Breaking: 100,000-Plus Foreign Nationals Registered to Vote in Pennsylvania

Democrats love to hold Pennsylvania up as the coup de grace argument that Joe Biden actually won the 2020 election fair and square. Sure, they’ll tell you, the elections looked kind of bad in Arizona and Georgia, where Biden won by razor-thin margins of about 10,000 votes in each state. And Biden’s 20,000-vote victory in Wisconsin looked sketchy as hell. But Joe Biden won by 81,000 votes in Pennsylvania, so take that, Trumpers! 81,000 votes would just be too much fraud to be plausible, so Joe Biden must have won fair and square.

81,000 votes, eh? And Joe Biden’s popular vote was (LOL) 81 million? Those look like numbers fabricated by a computer based on multiples of 81 to look organic, but what do I know? I’m just a wacko conspiracy Pillow Guy nut.

A few days ago, we learned that a group called the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) had uncovered dirty voter rolls in red-state North Carolina. There are so many dead voters, out-of-state voters and duplicate registered voters in North Carolina that the potential exists to steal even a presidential election there.

In another great act of public service, PILF has just won a court victory over Democrats in Pennsylvania who are trying to cover up a 2020 election fraud scandal that dwarfs Biden’s 81,000-vote “victory.” So, take that, groomers!


PILF sued Pennsylvania a few years ago because of the state’s unethical “motor voter” law. The state had admitted back in 2017 that due to a “glitch” in its DMV system, it had illegally registered “some” foreign nationals to vote. Isn’t it funny how those “glitches” always happen in states that establish voter registration at the DMV?

That’s why no Republican can ever win a statewide election in California ever again. California has somewhere between 15 to 20 million illegal aliens, and they’re all illegally registered to vote there because California signs them up to vote when they hand out driver licenses to them. If we had a real Justice Department in this country, agents would have a field day busting up California’s massive vote-fraud regime.

It’s illegal for foreign nationals to vote in our elections, obviously. A nation would have to be suicidal to allow foreigners to decide the destiny of their children and grandchildren, which is what voting really is. But it’s happening at a catastrophic level in Democrat states with voter motor laws.

Anyway, Pennsylvania never released the numbers of foreign nationals that it had registered to vote over a period of years. So, PILF sued Pennsylvania in 2018, demanding that the state prove to the voters that it had rectified the situation. The state offered up the fact that a mere 1,160 foreign nationals had been purged from its voter rolls since 2017. But those were only the 1,160 foreign nationals who were honest enough to confess that they were illegally registered, so they could be taken off the rolls. And 250 of those “honest” foreigners had voted in past elections!

PILF argued before the court, using publicly available information and estimates, that there have to be at least 100,000 additional foreign nationals unlawfully registered to vote in Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, Judge Christopher Connor issued a common-sense ruling that the American public is entitled to know how many foreign nationals are registered to vote in Pennsylvania, and how many of them have been voting in elections (including the 2020 election). All of a sudden, Joe Biden’s 81,000-vote “victory” in Pennsylvania doesn’t look like the fraud-proof gem of election integrity that Democrats claim it was.

The state hasn’t released the numbers yet, but they are now being forced to do so by the court. We’re about to find out just how many foreigners voted there illegally in the 2020 election. And this doesn’t even take into account the late-night ballot dumps that took place or the truckload of 265,000 ballots that was transported from New York to Pennsylvania before the election and then vanished.

By the way, the US Postal Service now refuses to release any information about that truck that it uncovered in an internal investigation.

We’re going to keep watching Pennsylvania closely, and when the numbers are finally released, we’ll let you know the results. Of course… we already know what the results are going to be, right?

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27 thoughts on “Breaking: 100,000-Plus Foreign Nationals Registered to Vote in Pennsylvania”

  1. (illegal move) Can’t the US POSTAL Service be served with some kind of “LEGAL DOCUMENT” forcing them to disclose information about those mysterious “mail-in” ballots that were trucked in from Long Island( an Illegal move, for sure)

    1. It appears that the Democrats are buying the US Post Office System. This Will help to create fraud in the next election using mail-in balloting!

      When will we have honest elections again? Do we need a Militia in every state to control & keep elections fair? No more Dead People voting! Voting for American Citizens only!

      1. The democrats have owned the postal unions, The postal service, for many years. It almost started to change but the union had a hissyfit and whined to washington and that was the end of that.

        1. All politics are retail, as in “I don’t care about the country; what is best for the people in my house”. Government workers like Big Government, it is job security. 83 years ago, PA took over liquor stores due to Johnstown flood; a public health crisis. (Sound familiar)? They still run all stores that sell hard liquor, and employees get full government benefits including pensions. Why would PA votes be coming in from NY anyway?

  2. There are rules that the Postal Service has to obey and they are Federal workers so YES they can be forced to answer any and all questions. The have to be sued to do so! Maybe FOIA would act on the or Judicial Watch would know how to handle this question.

  3. What is this the postal service is refusing to release something well raid the SOB as soon as the republicans take control the very next day and prosecute and hang whoever is Involved these MF work for the tax payers

    1. I’m still waiting for the prosecution and hanging of Obama and Holder for their treasonous Fast and Furious act. Obama is still active in the Dems in DC. Why do you think he stayed there after Trump was elected. The Dems think the American people are stupid, they have been treating us that way ever since Bill Clinton said we were stupid in one of his public speeches when he was in office. That’s were all this BS started. Now Treason is running rampant in politics. They defy the constitution any chance they can, ask Biden, Polosi, Schumer, do I need to name more?

    2. No tax money goes directly to the postalservice. They may be dummy libs,the majority are, but stamps andfees cover their paychecks.

  4. Our United States Constitution states, all immigrants, (ALL) must be citizens of The United States for 7 years before eligible to vote with “The Stipulation” have NOT been charged or convicted of a felony during that time! So, just because a “driver’s license” has been “GRANTED” still does NOT make you eligible to vote!

    1. Democrats don’t care about that and they never ever will. As long as they can get votes out of the illegals they don’t care why do you think Biden is doing what he’s doing with the southern border more he let’s in more votes they get

  5. Congress voted in a protection to protect themselves and big pharma and also gave themselves a raise for raping the American justice system

  6. Decertify, decertify, decertify. All the questionable swing states and also check NCarolina and Minnesota, etc. Veritas already had film that a Court declared legit that had guys tell them,as they sat in their vehicles with ballots fllling ther car completely, that Ilhan Omar was paying them $20/ballot brought to her. Get all these states decertified and election declared a fraud. Throw out EVERYTHING BIDEN HAS DONE as ALL FRAUD, whether by Bills, Exec Orders, appointments, nominations (Incl to SCOTUS). Charge Biden/Harris, Zuckerberg, DNC, state fraud instigators, etc., and stiffest penalties allowed when convicted. President Trump goes back into office, time stolen from his term replenished completely. His trade deals, sanctions, agreements and treaties, all go back in place. Everything reversed. These Dems are guilty of treason and more, and shouldn’t be handled gently. When the fraud of J6 is proven, the victims the Dems, FBI, BIDEN/HARRIS, DOJ/GARLAND abused and falsely accused, should all be allowed to sue the INDIVIDUALS for damages. Shouldn’t be able to use taxpayer dollars to pay for the crooks/treasonous (AGAIN) DEMS as they were not following job description and ethics when committed fraud.and treason.

    1. You are on my mind track, except take it back to Obama who knew all about Hillarys deal against Trump. Obama is a fraud, not even a US citizen. He and Frank Davis are communist. Get rid of everything he did as well. Then I will feel relieved about these creeps. This would be as successful as a civil war.


    3. Now that is awesome! If that could happen, America could, and would be back on track to self reliance. Trump would fix the supply chain bullshit biden has PURPOSELY created, and Putin would get the hell out of Ukrain. This country could be back to pre democrapic destruction in a very few months.

    4. My sentiments exactly. Obama was born in Kenya and wasn’t born in the U.S. He has messed us royally. Send him back to his grandparents in Kenya and Hawaii. Tulsi Gabbard, who is a Democrat is making a ton of sense these days.

  7. Ideas for overturning Pennsylvania’s fraudulent election by allowing illegal aliens to vote in American elections: Abolish both political parties, Americans no longer need these two corrupt, failed organized criminals. Elections should be placed into the hands of a small group of Americans who are trained in election laws, and then finalized by an independent panel of trusted justices. Illegal aliens should be immediately deported and then reinstate president trump’s stay in Mexico policy, make Mexico pay to handle the Illegals! The Mexican government seems to be too incompetent to figure any of this out. The U.S.P.S should be abolished and turned into a private entity.

  8. We have an illegitimate administration! Make no mistakes, the election fraud occurred, they knew it could be done and they got away with it because we allowed it by expecting corrupt politicians and courts to fix it. No justice, no consequences with nothing but pissing and moaning means they’ll just find another way and do it all over again. The fear and lazy, We the cowards, have no one else to blame for the biggest attack on our democracy in American history. Let’s just keep those illegitimate voters storming our border comfortably taken care of! We all should just go to the southern border with our bank books and home cooked meals to pat them on the back as the American welcoming committee gift packages. Continue Bending over while the communists takeover our once great nation. Welcome to our New Third World Country.

  9. It once was one man, one vote. Women’s Suffrage rightly brought about a change to one person, one vote. But all along such determinations were based on US Citizenship. Now it appears that the base has changed to anyone with a Driver’s License, one vote, with proof of citizenship falling by the wayside. And where proof of citizenship is sought, someone cries out the all-inclusive phrase of ‘minority discrimination’. And Americans are afraid of certain words, i.e. bigot, discrimination, racism, supremacy, even if though words are willfully twisted from what were originally opinions, ideas, preferences or logical deductions.

    There was a time when Americans thumbed their collective nose at idiotic or ideological portrayals of what were felt to be sincere and forthright concepts. But currently we are cowering before the opinions, ideas, preferences and not-so-logical deductions of what is called the ‘woke mentality’. Is there anyone out there who has delved into the Nation of Islam Teachings that have determined the white race was created to be totally evil and needs to be eradicated for the betterment of Humanity? Mr. Yakub can actually be translated as Mr. Jacob with obvious (and perhaps insidious) anti-semitic intentions leveled against Judaism and Israel on the religious and political levels respectively.

    But this is tangential (in a way). Still, how America stands internally affects its stance externally and how it deals, as a Nation, with other recognized Nations.

    Allowing non-citizens to vote jeopardizes the future not only of our country, but also that of the global community. What we do in the good old USA truly does have an impact on the world at large. If we cannot be assiduous at home, then on what basis can we demand/require/expect others countries to adhere to what we have abandoned?

  10. Do you know how much ILLEGALS are costing you? Do you not see what the govt. is doing? Why are we not showing them the rope?

  11. It’s no longer a Democrat versus Republican issue, rather it is Freedom versus Oppression issue! If given a choice which would you choose? Let me hazard a guess, hmmm, this is a tough one, but I’m going to go out on a limb here… Oppression? If you are far left in your ideology and you want power and control at any price , then maybe, but as evidenced by the current administration’s glaring hypocrisy, no Leftist would choose oppression for themselves!
    They want to be the oppressors! If you backed them into a corner, even they would come out fighting for
    FREEDOM, however distorted might be their concept of the word.! This is why the Liberal elites are so dangerous! They are unscrupulous and will do ANYTHING, to accumulate power and control! Americans are beginning to wake up to all the alarms that are currently blazing, but we must go further and take action to win the cultural war and take back our disappearing freedoms! I am not suggesting violence,
    as that will happen spontaneously if pushed too far, but as freedom loving people of any color, race, age
    nationality etc., we need to make sure our voices are heard, not CENSORED! Further we need to put our money where our mouths are and make a deliberate
    choice not to fund those who seek to control us.

  12. Do you guys ever go to you can listen to many patriots as there are
    alot of videos from retired navy seals, CIA, etc. on it, Flynn is sometimes on..I will tell you this Kamala Harris is a communist, her father a avowed Marxist Professor at Stanford in Palo Alto, Ca. She was never born in America, so can’t be Pres. Although neither was Obama…I sat and watched Fox News one night when he was running to be the Democrat’s nominee to run for President. His grandmother was on Fox…she said , “I got to go to the hospital and see him when he was born.” SHE HAS NEVER BEEN OUT OF KENYA!! Fox never said a peep again about her and her statement, if I hadn’t been sitting watching that one night I would not have heard about her statement.

  13. I STILL say that mail-in ballots need to have a serial number assigned to each ballot that is mailed out and that number would be assigned to that voter. The computer can do that easily and that would cut way down the fraud opportunities

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