Secretary of State needs to be arrested for Election Fraud. So many people in so many states have committed Election Fraud its a shame our country is in a horrible mess and its all because the democrats were hell bent on winning the election come hook or crook. And the inposter to our white House first off shut down the Oil Industry and cost thousands of job’s. Then he open up the borders and let sickness and drugs and millions upon millions of illegal aliens in knowing we Americans needed help bad first. Then the inposter let those other idiots have there way. Our true biological women don’t stand a chance in hell now. Teenage girls in any sport now is getting crushed to a pulp by a hulking transgender teenager who thanks he is a girl and when a biological young girl goes to take a shower there is that hulking transgender male starring at her and if she compliants she will be kicked out of school. These policies that are clearly designed to destroy the rights of biological women and girls. This man in our white house who did not win the election but in office by fraud ballots needs in prison for all the horrible things he has done to our great nation And Trump needs in office ” he did win”. If these democrats would stop there money hungry mouths and tell the truth ( boy that would be a cold day in hell LOL.). Anyway im so sick of those people puting there shit in school libraries and in class rooms pushing there shit down young children throats. There to young to fully understand the knowledge of sex change. Our president did not need to give these idiots the right to do so in our schools and parents don’t stand a change in hell to pertect there own child from this (they can be arrested). How many out here reading this has children in school ? And do you want your young child exposed to this ? This really is a grown up mind thing to handle not for a child period. I will get off that. Anyway back to the ballots being stolen during the election in all the states that has democrat top dogs all has voter fraud wow old JOE is a loser but he has the justice system all on his side so he is above the law up high up there its a dam shame we the people don’t have some law abiding citizens on OUR side . We need some to step up free the people from old money hungry Biden . IMPEACH this dirty inposter to our white House now.

  11. In Michigan Muskegon county called police on a Georgia woman who worked for GBI funded by Democrats get our to vote who tried to turn in 10,000 fraudulent registrations in October this was turned into the corupt AG of Michigan and supposedly to the FBI and Bill Barr this same woman said she had done this same thing in many other county’s across Michigan, and FBI was in 20 other States, and election clerks were on Facebook with each other asking if anyone had been getting boxes marked EM full of voter registrations and their were alot that said yes that is hey had gotten boxes and boxes of thousands of registrations from this Democrat ran organization. When the Michigan SOS was called about these they were told to send them to her, My question is did these fraudulent registrations get put into the voters system and why was Muskegon county the only one that called in law enforcement when she saw they were fraudulent? 2020 was the most. Corupt election in history and they would never have been caught if it was not for the massive fraud they had to commit to beat President Trump. The American voters across America have been screaming corupt, fraudulent, rigged elections onto the deaf ears of State and Federal government officials, witnesses to the fraud gave come forward and our court systems tell us we have no standing when fraud cases were taken to the courts, TREASON has been committed by a coup against President Trump and it can not stand without being brought out in the open and arrests being made.

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